Chat & Date: Online Dating App

4.1 (4.1K)
158 MB
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2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chat & Date: Online Dating App

4.14 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
5 years ago, gcr58
Found my first love!
So, i was going through some of the profiles, swiping, reading bios, that sort of deal, i managed to find one that seemed to be really cool, i liked her and moved on, well, a few minutes later, i got the notification that she liked me back! I was pretty stoked, we traded snapchats, and then from there, we traded phone numbers, and sarted facetiming for 3+ hours at a time, and we were Official as if January 24, 2019! Im so happy I downloaded this app and found the one for me, i highly recommend this app, it may take a few tries, edit your bio every once in a while, same with pictures, and youll grab someones attention, good luck swiping everyone
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7 months ago, dnyres
Where to begin
This app is great if you’re into getting scammed, people constantly asking you for money, meeting people just to find out they’re in a completely different country but their profiles say they live in your area and the list goes on! This app and its web based version are both full of bugs! It keeps freezing and lagging. Especially when you check the “nearby feature” It just shows the same select few people over and over with no end in sight. Then suddenly out of nowhere, it refreshes and you have to start all over again! This app is a total and complete waste of time, energy and effort! The developers have to be aware of how buggy this app is. If they say otherwise, it’s a flat-out lie! I’m expecting the developer(s) to reply with something to the effect of: “please email us with your issues so that we can address them.” No, I’m not going to. I just listed them, scroll up! GET THE SCAMMERS OFF THE APP/website, do NOT allow people from other countries to make it look like they live near us, and fix the bugs! Or, lose all the real members and become nothing more than a old memory and just another failed app! A big part of me seriously suspects that the developers/creators of this app are in on the scams and encourage people from other countries to pretend they live somewhere else. You people know about the issues and yet you do absolutely nothing to remedy them! PATHETIC!
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4 years ago, Ntheworldnotoftheworld
Like many dating websites, this app is only as effective as it’s a user. The people near you may not be on every day. They may not have notifications turned on. Meeting someone on this app really depends on how well your profile is made and your ability to attract a male or female. I gave three stars because I have met females and I have had hook ups. I have found people that wanted relationships. But on the other hand it’s just not worth the money they’re asking. The free version gives you very limited ability. A lot of these apps are free and easy to use. I feel like this app was asking too much money. the verification processes were good. I did not have any robots. I did talk to females who only wanted money. That’s ever app. There just needs to be an easier way to report them. I also found that a lot of the users have “badoo” that seems to be owned by the same company.
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6 years ago, Hsbdhj
This review pertains to this app, tinder, and other similar dating programs...
Do not recommend using these apps for many reasons. I had this for only five days, and got myself into some binds—admittedly, it was my fault too. Most of the girls on here are simply very weird (I’m sure the guys, like me, are too), and you’re very likely not gonna end up in any sort of quality relationship after using this. Long stories short, I ended up hooking up in the back of a truck, snap chatting girls only interested in sending cleavage pics, meeting a foreign girl who sent very weird flirty messages, and getting into some other weird conversations and flirts. I was the laughingstock of my friend group for a good while after this. In short, if you want to meet girls or guys and get into genuine relationships, do so in the real world through the jobs and activities you’re involved in. Use of these apps lends itself to some regretful experiences. Two years later, I highly regret using Hot or Not in attempt to meet girls.
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2 years ago, 22glam
Juvenile and childish moderation
This is the same as badoo just less people! I really don’t understand these apps every word is moderated even if you say nothing. I cannot figure out why men are permitted to speak so disgustingly to women, ask us to prove we are real women yet that’s allowed? I truly don’t think these apps are more than just a waste of time anymore, and paying for premium does nothing except make you think there’s more interest in but you there isn’t! There’s very few men on here and lots of fake profiles now. I refuse to answer men that are not who I like period! Very childish and immature moderation they don’t ask questions just give you a warning which is childish in and of itself. they never ask the other person what happened and quite frankly this is not worth anyth7ng there are very very few people on here
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6 years ago, Cool123456789123456778
I met my soul mate
I joined this app to explore and meet new people, I never thought that I’d find someone to love. I did though. We matched on July 29th 2014 and we are together to this day July 12th 2018. We talked online for six whole months and he came to meet me and we started dating weeks after. We are still together 3 years 6 months. I’m not the type of person to meet a stranger online and fall in love. But I am so grateful to this app that I met the love of my life. There are a lot of people on this app looking for a casual fling but once you weed them out and find that special person it’s so worth it. Thank you Hot or Not for giving me the chance to meet my soul mate.
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6 years ago, pisceshipster
Completely Invasive
This app doesn’t allow you to even be curious about someone’s profile without notifying the other person that you’re looking at their profile. And the only way to look and red about someone & decide if you wanna talk to them, WITHOUT them knowing you’re thinking all this, is by subscribing for a premium account. I don’t want to pay just to socialize and interact with others, I already do that by owning my phone. And it’s awkward knowing that they know I visited their profile and decided not to reach out. I even got inboxed by someone asking what’s wrong with them after they messaged me & I chose not to respond. When the app initially came out it was simple, swipe if you’re interested or not. Now it’s invasive & it was better left with the simplistic features. There’s no need to know who favorites or views anyone’s profiles. Popularity isn’t that important.
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5 years ago, jreagan5
ADA compliance
This app is good for what it is, but if you’re visually impaired, this is an off the app for you. After some testing for a couple years, with the developers pushing new app updates every so often, I am so sorry to say that this app does not meet the ADA compliance. This means anyone who is blind or visually impaired will not be able to use this app at all. Although our use this app, I have just a little bit of vision, enough to see the pictures, and my screen reader reads bits and pieces of the bio of the person. However, you wanna hear any audio descriptions of any pictures, and it is absolutely 100% difficult to navigate through the app due to the fact that the app is not accessible with voiceover. So if you’re blind or visually impaired, and you’re wanting to find a lady or guy, I do not recommend this app.
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7 years ago, Nicolee G
Great, could be better
It's fun flipping through different people but there are a lot of outdated profiles that people are clearly not using. I also don't like how the app messaging tells you when the person has read the message. If I don't want to answer someone I don't want to hurt their feelings by letting them know I "left them on read." Other than these things, the app is better than Tinder. Tinder you have to pay for many things but Hot or Not you don't run out of likes and you can message people. It also tells me who likes me
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7 years ago, A Jay Williams
It’s a scam!
This company is such a scam! How is it I can get match’s on match’s on match’s on tinder, but on this app with the same info not get any? Also it keeps prompting you to upgrade to super powers, so Is my profile even in rotation for the people I like without this expensive feature???also I payed to sent a gift to someone, but let me guess the other person has to pay to receive it?!? Also I looked up reviews online and turns out this app is even worse then I experienced! Some people say after you upgrade it forces you so pay for each like by only offering to sent crushes instead of likes, which costs money, other people claim after connecting bank or paypal they were continually charged for stuff they didn’t buy without their acknowledgment or consent. This is complete B.S! Heed warning STAY AWAY!!!!
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5 years ago, Alexak16
It logged me out and I can’t get back in
The app was working fine for literally a day. Then all of a sudden I go to the app to check my notifications and I get logged out of the app and I can’t get logged back in. The app is telling me that apparently I was reported and haven’t been following guidelines. I literally hadn’t been doing anything hit responding to people. I was getting so many notifications that all I was doing was checking notifications and writing back for half an hour at a time. Other than that I hadn’t really used the app. I also never contacted anyone first everyone was contacting me. Some guy probably got offended that I didn’t want to have sex with them immediately and reported me. Honestly ridiculous. I actually really liked the app. And now I don’t know if I’m going to get my account back or not.
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4 years ago, somerandomdude125719
Pretty bad
The biggest problem that needs to be fixed is the fact that you cannot match and talk with another user without a paid subscription to the app. You can download the app and start swiping for free but when people start liking your profile, these users dont even show up in the swiping feature. It’s literally impossible to match with anyone without paying. That defeats the purpose of an app designed to meet and talk to people, but a great way to lure people into feeding you money. There are many other problems with this app but like seriously just that one problem makes it pretty bad. There is potential, but I doubt any progress will be made considering how money hungry the developers seem to be.
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10 months ago, Rockey2020!
Something to think of and to have fun with it
I think I would have found my soulmate and wish you could do more on this site like something more fun and for one how may not have the money to buy or buy rewords and you should let people for a mouth have free cones to get and to give someone that the person likes a gift then when the person uses up there free cones or whatever it is then they will have to buy the cones and whatever you are selling.
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6 years ago, Soulthesonn
Completely honest review.
I love the app. But you have to pay to play, paying $1.99 to boost your profile really makes a difference in this app. It actually helps you get matches which lead to meet ups. Now honestly, I was using this app to get over a break up, so my intentions weren’t the purest. With that being said, I wasn’t really looking for anything substantial, although I have been in great long term relationships because of this app and Tinder. So for that purpose alone, the app is great. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO SEPARATE WOMEN, FROM TRANSGENDER WOMEN! IVE BEEN LED ON AND EFFECTIVELY TRAPPED AND IT IS NOT FUN.
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5 years ago, kristian ward
I’ve been married to my match for 3 years
Me and my now husband downloaded hot or not literally about 3 years ago the same day just hours apart and ended up being each others first matches and connecting instantly we have two beautiful boys and now a third baby on the way I def recommend this app weather is be just to meet friends, to find love whatever it’s a great app if it wasn’t for this app I literally probably would have never met him and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me🖤
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7 years ago, Steak Saucy
Selfish company. Effective app but STILL needs improvements.
This app is fun and works for meeting new people. I don't enjoy how I have to pay to get more swipes and matches. This does feel a bit like a scam as I think more about it because on other sites I can receive unlimited matches and find unlimited amounts of people without limits. Also becoming very popular is much too easy. I got to very popular within 2 hours of starting. The highest popularity level should be MUCH harder to get to.
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6 years ago, Dghtediok
Micro transactions for a dating app
I used to use this years back and it was fun. I talked to new people and got to see who liked my profile without having to pay to do that. Now it requires a subscription to even view who liked your profile when it didn’t used to, which is never mentioned when downloading it or setting up your account. This used to be fun and social but now it’s just like every other dating site or any kind of site now, another way to take money from people. The only positive thing about it is that it’ll inspire people to go out and socialize outside rather then spend money to like a pic from home. There’s tons of social media apps you can do that from for free.
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3 years ago, Esteban0121
Best dating site ever
The only dating site that allows you to pick the age of your potential partner. All the others choose for you which is a complete turnoff. And the selection of girls is incredible!!! So many beautiful girls to choose from. And best of all it’s user friendly, easy to navigate. Just be sure not to send money until you know the young lady really well, as there are a lot of scammers out there.
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6 years ago, XxFemmyFoxX YouTuber
Pretty good but Premium should be better
Okay, it’s pretty good but here is something I am sure EVERYONE would agree with, update the filter settings, I am sorry, but I am fit and athletic and only into other fit and athletic guys. I want to be able to select filters like height and weight for my other possible matches. And it would also REALLY help if the app actually went with Distance. I don’t want to be matched with a guy who lives in Oregon when I’m in Massachusetts. Long distance relationships NEVER work... EVER... Please fix this app, and I will GLADLY become a premium user...
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6 years ago, Gg13821
Better then most
Of course you can blow some cash on this app but not required to just send a message saying hi! Not as involved as like match. C o m or those other others that take days to answer all the questions with the required number of words ... forcing you to think hard bout what exactly your all about, maybe even forcing you to discover things about yourself you never even knew... but it’s fun!
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6 years ago, Eric Piper
Stupid New Terms and Conditions
These new terms are stupid, I’ve been using this app for a long time and now I can talk or get into contact with anyone I was recently talking to. I’m 17 years old and when I turn 18 and can use the app again then I won’t be able to talk to anyone that I was only a few months older than until there 18 as well. The app allows users under 18 in the search section but now doesn’t allow users under 18 to use the services. I had a lot of friends that I made and now am losing contact with because of this. This update is awful. Please allow everyone to use the app again like normal.
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3 years ago, Nkw499
Waste of Time!!!
Great website if you’re a straight male looking for a trans / cross dresser, lol. Don’t waste your time, there are plenty of other better sites out there. Update- The developer says they will “ALWAYS” champion diversity and does not condone any type of discrimination and will never exclude anyone based on preferences.” I wish I could change my review from a 1 to 0. Nobody asked for anyone to be excluded....If someone is “straight” what makes you think they’re looking to match with someone who is LGBTQ? Congratulations on your virtue signaling, you’ve won the Internet for your wokeness. 🤡🤡🤡
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6 years ago, Freakalope25
Just tried returning to my old account and tried uploading new up to date photos of myself. The problem is when after I upload them all, it removes them all for no reason that I can find. Tried 5 or 6 times to upload them and same things keeps happening. Idk why or how. But the app is great I think just a minor bug. It’s gotten me through a couple breakups.
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6 years ago, Suqi90
I originally left a one star review but promised to change it as soon as my issue was resolved and luckily it was. Someone made a fake account using my private email and photos. I messaged the company a few times and I finally got an email saying the account is fake and it was closed. Thank you team for following through with my request.
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4 years ago, MKHoang
App review
The app it’s self is awesome and I liked using it. I have nothing negative to say about the design it’s self. It was the people on the app that makes this a negative review. My account was removed because I stood up for myself against someone who said very rude things to me. The company claimed that I was rude and abusive is why my account was removed. The amount of times I was treated like dirt on here by people makes this app not worth it. The fact that you have to report someone for something to be done is ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous how the company doesn’t even investigate what happened.
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6 years ago, Sabrina Coleman
Best Dating App Ever
So 4 months ago I was single and I downloaded this app hoping I would find a boyfriend instead of hooking up and I DID and we have been together ever since, and we have even talked about our future together and without this app I would have never found someone and I wouldn’t be in this happy relationship i am right now
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4 years ago, Tully'C
So far, no bad, and have noticed it’s regularity and familiarity.
Like many and most this app is questionable but results and activity seems to be consistent, most all people fairly interesting , but very enthusiastic and free thinking, for those who are sensitive. conversations, interactions and possibilities are had?, I think, never know, app overall generally motivating.
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6 years ago, lisa halloween
Maybe good still looking
It could be good but u should get to know the person before start dating them, because they might be a psychopath or something I joined it last weekend my friend recommended it to me. But haven’t found anyone that I am interested in on dating I am gonna keep looking for the right one until come too me
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5 years ago, Shorty- Pumpkin Spice
Best dating app online to meet single guys
I feel like other apps don’t do the deed of helping single women find single men. Hot or not gives you variety and also some really good suggestions. Very much recommend the app over all others that try too hard. Much love to the dating world. Go Gettem.
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3 years ago, Unfortunate victim.
I joined this site in expectation that I would meet someone, in the beginning lots of activity before I actually spent money to join. And then immediately after spending my money site went cold !!!!! And then almost immediately start getting pop-ups asking me to join at a higher rate of money but yet to get one valid match or date or chat with any live person. I would highly recommend go back to the old fashion way see a person, like a person , approach that person .go that route less harmful then being scammed out of money....
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5 years ago, TJoanne21
I keep getting deleted for no reason
Why does this app allow you to keep getting deleted for NO REASON?! i don’t understand . I want to be allowed to date like everyone else. My page gets logged out not even a few days after making it. I am not a rude or Abusive user who breaks rules. I feel like anyone can just report you and get away with it. Petty reports. They need to have a way to stop reporting VERIFIED USERS. Clearly I’m a real page and want to be left alone and not harassed to keep getting logged out. They need to get actual Gross men deleted for how rude they are to women
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4 years ago, Mxc_47
Stealing money
I canceled this app a month ago. I also deleted my credit card info and they’re still charging me for this. There’s no number or email to talk to anyone so don’t use this app they’re robbing people. I’ve been in contact with Apple and they’re gonna file an investigation they’re somehow part of a company called Badoo so don’t let these people rip you off. Every week they’re charging me. Check your bank statements to see if they’re charging you still. Freaking idiots I swear I’m gonna start a class action lawsuit. Plus it’s an internet crime so it’s federal.
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4 years ago, Frazierfox
It’s good with being told about the Filter Notification
Give this a better review if the filter notification wouldn’t be so annoying every time I swipe. Seriously, I just want to swipe people near me only and not have a useless chat with someone 100 miles away from me and never meet them. Please fix this, I just want people near me only and not have to put it 100 miles just to get rid of the filter notification.
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4 years ago, Matt Hirsley
Poor search filters
No way to filter for: • Distance: Who wants to see profiles from people 60+ miles away? Less than 1 in 30 were under 50 miles from me. • Body: I’m not attracted to big girls and most on this app are “Big and Bold” It would be pretty good if there were filters. As is, it’s a waste of time, especially for those in smaller towns. Despite the developers’ response, below, local profiles seemed randomly sprinkled distant ones. Regardless, I stick by my two recommended filter additions.
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4 years ago, Jajaawesome
So I had this guy text me on multiple occasions trying to get me to send nudes and finally after exhausting his many attempts he had me removed by saying that I was old enough however I am. There is no way I can fix this or talk to a representative to work the issue out and get my account set back up again. It’s honestly very discouraging that they would rather take the side of the abuser over the victim who did absolutely wrong. Save your time and get tinder because this app is a waste of time and makes no attempt to fix its many flaws.
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5 years ago, JustTouchYourself
Not a good wow at all
Deleted the app and profile after having it for about a week. However, I’m still being charged an auto renewal weekly. I redownloaded the app just to see if the account still exists so that I can delete it again, but it doesn’t. So, I’m essentially being charged weekly for no reason at all, for something I don’t even have. I’m giving it 2 days for them to stop before reporting it to the BBB, and FTC. Appalling that they would charge for a deleted account and app, which for obvious reasons, should be automatically recognized.
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3 years ago, Alasonnonya
Worst Dating App
It rejected every single pictures I’ve uploaded. Not lying sexualized, just a clean, no filtered, clear face pictures and all got rejected. They said my pictures doesn’t meet the guidelines. I’ve never had trouble with this with other apps; this is the 1st app I’ve every had trouble with. Not a single picture and I’ve upload over 20 pictures. Different angles, different lightings, different facial expressions. Some with no makeup. All got rejected. I’m so ver and I’m glad I didn’t spent a penny on this terrible app.
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5 years ago, kujo6701
Don’t buy premium. False Advertisement
The more attractive women will be marked as popular girls due to the high number of messages they receive. They will then only be able to receive message from “Premium” members. In the Description for the premium plan it states you’ll have complete access to chat with the most popular women. No tru what’s so ever. You will still be forced to buy stars. Do not buy premium, only perk is you can go back and like someone you passed on. Your welcome
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6 years ago, Vanessa Gonzalez Silva
An honest review
I like to use this app, convenient. I just don’t like the fact I have scroll through my notifications. I wish they have a separate folder for the chat, online, visits, likes, and favorites. I hate the fact I have to scroll through a bunch of matches just to read a couple of messages. There should be a separate tab for my likes. It should not be mixed with my messages.
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4 years ago, kalelofne80
It’s a joke. Don’t waste your money!
10 yrs ago this app was amazing and could meet tons of people around you. But that was before Tinder. Hot or not is now the MySpace to Tinder’s Facebook. You can’t do anything without paying for a premium membership and then credits on top of that and after you’ve wasted all that money, you find out there’s almost no one using this app around where you live. I had people wanting to meet from 2 states away. Gee thanks for nothing. Save your money and don’t bother with this app!
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2 years ago, Abou-Peter
Best application ever 👍👌
I have more than 10 app in my phone for dating but only here I did go in real date with real peoples so congratulations for the team of Badoo wish them luck 🍀 and more success 🙏🙏 thanks for all the stuff especially for the creator of Badoo app 👋👋🌹🌹
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3 years ago, Fly boi Reno
App is trash
Used to like the app but every time I purchase coins to chat y’all always block my account and you can’t email anybody about the issue but supposedly I’m always in violation of the terms funny how that always happens right after I purchase coins to chat smh I want my refund or reinstate my account this is like my 5th time having to make an account I’m blocked thru my fb profile and my other emails because y’all keep blocking my account saying I’m in violation
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5 years ago, Evdog321
Better than most, but needs work
Pros: -Real profiles -Search by city -easy to get matches -can be good for learning other languages -can result in phone numbers -Free messaging to normal girls -It has worked for me before -No contracts -You don’t need premium to enjoy Cons: -location filter is only on desktop -stay realistic with standards -less people than other dating sites -can be hard to keep in touch -no filters for language, body type, etc. In summary, it’s more effective than tinder or bumble so far through my experience, but it is not perfect. It is better than okcupid and better than most dating sites, but the attractiveness of the women is variable. However, you will find someone who likes what you have to offer, so give it a shot.
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6 years ago, Kayleaaa16
It was okay, BUT
It started out just fine and randomly it just started to glitch out and log me out. I tried to log back in but it said that the information was not recognized. When I went to make an account again I tried using the same email and all then and then it would say it's already in the system, so now to me, the app is just a glitch.
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5 years ago, good reviwe
Good job
Easy to talk on here to anyone, only hard part is finding close enough people but other than that have had a great experience here! Definitely recommend to anyone!!!! I have had some great conversations and made a lot of new friends!
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2 years ago, Joey Latz
One of the worst dating apps out there
If it wasn’t for the fake 5 star reviews this app would be around 1 star. It’s that bad and full of bots and bottom of the bucket women. If the profile is real than it would be some real low quality person who is fat, ugly or have 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies. Plus the function of the app is terrible. I don’t see why in the world you wild pay for the premium, you’ll most likely would barely see any results
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4 years ago, Defiance211
Even if you pay for membership, You can’t contact everybody
So I paid for premium, thinking that I would have full availability. Not the case. If a woman is more than halfway attractive and you attempt to message her, you will be notified you can only message this person if you purchase 200 credits. Slap in the face to people who actually pay for a premium service and are forced to pay more to message a person the app determines to be attractive. Would give 0 stars if I could
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9 months ago, Krissss1759
Excellent site to meet real people
This is one of the best site I have seen overall it’s excellent to meeting real people…I love it and I advise everyone to stay here and if you’re looking for where to meet real people and find real love look here it is
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4 years ago, Ladiesloveghost
Needs more features.
This app been out for a while and to me it's still the same over and over. Minor changes but you're basically doing the same thing over and over, but I do like the option to video call so thats a major A. I also think that there should be an option to go Live. But this app always been kinda good to me.
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5 years ago, Why u do dis snapchat
Honestly better than 3 stars but...
This app has been amazing for me for the last few weeks, but the last two days or so, my app has suddenly been FLOODED with adds everywhere. I’m cool with some adds. I get it, you need to make money. But it’s hard to look at my screen at times. Please just do the add bar across the bottom and call it good! That’s how you’ll get 5 stars from me.
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