Check Writer: Print Checks

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DigitalDashSoft LLC
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Check Writer: Print Checks

3.99 out of 5
172 Ratings
7 months ago, gmanzero
Helpful tool for someone with handwriting issues
My father-in-law suffers from a very shaky writing hand and gets frustrated trying to write checks. This app has been a very helpful tool for him. It works perfectly with personal check paper and an inexpensive laser printer. Now he just selects payee from a list, enters the numeric amount and prints. Only suggestion would be a version without ads as the popup ads can get him a bit confused sometimes. It’s a great app and I would gladly pay for a non-ad version.
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2 months ago, Edelannes
Great app, except unusual ordering of numbers
Updated review: Thank you so much for letting me know there’s two types of checks (personal and business) to toggle between so I can change the order of the numbers. I like this app for creating checks, it works well except the first group of numbers printed is the check number. Some check recipients are concerned by this and think the check is not legitimate. I am concerned the bank will reject it as well. Most checks commonly have the first group of numbers as the routing number, followed by account number, followed by the check number last. There is currently no setting to customize the order of the numbers so that the check number will appear last. If they add this setting, I would give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, prasadsm
India version
I would like the app to write checks in Indian format of checks mandated by reserve bank of India for check truncation system
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2 weeks ago, Wizard7434
The best app to write checks for business
After trying many types of programs for the desk top I seen this app. It’s by far our favorite, easy to use, and would recommend any business to try this. The learning curve was 30 minutes at most. Anyone with a little knowledge about writing cks will agree once you try it.
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2 years ago, sb_4348
Great App!
This is an amazing app! Very user friendly and has many great features! It would be nice to have some sort of security like asking for a PIN number before opening the app. Thank you for making our lives easier!
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6 months ago, Ywmcloud
Great consistent app
I’ve been using this app for about a year and I must say 9/10 times I have no problems , no bank issues and it’s always convenient on the phone
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8 months ago, Benzonq
Simple , easy to use .. very important to open every option in the app to explore many helpful tools
n every option in the app to explore many helpful tools
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1 year ago, neppie love
The Best
I have not been payed to write this Thats first and foremost! This app is super convenient if you have a small business and need to write checks super fast. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s the best
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1 year ago, s.sadek
Great app!
It’s a very great app! I really liked how the amount gets automatically converted to words, which makes it super easy and fast to write checks! I recommend this app for everyone.
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1 year ago, eyad990
Great app
Solved my problem with writing check. Before using this app, I had to order the check from the bank every time
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8 months ago, mr_econ
Block ads that prevent required check infiormation
How do I prevent ads from blocking required check information?
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1 year ago, mohiibtes
Great app
Very easy to use to write checks once you need to print a check quickly from time to time.
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1 year ago, berwaz_art
Very creative application!!
It really makes life easier when using this application for writing checks!!
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4 months ago, Antique boutique
Check writer
Very easy to use and very helpful since everything is digital now
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7 months ago, CraZyDaveZ
It’s great
I think it is really great. I would like it if I had more control over the text sizes. But. Heck it’s a dang check. Which means I am losing money.
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3 months ago, D.C (Dee-see)
Perfect app for anyone with a mission to print checks
The best app out there hands down. Really good for people with a low budget!
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4 weeks ago, Unity’s games don’t pay
your employees perfect
Best app ever got to download. Must people run a small business or do any kind of payroll this app is perfect and it cost nothing.
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1 year ago, PS!13
Love it
When I first downloaded the app, I thought to myself there’s no way it could be this simple. OMG download the app, it is that simple.
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6 months ago, CHUCK mooned
Can not use 8x10 paper to write checks on standard check paper.
I have used this official 3 check paper for more than a year with out a problem. Now you say that I must throw out 1 and a half inches of standard check embossed paper. I donot think this is an improvement In your product. Charles Jones-
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7 months ago, Jay2eternal
My honest review
I love it and it’s very useful I just wish I can adjust the size of the check logo
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2 months ago, optimuzmac
i really like it
Add a option for custom signature in future if that can be done, thanks guys
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5 months ago, Blessed Mama23
Great app
Great app for work from home businesses it’s very easy to use and understand
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3 days ago, Jackedappleee
Bank or business logo ?
Is there any way to add my bank or business logo ?
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4 weeks ago, Black lagoon 6
Very good app
Great app works just fine for smaller businesses in my case.
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3 months ago, PerfCoder
It works
Please allow portrait orientation text entry. Please capitalize first letter of written amount.
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10 months ago, Quest Cleaners
Great App !
Love this App!! Makes my business So much easier to run as far as payroll is concerned! Love it.
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1 year ago, Stefan__r
You can't use this software with checks that have already printed "pay to the order of". You can't disable it so when you print, it reprints those words over existing.
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2 years ago, Danger Holt
This was a good app not now
This was a great little app but now it’s asking for my credit card information but don’t worry it’s not gonna charge me for anything it just needs it for my geographical location…… 😂😂 delete
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7 months ago, Youngbandal
Easy to use
I’m very happy with this app very easy to use
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9 months ago, MsCocoAtl
Awesome app
Easy to use and convenient
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2 weeks ago, conditionallove
Good Job
Thank you keep up the good work
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3 months ago, Transporters LLC
Very easy
It’s perfect thank you guys
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3 months ago, SSTs’
Check this out
Great app
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3 months ago,
This App is the best Chechk Writing/Printing software out there. Oh and did I mention it’s free? 😄❤️
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5 months ago, “Wep”
Great app
Too many interruptions
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1 year ago, Mega Mills
Very nice and easy!
Good app, I recommend!
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6 months ago, NickyV04
Ms Nicky vallis
I love the check writer app it’s great for everything
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8 months ago, jim82488
Absolutely perfect
This app is PERFECT for what you need.
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7 months ago, 4-20-23
It’s a must have app
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1 year ago, lukeNnoah
Easy to use
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4 months ago, Jaidanasd101
Lovely app easy to use
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6 years ago, wowstardust
Got lock by this app
Iphone 10 screen lock in landscape look and lock to use only this app. Need to reboot the iphone10 to do other tasks.
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3 months ago, Blow me425253(6
Great job
Get off nuts
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6 months ago, micahcore
App works great
Good app, works great
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2 months ago, Beni92000
I dont know how to select my saved payees when writing a check
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1 year ago, 21Taco's
Your the best!
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11 months ago, by hthh guh
Am Really Happy That This Can Work
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3 months ago, Flak’s likes
Works great
Love it
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4 months ago, Guinnwin
No back of check.
There is no back of check. Useless app.
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3 years ago, Deloris Turner
Don’t Buy
The app does not make a check.
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