Checkbook - Account Tracker

4.3 (12.7K)
102.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nova Mobile, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Checkbook - Account Tracker

4.29 out of 5
12.7K Ratings
2 years ago, memonson
Certainly has help me track my finances
When I first started using the app you could have three accounts listed which was great for the every day user in my mind. But now it appears that if you did not buy it at some point then you only right as well. However when I first got the app it was a one time payment not a subscription but that one time payment has certainly help me have all the media accounts I need to keep track of on a regular when I first started using the app you could have three accounts listed which was great for the every day user in my mind. But now it appears that if you did not buy it at some point then you only get one account which could be all right as well. However when I first got the app it was a one time payment not a subscription but that one time payment has certainly helped me have all the major accounts I need to keep track of on a regular basis. I certainly would recommend this to anyone who likes to keep a close eye on things and use a checkbook register but doesn’t want to carry a paper one around with them.
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1 year ago, Jeffreyt13
Love it and what I’ve been looking for….
This is everything I was looking for and more. Shows all of your accounts in one place. You can quickly choose to hide cleared transactions. Nice colorful background allowing you to choose a different color & icon for each account . (Would love to see future version allowing you to change this color or icon in settings without deleting the account and re-installing. Seamless account back up between iPhone & iPad which was another option I wanted to see. Another item I’d like to see integrated for future edition is to add image capture allowing you to upload a picture of receipt to save for future record keeping for returns/warranties etc….. I was using another ledger , ironically called just checkbook , and liked it until yesterday when I subtracted a balance from one account and it added to another account and kept doing this until all of the accounts were so far different from actual balances I had to abandon it. It had back up options , but required you to manually do it and I hadn’t since mid Dec last year so wasn’t helpful and if you also wanted on iPad you had to pay separately so pay twice just to sync between iPad/iPhone.
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8 years ago, Daniyielle
Love the app, but...
I love this app. It does everything it needs to do. It allows you to input deposits and withdrawals. It reconciles the balance in your account. It keeps places you've been and auto categorizes them when you select them from the list. It gives you a summary report. It does a lot of things others apps don't do. The only thing missing is a more personalized option. When I go out of the app and go back in, I want it to remember my settings. If I don't want to view all of my transactions and just view outstanding, I want it to remember I set it that way. Also, maybe a little different color options. Some people may not mind, but I like a little variety from time to time. Especially if you have multiple accounts. I manage a savings and checking account. In addition, I also manage my father in laws two checking accounts. Instead of having to recognize them by name (they all are for the same bank) I would like to recognize them by color. I would also like to see a search option. Say for instance I went somewhere at some point, but am not sure where or how many times. It would be nice to be able to search or filter by that place and see how many times I've been there and how much I've paid. I haven't ever seen an update on this app, so I am reducing the number of stars as it doesn't seem to show any further support.
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2 years ago, NeeCee122
Too many issues
I have been using this app for over a year and initially I really liked it. My expenses are pretty basic, a few reoccurring deductions and a few non-reoccurring deductions but nothing too overwhelming. As of late I have noticed more issues with the app with the main one being the balance is always incorrect! Something isn’t right with the math. Another annoying issue is if you set up a recurring deduction or addition then that amount changes and you update it, it goes back to all previous entries and updates those as well so your balance is WAY off!! Also, although it’s a convenient feature, if you repeatedly have a recurring deduction, like to a credit card, the name pops up so you can easily select it; however, I have this credit card name at least 15 times across the selection bar!! Basically the same credit card name appears as a selection unnecessarily. This also happens with other institutions I make a payment to; the recurring names duplicates, triplicates or quadruples in the selection bar. This was corrected in a previous version of the app but it appears to be back again. The advertisements have also become longer and more annoying. I did not pay for this app because I wanted to see if it was worth it and sadly it us NOT. What’s the point in buying an app that has frequent bugs & issues but most importantly cannot provide an accurate account balance?
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4 years ago, bradrenfro
It used to be the best checkbook app, not anymore
i started with this app with the free version, later after i realized the potential of this app i purchased the full version. now i am not sure if it was a good investment. i used this app for pretty much all my finances as i always have them with me on hand and not stored on a computer back at home or the office. but after so many updates, this app has become one of the bunch. in fact i found 3 more apps that are as better as this one and maybe even better that this one. recurrent payments post whenever the app feels like. when i register a purchase instead of of marking it as expense, it does mark is as expense but it actually substrack the previous amount and i end up with a lesser balance on my accounts instead of the balances increasing what's due (negative balance) and if i enter a payment or a credit as income, it treats it as i have spent. is all messed up. not worth it at this time. i am not sure what is the point of the developer to ask for an user name and password if the info cannot be stored online or backup. i did have it on one phone, after getting a new phone and entering my email and password, it did nothing. so i am not sure if the developer just uses our info for selling it to a third party or what. but i dont trust it anymore. i used to include account numbers when i added the accounts but not anymore as result of this.
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5 years ago, NicknameNickname1
Ignore Searches Claiming Top 5 checkbook apps
I’m a professional in my mid 30’s. I wanted a convenient, portable and seamless solution to a paper checkbook. This did the job at first. I was using the free version and had 4 accounts - biz chkng, biz savings, personal chkng and personal savings. Then I got a new phone. Downloaded the app, signed in, and went to “sync.” Didn’t work. Deleted the app. Reinstalled. Signed in. Removed accounts (because they wouldn’t sync) then went to add the account and start over. Nope. NOTIFICATION: You must be a pro user to have more than one account. CONTACTED CUSTOMER SERVICE. Dodged my question and simply said I have to pay to enter my accounts again. 1) plenty of free checkbook apps out there. It’s not good enough to pay. 2) I’m tired of companies having people sign up for subscriptions which was a trend that started after 2008 financial crisis so that companies could have predictable, continuous sources of revenue despite slowing “sales”. It’s lazy and arrogant. Keep working to earn my business and hard earned money by offering new features. Now I have no records of all my financial transactions. I got a one sentence response from customer service telling me I can only add one account. To me, effectively, they lied about telling me I’d have access to my financial checkbook. When it comes to money, this is not a matter that you f*i*c*k with.
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4 years ago, GinaZ73
New user...quite pleased!
I’ve only been using this for two weeks but so far I’m very happy with it. I had been using Accounts 2 for over 5 years and paid for the app but had to find something better. The developers of Accounts 2 have not released an update in over a year...unacceptable for a paid app! Checkbook offers all of the same features in a format that I feel is more intuitive. I like how the scheduled payments are visible ahead of time-this actually helps me budget better as I base my spending on the unreconciled balance. Even though the future deductions have not cleared I budget as if they have been. I have not had an issues with balancing my checkbook since I started using this app. As soon as I downloaded the app I entered in all of the stores and utilities I use which makes entering a transaction simple and quick. I decided to pay on a monthly basis but I may go ahead and make the yearly purchase if the app continues to exceed my expectations. Thank you for bringing regular updates to your customers. If you’re looking for a checkbook register that is easy to use I highly recommend it.
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6 days ago, Yo there
Was working
3rd edit: customer service is sooo slow! I’m only using this app now because I paid for a lifetime subscription. When it works it’s good. Expect problems after every update. I lost 5 years of data thanks to their neglect. 2nd Edit: Once again an update came out and the app seems to have crashed. Took forever to get signed in. Had to delete and reinstall app. Now it says my data may have been deleted. Please get this working! I use it daily and have not been able to use it for over a week. Edit: how come the app never works after any updates? Please work out the kinks quickly! I use this app every day. I’m not sure what’s going on with this app. It was working well. I paid for a lifetime membership but yesterday it suddenly asked me to sign in and now I cannot access anything. I’ve never been asked to sign in. It says the network server is not available when I do try to sign in, it will not allow me to create a new account, it will not resend me a password, and it will not allow me to skip this step. There seems to be no customer service. I’ve reached out to them, but have heard nothing back. I like the app when it’s working. Hope they fix this soon!
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3 years ago, JLBP67
Synchronization is still an issue
So we started out in the beginning as only my husband had the app on his phone, then after a considerable amount of time of at least six months to one year I decided that I would also use this app. Now we do pay for the subscription so that it will sync across both of our devices for obvious reasons. On a regular basis and I would say regular to me is if this happens more than once every three months then this is a problem especially if this is used to track my cash in multiple accounts on a daily basis. So yes there continues to be the issue where my checkbooks are not updated even if I refresh multiple times, turn off my device, and in the end I have to delete the app and reinstall. Unfortunately I guess you could say we don’t really have a choice to switch to another app because we’ve use this now for years so doing so would actually cause us to lose The extensive data that we have spent years entering into this app. Other than that it’s great but I would like the synchronization issue to be fixed. And yes we do use the export data option to transfer all of that information so we have that as a back up as well but again the syncing is an issue if it’s not working!
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4 years ago, Maddidogdogs
I really enjoyed this app. It helped me keep track of all my spending and organized it nicely so I can see where I'm spending too much etc. But beware that if you ever switch devices like I just did, they don't support transferring the data. I exported all my information via email but am not able to find out how to import it onto my new device. I decided to pay for the upgrade to see if that would help and I can't find anything that makes it worth the money. There doesn't seem to be any additional features aside from the fact you don't have to see ads when you open the app. I have also tried to contact the company for assistance in case I'm missing something but I cannot get a reply. Needless to say I'm trying to choose a different checkbook app that allows me to import all my data since I don't want to have to renter data for the last year of use!
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4 years ago, scott.bluth
Few things that seem obvious
I came to this app because MyCheck Register stopped updating. This apps’ recurring transfer is not as intuitive. With my other app I was able to program transactions to come out every Thursday for instance. This app only gives you a starting date and the “every week” option-which doesn’t populate on the same day of the week every week. This apps recurring transfer is also very buggy in general. I’ve had to cross compare the app to my bank statement almost weekly (which is exactly the sort of thing this app is supposed to prevent) because the app seems to add duplicates of recurring transactions. I also noticed that editing the recurring transfer in the recurring transactions menu does not update the future transactions. I have to go back and update it manually. This goes for amount and account updates. Lastly, if I’m exporting my transactions, I feel I should have the option to export individual accounts. I give it this amount of stars because of the GUI/ease of use and the cloud sync. A lot of register apps don’t seem to have sync options that provide instant updates for spouses. That’s mostly what my wife and I were looking for.
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6 years ago, Guitaristxboxer
Used to be great
I used to love this app but recently with all the new updates it has become laggy and confusing. The transaction colors used to indicate cleared or uncleared purchases and payments and now they differentiate the days the purchases were made which is pointless. Please go back to the original look and feel or make an option in the settings to be able to toggle these features. Functionality is all I care about and right now this is not what this app is providing me. I will give this a week before I consider changing to a different app. *UPDATE* The transaction colors again indicate cleared and uncleared transactions which is much better and the reconcile function is very handy now that I understand it. I still use this app more than any other I have on my phone but the lag issue is still prevalent. I needed to scroll back a couple months and it took me a couple minutes to do so. It is just very choppy and slow on my 5C. Once this is corrected I will give this app 5 stars.
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3 years ago, jabdbekrnf
Slowly declining
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. Loved how easy it was. However, the last 6 months or so, the app has been declining. My reoccurring transactions duplicate themselves to show up 20 times in a row, on the same day! It typically saves vendors once you enter them once, and now it duplicates those as well. So if I visit Irving’s gas station weekly for a month, it’s now in there 4 different times as a vendor, instead of once that I can select each time. When you enter an amount and make a mistake and go to delete one number, it then rounds the whole thing up and you have to delete it and start over. It also isn’t adding properly. Just today my balance was $500. I added a $50 transaction and now all of a sudden it shows I have 7.50 left. I use this as my “source of truth” as I have pending checks and such, but I just cannot rely on it anymore. I have years of data on here and it’s sad that I’ll have to find a new app due to the LARGE number of bugs. It’s such a simple app, so I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to maintain. :(
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3 years ago, Garbie87
Recurring feature needs work
I’ve been using this for a long time just to maintain my checking account balance. I basically live paycheck to paycheck, so I need accurate records of my bills so I know for sure how much money I have each week. I just recently tried utilizing the recurring transactions feature and was highly disappointed. When I added a bill, the charge reflected in the register right away, even though it’s a month or more away. I have some annual bills that I’d like to enter now but can’t because they show up right away and deduct from my balance. There also isn’t a way to end a recurring transaction, and if you delete it from the recurring transactions list, it apparently deletes all previous records of it. This alone makes the recurring transaction function basically pointless. I have a bill that I’m only paying for the next 12 weeks, but if I enter it as recurring, then 12 weeks from now there’s no way to end it other than delete all records of it. So then I will basically have to clear out my balance and start over. Not the most convenient.
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3 years ago, AvenStar102
Best checkbook app
I rate this app five out of five stars because it’s easy to use and confident that you can do all you checkbook stuff and look at your money in the app I that you create a account on their and all of your payments that you put into the app automatically transfer it from one device to the next I resent leaven switch from my Samsung galaxy j7 star phone to my phone Xr and it was so easy I didn’t even had to think about it is a nice and easy way to track your money and I also like that it doesn’t ask for your bank being someone who doesn’t want their bank account out there online for people to hack into I really like that you can use this app 100% without using your bank and it is a quick and easy way to look and keep track of your money without having to worry about hackers and having your bank account safe. Would total remain you to use this app
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7 years ago, HaileyNJay
LoveLoveLove This App!
As a young couple expecting our first baby, this app is everything we were looking for -- and more! I've read a few poor reviews and I contradict every one of them. The application does not lagg; it runs as fast as your internet/phone service allows. Perhaps it's because our monetary situation isn't very complex, but this app works like a dream. We're able to keep different accounts (I.e., Baby, Groceries, November's Check) and see exactly where the money is going and coming from. If my father-in-law lends or borrows money, it helps us keep track of it. If we receive extra cash as a gift or one of us picked up an odd side job, we can keep track of it. We know when we're spending money on gas, what we're buying on our food credit card, when we're over-doing it on the itty bitty baby things, or lending out too much that we don't have. This application is simple, runs smoothly, and is a life saver for us.
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3 years ago, Kathdd64
Started out great ….then it went off the rails
I got this app about four months ago. It started out great. It did everything you said it would. Then in March it started going crazy. First everytime I switched an entry to cleared it would duplicate the entry instead of clear it. Then it started to duplicate my monthly recurring charges. Then it deleted some deposits and doubled others. Then when my balance was way off and I went back to look at previous months I saw that the app has quadrupled or more all of my recurring charges-FROM THE PAST- i know it just happened as I balance my account weekly and it always balances before this. I stopped using it but left it active to see what would happen. It’s been four days. Day two the app duplicated my deposits from the first of May. Day four it duplicated them yet again. Your app. Currently shows my account having $11,000 more dollars than it does. Needless to say I am deleting its immediately ans have already cancelled my subscription. If you are Looking for a checkbook app do yourself a favor and find a better one than this piece of crap.
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3 years ago, Panda-Cat
App is ok
When I first started using this app a few months ago, it worked well. I liked how easy it was to input transactions, and I really liked the fact that a decimal is not needed to enter the amount. A couple of months ago I started noticing the balance was quite a bit off when I was reconciling with the bank statement. I discovered that the recurring transactions had a bit of a glitch. It would repeat one recurring transaction several times on the same day. It happened with more than one recurring transaction. No matter how many times I deleted those extra postings, after I exit the app and go back in, they reappeared. Sometimes not immediately, sometimes it would reappear a few days later. It’s a bit frustrating to deal with. I guess the only other option would be not to set up recurring transactions. I hope someone can fix this problem. And also the ability to add more categories. Other than that it’s a decent app.
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5 years ago, soodabobble
Best Checkbook App EVER!
I have used several different checkbook apps over the years, Quicken, and kept a checkbook in a regular spiral notebook. This is by far the easiest to use. I love that I can set up multiple accounts super easily. We follow the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system, which works great with cash and when you’re buying something in a brick and mortar store. But it has its drawbacks when you’re buying things online. This app is my solution to that problem! I have set up an “account” for each of my envelopes (my clothing, kids’ clothing, cosmetics, gas (because I’m not about to take 2 young kids inside a “convenience” store to pay cash for gas!) and groceries (thank you Instacart!). I love that I can quickly and easily see my balance for each account. My only suggestion would be more background colors for accounts and more icons for type of account. But overall, I LOVE this app!!
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4 years ago, Lo_Keyyy
A must have! Email syncing update is a game changer!
I’ve been using this app almost daily for 6 years! It is a must in my life! I work in finance in NYC and budget setting, “rainy day fund savings”, spending awareness, and accountability are a must for me! The app's update that allows you to provide an email address to sync all your folders and entries, was a critical update for me! Now that it exists, this app is top-notch. Simple. Yet completely functional for all my needs. I like that I can name and categorize my spending on my own as well as add money to folders weekly as a “spending allowance”. While some others document your spending for you based on credit card spending, they do not give you nearly as much control and where expenses are categorized is often improperly automated. One of the best and most used apps I have. This is my first app review—I like it that much.
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3 years ago, Roadking555
I want to modify my original review. I grossly overlooked one of the best benefits I have found is the immediately sync of the account information and transactions when either using my iPad or my iPhone. I still would still like to see the ability to back up to iCloud, but I will now give it a 5 star rating after realizing the added benefit and will gladly wait for a possible future update to include iCloud backup. I would give this a better rating if it had the ability to back up to and restore icloud. I feel my data would be more secure if an upset occurred with my phone. Since we pay to use this app I am more critical of it. That being said, it has great potential to be very useful. It is very easy to use and it is one of the best I have found so far that does not require you to link your credit cards accounts.
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6 months ago, jalexandermsgt
I have the paid version of this and I use it daily. It’s …ok. It has the ability to save a payee so when you go to enter it again it pulls it up after typing the first few letters. This doesn’t seem to work too well. For example one of my payees is Kroger while another is Kroger Gas and yet another is Kroger EX, so I can choose the appropriate one. It used to be that when I ts. typed in kro for example, it would pull up all 3 variations and I’d just select the appropriate one. Now it pulls up a whole row of Krogers and I have to continue typing the whole word Kroger and then hit a space before it pulls up the other variants. The remove duplicates features seems to do nothing at all other than give the illusion it is removing duplicates, as they are still there afterwards. I have gone insnd manually deleted but that is very time consuming. If they fixed this it would be a much better app.
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8 years ago, Mama cat lady
Still miss MS Money
I was a huge fan of MS Money and hung on to the bitter end, until my old computer crashed and I could no longer run the old Money program. So I tried this app as a replacement and it really is lacking in a few features. I can't stand how the cleared transactions won't disappear (unless I'm missing a setting but settings are very limited). There's no sorting in alpha or numerical order when searching, you have to scroll. You can't enter a beginning balance to try to balance back to. I also had the same experience where I purchase the upgrade but there was no difference in features, just no more ads. It's really great for keeping a running total of your money and having it with you when shopping and it is very easy to enter transactions. Don't purchase it for a robust checkbook system but definitely better than none at all.
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7 years ago, Kteis23
Love the app, could use a few tweaks
I've been using checkbook for nearly 3 years and love it. However, there are a few improvements it could use. First, I'd like the ability to import data into the app. I recently changed phones (after losing my phone) & had forgotten to back up my app beforehand. I had recently exported a CSV file with all my transaction info but there's no way to get it back into the app, so I had to start over from scratch & lost all my history. Second, I think the search button should be on the same screen as the account info, I.e. the page where you view the deposits and withdrawals. With the current setup I have to navigate back to the calendar screen before I can get to the search button. I would also like to see an expanded list of category icons, for things like software and postage.
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5 years ago, Charmed926
It’s Just OK still in the hunt
This app has been OK, I purchased the $9.99 to be able to have the ability to have a functional checkbook app without ads that my husband and I can use with our joint checking account. However, recurring payments/salary deposits NEVER seem to sync and our apps are constantly not in line with the other. It’s very frustrating to have 2 different balances on his app and mine and then I’m constantly checking our bank account to find the discrepancy only to discover it’s the reoccurring payments causing all the fuss. And while I can manually put them in, I shouldn’t have to. This should be part of a functioning $10 app that I purchased. Instead it just pisses me off every time I use it. I’m on the hunt for something better, and though, the app already has my money I don’t recommend it if you are sharing the app with someone else to track expenses, if you’re single and only you are maintaining the app, then it’s fairly perfect.
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4 years ago, Polcat1979
Pretty good app to keep track of accounts
Pretty good app to keep track of accounts. Not too complicated. I have noticed the balances on the main page won’t update some times when you enter a debit or credit. But I will just open the account back up then close it again and it’s updated. Definitely like all the options when entering a debit or credit. But also that all those options don’t have to be selected. Just and FYI if you transfer funds from one account to another on this app. Then at some point delete one of the accounts, it will delete all the transactions from the other account. You will just have to adjust the balance on the other account. All in all I really like this app and how they keep it simple!!
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3 years ago, rhmahin
Multiple accounts and Transfer transactions
I am a long time user and I appreciate how easy this app is to use and I learn new things as I use the app. Multiple accounts and Transfer transactions are my favorite tools in Check book. I created an account for a quote I received for deck maintenance. When I write a check for the Deck Maintenance I “Transfer” from my checking account to the Deck Maintenance account. With one transaction, my checking account is reduced and remaining balance due for Deck Maintenance is updated. It’s easy to open Check Book app and see what I owe for Deck Maintenance vs. creating a separate EXCEL sheet to track the amount paid. This review took more time to write than creating an account and transfer transaction in Check Book.
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7 years ago, Smcphail95
College student approved
I'm in college and work part time. I only use debt and cash. I have 2 accounts and this makes it very easy to keep track of everything. I like it has a reoccurring bill so you can plan your month basically. The ads are annoying and I don't feel like pay $2.99 for no ads. If you are looking for simple then look no further. I have had a debt card for a few years and was using a different app that ended up crashing and losing all my data. I found this app and it's great I can always check it to be sure I have the money before I spend. You can make multiple accounts which I actually use for budget. For example I will have a college fund, gas fund... and so on it's very great for budgeting. I've never over drafted my account :)
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9 years ago, dfcurran
To transfer from this to pro buy the pro version from within the app.
The only problem, apple doesn't recognize that i've bought the pro version. So i could not write a review for it under that title. Fantastic. The free version is great. The pro version doesn't have ads and also has a calculator. I tried many checkbook programs, bought three, used this and money monitor for awhile but this is the best. This one does not make you sort through your entire category list to find one. It remembers and brings up payees as you begin to type them. It shows you a running balance-- very important if you need to find an error. I discovered i like this one by using a few at the same time. Then two, and finally realized i preferred this one.
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4 years ago, mike hdhdjdkshshshd
It’s a great app but needs improvement
I love the app but there are a few bug that need to be fixed. I have had problems with the math got screwed up and everything was incorrect. Wasn’t match up with the money that was in my account and something just wasn’t right. All transactions were right but the total number wasn’t.its has also stopped letting me make accounts and keeps telling me to upgrade which I already am signed up for the year. They also need to add options like taking pictures of receipts and saving them to that transaction. They should also give you the option to list and price every item so each item could be saved and calculated.( example Cereal price and dates of purchase to total them up to how much you spent on cereal for the month/year) I wish there was also a way to contact them when there is issues with the app.
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6 months ago, paige_332
My Favorite and Most Used App (not clickbait)
When I got my first checking account at 17 years old, my dad suggested I keep a checkbook so I knew how much money I had at all times. He used a paper checkbook, which seemed very unrealistic to me, so I turned to the App Store and found this app. 8 years later and I’ve religiously kept a checkbook for every checking account, credit card and savings account I’ve ever owned. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than being able to view charts and data on my purchases, my income, my debt, etc., and this streamlined app makes that so easy for me. As an accountant (no shock there), I’ve used plenty of programs for tracking money but this Checkbook app is hands down my favorite. 🫶🏼
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3 years ago, meloncolie
Best possible app
I just got my first iPhone and the one app I used heavily on my Galaxy is not available in the App Store. I was DEVASTATED. I downloaded probably about 20 or 30 budgeting apps trying to find one that was similar but all I kept finding was disappointment. Finallyyy, I found this one and I can do the exact same thing as I did with the other, but the one big difference is that it doesn’t automatically calculate my remaining balance into the days following where a bill or expense comes out, which is the only reason I took a star away. That’s what I loved so much about the other app, but I can get around it with this one by manually putting in my balance as an “income” wherever I need to do so. More time consuming but it’s not so bothersome since it actually does what I need overall!
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2 years ago, Pretty/girl
Exactly what I needed, and so user friendly!
I needed an app to simply keep track of all the various incomes on our little horse farm, and most of the ones I tried downloading before this one? Were all about “outgoing expenses” only. I must’ve deleted a dozen apps, before finding this! This app is crazy easy to use for someone that isn’t “electronically savvy”. And it didn’t require I enter all of my “emails and personal info” - before allowing me to even use it (ALL of the other ones did). I’m so glad I kept searching, thank you for creating such a straightforward tool! Its just what I was searching for, and I’m able to easily track all of the money coming in. I highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Subjonas
Almost perfect
I’ve been using the free version for years and it has been very useful. It does almost everything I want it to, except the biggest thing is I’d love for it to autofill Apple Pay transactions, but that’s something Apple would have to allow. And a few more minor things. For example, when I split categories for a transaction, I often put in the total amount first, then go in and assign some of amount toward one category. I wish it would automatically assign the remainder to the next category I select instead of me having to manually calculate it. I’d also like local WiFi syncing between devices if that’s possible, not online. I opted not to sign up for an account for online device syncing. I prefer to keep my financial data local and off third party servers.
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4 years ago, Maggie801
Love the app, but...
This app does everything I want it to do very well. However, the ads have become a horrible detriment- sometimes an ad pops up EVERY time I touch the screen, which is really troublesome when trying to balance and enter transactions accurately. 9.99 is too much to pay for this app, and am reluctant to do that anyway after reading other reviews. Also, after the latest update, I see I have more than one of the same payee. It assigns a new payee with the same name just because I used a different category! So if I want to choose a payee from the most recently used, I have to guess if it’s the Walmart for groceries, or the Walmart for household supplies, or the Walmart for clothing. Annoying! Also, it will now not find one of my payees when I type it in unless I type it exactly the same, so I have to remember if I spelled it WalMart or Walmart or Wal Mart 😖.
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2 years ago, bigben77
Best checkbook app out there
Over the course of the last few years I have tried multiple Checkbook appsThat were supposed to work across multiple devices. Some of them I would use for six or eight months and then they would stop working right, wouldn’t update across multiple devices as they said they would, or just had flaws that I couldn’t work around. We have been using The free version of this one for several months now across multiple devices and no issues. It works across multiple devices correctly, updates real time across multiple devices, and we have had no issues with the app crashing or not working properly.
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6 years ago, Whosnameisnttaken
Good for the very basics
This is a good app for very basic balancing. I honestly haven’t tried others to compare. I was disappointed that the only difference between the free vs paid is no ads. Kind of pricey to remove adds for $2.99. I expected more. However, it does the basics keeping my accounts balanced. When I printed some information it prints everything within my date range. I wish I could specify exactly what I want to print (for example only the charges I had under travel for a specific account) so I could get a quick total printed. Not printed, there is a pie chart and a break down that I can view for specific categories, but it’s for all accounts, not each individual one. Anyways, ads aren’t that bad so don’t waste your money upgrading because there’s nothing more.
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3 years ago, Done with this platform
Good App
I have had this app for a while now and use it for my 3 personal accounts. I like how accounts are linked within the app. My only recommendations are that for the “notes” section of an item, allow a picture to be taken and saved in there instead of it just being a few text field. Also, I’m not sure if this app can be shared between (2) people. My spouse and I want a digital checkbook for our accounts that we can share and see real time updates and I think this would be great, I just don’t want to erase all my data and then update with ours and it work. I think if those (2) items were added, this would be by far the app out there for a digital checkbook/register.
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4 years ago, all bames are taken
It’s ok
This check book app is one of the better ones for iPhone that I found so far. For $9.99 you can use it with multiple accounts. They have a better one for droid phones. I really wish this was more like that one. It would be nice to be able to search your items to see if you entered an item. Instead of scrolling through everything. And the items that automatically go on, they should show a few days before the day it’s scheduled so you can prep for them. Those items also show up as cleared. I’d rather check the box myself when I know there clear. One more thing. It would be nice if the balances would actually match my accounts balance. To easily make sure your still on track. It shows what has cleared for the month so far I think. I haven’t quite figured that out yet. But not a bad app.
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6 years ago, Thirdtimesacharmiguess
Synced and data trashed
I’m one of those ppl that doesn’t rate apps, but I’m so upset right now I could spit nails. I’ve been using this app since 2014 and really loved it. I just got my husband to start using it because of the update. Well this evening I went to sync my data because I noticed it was off. I chose to sync from the cloud so I wouldn’t messed up my husband’s transactions and it dumped a bunch of trash accounts onto my phone. It appeared to be 3 of each account I had except for my main account. I chucked it up and started trying to adjust the accounts and deleted the duplicate accounts. I synced again, and now there is only one account and the data isn’t even accurate. I started reading the reviews and noticed this seem to be an issue many others are having. I feel the developers should have warned ppl that there was an issue before we lost all data. I really liked this app. It’s a shame I can’t trust it anymore.
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5 years ago, Jmfannell
Have used this app for years
I have used this app for years and I love it. It does what I need it to do! Why the 1 Star? Back in December 2018, it is now February 2019 I purchased the upgrade for $2.99 a month to get rid of all the ads. Well the upgrade never worked and I still see all the annoying advertisements. I emailed the company, they were quick to respond apologized and said that they are working on an update to fix the bug. I asked for a refund since I am not getting what I paid for. They told me I have to get the refund issued through Apple. But Apple is telling me that the company has to issue the refund. I have emailed the company multiple times and now they are no longer responding. I just want an app to do what I am paying monthly for it to do! If not then refund my money and I will find something else. Now they show an upgraded version for $9.99 a month. Why would I pay that if the $2.99 version isn’t working.
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4 years ago, Bethanyb56
Great app!
Switched to this app after realizing that I was not good about updating my paper ledger. Very easy to input transactions and categorize, saves me an extra step and I no longer use Mint to keep tabs on my spending chart. I wish the search function were a little easier (have to go to the calendar to search), and it’d be nice if you could narrow searches by a date range, but overall the interface is simple and intuitive. The percentages by each category in the time calendar are nice too, but it’d be great if I could have a view for other percentage options instead of just spending/income (i.e. you spent x% of your income on this category). Highly recommend, affordable price and works on multiple devices!
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3 years ago, Kris10 D.
I broke my phone in February and had a different checkbook app. When I got a new phone, all of my transactions were gone because it was not an app that backed up. I didn’t want that to happen again, so I bought the Premium version of this app. I loved that it had a login because I would log in anywhere and it would bring up my account info... until it didn’t. I’m still on premium since I paid for a whole year, however, I logged in on my iPad and my accounts were gone. No info was there... pulled it back up on my phone and it was the same issue... accounts and transactions were gone!! I tried to hit the restore button, but it didn’t work. So I was stuck trying to figure out what I had budgeted for bills vs how much I actually had in my account. I emailed them twice and have yet to receive a response. If you want a go to digital checkbook app, I do not recommend this one. Look elsewhere!
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3 years ago, Deanie M
Excellent Checkbook!
I use this all the time since Quicken started charging a yearly? fee. We never used Quicken on-line, so it was ridiculous to pay that fee. This app suits my purposes. I project out my income and expenses about 2 months in advance and it helps me stay within my budget. I make sure my bank is reconciled with this checkbook about once a week. (I just have to make sure I don’t put the wrong year at the yearly changeover time. That can get frustrating!) Update: well, they started throwing ads in there while I’m in the middle of using it. Very frustrating. My review just got knocked down from a 4 to a 2! Update: It’s better, but the phone app is not as good as my tablet - and my tablet died. I can’t search and I can only flip back and forth between my accounts. Can’t see both. So, it’s a 3.
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9 years ago, Ssdog45
Annoying bugs
I had used this app for over a year and liked it until the last update; now it's bugs are infuriating. Seeing an overview of accounts is impossible because the app reorders the accounts and no matter what I do, I cannot put the accounts in any order that makes sense to ME. The app just goes nuts and reorders everything EVERY TIME. The ads are completely ridiculous, not only are they full screen and frustrating when you are trying to quickly enter/see info (the whole point of this app), the ads also play sound which is VERY unwelcome. I have written 3 emails to the developers and have gotten no response. I will not purchase this app because of the issue with the out-of-order accounts. I also want something that will sync across multiple devices. I will pay for an app that works, but I guess this is not the one.
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3 years ago, manDown1130
Excellent and Worth it!
I’m still kind of old school. I used to write down every transaction in my checkbook register, and when I searched about 10 years ago maybe, for online check book options, I download it this one. It was a trial, and I immediately paid for it. It is great in more ways than I can say. The description says it all, and you can look at charts and your expenses and credits and what not… LOL. You won’t be disappointed with this. And you won’t have to go through the whole Apple Store downloading 5 to 10 checkbook options, when you can get this one. I wouldn’t tell you this if it was not true.
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2 years ago, saokim
Checkbook Registry but digital!
My parents instilled balancing out my checking account since I was 16. I was doing it with a checkbook registry up until 6-7 years ago. I found about this app and it’s my lively hood. For someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, this helps me know what I can and can’t spend. Not every bill you pay for is taken out the same day, not every tip you leave at a restaurant is taken out the same day. This holds me accountable for what I can and can’t spend. I don’t even check my bank account to know how much I can and can’t spend, it’s not accurate but with this I know. Especially since I do balance it daily.
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1 month ago, Awood279
Awful Update (but fixed by developer super fast)
I have been using this app since 2018 and it was absolutely perfect but the most recent update has made it awful. The new update is flawed. I dislike that it no longer opens to the actual register page. It opens to the calendar which is a pain and pointless. Also when placing an entry you now have to add the decimal point where it used to be automatic. I dislike it so much I’m hunting for a new app to use. Update: developer listened to all our feedback and fixed this issues back to how we liked them. Great response from developer!! Back to loving this app!!!
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4 years ago, Kev1484947
Great checking app.
I love the simplicity of this app. & the layout. I tried others but this one is the best at helping you keep track of where you’re spending your money. I’ve been using this app. for a few years now & I’m able to keep track of my accounts down to the penny no joke. One think I would suggest when labeling your accounts on the app. leave your account number off of it that even is someone was able to open the app. they wouldn’t have account numbers just the words checking & backing. One last thing you can add a credit card section so you can keep track of it also. What are you waiting for download this app.
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4 years ago, Marobrown
Used to be great
Used for several years, liked that it synced between my wife’s and my phone, balances my account about 3 days before the last update and everything was great. This last update RUINED it, our balance went WAY negative. Different balances showing between both apps, tried removing duplicate entries in settings as suggested and the result was a less negative balance on my phone, more negative on my wife’s that before. Just spent the last 3 days (about 5 hours each) going through the last 4 months transactions on the register and bank statements removing that showed up several days apart and weren’t automatically removed, entries in the register that did not show up on my statements and incorrect entries in the register to straighten everything out. Still not showing the same balance between phones, hers will not update to the correct amount. Looking for a new app now.
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