Checkbook - Ledger

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Mobile Innovations LLC
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7 years ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Checkbook - Ledger

4.18 out of 5
3K Ratings
4 years ago, WestieMp,
Great replacement for my checkbook register.
I had used up my checkbook register right at monthly bill paying time; and with coronavirus stay at home in place, I did not want to run to the bank looking for replacements. Instead I looked for an app that would satisfactorily take the place of the register. I tried several but this one was by far the best. My only complaint is how it is set up to track ‘cleared’ entries vs outstanding. I am used to balancing my checkbook by check-marking entries when they have cleared; therefore, I am continuing to do this. I just have to look at the app and reverse in my mind outstanding and cleared. It also helps me track my balance and keep it much more up-to-date as I just pull out my phone immediately to make an entry rather than taking the time to sit down to update my checkbook. It has also been a lifesaver since I broke my dominant hand wrist at the end of December which required surgery along with extensive physical therapy to regain use, and it is still very difficult for me to do the necessary writing to keep a checkbook register updated. I will never go back to the old way.
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5 years ago, Ginger 45678
My Favorite App
I wanted to try this app for a little bit before posting a review. I. Love. It. Some people on here probably grew up tracking purchases in a checkbook. I did not. Finally, I got sick of overdrafting, or living paycheck to paycheck. ACH payments aren’t instantaneous, and my water bill had to be paid with a check. And the utilities guy wouldn’t cash the checks until he had three or four at a time! I could probably fly by the seat of my pants as a teenager with my finances, but I now have two kids with activities fees and dances and field trips and it’s nice to know how much money I actually have as opposed to what the current balance is on my checking. Also, the ability to upload images is priceless. We recently opened an HSA, and I’ve been able to upload digital receipts of copays or prescriptions. I cannot stress enough how important it is as a millennial to have this app. It helped me get my finances under control, and now I’m getting out of debt as opposed to drowning in it. My husband and I haven’t used credit cards in a year, because now there are no more “surprises” that we have to make up for. We know how much money we have at all times. Love love love it. Worth every penny for the extras, too.
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6 years ago, Jentai7
Math is off on a math app
I love the interface of this app, it works well with everything I need. Complete and total perfect checkbook register, complete with the easy add of recurring bills/income. Unfortunately, the math doesn't add up! It hits it right about 75% of the time.. But when it's wrong, it sends me into a math checking frenzy!! And sure enough, it ends up with me adding in a few cents here and there to make it a "correct" balance. A problem I see from other review as well. This is super frustrating when I am trying to follow my budget as well.. Math, being the point of this app, should not have errors. I have used this app for 4 years, maybe? I am just now writing a review because I went to put a 1 cent error fix in, and the total went from 74 cents to 76 cents. What the heck? For the most part, the app is amazing. The math not adding... 1-2 cents adds up fast!!
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5 years ago, shamrockgirlworld
Reoccurring Payment not syncing; math off
I’ve been using this app since 2015 and between that time I’ve upgraded. I’d love to us this app but it needs an update. Reoccurring payments aren’t hitting when they occur. I have to manually enter them and delete them once they hit days or weeks later. It also depends if other transactions occurred before and during the transaction time. It’s hard to calculate pending transactions when they aren’t subtracted on time or at all. The math on the expenses is off. For example, say you go shopping and get ‘Food’ and ‘Shopping’, or split the receipt or transaction. I have to literally separate the check in separate categories and separate logs. One receipt may have several ‘parts’ and the math does calculate split receipts. When you use the graphs, the split payments/transactions are not calculated at all or in the category. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to use another app. If one massive update happens to fix this issue, I’ll come back. But for now, I need the app to work as it should. It hasn’t worked the way it used to since at least the beginning of 2019. It’s great when it works but now it’s tedious and not worth my effort.
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7 months ago, BBFTB54
So happy to have you back
Back in June I completed an iPhone update and much to my dismay I was unable to utilize your app as I’ve done so for many years. So after much investigation I downloaded another check register app and have been using it until yesterday. There was no other app that has all of the great features your app has. Since there have been a few iPhone updates since June I thought I’d try and reinstall your app again. I have never been so happy to see it back on my phone again. A simple feature of hiding reconciled entries is such a time saver. Being able to track like expenses and proving a report of those expenses is invaluable to me. Needless to say I am thrilled to have your app back. I’m not sure when my iPhone update corrected the problem but I’m glad to have you app again. Please don’t leave me again 😆
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3 years ago, Lor1402
Love this check register!
This app has been life-changing for me. I will confess I balanced my checkbook using a paper check ledger only by saying the amount I had in the checkbook was “close enough” to what the bank told me I had. I feel like I’ve taken control of my finances using this ledger. It’s easy to Record your transactions immediately upon purchase instead of waiting to get home and write it in the check ledger. And many times I’ve forgotten by the time I’ve got home to write something in the checkbook that I had purchased with my debit card. Consequently I was frequently dipping into my overdraft account. I haven’t used my overdraft account in six months because of this ledger. I’ll never go back to the old way. One thing I wish… I wish there was a different way besides dropbox to back up the ledger. I’m not a fan of dropbox.
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1 year ago, Rackelfire78
This app is okay but there are issues with balancing. The total hardly ever matches my checking account. It’s always off by at least one penny if not several. Lasting it was off 6 cents when only one charge was added and nothing else had changed. I’m constantly doing corrections to make balances match. This needs to be fixed. It’s gotten worse recently. Last night I made a correction and it matched my checking account. I got up to check my balance and my paycheck was there so I added into the register app. Low and behold it is off four cents. If I try to correct it by four cents the balance doesn’t change in the app. It’s annoying for sure. I was going to give 2 stars but the rest of the app is good. They need to fix this glitch. I’ve sent emails to support and the error has been fixed temporarily at times. I have given up because it’s constant and I’m tired of wasting my time when nothing changes.
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5 years ago, kollette27
Great App, Great Price! Will it Hang Around?
Been using this app since late 2017. Used 2 other “register” apps prior, and they BOTH became obsolete with no updates and Apple’s constant software updates. The last time I had to swap apps, I lost a huge amount of proof of purchases because my phone wouldn’t even open it enough to back it up. Every time I tried, I got this “not supported, please update message”, yet there were no updates. I paid for all of those apps, then to lose all my information because they weren’t updated to compatibility with iOS. Now, I love this register. It’s the best one I’ve used so far. I hope the devs will be able to keep it going, although I usually run several iOS updates behind, there always comes a point when I’m basically forced to complete an iOS update, and I don’t want to lose all my financial info in the process.
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1 year ago, Snoflake_21
Love this app so far
I was wanting a way to not only do my checkbook right on the spot but a break down by category. This part could be improved on but it may be in the paid version which I plan on getting but it can be used exported to an excel spreadsheet very easily and a sort from there is a breeze. I have not found to much about this app I don't like. Awesome awesome awesome. I have been using this for a couple of months now and I really like this app. Well worth the money. One thing I have found is when you do the backups, you need to create a new one each time so you get the most updated info. This is not clear on how to do this but you need to add a new local backup by hitting the + sign in the upper right hand corner. I no longer believe this is supported. I have reached out for support About the fact that it no longer allows you to export data and I have heard nothing back.
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3 months ago, anoyed4889904678
Eh, it’s ok
This app has been the closest that I have found to the long expired icheckbook (which was the best). I like it over other apps however I hate the re-occurring feature. They never come thru on the date set. Sometimes it’s as far out as a month later so after already having to input the bill, I then have to go back and find the reoccurring one that came thru much later. Sometimes it reflects in the balance but doesn’t even show for a couple days, such as now. My balance all of a sudden doesn’t match up and is showing a negative and I know it’s because my property tax is in the auto reoccurring bill and is being reflected in the balance but the entry is not showing up to delete it since I have already entered it manually. I would be happier if I could pause the reoccurring so that I could at least see the date and amount without having to deal with this mess.
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6 years ago, GrandBillay
Could use a few additions
I have been using this app for 6+ years and have loved it. The downfall is the option to add recurring payments. One would think you could add the payment & insert the date that the payment is to be applied to your account but it only allows you to use the date that you input the information. Even after entering it then returning to the recurring screen it allows you the change the date but then doesn’t save the change. So you have to input the information the first time on the actual date of the payment. BUT even then it doesn’t show in the transaction screen on the correct date. It’s frustrating and makes zero sense. My suggestion would be to allow the date to be set & immediately pull to the transaction screen so you can see the upcoming payment. Seems like an easy and reasonable fix. At this point the recurring payment tab is an inept feature.
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6 months ago, song mixer125
Love the app
Great replacement for my checkbook (being that it’s the 21t century), but this app could also use an update; a refresh. Getting a little aged. I would like to be able to remove recent item/transaction descriptions, have the ability to have recurring transactions (I tried, but it doesn’t work, but this was also awhile ago), and a weird glitch happens when I put in a recent transaction, the category, and then take a picture of the receipt. When I return to the transaction input page, the category is removed. Only happens if I do it in that order. Update (I don’t know where the previous came from so may not apply now but still submitting in case. I would also like to have a transfer tab in line with income and expenses. App is still aged.
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5 years ago, mmathews1167
Spelling pet peeve
I have thoroughly enjoyed this app and my quirk has nothing to do with the functionality of the app. I realize I didn’t have to pay for this app but that should be irrelevant to making sure the app is free of misspellings. I have been naming my own categories until today, I decided to browse through to see what was available and there it was starring me right in the face! The word Restaurant spelled “Restuarant”. I realize this is something that most will find to be petty but then again there will be others that read the review and get where I am coming from with my review. I have an Elementary Education degree and I strive to do my best every day with my grammar whether it is my spelling or spoken word. With that all being said, I really like the app and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use yet accurate checkbook app. 😊
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7 years ago, Squareshot
Good choice for tracking
Update: for many years this app has had a bug which causes it to perform incorrect arithmetic. Correct addition and subtraction are pretty much the most important functions in a checkbook app. I reported this to the author several times but it still occurs fairly often, one or two cents off here and there. It’s a nuisance. More importantly, it’s something that simply shouldn’t occur in a finance app. Tried several similar apps for account management, found I preferred this one for its balance of functionality and ease of use. Intuitive interface, not bloated or overly complicated. It falls short in facilitating projection of expenses/balances in the immediate future: I would like to see my recurring transactions in the register before they happen, perhaps in a different color, so that they are automatically included when I make an estimate of my upcoming activities. With the addition of that function, this would definitely be a 5-star app!
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3 years ago, Lara B11
One small thing is Frustrating!!!
I have had this app for a long time and it’s fine but now I am looking at getting a new app because the math is off in this app. You can put in the exact amount you see in your bank for something that you bought and the app doesn’t calculate it correctly. It will be off by a couple of cents and it drives me INSANE!!! It does not happen every time but it happens a lot! I really wish they could fix this. I have to try to add something to the register to get it to match with my bank. And it’s not user error nor my bank. It’s the app. I hope this makes sense. Please fix this!!!!
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4 years ago, justondean
Feedback for developers
August 7, 2020 I still have not heard anything out of the developers. I am on the most recent version of the app and those bugs are still there. I’ve also noticed another bug. Maybe a requested feature. I cannot reorder my accounts. That seems pretty easy. I expected to click on “edit” and have the three line hamburger handles to move the accounts around but they aren’t there. Please work to allow that. The accounts are listed in the order they are created which I’m sure is easier programming but doesn’t make sense for organization. Should be alphabetically. Or sortable. Or manual sort like I’m wanting. Oh and I quit using your ‘budget’ feature. Totally not worth using. Isn’t accurate or right. Too much trouble to begin with. Wish I had my money back on that feature. June 11, 2020 Sorry to leave this to get your attention but there are two big bugs to fix. First is the fact that I can’t leave feedback from within the app. I tap it but nothing happens. Second is the search feature. When I search, the top most result is covered by a grey area so that I can’t see it. I have screenshots to show if someone will reach out to me. I mostly like the app. I picked you so I can have multiple accounts. I have lots of them for checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, notes, credit cards, investment accounts, etc. the budget’s feature needs lots of improvement before it’s useable.
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8 years ago, Wyzard4872
No Longer Reliable
I have been using Checkbooks (the free version because I have only needed to deal with one checking account) for years now, and it's always been great! Until....... last update that is. I started noticing that my balance was off by 1 cent. And it could have been 1 cent more than my bank one day, and 1 cent less the next. Occasionally it would be right, but more often than not it was wrong. I checked and checked for a mistake on my part but when doing additions it seems to sometimes add them correctly and other times it's off. And putting in a reconciliation of 1 cent only fixes it for that time you are using the app. Close it (remove it from active apps) and reopen it and it could be off by 1 cent again! And you never know if it's more or less than your actual balance until you check with the bank. Now I know what you are saying, "it's only 1 cent" or at least I've said that for months now because I do love this simple app. BUT how can I be certain? Today it's 1 cent but what if tomorrow it causes an unnecessary bounced check? If I wanted to do that, I'd use the paper counterpart and screw up the math myself! No thanks, that makes this app only free if you don't bounce a check, otherwise it's $35 per mistake! I've sent a bug report to the developer, but not heard anything back (as others have mentioned). So I'm afraid it's the delete button for this app after years and years of happy transactions.
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7 years ago, Jdscott612
I am replacing iReconcile, which is no longer supported by the developer, and am having a hard time to ding a comparable app. First, I love the looks of this checkbook app. It’s easy to use and looks great. I would give it 5 stars if it had a look ahead option to show recurring transactions in the register. It is the only thing keeping me from upgrading g to the paid version and using this app. I contacted the developer and this is not a planned upgrade. Too bad because I have seen a lot of reviews of checkbook apps from people looking to replace iReconcile and this was one of the best features of the program. Only one app has it now and I don’t like the looks of the register (too small) and it’s not as easy to marked transactions as cleared. Please add a look ahead feature to this app and I will change my review to 5 stars and buy the paid version, but most importantly start using this app at the beginning of the year.
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9 years ago, Funicochi
I am a long time fan and user of this app (5 years?). I love it's simplicity. I love the charts and reports. I use it many times daily and input all expenditures. It is the most used app I have, and feels almost like a friend. Now, I have had to make small calculating adjustments to this app. Sometimes it's math doesn't jive with my accounts as posted in the bank. I'm assuming this is because of some accounting adjustments that are beyond my current mathematical abilities to understand (like decimal placement .0000 when I only account for .00). I have to add or subtract a penny here or there,but frankly I'd rather do that than get rid of the app. So why a five star review with an imperfection? Because it deserves it and I want others to enjoy it as well.
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5 years ago, Am sells
Worked for a couple of months
I needed a quicker way to track my spending instead of the paper check register book. This work for a bit. Drawbacks -When reconciling your checkbook to your bank statement you can check off an item in the checkbook but it does not tell you what the end balance was for that date so you can’t fully reconcile them. -I often found myself forgetting whether or not I had put a transaction into the checkbook and when I went to search half of the letters I typed in kicked me out of the app. -in the app they give you setting options where you can click on big report, feature request, I like it, contact us, and website but the only two it lets you actually go into are the website and I like it If you don’t do reconciliations and you just need something to track your purchases this will work perfect for you. Someone posted that they had issues with the math being off. I had it spot on when I first started it. Since then it has been a couple of months and I haven’t been able to fully reconcile it, the numbers don’t add up and I don't have the time to check the work of an app. that is supposed to be doing math on its own. I have purchased another app. to try. This one just doesn’t do what I need it to do.
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8 years ago, Kali_gurl
I love the concept of the app, but could improve!
In a world where swiping your card is the norm, balancing my accounts prove difficult. This app allows me to enter all of my transactions so that my ledger balance is up-to-date even if my bank account is not. I like that it allows me to add recurring items and that I can create reports to see my spending habits. Now the cons - suddenly my recurring biweekly transactions aren't moving into my accounts. I've tried updating the dates, shutting it down and restarting, but it's not updating, so I had to add them all myself. The other thing is that the reports show your spending by category, but I wish it also gave a list of all of the transactions included in each category so that I had an easy way to see the specifics all in one place. And I do have the paid version.
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3 months ago, Melymelmelx4
I love it but have suggestions
2024 - updating again! PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE Search option! It's a necessity!!! This is so frustrating to keep asking and being ignored. I will put it up to 5 stars when that feature is restored. 2023 UPDATE - lost my search function with new iPhone 14 Pro Max - really bummed. I love this app. I have a couple suggestions for it. When I search for a specific transaction, I cannot see the most recent one in the list. The grey area is over it. I can pull down and see it but I can’t get to it to click info on it. When I search a specific transaction, I wish I could check the box for reconciliation. Why isn’t this allowed from here? It would make balancing so much faster. Otherwise been using it for years and it has helped us stay on track!!! Fix these little things and it’s 5 stars!
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7 years ago, pottyczar
Set ALL Reoccurring Transactions to the 1st
I use this app exclusively for my checking and savings accounts and really enjoy its ease of use but the one thing that nags the heck out of me is that memorized transactions don't show up on the designated date each month. I have reoccurring transactions that are saved for the 10th & 15th of the month that still haven't been added as of the 25th of the month! I have deleted them and re-entered them to an earlier date to try and push the issue but it seems to add the transactions whenever it feels like it. I have to mentally remove the money from my balance. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the app? It delays my ability to reconcile the accounts too since my statements come out around the middle of the month so I have to wait for the app to "decide" to add the transactions.
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1 year ago, TheMrsEms
Doesn’t Add Up
Overall, it’s a standard check book app. There are options that are useful for tracking expenses and whatnot. The biggest issue I have, is that it doesn’t “math correctly.” For instance, I had a total amount ending in $0.09. It was off by $0.02 somehow, compared to my actual check account, which was $0.11. I could NOT find the error, as all my entries were correct. So, I attempted to add 2 cents as a separate entry, and instead of equaling 11 cents, it equaled 12 cents! I tried adding 1 cent instead, and it equaled 10 cents. There was no way of correcting the error, due to the app’s formula or something. This is a pretty big deal, as it’s happened frequently since I’ve used this app. Considering looking for something else, as I need something that is accurate for FINANCES.
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3 years ago, Makana2011
Love it! Staying on top of my finances.
Checkbook app has helped me stay on top of my finances. I know exactly how much I have in all my accounts. The reports tell me where I spend my money because it forces you to put every transaction into a category. Plus, you can add, delete or change the category list. I was even able to email me my monthly report and print it out to give to my financial advisor. The upgrade prices are so cheap for the value. What’s also great is that after I enter in a receipt into my digital checkbook app, I go straight to the FETCH app and snap shot it for points to earn gift cards. It’s a total win-win! Mahalo to the developer(s)!🌺 Ashlyn
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5 years ago, BGY Junior
Perfect if you don’t like writing receipts in!
I got this app about 4 and a half years ago to delete the usage of a real checkbook at home and I haven’t gone back to it since. I use this app literally every single day. It saves all of your actions so if you go to a place more than once, it already has the name saved so you just write in the price and the category is already saved. One thing I think that should change in the app is to allow the user to be able to delete these saved “Descriptions”. Because if you have used this app for a long time, you’ll start to have to scroll through items that won’t be needed again and it can get annoying.
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3 years ago, HXYZ
Piece of Crap won’t work on multiple devices
I downloaded onto my iPhone and PAID for the upgrades so I could use multiple accounts AND backup data. Then I went to iPad and it says the backup downloaded successfully but when I. Lick on restore from backup it was saying I need to pay for an upgraded version but wouldn’t let me. So I went to the App Store and paid $4.99 AGAIN for the app on my iPad it it still won’t let me sync my backup from my iPhone to my iPad! So out $9.98 for the same app to be on my iPhone and iPad but can’t get the account data from my iPhone onto my iPad….they lied in the program information that there was no need to pay for the app to be on multiple devices because without paying I could not even access backup which I paid for on other device. Can’t get the checkbook registers to show on both devices is frustrating
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8 years ago, ExQuickenUser
Only thing you need
Downloaded it based on reviews. Was up and running in about 3 minutes or less. Very simple and very easy to use. I actually like not having transactions automatically downloaded. For the last many years, I have used auto billpay. (Heavy on the AUTO -- to the point that money comes in and goes out -- and I never really have any idea how much I've spent. This simple apps allows me to enter each expenditure immediately so that I can actually "feel" and see where my money is going. Gave up on Quicken years ago. Finally built my own Excel budgeting app which I will still use since it has far, far more detail. But will use this all day, every day. !!!
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5 years ago, shuyaku
Could be a Great App - 2 issues that totally bug though
This has the potential to be a great app. I have been using it steadily for a couple of months. Easy to use - low learning curve and most everything is intuitive. I’ve upgraded to the Dropbox and multiple account features - both excellent add-ons with one MASSIVE caveat - you can’t change your Dropbox info after the initial setup. Due to some unforeseen issues, I had to change my Dropbox account. All the other apps I have that linked to Dropbox allow me to easily update my login info. This app does not - just an error that it can’t login. Duh - I know that. Why won’t you let me update my info? This is virtually a killer for me since I can no longer sync across devices. Additionally It seems that they are no longer supporting the app. I sent several emails asking about this issue with absolutely no response at all. Sure they take your money though. I’m posting this review in hopes it will get their attention and they will fix this defect. My one other gripe - the iPad version doesn’t have a landscape mode. This should be a standard for all iPad apps that have input from a keyboard as almost all keyboards default the iPad itself to landscape. This isn’t critical (like the Dropbox issue) but seems like a lack of forethought.
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11 months ago, NayDynie
User Friendly UI, but Dropbox Backup Failure
I’ve used the Checkbook app for years and have been happy with it until recently. The app makes tracking your accounts easy and I enjoy the simple UI, which is why I can ignore the rounding error that crops up now and again. After a while, I usually add an adjustment transaction to correct it. My biggest issue is that I paid for the add-on that allows me to save backup to Dropbox. That hasn’t worked for some time and I keep getting an expired token error. I reached out to the app’s support and received an undeliverable response that indicates the email account doesn’t exist. Mind you, the email address I reached out to is the one provided in the app in the Feedback section.
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8 years ago, INFJ-male
After an initial experience with the free version and reading the glowing reviews? I decided to upgrade. Not what I expected! I did not find the app very intuitive. That is, what initially appears to be very straight forward--logical, turned out to be hours of frustration. The "Help" section is limited and could be greatly improved with several examples of what to do and what you get/see. The search feature is of no value in helping set up categories, accounts, summaries and overview. What was even worst...there is no security! An Individual category/account can not be hidden or locked. Then, all one's personal, confidential financial accounts, assets and obligations are unsecured. There is not a security login for the entire app. Perhaps I was expecting too much for this paid app. But besides the expenditure on an "incomplete" app. was the FRUSTRATION OF TIME SPENT ON THIS CONFUSING AND DISAPPOINTING (expletive deleted by me😡)
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7 years ago, Turfybutt
Great checkbook app!
I love this app. I used to use a paper ledger to keep track of my expenses, but this app makes it so convenient. Whenever I purchase something, all I have to do is log in & record my transaction. Once a week I double check to make sure everything's cleared with my bank. The only issue that I have with this app is that you can’t print out a group of transactions so that you can match it up with your bank ledger. I have to keep going back & forth between bank ledger & this app. I would find it easier to look at both accounts on separate pieces of paper. Love the app! Great job and keep the updates coming!
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5 years ago, GPRNGB
Good but...
I do like the layout and simplicity of this app, helps me organize my money before it gets taken out for bills and categorizing my expenses forces me to assess where I waste money. HOWEVER as many have mentioned there is a glitch - I often am 1 penny off from my account (I.e. the total is a penny over, however if I subtract a penny then I am a penny under my actual account) - It makes sense if you’ve dealt with the glitch. Frustrating and overall I can identify when it’s causing a mismatch but if I didn’t recognize it I could see it possibly causing miscalculations over the long long term. If they could fix this I’d love this app. I haven’t gone to another app yet because I love the functionality of it, but I’m considering changing if this continues.
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7 years ago, gandalf941
Perfect for me
After using an excel spreadsheet that I created for about 15 years, it was either a total pc upgrade and purchase of ms office, I tried 6 or 7 apps. This works for me just fine. Support is sketchy as I asked a question 2 or 3 weeks ago with no reply. Don’t waste time with the Dropbox because it doesn’t appear to work. I use email backup to another device and it works just fine. Overall, (thankfully) it is very easy. I have 4 bank accounts, several credit card accounts and some accounts receivable. It manages them all flawlessly and what used to take minutes now takes seconds...
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8 years ago, Speakeasyusa
Very comprehensive but missing something…
Pros: The expense categories are great for tracking spending and the fact that you can edit them to make them personalized is even better. The reports are fantastic; income and expense graphs are very helpful! The app is also very user-friendly. Cons: No "available balance" line. As this is a checkbook balancing app (among other things) an available balance would be strongly suggested for an update. Other apps have this. Lastly, the icons are limited for the expense categories; a few are just plain bizarre (chain?). More would be appreciated (clothing, shoes, bikes, things that represent hobbies/activities). Just my humble opinion. Overall quite a decent app.
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3 years ago, gdxvrx
So good; but...
I bought it and the experience is very good, I has it on my phone and on my iPad under same account. But, I use it on the phone and when I open it on the iPad I’m discontent because the information isn’t complete on the other device automatically. My phone has one information and the iPad another because I have to enter the information of the transactions manually on each device. I thought that the app will sync the info between devices automatically. It will be helpful for me if anybody or the developers of the app have the answer to my problem.
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2 years ago, NY14072
Randomly miscalculates by a cent.
I would contact support over this reoccurring issue but it does not seem to gain any attention. I keep two sets of balances and review the bank statements weekly. For whatever reason, the checkbook ledger will randomly miscalculate by a cent. At first I thought it must be a misentry on my part but no, I have actually watched it suddenly change by a cent on a whim. Sometimes you can remove an entry and re-enter it and it will clear up. Other times the error will persist for weeks and suddenly correct itself. If you want a general idea of your account balances this is a great program. If you want a correct account, to the penny, this app is not for you.
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6 years ago, Demasijr6
Excellent app
I think this is a great app. It’s the first checkbook app I feel is easy to use and provides the information I’m looking for. One suggestion I have is to make it easier to be across devices. There is an option to back up to Dropbox which I’m going to use, but I would prefer to back up to cloud. If I could back up to cloud I could use it on all my devices and that’s ultimately what I’m looking for. It’s not enough to stop me from using the app, but if I find a different one with a similar interface that allows cross device usage I would switch. For now I really like the customization options and ease of use. I highly recommend this app.
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8 years ago, Cornnugget2014
Love this app, but.......
Have been using this app for four years now. It is very basic and straight forward. I paid for the upgrade and have had no issues with this app since I started using it until now. I now have an iPad and cannot sync my information between devices. I also would like my husband to start using the app and be able to share up to date information with him. I'm even willing to pay another upgrade fee in order to get the sync feature. Up until this point I would have given a five star rating but now with my evolved needs this app is lacking the sync option so now I'm on the search for a new app.
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3 months ago, kats deli
Mystery Penny - balance off by - only problem
I used the paper register for years & was nervous to go digital but for the most part the transition & this app has been fine. Except for The Mystery Penny. Every week or so I notice the balance is off by $0.01. At first I blamed my bank but then today I realized it’s the app. I got a deposit of $0.64 cents for cash back rewards. When I input it the balance was off by $0.02 compared to my bank so I changed the amount by $0.01 and the balance jumped $0.04! Makes zero sense! I watched it miscompute right before my eyes. If being off by a penny doesn’t upset you it’s a great app.
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4 years ago, swoonychic
Definitely recommend
I have been using this app for the last few years and I love it. Its a great alternative to old school checkbook registers and helps me stay on budget. I only have two “complaints”; I wish there was a share option where both me and my husband can add entries. Also, the recurring payments don’t generate until a few days after the date you set, even though they will show the correct date once they do show up. I’ve had to set them all a few days early so they’ll populate in my register at the right time. Overall, this is still one of my must have, and most used, apps!
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4 years ago, Liteninglata
Great app
This is my second review. I have used this app for years and I love it. The only thing I would ask for is to sync automatically with my iPad. Dropbox is great but I have to remember to do it. So glad that you have now updated the App so that I can sync my iPhone with the iPad. Downloaded a different app hated it so glad you fixed this one. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I have been using this app for many years. I love it. Now that it can backup to the Dropbox app it is really great. Just wish I could sync it between the iPhone and iPad and that it would work sideways on the iPad. But it still is a great app.
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5 years ago, eh613
Couldn’t live without this!
I LOVE this app! I’ve been using it for quite awhile and couldn’t live without it! Since I always have my phone with me (it is also my wallet) it’s super easy to enter things right after I purchase them so I always know what my balance is. It’s much easier than collecting receipts and entering them in a real checkbook like my girlfriend does (granted she loves math and doing stuff by hand). Initially you have to do some set up of your categories but once those are entered they will automatically populate. I hope this app never goes away because I depend on it!
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3 years ago, Femdom mom
So helpful
This is a great app. It’s just like a regular checkbook register and easy to use and reconcile. As a single mom on a very close budget, this has prevented me over drafting my checking account. Thank you so much! The bank teller looks at you crazy if you ask for a register these days. And so many transactions especially PayPal don’t show in the bank apps for days so if you’re like me and forget you spent money somewhere because of that, this will help because you can keep track instantly when you spend.
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7 years ago, jMurph46256
Recurring Payment Problems
I've used other apps in the past for keeping tabs on my checking account. I chose this app for the recurring transactions feature. It worked fine for about a month, but then the recurring transactions started to come late. Two months ago, I sent in a bug report and an enhancement request to allow recurring transactions to be brought in to the ledger early (so one could see how much is left over after the bills are paid until the next paycheck). To date, there has been no response and my recurring transactions from last Friday haven't posted (it's now Tuesday). 2 stars are for aesthetics only. Functionally, the app needs work to make it superior. I'll be shopping for a different app this week.
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4 years ago, Cajunlover
Update Please
I’ve used this checkbook app faithfully for several years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon ... unless ... the developers will perform some type of update. The calculations have a gotten a little buggy. It’s running a couple of cents off. Things were dead-on exactly balanced as of the end of March 2020, but several times since it is never an exact cent-for-cent match even though every transaction I’ve posted matches my account. Even attempts to add or subtract a penny from a transaction to force a balance and the total doesn’t change 🤷🏻‍♂️. Perhaps after a two year gap, an update is needed!!
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9 years ago, Dorie Dragon
Nice app!
If I still did my accounting by hand, this absolutely would be my choice for financial management. The reports are on par with the reports I get from the program I chose for my accounts payable work. Streamlined but informative. Very easy to input and track data. I actually use another app which is more automated for the bulk of my home accounting. However, I have four accounts I can't sync and this app is the perfect program to take care of that problem. I almost feel spoiled having such a truly superior accounting app to manage my four little accounts.
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2 years ago, Mashed812
Simple but effective.
Extremely straightforward. Simple execution. UI looks dated but does that really matter when all I need it to do is make sure I don’t overspend. Paid an extra couple dollars for the multiple account set up. Works perfectly. You can seperate the accounts by type(checking,savings,credit card) it has a budget creator but didn’t buy that option(very cheap tho) so can’t comment on this. Still 5 stars to me even with the add ons needing purchased as a good solid checkbook app is worth 2 dollars.
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6 years ago, makin' money moves
I have tried multiple budget apps over the years and have finally found one that is exactly what I needed. Simple, quick to setup, very user-friendly. If I had to make a suggestion it would be to give the user a choice of what icon they would like to see. For instance, every time you “Add” or “Edit” it automatically displays a piggybank. A blue one at that. I don’t want to see a blue piggybank icon for my credit card that I owe $2,000 on. Clearly I have no use for any colored piggybank because I can’t save because I made the mistake of using credit cards. ;)
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1 year ago, TyeFox
Does the basics sufficiently.
The only gripe I have is with recurring entries posting lags. Example; I have a recurring entry for the 11th of every month. Today is the 17th and that entry has not posted yet. Today I added a new recurring entry and that one posted immediately, but if I manually add the one that was supposed to post on the 11th it will eventually post again at some random point in time. I feel dumb now. I just brainlessly upgraded to premium so I could include a credit card account. I don’t see a way to enter one transaction that captures a payment transfer from a checking account to the credit card account. Has this app been updated in the past five years?
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