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User Reviews for CheckCheck App

4.61 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
11 months ago, Lady Tiayann
I found out about and have been using Check Check since 2019… It was a blessing and amazing experience. I began selling shoes in 2018 and Check Check has been a great help in me selling and purchasing shoes. I have NEVER been into purchasing fake shoes so when I found out that it had started becoming the NEW trend, I researched and YouTube’d and came across a video that advertised Check Check. I tried it and it has been a miracle worker since then.. I can say since ppl have learned that I check, my clientele has decreased a little however I’ve been ok with that because I treat ppl how they want to be treated… I refuse or allow anyone to pay hard, earned money for fake shoes.
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9 months ago, Jeffrey J. Noel
This app is a scam with no support.
This is what they do. They make you basically buy a verification and then part of another one to keep you perpetually buying and using the app. So you either pay for part of another verification and not use it, or buy 2 additional verifications to use the part of the one you purchased with the first verification (A verification being 2 tokens, but the lowest tokens you can buy are 3). They then reject your submission, and ask you to do something impossible- like physically destroying the shoe by removing the insole. Because you can't do that, and they won't verify without everything being complete; so you're stuck resubmitting the verification only to keep getting it rejected (no matter what your notes say). So you'll pay for 1.5 verifications, and get to use 0 of them. What about support??? There is none. I've submitted 2 requests over a period of 9 months, and they still have not responded. This app is a joke and a scam.
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2 years ago, GAMER!!!!!!!!
I’ve been using this app for a while now and it’s worked fine on Jordan’s and some Yeezys , I rly enjoyed the app and it’s not a bad app it helps out a lot when it comes to general release shoes or newer shoes, the only bad thing about this app is that they are not capable of legit checking hyped shoes such as my Grateful Dead dunks I’ve continuously posted my dunks looking for a response because I know they are real but it’s always good to have a receipt to back it up, but every time I post them it take them 6-10 hours for a response mind you I payed for 30 mins and when they get back its a Not Able To Verify. I try to use the Contact us to report my issue but not even that works! I’d appreciate it if CheckCheck could do what they are made for and check the shoes right away as told they do, not have me wait 10 hours for a unable to verify. Thank you
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11 months ago, Monkwhoa
Top tier services
I’ve been using check check since they launched and I sell shoes literally for a living and thanks to check check I’ve saved thousands of dollars on shoes because now a days the fakes a very solid and yes no matter how kool you think you are saying you can 100 percent identify a good over a bad shoe by eye is definitely untrue unless you have already obtained a real pair from a reliable source and for that fact it’s definitely hard to say you can never buy a fake with out a service like check check your eyes are never as good as Ai technology keep up the great work and keep sending me those credits man there going to absolute great use
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1 year ago, Vasquezbc
Good looks
The app is amazing!! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it has done me a good solid. I buy new and used shoes from several places that I am not unfamiliar with and they always come in clutch to verify my sneakers. It’s a great source to use coming from my end. Not really any complaints to be said to be honest. Just one thing that may be better. It takes a while for the results to come in. Hopefully it can be sooner and quicker next time. But overall a really good app
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3 months ago, Hnshsusuzjsnsj
Where do i even start. Did a free trial for the premium feature in the app and I wasn’t satisfied so i canceled my membership prior to the end of my trial. I check my statement and see that they charged me for their premium even though i had canceled before the end of my trial. I thought, cool it’s probably just a mistake i’ll just call and get it sorted. Boy was I wrong. First off, their customer service is nonexistent. No number to call and they don’t respond to emails. After sending countless emails I finally got a response assuring me it would be sorted out. Not only did they not sort it out, but they charged my card once again! I bombarded them with emails and to this day I have not gotten a response. Literally just scammed me and to make matters worse, they didn’t even give me premium features in the app😂 Absolutely ridiculous don’t even bother with these guys.
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6 days ago, damey1
Get it!
Heard about check check but never had the want to use it since I typically buy shoes directly from retailers. I had the opportunity to buy a grail shoe from a 3rd party at a good price. Since I didn’t know the person, I decided to use the app to ensure I was getting a real pair and not fakes. Took the required pics and had the decision back in no time. Turns out the seller had fakes and didn’t know it. Saved me a good chunk of change! Thanks Check Check!
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1 month ago, Coronado Soleciety
Great app!
I can’t tell you the amount of times check check has saved me. It is crucial if you’re a sneaker head to own this app if you are trying to buy sneakers. The amount of replicas out there and people claiming they are real is unbelievable. You need check check to help navigate your way through the fakes. Overall great and easy app to use. Comes with a simple to follow guide to help identify them fakes! Highly recommend!
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1 month ago, jevans2316
Super Helpful and Professional
I use the app every so often and it has never failed me. I use it every time I want to buy a pair of nice shoes off someone and I use it to show others my shoes are legit. They are usually a good bit quicker than the time you submit which is nice since you’re paying for the time it takes. I highly recommend CheckCheck and have not used anyone else.
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6 months ago, Amaru1440
Best legit checker
Best app to get all your shoes legit check no matter where you purchase them from I have had this app downloaded for more than a year and I can attest to it that it does what it is supposed to do and it reliably I would definitely recommend this app too anyone that collects sneakers or if you just buy to resell them no matter what the case maybe you can’t count of Check Check app
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1 year ago, JustaguyfromCA
Very Useful
I’ve been using the app here and there for a while now just to get a second opinion on something being authentic or not. I don’t rely on it for an instant response or when time is an issue as I know it does take time to review all pictures submitted. It’s simple and easy to use so If you’re not sure a pair of sneakers are authentic, the CheckCheckApp is the way to go!
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3 months ago, Meiken Alexander
Do not pay a dime
This app is a complete ripoff. I paid for the week, paid money for extra credits for a 5 minute check that turned into HOURS. 10 minutes would pass and they would ask for more photos. I’d send those and they would ask for more. Literally have 20 photos of details and tags etc and still asking for more!! If you cannot authenticate based on 20 detailed photos then you’re a joke and have no idea what you’re doing. This is the first app review I’ve ever left in 15 years. That shows how bad this app is. Avoid at all costs and use an online authenticator.
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1 year ago, Baldwin05
Only App Worth Using!!!
I have reviewed this app several times, point being they have never been wrong. Print out you authenticity Certificate and always have it on hand if you are at any convention or shoe show as well as put it in your pictures anytime you are trying to sell online. People know this place and trust them. They just don’t miss
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2 years ago, Normanylai
Great Tool When Working
This app checks correctly about 98% if the time & when working its a great tool for anyone buying & reselling. The problem is that the app is very buggy and slow. Sometimes it doesnt even check in the time frame it says it would and you have to go on Instagram dm just to get credits returned or see whats going on. For the amount of people using this service, it should be a much better app. Potential is there so hopefully they fix it.
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1 month ago, Angie337777
App needs work
Are there ppl on the other end? I don’t know. When you pay for a set time period, it’s likely you’ll pay twice, it leads you to believe it didn’t go through and then you realize you paid twice. They may have too much work, and get around delivering on the time limit/promise by not acknowledging the images you’ve already submitted and requesting them again & again. I’ve sent a msg to clear this up as well, no response.
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2 months ago, ThatMDot
Decent cost to help yourself feel safe
Can't beat the few bucks it cost to have your shoes authenticated right from your phone..... you can have this done in under 30 minutes.... and if you don't mind waiting a little longer, it will even cost you less.... I'll definitely use this service again
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1 year ago, Cbey501000
Worst app for legit checking shoes
I advise anyone with any sense to stay raw away from this app completely. I lost $350 because of them. I used their app thinking it would benefit me to get a pair of shoes authenticated. Sent all the pics in before buying the shoe and it came back legit only to come back not even a day later that it was actually fake. I lost $350 of my hard earn money to a scammer and a bogus legit checking app. I work hard and I stay far away from fakes. Let this be a lesson to people that see this because it isn’t right and it’s not like they would reimburse you for their major mistake.
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1 year ago, Hongsc
What If…
What if you needed a legit check for sneakers you coveted all your life. Well maybe at least a few years and trusted a complete stranger then you found out it’s fake. Lesson learned or not. Use the CheckCheck app and never have to worry about it. It’s peace of mind that those coveted sneakers are legit. It uses AI and a person to ensure what you have is the real deal. Don’t get scammed and use the CheckCheck app.
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11 months ago, twotimerickmantheman
Let the people have real sneakers!
Check Check has been around for a hot minute. They are quick and they can authenticate ur kicks for you asap. They are quick and they know their flaws and can spot some wooky kicks. Don’t buy no reps and use check check for the small price they charge to verify your kicks. Thanks Check Check 💯
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1 month ago, LoboGear
Love CheckCheck
I truly love this service! CheckCheck has always been reliable, thorough and fast. Great for building client trust and my own credibility when running my business. Interface is easy, user friendly with examples to follow, finally multiple credit packages that don't pressure user or leave with no option. Overall very satisfied! - LoboGear
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1 year ago, Kikos619
Good app to check shoes
This app has saved me from keeping fake shoes, it would be better if they used less pics for authentication and if there was an option to check the shoes even faster, for example if you are trying to buy shoes off the street they should have results in less than 5 mins
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5 months ago, Hector187
Great App
The app check has literally saved me the embarrassment of buying a couple of fake shoes now. I’ve had the app for a while and it has been a tremendous help when buying sneakers off of the Facebook market place. Great and reliable app. I recommend that everyone download this app. You never know when it may be needed.
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2 years ago, ImGOiNinBEasTMoD
Verifyed a fake shoe as real
I submitted a check on a pair of chicago 1s that i got for 40$ at a pawn shop (suspected they were fake when i seen them) and they verifyed them as real , later put them through my other app (legit app) and they were fake so i contacted Customer support on the issue and they claimed my email couldent be delivered which is crazy because they are the ones that emailed me back telling me this lmaoo what a peice of work they are..anyways i recommend downloading the “legit app” they are way better and never wrong plus they check way more brands if i couldent i would leave zero stars
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11 months ago, Meg Good
I love this app, they are very quick and accurate with their results. The app is trust worthy and also affordable, it has saved me so much money. I even tested the app to see if it was really legit by checking a fake pair to see if they just be passing any shoe and like I said before they were accurate I highly recommend using this app.
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6 months ago, onelocodude
Decent app, but maybe add chat support
Used twice now to check shoes. Response was within the time I paid for, and app is relatively easy to use. Would like to see some sort of support. I had a hard time getting registered or a user account - not getting an email - and could not find any support.
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10 months ago, big boi cj
Best app
I’ve been seeing this app all over. Finally decided to give it a try here recently. Super easy instructions. Even gives you example pictures of how they want you to take the pics. Sent off and got back in less than 15 min. Great app that will save you money from buying a fake pair for resell.
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10 months ago, xkotomi
Used once before and it help me out myself at ease.
Needed to verify some Bred high 1 from 2015 and they were able to verify my suspicions and passed it. I also went to my local consignment shop to double check and were able to clear it! It’s good on a moments notices or late night to have it checked by this app!
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11 months ago, stylebyserrano
Easy to use
I’ve been using this app for a number of months and I’ve yet to be disappointed. The authentication turn around times have been on time or sooner than promised each time I’ve submitted a check. I’m confident in each verification they complete and can pass that confidence on to my buyers. Thank you
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1 year ago, ReadingEqualsGrowth
The Best Sneaker Authentication App
I’ve used Check Check on several occasions and have been very pleased with the easy process of submitting photos and the quick response on the authentication process. I feel at ease when using the Check Check app when I buy or sell shoes. Thank you, Satisfied Customer!!!
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10 months ago, dickgobler
Honest review
Give the app a 4 star review bc it works great but also the pricing is kind of steep. I feel like a 15 min or less should be like 3 credits instead of 5 but other than that it’s great . Also to better help the community. People at check check should sort every check by state to check what shoes to stay away from just in case someone try’s to scam you .
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1 month ago, VA505
Quick review of Jordan’s
Was at the thrift store and found a pair of Jordan’s. I’m not a sneakerhead so I wasn’t sure if they were the real deal. I used the app and within 15 minutes they were authenticated and I was able to buy and resell for a huge profit. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone.
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1 year ago, nobody have this nickname
It’s fine
It’s fine I just think it’s weird that you have to pay before Before you authenticate they should tell you you would have to pay for chips but they don’t but I’m not complaining this app is actually really cool and it works really well I got some Air Jordan one Lost and Found’s and they immediately came to legit it’s crazy I just think they should tell you before you get the app
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2 years ago, Stinkyracer123
This app used to be a good source to check shoes but now it doesn’t even have the credits that I PURCHASED! I had well over 30 credits and now it is saying i have ZERO!! It takes 16 HOURS to check ONE SHOE!!! I dont know what is up with the app but it has to be fixed asap because ONE, this app is supposed to be the main app people go to for a legit check but we do not use it to wait 16 HOURS just to get a confirmation and TWO, THESE guys are taking my money and not giving me what i paid for. You guys basically took my cash and ran with it.
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6 months ago, LongShaftRick
I bought some Jordan Team Jordan’s from the street and it was sketch because the dude was homeless, CB eco check took 30min to verify the shoes and they came back legit. After a second legit check at a sneaker store they showed me how the shoes were authentic. In conclusion this app it great and I would definetly use again for a hard shoe to verify
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9 months ago, gerGM13
5aint enough stars
The quickness ( options! ) are all greatly worth it. Easily explained on the app , on what’s needed from you and couldn’t be easier Great staff helps me recommend this app to all my friends looking to have some verification checks made on there sneaker purchases! Keep it up
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2 years ago, Vincent71018
I’ve been using this app for some time and it always work great quick check all the time. But recently I’ve summited a check for some off white dunks for 30min result and it been 24hr still haven’t respond with a result I’ve tried to email their customer service many time nothing from them. I thought it might be a glitch so I summited another one for 30 min today on the same shoes and it has pass 7-8hr now and still nothing very disappointed and I’ll have to file a refund.
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10 months ago, booishdns
Best way to legit check shoes!
I’ve been using this app for years now and when I’m not sure on weather or not a pair of shoes I got are real, I always use this app. It’s never let me down and I love all the free credits they giveaway. I would highly recommend this app to anyone unsure if their shoes are real or not!
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11 months ago, Nicolereedy66
Legit check
The app is really good, my son and I use it often. Sometimes the results take longer than expected but it definitely saved us from buy fakes. I’m impressed that all you have to do is take some pictures and submit. Great job to the creators.
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2 months ago, coicaichlor
Been reliable for me
I know the mixed opinions of people online regarding this app, but I’ve been buying sneakers from other people and I dont know how to authenticate myself, and so far this app has given me 100% confidence and has never let me down when it comes to authenticity
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11 months ago, xjulians1
Amazing app
This app has saved me thousands of dollars from scammers trying to sell me fake shoes honestly without check check I would be 100 percent in debt from the amount of loss in the sneaker community. This app has never failed me with authentication and is very professional with their diagnostics.
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10 months ago, Checks checks
5 stars
I bought real shoes and i checked them and it came out real. I also bought fakes to see if check check would approve it but it didn’t go through. I would definitely recommend to see if your shoes are real or not
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10 months ago, Albers51018
Easy and convenient
I’m not a big shoe guy but have a few pairs I’ve picked up… and wanted to confirm they’re legit. A few photos later I get my confirmation. Beats having to run them into a store and deal with the hassle! Will definitely use again in the future.
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3 weeks ago, J1g2a3
Always double check
It’s nice to have a second opinion and an assurance that I am purchasing a legitimate product. It’s affordable and the occasional discount codes are nice. I like having the option to wait a little longer for results to save credits.
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11 months ago, kirito-::;;
Very useful app
This app is very useful I copped some drops from last week but was unsure about the authenticity since I bought them from stockX , I did the legit check and they passed but just to get out of doubt I used their app and the experience was amazing
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2 years ago, Recon574
Horrible Wait Times
I don’t know if the app is under new management because I have never had to wait this long for an authentication check before. Last week it took well over 8 hours for what was supposed to be a 30 minute check and now it’s taking well over 16 hours for a 12 hour check. They need to bring the old management back or completely overhaul their team because whatever they’re doing now isn’t working for their customers!
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1 year ago, micherex
Check check review
Quick easy way to check authenticity of shoes. 5 stars although I have a feeling the company needs to expand their customer support team as I didn’t get a response back to my email.
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3 days ago, NateMayIII
Check Check review
Check Check has saved me from buying fake shoes, and the option to check the shoes even faster is also a great thing as well. They have saved me literally thousands of dollars on shoes.
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11 months ago, The mf app
App Review
In all honesty, check check app is the only app I’ve been using for a while to authenticate my sneakers. Great camera quality built in the app as well! Keeps all of my 40 ish pairs that was authenticated in history file! I will continue using this app 💯
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2 months ago, sram541509
Use it
It is quick and easy to use. I have used it every time I have gotten a shoe that didn’t come straight from a retailer and it’s been perfect. Never takes the time to get back your results that is listed.
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11 months ago, 23ewadc30
CheckCheck is the best app for checking shoes. I used it twice to check my shoes and the results were quick. I have also gotten free credits through emails. If you’re looking for a quick and easy verification, for your shoes CheckCheck is definitely the best.
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