Checkers - Online & Offline

4.8 (11.2K)
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3 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Checkers - Online & Offline

4.82 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
9 months ago, JumpingJack100
Unfair Draws
I’ve been playing Checkers for 15 years and love it. When MSN discontinued their free English draughts game I was really bummed out that I couldn’t play anymore. Recently, I found this game from Gamovation. At first I liked the game a lot. However, after I paid the fees to get rid of the ads and become a VIP I started to notice a lot of players requesting a draw when they had one checker, and I had two or more. After a certain number of moves the game was declared a draw, even when I had more checkers. This is against the rules of American draughts. A draw is only supposed to be declared when each player has the same amount of checkers and neither can win. A lot of players are using this to avoid losing and it’s really disgusting. It’s become new phone and I’m really disappointed. I’m contacting Google Game Play and demanding my money be returned, because this game is a scam. I can’t believe anyone plays this game because of the unfair draw policy. Do not buy this game. You’ll end up hating it.
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2 years ago, Ewok'sMom
I love it 😍
I love this app because of how simplistic it is, yet it has many options. I didn’t even have to look at the instructions to know how to play it and it had many options on the type of checkers you want to play. The easy modes are actually easy and the hard modes are actually hard and you can change the design of your checkers to anything you’d like. As a Gen-Z this made me addicted to checkers e even more! The only things I would wish to be added to the game is probably more options on your profile pic (like being able to import photos online) and if it could teach you some strategies on how to win, but that’s just my opinion. I would recommend this app to anyone who would like to play or practice playing checkers, but have no one to play with or no one who is better than them in the game. TLDR: This game is amazing! I 100% recommend.
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1 year ago, James2theM
Unfair and full of bots.
If you don’t come across a bit, be prepared to be matched with someone who is new to the app, or is a level 95 when you’re still in single-digits. There has to be a way to sort the bots out too, some sort of “not a robot” test thing. You can tell when some players are cheating by “playing” a separate game with AI or something and following their moves to counteract yours by how long it takes them to make their move every single time. It would be nice if bots got sorted out, and there was a way to report Likely cheating or something. When you take every turn, including the starting ones to nearly run out of time, and you have a perfect defense and offense, there is no way you’re not cheating. The offline isn’t bad, and if not for the terrible matchmaking, cheaters, and bots involved, it would be at least 4 stars. The ads are a little annoying, but I’m not getting spammed them like in other game games because I didn’t buy the 0 ads feature. All in all, it’s a good game with nice aesthetics and customization. I haven’t spent a cent, and I was still able to get some nice cosmetics.
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11 months ago, Icantthinkofanickname321
1 star until Draw is fixed
Simple and fun to casually play, but the Draw option is problematic. First, there is a glitch in which you sometimes can offer a draw and - after the other player declines - it states that a draw will be forced after 25 moves after the next Draw is offered. However, you just keep getting this same message over and over and it never actually forces a draw. It also seems unpredictable *when* you’ll actually get this option rather than just the generic “draw declined”. Second, and probably more importantly (because this is actually starting to affect how much I use this game) it’s become infuriating when back to back players refuse to accept a draw and instead just wait out the game until one gives up. It screws with your win percentages and takes your coins, and the game becomes nothing more than a contest to see who has more patience and free time to waste. It’s getting old, and feels like more and more players just keep doing this, making the game boring and more of a waste of time than a fun activity to do in your free time. It’s made me stop playing, and ready to delete it.
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1 year ago, Ace L
Love this game and app!!
Extremely fun and replayable. I’m addicted. Hope more people play. Between this and poker/hold ‘em, it’s endless fun in your pocket I do hope the makers of Quick Checkers continue to add more stones and avatars and customization and whatnot. Hopefully they haven’t stopped adding content. I only restarted playing this game abt 6 months ago, after around 4+ years away, so not sure how frequently they update Also, the daily reward system/button seems dysfunctional. It rarely works. It’s supposed to refresh every day to collect some gems but I very rarely see the button lit up and able to press (works less than once a week)
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2 years ago, Cooldudee18
Mechanisms in place for drawing
As the title suggests, there needs to be mechanisms in place for when one person wants to draw the game and the other one does not. Hear me out. I played a game with a user for HOURS. The other user kept themselves on the bottom right and top left switching to the right and left. We both had three king pieces each. I offered to draw dozens of times and each time the user rejected my offer to draw. Clearly the user was not planning on moving away and was waiting for me to give up. In the end I had to give up because I was sick of the game already. What I’m suggesting is a mechanism where the game ends after X amount of moves in a draw without any pieces being eaten or even a game where game ends after the same piece moves around the same spot X times. I was excited to play quick checkers matches online in my free time but I am so disappointed with the action that there isn’t a draw mechanism.
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2 years ago, you fix now
Needs to be fixed
This is a great app only problems are lately there has been an increase in adds, it does lose service sometimes which causes you to be timed out and lose the game, the biggest problem that needs to be addressed is you can have a person out manned like 3-2 and they can start running and asking for a draw and after 20 moves the draw will be granted this is annoying!!!
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11 months ago, sjajejsks
The game made me click the New York option. I didn’t even click it and it tried to pair me with someone. So I got off the game BEFORE it paired me. Exited out and all. Came back and it disqualified me and automatically gave 1k of MY money to the other player. Although I didn’t even get PAIRED. U know how hard I worked for that 1k I also find it funny how someone did a forced draw although I had more pieces. They requested twice and it made me do it if I didn’t win in 20 moves. Yet I played a separate game where THEY had more kings and tried to see if I could get a forced draw but it didn’t let me. So how is it fair that y’all gave someone something that was supposed to be MY win but I can’t force a draw
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3 years ago, Yekken_3x
The players are cowards
This game is dope and checkers is fun. There is nothing wrong with the game, but the players are horrible. Every player is passive. And I don’t like how people use the long just so that all your checkers can run out of turns. Because all these people do when they have kings is that they keep on moving back and forth and let’s say all of your checkers are stuck and you have no more moves. They will keep moving back and forth with there kings until you run out of space to move your checkers so they basically win, by playing like cowards. No strategy involved. The community is filled with cowards. No competition whatsoever.
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8 months ago, -costsalot-
Game is fun but cheating ruins it
This is a great game w a couple of major flaws. People cheat constantly and there is no way to report them. Players will get down to 3 checkers left each and will do the same move over and over and will not accept a draw. I did this for an hour today before I finally gave up and let him win, take my coins and lower my winning percentage. Also when you get down to 2 or less checkers, you can force a draw once 20 moves are made. Players will force a draw when you have them beat as long as they can get to a corner quick enough to get 20 moves completed. There should be a forced draw option available on all games but it should be 25-30 moves to prevent or at least lessen cheats.
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8 months ago, Willàaaaaaa
Game is fun except it’s inconsistent with forcing “draw” when needed. Sometimes the game should be a draw and you request a draw because no one can win. The opponent will deny the draw and game can go on for up to hours without forcing a draw. Other times you are about to win and opponent will request draw when they know they can’t win and it will give them a draw. It’s extremely frustrating that it isn’t consistent and sometimes you have to take a loss because it won’t force and draw and you end up having to just end the game because you don’t want to keep moving the same piece back and forth for an hour.
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9 months ago, HeyKentie
Unfair 1st turn advantage
When two high level checker players goes at it, everyone knows the first player to go typically has the unfair advantage. So for example, what a pathetic joke of a game. I go first, and when I’m playing a high level player like myself, I lose. I rematch them, and you’d think, ok they just went first, let’s program our pathetic game to now make the other player go first right? NOPE!!! Player 1 who just previously drew first goes first again and loses! Ok, ok, let’s rematch for the third game surely they will draw first….???? N O P E, player 1 just went first 3 times in a row and shocker they lost all 3 games. PATHETIC. In person checkers it switches back and forth who goes first. A really pathetic checkers game
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1 year ago, you_got_this
This game is so much fun
Once I got this game I already loved it because that already gave you the choice to play with friends. It is definitely not a game to learn how to play checkers but it is still fun. And some people might not like this but I love how all you have to do is crank up a couple of levels to earn a avatar. You also get to change your puck and the crown. Over All I recommend for anyone else to use this game and have a lot of fun!!
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7 months ago, Jalexie fernada Rodriguez
MY opinion
I really don’t like this game because don’t get me wrong I love checkers but sometimes I don’t have people to play with which I mean is the reason I downloaded it but when you play with a bot it gives you a easy option and no else, to me I’ve been playing checkers for a while and when I play with a bot I can beat easily it gets boring bc you have to unlock the regular and so on. So I recommend if you are good at checkers and played for a while this may be good to play with friends online but bots maybe just find another app. Remember this is my opinion and you may feel different abt the app!
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3 years ago, elmichybae
The Go-To Checkers Game for Mobile Devices!
By far this is one of the best checkers games I have ever experienced on a smart phone. Being able to create an account to customize your profile and observe your in game statistics is a fantastic feature. Not only that but the quick matchmaking and in game quick chat makes this my go-to game whenever I have free time!
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2 years ago, J Sterba
Missing Key Features To Make It 5 Stars
Just going to get down to the meat and potatoes here - 1. Game needs to allow players to move checker pieces back and forth with manual confirmation rather than auto, the touch controls in this game aren’t great and the auto move confirmation causes a LOT of mistaken movements which can and often do completely shift momentum in the match. 2. Having an actual in-game chat rather than a few preset messages would be far more engaging 3. Games should be played with a total game timer with each player having a limited amount of time reserve rather than each play having a set amount of time to make a move, this would create far more tension to which would be more on par for a competitive environment Pretty standard game other than these issues, could easily be a 5 but does have some set backs that prevent it from being so.
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1 year ago, LAWYER 2023
Rigged Game
This game is rigged. Every week during the tournament there’s always 1 team that wins and the people on that team are all bots. There’s no way 1 person can earn 133 million points playing by themselves. They are taking the fun out of the weekly tournaments and the development team needs to look into this. Plus you need to have a way to deal with rude and people who bully everyone in the chat. Your chat feature needs to be updated and allow for spelling check and more text. I will be uninstalling this game soon. Many of my teammates will also be leaving a negative review and negative feedback as well because of this.
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3 years ago, UwUser
I’ve encountered so many low level “players” that have less than 10 games played and are just insane and play a perfect game and 0 communication, they act exactly like robots and they decline every draw request, always say they're in the US, send no messages, and after the game I ask for a rematch and they don't respond for like 5 minutes, it’s really getting annoying I find a lot of them in beginner and newyork, I just don’t believe these are real players, or at least most of them. Don’t know how or even if you can fix this just letting you and other people know
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8 months ago, CheckersPro
Auto Draw rule is horrible!
I’ve been playing for 25 years and play live tournaments. This game auto draws in 20 moves once a draw is offered. I’ve gotten countless wins turn into draws when I was up a man and playing typical endgame positions. Also, there should be no option for not having to jump if you can, every variation of checkers on the planet plays that you have to jump if you can. They really need to fix the draw rule. 50 moves is good, 40 at the minimum (using their current rule of capturing a piece stops the draw count). Advancing to a king should technically reset the move count, and movement of any regular man should also reset the move count.
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2 years ago, Camy0984
Ranking and Room Issue
Beginner players have a beginner room. However for the last two days I have been playing against people with level 50 and up, in the beginner room! I think the computer should not put someone at level 5 against a level 62 person, in the beginner room! It takes all the fun out of learning to play a new game. And then to add to that .. you can not block a person? I have been in a game where the other person gets mad that I don’t move right away. I tried the next level room and that was worst. If you are just learning to play your best bet is to play offline against the computer.
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4 months ago, Kitty/CatCGaming
Great game! Just one problem…
Ok, I love checkers and this game is amazing from the groups, friends, ect! Except the part where you have to jump a player, I HAVE A PLAN, I cannot jump that player without losing so that should just be a option in settings not were you have no control, that is a horrible experience for others! I will be hoping the game developers look more into this and make this game as amazing as possible!
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6 months ago, zyanl94
I love this game because I get to play with some of my friends that play and also this is really really really really really really really really fun so please make sure that stays on even though it’s not a problem but it’s a problem people can say bad words like heck the actual word so pls fix that ok thanks
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2 years ago, ksanders08
You can just Draw every game
If you are losing to your opponent by a piece or 2 just offer a draw and after 20 moves you draw and won’t lose, so stupid when you get down to the last few pieces and your about to win and it automatically ends the game in a draw. DO BETTER!!
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1 year ago, sawyerw
I honestly didn’t think I was going to use this app as much as I do. I almost use it every single day at lunch with my friends because you can play online. You can play against computers and you can play against friends. It’s amazing.
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1 month ago, jrl312
Serious Issues that Need to be Fixed
1.) There is no mandatory force draw option I once was playing for 3 hours straight after a stubborn player refused to accept a draw!!!!!! Sometimes mandatory draws ARE available, but not all the time!! 2.) no moderation There are sooo many problematic users with very offensive/ racist/ dangerous usernames and group names. There is no option to report them and they never get taken down. One user was promoting child exploitation so I emailed the game developer directly and to this day (2 years later) the user and their group is still up!!! 3.) no option to decline a match This is a problem because one time I kept getting paired with a user I did not want to play with but there was no option to decline the match after it matched us, my only option was to quit!!!
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4 months ago, DailyGamer21
Great Game, Daily User, but Disturbed by Inappropriate Ads
I use this game every day and enjoy it, but I've recently encountered inappropriate content, particularly sexual ads during gameplay. I kindly request the developers to address and remove these ads to ensure a better and more enjoyable experience. I appreciate the effort you put into the game and hope this issue can be resolved for continued enjoyment. Thank you.
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2 years ago, fegusonn
Fun game but big downside
Supper fun game , but the amount of players that won’t accept a draw when the game is at stalemate is so frustrating . Makes you want to stop playing since you loose a lot of coins and your win percentage goes down .. The app should end the game after a certain number of moves at stalemate . I recommend playing it but don’t recommend buying anything or paying to remove apps until that gets fixed.
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1 year ago, Colonialliquors5
App is great but
I would like to see more features? unlock new boards? if you are hosting the other user should see your theme? perhaps if you win you get to keep the losers emblem? spicing it up like that would get more people to play and compete? also not sure how legit the leaderboards are. Some people amass 3 million coins when the most you could win is 55,000k nit including your wager. Sus.
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3 years ago, DJossund
I love this but…
This is so much fun to play ! The prizes and daily leagues are almost addicting! The off-line way works but the computer cheats 😂 it will all the sudden decide while I’m playing to stop letting me jump it and it literally won’t even give me the option it’s really frustrating!! Otherwise it’s a great app and safe!
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3 months ago, CD's 13 Pro
Fix the draw issue please, this is a great game though
.. need to fix the unfair draw issue or allow more moves when the opponent is trying to draw. I seem to need at least 10 more moves to win yet the game ends in a draw because opponents keep hitting the draw button. Aside from that it’s a great game
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1 year ago, VicTdolls06
Online players are infuriating
You should be able to rate players. They will ask for draws if you are clearly winning and if there is a clear draw (you can just move pieces forever) they will decline a draw just so they can win. I lost a bunch of coins because one player refused to play the game (just moved the king piece around, when there we clearly other moves). I also had a king piece I could move around. Asked for a draw. Declined. So I had to quit the game and lost.
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9 months ago, Tdub70727
Good but could be better
My only complaint is when playing against computer there should be an option to be black checkers vs being white every single time. It’s nice being the second one to make a move every now again.
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2 years ago, Gordon Freeman 2022
Draw Mechanism flawed
Like the app. Don't like the draw mechanism because players exploit the 10 move rule. Please increase the number of moves to 40 per player. That should allow a player with more pieces to have time to defeat their opponent. If you make this change, you will have a lot of players update their bad reviews to 5 star reviews. Thanks for your work.
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2 years ago, mischai tea
It’s a well made simple checkers game and just what I was looking for. Although, in the matches it should pair people with similar levels! I always get paired up with someone with a super high level which carries good skill too. It would be nice if the game would just pair people who are similar in terms of skill and level.
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10 months ago, FcDivine
Pretty great
I like the app so far no complaints from me. I like how affordable the membership is. I like the cool checker pieces you can get and the different crowns and stuff. The matching system is pretty good. I’ve only been playing about 2 days but I like it!
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2 years ago, Qariya
It has no option for Betting
Can we play this by money betting to win I do not see options I played many games it is boring now for me is there any option to play it with other by money please ?
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2 years ago, wandermelo
Ways to get a draw
This game going to be great if when the person is moving forward and back on the same spot many times have to be sim who have more pieces on game or if have the same amount of pieces just force a draw , Because some times some body just moving the same spot and don’t accept a draw.
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1 year ago, shortiecake300
Best checkers game ever
This checkers game is perfect for on the go, and only has a couple glitches. It takes two seconds to go on, and you can play with anyone you want or earn different pieces. Definitely a five star game.
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3 years ago, Awesome Game with Flaws
No Internet Connection
I have been enjoying playing this game for weeks now and then after beginning to play against a random player my game ended suddenly. Now there’s a message stating no internet connection. This is totally frustrating! I have deleted the app, downloaded again and it is still not working properly. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, Abd Omer
Nice app
It is a wonderful game app what I like the best that we can remove advertisement for 24 hours if we see 5 advertisements in one time then you can play 24 hours without any advertisements.
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3 years ago, Realtlkforeva
Try it
The game is good because you can play offline as well with computer the only thing is sometimes your phone can get a call our disconnect from the internet then the person wins smh that’s the only bad part because that’s not fair
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2 years ago, Student GCC 17
Ads in the middle of the page thats forces you to install ad
I watch all the ads after each game, all 4 or 5 of them but seriously putting ads in the middle of page that cant be removed without installing whatever you’re promoting is beyond low. I cant move my pieces because yours ads now block the game right in the middle and im forced to either download the ad or pay. Ridiculous. Don't waste your time.
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4 months ago, 65FASTBACKMAN
Terrible draw system
This game could be pretty fun but the draw system is terrible. I just ended up in a draw with another player even though I had 3 pieces left and they had 2. All of mine were kings, and only one of his was a king, but the non king I had trapped and was working on his king. So, he hits draw every other move and eventually it turns the game into a draw when I need a few more moves to trap him. So absolutely infuriating.
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1 year ago, retromylez
Very good
Should make updates to app and give it new features. I guarantee you you will make more money. For example private messages and more avatar selections. You can turn this app into a SocialClub! A Billon Dollar company
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3 months ago, Checker is trash
One thing I hate about this game. U can have 6 piece left and the other person has like 3. They will continuously move to the corner just to stall bc they have no other moves. They sit there do that for however long they have to. I mean if ur only moving two places bc ur trap the game should end automatically after they do it numbers of times. So ur just sitting there for 40 min bc someone don’t wanna accept there defeat
Show more
3 years ago, DwSnap
Addicting & Worth it
I love this game....sometimes I feel like I’m playing bots at times..when i have score streak but if you do run into that issue its just mirroring your previous game to just switch up. Mmmm I love this game
Show more
2 years ago, robio71
Internet connection?
Well this has happened several times. I am winning and a wht looks like a Wi-Fi signal logo comes up. Flashes and I loose game because the internet connection stopped? Checked the phone last time this happened and phone was getting internet no issues. If this continues app will be deleted. There are several online capable checker games anyone can use. Please fix your server issues.
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10 months ago, Abet ybmfk d
Waste of time
Where do I begin. Well it’s not a quick checkers because people don’t jump. They block you so you have no moves less. Oh hmm what else oh yeah keeps glitching an telling you no service an the Wi-Fi cloud keeps popping up so you can’t move then you automatically lose. Oh should I keep going. You can’t talk to anyone on there which is pathetic. Hmm way to many ads an complete junk don’t waste your time
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1 month ago, 123KP82
I remember playing checkers a long time ago and the way I was taught to play is you have to take your jumps, it’s not optional. Too many people leave their back line completely filled in to where you can’t get a crown because they are not taking their jumps and it would be nice if the rules made them take the jumps like the older game does.
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2 months ago, claykec
Honest Review
I do love playing the game but I find it disheartening that the game allows players to use so many racist names as groups. I have endured players saying so many homophobia remarks and I have also endured players calling others racist names. Unfortunately there is no way to contact them to make a compl. We as humans needs to do better and I feel helpless I can report these acts.
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