Checklist - The Ultimate App

4.7 (2.5K)
4.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Koji Ito
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Checklist - The Ultimate App

4.74 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
3 years ago, bitterkomet
(Feature request) Great for flight sim. preflight
I usually do not leave reviews, but just wanted to say I really appreciate the simplicity and utility of this application. I looked at a bunch of checklist applications and they were all either buggy, sketchy, or over complicated. This design does everything I need, and has a bunch of thoughtful features that do not get in the way of the core functionality. I use it mainly as a pre flight checklist for flight simulators. One feature that would be nice to have is an import and export functionality (as my lists can get pretty long). I noticed there is a share function which exports as plain text. As a programmer, this is perfect. I can stick it in source control or read it without some proprietary nonsense (although I wish it went pack to using hyphens instead of Unicode check boxes). It would be really amazing if there was a way to import these files. That way I could easily create them on a computer, or another device that is easier to type on. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Reading from the iOS files app would be fine, and make it the user’s job to get the checklist text file there (assuming that’s possible - I’m not an iOS dev). It doesn’t need to be fancy. Plaintext format with indents conveying nesting is great. Regardless - excellent job. This application is very helpful.
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3 years ago, TtLens
Best checklist app ever!! Simple, Streamlined, Effective
As an unfortunately compulsive list maker I need a list app that actually works well and doesn’t have a ton of fuss or navigational clutter. This is the app! I can add things very simply and quickly, cross them off but also view what I have crossed off which is important to me, and most of all everything is color-coded as well in their own subcategories. Definitely hands-down the best List making/Priorities app - and I’ve actually gone through way too many of them before. I’m so glad I found Checklist! Woo!
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2 years ago, I love my freaking iPhone
I love this app. I’m using other apps less often because of it :)
This is a very useful app that has been updated carefully and intelligently. Sometimes it’s like the developers are reading my mind. I’m a creative person who uses this app in many different ways and I’ve found areas for improvement that I know most users would appreciate. I can’t imagine it having much competition thereafter. It’s that good. It needs a SEARCH BUTTON with keyword highlighting. I would lay it next to the sprocket. DOWNLOAD BUTTON with doc or pdf options at least and I would lay it next to the send button. UNDO BUTTON to reverse you’re most recent mistake following the trash push because a confirm delete is just not enough sometimes.
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4 months ago, ShogunGan
Great application and a must have
Functionality: For simple or complicated checklist, this application is able to fulfill all my requirements no matter what I use it for ie travel planning, grocery shopping, Outstanding tasks, planning activities, project management etc. very very versatile and moist importantly very very stable Ease of use: Very very easy to learn and use. As with new applications it takes time to get the hang of it and use it smoothly but it took me a day to learn to use it proficiently. Great menu and layout. Room for improvement: 1. To be able to share the checklist with friends and family using this application in the phone or tablet 2. To be able to export to a standard format ie csv so that it can be important on other applications for other uses and detail tracking Great job guys. I do hope you keep up the good work and make this apps better.
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3 years ago, Aamom74
I love it except just two things
I hate fancy and complicated apps. This app is very simple, straightforward, and easy to use. I’ve been using this for years now. I love everything about the app except 2 things. Actually the 2 problems are quite annoying. I hope the developers will fix the problems someday. First problem is, When you type pretty long, and later try to edit, it does not show the letters on the second line so you cannot pinpoint exactly where you need to edit. Instead, you need to delete the letters in front in order to see the hidden letters to show up so you can edit it. Second problem is, I can not do anything with the last item on a list. This does not happen 100% of the time but it still happens very often. Just say I have a shopping list of 10 items. After I made the 10th item on the list, I cannot edit nor delete the 10th item unless I get out of the list, refresh the app and fo back to the list. Other than these 2 problems, I love this app.
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3 years ago, CaptainSteel5
Beauty in simplicity
First things first. What you can’t do is attach time or dates to items in your todo list. This app would lose a lot of functionality for me if it did. I have a different app for that. But because this app doesn’t have that, I’m using it for many other things beyond its intended use. Daily activities and routines. Keeping track of promises and need to-dos with no deadlines. Shopping and packing lists. Brainstorming and note taking. This app is open just as much as my browser. I love it!
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5 years ago, YoYoSher
Just what I was searching for!!
Every time I visit my family, I have the same packing list. I occasionally add things to the list or check-off something that I know won’t be needed the next time I go. The app that I used to use is no longer available for use with the updated iPhone. I finally found this one & it is exactly what I needed. After I pack & check it all off the list, I can go to the list of all items & then Uncheck them to have them for the next trip. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Amelia Semrad
Best app to help me keep track!
This app is the best app I have ever seen making things very easy to understand. If you have daily goals it’s great for keeping track of what you have and haven’t done. It is also great because you can have as many lists as you want without having to pay for more lists or a monthly subscription. Overall this is a great app make things easy and keeping me on track. Would 100% recommend.
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4 years ago, Travelrows
Great app!
Loved the app and purchased no adds version. The app is perfect for my needs, the only question i am trying to solve is: is there an option to change places for main items? I understand that i can move an item into another item, but i want just main items to put in my own order as they are repeating tasks and i actually dont check them out at all. And want to organize them in importance order. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Maddie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Perfect for a struggling student!
This app works real well for me! The icon badges are a huge help, the interface is really intuitive, and it’s really been helping me out with remembering schoolwork. Thanks devs, you’re saving a struggling student’s grades! If you, like me, have ADHD and autism or some other memory affecting thing, this has helped me and I recommend giving it a try. Thanks again for the great app!
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2 years ago, Dm0329
I love this app……however
I really really love this app. However, the lack of ability to sync between devices makes it useless in a lot of ways. I need to work on my iPad on a regular basis but there are lists that I need on the go - on my phone. I have had this app for a long time because I felt like the developers would eventually fix this deficit. However, I have waited far too long for it. So time to start looking for a better list app.
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2 years ago, mannelyn b
Wish it had this feature..
Overall, this is a great app. I use this app for many things, more than just a to-do list. For example, I compile a list of groceries I like to keep in stock and check/uncheck them based on availability. I wish there was an option to undo or recover recently deleted checkmarks because it has happened a couple times where I accidentally erase the whole entire list. It would help a lot, especially for people who utilize this app to the fullest potential like me.
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6 years ago, Rose Gold 34
5 stars, in my opinion
Although this app is only one I’ve tried of it’s kind, it’s so perfect for me, I don’t need to look on. It’s so simple once you get the hang of it and it’s still customizable. You can add as many sub lists as you want. It can be large enough for all your lists, but designed in a way that minimizes clutter & hassle free. Definitely a minimalist type app. I’m very pleased with it. Thank you developers:)
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3 years ago, swanstickle
I used to be able to actually “check” items on the list but now when I tap one it just disappears! [update] That’s great! This has been a great app that I use all the time and by selecting “all” at the bottom I can check items off again without them disappearing. So happy to be able to use this again!
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2 years ago, JustKnowledge
(Feature Request) Great App
Great and simple application, but would love it even more if there were a few additions, like a search bar to sort through your lists. I use this app mainly to jot down recipes and the ingredients they use, so I have to scroll a lot to find the recipe I’m looking for, especially since my list is so long. Would love to see that added, but overall, would recommend.
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7 years ago, John the artist
Some people love GTD, but I just hate it. My tasks are too fluid to need dozens of fields, tags, and worse of all - due dates that come and go! I need a to-do list that is a snapshot of now, where I can add and reorganize on the fly, check off and remove items at will. This app is just enough organization to keep me on task, but without all the information overload that other to-do apps force on you. 5 Star, easily!
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12 months ago, Luvmylife00
Simple yet attractive and clean
I’ve been using this list for a couple of years. I mainly use it for packing lists. Is a family of four and somebody who travels often for multiple different reasons. This has been so helpful in keeping track of my different travel lists.
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6 months ago, Joe22343
Great app
I personally love this app, great for long lists of tasks, you can make larger tasks and put smaller tasks within tasks endlessly so it is great for breaking up work. If you have things to study, essays to write, or projects to finish I would recommend this app to stay organized. Also super easy to use.
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2 years ago, DJMacDaddy
Nice checklist with a HUGE glaring problem!
If you create a checklist with your iPhone, you cannot share it with your iPad. you cannot share it with a family member. You cannot save it to iCloud and import it! you can message your checklist(s), but it cannot be imported nor interacted with. It’s straight text. this app is meant for one device only and that makes this otherwise wonderful checklist feel very basic!
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2 years ago, Wdav
No synch - not useful
The app is a good simple list app, which I like. But, without the ability to synch with my other devices it is useless to me. Like most people, I believe, I work at home on my iPad but when I leave home I take my iPhone (shopping, working, chores, etc.) because the iPad is not practical for me to carry around. To use this app requires me to input everything on my iPhone, which I hate doing because of the keyboard size, or doing double input copying from my iPad. In 2022 there really isn’t an excuse for a productivity app not synching.
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7 years ago, BenNeely
Finally a Todo Checklist for me!
I am a general contractor and I have gone through checklist apps like candy settling on "Clear" over 2 years ago. However there was no way to categorize the todos into sub lists. This works perfect for me as I can create a list "grab these items" and create a checklist of the items without cluttering the list and my mind.
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2 years ago, Nikaylin
Almost perfect!
I love this app, it’s really helped me tackle my depression by checking off everything that i need to do! My only complaint is if you are using it for daily activities, there’s no automatic reset. So one of my daily tasks is to uncheck everything I did that day lol. It would be helpful to be able to have a timed reset for specific categories.
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2 years ago, KileyMJ
I love this app
I haven’t used this app for very long but I love it so much! It keeps me so organized and it assures me that I have everything I need on long trips. I also use it to go to people houses, planning for parties, and more! I recommend this app to everyone no matter what list you need to make!
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6 years ago, Britany Combs
This app is my entire life
I love this app! I’m not even capping (exaggerating, if u don’t speak Ebonics) literally I’m usually so unorganized and I’ve tried paper and pen checklists but I never complete the stuff on them. However, on this app, I get everything done! I love the feature making a checklist INSIDE OF A CHECKLIST!! Like whoever thought of that: Raise? Yes. Wow I’m shaking I love planning so much.
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2 years ago, livesbythelist
App changed
What happened to the check mark feature? Just today, the items disappear when I check them! I enjoyed this list because I could check, and still see what I had done! Please fix!
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2 years ago, Carsonite
I’ve been using this app for a long time with no problems and loved it. However today I was moving items, I had a list to delete and the app deleted everything and I have nothing. Does it save anywhere, iCloud ???? I am so upset. 😢 I’ve spent hours creating these lists and was working on checking off for my cruise and it’s all gone. Can anyone help??!
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3 years ago, carol stanlichin
I am a fan
Most checklist or reminder apps make you sign up and buy things. Checklist is an amazing app! It doesn’t make you do any of that. It also doesn’t limit your amount of items in your checklist. Definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, Skiddet
Best for simplicity and versatility
This app is simple, usable, and versatile in applications. It gives you all the imaginable freedom you could want while maintaining its simplistic nature. It even lets you choose where you want to put the ad in the free version. Nothing overbearing, nothing off-putting, just want i needed. thanks
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2 years ago, Sebika79
Love this app!
Has helped me organize my life tremendously! I just wish there was a search button so you can look through to see if you already added something to your list so there isn’t duplicates.
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5 years ago, DianaW2019
Excellent Checklist App
This app is simple yet amazingly flexible. You can start with a simple list and create sub-lists on top of sub-lists and easily copy and move any of the lists around. I love it. Just what I have been looking for. I would upgrade if there was a way to print lists from within the app.
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3 years ago, Unicorn 🦄 10000000
How this app is great!
This app can help make a check list become that girl and do many other I really do recommend this app you don’t have to pay for nothing I think this app is awesome so please if you want it or need it get it!
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6 years ago, Sammykat
Love the app...
I love this app! It allows me to check off the things that I have accomplished in the day. It is worth it to upgrade to the ad free version. The reason I gave the app four stars instead of five is because I wish it was able to send notifications that display on the lock screen. Other than this I have no complaints.
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2 years ago, Jack132
Doesn’t seem to work
This is a very marginal checklist program it’s difficult to cross things off you can’t tap to select an object and market as completed even though there’s a choice in the settings to do that. Completed items don’t automatically sort to the bottom. Maybe these things are fixed if you buy it I was just using the free version.
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4 years ago, jCat133
I’ve seriously been looking on and off for a week trying to find an app that is simple and straight forward like this one. It’s a perfect checklist app; just enough to structure and organize my day. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and it’s free. Thank you!!!
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3 months ago, don5815
Works great
I love the way it works and the simplicity of it. My only complaint is that I can’t access my checklists on my iPad since my phone is where it’s loaded on. Please add this feature. I should be able to access and update my lists on my tablet and phone.
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4 years ago, hufflepuff777777
Miss wanderlist app
Disappointed in this app. While it has many great features - I just want an app I can make a simple checklist. Because they try so hard, it makes it so complicated to just check off an item. When I went to delete some stuff, the second time I accidentally deleted everything and I couldn’t get any of it back! Like I said - lots of good ideas but it’s just way too over the top in my opinion
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2 years ago, Tronathon007
Can’t rearrange now
I used to be able to rearrange the lines but now it only goes to edit the text, rearranging no longer works. Please fix this - I’ve used this app for many years because of its simplicity but I need to be able to rearrange.
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4 years ago, Unlink king
I absolutely love this app! The ability to separate the tasks into categories makes it easy for me to remember chores I need to do, homework due dates, work and college assignments, and my hobbies on one app without clashing. Perfect for anyone who has trouble remembering what they need to do.
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8 months ago, Mc manic
So convenient!
I really like that you can do categories and even sub categories! I use it for everything from shopping to bills to construction materials!
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1 year ago, hamsa381745
Hue issues
I love the format of this app, but color coding for categories and their respective bubbles doesn’t always show up. Different ones work depending on if you’re in light or dark mode and the rest just pop up white. Would love if this got remedied.
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5 years ago, Really Happy
Good, but needs export/import functionality.
Does the job, but a share functionality where I can send a checklist to my wife and she can open it on this app would be the icing on the cake. You can share a checklist, but it exports it as a text string, so if you copy and paste, you will create a new item with all the text instead of the complete checklist.
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6 months ago, dbaron4
Nested Lists like this better than Outliners for Phones
Nested lists like this are better than outliners for phones and this app does them very well. Wish list: Counts that include ALL subitems, iCloud syncing, and an iPad version.
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5 years ago, MLLBees
Simple to use!
This is a simple checklist app that lets me create any number of lists and sub lists so that I stay organized. It would get five stars if I could share lists across multiple devices like my iPhone and iPad or even export from one device and import to another.
Show more
2 months ago, Cocoava7
Not Google
It seems you can only have one color for all list. I would suggest each list allow for it’s own color. Also when checking an item it would be helpful if I had the option to delete or not.
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3 years ago, #doingbetteragain
Super Helpful!
This app is so amazing!!! It helps me keep up with everything I need to do and I love that you can place each item in order based on priority. So glad I got this!
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4 years ago, Hervie123
Excellent, easy to use app
One of the best list management apps I’ve used. The reason for the 4 stars is the lack of an import function. There is no synch functionality that I could find, making the app unusable across devices. Hopefully this will be corrected soon.
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3 years ago, fucdoevkd
I love it
This app helps me stay on schedule I so just this app and I love it so much.! It helps me when I am either going on vacation or going somewhere else so I don’t forget anything I love this app and I really suggest you to get it!!!!
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6 years ago, Sasssysweeet
I love the app. It’s perfect for what I need but I’m confused as to why there is a way to switch between todo and all. Every list you make shows up in both. It’s not like there are other categories. It seems dumb.
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4 years ago, Nicknameo
Handy app for shopping.
I use it every week when shopping, easy and convenient. I do wish however that there was an option to arrange the list alphabetically. Instead of doing it one item at a time.
Show more
3 years ago, joejones64
Perfect little checklist
This app is beautifully simple and easy to use! It just does what you will expect in a checklist to keep you from forgetting the details!
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