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Dynamic App Design LLC
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Checklist+

4.44 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Carl D Harris
Almost there
I like the simplicity of the program, and how it works in general. However, there are a couple of issues. I used this program to do grocery shopping. In so doing, I would unlock the phone, look at the list of items I wanted, check off an item based on where I was in the store, then lock the screen so I wouldn’t change things when the phone was in the holster. Every time I turn the screen back on to look for the next item, a advertisement would fill the screen that I had to turn off before I could look at the next item. This is in addition to the banner advertisement that was running all the time. I can except the banner advertisement all the time, but the fullscreen intrusive banner every single time I unlock the screen is too much. The second issue, and probably more important, is that I had created a list, checked an item off in the list, then as I try to add items to the list the program would not let me. I would click the plus button to add an item to the list, and in less than two seconds the line for the new list item would disappear. Trying to be very fast, I begin typing I had about two seconds worth of typing before the list item shut itself off and I had to edit it to finish. It took forever it’s just to put the word “bread” in.
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7 years ago, Dax217
Not bad
Since the Amazinglist app I was using before was made obsolete due to Apple constantly updating IOS & the Amazinglist developers weren't updating it to keep up with the new IOS I had to look elsewhere for a new checklist app. This is a neat well displayed & pretty functional checklist app that works well with latest IOS. Been looking everywhere on the Appstore for a simple checklist app compatible with the newest IOS. I actually like it better than Amazinglist. The ads were so annoying I ended up caving & payed the $1.99 to remove them though. It does make the app so much better though. No AdChoices banner ad taking up the lower portion of the screen & no more popup ads that block me from using the app entirely forcing me to reset it. But thats how they get you. Better than using paper IMO.
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4 years ago, Tr$564
Perfect checklist app!!
This app does exactly what it should in a very easy to use way. Intuitive interface that does not make you have to press multiple keys to do simple inserts, edits, etc. I use it to keep track of various coin collections and other other projects. Also use it as a quick list for daily chores or shopping trips. I've tried many list apps and this is by far the simplest yet most complete for straightforward checklist usage. Know what you have or need with a quick look. Doesn't need to use all the bells and whistles that make other apps overkill. It may even have more features that I haven't explored, but I don't need them. Works fine with free version, but well worth the small price to upgrade to ad-free version. Hope this app stays true to its elegant current implementation! Kudos to the developer.
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4 years ago, Paul6062
A true gem
I have had Checklist+ for a long time, but never took the time to review it. All I can say is that this app is a true gem. It is intuitive — things work just as you would expect (i.e. re-ordering lists and/or items in a list). Full-blown task managers are often overkill or simply a bad fit for things like pre-flight checklists and pre-trip checklists. This app is perfect for that. Right now we’re moving and I have a checklist to make sure we’ve done everything we should do before we show our house — perfect for stuff like that (i.e. reusable checklists). Developer — you should have a way for current users to send you additional money (if you’re not going to release paid upgrades). I would happily make additional “donations” to keep development going.
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12 months ago, fn-pauly
Really good, but…
This is a really good checklist program. I am a retired software developer who used checklists in my job of 30 years. I have 10 checklists, with the biggest one nearing 200 items. There are only a few tools missing that would make this a great checklist. 1) With near 200 items in a checklist, I have problems finding the one I’m looking for. A search capability would help a lot. 2) When you click + at the top, add to the top. When click + at the bottom, add to the bottom. 3) There are often floating/extra +’s floating around on the right side that don’t work. Sometimes 2-3 of them. 4) Ability to move an item *and* it’s indented block as a single item. As a bonus, move multiple lines not part of an indented block. 5) Moving items is clunky, slow and sometimes gets stuck going forward one, backward one, so stuck in place, unless you wiggle the finger location to get past it. 6) I know adding in-line font changing support adds a whole other level of complexities, but adding bold and underline to the highlighted word / phrase would be a nice to have.
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5 years ago, Tara B-U
Great Checklist!
I’ll start by listing everything I like on this app. Everything is very easy to learn and easy to use as well. The list doesn’t delete when you close the app as others would. I can have multiple lists open at once and check things off for each one, which helps with homework. I will say one thing that I didn’t particularly like. I couldn’t seem to go over 9 tasks for each checklist with the free version. Upgrading to the pro was a great choice, because the ads got annoying rather quickly. But otherwise all around a great app. It helps me get my work done!
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3 years ago, "Swell" with my soul
App Crashes
Had the app for a while. Loved it at first. I use it a lot. The past few weeks it has crashed a lot when attempting to edit items within a checklist. You can create a new checklist and use it without issues. However, if you try to reorganize a list item (move it up or down in the list) the app crashes. Sometimes after multiple attempts and crashes, the item will remain where you tried moving it. This is very frustrating if you’re trying to add a new sub-item or item that belongs in the middle of the list, because any new item you create must either go to the top or bottom of the list and then be moved afterward. I believe this is likely a app/software communication issue with recent iOS version updates.
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6 years ago, iByron
Nice Enough. Falls Short (For Me)
This is a very nice app that does what it says and does so well. Make lists. Check off items. The app looks good and is easy to use. However, there are dozens of apps that also do what this one says and do so well. There’s not much to make this stand out. For me, a standout list app would have: An Apple Watch app - Checking things off is the thing I do most. Why take out my phone just to tap when I could just flick my wrist and it’s done? A desktop app - Entering tasks is the thing I do next most often. That means typing, and that’s just easier when I’m at a full keyboard. It’s also more convenient if I’m at my desktop or laptop and to just switch to an app there instead of finding my phone. IFTTT integration - Even easier than typing at a keyboard is not typing at all. IFTTT integration would let me add items just by telling Siri or Alexa. This can happen with either direct integration or the ability to sync with Apple Reminders. As it stands now, it’s a solid 3-star app. Hopefully my two bucks will encourage further development towards five stars. Otherwise, I’ve wasted more dough on worse apps, so it’s no real loss.
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6 years ago, Thunder Dream
Minimal but limited
The minimalism is very pleasant, but the app is limited in that it becomes overwhelming with multiple lists. I have a hectic life and many tasks. The scope of these tests very from school, to internship search, to healthcare concerns, and a shopping list - just to name a few. That being said, I only tried the free version, which I found annoying because each time you tab and add pops up and ads are at the top of the screen near where you tap making this experience a bit frustrating. Being vexed with ads doesn’t make me want to try the paid version. Typically, features that make my life easier make me desire to purchase the paid version. I will not be buying the upgraded version and will still be seeking another app.
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2 years ago, Keithbornmann
This is a nice app
I like the convenience of this app. All my checklists are here and I know where to find them. They’re easily reusable and easy to edit. It makes more sense to put shopping lists, to do lists, procedural steps and reminder lists here than in my text, calendar or email. They’ll just get lost in those places. Here, they’re fresh every time. I don’t know yet if I can share a list via text, but if not, I’d recommend the fair be added. Other improvements would be to have the ability to make sub-lists within a list (steps to achieve each item). Also, the ability to synchronize my list with family members so we can all read and edit our shopping lists. I got this app, at first, to create a ‘leave for work’ list to remind me of all the things I’ve been forgetting on my way out the door. It helped alot. Thanks. I’ve also created ‘to do’ lists. I recommend this app to everyone. It’s a great idea and a nice, simple look.
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3 years ago, LENTDJSO
Constant crashes
Tried making several lists and each time the app would crash and exit after adding 1-2 items to a list. This co to ied after redos losing the app and restarting my phone as well. If a list has more than 5 items the “camera” will lock at the top while you type out the next item which can be annoying as you won’t be able to see what you’re typing nor can you scroll while adding and item. The app itself is very simple to use and would be great if not for its bugs which make it unusable. Not to mention the intrusive ads if you have the free version. Full screen video ads on an app that only makes lists is overkill. I’d rather pay for a list app that works or even using the iPhone notes than pay for a buggy one like this.
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7 years ago, David RP42
It's a clunky but functional checklist.
Good paper saver at least, and serves its purpose well. If you aren't prepared to pay the grossly expensive $1.99 for such simple software to remove the very annoying five second ads, then I'd recommend just using a pen and a book. Pros: It's on an expensive device so you'll never lose it on accident. It does it's job of recording information decently with categories, subcategories, and so on. Perfect for school assignments, groceries, errands, whatever. Cons: (Again, this is for the paid version) Weird interface and confusing buttons that aren't self intuitive. You will need the directions given to you if you want to know how to delete or edit information. No drop downs or quick editing.
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9 months ago, Soccerfrost
Change it back
Change it back to the old version. I liked the old version. Deleting this app it’s too much like Things 3 now Old review: I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I love it. It’s simple and easy to use. I have paid apps such as Things 3 but this one is a lot more user friendly and I honestly use it more than the others. To the developers: If this app were updated I would add the option to add colors to the titles and labels. I would also add the option to delete multiple a title/ sub labels at once rather than one at a time. And the option to delete a label by swiping left and then left again (like how you do for emails in the email app). Also add a back button to undo any accidentally deleted tasks
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5 years ago, Hugoponders
Simple (on purpose!)
I don’t need or want calendar integration, the pressure of due dates, the annoyance of non-stop notifications, or a busy interface. I do want something quick, easy, and simple - which, as it turns out, is actually pretty difficult to find. This app provides it. And sure, it’s a tiny bit clunky, but that’s OK. You get used to it. That said, it does crash a bit more than I’d like... but it hasn’t become an issue, and I don’t really imagine it will. It’s easily worth a couple of bucks to get rid of the ads - that’s a fair (and cheap) price.
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6 years ago, Man without patience
Getting Older
As I travel sometimes on a daily basis I find myself packing and unpacking many items from my personal things to work items. The days of just remembering are starting to fade. With the “checklist” I can now check things before I leave going or coming and never have to worry about forgetting anything even my socks. The list is very well put together. You can alphabetize, create many list, check off items that will be placed on the bottom of the list and so much more. Simplicity is the word to sum up this app.
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3 years ago, Mott Rats
Very Helpful App
Works a whole lot better then the way I was trying to accomplish the same Ends in Apple’s NOTE app. Has a few Quirks here and there, but manageable. Quirk One- Might be MS Outlooks issue. Coping Text from an email laid out in the IMPORT style for the Lists. Still needs to be tweaked after copying in. My guess is some extra “Hidden characters” come along from the EMAIL process for lines? Quirk Two- If any of the Main TOP Headings gets really extensive (more then a screen load) moving a sub item from one Heading to another can be challenging. Quirk Three- This is mainly just accessibility issue for my “Fat Fingers”. The Top Headings and Sub Item spacing, while reasonably normal. I wish there was an option to say enlarge the LINE Size to better Swipe the edit over on the right ITEM. So maybe these are more suggested updates than quirks. Still a 5 STAR App...
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7 years ago, Reppiks8604
Simple...and Amazing!
This app is great for creating checklists of all sorts. I often use this to create packing lists, as it keeps items in view even after you've completed them. App also works great for recurring checklists, like the list of things to check before leaving town for a weekend. The 'nesting' feature also allows users to create 'lists within lists'. Lastly, an entire 'list' can be unchecked all at once, allowing you to recheck all items (again, to restart a list of actions, for example).
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5 years ago, SalaSiavii
Good, but there’s problems
I used to love this app because it helped me stay organized. I loved how you could rearrange the items on your list. However, they started having ads which every time I went on to add an item to my list it would pop up. Also, in the past couple months I’ve gone on the app and start writing my list and in the middle it would just log me out and I’d be back at the home page. When I’d go on it after, my list would be gone and I’d have to write it all over again. Again, loved this app, but it’s been months since I first starting having that problem. I thought they would fix it, but it’s still there so I decided to delete it.
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6 years ago, Mike73ga
Mistake corrected
I paid for the pro version of this app to remove ads. Due to an update that went wrong, I had issues with the app showing adds when it wasn’t supposed to. I emailed customer support and immediately got an email admitting they messed up but a repair update was in the works within the next 24 hours. I then received another email 18 hours later letting me know the progress. Ultimately everything was repaired. Admitting you messed up followed by open and clear communications means a lot.
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6 years ago, liveontomorrow
Love this app!
I’ve been using this app for over 2 years and it has come in very handy for the many checklists I needed to create. I did upgrade to have the ads removed and it was well worth the price (for me). Recently the ads came back, but the developer left fairly clear instructions on how to restore my purchase. I had to “buy” the app again, but Apple saw that I already did and didn’t charge me again. This method worked (as listed out by the developer under the settings>Feedback option.
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3 years ago, Julius Caesar - Emperor Elect
Simple but nice app!
In use the Checklist+ app combined with a reminder app, and it’s been as life saver. I recommend it to my colleagues and they are enjoying it as well. I love the design, I just wish I could see the entire task I have entered in. I see three dots instead. Or make the letters smaller, anything to see the whole sentence. The tasks completed should be moved automatically to the bottom of the same checklist with a line across them. Another nice feature would be to have at the bottom part the completed checklists so they are out of the way. Leave the option to the users to move them automatically to that area once you complete them. One last request, if possible, provide the option to sync with iPad as I use this app for work and I would love to be able to see the tasks in bigger letters. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Frankthought
Good but missing key features
The app has a lot of appeal and value added features. However, it is missing two key features which caused me to switch to a different product, at least for now. One: it is not fully functional with Siri, in the sense that to start a new line when I’m using Siri I have to end dictation and then manually choose to go to the next line and then start Siri again and so forth. Two: for us more senior folks there is no adjustment for a larger font size, which makes it difficult to see and use the app in many settings. Other than that it’s a very solid app.
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6 years ago, Provi03
The new update is very flawed
I’ve been using this app for a very long time now and it has always been great but the most recent update has reverted my paid version of the app to the free version and it refuses to allow me to restore my previously purchased version. One thing that would be nice to see in a later update would be items that get checked off would disappear from the list or be automatically shuffled to the bottom of the list.
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4 years ago, braylinsage
Listen to me please!! I have something to say to all of you internet lovers that have to get a app for organization!!! This app is the one that you need!! It’s so organized and it is easy to use. All you do it make a list, add things to it, and when you’ve completed a task, check it off and your done with it. I gave this app five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because this app needs people like YOU to download it if you are a fellow hard working mom that needs organization in your life. DOWNLOAD NOW!!! 😄😁
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5 years ago, guy27394862
Good app overall, has functionality issues
In general I love the way this app is set up, the flexibility is something I had trouble finding in other apps. However the intrusive ads (I paid so forgot about those), combined with a number of frustrating bugs makes this app harder to use than it really has to be. Scrolling too quickly can crash the app. Doing anything too quickly can crash it really. Sometimes buttons randomly quit working as well. In general a great idea but just confused as to why the simple few functions it has don’t work all that well.
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6 years ago, 😈Tyler Diablo😈
Solid, motivational, and necessary
Despite the ads it’s a really good app to have in any iPhone users device. The user has guides to help them use the app if they are unable to properly use it so don’t worry about any complications. Lastly, whom ever has this app can hold themselves accountable for everything and get things done and when they finish their goals they can feel better about themselves. Don’t sleep on this app it’s free and important it will give anyone the balance they need in life.
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8 years ago, Big 'Un
Just right...
I was looking around for a while for a good checklist/ shopping list app that would be easy to check stuff off while I'm pushing the grocery cart. Some apps were too complicated and required a purchase for full functionality, and others were were too simple and not functional. This app is just right, it's simple, intuitive, and easy to check things off and collapse subcategories when I don't need them. Now to find a bed that's not too hard and not too soft...😉
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6 years ago, Raindance1993
Can’t use this app without it resetting for ads
Every time I try add an item to a checklist, the page resets and drops out of the text box so that the ad at the top of the page can refresh to a new one. It’s like every 10 seconds and it’s extremely annoying. I tried using it without internet connection and the same thing happens only no ads. It just resets every 10 secs making it impossible to type anything at all into the checklists. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. It seems the developers are far more worried about forcing adverts down your throat as opposed to creating a user-friendly platform that people might actually want to use. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, E-D-G-R
Very helpful!
I would rate it a five, but for a few of upgrade needs. 1- I would like to be able to make additions w/o adding to the bottom of the entire list followed by moving the item up to its proper location. 2- I would like to be able to move major items along with all sub items as a group rather than individually. 3- I would like to be able to copy items from one list to another list w/o the item being deleted from the first list.
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1 year ago, Popotron
So frustrating!
This app should be exactly what I need. It’s simple. It’s a checklist that you can adjust slightly to be what you need. I PAID for the plus features thinking it would help. ALAS- it crashes constantly. Definitely seems worse lately. So frustrating to write out a whole list for it to disappear, or to have items go randomly missing since the point of a list is to help remember everything ON THE LIST. Going to give up soon but I keep trying to make it work! Please fix the glitches.
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5 years ago, xr556mke
Why make it so hard?
This app does a pretty simple task and it does it just fine. My problem is with the very invasive ad placement. Many of the ads come on screen and make it very difficult to figure out how to get them off the screen so you can see your list. I fully understand why they need ads but it doesn’t do either the consumer or the company advertising any good to make them as annoying as they are. As I said this App does a pretty simple task so I’m going to be looking to see if there are other options with less intrusive advertising.
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3 years ago, Drew32000
Exactly what I was looking for
This app is perfect. It’s more of a procedural checklist than it is a to-do list and this was one of the only ones I could find that was like this. For example, make a checklist of things you need to pack any time you go on a weekend trip. Each weekend you check those items off. Then you can reset the list for re-use later. Perfect!
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5 years ago, LaninaHuxley
I’ve used this checklist multiple times and it’s perfect! Easy to use, simple in design and functional! The pro features are well worth it, drops “done” items to the bottom and alphabetizes your list if need be. Multiple options to customize each list to your needs. If you’re a list maker and don’t need all the bells and whistles, flashy icons or childish emojis to keep you organized this is it! Simple, sleek, functional- PERFECT!
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3 years ago, stephaniemarie418
Update Causing App to Crash
Just FYI…I updated the app, and now it crashes immediately upon opening. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling; however, it only allows me to see the welcome/“what’s new” screen when I first open it after installation, then it kicks me out immediately when I move on from the that screen. Please fix this so I can use this wonderful app!
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3 years ago, Danielle.Willes
Love it, but it’s aggravating
It’s very useful and I use it all the time, but it has a bug that needs fixing where the app will close automatically without warning and doesn’t save. It mostly does it when I’ve added something, get out to look at a recipe, and go back to add the ingredients to my list, but it closes. I have to get out, swipe it away, and get back in for it to save; and even then, it doesn’t work sometimes.
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6 years ago, Gossimer88
Simple yet flexible app
*UPDATE*. Issue has been fixed, and this app is GREAT again. Absolutely recommended! Thank you for fixing, Developers! This app used to be great, but since latest update 2.4.8 it’s unusable; after 1-2 seconds of entering an item, the task item editor closes suddenly. Attempt to re-edit results in same annoying occurrence over and over. Restarting app and restarting phone makes no improvement.
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6 years ago, phoebej72
Some Quirks
This updated version frustrates me some. I will be typing an item on my list and it suddenly adds it before I finished typing it. I have not touched anything else to make it do this as I was super careful after the first couple of time it dis this. It will also not even wait for me to start typing and it will close out of the item, forcing me to go all the way back to the top of the list to add something. It never used to do this with the previous release. I hope it can be fixed in the next release.
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3 years ago, horseprofessor
Terrible update
I’ve been using checklist for a few years and loved it. It met my needs perfectly. The app updated yesterday and I hate it now. 1. I expect this one is just a glitch and will get fixed. The delete doesn’t work. I delete something and it reappears seconds later. 2. I don’t like the dark mode. I can turn it off but it comes right back. Could be another glitch 3. I liked the lines between items and the spacing BEFORE the update. I could see a lot of items on one screen. Now the spacing between items is so big that only a few items are on the screen at one time. This means a lot of scrolling as I use my grocery list. I also liked the lines—was like a list on notebook paper. It was perfect. Now it’s useless. I’m disappointed enough that I’m looking into other checklist type apps. I don’t want to have to re-enter all my lists. I’d be happy if we had a choice of old format or new.
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5 years ago, Soli en Daire
Perfect for repetitive use!
This is the perfect app for me - I track daily habits, weekly chores, monthly tasks, and more. Very simple and great at what it does. I like this app much more than other “all in one” apps that try to include a calendar or email integration. I simply have reminders in my planner to use my checklists in this app. My one request would be the ability to use this on the Apple Watch - I’d be talking 6/5 stars at that point!
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3 years ago, Mrsbosox
Love the upgrade but…
For those of us who already had purchased checklist… the upgrade asks us to purchase the additional features again. So I fell for it. Then a box saying I’ve already purchased it… but the ads have not gone away and the upgraded features have not been unlocked. Instead I keep getting asked to buy the upgrade… so I’ve now purchased it 3 times (once before the new fancy interface and twice now since). PLEASE FIX this bug.
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4 years ago, WarriorKandy
Nice and simple use ruined by ads
I used this app a lot to keep track of assignments I was doing in college and tasks I wanted to get done. When I first got the app, I only remember there being banner ads, which I have no problem with as they are unobtrusive! But at some point they added the pop up video ads, which really soured the experience of using this. Sometimes I’ll click the “+” and get an ad before I can even start typing??? It’s annoying. I’ve moved on to another checklist app entirely because of it.
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6 years ago, Vannex6
Ad Free Upgrade Does Not Work
The app itself works fine, but do not pay to remove the ads (at this time). Even after receiving my receipt from Apple, and uninstalling/reinstalling the app, I still had to deal with ads, some with a prolonged pause, every single time I opened the app. The fact you have to try and troubleshoot this app so much to get an upgraded service that costs money is not acceptable. TLDR; app itself works nicely but accept the fact that ads will be in your face every time because the $2 charge to remove them does not work. Do NOT pay for the upgrade.
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2 years ago, lac4630
Simple Checklist
This is a simple checklist with few bells & whistles but it's just what I needed and I'm sure there are a lot of other people that would love this. They're are other checklists out there with very steep learning curves that are over complicated. I wanted a checklist app that I could download and begin using right away. This is that app. Use it. You won't be disappointed.
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5 years ago, Taylorkay7077
The are intrusive and frustrating
This app is awful. Who wants to create a checklist to then have to deal with an ad every single time you unlock your phone to view another item on your list? I’d spend time adding several things to my grocery list and then each time I go back to check an item off my list I get hit with a pop up ad I then have to click out of in order to even see anything on my list. And 1/3 of the time I have to wait several seconds for the ad to play and to let me close it. I’ll be deleting this app now.
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6 years ago, theKAT58
Almost there
In general I like this app, but there are a few minor changes that would make it easy to add the last star. The checks are too easy to accidentally check or un-check because the whole title bar for the item is waiting to be pressed. If only the check box itself would accept input, it would mitigate this issue. The ability to expand and collapse the sub-task items would be THE most welcome addition.
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5 years ago, Morris11715
Greatest Checklist App
This app is the best! I enjoy its simplicity and structure. I have bought other apps that just over complicate things and - me being an over-thinker - did more harm than good! This is an aesthetically pleasing app (there are some checklist apps out there that are just plain ugly or the colors are hard on the eyes), it functions perfectly, and it is perfectly designed for my need of a daily schedule checklist.
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4 years ago, Dixietreble
Glitchy- affects usability
Advertisements were a pretty big nuisance, so I went ahead and bought the app since I thought it would come in handy for multiple things. Trouble is, trying to add items to the lists has become an absolute chore because the app glitches, closes, and when you open it again you have to add the item again (hopefully you’ve remembered it!) because it doesn’t save the first time. Really annoying, and has been going on for over six months. When it works it’s nice, but it’s not a reliable app.
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5 years ago, dgpputv
No way to edit a line
I was looking for a simple app to make checklist which this is so it serves its purpose. My problem is once you enter a line item and move on you can’t go back and edit that line item again. Why is there no way to edit if you want to change something. I couldn’t even find a way to delete a line once you make it. Such a simple things to design into app but couldn’t take the time to do that. All the developers want is for you to look at adds so they can get paid. I’ll find a better app thanks.
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2 years ago, fgregory777
Horrible crashes no support
I was really hopeful about this app but after installing on my wife’s iPhone 13pro and trying to pay the upgrade it instantly crashes. Restarts, iOS upgrade, and uninstall and reinstall the app, still instantly crashes. After writing the developers a few times with no response pleading for their help to take my money and help me make the app work again with no response, I have to conclude they really don’t care. I took a chance on this app after reading so many reviews saying it crashes, and they were right.
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1 month ago, enrohtwah
Writing disappears
I have used this for a looonnnng time and paid to have no ads but I find at certain times when I make a list of something important I want to remember and I love my lists. The things disappear at random. Even after I write it and click done as like a save. I’ll go back in later and it’s gone and I’m so sad because I can’t remember what I put. Sadly I will have to go elsewhere. But I love how you can make a list and rearrange the order. I love how you can check off items.
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