Chemung Canal/Capital Bank

4.8 (2K)
183.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chemung Canal Trust Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chemung Canal/Capital Bank

4.76 out of 5
2K Ratings
5 years ago, Picky Photos
Deposit photos
The program is very picky on the photos. If you do not get it exact it will not take the photo or make the deposit. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Nick Labar
Works great when it does..
At least once a week it tells me I have invalid login credentials even though I’ll use Face ID most of the time and when that doesn’t work I type in the password.. the same password I have for everything. It works for a couple days then it asks me to call because my credentials don’t work. I can’t view anything in my account until I call and get a temporary password. I try to reset the password and use the temporary one that they give you in the internet but those ones don’t work. So I need to call all the time to have it unlocked for a two days, then another two. This needs a serious fix before I dumb all my money into my capital one account. I’ll gladly pay the 3 dollar fee to an atm rather then deal with this. Not to mention all atms you have half the time are frozen and processing a transaction... please wait. From three hours ago. When this isn’t an issue it’s always another thing, can’t connect due to network activity, I have a nighthawk in my house that can power the whole town I don’t think that’s the issue here.. and yes my app is up to date on an up to date iPhone
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5 years ago, Huingetbvsh
Great improvements lately
Love all the new enhancements lately like being able to schedule transfers and bill pay. I do wish I could set up a recurring transfer from checking to savings that way I can move a certain amount of money weekly or monthly without having to keep rescheduling the transfer
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4 years ago, dbuff1-rocks
Frustrating app and bank
Was just asked to update my rating while using app. Wanted to say that some issues better but overall have log in and connectivity issues. App often down and confirmed by bank. When I complained about issues was told by bank rep that she had an iOS device and worked fine for her. Really??? Guess I’m just an idiot and should figure it out for myself. In the middle of updating rating through app IT LOGGED ME OUT AND CLOSED!!! You just made my point
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4 years ago, Jordan Cass
Good app but annoying at times
I use this app to check how much is in my account but like once every month it will tell me it needs to validate my information i enter it and then it says to call the bank because it’s wrong. Very very annoying when your trying to budget your account. overall gets the job done.
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4 weeks ago, Pinball7777
Very quirky but better than it once was
App hates smaller checks. Always a hassle depositing those. Usually has to manually take pictures. Many times...say use a dark background. I use black. Nothing darker than black. Sometimes turns the checks upside down.
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5 years ago, new customer 100
Frustrating bill pay set up
Bill pay set up should not be so difficult. I want to set it up from my phone and can’t. I used a computer and it required 2 phone calls for authorization. From my phone I am still not authorized and it’s the weekend so I’m unable to use it and will require another phone call on Monday. Too difficult!
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5 years ago, Knot Rich
Mobile Banking
We travel the United States via our RV. Currently we are on the California coast. I’m able to handle most of our banking remotely. The service is excellent! Thank You!
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2 years ago, rw06229
There is something wrong with this app
I attempt to get sign-in, tells me my lgin id and password is incorrect and need to set, had not changed either, now i click on the app it opens and then closes, not sure if IOS updates affects it But it's very frustrating….
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6 years ago, ADBA4
Bill Pay
It’s nice having the app but I wish the bill pay section was more detailed like it is when looking at it on a computer. I have my bills organized to be paired certain times of the month and they aren’t grouped together in the app like I have them online so that is frustrating.
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4 years ago, pg6447
Mobile deposit
I can never get a check accepted by the app for mobile deposit. I have no issues with the same checks at Ally, my other bank. Maybe time to switch all my accounts to them unless improvements are made to this functionality.
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4 months ago, Tom Tom Coop
Love the app
I Love the app. I do have a question tho. Why can’t it be upgraded to facial recognition for us iPhone users.
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5 years ago, shosea04
Closing down
For the past couple weeks every time my wife or I try to log in to see our balance it says and error has occurred and it’s currently unavailable. It won’t even let us see the log in page. Hoping it will be fixed soon
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4 years ago, 2244777
Depositing. Check
Very easy and fast to deposit a check. I had to do this on a weekend!
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6 years ago, YUPYUP1235
Works great.
Has never failed me. Has Touch ID
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2 years ago, bxhdhhdhhd
This app never works has literally caused me to have my personal info stolen all the while unable to login to access any of my bank statements I have a brand new iPhone still operates like crap literally the only app that gives me issues.
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5 days ago, newbs60
Horrible app
I was loving this app up until the update a month or two ago and now can’t even sign in. It horrible trying to see the web browser on a phone. Fix the app please!!!
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5 years ago, BWX232
Yes I do have internet you dumb app
Keeps saying error no internet connectivity and instantly shutting down after opening when I have wifi and cell data so it is a bug.
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6 years ago, freddupp1212
Doesn’t work
Updated to new app. Only been able to open once! Error message every other time. Please fix, this doesn’t work!
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8 months ago, MBfanforlife
Transferring money
App does not allow you to do an external transfer to another bank account. App is subpar compared to other banking apps I use. Always login issues. Cmon CC do better.
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5 years ago, #iknowalotofwords
Very efficient
Very convenient and efficient
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3 years ago, Engle2021
If this app wasn’t down all the time I’d give it a 5
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6 years ago, CNYGamer
Okay app with insanely short timeout
Ugh. The new version is SLOOOOOOOOOW as can be on an iPhone 8. And the “What’s New” splash screen comes up every time I log in. Compared to the amazing Bank of America app, this app greatly misses the target.
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11 years ago, PMMNY
Great little app!
Way to go CCTC! This is a user friendly app that gives you access to the information you want & need to know & allows you to make quick transfers easily! Great job!
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6 years ago, Hailey311
Only have been able to open it once since the update. Consistently gives error message. Please fix!!!!!
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3 years ago, tlkc70
New update
It keeps shutting down on me and i have to sign in 4-5 times to get it to work, its awful!! Needs to be fixed right
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2 years ago, Car54md
What is wrong with your app today. Can’t get it to open with my password or fingerprint. I’ve already deleted it and reloaded it twice
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3 years ago, Moms 1976
Great app when it works
Today I went into the app and the startup screen flashed and then I got a white screen that flashed and the app looked like it closed. Please resolve this soon. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Fran0330
Update of app 👎🏻👎🏻
One star, Since updating the app I getting a “no connectivity” message!! Sometimes it will work, the message pops up and I have to log out What’s happening!!!
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3 years ago, gramma mak
Mobile banking
Cannot use anymore on my iPhone 6. No I don’t need a new phone I need a new bank
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1 year ago, Ej0404
Not working
Hasn’t worked on my iPhone in weeks.
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5 years ago, sherm3757
New update not loading
I can not new update load or work
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8 years ago, Da zigadoo
System problems
It's nice to have the app because it's easy access to your bank account without having to log onto Chemung canal website each time. Only thing wrong is the app is always saying there is a system error so you cannot use the app. More often than not.
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9 years ago, Peacelobster
Works great!
Does everything I need it to do, and I'm so glad they added the check deposit feature. I'm very happy with this app.
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11 years ago, Brittany0623
Fast and simple!
The app is fast, and very simple to use. It makes things much easier when your on the run. Love this app!!!!!!!! :)
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9 years ago, Jebs3753
Extremely limited functionality. Amateur app
The app has very few features. The ones it does have don't always work correctly. It seems they threw this together just to be able to say they offered mobile banking. If you have problems, the bank blames the developer! Here's an example: you log in and check your balance. Then you switch to another app and then switch back and you have to enter your password again even if it's been only a few seconds! What nonsense. No other banking app requires that. Let's hope for a more professional app soon.
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11 years ago, Tesserific
Great App!
This app is so easy to use! I can see all my accounts and transactions and pay bills so easily. Love it!!!!!
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10 years ago, Chelsea Behm
Less than 1 star.
I hate this bank, they took over Bank of America near where I live and they are awful. This app is the worst mobile banking app I've ever used. Mobile banking is important because of how far I am from the city and because this app is so horrible I'm dropping my account here and going elsewhere. DO NOT USE THEM AS A BANK.
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9 years ago, wlaughlin
Good, but could be better
Love that I have access to my bank information of the go. Would like it even more if it took advantage of TouchID, and possibly allowed access to my statements.
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7 years ago, Gneissman
Does not work with tokens
Don't bother wasting your time downloading this app, if you plan to log in using tokens. I was hoping this app would work since the mobile site doesn't support tokens either. Time to dust off the PC.
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11 years ago, psufanrev
Deposit Feature
Where is the deposit feature where you can take photo of checks and deposit similar to Bank of America???
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9 years ago, sfdavez
Doesn’t work with iPod touch
This app doesn’t work with iPod touch.
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4 years ago, Nicon009
Was outdated, then update broke it more
*UPDATE* Just downloaded the newer update version 20.1.200 on my iPhone and now the app will not open past the splash screen. Please update the app so it can actually load on iPhone. I’m seriously considering switching my banking to another bank simply because this app is terrible. This app has never been great, but for the most part, it worked. The update with the weird new colors seemed to add things like fingerprint reading and added additional cars controls, but it’s much buggier, so the “updates” don’t really work. For example, I’ve never actually gotten the fingerprint login to work as it crashes every time I attempt to use it. Please release an update to fix these issues.
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