Chess Clock by

4.6 (276)
4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chess Clock by

4.65 out of 5
276 Ratings
6 years ago, mtnPerson15
Solid chess timer
A really nice timer for casual games with your friends. I like the ability to save your own preset times, so you can play your favorite time easily. A great alternative to an analog or electric chess timer. I would definitely pay money for this app. The only thing I would have liked to see is a sound cue for the end of the game. Overall, a very solid chess timer.
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6 months ago, CougarMeat
Timer adds after you push clock
I revised this two four stars because it does add an increment - note, NOT a delay - but it adds it back after your move. I believe that is called, “Fischer After”. You cannot change that method. I was looking for a clock that gave a simple delay Before the timer started. So I was befuddled because no matter how I set it, the clock started immediately and time was not added on in the beginning (Fischer Before) as was done with other clocks. So, yeah, this works. But it would have been nice if the method was better described.
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5 years ago, gcbiggie64
What a fantastic timer. Sometimes you find yourself playing real chess but don’t have a clock on hand. This fantastic app has many of the time options of a real check clock. The button size and readability is very good. The sound effects give it a real visceral feel of hitting a clock! Would be cool to add a vibrate when hit button too.
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5 years ago, Walksslow
Great for Backgammon Too!
I wanted an app for playing backgammon, and this one fits the bill VERY nicely! Use is intuitive (although it took me a bit to figure how to program delays). Automatic pause feature upon interruption is an obvious nice touch for a clock that is connected to your mobile phone. Manual pause feature works well to manage game interruptions. Two additions I’d like to see: 1. A useful help/programming guide. 2. Visual countdown of the delay period. As it stands now, clock doesn’t begin counting down until full delay period has expired, then clock displays count down of reserve time consumed. A great little app for backgammon or chess players. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, Per4mnce
Excellent and easy to use chess timer
A simple and intuitive user interface that works well. Some nice options for more advanced use. Totally free and no annoying advertisements. Tested on my iPad and iPhone using most recent IOS version. Thank you developers!
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4 years ago, Flambeau400
Great Clock!
Great clock with a lot of nice features. One small bug. Once you’ve made a time change in the Edit function of Settings, there’s no option to cancel. There are only two choices. Both options, “ Show more
4 years ago, The only Ninthwonder
Perfect chess timer
This chess timer app is perfect for almost all situations. They have some pre set options, but they also allow you to customize your clocks for different variations. Easy on use, customize and great on battery life. Perfect easy chess clock for planned or unplanned games!!!
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6 years ago, SharanKC
Pretty Good
This is what I’ve been looking for. I really didn’t want to spend $25-$30 on a digital chess clock and this serves as a perfect alternative. I tried a couple of time settings (30 min and 15-10 split). It worked as expected. Thanks for this app.!! 👍🏻
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6 years ago, bruce.hammerlee
Missing one feature
Great app and the price is right. One tweak would make it even better for Tournament Scrabble, which allows 25 minutes per player, then imposed a 10 point penalty for every minute (or fraction) they go over. The option to count up after counting down to 0:00 would be great.
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5 years ago, Dissatisfied user 8897
Only blitz games?
I can’t figure out how to make the clock reset after each turn, it just pauses and then continues counting down. I want to give each player 1 minute per turn, but the clock doesn’t reset after each turn. Tried messing with the settings, but couldn’t get it to work. Very frustrating. EDIT: there is another app called “Chess Clock Plus” that does exactly what I want it to do (or close enough), and it is much more customizable.
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12 months ago, Bruce The Gamer
This is the best chess clock app ever! Very easy to use and is versatile with its custom time controls. Highly recommend to use this when playing speed chess on a board.
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3 years ago, hama irfan
5 stars chess timer
Free, easy to use, with the ability to save your favorite time settings with a beautiful interface. I would allow this in even biggest tournaments xD
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5 years ago, msalzge
Good clock - just needs two things to be perfect
1. Keep the other clock running when one side runs out of time. Double forfeits are possible under USChess rules. 2. Show a progress bar marking the delay time. Other than that, great product!
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6 years ago, FeetOfHermes
Fine and Fischer Fine Clock
A great clock, easy to use, easy to reset; enough of a “click” sound to notice but not distract; with clocks being so absurdly priced these days, this app is smart and effective. Cheers. —Mark
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6 years ago, AriDor
Really intuitive!
It's super easy to make custom time settings on this, and there are no overly complicated buttons, like in other chess clock apps. Definitely recommend.
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6 years ago, bricklypear
My favorite timer
Thank you for keeping this up to date! It’s my favorite and I will keep using it. It’s great and works well with my games with my friend who isn’t super phone savvy. Perfect!
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3 years ago, sinasll
what a great timer, with a nice theme but we just need more themes like (black&white) theme, this will be more beautiful! pls add some more themes and sounds, we need a alert after a time ends up.
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5 years ago, Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Use with other games
We use this with other games like rumicube to add another dimension to it!!! What a blast!!! We put 5 min on the clock and add 2-5 sec per play to make it a blitz game
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1 year ago, K10xanother
On a budget and aren’t looking to buy a legit clock? This is it. Simple, easy pre-set clock times on the go. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Amomymous122
Functional and uncluttered
Great chess clock, I use it very frequently for Warmachine and Hordes Steamroller timing. Simple to set and up and reliable. A very good app. Still solid after an infrequent update.
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7 years ago, Elvis clutchings
Some features don't work
I've tried to create a custom time of 10 minutes, but it does not seem to save. Otherwise the options it gives such as 5 min is good. I'll redownload to see if it fixes the problem.
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9 months ago, Dani Da Bacon
The best app for a chess clock out there!!
I hosted my own tournament!! We were on a budget so, we used this app for the clocks, it worked great!!
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2 months ago, SoccerDad4
USCF Tournament director approved
This is a great App to have on your phone! We have used it as a (backup clock) during our Scholastic tournaments…. Alton Academy 4 Chess
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1 year ago, CarbarKing
No sound
My app no longer makes a click noise when you hit the button. Even when I toggle it on/off. Very real bummer
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6 years ago, rextwelve
Adds time during fast turns
For the price, free, it is ok. If you move quickly, it won’t reduce the time, and sometimes it will even add a few seconds. This seems like an easy and worthwhile fix.
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1 year ago, seonghuhn
Fantastic timer. Has all the features you need. And it’s free with no ads. Amazing!
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1 year ago, PhotoSharingEasier101
New Clock Who This
Love the new look and feel in the latest update 🤩
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4 years ago, Velvet Red
Exactly what you expect
It's rare that I'm pleseantly surprised by an app. No ads, beautiful UI, simple and intuitive. 10/10.
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6 years ago, zedlyfe
Simple, Great
Simple app, does its job well. I'd even be willing to pay a few bucks for it.
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6 years ago, MrLee56
Perfectly simple and easy
One idea: In delay mode how about also showing a little countdown timer.
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3 years ago, Sophia Puckett
It’s great!
It’s a great app and we have so much fun playing with it. I totally recommend this app.
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6 years ago, RevivedPhoenix122
Best IPhone Chess Clock!
This is one of the best chess clocks compared to it is free. Of course, if you go out and buy a real one, it is better but this is a FREE app.
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4 years ago, EastoniaDogger
Great look and feel. And functionality is top-notch.
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6 years ago, Solo thick tight
Great app, does everything it needs to.
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2 years ago, TLG_GC11
It’s free and does its job as a chess timer well.
Simple but good app.
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5 years ago, ilovedrydays
Useless update
Had to update when it was working fine, since the concept is so simple the fact that it had to be updated tells me it was a piece of junk to start with.
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1 year ago, india trash
Best chess clock on App Store
This is the best. No ads, no payment and no lags
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6 years ago, TeD2D
Works great!
Can’t argue with free. No need for a $30 clock and this is 1,000x’s better!
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3 weeks ago, KDPG12
Perfect !
Just what it’s needed to play timed.
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6 years ago, YGlen
Improved my game
Very useful clock!
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1 year ago, Gogo_IGUANA
Excellent app
Very useful
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3 years ago, MiamiC70
No updates in a long time appears to be abandoned.
No updates in a long time appears to be abandoned. No iOS updates or updates for new hardware.
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4 years ago, prado, gabriel
My sound doesn’t work
I used o love the beep sound but it stopped working :(
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6 years ago, chess2456
Great product
I love it!
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2 years ago, Ultamite gamer
Cool App
Bagel spiders haunt my dreams. Help.
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1 year ago, 18092555
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3 years ago, ijnijnjiniununun
Great gui
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9 years ago, Eyerlykids
Fantastic free chess clock
Works perfect, with no problems or ads. It would be nice to set different times for each side, but I would expect to pay for that. It really is just a clean, effective, well-designed app. I play against my little kids with it; I get 5 mins. and they get unlimited. I hit pause to end my turn, and they hit their clock to run my time. Works well.
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4 years ago, marvinthekid
Not great. Very limited.
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8 years ago, Unhappy PBS app user
Nice chess clock
I like this app a lot. The only thing that would be nice to be able to do which is not possible on this clock, is to set a different time for each player. I enjoy playing blitz with my 5 year old, but it would be nice to give him more time without have to just run out the clock on my side before starting.
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