Chess for Kids - Play & Learn

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Chess for Kids - Play & Learn

4.7 out of 5
49.2K Ratings
8 months ago, CDallas921
The “kids” app isn’t just for kids!!
I am a 41 yr-old woman who has wanted to learn chess her entire life. I would always watch others play enviously. I’ve downloaded SO many other “teaching” apps, & w/each one I felt worse & worse. I felt so stupid bc I just could not get the hang of the game…until I tried this one. This app may be geared towards children, but it does an amazing job at breaking things down in steps, then gradually immersing you in the game, so much so that you REALLY start to understand the gameplay. I thought I was doomed bc I’m terrible at math & stategy, but the coaching system gives you hints so that you truly start to get the hang of movement. I just won my FIRST EVER game & I actually screamed in triumph 😂😂😂 I ❤️this app-it’s amazing. Guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!
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3 years ago, not tellin ya!🐘🦍🦒! sorry.
This is the best online chess I've ever seen! ( And the only one)
This is such a great game! When I'm driving in the car ( in the back seat I'm 9) and I want to play chess this is a perfect game to play! The only trouble I have is when you want to play against a human being it's always me against me... so I can say I want Black to win! And it will win. Or I want white to win! And it will win. That's the only thing I want fixed. Other than that THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I advise you to download this game it’s awesome I mean really if you don’t download this I’m gonna go crazy! PLEEEAAASE download this... thanks... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️💫 that many stars. My name:_________________
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2 years ago, KindInspiredFalcon
Great game but needs work...
I love this game and I just started and I just got the gold membership and it’s so much fun! But a few of my games I was about to win and my opponent just finished there move and says it’s my turn but then all a sudden I won’t be allowed to to move my piece so I usually use the call a draw button and it works again but then they accept and I was about to win but it was a draw. So if you can fix that it would be great thanks so much! P.S a cool feature you can maybe do is let the players on the match decide there color and talk in the game but NO bullying or trash talking. I’m about to turn 12 and I really think you should play this kid chess game!
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2 years ago, hhhhgghkgf
Okay I’ll be there in about an hour’s to come take over your order for me your order for the next bill please thanks buddy thank y’all thank love you buddy thanks for coming to the park today thanks buddy thanks so sorry for your help thanks for letting me help buddy thank y’all for your time thanks for reaching out to you to me and my family thanks for letting us help with us this year thank you for your help thanks buddy thank love love to talk soon buddy buddy love love to see each day thank y’all thank everyone love y’all thanks buddy buddy thank you for your prayers and love love y’all thank you for all the love and love love y’all love love to y’all thank love you guys love
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3 years ago, Drawslikea3yrold
Seems great but has major flaws
Downloaded the app for my 5 year old. He has the kid account and I’ve created a parent account. It would be great if I could set up another parent account so that my husband can play a game against our son too. Also, I received a message that if I upgrade my (son’s) account, the upgrade would also be reflected on the parents account. So I upgraded my parent account thinking the upgrade would also impact my son’s account, but to no avail! Lastly, my husband created a parent account in hopes of finding my son’s account... he found him but it doesn’t offer the capability to play with him.
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3 weeks ago, Chesskiduser
Extremely Helpful
Chess Kids is just better. It has multiple lessons that bring your strategy to your full potential. You can face many bots or a realistic version of all the chess masters. Puzzles are included to test your ability to find skewers, checks, mates, and many other things. You can face chess players from around the world in matches and tournaments. Fun clubs are available to improve your skills. If anything, you should use this chess app. I use it and I have won many tournaments in real life.
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3 years ago, u send i review
Glitches out
It’s a good game overall. It teaches you tactics and let’s you play against people online. The thing is, it glitches out a bunch in matches. I was in a tournament while in fourth place, fighting for third, and I was even winning by far. He might as well have resigned, and after all he had left was a rook and two pawns, the game glitched. It suddenly switched the timer so it was counting on my side, but it wasn’t my turn. I then tried moving a piece, and I couldn’t move it. Then when I tried to go back in the match to see what happened, it completely exited me out of the game, and I didn’t get a ranking at all in the tournament. It’s a great game, but developers, please fix this glitch.
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3 years ago, Kersch1AK
Using this website and app for gifted students
Our gifted program 2nd through 6th grades, in our medium sized city is using this program. I have the students use the app on their devices if they have access. Many use the website only, or in addition to their app. This app is amazing. The students love to play me in slow chess. They play each other on the fast games, and have grown in their knowledge an skills as chess players. We hope to form chess clubs at our schools and maybe city-wide at some point, and Chess Kid will be a part of our program.
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4 months ago, TUCKY THE LUCKY
Great game for beginners AND pros
I have been playing ChessKid for almost 3 years now, and I will say it has made me a better player. You can either choose to play Bots Who you can pick based on your level of skill, or you can play verse another kid/parent if you are up for that challenge. not to mention, they have several other fun things, such as chess puzzles, lessons, and daily tournaments. chessKid is easily my favorite chess app, and I highly suggest it to anyone who is interested in the game of chess. ♟️
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3 years ago, reskay2%uyi
ChessKid should not have menbers
This is a great game for children to play, they have levels that can be chosen easy and hard. I loved ChessKid because my skill and opportunity got me to the bullet point, unlike most some games, they make it so hard to understand what it is like to have a chess partner in online or so-called robots like QWERTY or things like that. But at when you have to sign up to be a member of ChessKid, you have to lots of thing as if cleaning the whole world. All in all this is a fun games to play.
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4 weeks ago, spectaclar12456
Great but a few things
I like to play chess but a few things to make it more exiting you could have added more real people In history or people from all around the world so thats it every thing else was fine adds where actually surprising i thought that there would be a bunch but actually there where none so yeah every thing else was fine 😌😁👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
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3 years ago, FreitD
It could be better
This app has everything to be amazing, but yet it lack some features that would make it so much better. If kids could search for their friends who have also signed up it would motivate them to challenge each other and play more. Even in the Gold membership this is not possible. Also, the latest update brought some kind of bug, the audio of the videos are completely muted. My kid has learned so much from watching them, and now he is annoyed that he can’t hear anything. I wish the developers would look into the “search for friends” feature.
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2 years ago, IsThisAUniqueNickName
App is amazing but
Videos are silent if the phone ringer is off. Why?? Accessibility feature request: we are paying for an account for my daughter who just turned 5. She adores the app but she only reads at the 6 or 7 year old level and cannot read the text on all the king level lessons. Can you either make this text accessible to the native screen reading functionality or add a button to read the lesson text aloud?
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3 years ago, lledet
Always a bad experience
I don’t understand how this app has such good ratings, I’ve never had a good experience with it. Last time I tried a year ago or so I couldn’t castle queen side, trying would crash the app. Fine, I won’t make that move I was just playing with my daughter so no big deal. Then buttons stopped working and I gave up. Just now I reinstalled it. The interface looks better. I immediately got a notification when my daughter invited me to a game. Things were looking better... until I couldn’t accept the game. Or decline it. None of the buttons to interact with the game worked and we couldn’t play. This app has great ideas and potential but cannot seem to get the most basic functionality working.
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7 months ago, Rosie 123 ABC do re mi sleep
Awesome game
It gives you a challenge you can pick RobotsHumans it is so fun you can learn how to play it teaches you this videos it’s just awesome if you buy it does like nothing wrong you can choose to play against people things like real people is just awesome I’ve been playing on it for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and on the days . I’m done talking about how it’s all good and it’s great and it’s awesome so bye
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3 years ago, JLMcCulla
Disconnected Games Ruin Ratings
I am a parent with my son signed up as one of my Kids. We’ve tried several times to start a Fast Game, but each time the challenge was accepted, the app disconnected me with the “None of your kids are available” pop-up even though I’m literally looking at the game open on my son’s screen with the timer counting down until I “lose” the game due to “abandonment”. The “None of your kids are available” feature needs to be corrected because this ruins the ability to play online games with my son and/or starts games and forcing my login to “abandon” them and ruin in-game ratings with invalid win-loss stats. I will update my review and star-rating when this is corrected in the app.
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3 years ago, Bigniy (from Roblox)
Queens Queens Queens
So this app is great, no bugs as far as I know. The only bad part is that you have to have membership to play all the bots. Good thing is: You don’t need the membership to play. I just find this app helpful as an endless “Get as many pawns as possible to the other side of the board” game. For some odd reason, I just like getting queens. Anyway, I totally recommend this app for Kids. Happy playing! (Remember to #Vote-eat-pet!)
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5 months ago, keep uinin.k7grrhyh
This game is so amazing no ads no anything here chance you can enter tournaments you can do puzzles you can play against people you can do slow chess this app is so good and it’s 4 to 12 so if your age is under 12 then you should play this game helps with the math the reading and the obey so please skip this game and I promise you have a great time and you can thank me for it.
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7 months ago, TheRicosZ
Chess kids…
Basically chess kids is good but… I have to have this gold thingy to be able to like watch videos, which in my opinion is unfair. Like I think we should be able to watch chess videos without being a gold member. I understand how you need to be a gold member to get certain avatars. But chess kid IS SO FUN not counting the gold membership. If you don’t have any people to play with you can play against a bot. You can pick your bots level it can be beginner, intermediate, advanced and I’m just naming a few!
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12 months ago, SCbond007
Chess game
There a lot of chess games you could try but so far this has been the best starting with a variety of different modes making it very customizable slow chess if you want to play a relaxing game against a kid to test your skills and puzzles for a bit of extra fun overall i think this would be a great app for your children and a good way to learn.
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10 months ago, josh.palley
Problems with free version
This app says that kids can do 1 free lesson and 3 free puzzles every day. Every time we open the app, no lessons are or puzzles are available. Just the message asking kids to ask their parents to pay for the gold subscription. It’s misleading (or a really annoying bug) and I am less inclined to pay for it either way.
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2 years ago, chess player that does chess
Why limit kids?
I like ChessKid because of interactive features, but they limit everything to point of anyone just getting bored easily. You only get 3 puzzles per day. And apparently there’s an exact amount for how many lessons there are for everyone. I get that ChessKid needs funds to upgrade and stuff, but do you really have to limit kids to 3 puzzles a day? Please comment if you read this and agree.
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1 year ago, Emma&Dad
Amazing game
I love this game I play it with my dad and It teaches me so much and I hope one day I will be able to beat my dad. I hope you will like it too because It’s a good game with funny expressively amazing videos that show you how to play and robots to beat and you can even play with another person with the same app!so yeah I hope you get it cause it’s a good game to play!
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1 year ago, Gdjhffd
Hello, ChessKid is a great chess learning app! In fact, the only downside is I lose too much rating points when I lose, even when my opponent is higher than me. Also, just a suggestion, you could allow full-screen on mobile devices, like an iPhone and iPad. Plus I couldn’t send friend requests on mobile devices, like iPhone and iPad. If you take my recommendations, ChessKid could be a lot more fun.
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2 years ago, Penny H.🧚🏼‍♀️
Chess with friends
I love chess kid! You can play it with your friends, and you can play with kids you don’t even know! There’s never been a single bug in this game. All of the lessons, are the best! They’ve helped me learn chess ever since. All the kids have avatars and they even get to see a person when the turn it on! All the bots are so much fun! I love chess kid!😍♥️♥️♥️
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2 years ago, MCake
Lacking important features, but otherwise fun
I really wish that there were a way to undo a move, especially during human versus human play with my child… It would also be cool if you could turn off the “board flip” graphic, as it is distracting to young players, and just play as on a stationary board.
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3 years ago, rogerwilco2000
It’s so promising
There’s so much to like about this app, but the crux of the deal for me is I downloaded it to play chess with my kids. The app won’t respond to challenges (as in, there’s a large icon asking me to accept or deny a challenge, but it doesn’t respond to touch while everything else will), there’s no contact info for support within the app, and when I *was* able to play with my kids the app would never notify either of us that a turn had occurred. For what it’s worth I use the “adult” chess app as well and I have no issues at all.
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11 months ago, Muraad or Strongman0621
The best chess website I have ever used
This is the best chess website I’ve ever used this is why because it’s 100% safe to use and it’s fun and I could find my opponents around the world and it has videos, lessons, puzzles and puzzle dual too this is why I think this is the best chess website I’ve ever use!
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2 years ago, youe mom is fat
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Hdbxbzgz by he then dibs in the morning and then he gave me the same price for a year ago when he went to work and then he gave me his number so when he got it I think I got a shot and I was going on wthe everything was going on my side and then I end went to e ew was w a lot of fun and it was so good to hear from him but he was like a little while ago but your mom!
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2 years ago, worthy of 5stars
Can’t do anything without membership
Well over all, good app but now I can’t do any thing on this app because I don’t have gold membership. It only lets me watch 25 seconds of each video before it stops me and says you need gold membership. Without membership, no vids, no lessons and only three bots. 7 dollars a month for gold membership is to much and without membership you can do almost nothing
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5 months ago, GREAT app, but it annoys me
GREAT game, but annoys me
I LOVE ChessKid SO MUCH!!! But, I feel like they make the robots seem like they know best because say if the king was in danger and you were playing against a human looking robot, and your king was in danger, the app would make you move the king even though, say, your bishop could’ve blocked the queen, sure the bishop can get eaten, but like, just let US take our chances and make our OWN moves!!!! That really annoys me. But overall it’s a great game.
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1 year ago, SloMatt_22
Decent single player for kids but software is very poor
Chess kids has a painful interface and a lot of bugs. I bought a gold membership for my son and I but we are unable to play games together as he always shows as unavailable in the interface even when I’ve verified that he’s logged in. The single player engine is good for kids but with such a buggy multiplayer experience I can’t recommend this app.
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2 years ago, djenejj
Good but needs some work
I love this app, but it needs some work. A few minutes ago I just finished a game, and I somehow lost because the timer was broken. My opponent clearly had 0:00 but it just kept on going and I was checkmated. I would love it if you guys could fix this small problem, because it makes me really irritated. Thanks.
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2 years ago, AMAZE! game review
Fun game!
This game is super fun. It teaches you how to play chess, and then you can vs another person, or vs a robot, and then pick how hard you want the game to be. You can also watch videos, and much more. Also, you might look at the title: ChessKid. But really, it’s for all ages. And best of all, no adds!!!! I really like this game 😊
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12 months ago, RamblinBob
Why I love chesskid…
I love chess kids because it’s a fun way to play today and I like that you don’t have to play against people, you can play against bots. I like the puzzles in chess kid too. Somethings I don’t like about Chesskid… I don’t like that you can only do six free lessons, and that you have to get gold to do ALL The other ones. I also don’t like that you can only play against a few bots until you get gold.
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1 year ago, jdncjdn jdmjdmcjdmc
I SOMHOW GOT 6 BISHOPS (this is broken and I love it)
When I woke up this morning and play chess and I thought is it possible to get 3 bishop and it was possible then I tried 4 bishops then 5 and finally 6 this is very amazing I even took screenshots of the robot reacting how I get a lot of Bishops (imagine me getting 8 bishops.) Star rate: 10/10
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8 months ago, MrsSahara
Seems cool but lacks representation
My daughter is enjoying the app but we noticed that under the personalities that you can choose to play against there is only 1 woman and 0 black or brown women represented as avatars. This signals that the developers lack awareness of how diverse representation can benefit their product. I hope they do better in this area because it honestly makes me want to delete the app and find something else that values women and people of color.
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7 months ago, lyla789177383hopper
Videos are broken
I’m trying to scroll through the videos on Chesskid and it freezes and doesn’t let me scroll and this is only with the Chesskid tv page nothing else and it’s very annoying
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1 year ago, kbugmac
Wow, chess kid is awesome
I cannot say enough about this app. My child has learned so much about the game and has now beat me multiple times on the multi player setting. She is now very strategic and obsessed with the game. Last week she competed in her first chess tournament and won. Thanks to you chess kid.
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2 years ago, BlackVulcan
Love this app
But it still has some kinks that need to be worked out I cannot scroll the page when I click the puzzles or lessons tab when using iPhone , I know they update periodically I hope this is fixed soon because my daughter can’t do the learn to play right now
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2 years ago, Charlie@527
Thank you 🙏, ChessKid people.
Ha ha! I’ve beaten ALL the robots 🤖! Thank you 😊 for teaching me SO much about chess ♟! Those facts helped me beat those robots 🤖! (But I don’t seem to learn anything! All you do is give us 10 problems, a video, and some puzzles 🧩 that never run 🏃🏻‍♀️ out! But otherwise, ChessKid is great 👍🏻 !) me at King 22 right now
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3 years ago, SuperSadiyaAndAmazingAyaan
This app is DEFINITELY worth downloading. It taught me how to play chess. Honestly, I think BOTH parents AND kids can use this app, even the name is ChessKID. It even allows you to play other people, if you login or sign up. Now I play this app EVERYDAY. It’s SUPERFUN. I DEFINITELY recommend this for people of any age, any time, any place.
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7 months ago, ECHOU2014
I Loved it ! When l just tried it I did not know how to play chess. But now I love playing chess with my friends. It teaches you how to play, checking the king and do battles with different Skills players /people. It’s à really fun, and easy to learn app , I hope you enjoy this app too.
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1 month ago, iquwiefbcsladfvjsrgyfgukilb
no game review and win percentage + report system?
I just played a cheater named ‘ketchupking’ (1600+) [i know that he cheated cuz they had terrible time management and played like an engine] had no report system doesn’t tell me who i played and whether i won or lost no bullet (1 min, 30 sec and 20 sec) ok app but these additions would be nice
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4 months ago, TrueTee
Maybe I can help
Pay to play ✅ You should just play chess on coolmath than Spendtime and money on this expensive excuse for a chess mobile game. Edit: my sincere apologies for thinking that ai answer the reviews. 2nd Edit I have an idea maybe if you give us gold for free but use advertising to make money 💰 Also, ads could probably show up in between games.
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5 months ago, cool colin 4 real
A game that provides kid friendly chess
This game is 100% kid friendly there’s funny video animations I’m a 9 year old who loves chess and I look forward to more videos and tournaments in real life I feel like I always get better and better every minute.
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12 months ago, Riding Racer 11
Good but…
Great app for learning chess, and has interactive events, only problem is you have to pay, and new videos are not being released, just bonus challenge videos, which have no point. Update: I want more endgame puzzles. Also, how do I get featured in a ChessKid video? How do you challenge FunMasterMike?
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3 years ago, [gotch Kink]
Notifications do not work
My kids and I truly enjoy this app. However the notifications do not work. This is especially problematic when you are playing slow chess. My kids have lost many matches just for not making a move on time.
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10 months ago, virginia tripp
I play chess and I play when I forget my set and then me and my dad play. also my little 2-year old sister will lose the pieces so when I play on ChessKid she does not lose the pieces. You can play others or a robot which are called bots.
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8 months ago, Mikki Smith
Great game, one problem
Most of the time I would have a great time playing against the bots but, at random times it would say it was a draw for no reason. I do not know why this happens, and the only thing that is similar with all rounds is that I was in the lead with multiple pieces still alive.
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