Chess ∙

4.5 (175.2K)
83.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Optime Software LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chess ∙

4.54 out of 5
175.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Rabit lover
Great chess game for anyone!
This game is straight up chess you can do lay from anywhere at any time. I love how you can start over the match, set the difficulty, and make new games very easily. It’s really great how you are playing against a computer and not real people for safety. If you want a fun game to test your logic skills and challenge your brain you should definitely download this app now!if you need to practice chess for aCompetition this is perfect for you because you can have it at any difficulty and can undo your moves so you can learn from them. There are no adds during game time which is really great! However the one thing that is a little frustrating is that you have to have your volume up to know that your in cheek of you don’t see it and that it is hard to tell when it is your turn. If you completely new to this game and don’t know how to play it can be hard to get the hang of it on this app. If you are a beginner that knows how to play then this app is great for you! But other than that 10/10 would recommend!
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8 years ago, FreekyFreshh
I loved it until I discovered deceit...😒
I have been playing on this app for a few years almost DAILY when time allows. When I first was learning chess it was terrific and I was able to fine-tune my skills with the difficulty changer setting. That's a sweet plus for the app! Sadly, as I was able to move up to much higher difficulty levels, it wouldn't allow me to make some legal moves and it was able to make illegal moves. At first I thought it was just glitchy or that it knew rules that I didn't know. The game allowed a knight to move diagonally one square to take my rook that I used to take a piece and put its King in check. I thought was a glitch so I undid my move (the undo button is helpful for learners as well) and tried to redo it. It made the diagonal move again. I scoured the Internet to validate the legality of that move and couldn't find it anywhere, leaving the only conclusion to be that the computer in the game is somehow allowed to cheat. After reading other reviews of the game about some potential cheating going on, I am sad to say I will be deleting the app. As a new and learning chess player this app is useful but as an avid proficient chess player, it's equivalent to playing with a real person who tries to cheat. Chess is a game of challenging strategy and there is absolutely no room for cheating. Perhaps I'll check back on the app in a year or so to see if they have cleaned it up.
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5 years ago, LautrecOfCarim
Poorly programmed algorithm and annoying ads
I have two main complaints about this app. First, on the chess side. I'm rated around 1800 USCF and tried playing on moderate difficulty levels. The thing about the AI is that it always plays very strong tactically, probably 2200+. Meaning it will never make a mistake that loses material, nor will it ever fail to capitalize on one of your own mistakes. On the other hand it is extremely weak positionally, I would estimate below 1200 level. And it plays absolutely garbage openings, worse than most human beginners. The result is that it will always give you a huge positional advantage in the opening, but then begin defending extremely accurately making it very difficult to actually win a game. It does not play anything remotely similar to a human player and creates lots of frustrating games. Second, the pop-up ads are the worst. I frequently got full screen pop-up ads for other apps that would not have an "X" on the screen to close them, and also wouldn't go away on their own. So I would be unable to get past the ad and to access the chess app at all. The only way would be to forcibly close the app and restart it, and hope that a different ad would appear. This completely ruins the user experience, independently of how the program actually plays. 1 star out of 5 for these reasons.
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3 years ago, dallasgolfer
Great Game - needs chess notation.
This app plays killer chess. The comment about weak openings, followed up by muscle bound defense is possible. The engine keeps track of time, but does not facilitate chess notation. This leaves me wondering how these “geniuses,” did their analysis! With the timer on, a novice cannot take time to note the moves in chess notation. I think the claims of the engine “cheating,” are bald faced lies. One review apparently claims to not be able to document and “en passant,” pawn loss. It is possible that the algorithm to change the level of the opponent, or difficulty has some holes in it, but if you let it play as default it appears unquestionably helpful to the amateur, provided he really wants to learn chess. Buy a book and learn a few openings, and the engine will sharpen your skills to a razor’s edge. Great engine for a serious student of chess.
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2 years ago, Cruiseguru
Pop-up ads, app freezes, phone screen freezes, and more
My second attempt at posting a review. Leveling up a pawn tends to cause the app to freeze. A few weeks ago it got even worse, my phone (iPhone 12) screen would not function. I had to take the SIM card out and put it in an old phone to find a secondary way to reboot my phone. If the app freezes when you level up a pawn, do a hard reboot on your phone ASAP. I agree with the others who mentioned pop-up ads…even when the app’s ads are running it is ridiculous. Pop-up ads will run without notice even while you are playing. Ugh! I just deleted the app because I was close to winning but that stupid three repetition draw/stalemate stopped the game. That only happened because the computer opponent makes moves that a human never would. A common example, the computer king, when all alone, will do stupid things to cause a draw/stalemate. Why would a king intentionally go near my two rooks and my queen? Run the other way!!! UPDATE: The computer rooms are so cowardly! Most of the time when they move, they don’t take out my pieces. The rooks seem really scared to attack even to put me in check! I don’t get it!
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4 years ago, Everything-else-was-taken
It could be better
A flawed system for sure, and very infuriating at times. I may or may not stick with this app because of this reason...I will sit and think for like, five minutes straight, and when I go to execute my move, I can’t. The game just doesn’t let me move. Before I wrote this, I had a plan to love my queen and it wouldn’t allow me to move it. It only allowed me to move it backwards, directly in the line of fire for a bishop. I couldn’t move my pawn, which clearly had plenty of space and availability to travel to the back of the board, I still had my knight but, despite a clear and open space AND a perfect lineup to snatch the opponent’s king, it wouldn’t allow me to move it, and although there was a pawn I was able to steal with my bishop, I was unable to move. This is a reoccurring problem that you constantly have to work around. I’m not very good at chess, and it’s one of my favorite games ever, but how on Earth am I supposed to learn properly and strategize if I’m unable to move my piece? Try this app out for yourself, like I said, I don’t know if I’ll stick with it or not. It’s very painfully mediocre.
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3 years ago, cutehamstersreal
Broken game
Would be good but the easiest difficulty is too hard for a beginner like me. I may be new and not know all the little tricks but even my friends know that the computer moves out of turn, there has been times it either took two turns or moved a poun 3 spaces or diagonal without taking a piece or moved the castle thing diagonal or the diagonal only piece up down and side to side, like even I know that’s against rules oh and yk that trick if you get a poun to the end of the board you get to swap pieces well sometimes it didn’t swap and just added or it wasn’t a poun and instead a knight and I know that’s against all the rules and when I try to do those exact same things I literally can’t cuz it’s not only not allowed but not existent rules or way of playing. This app is horrible because of all the flaws meant to make the computer win and it’s not a bug it’s literally the way the game was made. Other than that great graffics. Oh yeah sometimes my pieces would make how the shouldn’t be able to according to my sister who played for me once and she’s so not a newbie like me.
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8 years ago, Kills-B
My take.
I like it. It, (the computer)(on most difficult setting) did cheat on me right b4 I was about to checkmate' like twice in 2 years. I also did so other times though! I wrote that n never sent it bc I checked it out again n couldn't beat it, so I just kept playing. That was 3 months ago, n I finally beat it again, ( set on most difficult). Now tonight I was seriously feeling like I was guna win, had everything set up just so... n it kicked me off! M a pretty peitiant man, so I started a new game. Kicked off again!!! N m talking lost the game, it was gone! Four more times!!! The last one I am sure I woulda had' again, n it let it play out for most of the game is how I can say that... So MAD, well for a few minutes anyway, (one step closer to a heart attack, unnessasaraly!!! M not da best speller, sorry! I really hope this might make a differance tho. I swear, it almost felt like it was getting hacked!!! It was just tonight, so far!
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6 years ago, CWAMD
A Chess Game for Everyone
Most computer games are for the advanced. This game is for every range of chess experience. From the earliest beginner to the advanced. My wife never played chess before and didn't even know the names of the different pieces. I taught her the basic moves and downloaded Optime's chess for iPhone last month 1 month later she's addicted to this game, plays it whenever she has a few spare minutes. We played yesterday and gave me a real run, almost beating me. The game has a real feel and sound to it. You can feel the piece as you move it, almost like it has a marble feel with a felt bottom. It's very easy to play and convenient when it's on your phone. I can't recommend it enough to everyone with an appropriate phone. And while you're downloading this game, check out Optime's other games of similar quality like checkers, free four, dots, tic-tax-toe. Update 2018 January 24 While the features that I listed above remain, the latest updates have removed the ability to listen to your music while playing. As with many others, I play this app as a means of relaxation, which for me goes hand in hand with listening to my purchased music. Now, you can I either play the game or listen to your music. You can’t do both.
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2 years ago, Technically challenged
Chess aprendice
I love this chess game. It’s simple, and for somebody that plays it just for fun it has become an inseparable friend any time I have to wait in line for something and on my free time. Ads are a little annoying, but not a big issue at all. Only suggestion: I play for fun and it is nice you can go back as far as you need to find where you made a mistake and fix it (don’t you wish we could do the same in life), but once you get check mate it is impossible to go back. Sometimes I played a really silly move just because I got distracted and It will be helpful to move back again.
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4 years ago, Adelyn;)
A good game... for people who know what they’re doing
So it’s been awhile since I played this game. I got back on just now, but I don’t think it’s very good anymore. Not by preference, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this review, but the computer’s knight took out every single pawn I had in just a few moves, ignoring any of the legal moves a knight must follow (ex. Going three squares downward in a straight line and two diagonal). Eventually it was just my King left, and I was right next to someone from the computer I wanted to take out, but it just wouldn’t let me move there. I checked again and again, and there was nothing that could take me out if I made that move. It’s not very good for beginners, in summary, who would think they could do those things legally. It’s learning wrong. Sadly I think I have to delete the app, but it’s a good game for people who know what they’re doing and have a good idea of what to do.
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2 years ago, ScottTheRecruiter
Full of ads with recent update that don’t go away, can’t switch apps
I’ve had this app for several years but the developer updated the app to have a ton of ads. Like, way more than usual ad amounts for free apps. For example, today I opened it up and there was an ad that I couldn’t skip for like approx 15 seconds. Then, I played a few moves for my game opening and I checked a text message that came in (in total, I switched apps no more than 5 seconds to read the text). So, I switch back to the game and now there is yet another ad and it wouldn’t go away. Full screen ad, no X go close or skip it anywhere, and it stayed on screen and wouldn’t let me go through it back to the game. I waited 3 minutes and it’s still there!! And also it’s in a different language, and I don’t even know what it’s for. I came here to write this review and delete the app, and changing to another app now. It’s a shame because I used to use this app near daily for several years.
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6 years ago, Kspicyt
Game likes to cheat
So I understand that this is a computer and it is very hard to beat. I couldn’t beat it for the longest time. Now when I finally had the chance to win the game suddenly starts cheating, bad... so I had to move my queen in place to make the checkmate, but when I tried moving her. It wouldn’t let me at all! So I moved something else thinking it’s just being dumb. When suddenly, my supporting knight disappeared. Just disappeared! Nobody was in his place, nobody attacked him! So I undo my turn and for the heck of it move a pawn up to protect because why not? Then my pawn that was castling my King disappeared. Discovering a rook attack on my King, then the game tells me I’m in checkmate. What it should’ve said was in check because I could’ve moved him out of the way. But the game ends like that with no chance of an undo. Sooooo I’m officially done with this game. It knows when it was about to lose and it started cheating lol. Playing against a 10yr old child computer I guess.
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8 years ago, coughsss
Unbelievably buggy
Don't download the game at all in the first place. I unwittingly got the game, played for a few weeks on difficulties below half, and once I increased the difficulty to higher levels, the game experienced the most frustrating errors I have ever encountered. Prevents the player from putting the opponent king in check, prevents the player from making some moves; I scoured the internet for rules against the moves I wished to make and found none. I have been playing chess all my life and there is absolutely no reason that I could not make these moves. For example, the opponent moved their king into check and then I was not allowed to take their king. My pieces frequently disappear, seemingly only when the opponent is bad position. These are not occasional, isolated errors; each game sees several errors in it. I suggest not to download the game at all until these bugs are worked out.
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3 years ago, enzoCignetti
Pretty terrible honestly
I’ve tried downloading this app maybe a dozen times over the past few years. Always deleting it for the same reason. It has no ability to gradually change difficulty. Around the halfway Mark, it jumps from incredibly easy to very difficult. You can tell how night and day the computations are too because just the slightest movement to the left, and it moves pieces instantly. If you move it the slightest bit to the right, it takes a good 5 seconds per turn to figure it out. I dominate 10/10 times moving in the slightest way to the easier side, and can’t win at all going to the right. The whole point of chess is trying to find a good opponent, this difficulty bar should be staggered in numbers of 4, not as it is, cause it’s so misleading. Makes you think you can gradually increase difficulty, but for years it’s been exactly like this.
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12 months ago, RandomUsername55555
Issues, needs fixing but has potential
Many glitches including rook being able to move diagonally, been that way for 6 years and still hasn’t been fixed. Same with the stalemate glitch where it will preemptively call stalemate before it even happens, as well as call stalemate when only the king can’t move, and the other pieces can still move… which is not stalemate. Also the pieces move too fast to the point where I often have to undo just to see what changed. On top of it there’s the ads, which I can understand the banner ads at the bottom of the screen, that’s okay, what’s not okay is the un-skippable full screen ads that last for 15-20 seconds. 100% of the time I immediately close the app and stop using it when those ads pop up. I would spend a much longer amount of time on the app if there were only the banner ads.
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1 year ago, Sad Beginner
Disappearing Pieces
While I am not new to chess, I am also not an “expert.” I was baffled when I went to move my bishop to take a pawn in front of the king. My rook was set to cover the bishop. When I moved my bishop it switched to the computer … They didn’t move any pieces, but my bishop disappeared from the board. I undid the move and tried moving my rook instead, which would have resulted in check covered by the bishop. This time the rook disappeared. Over time playing the app, I notice that if I put the king into check my pieces will sometimes randomly disappear. Definitely feels like the system cheats and has a fail safe if an unpredicted move is made — Just remove the piece from the board. Deleted and will not download again. Other reviews seem to mention this cheating as well. I don’t mind if it beats me — Which it did multiple times. I am here to learn. But, I can’t learn if you cheat.
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3 years ago, reclusivegiraffe
it’s wrong
my only major complaint with this game is that sometimes it’ll call a stalemate when it is definitely a checkmate. it happens a lot, actually. i’ll put the opposing king in a position where he can’t move without putting himself in check, while i have the liberty to move and avoid check. (which is checkmate), and the game will tell me “draw by stalemate”. very annoying. also, i don’t know how to make “rooking” happen. the AI will do it, but i never have the ability to do so — and will sometimes have to restart the game because rooking is the only way to save my king — and the game won’t checkmate it. this game has been around since the first or second iphone, so i have some nostalgia for it — and would like these bugs to be fixed.
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7 years ago, Ajax45yellow
BEWARE! Hijacks browser. launches safari in middle of your game.
If you don’t plan on immediately purchasing the no adds version don’t bother. Launches to some very disconcerting websites that are obvious hardcore adds, cookie injectors, and who knows what else. Yes we get it you need to eat and generate revenue but launching some hacker type site while I’m right in the middle of a chess move is fubar! Really kills the relaxing experience to have to go into cyber defense and stop your forced browser launch. There are other ways to get paid without treating potential customers like that. Comes off as very unscrupulous and greedy. Therefore uninstalled this app. I’d much rather watch two adds back to back at the beginning then have this thing kick me out of the game, launch safari, and hijack my browser force routing itself to go hit several sites on the for some pay per click. Not cool! Dislike would not recommend.
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4 years ago, Masami Hirai
Very very very bad.
On the hardest level and on time control, the computer will magically add a second bishop of the same color (either dark square or light square, but usually dark square in my experience.) Last time I checked, each player has 2 bishops. One light and one dark. It is impossible to have 2 bishops that are on the same color square. This always happens when I have a mate in 2 or 3. Seems like the computer is a loser and should get a life. Also the computer uses the bishop like an extra pawn. It positions the bishop behind 2 pawns in a V shaped form. Very silly and not chess at all. Very very bad chess. So, I will get a life myself and delete this funny app. Thank you for showing me what chess is not about. I will continue to enjoy chess while trying to get a life like your computer bishop. Although, I think I will be more successful than your silly computer bishop. I wish you the best, computer bishop.
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5 years ago, Realllly?
Allows the AI to cheat.
I never give reviews on games. Yeah, yeah. I’ve seen the other reviews the same way. But in 10 years of being a fanatic of certain games, this is literally my first...... this is not a “bot.” Just a real guy in Denver at 5:15pm on a Monday. (As a reality check, I’ll add that current politics means Trump keeps playing the American public like this game plays against you.) 🤪 This game has an undo button which is great. However, if you play chess for real and you know the rules, then you will be frustrated like me. Occasionally, the AI player is allowed to move a piece in a completely unorthodox way. I.E. bishop moves horizontal OR rook moves diagonal. No amount of hitting undo will change that. Developers need to fix this. Otherwise this is NOT real chess. Plenty of free options out there. Download something else. 0 stars if I could. Instead, I’ll try 1 of the other 9 trillion chess apps. Buh bye.
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8 years ago, T#3 B34$T
I was playing this game daily and I loved it but I was really disappointed by the same issue many people seem to be having with the game: the opponent cheating or using illegal moves when on an increased difficulty. I'm not that good at chess so when I put the difficulty to the max I've lost every time, but today, for the first time I had victory in my sights as I was 2 moves away from a clear checkmate. To my dismay, however, when the opponent was given a turn, none of his pieces moved and my queen just disappeared. I tried moving to every spot I could on the board thinking maybe it was just a rule I didn't know of but no matter what I'd do, he wouldn't move a single piece and my queen would just disappear. Really disappointing and if this problem gets fixed I'll change the rating. Otherwise I recommend not downloading this game due to possibly major let downs.
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6 years ago, SobchakSecurity17
Ads ruin it
I normally don’t care about ads because all it takes is a little patience and then you can exit out of them, but I do have a big problem with the ads in this app. They pop up randomly during play, which is inconvenient enough, but then on top of that they direct you to programs that mess with your entire system. Mid-play it’ll redirect me to another screen and then even if my sound is off it’ll start making audible text-tones for no reason. Then when I close out of the ad it just opens back up again, and this happens multiple times before it finally goes away. I can understand wanting to generate revenue through an app you took the time and effort to design, but inconveniencing the people that you made the app for in the first place is what will cause them to abandon it for a better chess app, and it’ll deserve it.
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5 months ago, Ttbeck
I’m not a pro chess player by far but the computer cheats and doesn’t like to lose. It has played illegal moves multiple times. Once, the computers knight moved to a place next to one of my pieces then removed my piece like it had killed it. I used the undo button and did the same move just to make sure. It did it again. It was plainly clear it didn’t land on the same spot but removed it. It also doesn’t let my king kill other pieces, but will kill my pieces with its king. It also ends the game in stalemate after just a few moves when the computer is down to just its king but won’t call a a stalemate or draw when I’m down to just my king even after 50 or 60 moves trying to stay away from the computer pieces. It has even taken its king and traded places with one of its other pieces. I will be deleting this app.
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1 year ago, Cheez713
If you want to learn chess go somewhere else
The simplicity and graphics are nice but besides that there is no other point in getting this compared to other chess apps. The “difficulty scale” is not clear and you don’t have an accurate measurement of your skill level. Like other reviews the game has indeed cheated some times where a knight has taken my pawns with an illegal move. But after all that I persisted and was in the endgame with the advantage but when I moved a pawn forward the game suddenly ended saying I got checkmated. I know some might think I just left an opening but the computer didn’t even make a move after mine and I looked everywhere and my king was nowhere near check. Anyone wanting to learn chess should find a different app because there are plenty that are more tailored to actually helping you learn and have good AI.
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3 years ago, 🦋💖🦄😘😻💩🤩🌙⚽️
Good,but needs improvements.
The reason why I think it needs improvement, is whenever I play the computer it froze. I think they should improve that, and also if it freezes or something like that. The time freezes as well,Then I have to restart the round then it happens again in the new round in less then 5 moves. But over all it’s pretty good, no improvements need to be needed if it’s a 2 player. And back to the 1 player thing, it goes on and off it isn’t always like it though, it’s always on and off. Thank you for your time reading!
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7 months ago, rapx857
I love how you made chess look so realistic and how you have two choices of going against somebody or going to the computer on it’s really fun I love I enjoy playing it with people and the computer it’s a really good children bored and I really just love how you put chairs onto of like a video game my mom usually does educational stuff but like this really helps because it’s educational but my mom thinks it’s occasional and I can play it basically any day why I have it as a burden and I have a here and it helped my brother actually learn how to play chess so I can actually play with him and it’s just really fun!
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7 years ago, Gyrxx
Better ways of learning Chess, Better apps to help be better
The app is okay. An okay shouldn't be seen as acceptable. The one thing I didn't like about the CPU is that openings would be very dodgy and and wouldn't follow the standard lines even at the highest difficulty which would be annoying since you have to account for those moves. But every move after around the 5th-ish would be perfect. So of course you'd have to do more calculations in your head, but you'd do that anyways on any platform/app. If you're trying to use this app to LEARN chess I'd strongly recommend downloading Stockfish since it tells you what openings you're playing and allows you to fine tune the CPU settings and as well as establishing custom positions. This app is okay, but just okay.
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2 years ago, TripLoger
Addictive !!!
It is not only fun and entertaining only, but a stress reliever formula for me. I have become an addictive to this to the level that now it does not bother me to wait in lines or in parking lots or even in the airports! The best tools are the player can set the challenging levels to feel comforted as the skills progress. Change the settings for playing with either colors and with more players instead of one on one. To the best part of it, the free version is showing ads of interesting other games, but I can must live with it. I love this app
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3 years ago, SM4RT 3GG
Can’t move to legal spots
This app is a very good app except one thing, I can’t move to legal places. I keep getting my knight close to the king on the white side but It won’t let me take the king. I can’t get close to the king on the other team as well. My pawns also can move 3 spaces which is most definitely a bug so please fix that. None of my characters can put any of the bots in check or checkmate which is very aggravating and I read some of the reviews saying they had the same problem. Im unable to play the game and win even on the easiest mode. The bot is also cheating and moving to illegal places to win. Please recode this app because it is frustrating a lot of people including me and my friends who have downloaded it. Please and thank you.
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2 years ago, Not A Big App Gamer
Two major problems
Most of the time the gameplay is fine, but: 1. Sometimes it doesn’t let you do a move that you should be able to do, which is quite annoying; and 2. for some reason, if the computer has checkmated you, it doesn’t tell you, and the match doesn’t end. You only have the option to undo your last move, or to click “menu” and manually restart a new game. If I’ve lost, I’d like to lose and be done with it, thank you very much. I tried to see if there was a setting to change this but there doesn’t seem to be. Both of these problems significantly reduce the enjoyability of the app. I think I’ll be looking for a better one.
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5 years ago, swatpunk
Computer player will not let you ever win.
Computer will not allow you to win. I have won several times. When it knows it has lost it does illegal moves or just says check mate for no reason. Some times random pieces just disappear on the board lol. Or even better pawns will turn into bishops randomly, even when they are in play in the middle of the board and haven’t made it to the end of the board to swap out. But its entertaining and very tough to beat until you figure out the correct moves. Again this is how you know you have beat the computer, when it starts freaking out and doing weird stuff. Still fun just wish they would let you win when you deserve to.
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6 years ago, ReverendHaywoodJablomi
Mind numbingly uncompetitive
As previous reviewers have pointed out, the player is frequently blocked from making valid moves while the computer isn’t. When at a disadvantage the computer will use dirty moves at a very high speed to make it difficult to detect. When the player is in check defensive moves are blocked, however the same does not apply in reverse. Having the computer opponent in check can often go on for over 10 minutes and when losing the computer will generate a pattern of moves that absolutely must be repeated. This triggers a threefold repetition rule, creating a draw where nobody wins. Having two sets of rules for player and computer is a highly uncompetitive practice that makes gameplay mind numbingly frustrating and dull. The rules are so clearly slanted that playing borders on pointless.
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1 year ago, Deezy 2123
Unbalanced and unnecessary draws
There’s a few issues I have one being that there’s a difficulty slider (which would seem like a good thing) BUT!! The easier difficulty is literally no challenge what so ever to a somewhat experienced chess player and at around medium difficulty the computer has zero to no flaws I would seem, don’t get me wrong I’m no chess pro but I definitely know enough to where I should at least win half or about 40% of my games around the medium range but I just see no mistakes and the Ai definitely capitalized on your mistakes, also there have been a few times where I would be one or two moves away from checkmate and the game ends in a stalemate and that’s really annoying especially since the Ai play so good and you finally get close to winning
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1 year ago, DisappointedMom&Teacher
The computer cheats.
The computer will not allow me to win. It just makes ended the game in a “draw” when I had THREE queens and a rook, and the computer only had its king left. I positioned three of my pieces to prevent the king from moving to certain spots. As soon as I moved to put the king in check mate, the app said it was a draw. It also allowed a knight to move diagonally to take a pawn, and when I moved a different pawn out of danger, the computer’s pawn immediately next to mine, moved diagnosable BEHIND my pawn, and still took my piece. I won’t even talk about the decent parts of this app, because the most important thing is ensuring the games are fair. They aren’t. Try a different chess app. I also seriously doubt the validity of some of these five star posts. They read like they were written by AI.
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6 months ago, IhAtethisApp3
Great- but there’s a slight glitch
This is a great app! But, I have noticed something odd. I usually play white and I’ve noticed a slight glitch with the black a7 & h7 pawns. It happens around the same place every time- a4 & h4 - for instance black pawn is at h4, I move my white pawn to g4 and the black pawn thinks it can take it. Same on the other side. It doesn’t happen all of the time so it’s not really a big deal. Sometimes if you just hit the undo and do the same move it will correct itself, but not all of the time.
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6 years ago, M.C. Waffle
Annoying as hell.
Having been in the retail industry for seven years, I understand that many people want a lot for a little. Most of us are cheap, or frugal, depending on your attitude. If the game was great, had more options, and better graphics, I’d agree with the idea of paying for something better. However, all that would happen is that the ads would be gone. I love chess, but you’re making it hard to want to upgrade. Make it 3D, battle chess, throw in some cool facts on a sidebar, saying, “Bobby Fisher’s favorite chess set, known as the ‘Dubrovnik’ was stolen. But it served him right. For, though he was the 1972 World Champion, he was also a complainer and wussy. In hindsight, he really had it coming.” Throw in anything, but don’t make me pay merely for the exclusion of ads. Weak.
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2 years ago, GameMaster!!!
Fraudulent Advertisement Included! Beware!
During startup, the app loads a fraudulent advertisement claiming that “iPhone Memory is Full”. The advertisement uses the Apple Settings icon, mimics an Apple Notification (uses the same font, layout, and sections), and attempts to deceptively and maliciously manipulate the user into tapping on the “Clean Memory” button in order to redirect the user to the Smart Cleaner app located in the Apple App Store. Please remove this app (Chess) and the corresponding app it is advertising (Smart Cleaner) to protect yourself from potentially malicious software. This issue has been reported to Apple with the hope that Apple will conduct a thorough investigation of the matter and will take the appropriate steps necessary to verify this information and remove this app and the app it is advertising, if necessary. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Nickname5468739
I didn't know an AI could taunt people.
Good for learning but whenever I play on harder difficulty levels the AI will try to get everything except for my king and once only my king is left it will just taunt me instead of actually trying to checkmate me. It will play forever until I make a stupid move and give it an easy checkmate instead of trying to set one up itself. Sometimes I will have only my king and a pawn left and it will have an opportunity to take my pawn but waits until I try to defend my pawn to take it. So basically the AI is a jerk. Please make it so the AI at least tries to checkmate me instead of just push me around.
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3 years ago, kammc918
Very good but should have more
For example u should be able to disable the “safety” where u can’t move ur king to somewhere it would get taken out. It’s nice to not accidentally lose the game but it would be nice to train myself to think twice before moving a unit because as we all know on a real board u don’t get a click sound warning you. Also (I’m no chess expert) I think the draw by stalemate is really annoying and should have a way to be turned off. Like earlier I had 5 queens, a rook and a pawn and they had just their king and a pawn and I got draw by stalemate. I don’t see stalemate in that but what do I know?
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8 years ago, Umrk111
Great for long flights & Ads? Who cares?
When I am on a long flight wedged in between two people who really should have purchased an entire row each because their massively obese bodies occupies the space of four normal people, this game helps keep my mind occupied with chess and not on my urge to ask my seat mates why they feel compelled to eat 8,000 calorie dinners, then subject innocent travelers to their enormous, sweaty bodies. As for the ads, they don't bother me at all because with no active internet connection, there are NO ads. For those complaining about intrusive ads, try thinking out of the box once and a while...
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6 years ago, Carson21056144328567001
Good but...
This app is good but there are a few problems with it. First of all when playing the game sometimes does not recognize stalemate, situations where checkmate is impossible such as bishop and king vs king , and in rare occasions does not recognize checkmate. These problems aren’t a big deal because the don’t happen much and normally it’s the computer that puts me in stalemate and does not recognize it. My only other issue is that after a game is finished, you cant use the undo button anymore because I would like to review good o bad moves that I made. Also I would like an ability to save my games.
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3 months ago, YouKnowIt86102
Great game but needs a crucial fix
Really enjoy this game but it has an extremely irritating flaw. I would have to say that over half the time I have my opponent in check mate they end the game and call it a draw by stalemate. Not really that big of a deal because I know u have won but the game also keeps track of your record against the opponent so that’s where it’s irritating. Because of this flaw you can never keep accurate track of your wins and loses. I’m probably not gonna stop because of it but it is definitely an annoyance.
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4 years ago, Buityhuskygirl
It Lets Me Play Chess But I Cant Move Certain Places
The App Is Great And All and It Let Me Play Chess In My Free Time, But I Am Kind Of Upset That It Wont Le Me Move To A Place I Wanted To Move Even Though It Was Perfectly Fine To Move There. My Pons Sometimes Dont Capture Other Pieces When They’re Allowed To. It’s Fun To Be Able To Play Chess On A Device In My Free Time, But I Would Like These To Be Fixed. Once In A Game My King Was In Check And I Could Move It To Escape, But It Wouldn’t Let Me Move There And I Had To Restart My Game. Other Than That I’d Play This Game And Enjoy It. Maybe This Is A Bug But I Want It Fixed. This Is Still A Good Game And It Helped Me Get Better At Chess. Thank You For Hearing Me Out, And If You Cant Fix It That’s Okay. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Hasty, LLC
Beautiful gameplay, but two suggestions
First of all, this game is the best chess app on the market, because the pieces move so elegantly and the design is so well done. However, there are two things that frustrate me in rare situations. Firstly, when a game gets down to two kings hopping aimlessly around the board, it should automatically be a stalemate. Also, there’s no way to go back and see how you won. The undo button doesn’t work after the game is over, and it would be nice to review the victory for future games.
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1 year ago, Sad_ Boi :)
Love this game but one issue.
As the title suggest this game is great I love playing it in my free time it’s very fun. I am just a novice (at best) who plays chess for fun. Today I was facing computer on the hardest difficulty and when I moved my queen to H5 she just disappeared. Tbh it’s really funny but I was one move from checkmate and the AI just “took” the piece. Didn’t move anything it just took the piece. My queen was just gone. I have a screen recovering of it but I paid for the premium version and it really seems like you can’t beat the bot and it “cheats” for lack of a better term.
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3 years ago, GamerPog_
Its good but it needs some updates
I love the game to entertain myself and play with friends but i think this game needs some upgrades. First off, the pieces for either black or white need to be inverted when it comes to two player mode, this way it can adjust to the two player’s view. Secondly, the ads are disturbing every time you open the app, consider putting them at the bottom of the screen as you do during games so it doesn’t bother. Hope this helps :)
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4 years ago, looking for a new spades game
Ok but horrible coding
Fun game until the computer made a pretty significant illegal move and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I had a pawn on g2, black had pawn on h4. My turn I move my pawn to g4, beside the other pawn. Looks good to me, neither pawn can attack as far as I’m aware of. But little do I know the computer has an ace up it’s sleeve -bad coding!! The black pawn, to my surprise, moves to g3! And to add to the Fisher-like move, captures my pawn on g4 somehow. I assumed it was a glitch so I hit the undo button and try again but nope. Bad coding is too strong to overcome. I’m no pro, but I’ve seen a game or two and I’ve never known the pawn to make this type of move. I’m uninstalling and finding a different app, recommend you do the same.
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8 years ago, Anijasmeen
It's ok but annoying
The game itself is good, I like that it allows you to change the difficulty but what's really annoying is that it won't allow you to do something that's gonna make you win or lose. Like for instance I my queen could have captured the computers rook without ending up in "harms way". I reviewed the board several times wondering why it wouldn't let me make the move and there was nothing that would get my queen or kind captured it just wouldn't let me take the rook. It was really annoying especially cause it happens in every game and I keep reviewing the board to see what's wrong but nothing is.
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11 months ago, 7fatchix
Calls “Draw by Stalemate” when it is about to loose
Decent game. Computer seems pretty tough when set to slightly below middle of difficulty bar. So far, the computer has cheated me out of two wins since I paid to remove ads. Once when I chased its solo King all the way to my side of the board, and had mate in 1-move (i checked on nextmovechess and confirmed i had mate in 1-move). The other, computer had a solo King versus two Queens, a Rook, a pawn and my King. Again it called stalemate when I had mate in 1-move. Super frustrating after the time and effort to accomplish a win.
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