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2 years ago
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User Reviews for chess24

2.46 out of 5
82 Ratings
2 years ago, tpt75
Needs Work
As a longtime chess player (1900+) and avid chess technology user, I’m going to give my feedback in hopes the developer takes it seriously. The chess playing interface and controls are mediocre at best. Very limited time control options. No incremental time options (2/1, 3/2, etc). No ability to control rating range of players. No ability to limit play to members only so you get guests a lot. The board isn’t very nice, the piece color options are limited, etc, etc. Maybe I missed a set of options somewhere but that would be an issue also. User friendliness is critical.
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2 years ago, UnaSalusVictis
Load times are terrible
I like to keep track of tournaments on my phone through this app. However, the load times on the app are horrible. I sometimes have to close the app and reopen it before the current tournament list will load.
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2 years ago, Lundunren
Keeps freezing since latest update
I have been playing on this app almost every day for a few years now. Since the latest update a week or two ago, the app keeps freezing during games, resulting in me losing games (and many rating points) for “losing connection.” But there is nothing wrong with my connection. Other apps including other chess apps are working fine. Please fix this so that I can start enjoying this app again and get my rating back up!!
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2 years ago, Christian🇦🇲
It’s okay
I don’t understand the complaint it’s a okay chess app. There is some things that are not adding unlike other chess apps. There is still puzzles and more. They also have a Magnus bot. The rating also starts you at 1500.
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10 months ago, hrpanjwani
Saved analysis gets auto deleted
The engine is good but the app is very buggy. If I save an analysis then it stays for a while but then gets auto deleted after a few hours. Their website is much better than their app. Maybe they should remove the app altogether and just focus on the website if that is what they are doing anyways.
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3 years ago, Ricc1998
Time glitch
The app allows for time glitches that cost you several games that you should win. If you disconnect you should at least be given a 10 -15 second reconnect
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2 years ago, Zhames
Won’t even let me register for the site.
The app won’t even let me register for the site. Won’t even recognize a garden variety Gmail address as valid. This does not inspire confidence in the competence of your coders. If it can’t even let people register smoothly, what else will it fail to do?
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2 years ago, DrSherifToma
This is by far the worst chess app. The idiot developers essentially forgot about this app. AND when you do play, the win/loss calculation is frankly retarded. How would someone lose over 40 points when they play someone who’s less than 200 rating points from them??????? Mr. Developer, you’re an IDIOT. APP DELETED.
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3 years ago, cheztim
Unsupported app
The app no longer shows tournament standings. Frustrating. The app/site/trademark was recently acquired and the new management doesn't respond to user inquiries. I won't renew my subscription under current conditions.
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2 years ago, wdbarth
The best place to watch chess online
The app works well too.
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7 months ago, _NM_
Poor design
The interface is not intuitive. The app is a blemish for Chess24. Who would subscribe to their service after trying this out? The tactics trainer interface behavior is odd (that is if you can figure it out).
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2 years ago, JColeTPlat
Horrible user interface
Tournaments to watch doesn’t even load.
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2 years ago, Frag222
No tournaments and clock too small
No regular tournaments to join (unlike lichess) and clock is small and out of the way so hard to play and watch your clock.
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3 years ago, chris349728
Bugs are awful
The tactics trainer routinely subtracts rating points when it should add and vice versa. It also has routine time out problems. I’ve brought this to their attention months ago and they still haven’t done anything. So frustrating.
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2 years ago, babYOLO
Follow top games
Basically use it to follow all top games.
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2 years ago, Pewbertr
App freezes. Needs fix.
The app has consistently froze on me causing me to lose games. This app needs a patch.
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3 years ago, sub to Kanoa Gloy
Mouse Slips!!!
This app will make mouse slips way often than other apps. Especially when playing blitz or bullet. I lost a lot of games due to this.
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3 years ago, slithermasta
Not good
I don’t like this app. You play a game and you can’t send messages. Plus, when you finish the game, there is no history of the games you played and you can’t go back to review them. So stupid
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2 years ago, LeiQ107
Tournaments page not load
Chess24’s tournament list has a bunch of interesting tournaments to follow. Recently that tab takes forever to load.
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1 year ago, Seasaltandgin
Unable to register. The app says that the data is in the wrong format, but does not specify the field that’s wrong or what the format should be.
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3 years ago, chesster drawers
Way too many bugs to actually use
Lost many games due to time control issue. Sounds don't always work. Clock placement is confusing.
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3 years ago, Freqridr
No increment setting?
Only increment game available is 3 2. Would be better if you could customize time, increment settings.
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6 months ago, dr najafi
unable to load tournemant games!!
please solve this bug
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2 years ago, Piney3000
Keep getting problems getting my email password back
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2 years ago, lifeiswhatitis
A lot of glitches with time. I have lost a bunch of games where my opponent has no time left but my time still continues to run.
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1 year ago, ChessRook5T1
Cant even log in.
I can’t even log in with my basic email please fix this
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2 years ago, Hussein alzoori
It’s keep freezing
Since the last update the app freezes costs me games Pls fix it
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2 years ago, HaddyPainkiller
Really frustrated with this crap software
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7 years ago, great on the subway
Bad element of a great site
Chess 24 is a wonderful site with excellent tournament coverage and great training materials created by top GMs like Jan GUSTAFSON and PETER Svidler who work for them. But the play zone and the iPad app are DOGS and it's really a shame. The iPad app hasn't had a meaningful update in ages. You will lose games you have in fact won, the app will crash in the middle of a game, the responsiveness and feel are slow and poor all around. Its a pity, their gms are strong but their coders are patzers!
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2 years ago, -Kingslayer-
One of the worst I’ve ever seen
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3 years ago, huggiesco
Can’t login with Facebook
Terrible app
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7 years ago, Mighty-Penguin
Great app but a few bugs I think
I love this app with all the videos and broadcasting it does. I think there might be a problem with the engine though as sometimes the computer just gives up rooks and says equal (not for compensation just clear hanging pieces). It would also be nice in the video section to have a reset filter option as once I search for something I can't go back and scroll through all the videos. The video option in the broadcast doesn't seem to be working as well but I'm not sure if that's just because of recent changes in broadcast options. But great app and recommended to all chess lovers :)
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4 years ago, Kilgor23
Terrible especially on iPhone x
This is the most irritating app I have ever used. The controls you have to use to scroll through moves or while solving puzzles are horribly misplaced. They are at the very bottom of the screen on a narrow strip. They are partially covered by iPhone X’s line at the bottom. When I try to hit the arrow for next move, I keep hitting the notation and end up somewhere near the end or wherever that notation point is because the margin for error is do small. This makes whatever other features they have useless, because I cannot scroll through game without losing my temper. Whoever designed this app should be fired.
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7 years ago, Mohsinkin
The articles are awesome
I always struggle to find quality news reporting on chess games. With the word championship going on I ran into one of the chess24 articles on the web and I was thoroughly impressed at the quality of content in he article. They had Twitter comments, cartoons and in very well composed. Kudos to whoever is writing your news report on the world championship.
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4 years ago, Tttt3ony
Great app with on major flaw
You may be ahead on time, but once in a while will still lose, even though the opponent's time has ran out. The app will stop and, after about a minute or two, or whatever time you have remaining, will inform you that you lost on time. Enraging.. The app was updated not too long ago and the issue is not as prevalent as it used to be, but it still does it from time to time.
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9 years ago, Burnsy5657
Great broadcast
A great app for a company just starting out. The broadcast is great. I enjoyed watching Olympiad. Watching the Sinquifeld cup was fantastic. The commentary was great, and being able to play lines on the board and explore was awesome. All I had to do was hit one button to go back to the live board they were commenting on. Only negative is premium members should get a lot more.
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9 years ago, Mas7804
During the recent Olympiad there was a setting somewhere to choose between the High Definition video stream (also known as "freezes-doesn't work") and the Standard stream (aka "works fine"). Now I'm trying to watch the Sinquefield Cup and as far as I can tell the latest version of the app has removed this setting, leaving the HD default as the only choice. So on my devices at least (both my iPhone 5 and a recent vintage iPad), it won't work. Video plays for about 10 seconds, then freezes (audio continues streaming).
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7 years ago, Connerdm
Huge issue
I made an account, tried to log in, said my password was incorrect, had an email sent to me to reset my password, link didn't work, so now I can no longer make an account because a 2 minute old dead account holds the email that I use
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4 years ago, Javy9fan
Won’t let me login
I registered, did everything it told me to do in the email, and I still can’t login. I’ve tried two email addresses too! And every time I try to register with the same account. It tells me I have to login with that account, but logging in doesn’t work! The only reason it has a star is because I’ve seen Magnus Carlsen play on it and it looks really cool.
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7 years ago, Panther2641
Using it a lot
The app was recommended by somebody in my chess club, so I wanted to give it try. Now I find myself using it almost daily, checking out current tournaments or playing some games myself. I'm actually surprised the app is free for what it offers. Good stuff by chess24
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5 years ago, Stonewall Faith
Why isn’t the WCC game loading?
I like to watch games live on the app. But as of right now, the Carlsen-Caruana game shows as “yet to begin”. It started 3 hours ago, and I’ve been watching it in the browser. Fix this, and I’ll give you the five stars back.
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9 years ago, Gxq391
Game time inaccurate
I have lost several games when my opponent's clock runs out, not mine. App clock seems quite inaccurate when time is running low. Also, no sounds on ipad2 even when turned on. Would be nice to have landscape view and chat feature, as with the online version. Otherwise, nice interface and fun to play.
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7 years ago, Crazyim
Best well round chess app
This is probably the best all in one chess app for playing, watching live broadcast and listening to commentary. I wish they could include the auto play button when reviewing games without us having to press the arrow keys.
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4 years ago, Evan Katz (Manhattan)
Great App, But Engine Always Crashes on iPhone XS Max
Chess24 is a great app and service. It lets you watch many top chess tournaments. But the on-phone engine analysis feature always crashes on our iPhone XS Max, after about 30-60 seconds (athough never on our 2013 iPad). Ches24 really needs to fix this ASAP.
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7 years ago, Formal Cause
Great app -- needs Notifications!
I love it. Really great overall -- but notifications/time starts would be the best ever! Some of the web pages are not clear about start times. Notifications on the app would be amazing!
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7 years ago, mgaroa
Good chess app, just one problem
One of the best chess app. However, the only problem that I experience is that when I use this app my phone overheat too much. I have an iPhone 7. Hopefully with an update this issue can be resolve.
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6 years ago, lxrchtt
Clean the Tournament Broadcast section please...
Not sure how to get your attention: I reported this this bug via email three times in the past few months. There are half dozen tournaments listed as live at the top that have concluded months ago. Just edit the table manually to mark them as "finished" if the bug takes too long to fix.
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5 years ago, $Kkk$
Bug in the app
Whenever we castle or the opponent castles the app can goes into a weird state where it counts down the opponents time but at the end it says I lost due to timeout. If I quit the app and start it and resume the game, the castling move has not been recorded and same countdown starts again. This started a few weeks back. Due to this it has become unplayable.
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7 years ago, MacauleyP
Still the best and most comprehensive chess app
Read the news and watch live tournaments, then play a game or two, and check your mistakes with the engine right afterwards. Awesome.
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8 years ago, Choepel
GOAT for News/Livestreams
iOS live stream is broken... It's being fixed though ;) I don't use this app for games (Shredder), but it's the greatest for news and tournament broadcasts
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