Chipolo – Find Your Everything

4.6 (11.7K)
79.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chipolo d.o.o.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chipolo – Find Your Everything

4.56 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
4 days ago, Rich2804
Ekster wallet
This has by far been the best wallet I have ever used. I’ve already put multiple scratches on it and even bent the mechanism that slides your cards out but still seems to be holding on strong. I few friends of mine have told me to request a replacement from Ekster but I don’t see the need to since the issues I’m having with my ekster were at my own doing. Bottom line even with those imperfections that I put on it myself it’s still great and anyone reads my review. What are you doing go get your Ekster. By now thank you Ekster for awesome experience with your beautiful items. Oh yeah and don’t forget your card tracker through Chipolo. It works great with you wallet and especially with an iPhone. The ring goes both way so if you lose your wallet ring your Ekster and you’ll find ring somewhere you left but the you find your Ekster and now can’t find your phone just triple click your Chipolo and boom there’s you wallet. God I would love to become a seller for them or something cause I have all the confidence in what they do. Good job guy can’t wait til I can afford another gadget from Ekster. Anyway I gotta get to bed so I’m leonitus and I’m out 🤘👀
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2 years ago, ticothep
Chipolo Support Team Saves Christmas!
This product is AMAZING! And not only is the Chipolo One Spot a fantastic product, but it has an even better team behind it! A few weeks ago, I purchased a 4-pack of Chipolo One Spot devices for my wife as a Christmas gift thinking that I would beat any holiday delivery hold-ups. Unfortunately, when I retrieved the yellow USPS envelope from our key-locked community mailbox, the envelope’s seal had been broken and the devices were nowhere to be found. I realized that this was no fault of Chipolo’s, but I did email customer support regarding the stolen devices immediately with the hopes that they would switch postal carriers to a more reputable company (like FedEx or UPS) so other future customer hopefuls wouldn’t have to feel the disappointment that came with seeing an empty Chipolo envelope in their mailbox like I did. The support technician emailed me back the following morning and apologized even though it wasn’t their fault to begin with. Then, she told me that they would be sending out replacement devices and that I only needed to confirm my shipping address! I was so delighted to hear such gracious news! What an amazing company to take ownership of a mishap that wasn’t theirs to begin with! I loved the product when I came across it, but I think I love the company MORE. I will be recommending Chipolo to anyone I know looking to purchase a tracking device for their items! Thank you, Chipolo! #TeamChipolo
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2 years ago, AliciaFromNY
Now you’re talking ! Love this unit 🙌🏼❤️
Time and time again id lose my keys or misplace them often more than id have then on me ! I constantly would say to my friends and family that I need Suri ( Apple iPhone ) to come up with a means to locate my keys and / or ring them and locate too ! Well, thanks to Chipolo I can honestly say that this device and its app have made my peace of mind on track - no pun intended. I can easily ring and listen where my keys are located and I can also pin down to its location in the map and find them nearby . I LOVE THIS DEVICE AND ITS SIMPLE TO USE APP! Easy to navigate, even a beginner can use it with ease ! Life for me just got easier by saving me so much time in the morning when Im heading out the door and cant find my keys ! Thanks Chipolo!!! ^*^*^ I have ONLY ONE request. If you could make the ringer -beep MORE LOUDER ?
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2 years ago, jordtrob
Awesome product!
I bought this last Christmas as a present for my boyfriend, as he’s constantly losing his keys and wallet, and it was the best thing he’s ever gotten. I bought the bundle at the time, so I received 3 Chipolo ONE’s: my keys, his keys, and he put the last one in his wallet! (He doesn’t even notice it’s there, so it was a great placement). It was very easy to pair with the app and use. My only bad thing so far is that the one for my boyfriends keys began to not make sound about a month ago, we could use it to find the phone but not the other way around. I contacted support about it, and they were so quick to respond as well as extremely helpful! It turned out to be a faulty speaker, with the Chipolo Team sending me a replacement free of cost! Highly recommend the product, the app, and the Team!😊
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6 years ago, MitchKlein
Where o where has my little dog gone?!
The newest version of the Chipolo water resistant ‘tag’ is pretty darn good!! I KNOW the Chipolo people do NOT recommend this thing to keep track of one’s furry pals, but even when they get it wet as they drink from their water bowl, this thing “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’”. (Borrowed from TIMEX commercials circa 1950’s or 1960’s....). Anyway, I like the current, revised app on my iPhone and iPad and unlike the early Chipolo devices, the new ones don’t drive us crazy because they don’t “chirp” randomly (or drain the battery via the unwanted “chirps”). The ONLY downside (for us customers) is that these new Chipolos are completely sealed and the battery, therefore, cannot be replaced. KA-Chinggggg.......... So, once a year, every year, there will be cash leaving one’s billfold. Thank you Chipolo!
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6 years ago, $?runt?$
There are many different locators for phone and keys. I’ve tried 3. Mynt. Forget it. The low tone it bakes you better have keys in front of you to hear. TIle was same problem. Chipolo offers the loudest chirp. Enabling you to hear and locate keys or phone. I did have a problem Of it unsyncing at the worst times, only to find if my phone ringer was on silent, it wouldn’t ring. A re-install of the app, suggested by the Chipolo team, solved the problem. I was Apple to sync 2 Chipolo to my phone. keys and wallet. They offer a thin wallet design. Don’t waste your money. The round disk fits as well. It creates a little bulge, you’d think Chipolo would offer discounts for multiple disks or sets of wallet card and disc. Not a 5$ discount, more like for only an additional 5 or 10 for each after 1st purchase. You can buy a cheap electronic watch for 5 bucks. 25 is a bit much for a electronic locator, and they off discount new battery replacement for waterproof model.(it can’t be opened) for 12 plus shipping for 18. Hardly any kind of savings. But over all Chipolo locator has saved me a lot of aggravation in morning key or phone and wallet hunting. (Next they need to add a hot button. Know your keys or phone to be stolen. Hit the button and whosever holding the misgotten items.)
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4 years ago, Renee95631
Pleased but.....
So I got two of these chips one for my husband’s phone and one for mine. The linking to my phone was easy-peasy. When I tried to link my husband’s phone to it I kept getting an error message that it had been blocked. I tried different emails I tried all kinds of things and I think it was through a Facebook page that I made a comment I was about ready to stomp on the chip. Low and behold a Chipolo employee reached out to me. I was then able to send different ID numbers whatever the heck they wanted, but I was so pleased when they emailed me back and said it was the chip’s fault and not mine… Can you imagine that? Waiting for the replacement, but so far VERY good. And I hope I didn’t just jinx it!
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2 years ago, Namkorjb
Only works while app is open
Really great concept except I get notifications constantly that the app is not tracking me because it’s the app isn’t open. And I need to open it in order for it to track. So it doesn’t know where the last spot my phone and the trucker were in contact, unless I have the app open 24/7. I do have the option to track “always” turned on but it won’t unless the app is open . Unless it is tracking and it’s just giving me the notification for no reason. Also the range is like 40 feet, so if you lose your wallet somewhere in your house and hit the alert button it won’t work. Unless you happen to be within the same room. If it would track while the app was closed it could be handy if you left your wallet at a restaurant or something because then it would know that’s the last point of contact. But no…..waste of money, do not buy this product.
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3 years ago, Flashlight junkie
Do exactly as claimed!!!
Love these lil guys, and lil is a big thing!!! They are loud, the lights where applicable are illuminating, and the notifications are very enlightening. It may sound fancy due to my words or to some, quite dull and “yeah that’s what their supposed to do!”, but that’s my point exactly, they do exactly as they’re intended and almost without fail. The fails are my fault as I didn’t allow for solar charging or didn’t replace a battery, however when I do my part they do theirs and the only way to fancy that up is by the utilization of exultation via sensational vocabulary to promulgate my gaiety with the product and how capitally and adroitly it performs it’s insipid tasks!!!
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1 year ago, xJ3R3MYx
Chipolo is Amazing!!!
I’ve been a Chipolo user for years and I regret not writing a review sooner. I’m a busy dad and I constantly get distracted and lose track of my stuff. The device was the first of its kind and it’s been a life saver in helping me keep track of where I leave things. I use one on my wallet, my luggage and my car keys. I’m an Apple device user, and still I prefer the Chipolo to Air Tags or other similar tracking devices. The app is amazing, never crashes and is incredibly user friendly—but what makes it stand out from an Air Tag is that I can share the device, so that my family members can also help me track my devices. This is a huge deal when my wife or kids are using my keys or luggage! Additionally, Chipolo customer service is OUTSTANDING. When my aging first generation device neared the end of its support lifetime, Chipolo contacted ME to offer me a replacement. They truly stand behind their product and I will continue to recommend them to everyone I know! Thanks Chipolo Team!
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2 years ago, Alissaba
Major stress reduction and life improvement
I can’t even begin to express how much I use Chipolo and what an improvement Chipolo has made in my day-to-day. I have chipped SO many things, and I use them every day. Multiple times a day! Chipolo has saved me from MANY hours of searching, frustration, and stress. And the proximity feature is a lifesaver! I never have to worry about getting to work without my ID card or my keys. And at home, if my phone is not handy I can use Alexa to ring what I’ve misplaced. Another huge plus is the replaceable batteries. I cannot say enough good things about Chipolo. Huge fan here, HUGE.
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3 years ago, TWEKJ
One of the Best inventions Since Sliced Bread
Me and My partner are prone to losing our phones and wallets this product helps you keep track of both you can check on a map for long distance hunting or ring your wallet or phone vise versus from a customizable ring tone update of your choice and much more I’m still learning about My Ekster Wallet I won’t spoil all the details of the product now. Some may say this phone is Extra looking like it came out of a 007 Film And I always Reply in a sly manner it’s not Extra it’s Pronounced Ekster ^_^ LOL Joking aside I would recommend this for anyone who wants evolve past our Grandfathers Hamburger Wallet from yesteryear.
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6 years ago, E.Strickland
We like it!
After losing my wallet 4 times in a month, it was time to find help! It occurred to me that some time ago I had received a Chipolo from a coworker who went to a trade show the previous year. So, needless to say I installed the app and began using it. It’s wonderful! I have found my wallet over and over when it’s near the range of my phone. Although I wish the volume on the Chipolo is a bit louder. For the last two months the battery seems to be holding up just fine. I was actually expecting to replace the battery sooner because I had received the Chipolo as a gift about a year ago. But so far so good. One thing I really really wish is that the app was able to locate the Chipolo a bit far away like say if you forgot your wallet at a restaurant. I’m not sure if I can trust the Chipolo community yet to find my wallet and cooperate. I haven’t used that feature yet. What if someone steals your wallet after losing it at a restaurant or train? Who knows?! Maybe the Chipolo team will make the range broader sometime. Hopefully! All in all I like it!! Thanks!!
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2 years ago, PraiseorGrump
App & devices are superb
Everything just works. Find-it devices are NOT over-engineered — are simple, well thought out. In general I’ve actually come to slightly prefer it over Tile, which is my mainstay. Pricing is aggressive & good. One problem — waiting to get fixed. The last update of the app has broken Bluetooth slightly.I have to turn it on and off to maintain connections. Never happened before. My friends having same problem. Get it fixed! Makes Chipolo irritating — exactly the opposite of what it was before. :-) BIG FAN; please keep me that way.
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1 year ago, =^..^= TINA P.
No more anxiety about finding the cats before dark
I’m so relieved to be able to easily find my cats every evening. This system works perfectly. The tag is a bit large for the cats but it isn’t heavy and they don’t really seem to mind wearing it. First I look at the map and walk to that area of our very large yard, then if I don’t see them I get the tag to make an alarm and I can find them right away. I’m very pleased to feel secure about my attempts to bring them inside before the coyotes start their nighttime hunting. I love this new system!
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1 year ago, Jude328
We use this product whenever we travel. We lost a bag while traveling to Europe and airline only reimbursed us for 1/3 of the value. We just used carry on bags until we purchased this item. Just connect to your phone and you know instantly how close your luggage is. We can finally travel stress free:). It’s great to pay for an item that actually works according to the manufacturer claims. Buy this product, you will get what you thought you were buying. Oh and it’s easy to set up on your phone!
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2 years ago, Diddly:D
Best money I’ve spent.
I’m always finding out right when I need to be somewhere I can’t find my car keys or my phone and they both can find each other so cool I’m out the door instead of getting upset and late. It’s never failed me and I’ve had them for several years now just change the battery and it even tell you when you need to do that too. I thinking of sticking one to my TV remote I’m looking for in the bed or behind a cushion all the time. Wish I could attach one to my glasses!
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5 years ago, R24817
Awesome Customer Service!
I purchased my Chipolo Plus from a homeware store before learning that you can buy them through the app or Chipolo Website. The battery died after six months instead of the expected one year so I emailed customer service and they were wonderful! They responded within a day and gave me options to either return it or use a discount to purchase new one(s). I ended up buying new ones plus the Chipolo card because I was so happy with the original one before it died. I’m also very excited about the recycling program!
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1 year ago, Alexander____F
Amazing Product and Service
So I have some Chipolo products since I lose everything and they are incredible!! Cheaper than other alternatives but not less quality because of it. There service is also incredible. I had an issue with one of the products since the battery ran out early and they sent me a new one free of charge no problem! They are so helpful and the app is easy to use too!
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2 years ago, geoorge
Bad tech causes anxiety
The purpose of buying these devices is to give piece of mind so that you know that you can find lost items and prevent them from getting lost in the first place. Unfortunately Chipolo has not refined their Bluetooth algorithms over the past couple of years. So what this means is that every time I leave my house (with my Chipolo devices: one for my keys and one for my wallet) the app notifies me that I’ve left my wallet and keys in the house! This of course sets off a mad panic where I frantically search myself for my keys and wallet. So instead of giving me piece of mind, Chipolo causes me to lose my mind. There’s no excuse here. I live in San Francisco with strong Wi-Fi, strong cell service, and my house isn’t old construction where signal may have a more difficult time. This is just Chipolo having some super sloppy algorithms that can’t tell the difference between actual lost connection and temporary lost connection because their Bluetooth signals are too weak. I’ll update this review if somebody contacts me and can explain what they’re doing to fix this.
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4 years ago, Woodland Rover
Battery Life
I bought a Chipolo on clearance. I believe it had a tab you pulled to activate the battery which was supposed to last one year. At about 6 months I started getting messages from Chipolo that I was going to need a new battery. It stopped working at about seven months. I used it maybe two - three times a month. (often just to show people). Now that my car has a fob that stays in my pocket or purse, I don’t lose keys like I used to I haven’t needed to replace the battery. However, in about a month (on my Chipolo’s 1 yr. anniversary), I’m planning to try activate a new battery and see how long it lasts.
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11 months ago, Tim's nickname
Small detection network makes it not useful
It's not entirely clear to me how extensive the Chipolo network is, but it seems quite small For example, when I left the tracker at home and I was traveling, I never once was able to get a current status of the tracker: it simply said that the last time it was seen was when I was in the same room with it - it never once updated from the Chipolo network in 2 weeks while I was away The above tells me that the Chipolo network is quite small since people walk by my house all the time and something should have picked up the tracker If the network is small, it is not useful for detecting lost items
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1 year ago, mamas5299
I’m so in love with this wallet I love how I can track it whatever I want and I could see it on my phone I love the charging from the sun and how it lasts for three months I like how it gives me real time vision so I can see exactly where my stuff is it also helps to like let me know where I am so if I ever get lost I can see that or it shows my family where I am it’s awesome I’ll be able to keep track of my kids if I put it in the bag I love it
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1 year ago, Finds the lost item
Item saver
Sure if you leave sorta far it disconnects but if you come back around the area you left off from it’ll pick back up and connect to phone through Bluetooth and it’ll go off and again again again and again I have found my keys specially in the mornings running out the door for work this item I really think it’s a 5star 100%! I keep buying from Chipolo! I got Zero complaints! 😁
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1 year ago, craftywaftygirl
Chipolo Must Have List!!!
I bought it for myself, after having read a review. I have mine attached to a flash drive that has important work information for my business. My daughter bought my husband the “fruit” brand. Not only is there a costly subscription, it works terribly. I just bought a bunch for holiday gifts. After everyone gets theirs, I’m buying another to keep in whatever purse I’m using. Great product!!!
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2 years ago, Lilmamasteeda
Great sometimes
Good product but doesn’t work all of the time. A battery went out on the one I got for Christmas and it said on the package that you had a one year warranty battery replacement program. NOT!! I called you and was told to go buy a battery for it. So I will be going a different route to see if apples are better bc they’re slightly cheaper than yours. Don’t get this and believe the packaging bc they do not have a replacement program. And they’re response to this post is even more frustrating. Bc I tried to tell them the same thing and I was told to go buy a battery and replace it. So no you did NOT honor your warranty with me as a customer.
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5 months ago, Davidbiz
Every other day I get a notification that the app has shut down because the Chipolo hasn’t connected with the app!! The thing is in its wallet and I use the wallet like I do every wallet I’ve ever had! Why does this one continually shut down, completely defeating the entire purpose of having this product! Also, the power is through a small solar panel on the Chipolo itself. I mean, who’s going to keep taking this thing out of their wallet every few days, to leave it in the sun to re-charge ??!! Sorry…nice theory, crap realization!
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9 months ago, Anthonyskala
Quit working after 3 months
The solar charging is not user friendly as the card is usually in your wallet. Putting it out in direct sunlight is not practical and easy to forget when you work predominantly indoors. The card stopped working after 3 months, it is not recognized by the app despite repeatedly charging, turning off Bluetooth and restarting phone. App marks card as lost. It does not recognize card even when instructions are followed to press it. Support is lagging and have not received feedback other than being sent generic instructions that don't work. Makes a beeping sound when pressed but otherwise is lifeless.
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2 years ago, TimNeumann
Unbelievable invention!! A+++
If you’re even semi forgetful, there’s nothing worse than not being able to find your keys. I attached the Chipolo to my Orbit key ring. I cannot express how much every single person needs a Chipolo x Orbit in their life. Incredibly sleek and functional. Buy now, and say goodbye to missing keys. Altho the range is decent when you’re inside the house, as soon as Chipolo extend the Bluetooth range +/- Wifi it will be an ultimate game changer.
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2 years ago, a case of awesome!
No more morning rush!
This app helps me find my keys, but also helps my purse, my wallet, and my backpack using the Chipolo phone app. I can find my phone using any of my Chipolos. Also, the alert keeps me from walking away from my things. There is nothing better than that reminder popping up letting you know you left your wallet in the house. I recommend for those who feel like every morning is a rush.
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6 years ago, Admiral Betzi
Great Customer Service & Responsiveness!!
I received a Chipolo+ as a holiday gift and it worked great. Then for some reason it stopped working so I contacted Chipolo. They helped me through & easy diagnosis by email and ultimately sent me a new one The whole process was easy and super customer friendly. They’re warmth & dedication to their product came through even in emails and the response time was better than I have experienced with other companies in general. They even provided a postage paid envelope to recycle the old one. Nice product- nice company!
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6 years ago, Mrxyz123
Simple App. And excellent Device Backed By Amazing Customer Support
The app is very intuitive and simple to use. The Chipolo devices are a snap to pair and they work well. I had trouble with my first batch acting wonky, but the support team made the return/replacement process a snap. I have the Chipolo Classic Version 3 and it is nice and loud and is a life send. My wife got tired of having to call my cellphone multiple times a day and finding my keys and wallet. Would recommend them whole heartedly.
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2 years ago, Gman_X
This is louder than either a Tile or an AirTag which makes it easier to find your item, especially when it is far away, or under something that blocks the sound. very important! Plus, a Chipolo Tracker is cheaper than all the other solutions I have ever found. Excellent choice for people with lots of distractions in their lives or whose short term memory needs some assistance!
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6 years ago, SM54
Great support
I had a problem with my first Chipolo Classic with the battery not making proper contact. After a few attempts to fix it they quickly replaced it. I particularly like the feature where I don't have to be running the app in order for the tracking to work. I had a competitor device and would often close the app by accident and the tracking would be disabled.
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2 years ago, Roger D. L
Avoid this product
This is about customer service and more so about the product itself. I’m upset that a product I preordered, waited through delays and slow shipping times has stopped working with no reasonable explanation from customer service other than it’s “dead”. It was purchased less than 60 days ago. I was denied a refund and I’m being sent a replacement unit that I have no faith in. The individual communicating the replacement was cold with zero apathy and didn’t even bother to address any emails with my name. The scripted responses were obvious. I’d be highly dubious of purchasing from this company.
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3 years ago, NinaGove
Good product.
Good product. Good customer support. They have replaced mine for free several times after they stopped working. Mine usually stop working after a year or more. As long as you email them before 2 years from your purchase date with an order number or receipt they will replace for free. Helps me find my phone and keys often!
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2 years ago, cmead96
Love the tracking and the pop up cards
I bought this wallet for my 88 year old dad who know matter what always carries his wallet! The push button is perfect for him because he always struggles to be able to get the cards out of the other wallets and the tracking is great we can always find him as he walks the neighborhood and is gone to long.
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3 years ago, WISAM AL-LAMI
Great support services
I would like to appreciate the high Professional and fruitful response of chipolo support Team (specially Mirela) who responded quickly and friendly to my email when I told her that I have an old version of chipolo that not work with the new version of chipolo app., she arranged and eventually sent me a new (chipolo one) device through DHL; so, thank you very much for chipolo company and for it’s support Team WISAM ALI HUSSEIN AL-LAMI NAJAF-IRAQ
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6 years ago, No leaks
Chipolo product and customer service
This is a very good company. I have had 4 Chipolos. The first ones needed to be louder, now they are plenty loud enough. They have a first class customer service department. I have asked a number of question and each person has responded with easy to understand answers and has always been helpful. They are the best! I wish our cable company was half as good!! Dennis
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3 years ago, inawood
The best thing ever!
So far I have purchased 5 items from them! All of them are amazing! Had problem with one after a year and they immediately replaced it! Amazing customer service! Half of my family already has it just because they saw mine! Buy it and trust me you will not regret it! I have it on all of my keys and my wallet!
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3 years ago, Loser no more
You need it, loser
If you’re already looking through reviews, it means you need this because you’re a loser too. I always loose my keys, wallet, and phone. Loser. I have a chip in my wallet, and on my keys. If I can’t find my phone, I press the chip twice and it sends an audible alarm to my phone even if it’s set to silent. Not a loser. I could go on forever about how useful this is. Especially for the price. Buy it....loser.
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2 years ago, Marhu79
An absolute must have
The mirror fact I can have Chiplo attached to devices such as remotes phones or items that I miss place constantly like my TV remote or the fan remote in my wallet is absolutely fabulous. Double click a chip low in the find my phone or go to my phone and ring the item I’m looking for Wala I have the Adam I was missing.
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3 months ago, USF-Galaxy1
Better than Tile!
Can’t say how often Tile has thrown me into a panic that an item is not with me… when it was. Can’t say how many times I have needed Tile to work and it just didn’t. Almost every time, i was right near my item and it just wouldn’t ring. Chipolo works… better. That’s all that needs to be said.
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1 year ago, Mr.2Greeze
Chi polo’s
I’ve a fairly new user to theses chipolo’s and I’ve brought 3. Red,Green,&now Blue so far I’ve nothing but good feedback about the items. Possibly going to purchase the one that’s linked with the “Find My “ paired with Apple products. So I’ll keep the reviews coming on my experiences using this product but so far 5 stars in my opinion
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6 years ago, RiverShredder
Doesn’t work
Not understanding the 4+ rating here. Maybe I got a dud but it doesn’t work. Paired to my phone fine but when I tried to shake it to find my phone (which was in my lap) it did nothing. When I tried to find the chipolo from my phone, it did work once. Then it keeps saying its been found but trying to connect. Now it can’t be found although phone and chipolo are side by side. I changed battery thinking maybe the battery it came with was low. No go. It’s like it paired and connected but now can’t reconnect. Can not see using this as a reliable device. $30 wasted.
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3 years ago, NodKezur
This is great
I just started using chipolo head so far I love it! It is very easy to use and set up, plus I like the fact that the battery lasts so long and charges via the sun or solar power. Mike she polo came with my Ekster RFID blocking wallet and I am so glad that I got it. I would recommend this to anyone who is prone to misplacing keys wallet phone or anything like that!
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2 years ago, rellim kaz
A perfect product for this time in the world
Minimalism, safety with fashion and functionality. I am a hybrid mechanic. I do electrical and plumbing from commercial residential and industrial. This has been in my pocket everyday for almost a year now with no signs of fault. Well made and well done. I hope to see more from this company soon.
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1 year ago, 223213456678
Ring tone too quiet
Easy to set up. But, location on map is too inaccurate and ring tone is too quiet to help. Directions were off by 180 degrees and by the time I could hear it I’d already found it. Good enough to tell me it was in my house, but not good enough to help me find it there. Most helpful feature was that it would lose its signal when I moved from room to room so that helped me narrow my search.
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1 month ago, LemonH$
Very helpful
I always have a certain problem what I always tend to misplaced either my cell phone or my wallet now that I have a device that can help them find each other is very helpful. And that it’s incredibly thin so you will never know that it’s in your wallet.
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3 years ago, Tj William
My review of Ekster Waller/phone locater
I brought 2 one for me and one for my husband we spent two days trying to figure out if we were sent the right product because the instructions had where to scan the barcode on the back and there was no barcode I emailed the company and they said that the barcode is no longer there. The second problem I found with this device was if I put the product inside my bag and I ring it from my phone you cannot hear the device the ringtones are to low.
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