Chord ai - Play any song!

4.7 (5.3K)
131.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nomad AI OU
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chord ai - Play any song!

4.71 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
2 days ago, Nobody you know 87
Inconsistent beat markers in 3/4 time
Update: it looks like it’s handling 3/4 correctly now! Thanks. Star rating has been increased. Original: Songs often switch between 1 beat per box to 2 beats per box and back again. As near as I can tell, this happens mainly with blues shuffles and/or 3/4 time. Examples: Everyone Loves an Outlaw’s I Saw Red and Rihanna’s Love on the Brain constantly switch between 3 beats over 3 boxes and 6 beats over 3 boxes. —— Keith Urban’s Blue Aint Your Color starts out as 6 beats over 3 boxes, switches to 3 beats over 3 boxes on line 3, then back to 6 beats per 3 boxes on line 5. —- Chris Stapelton’s Tennessee Whiskey and Ally Venable’s Broken and Blue consistently show 3 beats per 3 boxes until near the end. In Broken and Blue, a few of the last measures show 9 beats over 3 boxes. —- Please come home for Christmas by the Eagles switches up beat boxes and pacing a lot. And Darling Lorraine by The Knockouts seems way off. —- The inconsistent display switching back and forth within a single song, sometimes just for a single measure, is very distracting. ———————- Another bug: sometimes the little wiper that slides across the beats disappears for one or more measures. Personally, I prefer the view without the wiper and would like an option to permanently turn it off. But either way, coming and going during a song is distracting.
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2 years ago, Rhythm8
Phenomenal App!
I have waiting my entire life for an app like this. I am 66 years old. I have played the piano/keyboards since I was 4 years old. I have learned more from this app about how music is structured in a very short time compared to how long I have played. I recently retired and I'm having the time of my life playing along with music I love. This app is wonderfully accurate in transcribing any piece of music into its underlying chord structure. It doesn't matter how complex the music or underlying chords. This app came along at the perfect time to bring my playing to the next level. I love this app! I would highly recommend it to any musician who can play by ear and knows most chords. Even if you don't know all the complex chords that can be played, you will quickly pick up how to play these chords with this app. Don't walk - run to the App Store and download this app. It is worth every penny.
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1 month ago, TruAnnCam
Modifying chords
I love the app. Keeps me from losing my place, relative to playing along with just pdf chord charts. But I am troubled when I try to change a single chord for the last note of a bar, and it changes the one in the next bar as well. Even when I am careful select the option to change just one chord, not all occurrences. I’ve also had some trouble adding runs to the rest of a bar. In 4/4 for example. I can add different chords for notes 2 and 3, but when I add a chord for note 4, it simultaneously changes the first chord in the next bar to that chord as well, when that isn’t what I want. Furthermore, I haven’t yet found an “undo” button, which would save having to start all over again with a fresh version of the file. Perhaps I am missing something?
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3 years ago, cube-b
Great core functionality, weak workflow
The basic chord recognition aspect of this is astonishingly good. It doesn’t always nail the exact guitar chord shape, but that would be a lot to ask. But otherwise the quality is pretty amazing. The downside is the input and output workflow. Loading media can be a tedious process of working down through directories or playlists, starting from the very top of the hierarchy every time. If I want to look at a bunch of related files, I wish it would open up at the last place I looked rather than having to start over. But that’s a small thing; not many people have the same use case as me. What I really wish, though, was that I could have a plain text output format, perhaps chord names separated by tabs instead of HTML, which I have extract the chord data from by hand. All that said, this is a pretty great piece of software and I recommend it highly for most people.
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1 year ago, TwinMoons
Best music app I’ve ever purchased for my iPad
As an amateur who loves to play music, I have gotten fairly good at figuring out melodies, but chords have been very difficult for me to figure out. This is the app that I’ve always been waiting for! It’s amazingly accurate and I really love that it gives you chords for different instruments (keyboard, guitar, bass, etc.). The other major feature that I absolutely love and use is the un-mix feature that breaks up a song into stems, so you can remove vocals, or remove the music and just hear vocals, etc. Absolutely amazing. Also, I want to thank the developers for offering a lifetime license. I HATE subscription models and am always willing to pay a fair price up-front that doesn’t require a subscription, and I believe this app is definitely fairly priced. Lastly, some input about the lyrics feature. Unfortunately, this one is very hit and miss (mostly miss). I wish there was a way to edit the lyrics so that I can have the correct lyrics in the PDF file. Correct lyrics are so easy to find on the internet nowadays, and I would just prefer to be able to enter them manually. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for this app!
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3 years ago, _Felicia_
Amazing power!
I’ve always wanted to do Roman numeral analysis on my favorite pop songs, but I’ve been too lazy to do it on my own. This app makes the whole process so much easier! The money to unlock all the chords was well worth it. Sometimes I disagree with the app’s judgement on some of the chords. There were a couple of times when I was sure a certain chord was fully diminished, but the app marked it as something else entirely. However, most of the time it seems to be pretty spot on! I wish it would let me manually override the identified key, because that is something it gets wrong fairly often (at least with songs I listen to!) That’s my only complaint. Love this app. Thank you for making it.
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9 months ago, cosmic.iron
An essential tool with lackluster recent updates
This is one of the essential tools that I can’t live without. I’m only giving it 4 stars because I feel the recent updates are taking the tool to the wrong directions. First off, the AI based lyrics would have been a great idea… if it works, but it simply doesn’t. The results are mostly gibberish and plainly just crashes with lyrics in other languages. Secondly, an important feature has been taken out — the ability to export songs in audio format. Third, while exporting chords to PDF is a very handy feature, it would have been much useful if the chords are exported in ChordPro or plain text formats so it can be viewed easily on the phone via other apps. All that said, this is a fantastic app, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
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4 years ago, SJCsurf
Outstanding! But not Perfect.
This is a great app. Really helps narrow down the chords, and is great way to get a “feel” for chord progressions, but I can’t say it’s “perfect”. However, my guess is that is just where the state of the technology is at this point. I’m amazed at what it can do already, but will wait for more advanced tech to get to the next level. There’s a couple small picky things when it comes to the looping that I’d like to see improved as well. Have used the free version for a few weeks, and just sprung for the paid version a couple hours ago, so I will wait to hold off judgement on some of the paid features. I definitely recommend for anyone trying to figure out songs that are not easily available in tab form already. It has saved me hours of work!
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7 months ago, VolcanicBoy02
For When Ultimate Guitar Doesn’t Have The Chords
I’ve used Ultimate Guitar for the past 8 years and I absolutely love it, BUT there’s lots of songs by smaller artists that I can never seem to find. I’ve had this app for two days and it’s already been a game changer. I’m playing songs I’ve wanted to play for years. I’ve yet to run into any issues, and the capo feature is also amazing. I will still be using Ultimate Guitar as my primary place for chords, since it’s more nuanced and I prefer to give my support to the people who take the time and put in the work to give us access to playing songs. But for any song I can’t find, this will be amazing and I’m excited to see the future of the app.
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1 year ago, Groovykeys
Excellent Music App with Potential for More
This app is easily one of the best I've come across for music. However, there are a couple of enhancements that could take it to the next level: The ability to convert lyrics and chords into a PDF lead sheet for easy reading would be great. If not, at least an option to export them into an editor to create a lead sheet with minimal effort. As the only app I know of that can convert sung lyrics, it would be nice if we could run our original songs through it, export the text as an XML, and reimport it into Final Cut Pro. Having the lyrics appear as text titles in sync with the singing would make this app even more valuable!
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2 months ago, Elo The Source
This is a invaluable tool
I tested with the free version and was surprised at how direct and intuitive this app is. I was able to get to work on learning and decoding tones and songs. I am a Composer, DJ, Sound Designer, Electronic Engineer, so I use this tool in a very nomadic way that allows me to discover. I now need the pro version soon I will test with the month subscription and then get the full lifetime version. This is a must have I know there are other tools out there but this one has a unique approach and set of tools at a really great price. I Want to thank Nomad AI OU for developing this for a fellow nomad like myself. You have a new customer and fan of your passion and work of art.
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8 months ago, FlipDaddyConnor
This is an amazing app! A few request…
I love this app. It’s the only decent chord detection on the market. I only with there was a windows version. Please please consider development for a pc version. I know people want it. I’d pay for it. It makes playing live song requests so easy despite not having the ear. Love the product though! No problems so far. The other feature I would love is if you could lock the key so that if I detect something that’s in (say A Major) it will always transpose to (say C Minor) that way I don’t have to manually transpose it every time. This makes it easy to play songs in a key that I’m comfortable with.
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2 years ago, Jkmmss
Getting better and better
Chord recognition is getting even bette, doesn’t give you the exact voicing but it’ll detect what is in the chord or melody, as far as extensions, 7th, 11, 13ths. Great app! update: 8-4-22 . now that you guys teased us with . please make the track separator better please! this app would be even more amazing if this worked! wouldnt mind paying even more for it. i usually use the app “moises” when i want to hear a certain instrument, and it works really well, but the instrument separator on here doesn't work too well at all, pretty much useless in its current state, please make the app even better by fixing it!
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3 years ago, Kuntisaurous Rex
Useful, Simple, User Friendly
After several months worth of utilizing this app and I still enjoy it. I’m currently a music major and this has been very beneficial for my studies. Even the free version is helpful in learning basic chord recognition and progressions, especially for beginners learning piano or guitar. This app makes it easy to discover notes and chords plus shows you fingering placements simultaneously as it records in real time. It lets you name, save and export what you record allows you to export and save the file. No complaints so far and next term I plan to purchase the full version. Great app. Thanks for developing this 😎
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2 years ago, atx920
Actually Works!!
This blows chordify out of the water. I don't know about the voice things that it shows as what it thinks is being played, but the changes themselves are so much better. For example, it'll tell you when it goes from an E to an E7, it can accurately pick up on that kind of detail. If you have an error you can hear that happening in the song. Other apps would just leave it at "E." Fine for a weekend warrior but that ain't gonna work for a real musician. This app has been a huge help and helping me figure out changes to songs I want to learn.
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4 months ago, mack7000
Missing Chords
I absolutely love this app. I am a writer who have worked with some very talented musicians. Not being born with the gift that they have Chord AI has changed the landscape on how I learn songs. just the breakdown between the Roman numerals of the chord progression and the actual chord notes is priceless. All that being said, I found a recent problem that I can’t get around. Some songs the chords are not showing up on the chart although I can hear the music. There were times the first 16 bars has no chords. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and I still get the same problem at times. Also, the software apparently finds a chord and displays on every bar until until that chord changes. I believe it should read like sheet music where the cord is displayed once, until the introduction of a new chord When printing to pdf it will also print the extra cords, and I have to go and scratch them out once I print the PDF
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3 years ago, Joshua of Oregon
Possibly the Greatest App Songwriters Can Own?!?!
I don’t purchase many apps. In fact I can count the number I have purchased on one hand. In the other three occasions, I regret the purchase. That is not the case Chord AI. There is more positives to this app than I can explain in one page, let alone in a few paragraphs… Let’s just say, I improved as a songwriter by threefold… That is no exaggeration. THIS IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL SOFTWARE. try the demo and see what I’m talking about. Scale degrees and instant transposition via the capo are mind blowing. What took me ten minutes a song before now is instant. More cool than I can explain…. Do yourself a favor and buy the full version so you can see the richness of the full songs in nuance…there’s a huge difference between E major and a E major flat 5 over G sharp…that’s the difference between the simple and full version in interpretation. All and all - the most useful app I currently, or have ever, owned. Cheers- Joshua of Oregon
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7 months ago, Ayuri17
Incredibly useful + Bug report
I’m learning to play guitar and found this app incredibly useful, especially for looping sections to practice over and over. Highly recommend. Bug report: After looping part of a song and using the feature “Export audio” with “Loop only” toggled, the newly created file does not save the correct part of the audio. For example, if I loop the bars 11-15 and try to export with “Loop only,” the new file contains the bars 1-5 instead. It always seems to start counting from the first bar instead of where the loop starts.
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3 years ago, knowmind
Ain’t for funkin now
I have had this for a couple of days. I’m in a funk band and come from a classic rock background. I tried to load several funk songs like “all the way live” “ain’t we funkin now” after already knowing several of the chords to see what I was doing wrong. It was giving basic chords that were off. I hoped the $9 would give me the barre chords they actually use in the song. I was beyond wrong. A song will play a part and then play the exact same part and it will have different and impossible to reach chords. This may work fine for simple songs but I don’t think the technology is even close to working yet. Perhaps a feature that allowed you to show different variations of the chords would help and I’m just not hearing them right idk. But very disappointed this can’t get anything I give it right.
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2 years ago, Funky Phresh Bruh
Works like a charm
Got the new Wilco album and wanted to quickly figure out a few songs. This app allowed me to import the tracks and convert them instantly to chords I could play on my guitar or ukulele. When some chords were a bit hard for me to play I could swipe through and pick easier ones. This app is super handy when you’re just trying to quickly figure out a song and the tabs don’t exist yet online. Emailed the developers to ask a question and they were incredibly responsive too. Will def be using this a lot.
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2 years ago, Kelly Bee Good
I find the basic version to be very useful unlike anything else I’ve seen. I was looking for something to help me since I don’t read music and wanted to know certain chords in a song what they are and I stumbled on this app and it is really awesome. I am willing to pay for the full version since it offers more. It is a small price for a lifelong loving music and learning how to play since certain songs for the fun of it. I don’t have the time to go to music school and don’t intend on being in a band. But many thanks for the developers.
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1 year ago, EvilEazy
A Second Set of Ears!
If you have to often learn chord changes to songs by ear because the sheet music is unavailable or too expensive, then Chord AI is a must have. It’s like having a second set of ears. The changes it renders are 97% accurate and along with your own ears, you can determine the correct changes. Chord AI even calls out jazz chord changes. Even if it is off a time or two, it gets you close enough that you can, with your own ears, figure it out the correct changes. It’s a fantastic tool to have in one’s tool kit!
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2 years ago, Many many lattes
New version has a major bug
After the upgrade to the latest version, I immediately noticed that your guitar chords are displayed in a reverse order, i.e. the 6th string is on the right while the 1st string is on the left. This is the opposite of how the standard guitar chords are displayed, i.e., the 1st string is the rightmost, while the 6th string is the leftmost. It becomes a torture to read the chords you display. It wasn’t a problem at all in the previous options. I am not exactly sure who invented that weirdest feature/bug. You need to fix it immediately
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3 months ago, HenreMurr
I Love It
I'm learning to play the baritone ukulele and have been struggling to convert standard gcea tuning to baritone dgbe tuning. After wasting months I was ready to give up, nothing I played sounded any good. This app finds the chords in the correct tuning, I now play along with the Eagles, Eric Clapton, Dire Straights, and more for hours on end. The original vocals and backing make me feel like I'm part of the band. So much fun!! This is an absolutely awesome app. I am an annual paid subscriber, I love the extra features and want to ensure these geniuses are well funded. Great job -- cheers 👍👍
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2 years ago, JWSTICE
I love it!!!!!!
This app has really helped me learn a lot more on the guitar! I love how I can slow a song down so that I can really hear what’s being played( if I’m learning some one else’s songs). I would love it even more if I could slow them down a little more though. All in all this is -actually- a very good app! The fact that it is FREE really helps! Everything is SO GD’d expensive these days so it way cool when an app is created that is just meant to help people other than to just make money, so thank you so much!
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11 months ago, CPB517
Excellent App
I just have one small request. Can you relocate the INSTRUMENT AND TUNING option to the main screen of the app. It is located under the 3 dot menu, which seems to be used exclusively for saving/exporting/sharing. The INSTRUMENT AND TUNING option seems out of place there. It is used more than the rest of the options in that drop down, so I was hoping you could put it somewhere on the main workspace. It would take this app the the first ever 6 Star Rating! Lol. Other than that, this app is phenomenal…(fyi iPad os)
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1 year ago, Follybette
I use this app every day and it makes my work of learning new songs so much faster. As a professional musician in several bands, I use it to learn and rehearse new songs. I love the depth of detail in voicing and the ability to change song speed. It’s a great way to slow down the arrangement and gradually work up speed having had time to absorb nuances. Worth the price for all the time I used to spend playing songs over and over to figure out nuances
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4 years ago, The Organist
Excellent tool for aspiring musicians!
I think I’ve found the missing link. Chord AI completes the gap in my music tool collection. I can quickly find chords for my music. The interface is straightforward and easy on the eyes. It doesn’t get in the way of creativity and allows you to quickly obtain results. I like that this works offline too. I can’t stand apps that don’t function without phoning home. Another great feature are the many ways you can import music for chord analysis. Chord AI definitely has a permanent spot on my phone.
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4 years ago, jtbadn
Keep on screen!
Great little app for chords on guitar or keys! A few suggestions would be 1) stop the screen from blanking out. It is rather frustrating when learning a sing when you have to continue to touch the phone screen to keep the chords populating. 2) when selecting media, instead if making the music list shuffled, continue with the album or playlist you’ve selected. Overall, really sweet for beginners or anyone looking to figure out a songs chording.
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1 month ago, Ncjdhdh
amazing app
this really is an amazing app! the free version really provides enough tools to be really really useful and helpful. it’s packed with relevant features and can serve as a great tool for beginning musicians and people who have been playing for awhile. it can show you the chords of a song, and also give you plenty of variations for each chord. this could serve as an amazing practice tool, and the interface is very fluid and functional. so far the main thing i wish to see would be allowing the users to adjust the parameters a bit more, as some things are a bit small to see, so getting to customize the layout/ parameters a bit would be awesome. i really recommend this app, i think the yearly subscription would be totally worth it for anyone who’s into learning & playing music!
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3 years ago, Unusual Nickname
Had to drop by and leave a note of thanks to the developer of this great app. I regularly use this app in my (hobby-level) music process and it is so on the mark with the songs I throw at it. Well thought out and doing just what it should. And thank you for not crudding this up with ads or demanding an absurd subscription. This app is a total win in my book. There are not many apps which I use regularly and also feel a tangible sense of appreciation when I do.
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2 years ago, Makumbator
Amazing powerful app!
This app is very useful. The free version is already good enough for most people, but the paid version is even better and complete. Sure sometimes some chords can be notate in a different way and clusters can let everything a little crazy, but it is very good for most of popular western music (and some classic music too). People can think the app is pricey, but I prefer that (paying more, but a single time) and not a cheap monthly payment.
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6 months ago, Keyss0407
I tried it out after an hour of working with this app I ended up buying the lifetime upgrade, well worth every penny being able to analyze any cord in any song, recognizing converting it to midi being able to save stems exported into my DAW to work with I can go on and on about this app able to analyze chords in both basic and complex chords so you can learn your favorite songs on piano or guitar. I think you guys get it it’s worth it great app.
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6 months ago, FinityElectric
Good app but needs one important feature
So most people are wanting to use this to learn theory, or use progressions from songs they like. We should be able to export the chord chord/voicing as a midi file. You can export the midify midi but it’s often hit or miss and gives you exact notes used rather than all the notes from chord progression. If this feature were added I think this would be an extremely viable tool in music production, allowing you to export the chords to mpc pad perform, or export into your daw. Please add this, I would literally pay for the update.
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1 year ago, Pow Barabajagal
Great tool but wow, not the right lyrics
Hi, I have only tried this app out on five songs so far. Was a bit disappointed when I downloaded the feature to separate the tracks…the audio quality suffered severely compared to another app I’m using. I am learning bass so focusing on the bass tracks I really need. But the kicker was when I downloaded lyrics for The Jam’s ‘Pretty Green’. I don’t think even one lyric was correct!!! Kind of shocking. Hopefully they work to fix that.
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3 years ago, AFTR | PARTY
Please Do This
Idk if y’all really look at these but can y’all add inversions for the piano. Like for each chord, there’s inversion options. Or you can toggle the different inversion just like the “Capo” feature. PLEASE. UPDATE: Thank you so much for responding, and I appreciate that you guys are working on implementing this feature. I know voicings and inversions are just slightly different from each other so I hope you guys are adding both. Nonetheless, I’m glad you guys are looking into it.
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2 years ago, TheCoastalCardician
My song has 3 chords in it. It told me 2.
I was sitting there trying to figure out the exact chords I’m playing and the only chord I don’t know this didn’t tell me. My first app I went to because of the ratings but with my little 3 chord song it only told me 2. I tried playing it backwards, forwards, upwards, downwards, sitting on bed/couch/toilet/chair/girlfriend, cross-eyed, standing, peeing, laying down on my back, with/without a plectrum, in the evening, at my mom’s house, in the bathtub without water, at my cat’s baby momma’s, in the morning, at supper time, with/without hands, and finally I had my GF—a complete beginner—try it. In the end, I was at the same place I left off only now I had a hankering for pizza bagels.
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2 years ago, Bevan Sinclair
Definitely Useful
I write music on guitar and this helps me communicate my songs to other musicians in the studio or when playing out. It’s got very good tools. One suggestion is to make it easier to delete a recording. Maybe I’m just overlooking an obvious button or dumpster icon but just thought I’d mention. Yeah it’s tricky ‘cause you don’t wanna make it too easy to delete and have people freak out if they didn’t mean to delete it. Great app overall.
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1 year ago, bluemeanieface
Mind blowing music tech
If you’re just a noodler and you’re happy plucking for fun, probably not worth it. This is a must have for anyone truly striving for musical greatness and mastery of their instrument. What this app can do to cut your learning time in half is wild to say the least. A hidden capability is learning your own songs from the past! Devs are bright and super nice, honoring requests when they can, sending friendly and helpful emails back and forth regardless.
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2 years ago, Siriusvibes
Excellent musician tool
It’s amazing how well this program is able to transcribe music from audio. It’s not perfect but pretty close. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to learn a song from really bad tab or chord transcription. This app has allowed me to find the correct voicing for songs better than anything else I’ve used. Thank you to the developers for this great app. It should honestly have way more exposure and reviews.
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11 months ago, dimitrioo
A must have app for all musicians: from beginner to pros!
This app makes transcribing any tune entirely and absolutely idiot-proof! Just play a song and hit record, then sit back, relax, and watch the chords populate in real time! My only request is that I wish more features were available in the free version. However, I understand it takes time and money to develop an app this fantastic, and you can’t give everything away for free.
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6 days ago, Reviewer alex
Seems useful if it worked right
I can’t change the tuning to piano, I select it and it goes right back to guitar, no matter what I do I cannot change the instrument, I have pro as well, there’s no where on the app to contact support about this either , or to contact support at all, seems leaving a review is the only way to get this through that there is a bug that needs fixing. Still will give a high rating because it does what it says it does, just not as well as it could if this were fixed.
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3 months ago, not a big snapchat guy
This is the app you’ve been looking for
I never take the time to rate apps unless they are really special to me. This app has completely changed the way I practice music and has helped me drastically improve my own ear. The chords are far more accurate than I expected them to be and it’s easy to use. Pro version is also worth it for the more complex chords and voicing. Thank you for this!
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1 year ago, Hawaii iPhone guy
Great, except App often crashes or sound drops out. Capo changes played back chord pitch!
App often crashes (freezes) or there’s no sound at all (after brief one second of sound). Even rebooting my iPhone 13 Pro Max sometimes doesn’t help. Capo feature is great EXCEPT it changes the built-in guitar chord sounding option causing the sounded chords to no longer match the tune, rendering the chord sounding option useless, unless you like dissonance! Until these major problems are fixed, I won’t upgrade, and will use Chordify instead.
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2 years ago, Trampandwoodrow
I think this app does a fine job on the chords. It’s easy to use and I’ve had a great time using it. It makes my job getting material together for my jazz band so much easier. But way too often when I’m done with a song and I press “done”, nothing happens. I haven’t been able to find a different way to get back to home and so I have to uninstall and reinstall. Am I missing something? I would rate this a 5, if this didn’t keep happening.
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5 months ago, mtffluxx
New update (2)
This app is the best and I’ve been using it for quite some time but the new update ruined it for me it used to show 2 chords at a time but now only one and they included in the piano mode the 2 hands now I don’t know why and I can’t disable this option I downloaded this app to get the songs chords only. I hope they fix this issue as soon as possible thank you ! Can you add a setting to switch between them or turn it off
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3 years ago, claire with an E
Best you can get
It is useful with figuring out the chord progression of a song. It does most of the work for you. Often it doesnt detect vamps correctly it seems to me. For example the beginning of the beatles song “Things We Said Today” has a real obvious Am to Em but the app cant pick this out it just says its Am. That being said it does such a great job the majority of the time it blows everything before it away. I hope it improves and I would so love it if it could pick out bass lines.
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11 months ago, Another Newbie User
How to use Chord AI
I’ve been playing with the app for a few days. I really like it and will probably upgrade to the pro version to unlock more features, but it would be nice if there were some instructions somewhere on how to use the app. Even if it wasn’t available in the app, but on website or something rather than have people just figure things out on their own. Perhaps that comes with the pro version; I suppose I’ll find out.
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4 months ago, Wheat741
Chord AI is most excellent
Great product(chord AI )for learning songs in rhythm. Shows everything you need to play the music in time while showing the chords. I have the pro version & find it an excellent tool. At first I had the guitar selection for left hand which showed the chords for a left hander. Finally figured out how to select for right hand & prestp this app became my #1 tool for practice. Ive had the product for 3 days & love it.
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1 year ago, No 1.0
Loss for words!!
Long time musician. I use little apps here and there to help me with music. I googled and the top search was this app. I play by ear but can read music but not very well. I at first browsed what the app could do and then I said I am going to purchase this for lifetime! Very impressed. Please keep editing, updating, and improving this app! I am going to share with my community of musicians to move this app higher in the charts!
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