Chord Progression Generator

4.7 (1.6K)
37.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michael Krautsieder
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.2 or later
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User Reviews for Chord Progression Generator

4.75 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Jewel Kacey
Helpful Even if Experienced!
i’m no beginner when it comes to music or music theory. i’m both a classical and jazz pianist who is extremely comfortable composing - especially given that i have perfect pitch. however, sometimes you really just need something to give you ideas, and this is perfect for that. no amount of musical training or experience with music theory can prevent writers block. for times i find myself falling back into the same chord progressions or completely dry on new and interesting sounds, i can get my mind jogging within 2 minutes of using this app. it’s great even without the premium (i’ve used this app for a while without it) but paying the money is worth it for the addition of 7th chords bc of all the leading they can do for a melody. people i’ve recommended this app to have written decent music with little to no theory training at all because it does most of the work for you. whether i use the entire pattern the generator gives me or tweak the chords slightly to suit my own taste because of my own background in theory, it’s definitely a fantastic app to have for when your mind is blank but you want to write something.
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3 years ago, JenkneeDaaang
Really Cool Song Starter
I have to admit - an app that generates chords? I was skeptical at first as I’ve always been the kind of person to come up with a song melody and the chords when inspiration strikes. But lately I’ve been itching to write more than when these rare moments happen and have been on the hunt for tools to help me do so- By the reviews I saw, I decided to give this Chord Progression Generator a shot and have been hooked ever since :) Just a push of a button and my creative light bulb is engaged and inspired to write alongside with what is being created. The fact that you can change keys and mess around with rhythm it’s like having an easy going bandmate without the drama lol. I play with this every other day and am always flooding with ideas. It’s great and I highly recommend this app especially for those who tend to get musical writers block!
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3 weeks ago, DJSqualeMusic
Cool app might be nice for assistance
It's cool it works good it's kinda basic. It does it's thing wish you could do a couple more things fire free. Maybe consider some preconfigured highly used progression for download as a pay feature. Maybe see if your can get it to link to Ableton to use during production as a pay feature. Wish that you cootie do more then just the tempo change like say choose a certain mood or feeling or style say like happy, sad, or somber so that it uses a key that's got that feeling associated with it, or liked the progression would be more long drawn notes for sad, with faster small strikes for happy. Or maybe so I could choose like work or study or date night and get something high energy something sustained or very peaceful respectively. Offer the 7ths and 11ths for free, make stuff like augmented or aug7th , inverted three kinds of thing that requires pay or maybe add some music theory as part of a party features. Otherwise it's not bad at all just could have more
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5 years ago, Cubic Defender
My absolute favorite songwriting tool
So simple and INSANELY powerful. If you’re looking for instant inspiration for new song ideas look no further than this app. This app has been such a fun tool for my songwriting process that I literally purchased premium after the first day. Generating ideas is so straightforward, and the app allows for the perfect amount of customization to help guide the chord generation process. The midi export functionality allows you to transfer those ideas easily to your preferred DAW when ready. Recommendation to the developer - keep adding more rhythmic ideas. There’s plenty already but the more variation the better! You’ve absolutely NAILED the music theory side. I’d recommend this app to any songwriter looking for a fun way to start a new tune!!
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5 years ago, LilDrummerBoy03
Don’t expect much from this
As I said in the title, don’t expect a whole lot from this app, there’s a lot of things that I don’t like. I really think that the whole thing about having to pay money to save more than 5 or 6 progressions is ridiculous, this app does give nice chord progressions, but having to pay to save them is not a very compelling thing for me to spend my money on. And on top of that, paying to change the instrument sounds? You’ve gotta be kidding me, even garage band comes with all of that stuff, just pick a key and an instrument, then it gives you what chords are in that key, all you’ve gotta do is pick which ones you want. I’m not going to pay for more instruments other than a piano, that’s not worth it. I’m not going to pay for 7th chords, also not worth it. And I’m definitely not going to pay for saving 6 progressions. Spend money on lessons instead, an actual person can teach you how to come up with better musical stuff than this app.
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2 years ago, DJRexasFire
Devs please read
(I only rated this five star so it could be seen) This app is great and I love it all but one thing… THE SUBSCRIPTION!!!! I mean some of the free limitations aren’t because of money but just because they can! (Eg, only one upload per day, no seventh chords, no chord variations.) Any way the free version is way too limited and the paid version is way too expensive, I would DEFINITELY buy it for $5, maybe for $10, but a subscription!!! Or $30 for one time purchase it’s kinda insane. If you could make that happen this would be my number one app, gotoo , music app (Ps I know your probably not going to even see this) Edit: I just looked at AUTOCHORDS and they have Everything you have for $5!!!!
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5 years ago, G.HO-Z
All I can say is “Wow”!
Now I’ve recently downloaded the app from the App Store and I’m blown away!!! I can’t believe how it generates chord progressions on demand. I have downloaded other chord progression apps but this one is more simple in terms of actually generating one without all the steps before you actually get just one chord progression. I know it seems I’m talking in riddles but all in all I definitely recommend this app to all that are learning music theory and even beyond!!! As musicians we all get “Beat Block”, from time to time!!! With this app it’s more of a personal and tweaking of every chord progression to fit whatever genre you’re looking to use this app for. Five stars... Two thumbs up...
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3 years ago, DocnovaETSU
Love what It Does, Wish it went a tad further
Is there any plans to add more scales? The only real flaw I can find in the app is that there are only three scales and no modes. I’ve seen people say progressions can tend to sound the same. I think if you just had all the basic types of modes and scales it would make this infinitely more versatile and easily worth the iap. I realize this might be easier said than done depending on how your algorithm works. I’d easily drop another 10 bucks for that ability. I’m mean either way I’m cool coping them rhythms, but please think about it, it would be dope.
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3 years ago, Vviolinist9
Great Design, Easy to Use
I love the UI of the app itself. The colors are eye-popping and really grab your attention the second you first open it. As soon as you start, the app gives you a full tutorial step-by-step in an easy to understand format so you can start playing around right away! I really appreciate the tutorial because some chord progression apps are confusing and it’s hard to find instructions. This tutorial is interactive so it asks you to carry out each action as it is explained to you!
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5 years ago, constellationdove
Great app, but a few suggestions.
Let me start off by saying that as a singer/songwriter, this app is a godsend for background music. I do have a few problems with it, the main one being that all the chord progressions generated sound similar. Maybe that's to be expected. I wouldn't know, because I have no knowledge of music theory. I wish you could add in chords you already have and then generate a suggested progression. I think it would be helpful to view a list of the chords, because guessing what they are from the visual, writing them down, and giving them to the pianist who plays for my songs is quite a hassle. I love this app so much, but I'd love to see these things implemented!
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12 months ago, Th_ink
Inspiration when you need it!
This app always gives me so many ideas I would have never thought of, it helps me to get out of creative ruts and broadens my scope of note layouts and patterns. It's definitely helped me to think outside the box and open my mind to a more creative way of thinking about my music. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this app has something to offer any musician. It’s definitely worth at very least checking it out,
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2 years ago, Mikky D
Chord Progression Generator makes songwriting easy
Chord Progression Generator makes songwriting easy for me to create music like im a pro. The user interface makes chord progressions and notes easy to comprehend because not only do you hear it but you can also see them in action as they This apps technology takes the intimidation out of music making and makes it as easy as pushing a button and opening your eyes and ears to the new- found sonic potential displayed on your phone.
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2 years ago, mcirone
Worth trying out - it clicked for me!
This is one of my go-to’s in my bag of tricks to try when I get stuck on a song. I’ve tried tons of these chord generation/AI apps, and this one is simple, easy to understand and great for anyone new to music theory/progressions, up to the “prosumer” or bedroom musician. The Developer is responsive and has cleared up some issues I had in the past. Overall, it’s worth downloading and checking out the trial to see if it sticks for you!
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2 years ago, harley benton
Love the app but terrible customer service.
I’ve used this app in most of my productions since I’ve downloaded it, but recently I’ve had issues where the midi wont import to my DAW. I used other midi files to see if it was my daw’s issue but they worked perfectly. I reached out via socials to get help weeks ago so I can continue to use this app but never got any response. Pretty much makes this app unusable for me now. I wanted to give it 2 stars, but due to the amount I’ve used this app and that it technically still works, just can’t import midi into my daw from this app - 3 stars.
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6 years ago, digitalblend
Great for inspiration!
The chords it generates are pretty good, and the extensive list of sounds makes it great for inspiration. Editing the midi files in my DAW is fine, but the addition of midi out directly from the app would be nice. The developer promptly fixed the export bug on iPad, and is very responsive. I like that, to feel like you have contact for support if you need it. To the devs: if you’re working on any other music production apps I’d be glad to be a beta tester and offer any suggestions?
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5 years ago, misskristanrose
Absolutely Amazing App!
I've recently started using the pro version of this app, and I'll be honest... I'm blown away! I can't believe how simple it is to use with an app like Music Studio, to generate great song ideas that you really could use as is, or if you're like me, adjust quickly and easily to your liking, to create amazing compositions that are catchy, endlessly replayable, and that ultimately sound amazing. For any artist just beginning their journey into the heart of music, i strongly recommend this app!
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4 years ago, Joshua Lee685
Just now heard about this app. My life is better now that it exists. Coming up with chord progressions can be daunting at times. But now with only having this for a little under an hour now I’ve heard progressions I would have never even thought of. I love everything about this!!! Only thing I am barely alarmed about is it has done this odd, glitching, crashing thing and froze up my phone three times. But, I don’t suspect it to be anymore than a fluke.
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4 years ago, Miko Refuerzo
It’s a really helpful and handy app
The app helped me a lot in making my first song. It’s simple and trusty. There isn’t any ads so far for me and it’s a great app all around. Would definitely recommend for any song writers out there who having trouble starting chord progressions for their songs. Though I wish sevens and other musical scales were free, it’s just the price to pay for a great app without any ad distractions.
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4 years ago, finifidifici
Lifesaver for a bedroom producer newb
As soon as I got to music theory in high school and realized that music is also math, I quit music, to my detriment to be sure. I’ve recently taken music up again and, what do ya know, music theory almost immediately reared its ugly and (to me) intimidating head. This app has been a godsend. All of the different instruments, the available bass lines and melodies, and the various rhythms have provided me with so much inspiration and so many ideas. Thanks guys!
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5 years ago, Andy Haze
Best Generator I Can Find So Far
So far this has been the best chord generator I can find with most of the features I want. It’s intuitive and easy to use and I love being able to export the midi and dropping it straight into a project. Really the only complaint I have is that there lacks a feature to be able to substitute chords. I usually have to edit within my DAW in order to get the progression just right.
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4 years ago, mobile/pc producer
Saving up for this Worthy addition to my mobile studio
Owning many of these chord and progression apps I am trying out the free version of this one and I can’t say it stands out in any major way but but has nice look to it which matters I think when so many look quite embarrassing on such nice phone screens. Though expensive this app is on my wish list of apps I’m saving up for.
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2 years ago, DMLO96
The app is awesome, genius interface
The issue is there is a monthly fee for premium. I think I should just be able to outright buy it. You’re not more valuable than Scaler 2, and I can’t even justify paying monthly for splice. This is not useful for music making when I can only export once a day without a subscription. I got so excited by the features while sitting through the tutorial only to find out the app is a joke right after
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8 months ago, yeetpreist
Great app
This app has been very useful in helping me find my musical drive. I’m a beginner to music creation, so using this generator has really helped me understand and make songs that I enjoy. I highly recommend to any beginner who needs some kind of inspiration or tool to build on. I don’t have the premium, but the free version is very helpful.
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4 years ago, danetabor
Great Tool, Great Price!
This app is very helpful for whenever I’m in need of a chord progression! This tool provides very catchy progressions, and on top of that can let you easily export midi. The ability to create 7th chords is nice, and while it’s not all too helpful in my opinion, the melody generator is a nifty feature. I don’t mind the asking price one bit for such a helpful app, keep up the great work devs!
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3 years ago, De5639
Not sure what happened but now when I start the app it loops the subscribe now. I hit the “X” and it keeps coming back. Tried uninstalling but the glitching Still occurs. Even tried paying for subscription in hopes it would work. Sad because I really like this app!
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5 years ago, DJChill85
Awesome inspiration for your next project
This app is great, I do enjoy the different chord progressions it makes just by tapping which key you’re looking for. It can add other harmonic notes if you choose as well. Exports great to midi. Definitely a must have for those days when you can’t seem to get a project started and you need an idea. Well done.
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3 years ago, BobaFettanyl
Game changer!!
This has become an essential part of my writing process, don’t know how I worked without this. Updated frequently with WORTHWHILE FEATURES. If you make music for a living, a hobby, whatever it is. Get this. Want to learn music theory? musical keys and chord progressions, chord notation and shapes? This app is my best friend Great way to get some
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5 years ago, Wylocoyote
Extremely useful
Well I haven't had it for but a couple of days now but for coming up with quick catchy melodies in any key you want it seems perfect. Reserving my fifth star until they roll out the rest of the features but as of right now it is a stellar app and if your a musician or producer or both, this will keep you moving( and your crowd too)! Great App and easy to use!
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5 years ago, PrangonBaroi
Great for finding chords
It’s nice to have an app that does a lot of the work for you. I don’t know much about music theory and sometimes that doesn’t matter. If you can run into a chord by surprise that you just end up liking, this app will give you all the reference information for you to learn as you go.
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4 years ago, Matt487658
Tries to fool you into paying $$
I’m fine with a free app having limited features that are unlocked for a paid version but this one is sneaky about it. After the tutorial you are given 2 options- sign up for a “free” trial followed by a monthly subscription or a purchase of the full version. There is no clear option for “just use the free version”, but if you X out of the screen then you can use the free version
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3 years ago, COLBYCREATIVE
Awesome tool to have
Loving this app so far. Helps me come up with ideas and get the creative ball rolling! I’ve only been using a few weeks now but incorporating it into my workflow has been smooth and effective! It offers a good variety of melodies to build off of!
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2 years ago, Violagirl1996
So far so good
I can’t rave about this app enough! I use it when I’m in musician mode and need help with chord creation. As a new producer, it’s imperative to me that my tunes be simple, complex and original (how easy if that idea 😂). Anyway, I’m happy I found this app. Would recommend it to beginners and experts alike!
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4 years ago, Western247
Helped My Life
This app is a game changer for me and i can easily get more inspiration anytime now to do more music You choose your BPM and other things to make it faster and straight forward Already doing a song I’m producing soon with the help of this app Thanks
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4 years ago, martyP04
Fantastic app even if you don’t pay for premium
This app has amazing feature for beginners and experts alike, and the premium feature, while nice, is not totally necessary if you don’t want to pay for it. I think this is finally gonna help me step over my creative block.
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3 years ago, Jysia girl
Too fun, simple and cute!
This app is way too easy and it’s worth paying for the premium. As someone who is new to chord progressions, this is perfect!! I also LOVE the instrument options! The piano can get a bit boring, so I was excited to see all the sounds I could choose. Thank you so much for this app!
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2 years ago, Tonee8
In theory the app is cool
I give this app 3 stars for a couple reasons. 1. App looses sound randomly. You’ll have to uninstall it and reinstall the app to get sound back. (I’m guessing you have to upgrade to the pro version for sound) 2. Unable to import these files into the Ableton Daw. (Drove myself crazy for 4 days trying and I’m realizing that it might not be possible.) When the app works it gives you chord progression ideas. As it should but I’ve personally only had it work with sound about 20% of the time. Developers have some work to do. Based on the free version I wouldn’t pay them any money just due to its free version performance.
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2 years ago, Alucard1213
Great concept
I love the idea and the generator does get some good progressions generated but I absolutely love the concept and cant wait to watch it get better ai is probably cheating when it comes to music but f it we could possibly make hits that people are gonna like regardless
Show more
3 years ago, KoolBreezebassdude
Love this app!
Was looking for something to help with a creative logjam. So many possibilities here! Very easy to use, and as a bass player it not only allows me to work on scales and riffs within the cord progressions it has also helped me to start to learn and understand the keyboard. Big thumbs up on this one!
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5 years ago, thecornfarmer
Great Tool for Beginners
Hey I’m a producer who just started using chord generator and it has been simple and easy to use. It really has some good inspiration for musicians and I love how I can upload the chords to software like garage band. I recommend this to all of my friends starting out with producing as a great tool for making dope songs.
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5 years ago, Ontap55
great app to get creative juices flowing, chord progression app
This app really helps to generate chord progressions that kickstart ideas in writing new songs. You can change beat pattern and add or change chords. Easy to use with built in tutorial you can’t go wrong. Also can be used in other applications.
Show more
5 years ago, Kaviiar Music
A must have for any music creator
This is a must have for any producer, composer, singer, songwriter, or beat maker. Don’t hesitate, just download it. You won’t regret it. I upgraded to premium after just 5 minutes of use. This is something that I’ve been looking for, for quite awhile.
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4 years ago, WiccanTeen2003
As an aspiring songwriter/band member, I’m too inexperienced to write chord progressions, and this app solves it for me. It even brings chords that you know WON’T go together, but they actually DO! I recently signed up for their premium feature, and I love that, too!! Download this app today!!
Show more
4 days ago, Peter van Nostrand
Can’t re-verify premium purchase
I paid for premium a few years back. I stopped using the app for a while and noticed recently that it says I have the free version. I have tried the verification through the app, but it hasn’t worked.
Show more
3 months ago, MikeBearNJ
Excellent app for discovering new chord progressions
Very easy to use. I just press a button, listen to a new chord progression. If I’m very interested then I can quickly save it and use it for a future music project. Simple to use but powerful.
Show more
11 months ago, gv8464104
Useful app
This app works well when you’re stuck. Trying to figure out what to do next in a song. It is easy to use and produces suggestions quickly
Show more
4 years ago, woody the wood pevker
This is savage
I had no idea this type of app existed! Really the possibilities are staggering for all of us and that haven’t mastered music, or if you have no music experience at all. I did have the app freeze, and then glitch out so I’m going to give it a solid 4 starts. Thanks the app makers for the doors you have opened up.
Show more
5 years ago, LJ Swype
The start of something special.
Hands down the fastest way to get musical ideas started. One tap on the screen and export to your favorite DAW for sound design. Creating multiple progressions in the same key makes it easy to arrange full songs. I will upgrade my review to five stars once it supports Ableton Link or midi sync.
Show more
5 years ago, DJ SKRYBLEZ - Max Love
This App is a producers key 🔑
This app looks like any other music production app but it’s wayyyy more jam packed than most, and very much executes it’s purpose. The shuffling of the chords and the midi exporting make this app more than what you bargain for. Definitely will be using this app for years to come.
Show more
3 years ago, euphoria3737
Does not allow premium features to work
I upgraded to the premium monthly trial and it just cycles into a lifetime option instead allowing use of the premium functions. I see now from other reviews they are having the same experience so I won’t be upgrading to the monthly subscription and will be canceling the free trial. Sad because it seem like a decent program if it only worked! Waste of my time.
Show more
1 year ago, Whoknows9116
Better than the others
Great chord progression app! I like that it uses all chords available, even those you would not have considered. For the amateur and the advanced user,
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