Chores & Allowance Bot

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5 months ago
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User Reviews for Chores & Allowance Bot

4.53 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Nmbet
Great design-very simple
I originally thought that an allowance app needed to be complex and something I had to set up with a keyboard and mouse (either via browser or integrated app in mac/windows). I now know that those things aren’t required. Simple to setup. Assigning tasks is easy. Recurrence is automatic and allows for multiple days to complete tasks. We have chores that we only want done on weekends and others that are only done during the week. Easy with this app. Can also designate tasks as being up for grabs meaning that the first period to do it gets the loot. Yes, this is a paid feature, but seriously? Look at the annual cost. We have noticed a drastic increase in chore compliance and corresponding drop in parental stress level in terms of tasks getting done. Rather than have to transfer $$ to a spending card or into a checking account, this app simply keeps track of how much each person has earned. Then, when they want to buy something, you simply reduce the amount in their account. Also, if a kid does something over the top and you want to pay them more, you can simply deposit more in without having to create a chore. Worth every penny.
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1 year ago, Ele Kay
Finally! A great fit for our family.
Yay!!! Not TOO gamified for my kids- but enough splash and graphics to keep them engaged. I didn’t need another gimmicky gamified app. Appeals to my ADHD preteen and 6 year old. The app gives you the ability to customize money/assignment of chores/as needed chores/proration of weekly allowance based on %of chores done vs no allowance of chores not done. I LOVE that you can automatically set it for percentages to allocated to whatever (or however many) accounts you make. Saving account is default until you add more categories. We have ours set up “savings: 30% spend: 60% Do Good & Be Kind: 10%” Keep the actual money in a bank account for them so they do have actual money and it’s not just in theory. In the bank account they can invest/learn financial crap etc. Hoping they grow up with better financial sense than me. I had to learn about all this stuff the HARD way. I don’t want my kids to learn the same way I did bc it sucked. Ha.
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4 years ago, brah2001
Update fixed problems
***update. I have changed my review back to 5 stars. The developers responded to feedback and corrected an annoying problem. Happily using this app to manage my children’s chores and allowance one again!! Previous review: I have happily used this app for years and they started a new feature that makes me HATE using it. They have created the option to give a percentage of your child’s allowance. Great idea I guess - took out half the trash give them half allowance maybe? This is available only to the premium user BUT you can see it on the lower tier version and it now makes you tap twice to pay your child’s allowance. I tap pay and then tap 100% even though I couldn’t pay less than 100% because I don’t want to pay a monthly premium fee to use an app I already paid for. I guess this is a ploy to get me to pay monthly but instead I will look for another app. I did email and request this feature be removed but got a nonsense answer.
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4 years ago, 1AFpilot
Heartfelt Review
I don’t usually do these, but here it goes, this is my review. My wife and I have 8 kids. With that many naturally chores are a necessity just to make it day by day. Our 4 oldest ones cycle off with the major chores of the house (living, dining, kitchen and dishes). We had been trying to keep up with it on paper of who does what. This app, this wonderful app, has a feature that rotates an assigned chore to each child! No more keeping up on paper!! Plus we were failing miserably with keeping up on who actually did what for allowances and rewards and it was a real pain and sorry to say lowered the kids motivation levels. I have high hopes for this app! The robot talking to the kids and telling them what their chores are will be awesome! I love all the other features too. Would be really cool if you guys developed an Alexa skill that pulled that info!! Even as it is it’s a masterpiece of an app!
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3 years ago, amarnold2001
Overall pretty good!
For the most part I really like this app. The only thing is it’s a little buggy and I had to delete and redo the same chores several times on some. I’d put in the up for grabs like $0.50 and it would keep changing it to $10, $8, $6 etc… They only other feature I would like to see is maybe being able to have the same chore checked off multiple times a day. For example laundry day my kids get $0.50 for carrying up or taking down each load of clothes and taking out the trash might need done more then once a day. There could be 5+ loads of laundry and 2-3 times trash needs taken out. I did solve this problem with separating in into multiple chores, ie…take trash out 1, take trash out 2, take out trash 3, etc... unfortunately this kind of clutters up the screen and looks overwhelming to the kids. It also took forever due to the before mentioned bug of changing the amount and having to delete and redo it several times.
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6 years ago, Crackalacka2690
Great Concept, Needs some work
So, the app keeps saying lost connection to server and dropping me back to the login screen. I was able to get it to work, but that seemed to happen fairly regularly. Thoughts on functionality to follow here. What is there is very basic. I’m sure the graphics took more time than the app workflow. 1. I’d like to be able to create a pool of chores that can be assigned to or picked up by the child. This seems very basic if you’ve ever worked with any kind of CRM system. It’s a logical way to organize something like this. 2. Chore template that can be utilized over and over rather than starting from scratch every time. The schedule feature wouldn’t work for this in my mind if that’s where you’re gonna go. 3. It’s 2018, fingerprint and facial rec...seems like basics if you’re gonna charge for an app. 4. Ability for child to add chores, with an approval of course 5. Take another look at how you add chores and assign to the child. The UI isn’t easy to follow. At the end of the day, you’ve got a good looking app that doesn’t seem very well thought out beyond the just what’s on the surface. It doesn’t have to be crazy complex, but currently it doesn’t offer enough to make it really worth using long term I don’t think. It will become to cumbersome and we’ll stop using it. Footnote...trues to contact developers and their form on their website errors out. Sweet...
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2 years ago, Lolita1025
Excellent App!!!
So a week ago I download this app to help motivate the kids to help around the house (and to help me not lose my mind when they misbehaved). It is also downloaded on their devices so that they are responsible for checking off their chores. Before this app I could never get them to feed the turtle. This is an “up for grabs” chore which means anyone can do it and the first gets an extra $1 for doing it. I haven’t had to feed the turtle all week!!! And the past two days, K has finished all his chores before I even got out of bed! L is a bit of a procrastinator(like mom😂😂) but she gets the jobs done by the end of the day. When they misbehave, I threaten to take $1 away instead of yelling or other negative reinforcements. They are watching their hardwork accumulate into real dollars. I can’t say enough about this app and the peace it has brought into our home!!
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2 years ago, differentproduct
Fairly and almost fully Comprehensive
Some type of clock or timer feature would be great. But truth be told, if your kid(s) is/are on devices, I suppose using the alarm and clock features would work just fine. The app is a great start to creating great habits like creating and marking off to-do lists, which is a lifelong habit. My kids self-manage. They get up, pop open the iPads, and start their lists. It’s kind of magical. Breakouts would be good. That is, item check marks to make a chore whole. For example, if the chore is “Do Dishes”, well, what does that mean? So, you might add tasks to equal the whole such as: clear dinner table (check), check all other rooms for dirty dishes (check), dishwasher running? (check), wipe down counters with cleaner and paper towel (check). If all the sub-checks are checked, then the CHORE of Do Dishes is checked. So, adding tasks that equal a chore would be helpful. One of the things I really like is that there’s a lot of customizable/manageable functionality. “Do this chore on this day, but not on that day. This chore pays this much. That chore is harder than others, so add some dollars.” All in, it’s a really a great app. It’s definitely a step in the right direction of fostering self-management. It could maybe use a few more components for being a planner.
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5 years ago, Kmszen
Helpful & Super Easy
I love this app! Prior to this app I considered paying for a kids bank account type app but that seems so overkill. We’ve kept charts on the fridge and tried piggy banks with real money. All of it was confusing and we would forget daily. This app saves so much time and keeps us organized. I’ve even added behavioral goals for them like “having a good attitude” or “helping little brother”. Our boys have even used there allowances to buy us parents gifts! So it’s teaching them a lot about responsibility, money management and gives them a sense of control that they get to choose whether they do the chore or lose the chance for money. Much less conflict in our wild and crazy house!!! I’ve begun referring it to all my client’s parents as I am a behavioral and play therapist for children. Plus the price is negligible, awesome all around.
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7 years ago, Kkazanji
Excellent app! Needs some tweaks.
I am a new user, but so far it seems fantastic. I have sent feedback regarding a few issues- I'm hoping that I am just missing these features somehow: 1) when you set a reward/punishment, it doesn't seem like the child is notified. This makes me wonder why the parent enters text to describe the reward. How is this ever able to be viewed in the future..either by parent or child? 2) I am still trying to figure out how to approve chores. I am being notified when they are completed, but when I go in to approve them, there is nothing for me to approve??? 3) I would like to see a log that shows the child each time an allowance is paid, each time a "punishment " deduction is made, each time a reward is made etc. Just like a bank statement, it would provide an explanation for the child to reference. I like the visual provided by the graph, but I do think an accounting of transactions is essential.
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5 years ago, pacergal1978
I like it but it needs some changes to be great
I love that my kids have their chores at their fingertips and I get notifications when they do a chore. The notifications for them to do their chores needs major improvements my kids say it alerts them at 3am! So by the time they are supposed to be doing their chores (12 hours later most days) that notification is pointless. I would love to see notifications like they get for their games, multiple a day. I love that I can keep track of their allowance and can add or subtract money easily. The setup is super slow it took me a couple of days to get all their chores entered and you have to do each child separate. I love that you can setup reoccurring chores like everyday or setup rotating chores. I like that I can have a passcode for each kids so they can’t get into each other’s accounts. And I can make only their account show on their devices. Over all I like it. Just waiting for improvements to the notifications
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5 years ago, Glitter Bomber
Great Support & Quick to Respond
We use this app daily. Having multiple older kids, this app makes it easy to keep track of chore assignments, completion, allowance and kids borrowing or spending money before payday. It’s easy to break down the chores into steps, assigning each step a value regardless of what you choose to reward your children with for completion. I also like how I can easily add the toilet gets cleaned on Tuesdays and Friday, the kitchen floor get mopped on Saturdays, and the lawn is mowed every other week, so the person in charge of each chore can have more or less tasks to complete each chore daily and isn’t overlooking things that matter. I love that I can put the chores in order of importance so each child has the smartest way to work though their list of tasks. It’s easy to reassign chores and add tasks if a chore it too vague or misunderstood. The app is being updated and gets better with every update. Support is phenomenal. If I have a question or concern the response time is super fast, usually receiving a reply within minutes. And they reply to feedback, so I know I’ve been heard. Overall I’m not sure how we got along without this app. Assigning chores, approving they are done right and giving an allowance is smooth and consistent.
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5 years ago, mrsamandajones
Loving it
So far this has been a great app. My kids range from 1-14. There are 5 of them. This is a great running list to keep track of the “to dos” since 3 of them are autistic and need list. I’m not assigning chores so to say, the Bot is. This takes away the mom is the bad guy attitude when I would assign chores before. I like the rotation of the chores. The kids like they some days they have fewer chores. I like that I can add rewards, so when report cards come out they can get a “bonus”. I also like that I can deduct money when jobs are not preformed correctly. This is helping to instill a good work attitude. The only improvements I would like to see are I wish that I could set time limits so that I could say “you have 30 mins to get this job done” or where I could say for example all jobs must be done before 4 o’clock.
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5 years ago, Smurfjedi
Made my kids excited for chores
I’ve been thinking for awhile that needed to look for an app to keep track of my kids allowance without swapping cash back and forth and writing IOU’s. AllowanceBot has been perfect so far. My kids get a visual for what they need to do, and they seem to get things done faster than me nagging at them. It has plenty of options for how often you want chores to repeat and how you want to pay your child. I’m glad that I have less nagging to do now, and the things are actually getting done. It was well worth the couple dollars that I spent on it. I should add, I had a question about approvals and they got back to me within 12 hours. (I wrote them at night.) FYI approvals will come through the next day, even if your child finishes before the end of the day. Great app!
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5 years ago, Road King Dad
“Fun”ctional! (Fun and Functional)
Our family has struggled through checklists, spreadsheets, chore cards, verbal agreements, etc. and nothing has worked or been easy to use. The robot is a fun interface. Chores can be scheduled for one or multiple children, or alternating between multiple. You can schedule as a recurring chore or one-time. The best for me is having them check it off and then a reminder to me to confirm that the chore is completed before I mark as done. When I approve it as completed, the kids see the total that they’ve earned, which is an incentive to them. I’ve assigned some chores are “just need to be done” (like taking a shower) and they don’t get paid for. I input how much I pay them each time and the app keeps a running total. I really think this app has it all.
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2 years ago, TBonePickenz
Indispensable Allowance App!
I have 5 kids, and this makes keeping track of allowance very easy. The fact that it is available accross family platforms their ipads and my wife's Pixel phone is a great feature. Even my older kids with Debit Cards with our bank keep some money in the "Robot" - if they are at Target/Starbucks and want to purchase something, it is easy to deduct from the app. I also like the graph where you can annotate what they spent it on. We don't use the job completion checklist, as everyone just gets "deducted" on the spot for missing a task. I pay their premium service, and it is highly recommended. I'd also recommend looking at the Stockpile App if you are looking for an investing custodial account.
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2 years ago, 60HourWorkWeek
Easy and Quick
I have used other chore apps and they were beyond slow. This app is not only easy but super fast. I haven’t even tried everything it has to offer but for our kids it is a breeze. Chores are done, they feel accomplishment and actually pay each other to have them do their chores when they can’t. I use it to teach not only personal time management and accountability but also how to maintain a house and themselves. They also get the benefit of seeing how even $.10 chores add up to a lot of money over time. I no longer have to nag and remind, the chores are done and they are saving their money for their own personal goals. This has been life changing. Thank you!!
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8 months ago, Mland522
Awesome help!
I love this app and recommend it to all my friends! It helps me keep track of who is in charge of which responsibilities and track payments so I don’t have to have to remember every week. I love the feature where you can pay more or less according to the difficulty of the chore and assign chores. Even my 4yo loves to see what the robot wants her to do next. My only suggestion is to have the ability to assign different days for different children in the same chore instead of having to duplicate it. I see that you can have them rotate, but if I want one kid to do it Wed-Fri and another to do it Mon/Tues, that option doesn’t exist yet. Overall this app has been a sanity saver!
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4 years ago, Csurpent
Almost Perfect!!!
We are a family with 4 kids and started using this app last week. After downloading and trying to set up about 6 different ones we settled on this. It was easy to set up a rotating schedule of chores for the kids. There are a lot of options, which I love, and once I figured out duplicating chores with the options I wanted, the setup went quickly. The kids are loving checking off their chores! They’re excited to see their first allowance payment show up. The only thing that I feel is really missing is a calendar view. I would love to be able to look at what everyone has to do today (and has already done) on one screen, instead of having to click into each child. That being said, the other features make this app a keeper!
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5 years ago, The_Game_Tester
My dad loves this app (so do I)
I don’t love doing chores but this app makes it a bit more fun to do chores because you get a sense of accomplishment when you check off each chore you do. Plus you get to see your weekly allowance without having to ask your parent. You get to have a profile picture and see how your siblings are doing. This app is very organized and I recommend it. It is a good thing to use if you want your kids to help out around the house. Your kids can also make some money. And they can make the house cleaner in case you just want it to be clean or you’re having guests or something. It gets your kids more involved in helping out and I like that about this app.
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3 years ago, E12321E
First of, there is enough stuff you can get withOUT buying premium, but the stuff that makes it worth it, you DO have to buy. There's no ads. Not glitchy. But how do I get onto what only kids should see? I can't unless I buy premium. There IS a way to do it without it, IF you could have child passcode, but you can't unless you buy premium. So basically you can get on your parent's phone, or even your own device, go into your siblings account, and basically do anything you want on it. (Check/uncheck chores, spend money, etc.) I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude. But if the developers could please change it so on device setting you can say I just want to see ______'s account, without buying premium, that would be amazing, and the app would be 5 stars. Thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, Ogreenwoo
Built in accountability
This app allows me to be consistent with my kids. They know exactly what is expected and I can be a competent employer by rewarding them on time and showing them accurate feedback through graphs. I can’t wait until the developer makes it easy to switch chores up on a daily basis without having to toggle back and forth between the chore bank and their chore lists to manually change the schedule from once to daily. With multiple kids, this taxes my working memory and time but the benefits of the app still outweigh the costs. I’m always recommended this app to friends, parents, and teachers because ultimately, it is a great app.
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7 years ago, chickpeasmom
Love the app.
I love the ability to sync between devices that makes it easy for the kids to know what is expected. It would be great to be able to create global chores that anyone could complete to earn extra money, such as emptying the dishwasher. It is only completed once per day but the way the app currently works I'd have to list it per child meaning that multiple children could "complete" it in a day. The approval process does help to reduce that confusion. Also it would be nice to create a common chore list bank that lists the name, description, amount, and schedule in one place. Then be able to pick from that bank when adding the chores to each child in mass adjusting the amt and schedule as needed per child. This eases the duplicate entry.
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6 years ago, Teaching Accountability
Going well
We had a system for allowance at our home for my 6 & 8 year old. It needed an update though as it was slot of work for me to keep them motivated with verbal reminders. This app allows them to keep a running record and then at my convenience I approve the chores. Less work for me really reminding them as this keeps them accountable. Then if they forget to check it off. I don’t pay. We go to the bank every Monday and they get their allowance. Then half goes into their bank accounts and they keep half. Some weeks they do not get any due to disrespect but it’s nice for them to see what they should have earned. Working well for our home.
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7 years ago, MissIOWA30
Meets My Needs!
I needed help keeping track of my daughter's weekly allowance. I hardly ever have cash on me, so handing her cash each week was tedious and frustrating. This app has made things better for both of us—she now has a virtual bank account with me where we can both see on our devices how much credit she has to make purchases of her choice. I like how we are able to identify details about what she has spent her money on in notes, but I am not a fan of the graph—instead I'd like to see more of a log or bank account register-type page. It'd be easier to identify expenses and what was purchased, etc. I love the graphics! Great app!
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7 years ago, Lskskksksokskksososlslslla
Love it! The only drawback is...
We truly love this app! Our kids do too! It's nice that they don't have to ask me what to do since they can see the tasks and description/instructions in the app. It's also nice to be out and about with their accounts on hand so if we're at a store and I don't have cash, I can purchase the item and subtract it from their account. They don't get paid their allowance until I check their work (an optional feature), which I love. The only drawback is that we'd love to have spending/savings/charity options. I did email this app developer, and they responded quickly, stating that that's in the future plans!
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3 years ago, Lilydragonthegnome
Awesome app!
This has made life so much easier as a parent. With kids at differing ages, we’ve needed a way to break down chores in an age appropriate way. This has made that possible and works as a space to manage their “cash” so we know how much they have and can debit their individual accounts when they spend money, but without having to worry about handing cash back and forth. It is helping them learn how to use a bank account and earn money. There’s a complete focus on positive reinforcement, so it’s also helped create more positive feelings around doing work around the house.
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4 years ago, Baxtersbh
Great for my four teens!!!
I absolutely love this app! I have 4 teens and this app helps all my kids know what their daily responsibilities are from their phones, as well as helping mom and dad see the big picture as well. I especially love that I was able to dictate specifically what I require for each room their responsible for to have happen. It even will speak the requirements to the child which is important to my youngest teen due to his severe learning disability. The deposit and deduction part of the app is great as well! All in all this is a very well thought out app definitely worth the monthly in app fee for my busy large family!!!
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1 week ago, LuvTinyTunes
Good for tracking kids’ money
I haven’t used the chore feature because it doesn’t offer what I need unless I upgrade to premium. However, the app is great for tracking my kids’ cash income and spending. Each transaction has a note feature so I can remember where the money came from (I.e. Birthday money from Grandma) and where they spent it (I.e. Ice cream at the beach). I also use the note feature to track short term loans I give them and if they paid me back or not. One request of developers: Change the avatar style. The ones offered now are super creepy looking.
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3 years ago, lilu3627
Game changer!
This app is amazing. There are both parent pins and children pins that can be utilized and it makes things so easy for everyone. The only things I would like to see is in the chore list is an “other option”. I would also like to see an option where multi households can utilize the same app. For instance if you have a blended family and your kids spend time at the other parents house hold. That way you can see which parent made changes to what. Also, birthdays shoutouts around the birthday to make them feel special. Overall I cannot complain about this app. I freaking LOVE it!
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1 year ago, mangospice707
Great Tool!
Love this app for helping to manage chores for my three kiddos. - It helps keep things organized. I don’t have to remember what they need to do each day. - I don’t have the nag/remind them for each individual chore. I can just ask, “Have you done your chores yet?” And they know what needs to be done. - I love that in my parent account it notifies me when they check off a chore so I can double check that it’s been done. - I love that it gives a suggested percentage of allowance they’ve earned based on whether they did the full amount of chores or only some. - I love that you can use it as a money management system. Instead of needing to have cash to pay them for allowance, the app keeps track of money in their account, what they spend, etc. - I love that it’s easy to use for younger kiddos. Mine are 10, 7, and 3. The 3 year old needs help, but my older 2 can do it on their own. - I can see that they’re becoming more responsible. 🙌😄
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4 years ago, sweet4all123
Love it
This has been such a help to my daughters in keeping them focused on getting their chores done! It is a list they can see which chores they have left to do and it shows them how much money they have currently accrued! I have also added homework time (45-1 hour ) which is helping them increase their study time too! I would like to see maybe a tab where I could add a bonus so if they do something or if there is something that is mostly a one time chore than I can add that quickly. Overall this has helped my whole family with keeping things on track!
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4 years ago, Anonomys 123456789
From a kids perspective, when we used to chores that weren’t just making our bed and simple tasks, we would be promised pay. But our parents never remembered or would just pay us a bunch of money like a month later. Although myself and my brothers weren’t perfect, by any means, either, we were still payed our full allowance, at whatever point our parents decided to that. BUT... with this allowance and chore app we have been able to be paid the fair amount for what work we’ve done and our parents don’t have to worry about paying us.
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5 years ago, bigboy reviews
Was Great but...
This app has worked well for us. It’s great for keeping track of the kids money and chores. My only complaint is the graphs are not user friendly and only goes back 1 month. It would be nice to have a history list of money spent with notes. This would be great since my children always forget what they spent their money on. I would like to be able to show them what they spent. If it had a better history feature, it would be a 5 star app. Update.. I just witnessed the app change the amount on my sons account. He was in the negatives and I added chores. Then I realized it was $10 less than before. He complains his money is disappearing and now I realize he could be right.
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1 year ago, Ardy26
Stop begging me to pay
It’s so hard to find a single app that allows you to simply track 1) chores assigned and completed and 2) allowance in and out. This one fits the bill, except they won’t stop constantly begging you to pay a way too high subscription price for a lot of bells and whistles I honestly have no need for. Seriously how do they justify this price when there’s not even a bank account attached? I’ve paid less than this for an allowance app that had a check card! I honestly wish they had a medium level. I’d pay $4.99 ONE TIME to simply use this app without having to dismiss the constant ad to upgrade to a subscription.
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6 years ago, Jdprock
Totally worth it!
This app was well designed and serves its purpose. It motivates my son and has made a huge difference in getting him organized and more involved with his hygiene and keeping his room and the rest of the house nice and neat. Before this he was a very sloppy boy and it was very difficult to get him to brush his teeth and take his showers on a consistent routine. I wasn’t sure if it had certain capabilities and reached out to support. They were very quick to respond and were able to answer all of my questions to great satisfaction. Their customer support is second to none!
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2 years ago, Lesnrj87
Parent approved helped my twins understand procedures
I started using this app when my children were six years old. I love how it has expanded and has so many features !As an educator for over 20 years it definitely is something worth buying for your family. Not only has had help during our homeschooling years but it also helps with school routines and home routines. I finally feel like I don’t have to repeat myself 1000 times especially since there is a reminder that can be set for chores.
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1 year ago, wnhjhgcjgfcjgfckg
Good app
Although I’m a kid and hate doing chores something about the checklist gets me motivated. Knowing what I have to do and when to do it helps my productivity. I’m a big procrastinator so making a habit of checking this helps. One of my mom’s favorite features is the fact that it doesn’t take actual money from your account and just puts “promise money” (as my mom would phrase it) in the savings section. Most other apps my mom looked at took money straight from the parent’s account. However this app doesn’t do that.
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3 years ago, gfsjufvd
Helps kids track and learn about money and easy for all
I’ve been using this for years to keep track of kids’ spending money, saving money, charity money and specific goal money. Each kid has multiple profiles. I love that they can always see their balances and it’s super easy to make additions and subtractions when we’re out and about or at home. (I liked the chore tracking feature, but kids didn’t so we resorted to a dry-erase board that they can live with even though more work for me.)
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6 months ago, Eatpraylovemama
I have had it for years
I have had this app for years. I allow a dollar a day for each of my kids as allowance. I asked that they maintain their spaces, and help out tge household as needed or asked. It has taught them to save by allowing their allowance to accumulate before spending. It also takes away me having to say no very often at the store, because we can just look and see if they have enough to buy something. We have not had many financial battles because of this wonderful app.
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4 years ago, GeekyReviewerDad
This is just what we were looking for.
My kid was really excited to start with AllowanceBot, and we see a big, positive difference in how she's engaging with her everyday tasks. Overall it's a clear winner. I found scheduling to be a little unintuitive. It's not clear to me why picking a "start day of the week" matters, and I wish there were repetitions like, "When this is done, schedule another occurrence one week out." Would also like to see "multipliers", like, "$0.10 for every bite of a new food, up to $2.00!" I also wish I could use emoji with chore names and descriptions. These issues borrowing, very happy with AllowanceBot and it's premium features.
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8 years ago, Segazombie
2 days without arguing!
I'm so sick of nagging my kid all the time to do chores cause geeze, they should just be able to do it themselves right? (eye roll) I love this app because it's easy to use. Yes it takes awhile to enter the chores initially but for me, it's a one and done type thing. My kid (7 years old) loves this app because she's fiercely independent and she loves having her own checklist. I can't tell her what to do but she's fine with the app telling her what needs to be done. She can visually see what she needs to get done before she goes to bed. She said she's excited for her chores tomorrow.
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7 years ago, Broken-Foot
Required chores counterintuitive
The app has all the features I am looking for to keep track of what my kid does. Money is a motivator for her, and having the app on both phones is great. Features like PIN and quick add are well thought out, and having data on servers is a bonus. Support was quick to reply and very helpful. I have issue with how the required chores approval works. If chores are required daily to get a daily allowance, the approval will not come until the following day. For instance, clean room and clean kitchen are required chores on July 30, and the kid clicks them complete, the don't display/I don't have the option to approve until July 31. I Emailed support; it's designed that way to allow the kid all day to complete the chore, but in my case, the immediate reward of finishing a chore and being able to immediately approve it adds to motivation. I really would like the option so that when the kid clicks the required chore it should show up the same as a reward chore. Great app!
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4 months ago, morgan895
Fantastic Application
I have been using this application for a few days now with my children. They love the the interactive display I setup for them, allowing them to be engaged with daily chores in ways that I begged them to do in the past. The we decided to use Stars as currency in the house that could be exchanged for items at the store or screen time with video games and tablets. The developer is very easy to communicate with and has built something that will help my family tremendously and has made it into a learning tool for my school aged kids. It is also awesome that I am able to work on chores and modifications on my computer and use a tablet or a touch screen application to access the application with kids to check off what they have done. Highly recommend it for all family types large and small, single parent, and blended.
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6 years ago, blapp99
Flexible and easy
I tested quite a few chore apps before coming across this one. I don’t normally write reviews, only do the star rating, but I couldn’t pass over this one. This app is easy to get rolling and has so much flexibility. The UX and development team absolutely nailed it. It’s got all the detail older kids need plus pictures and audio to make it usable for the little ones. Simplicity wrapped around everything you think a chore app needs, plus 10 things you missed but now won’t want to go without.
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5 years ago, stevedadrummer
Great app!
This app is excellent. There are just a few changes I would make. Whenever I’m in portrait mode in the parent only part of the app and accidentally turn my phone in landscape, it gets me out of the parent only part. Not a huge deal, but it’s super annoying. I really wish there was a way to put the chores in the order I’d like them to occur. It would also be great if there were a calendar that I can assign the chores on there. When I choose to rotate chores between kids it almost always gives one of my kids all of those chores to start. It’s just too clunky as currently designed to fix that.
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2 years ago, hciccnfdkd
Pls read I know nobody likes chores but
This is so fun how it’s set up so I have two brothers and so we put our name in then we do our chores and we check them off on our phones then we earn money and if we’re hanging out with friends we all have Apple Pay on our phone so when we wanna buy something from the money we earn from chores we can pay for stuff from Apple Pay and it actually makes cleaning 🧽 soooo much more fun 🤩 so yes 👍 I do recommend getting this game
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6 years ago, BrassM0nkey99
Great idea, poor execution
We’ve been using this app for several months. We appreciated the simplicity of the app, just what we needed, not a bunch of stuff we didn’t. It worked fairly well, with the odd glitch here or there until about a month ago. Approvals no longer take effect, which is the main function we use for the app. You tap and tap and tap and nothing happens. If you can’t approve the allowance, what’s the point of the app? Now we’re shopping for a new system to use with our kids. Two stars for concept and for the few months of use we enjoyed. To the developer: I work for a software company. I did all the basic troubleshooting steps and it still doesn’t work. 👎🏼
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3 years ago, Cherieaimee
Best Chores App!
I use it with my 8 and 15 year olds. We have tried several chores apps and this one has the most flexibility and the best features. You can not only assign, track and reward your children for chores; you can also teach them about saving and spending. I like that it can be used as a “wallet,” so instead of giving them money or tokens (which are easily lost), they’re learning to keep their money in “the bank.” Definitely helps with impulse spending.
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4 years ago, raynenskye
Love this App!
My kids have loved using this app to visually see their rewards for chores completed. It’s so user friendly and I highly recommend upgrading to premium. This allows you to customize chores, payment amounts, frequency of payment and more. I don’t typically pay for apps or the upgrades to them but this one is worth it! Do yourself a favor and download this app so your kids are excited and motivated to do chores. This in turn saves mom time, stress and her voice by not having to repeat “get it done” a million times.
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