Christmas Radio+

4.8 (4.1K)
18.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nick Culbertson
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Christmas Radio+

4.78 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
1 year ago, bee***
We have had year round Christmas displays in our home for decades. I found your station on my phone last year and I have it on EVERY day! It's WONDERFUL! I I‘ve been listening to this Christmas app for years and it’s GREAT,MARVELOUS,WT,FANTASTIC, and JOYFUL ALL YEAR ROUND!!!! I start playing it when I get up, showering, eating, writing (no, it doesn’t ruin my concentration) and whenever I need some uplifting in my life! I especially LOVE HOLLY and NORTH POLE!! We also have year round Christmas displays all over our home for decades and whenever someone comes into our home they hear the terrific music and see the displays giving them joy and happiness! What more can anyone do, giving it forward to others for peace and love?💕💕Bonnie a What a great station, especially Holly,it has the best music and no commercials!! Wonderful songs and singers! Yes, I listen to Christmas music ALL YEAR LONG, EVERY SINGLE DAY AND I LOVE IT! Thank you so very much for sharing this music with us!!💕💕BONNIE
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8 years ago, Richard_Alpert1867
It doesn't get much better than this
I downloaded this app last year before Christmas and really enjoyed it. Just for the heck of it, I decided to try it out again in May to see if it works this time of year. It does! It still has several high quality radio stations that play Christmas music year round. It's a very awesome app, simple to use, great sound, perfect music. I highly recommend it. It will definitely get you in the spirit. :)
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4 months ago, AriFan04
Best Christmas Radio EVER!!!🎄🎼
I absolutely LOVE this radio app! It makes my Christmas even better, with a variety of radio stations to choose from, depending on what I’m in the mood for... I love listening to it in my room, in the car, ANYWHERE honestly!! Especially in my comfy bed on Christmas Eve(with my earbuds), anticipating for Christmas the next day, it gives me all the feels!🥰 so thanks for this amazing app! -anonymous teen girl💓
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1 year ago, Amys96
Best Christmas station ever
I’ve been using this app for years now. At least 20 years now (2022) It is by far the best Christmas radio station app there is available. There are so many different stations! It’s pretty awesome actually. Most of them almost always work. If you enjoy Christmas music, get this free app. You’ll love it. Thank you to the Creators!! Love you guys! God bless! Love, Amy Hetrick Koch ❤️♥️🎄🙏🏼
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4 years ago, Cemo Michigan
Shining Star
This Christmas app is Fabulous! Love the rare, (some I've never heard before) songs, no other places play. So nice to not have to listen to the same few songs over & over on the radio. This is saying a lot, since I have a HUGE Collection of Christmas music & listen to it for more months in the year than most people. This Tops Sirius, I Heart, Pandora, all others!! Thanks so much. Please continue!! I just wish we could give the songs a thumbs up option! 😉
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4 years ago, Brobear777
Best Christmas songs😍
I just got this but it is the most cheerful app in the world it has varieties and varieties of perfect Christmas songs to listen to a lot and it makes you feel so cheerful inside to have this app well it’s been a fun time I know it’s only about 34 days till Christmas but it’s never too late to be cheerful thank you for listening to my review at this it’s five stars all the way and thank you
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4 years ago, ZANA L
Christmas 🎄 Radio
🎄Christmas Radio is the best!! Thank goodness for Christmas Radio! Christmas Radio is by far the most dependable app to give you ALL different types of Christmas music. There are some commercials but not overbearing. No cutting in & out and great sound. If you are looking for a Christmas music app and don’t try Christmas Radio then you are missing out.! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄! Santa 🎅🏻 is watching and listening to Christmas Radio!
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1 year ago, Bricmeister
Everything you could want in a Christmas radio/music app!
Solid with lots of choices. If you can’t find something you like on here, you’re not trying. I’ve had it on my phone for at least 4-5 years and use it every Christmas season. 10 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, Old Fashioned CHRISTmas Gal
Excellent Classic Christmas
I’ve been listening to this app for years! It provides wonderful classic Christmas radio stations! Takes me back to my childhood with old songs! If times could only be that simple and wonderful again! Merry Christmas!
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6 years ago, Fan for 30 years
Can’t wait!
I’ve been looking for a good Christmas music app for a long time and couldn’t find one I wanted. Finally I found this one. I thought it would be perfect. I looked at the review and 98% of it was all 5 star! And it is a five star app! So I just downloaded it and I can’t wait to hear all the beautiful music! 😊🎶
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4 years ago, Bangsmith
Absolutely The Best!
This app, along with all of Nick Culbertson's music apps, is the best free streaming app in its genre! Ads are limited to a simple banner ad, and the station selection is just about spot on. Most of these type of apps originate from Europe or Japan, but here we get an American perspective. Get 'em all, you won't be disappointed!
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6 years ago, Squdishi
It’s the most wonderful app of the year
It really is! Many different styles to choose from and hey it may not be Christmas yet... not for a long time... but even the North Pole radio that’s on here says we’re it’s okay to listen to Christmas music all year round! My number one recommendation and I’m only 12!
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2 years ago, Christina_217
Best Christmas Radio Station!!!
I love the wide variety of stations. Chooses from classic to modern day Christmas songs. It’s a must have on your phone, especially if you love Christmas!!! Also don’t change, this app is perfect just the way it is!!!!! 🎅🏼🧑🏻‍🎄🎄☃️
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4 months ago, pinellover
Find a song - - I think it was in the seventies or early 80’s!!!
What a great channel!!! I like hearing new songs… so cool!! Do you have a song named “Goin for a sleigh ride? Whoa!! But the group is called the “ something Sisters! And I wonder if you could find it and play it!!!
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6 months ago, Cue Star3
Review Christmas Radio
Excellent a variety of Christmas music it’s good anyone can find a song or melody from kids to classical they might want to hear it’s fun to listen to what you want to hear I like it much Thank you
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8 years ago, GweSr
Christmas savers
I live in an area that does not have very good reception on radio stations. My wife and I love Christmas music and were able to fill our home with music this season because of this app. Thanks for putting it our there.
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6 months ago, Gaineydriver
From now until New Years
I really enjoy this for a little more than 2 months. I am not a Christmas in July. We had our first snowfall last night so I am pumped! A fantastic idea for reindeer and elves.
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2 years ago, Xmasloving Mom
My Nine year old son was asking for xmas songs and we could not find the classic ones he likes. This was just perfect he loves it and so do I . Very convenient for on the road driving too. Love this app so much 😍🙎🏼‍♀️
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8 years ago, Steeltoro
How and where in the world did they find all these awesome Christmas stations? With the recent and stunning disappearance of the Christmas Radio Network, I had been looking for a new year round Christmas station to enjoy. So thankful I came across this app. 5 stars easy. "S"
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8 years ago, Kristy Hirt
Great Christmas app
I think this is a great app and for free what more could you ask for? I love it I have wifi at home so I turn this app on play it through my Bluetooth speaker and never worry a bit about it going down.
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2 years ago, FL weather watch
Christmas Radio
Finding a station on the pages with the station ID’s is next to impossible. The stations are listed 2-3 deep(ID’s are layered on top of each other) making finding the station selection next to impossible. When touching the screen it’s always a surprise what selection the touch screen decides was the wanted station.
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2 years ago, poinbh56
Christmas live radio
I love this part of the choices, although I don’t like the fact that it changes to other options without being the one to change it.
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1 year ago, Syd789z
Great app
Great music, just wish it’d play longer. I keep having to turn my phone off and then on and reconnect to continue music ever couple of hours.
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2 years ago, menriquez5
Love this Station!!
This station is awesome because it really has a huge variety of songs and artists it’s not just the same ones over and over I love that!!! 💗
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5 years ago, paypaynieghneigh
It’s August and I’m still constantly on this! When people are in the car with me I play Christmas music and they hate it because it not on the radio! Well now it is suckers! My sister slapped me because of this though 😂
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6 years ago, APP GIRL🙃
Awesome App
I got several Christmas music apps this Christmas but none of them actually played the music!! This app is so amazing I listen to it all the time. It plays my favorite songs! And it’s easy to use!! Great App I love it Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄
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3 years ago, jesus is our christ
Christmas songs
I love the Christmas songs that play s constantly I don’t have to look them up or search them they just keep playing and playing loving it thank you
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4 months ago, Pastelgirl
I am enjoying this so very much! I live in a retirement facility where all they do it’s watch sentimental movies and I rather hear music! Thank you so much and merry Christmas everyone
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5 months ago, rlimberger
Nice but ……
I think this is a great app but Christmas radio more songs like really it would be more family friendly like for me I think it would be soooo good to have more songs
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3 years ago, "Anchor Man"
Cannot stream for more than a few minutes
I’m barely computer literate. So I’m disappointed I can’t get the app to stream for a than a few minutes. Had an old deactivated phone I’ve listened to for years. It stopped working and I can’t get any of my modern devices to stream but a few minutes. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong,but it’s frustrating.
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4 years ago, Leapinleo11
Rating This Channel
I really look forward to listening to your Christmas music on this channel, I also like the variety, and the style of music, that I can choose from. Merry Christmas.🎄🌨❄️☃👍
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8 years ago, best way
Great App
This is a great app the only thing they could add is a volume bar to fine toon the sound. I think it is outstanding that I can listen to Christmas music all year witch I do. My fav is the Holiday Traditions. Keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, tsgranq
Love the different options
I can listen to contemporary or classical or new songs. So many options!
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4 years ago, Fspcarey
Just beautiful all year long
Love Christmas all year long and makes me feel like a little child.
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7 years ago, Rich Chuckrey
No pop-ups!
There's nothing wrong with a "no pop-up" Christmas music app like this one. Enough station choices to get you through the holidays.
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8 years ago, Mikerey
Great Christmas Radio App-lot to choose from
This is a Great Christmas Radio App. There is lot to choose from as far as stations to listen to. I play this all the time. At work and at home. Love it
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7 years ago, Shirloc75
Christmas radio
I love all the different varieties of songs that you play. Comparing this station to Pandora and iHeartRadio, I believe this is the best station iPad Air heard. Thank you for allowing me to listen for free. Merry merry Christmas.
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4 years ago, girladventirer
Christmas radio app is awesome!
It plays so many great Christmas songs and give a great variety! It really gets me into a Christmas mood and makes anywhere you play it festive! ❤️
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5 months ago, Musecrafter1
Christmas Love!
I love this app! I get to listen to great Christmas music any time I want, 24/7, 365. There’s nothing quite like listening to Christmas music in July 😎
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4 years ago, Emoji lover😜😍😉😂😁
This app plays different genres of Christmas music. There are songs for everyone in the family!
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2 years ago, Sam7536
I love your Christmas Radio, but…
I love the app, but when I close it, I can’t hear the music. Is there any way of you to make it play all the time? Other than that, I love the app. Please fix it! I hope to hear a reply from you.
Show more
3 years ago, Shorty8008
Love it. Love it. Love it.
I’m part of the 0.1% of the world that can listen to Christmas music year round. That’s ok. Because 99.9% of the world is wrong. This app is just the best.
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4 years ago, tropicaldelight
Love this Christmas Radio App 🎅
Christmas all year around love it so much the developer did a great job highly recommend this app if you love Christmas makes you happy and hopeful🎄
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3 years ago, David9952
The best gift to myself
With all the things around us you are a true gift which keeps giving. Thank you !!!
Show more
5 years ago, Dragon_aaron
Awesome app
I recommend it but make sure you always have internet connection I wish it was a offline app
Show more
2 years ago, Tracy876
So convenient and so many options
I’m really enjoying having all this joy in my pocket.
Show more
6 months ago, Dan4622
Christmas music
I listen quit often all year round. Thank you
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1 month ago, Crazy about Christmas
Christmas Radio
I love it! Thank you for the many selection. My holidays just got better!❤️
Show more
5 months ago, Gumby29
Christmas music.
I really love the options you have and the variety of singers. Young and old.
Show more
2 years ago, Music2b4us
Best Apps Ever! Music lover’s delight!
I really enjoy this app more than any other! Great music & best of all it’s free! Would give 10 stars if I could!!!!!!
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