Chrome Dino Run

4.2 (2.2K)
47.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ebubekir Yanik
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chrome Dino Run

4.17 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
3 years ago, boom 💥⚡️💥
I love this game and I play it a lot, I’m only 11 years old and I really think that the big cactus’s are really really hard to jump over, and I’m really good at this game except when I get to the big cactus’s then that’s what always makes me die 😕, so I think it would be better if you people could put some better cactus’s in the game, the other cactus’s are easy to jump over but I think they should replace the big cactus’s. 😬😑
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3 years ago, S t E l L l
Dino game
I didnt do 5 stars cause nomader what even though it could get a little frustrating when I get closest possible next to 4 cactuses it always will make u jump onto them only like once or twice it actually lets u. Maybe u don’t believe me and will say what’s the point of this review 😂but ya. so the game is good either way thx for reading!🙂 PS: don’t post this keep it hidden it just for u plz write back of what u think about what I wrote
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2 years ago, jb b19
It’s just ok
First off, the points system is different from when your internet is actually down. I don’t really have a problem with that but I’m just notifying people who want to get it. Secondly, you cannot jump over the really long bushes. Even if you clear it, it still says you lost. Even though you onviously didn’t touch it, it makes you restart. No matter how good your timing is, you can’t clear those. I’d rather just turn off my wifi and play the original dinosaur game
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12 months ago, 𝐙𝐨𝐞𝟏𝟎
I like it!!😁
It’s pretty Good I’m not rlly good at it but it’s a very fun game I don’t really like the long cactus’s bc there hard to jump over, there’s a few adds but not many I would rate this game 4/5 bc it’s REALLYY FUN AND INTERESTING I would definitely recommend this game! I play it almost every day! I hope you like this game as much as I like it!❤️ bye!!!
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2 years ago, night wing girl 🌙
Lots of lagging
Lots of lags I don’t like this game and I also was close to a cactus and I didn’t touch it and it paused and it sed I died when I didn’t touch the cactus .if you download google and you press the the app wen it downloads if you press the bottom left button in the bottom left corner it will put you in the game but you can’t change your Dino or revive but it is better and it doesn’t have adds and I doesn’t have lags.
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2 months ago, Maialol😜📱💗
Great but…….
This is a good game that I would recommend but there are some downsides. The first thing is that there are too many ads, when I am in the middle of playing I would jump and in the middle of the jump an ad would come on. I also do like that it goes to fast. In the regular Dino game on google starts off slow and then goes fast and this one js starts fast and ends even faster. Other than that this is a good game.
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2 years ago, My story of pain (fake)
This is a wonderful gacme, even though I die a lot that has nothing to do with the game, but I REALLY LOVE this game it’s amazing 🤩 other people’s need to know!!!!! I’m obsessed with this game. I’m pretty sure everyone likes this, so when you have no WiFi.. just play this even though it doesn’t give you wifi it’s still amazing!!!! Love it 🥰 😊
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2 years ago, Atlantic170922
Well I just saw this game a few minutes ago and downloaded it because it looked fun. Well it’s not really. Firstly, THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS like every time every time you get hit by the cactus, THERE IS AN AD. For me, even when I don’t get hit by the cactus, I get an AD. ITS REALLY ANNOYING. Ok and lastly, I only played this game for a few minutes and I’m already BORED because once again TOO MANY ADS. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Have a nice day or night!
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2 years ago, LeannaST11
It’s okay😅
Well first of all this game has so many adds and it is like constantly giving me harder things there are adds like every time you lose so you can’t even enjoy the game just because I think it is hard my higher score is a 13 and i have been playing for about have a hour just a note don’t get this game unless you don’t mind adds and you are good at game like this😀
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5 years ago, dudegicoolman72
So this is how the dinosaurs went extinct 😂
This game is so fun and cool and addictive but it is hard to play and get used to but when you get good at it it’s like BBAAMM BABY I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I love the gameplay but I think that if you hold the jump button you should jump for as long as you hold it. It’s the game we all know and love from google chrome Dino jump!!!
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4 years ago, dino_god1517
Love it
It’s so fun I got to say even the it has bad graphics it’s still fun not going to lie. I just want to say keep up with the good work and if you read my review can you make a part two P.S. if you do make a another can you give me a shout out in the main menu thx bye
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4 years ago, bufaaaaaaaaandaaaaaaa
Absolute Perfection
Absolutely amazing! It was a little hard to get used to at first but after a day it so of playing it was great. I love the dink’s and this game is just so fun and addicting!! I love it. I think it would be great if you got to like 500 or somethin Jen the Dino could fly. That would be sick. I love love love love love love love LIVE this game. 👌👌👌👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️
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4 years ago, lucas sensor
If you want to know the level 2 high score you have to beat
The biggest score on the board is 10,000 to beat to go on to level 2 and for all the rest of the levels By chrome Dino 🦖
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2 years ago, GegTheGreat
1 question
Hi. I am like the the other kid. 11 years old. I used to get thrown off by the 4 cactus. I found out that you have to jump at the perfect time! 😀 It’s hard but once you get used to it… It’s the best! Anyway is there a way you can turn off sounds? Great game!
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1 year ago, CatOwnerS😵‍💫
Boredom Reliever!!
I love playing this game, but the biggest cactuses are REALLY difficult to get over to the point where it’s kind of stressful. I wish they were slightly smaller so that it’s challenging, but not so hard to pass that it isn’t fun. Otherwise, it’s cool and is a good boredom buster!
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4 years ago, ElvisFishylips5
Kinda annoying
This game is definitely fun I guess but there is one thing... the Dino’s don’t jump high enough to get over the cactus clumps. I’ve literally tried 100 times and I can barely get over a score of 20, please improve this because I get very frustrated and I’m tempted to delete and I wouldn’t want that to happen because of a little flaw.
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4 years ago, MustardBun262
Not bad, but has one little flaw.
This game is just as addictive as ever, but there’s one problem: the dinosaurs don’t jump high enough. I constantly run into cactus clumps no matter how hard I try to dodge them. If the developers could release an update/patch to fix this problem, that would be wonderful (considering they even read this).
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3 years ago, i like cyan
One problem
This game is sooooo awesome, one problem though, the four cactus it so hard to get over but still I love this game and I forgot about the glitches. The glitches make me lose all the time (this is my first time I wrote a review)
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5 years ago, lemon channy
I love it but glitches
Don’t hate me for giving it a five star just BE grateful if you don’t like it delete it Aaron said it helps you get internet I love this game very much just because glitches doesn’t mean I hate it show it love!!!!!!!
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8 months ago, familybees
Really good but lot of adds
I love this game its really fun but there are a lot of adds so I want you make It so that there aren't as meny adds other than the adds this game is very fun I would recommend it.
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1 year ago, teddy ruxpin and grubby
Do not get
I just get adds half the time, and when I do I can’t exit out of them plus the long cactus I can’t even jump over because there’s no double jump. I only gave 2 stars because I like that you can change the characters and stuff but I can just play this on google with no adds.
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5 years ago,
Not like the original
In a essence it was, but this was hard to control and did not have the same measurement system in which the other does. I am deeply disappointed in what Unity came up with, in the original I was able to get 2364 no problem but with this it was hard to get to 15. Maybe my phone is just bad, but if you have a IPhone 7 o suggest you don’t get this, actually don’t get this either way.
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3 years ago, Fabmax309
I like this game but ads
I just hate how many ads this game has I get them every 2 deaths I have I get an ad the game is ok but I think when you jump over the four cactus’s that jump has to be precise or your done and I just hate the ads that’s what made my opinion 3 stars.
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4 years ago, sharkythebot1086
This is Kinda not that fun
This game is possibly not the best but when you play this game you only get on live left, if you want to play this game then you have to survive and up every time when you see a a plant or a large one then you super up high. Just be sure there might be a lot of ads and more to it.
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1 year ago, Dancing coffee queen1234
This game is pretty rigged
Everyone is complaining abt the big cacti and I was confused so I downloaded this game and understood the problem my score is 9 and will basically stay 9 because you are not able to jump over the big cacti please fix it or a lot of people will see this and might not want to download it
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4 years ago, Aaaaron Burrrrrrr
Cool Cool Cool
This game is very fun I really liked the original one, and this is fun too. The inclusion of other characters is really cool and my high score is only 15 but it’s still fun. It is a little harder than the original but who cares it’s still awesome.
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4 years ago, liontoon
I like it
I like the fun and all but nothing like the chrome Dino run my high score is 20 I can do better and I like fun I see no ads when I have internet so I like and fun for a game
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4 years ago, Zoey Baker
I don’t know...... 😑
Overall the game is.... OK. Occasionally there are glitches. The only thing I would LOVE them to fix is, when you are jumping over the cacti 🌵 you would be close to but not on the cacti, the game proceeds to say that you touched the cacti and failed. IT’S SO ANNOYING. But if you can handle this I would recommend this game
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4 years ago, vhmgchgkchcfhk
Needs update
The game itself is ok but when you jump over the three Cactus you can’t jump high enough
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4 years ago, igotyamans
No settings buttons
Can their plz be a settings button cause I’m one of those people who like to listen to music without it turning everything down and stuff
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3 years ago, The Gemini Enigma
Fix it
I would’ve given this a one star but it’s a fun game when you can play. My biggest and only complaint is that the Dino won’t jump over the 4 cactus clumps no matter how much you try and I can see that it’s an issue with other people. It’s unplayable the way it is now.
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3 years ago, enchantedcookiecrumbs
Just no
It plays ads every time you die. Just play the original on your pc when you have no internet. I would rather put a toothpick in my toenail and kick a wall then play this again.
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3 years ago, roryanne j.
Too many ads
I am in love with this game but the is too many ads please fix this. When I am jumping an ad comes on a makes me die I hate that.
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3 months ago, Amity blight fan
Only reason I didn’t put five stars is because when you don’t even touch a cactus it’ll get you out and it’s so frustrating because I can make a perfect jump, and it would say I hit the thing so that your hit boxes are too sensitive.
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4 years ago, tostytots
So the Dino game is mobile
This game is frustration and fun in the same game you are just annoyed you can’t beat it, yet you want to beat it even if it makes you angry
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4 years ago, t_onnyReviews
My review
It’s very fun it’s addicting but like does anyone hate when u have to jump over the fours when u die to them it feels like the dinosaur didnt jump high enough but it’s a rlly good game
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4 years ago, koka lot
Why do I die when I am levitating in midair
I like this game and gave it a three star or though there’s something thats bad in the game whenever I jump over a cactus it proceeds to say game over when I am not touching the cactus could u please fix this it’s really making me mad
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4 years ago, beckett.jones.528
I get mad but it deserves five stars cuz it looks hard to make
Kinda don’t like this game but its ok and why I get mad is cuz it has lots of hard stuff to jump over
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4 years ago, toaster (^◇^)
I’ve noticed something that’s really bothering
I’ve only had this game for a day or two but I noticed one thing that really bothers me the Dino doesn’t jump nearly as high as it does in the OG
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2 months ago, Tigerqueenrulle89
Too many ads
This game is good but it’s too many ads,if I die around 2 or 3 times an ad pops up! I can’t play the game with a ad that’s too long and the exit button is too small
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6 months ago, moon me Adsie😘
MY Review
Pretty fun but sometimes I think it needs more features and more to choose from as a Dino and less score to get them because this game takes practice and skill.
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1 year ago, 131juju 9
Ok so this game is super super cool and fun I play all day there is a little bit adds but not a bunch so bye have a great day also you should get it
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4 years ago, Keep_Dreaminq
It's great!
It's a bit hard when your used to the normal game, I suggest trying to make the controls like the no internet version, other then that it's great!
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4 years ago, lengenderyopihi
This game is awesome
The first time I played this game was about 3days ago and it was super cool but it’s kinda ignoring when I’m in the middle of a game and there is a add but it’s still really cool must get this app!💗
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1 year ago, youdjwhdndnc
Why I like the Dino game
I like the chrome Dino Game because I find it interesting ace yo can play it without Wi-Fi so I find that amazing and it’s really fun!🦖
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3 years ago, kenai kohda
Needs work
You need to work on the jump height and length. For instance you can’t jump over the three cacti. This game has potential but needs improvement.
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1 year ago, brnrnfjdhzg sefnenr
It’s a good game for sure but it’s just to hard for me and for no ads just turn off your internet
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4 years ago, andipooplikechicken
I hate the sound when you jump
It’s very annoying
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4 years ago, jujujynuhbd
Fun game to play
The quad cactus are really hard to jump over so it takes 20 minutes to get the timing down but whatever
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4 years ago, jhjg7
Just like the original
People say that this is sooooooo hard so is the original
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