Chronicle - Bill Organizer

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LittleFin LLC
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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chronicle - Bill Organizer

4.83 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 months ago, grofrofit
Just Simple to Use - Great!
I have used multiple payment and reminder apps, but there were always features missing that made it difficult to stay abreast of my bills. Most of the times the app would not sync with my bank account making me do double duty by checking each bill for currency. I decided to no longer use bill pay apps and look for the best bill management app available. I found one with Chronicle! Here are a few helpful features I love: 1. Persistent and timely reminders 2. Easy to use with multiple settings for my needs 3. I can see my forecast for the next month 4. The monthly overview helps me view and stay on top of upcoming bills in one place. 5. Syncs with my calendar for additional reminders 6. Payment history with inserted ID 7. Easy to make changes and updates 8. Automatic payments can be set to login payments without me having to do it manually. 9. Insert biller url in the app. A quick click takes me directly to biller website to make a payment. Thank you for this app. I very enthusiastically recommend it for those who want to stay on top of their bills and budget.
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3 years ago, WickedGirl33
Love this app! It is perfect for brains like mine!
Update as of 2021: Notifications for any bills created before this year seem to no longer provide notifications? Here is the thing...I am impatient with bells and whistles. I like things to look nice, but when something starts getting multiple moving parts that are necessary in order to have the basic function that I need, I get annoyed. I tried so many financial apps before Chronicle. All I wanted was to enter the date bills are due, be reminded when they are, and keep a logical historical record of when they were paid and how much was paid. Mint, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, etc., etc. all are just too much for my purposes. And, having to connect my bank account to an app, especially to some of the apps whose developers I have never heard of, is NOT ok. That is never going to happen. So, Chronicle is easy to look at, simple enough to navigate, backs itself up like apps should (many do not), and keeps me on schedule for monitoring both my and my elderly mom's bills. I can even look at just her bills or my bills thanks to tags. This app is perfect. If features are added in the future, maybe those would be a great addition, but for now, I am a totally satisfied customer. The customer service has been top-notch every time I had a question as well. How many apps can boast about those last two items with their customers?
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2 years ago, BlueMtWolf
Nice bill reminder app.
I’ve been using this app for several years. I’m an old stubborn guy that still has his bills come in the mail. Hey, I’m old. I do pay them online but like the paper bills as a reminder. Sometimes my email bill notices go into my junk folder. So I like using the good old USPS as a backup. However, every now and then, even the USPS loses a bill or it’s delivered late. Such was the situation last month when they tried to forward my car payment. While the payment notice went again in my spam folder. The letter was finally delivered 10 days after the payment was due with a yellow sticker stating “unable to forward, return for carrier review”. You would think they would pull the sticker off. Anyway. I use this app to insure I am aware of when all my bills are due. It Works perfectly.
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2 weeks ago, 20932120123
Won’t Sync Properly
I had paid version for years on my iPhone and MacBook Pro. Both were synced with the cloud as per chronicle’s specifications. The bills showed up on both but neither would ever sync with each other. Like two completely different entangled systems. When I changed a bill entry on one the other would not “see” it. If I hit the little cloud to sync in the application I would then get loaded up with bills I completely deleted from years, yes years ago! I then deleted these several times but to no eval, they kept popping back up. Further, I could not view the same bill updated in each system. I would update the bill on my phone but it would not update on the laptop. Also I had one view selection of bills in iPhone not the same view selection on the laptop. Not same options to change. Convoluted mess! I don’t need complications like this in my life, paying for them. Like I said, I deleted this entire system and ended all my subscriptions. I sat down, looked at bill tracker spreadsheet on the internet and created the same thing on a “numbers” spreadsheet and have it in iCloud on my phone and laptop. Works flawlessly. Honestly, how hard it it to mirror an application on the phone with the same thing on a laptop! Apparently, to hard for Chronicle to figure out.
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2 years ago, Bushwh@ck
EDIT: Nope. The iCloud sync stopped working right after the paid “optional” subscription came out. No thanks. I was waiting for Apple Watch support and also the Touch ID support for quite some time. Apple Watch app could be native for faster updating and access which is a slight negative but some progress is better than no progress. My biggest want for the longest time for the iOS version was getting the Touch ID entry support. This was literally the last app I had that didn’t see that update, it took an entire year to get it, but its here and I love it. Syncing is clunky at times, however it’s better than nothing. I’ve switched between Dropbox and iCloud frequently because eventually one stops working and there’s really not a notification this has stopped working unless you see that bills you have paid have gone “unpaid” on another version even after restarting the app or hitting the sync button and nothing happens. Stocking with them though as this app keeps me on top of my bill pay game an works well with my workflow of making sure I don’t fall behind with a payment. Makes that grueling task a little more bearable.
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2 years ago, Frankjake
Best Bill Tracking & Reminder App PERIOD
I’ve used this app for years. If there has ever been an issue, such as after an update, I’ve NEVER noticed or been affected by it. They seem to fix any problem or issue immediately. The negative reviews honestly have no merit. I’ve read through some of them and think these users must be completely computer illiterate. This app perfectly reminds and tracks every bill I have to pay and I have a lot of bills working in a home office. I will say with all honesty, this is in the top 10 apps that I must have and would never stop using. I use it almost daily and can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve seriously tried at least 25 other bill pay apps and Chronicle is still the best for me. It’s free on iPhones and iPads but I’d pay if I had to.
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3 years ago, HerseyHusky
An essential app
Have used chronicle for many years. The new Chronicle Cloud is a huge advantage to avoid issues sharing info between different iCloud accounts and being able to sync much faster and accurately. The calendar integration sends me reminders and I have never missed a bill! One of my favorite things is the amazing support provided by the developer. Over the years I have emailed questions and EVERY one has been answered PROMPTLY, accurately and with honesty (a feature not yet available but coming and IT COMES). The explanation to solve any problem (though problems have been rare) is also clear, concise and has always worked. One of my two most essential apps (1Password is the other).
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2 years ago, Craig en Panama
Superb Tech & Customer Support
I have been using Chronicle for several years and I live by it. It makes tracking both business and personal bills extremely easy. In the years I have been using it, I have never missed a bill or due date. I recently accidentally deleted my Chronicle data…totally my fault. I emailed tech support and within an hour Mike was helping me. I was able to quickly recover my Chronicle data based on Mike’s detailed instructions. Mike followed up and made sure everything was working correctly and even offered to speak by phone if I required additional support. I cannot say enough good things about Chronicle and the high level of customer service I have received!
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5 months ago, Suppjamieee
Budget Master Approved
I pride myself on being quite efficient with my budget and the way I log & maintain. I’ve been searching for the perfect UI for over 2 years, be it via an app or a planner download, that closely resembles the way I budget and keep up with my bills… and I finally found it! Well, my husband technically found it, but I absolutely LOVE it! It’s intuitive and well-designed, and WELL WORTH the $12 peace of mind I get knowing I can always access my budget whenever I need, rather than it always being in a different, inconvenient location. My husband and I share the log in so we can both keep up with the bills we take care of whilst logging our personal incomes. It’s simply genius!
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7 months ago, jw77339
Great App, Better with Small Improvements
App is great, it does a lot of what I was doing manually - purchased the subscription and will continue to use it. One feature that would be very helpful would be a landing page on login with a true overview of your current monthly financial status (total income received so far, bills paid so far, income remaining, bills remaining, upcoming trials that are expiring, and maybe a couple other things). This would be helpful to see things at a high-level glance. Still a 5-star app, but really just because there’s nothing out there better than this. The above would be a huge addition (at least for me!)
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2 years ago, Thabossque
Definitely needed this app
I like how this app has your bills listed out what’s coming and what’s due. I wish it was a little more aggressive with notifications or have different options for notifications aggressiveness. (More often, less often, important) also if it had an option to adjust bills for payment arrangements for a balance certain bills, would make it so much easier to work with. Also if their was a option to log what card you used or want to use. But the app is very good and has helped me log all my bills in one spot and keep track, im just a very customized person and I like things that hit the small details and this app is almost perfect for me. Great interface btw its not hard to understand.
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6 months ago, Mushroom7822
Quick response and resolution
I found the subscription price to be very reasonable. Have a surprise in my documents and asked if there was a resolution and with in a day I got a response. I fulfilled the request and the next day I got a resolution and explanation of how it may have affected the notifications. The problem was resolved with a few quick steps. I have used a few others bill reminders but stopped using them because they had no tech support or extremely complicated steps to use. So far I have not found anything to make me sorry for the need of a subscription. It is definitely worth it.
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3 years ago, BreakingMe10
Simplicity is Best
Chronicle checks all the boxes. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to specify which checking account paid the bill. Other than that, this is the only bill reminder app that I have found that actually keeps a historical record of when and how much was paid and if a partial payment is made, it subtracts it from the current due amount with the option to not advance the date to the next month. Perfect.
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10 months ago, Jamie Q.
Notifications are random, and bills can’t be deleted
I have notifications set up properly for all my bills. And yet, they appear randomly on my phone seemingly when the app feels like it, not with the regularity of a scheduled notification. Nor does the app badge appear properly, but only sometimes. When? Who knows! Also, bills can’t be deleted. There’s a huge “Delete Bill” button on the bill edit screen. What does it do? Makes it go away from your list of bills only to return the very next time you open the app. Haha! Fooled you! You though delete meant delete? Nope! Chronicle believes in an alternate definition of delete it seems This app is worse than useless. It has caused me to miss bill due dates because I actually relied on it, and it has failed so miserably.
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1 week ago, iamzmanirock
When I started using this app, I was so surprised how easy and friendly the navigation is to pay a BILL. The developer has made a very convenient and easy app to remind you to pay your bills. I tried a number. And this is the BEST. They are always adding new features .. have never had a problem, and that’s so important when you are investing in a financial app.. so happy with the features and reliability. Want the best App .. It’s right here ! ! Give it a try.. You ‘ll see!!!
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2 years ago, xxanon1xx
Perfect for people with ADHD.
Love love love this app. I can visually see which bills are due on a calendar and which ones are coming up. It makes it so much easier to manage money! I paid $12 for the pro and now my husband can also see what’s coming due and what needs to be paid. It makes it so much easier for us to communicate (since we are both visual people) about what bills are coming out and how much money we expect to have left over. I love this app so much lol
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3 years ago, ibetnottaken
Like the app. Bug when viewing history
Have used the app for years. Fits my needs and more. Just one thing…I was viewing payment history of one bill and then tapped another bill while in payment history and the app just closes on me. Guess I have to hit the back arrow before I can view payment history on another bill. Otherwise, have been very happy with this app.
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1 year ago, KongisKan
Lack of different currency support is a deal breaker
I use this app on both macOS and iOS and they have different localization settings. The big problem with this app is that it just grabs the currency of the current system and you cannot change it in the app settings. You have to change your whole localization settings in your system to use a different currency. And it’s not like the app attempts to convert the other currency to the current one, it just changes the displayed symbol. If the app ever lets you choose a different currency for each thing you pay, I’ll bump this review to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, clintmallon
Needs Updated Icons
I’ll give this App 4 Stars simply because of the lack of attention regarding the design. I’m a Web Designer and Developer, and the UI/UX of this app is great. However, the icons look very cheesy - like they came out of a children’s coloring book. To fix this and swap them out for new icons (That look similar to high quality iOS emojis) would be a 1-2 day project for the Developers. The fact that they haven’t done this in 2023, much less 2015, kinda blows my mind. Especially since it’s a paid app. I do find this app more useful than any of the major Budgeting Apps out there. I’ve tried them all (YNAB, Every Dollar, Rocket Money, Copilot, Mint, etc) and didn’t realize this is what I was looking for, until I found it. For that reason, this app deserves 4 Stars. If they update the icons, I will gladly change my rating to 5 Stars.
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2 months ago, A.Kinng
Best usability, best price, best performance.
I came across 'Copilot' while browsing the Apple App Awards list and was surprised Chronicle wasn't included—it's a fantastic app. When it comes to managing my finances, Chronicle has been my go-to since its launch. It's incredibly functional, especially with its Mac app sync feature that was ahead of its time. If you're seeking an intuitive and powerful money-tracking app, Chronicle is the one for you.
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1 year ago, Wowiwiwowo
Bought this app because I used to pay all bills by memory and access each site individually. This app is very easy to load your direct URLs to pay your bills QUICK! It also shows you how much your monthly estimated bills will be. Very simple and user friendly which is great. This app doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary features. It’s simple and it works which is why it’s nice.
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6 months ago, NoahPM1
Simple Bill Tracking
Honestly just writing this review because I genuinely love using this app. Ever since I downloaded it, I haven’t forgotten to pay a single bill, most likely due to the reminders and the manual logging. This just makes so much sense to me and has caused me to never have a bill sneak up on me because I forgot. Great app and I highly recommend this if you are a human and you have bills! 😂
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1 year ago, Dleeohs
Best Bill Organizer Ever!
I’ve had Chronicle since at least 2011 and it has helped me organize, pay, and keep track of payments and confirmation codes. It is extremely easy to use and keeps track of upcoming bills and payments made. Customer service is excellent; any time I have had questions, I receive a response quickly. I highly recommend Chronicle!
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3 weeks ago, Angierozm25
Great app
This app has been very helpful for managing my bills. The UI is convenient and effective. The only thing missing for me is the ability to auto-log bills that are marked as auto-paid. Right now I have to manually mark these bills as paid even though the app knows they’re set to auto-pay. Overall, though, it’s a really great app.
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3 years ago, susan88
Almost Perfect
It would be nice if the app would show a little number on it when a bill is almost due. Just like an email app shows when I have unopened emails. It does this only when I open the app. If a bill is almost due… when I close it a little number pops up. It should do this without me having to open it. Otherwise this is great to use. And at this point I only use the free version.
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5 months ago, mh56r8
It’s fine
I like it but the only negatives I have are that it gives a notification on the app without clear alerts in the app. Ill open the app and nothing is visible, there isn’t a flag or something that shows this is why it’s alerting me. I also don’t like that you have to add extra details after you hit log payment, just an unnecessary click for me. I’ll keep using it but it could be better.
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2 years ago, Chris Sobott
Dates Changing
Love the app. My only gripe would be that it seems like lately, “repeat interval: every month” dates change. For example my auto insurance, I set the date for the 4th of every month. Right now when I checked it, it showed that it was due on the 30th of this month. Not sure why this has been happening lately.
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10 months ago, . Frustrated .
Missing One Thing
I have been using BillTracker for years and recently switched to Chronicle. I love the overall app however the one thing BillTracker had that Chronicle doesn’t is the # Notifications on the App Icon indicating the number of bills that are approaching being due. Personally this helps me better keep track of bills that are due soon rather then having to open the app EVERYDAY to see what is due!
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5 months ago, Rydreen
Very happy .. read this review
This is a great app for bill reminders . I down loaded 3 of them . I entered all my bills and decided to see what one seemed to work the best . This one stood out for me . I use to use Prism but they are shutting down . If your looking for a bill reminder and or you came from prism . This is the best one !! Hope this helps .
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5 days ago, Foxie Lee
If you are looking for an app to remind you when bills are due—you have found it. I have had this app for a long time and the developer updates to make it better if that is possible. Easy to use and just an overall THE BEST!! A huge THANKS to the developer for making my life easy.
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2 years ago, zaacchh(:
Love this app, long wanted more icons for bills
Functionality and features of this app are great. It would be a very nice addition if we could get many more icons to associate with our bills. I would really, really love if we were even able to search a vast database or create our very own icons to attach to our bills to recognize them more quickly at a glance.
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3 months ago, LosttinMiami
This application is great and very user friendly! I’ve tried to use over 20 other applications and they ask for too much personal information. This application is very straightforward and has very good graphics. It also easy to read and follow. The reminders are colorful and bright. Very good 😊!
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7 months ago, olddogbarks
Great until recently
Loved this app and have used it for years. Recently, the dates keep changing each month. For example, if the bill is due on the 10th and I pay it, the next month it’s due on the ninth. Every month I have to keep editing the dates to get them back on their actual due dates. Extremely frustrating.
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3 years ago, jrh00k3r
Responsive developer
Hi everyone, I’ve used this app for a couple years now.I just wanted to leave a comment here that the developer is very responsive if you have any technical issues. One recommendation - please provide a way for us to export our bills into Google sheets or Microsoft Excel— thanks!
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1 year ago, Janetlla
Crashing again
For some reason my review didn’t take? It’s freezing up on me again and I submitted some thing on Apple support 5 days ago on your app on the Apple page and Apple gave me some message that sounded like it was not their issue and so I wrote a review here as well and I don’t see anywhere to contact you besides leaving a crappy review, but I’ve had this for a couple years and I am ready to cancel my renewal of the pro version because there doesn’t seem to be any support available fix to this.
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2 weeks ago, Happybillpayer
Great App!
I have used Chronicle for years. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Very easy to use. All my bills and payments are at my fingertips. I even keep my account #’s, contact information and any other payment information under each payee. Perfect for me! Love it!
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1 year ago, zjrichter
Update: Greatest bill organizer with one of the best support staff
I love this app! I was able to organize my bills and receive updates on all my Apple products. What’s even better, I had an issue and they answered my questions quickly.
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3 months ago, Hate_ads
Has issues!
First off the interface looks ok but the execution has a lot to be desired. Some of the logic behind how the app navigates is a bit unusual. On the summary page it shows upcoming bills and paychecks but when auto pay is selected for a bill, it still shows up as overdue. If I select a day in the calendar, logically, it should show everything due just for that day, but doesn’t. Depending where you are on the hierarchy/order of bills, it can be misleading as it still will show bills from other days. It should show me what’s due just for that day, not mix in other bills for other days. I think some of the logic in the app needs to be reworked.
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2 years ago, BicycleTyro
Great Way to Track of Bills/Payments
I’ve been using this for years and it’s super helpful at keeping track of all your bills and payments in one app! (Review updated after awesome assistance from the developer.)
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3 years ago, bobalaska1
Great app
I’ve been using this app since it was released. Very helpful to track bills. The developer updates on a regular basis, snd provides great support when questions or issues arise. Highly recommend!
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7 months ago, kaf79
Easy to Use.
I do like this app because it’s very easy to use the only thing I wish I could turn off is when you hit log Payment and it says” well done “I just wish I could turn that automated voice off Other than that, I really like this app
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4 months ago, ElMo_Palmira
Must-have App
If you want a fantastic bill-tracking app, this is the one. I have been using it for years and never had a problem. It is highly recommended.
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4 months ago, giterdun4793
Best bill organizer ever!
I am 70 years old and this app has me completely organized. It was unbelievably easy to set up. I got the pro version; which was worth a lot more than $12! I am incredibly pleased!
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1 year ago, Blaze2458
Love it!
Just what I have been looking for! I have a question though, I was under the impression that I could pay bills from the app, like send me to the billers website. Is this not true or is a feature coming out at a later time?
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1 year ago, Danny37355
Keeps me organized
A life saver! My life is hectic but this app keeps track of my bills. One less thing to worry about. I highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, Jackie1195
Used to be great when it worked.
I paid for the app and it worked great. Then there was an issue so I signed off and uninstalled it. When I downloaded it again I realized I didn’t have my password saved. Long story short- if you lose your password you lose the app. Apparently, the reset password part of the app doesn’t work for me and there is nothing that can be done. Oh well, I will get something else.
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4 months ago, miss esby
Premium not premium
I really liked this app when I first got it, so much so that I sprang for the cloud sync features on premium. Now I’m bummed because I realized all premium allows me to do is sign on to multiple devices. I cannot download my data or make any reports based on my trends. I can’t review or edit historical data and I can’t combine my historical income with my historical expenses. Super bummed
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5 months ago, Joey Massoni
Great app
The app is great and gets the job of bill management done better than lots of more complicated apps out there. Feature requests : -treat icons/categories like tags, even if it’s a separate list -allow multiple tags and/or categories to be shown at once in the list -use plaid to connect with banks so variable credit card due dates and payment amounts can be automatically imported (a tough one) That last feature is something people are really looking for with the Mint and Prism apps retiring.
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12 months ago, gdet6
Need history sort by date
Great app. It needs to be able to sort by payment date when viewing all paid bills in history. Viewing alphabetically doesn’t help me.
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3 years ago, Maui Kid
Nope to subscription!
User response to Dev: you say unobtrusive? The whole bottom bar on the app has four icons that are “PRO” use only. Bought the app and now it’s a yearly subscription. I’m sure the dev will say, “but everything you paid for your receiving”. Yes, that’s true, but every time I click on something in the app I’m reminded of the “PRO” subscription! No thank you, I found another app that’s excellent and moving on.
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