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7 months ago
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User Reviews for CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.)

4.46 out of 5
1K Ratings
2 years ago, ZCastagna
Great game overall
I’ve never played this before so this is a new experience. I really enjoy the game, I’m over 20 hours in on my first play through. I’ve been playing with an Xbox Series X controller and a phone mount for my 12 Pro and it is enjoyable. My few gripes: 1) Square needs to hide the home bar in game. It’s super annoying. 2) some movement is wonky with a controller. ThereAre some spots in the game where the MFA Controller get you stuck and you have to use the touchscreen to navigate around rocks another ground clutter. 3) I saw a few areas with the script on screen that got jumpy, meaning you had to let the in-game timer advance the narrative versus hitting a button to move the text. The button would skip an entire section of dialog that was supposed to be read slowly.
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2 years ago, LtdSupply
Finally Great
I think we’d all love to see the original graphics as opposed to the artificially scaled graphics that the app currently has, so I’ll leave that discussion out of this review. But finally, SquareEnix has taken this port to the level it needed to be at to be an acceptable way to play ChronoTrigger. The support for widescreen is a must in today’s gaming market. The additions such as point of interest and conversation markers is a big plus for those who may accidentally come across something and not realize you can interact with it. Though you can definitely finish Chrono Trigger without grinding if you play strategically, those who would like to grind will have an easier time now with the addition of faster battles using auto mode. The icing on the cake is that for those who purchased this app previously, you get all these features without having to pay for another remaster or some such. I hope this marks a new philosophy for SquareEnix with their mobile titles, and we continue to see great updates for more games. Thanks, SqureEnix!
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5 years ago, kaloncunningham
Good port of one of the greatest games of all time!
This is Chrono Trigger as we all know and love it. This game transfers over to iOS pretty well. I don’t really like games that have you move using a virtual dpad but it works well enough here. I play on my iPhone. This is the DS port of the game which includes all the “bonus” dungeons & fetch quests. My only real issue with this game is that Ive had some issues when loading my save to a new device from iCloud. Last I remember, I had already finished the final 6 tasks before facing off with the final boss and I was somewhere in the lost sanctum completing the fetch quests. I am 100% positive that I saved there in game and then backed up my save to iCloud (I know because I had just gotten Ayla leveled up to get the Iron Fist), yet when I loaded my save from iCloud, I’m back at The End of Time and Chrono is somehow dead again. But Ayla is still leveled up and has the Iron Fist. I don’t understand. It’s not a huge deal, just something to consider if you plan on playing across multiple devices. Overall, great game. Chrono Trigger is absolutely one of the best JRPGs ever and this port is solid aside from save issues with iCloud. Certain parts are made easier for touch screen controls (catching the Rat, death peak etc.) If you haven’t played this game, I highly recommend it. I still prefer the SNES version over any other though. Back to the grind for Ayla’s Bronze Fist (:
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4 years ago, TyleDurden
Great port great game
Such a fantastic game and this is a really good port. I've never seen this game run so smoothly and it seems they've somehow widened the screen for certain areas that have the assets to do so. This game does not come with any quality of life improvements like many of the final fantasy ports. No fast forward, no character max skill. Just an auto attack. Which is all you need. What makes this game so good is that it requires no grinding to level up your character. Every battle can be beaten with the right strategy. All enemies have a weakness that can be exploited. Over leveling your character would break what makes this one of the best rpgs of all time. My only complaint is how likited the settings are. I would have preferred some more ui options and control options. Nothing is customizable. You get what you get. Luckily that's almost perfection.
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4 years ago, Xer0000000000000
A classic way ahead of its time
Chrono Trigger really bucked the trends of its time. Fighter-type characters are much more than spamming a regular attack button. Multiple characters can attack at the same time via skill combos. There’s no shortage of skills and tactics to use - in fact, it’s more complex than most modern mobile equivalents. Instead of random combat encounters that are traditional JRPGs, this has enemies clearly visible on the same terrain that your characters walk on, allowing you to avoid combat to some extent on your own skill. This appears to be among the earliest JRPGs to use active time combat instead of the regular turn-based that just about everyone else was stuck on. There are multiple endings (choice matters) and New Game Plus (remember what I said about this game being ahead of its time???). There are some endings and features that are specifically built so you can only reach them in New Game Plus. Also, as you probably guessed, this game goes easy on your phone battery. Great for travel on a bus or train where you might not have a dedicated power plug. My only major gripe is poor targeting controls in the mobile port, although that isn’t anywhere near enough of a problem to knock down a 5-star rating. Get it? Got it? Get this.
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2 years ago, Selurple
An okay version of a great game that deserves better
This review is for the March 10, 2022 update. This is a good update, and it's nice that it got one years later, but it doesn't fix some of the most annoying issues. • Controller support. It's technically there, but button presses work like they do on the touchscreen rather than being properly configured for a controller. What this means is that in certain menus or, most notably, in battles, the game responds when you RELEASE the "confirm" button rather than press it. This often makes the game feel laggy and like it's slow to respond, and makes it annoying to play on higher speeds. • Apple TV support. Again, it's technically there, they check that box, but all the touchscreen buttons are still there, now blown up on your big living room TV. This means you've got a big MENU option in the upper right corner the entire time. • The filter. It's not the worst I've seen, but it's still pretty bad and can't be disabled. And now, a new annoying issue: • Adding the ending log is great! It's better than the log on the DS version, which didn't let you rewatch the endings. However, if you, like me, happened to burn through all the endings only a week ago and got the achievement for every one, guess what - you have to do it all again to unlock them all in the log. Argh!
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6 years ago, Alpavlow
Love the game, not the extras
This is my all time favorite game. Been playing since I was little.... the only things I would change is how in battle you can swipe to attack or combo, but when on the list of combos you can’t swipe... you also can’t swipe up or down when saying yes or no to things. You have to click the button. Swiping makes for easier game play. Also I really don’t like how they changes some of the dialogue and terms. “Happy water” used to be sweet water, and “arise” used to be life.... there was no reason to change it. There are complete conversations that have been changed too. Also in magus’s castle, there’s a hidden room in the dark of where Ozzie is trying to crush you with blades that isn’t there anymore.... :/
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4 years ago, Nicko Dubz
Fantastic game, a must play on the go!
I love this game since it released back for SNES. I was only 4 when the original came to North America but I played it shortly there after because my brother who’s older than me purchased the game and played it a lot! I mostly enjoy the story and turn based battles are always fun when playing classic role playing games. The game is a nostalgic trip I wouldn’t trade for anything. I also have the Nintendo 3DS version, the PSN Store version through PS3, and the Windows version to go along with my iOS version I completed back in 2018. I think someday this game deserves either a remake or new entry into the series altogether. Thanks Square Enix for this amazing game and if you remaster it for PS4 I’d buy!
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6 years ago, sevdestruct
Good. Please fix to make it great.
Glad to see this update and huge fan of the original I played on SNES - I found the original iOS release unplayable, and this upgrade is much much better, but there's a few things to make this port great... Requests: 1. Please allow turning off image smoothing or any interpolated (bilinear, etc) scaling - It looks blurry. I and it seems almost everyone else prefer the original pixel art unaltered and crisp (nearest neighbor / pixelated) scaling. 2. Still have to say this plays better with a controller, since Chrono glides past things if you aren't perfectly pointed at a Target on a perpendicular axis, so the New MFi controllers support is good…but game doesn't tell you anything about what button to press for anything like the pose matching at the fair, even though you can use controller to play those parts / so you have to do dinner guess and checking for that currently. Can't walk with controller joystick, only run, even when run/walk is set to Both, which allows the virtual joystick to do so. Also menu button doesn't bring up the game menu on iOS but why not? 3. Please support iPhone X for fullscreen. Note: I was able to return the cat to the girl at the fair that other reviews mention being broken, so it seems that has been fixed.
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3 years ago, Hrathgrath83
Great port! (Only one issue)
I LOVED this game on SNES. It was the first RPG I ever played. (And by that I mean played it vicariously as I watched my friend play through it.) I didn’t even know at that time who Akira Toriyama or Dragonball was. When I saw this port for iPad I was super excited, and the bugs were supposedly all taken care of. The only issues I have, and they are minor, are the controls. But, to be fair, this game was made well before people even considered touch screen controls, so targeting can be a little iffy. But they aren’t the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Every time I beat Lavos at the end the game crashes. I was really looking forward to New Game+ and that bug pretty much shot that whole thing to hell. Other than that it’s a great game that aged VERY well!
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3 years ago, drogan919
Game is great, port is bad
If you’ve never played this game, it is a great accesible JRPG, one that doesn’t make you get into the weeds on the mechanics, but still offers an engrossing skill system. The game has a really compelling story that holds together thematically (in a way that almost none of the Final Fantasy games pull off when they wax philosophical). This is one of those things in life for which the hype is not unwarranted. However, this is a bit of a junky port. It is essentially the DS version, but there is nothing new on offer, no extra content, no graphical tweaks. You cannot turn off the sound in-game, unlike other Square ports, so you cannot play background audio. The controls are not great, I recommend using a controller...but if you’re going to do that, might I recommend playing this on a different device?
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6 years ago, Smileaf
Great game!
This has been a favorite of mine for years. Jumped at the chance to finally purchase it. But as an owner of multiple devices I am disappointed in the cloud saving feature. To save my progress to the cloud I have to first save, manually close the app reopen then export to iCloud as it doesn’t keep them synced nor can I find an option to exit to the main screen not tried bookmarking yet as a classic gamer I normally play from save spot to save spot. But there are times when I’d want to save but can’t bookmark. This is probably the only exit to main screen option. No sound controls meaning I can’t listen to anything except the game while I play as the game volume competes with whatever your listening to.
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6 years ago, mrkingchicken
Good but not good enough
Beautiful and fun remake to a classic but in the current 2.0 version certain side quest items that can be very important such as the sun stone can no longer be obtained. The quest is there but when you go up to the elder you do NOT receive it from him. Melchior after the rainbow shell is in Guardia castle and Yakra is defeated states that if you had another material he could make some better stuff but even if you complete the sun stone quest you cannot get the rainbow sword through the quest any longer. Also other items like robo’s ribbon cannot be obtained either. This is a serious bug in the game and needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, UnbiasedLizard3
Amazing game, upgrade is even better!
This game is amazing, an all around classic that is a must play. The updated graphics keep the CHRONO feel while improving upon its playability (bigger view for bigger screens, smoothed graphics, easier to play, crisp and easy to read fonts, etc). Any negative reviews about this being a “remake” should be ignored. There is nothing not to love about this game! Also, I commend Square Enix on their CustomerService. Not only did they make this update free to people who purchased it in the past, but the Apple TV edition is also a buy one get all (buy it on iOS, get it on Apple TV or vice versa). An amazing company and currently the king of mobile gaming!
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4 years ago, XD SHRABES
Best game of all time
I started this game on an emulator, I couldn’t progress because of a problem. Desperately I searched the web on how to fix this, but the top solution was to buy it of iOS. At first I was skeptical, but after playing it and finishing it I LOVE IT. Everything about it, from the extras, to the NPCS, and the Main Cast. Everything about this game is perfect, and I think the way it was delivered on my phone was perfect as well. The fact that I could just take out my Phone and play on the spot was beautiful. Thank you Square-soft for releasing this game on iOS. I love this game and your company, and I will do my best to play the rest of your games as well.
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3 years ago, meingrid
Great game
I'd read great reviews of this game and as I have played it has been a very pleasant surprise. A great game with many very pleasant surprises, and great music, too. Definitely, if you get to a point in the game where you cannot seem to progress, be sure to look up online guides to this game. Some reviewers have complained about not being able to catch a particular rat at a certain point in the game, when you start bumping against the rat, immediately tap somewhere else on the screen and the rat starts talking to you, hope that helps anyone who gets stuck there.
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5 years ago, MyChemIsBetterThanIncubus
First Timer... Wow
I’ve heard about this game for yeeeeears, always receiving praise and blah blah blah. I never had a console to play it on though and am wary of these price tags when it comes to mobile since you don’t know what you’re going to get. I finally broke down and bought and all I can say is wow. This game COMPLETELY lived up to the hype and shattered my expectations. It ran super smooth on phone, the only issue I found is VERY rarely the text boxes would lag a little when people are talking. It didn’t happen a ton though so no biggie. I definitely recommend this, especially if you’ve never played this game before
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6 years ago, Mbrogz3000
Cutscenes added!! Graphics cleaned up!! Best version! Gateway game and intro to the RPG genre
Aside from the original SNES cartridge, this updated port of CHRONO Trigger is the definitive version and now finally worth the asking price of $10. If you never played it, now is the best time to get into it. This RPG is simply amazing. If you don't like RPGs or don't want to play a modern overly complicated RPG, but are curious of RPGs then you might want to give Chrono Trigger a try. It's the gateway RPG. The game play alone has just the right balance of simplicity with some layers of complexity to be interesting and fun to play. The story is captivating to say the least, with interesting characters you actually care for, which is strange since they are just 16 bit pixels. The music and sound still holds up very very well; I find myself humming the music while I'm at work. The SNES had superior sound processing back in the day, and Square took the music score very seriously back then, which is why it's still so good today.
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6 years ago, Jgave
MFi Controls
Edit: Well square has done it. They have added MFi controls and iCloud support. Is the port absolutely perfect? No. But is this game still awesome. YES. My biggest 2 complaints have been fixed and this game is definitely worth 5 stars in my opinion. Final note: I was able to return the cat at the fair. Old: Chrono trigger is an amazing game, but the touch controls are so iffy. I would love this game to be updated to include MFi controller support and fix the glitches other users have mentioned. Also, iCloud support would be a welcome addition. Would easily be 5 stars if those changes are made.
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6 years ago, dal0525
This is the version that should have been released in the first place
I’m glad to say that the new version is way better than the original mobile version that was released. The controls are a lot less slippery from what I have seen so far and the attack menu has improved a lot. You no longer have to scroll to target enemies. You can now change targets simply by touching them. If you want to get into Chrono Trigger buy the mobile version and not the PC version. It’s much cheaper and menu designs work much better for mobile devices.
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5 years ago, Eatin
Epic Game
I have loved this game for as long as I can remember. I bought it for my Wii but I don’t use the console much and I haven’t turned on my snes in almost 10 years. My comment to the phone developers: please add Chrono Cross as well. I would happily pay a similar fee for this product. My comment to the original game developers: Activision/Blizzard and Bethesda are destroying games today with this pay to play mentality, and SCREWING players with unplayable bugs and terrible content. I BEG you, please develop a sequel to Cross. I don’t care if you charge twice the price if the story is good and the game functions as intended.
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8 months ago, @GabrielJOvalle
Great But Wish It Was Compatible With Apple Silicon
Great iPhone version of the game but I wish the developers allowed us to play on our Apple Silicon Macs at home so I don’t always have to be on the phone to play this game. Imagine being able to play on the go and then continue where you left off but on your Mac Mini and using a keyboard or game controller. Without it I can’t give 5 stars. Hope the developers read this and I’ll change my rating. I don’t see why this isn’t an option already.
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6 years ago, Sowlinx
Great port.
I recently finished and had zero problems with controls or pretty much anything. If some of you have an issue with the controls, just switch the control setting to run or walk only when you need it. Had zero problems at Death Peak and I basically just had it at run only throughout the whole game. The only minor annoyance was that during some auto text conversations, it went a little to fast for me to read. Like when Marle wakes up Crono in the dream and when you fight Magus. But aside from that, I hade a great experience.
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4 years ago, Dcp9851
Greatest game of all time.
This is the greatest game of all time. I’ve played this since I was 7 years old (nearly 24 years ago), and this is an excellent port. I wouldn’t have changed the translation - the original was excellent work - but the new one stays faithful in nature to the original; miss the names of old spells and “tonics”, though. Great controls and graphics for a mobile port. Thank you Square for the fun memories as a kid. Please bring us Chrono Cross next. Fantastic sequel that also deserves a new audience. Here’s hoping that the Chrono games continue on.
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3 years ago, Wittwe AB Grw
One of the All-Time Classics
This is probably one of the games got me into RPG’s after my brother showed it to me. It was one of his all-time favorites as well until he passed away. I know that the iPhone is more than capable of rendering the sequel of Chrono Cross well. So I would love to see that I have ability at some point to complete whole storytelling. With so many choices in the original game here as well as the sequel game I would love to see avalible at some point. The replayability of these games is amazing.
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5 years ago, David_Pumpkin
One of the greatest of all time
Love being able to play one of my favorite games of all time on my phone. I really didn’t have any issues with this port and I felt the controls worked fine. This was my first exposure to the additional content added to the DS version which honestly I found to be complete crap. Seriously, an amateur mod could have done a better job with the lost sanctum map design, and the quests were ridiculously tedious. Vanilla CHRONO Trigger is still there though, and why I give this five stars.
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6 years ago, Marriedman36
Better than SNES version
This game was even better than I remembered. I encountered no bugs/issues with the game and have 50 hours logged thus far (2 times thru). This port has much more content than the original version. I played the DS version when it first came out and remembered very little of the extra content. I’ve been waiting for the DS version to hit the consoles for years; however, I think I enjoyed playing the game better on my phone. Overall, TERRIFIC game. Thank you for bringing this to mobile!!!!!
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6 years ago, Jamie Maloney
Thank you !!!
Thank you Square Enix for not giving up on Chrono Trigger. Like many people who bought this title, we were disappointed and the game sat dormant in my purchase library all this time. I am so glad your company had the heart and the love of nostalgia to revisit it again and make it a promising game for us to finally enjoy on mobile. The upgrades I’ve seen so far with the graphical sharpness, gamepad controls, anime cutscenes, and cloud saves are amazing! I’m having a lot of fun playing it now. Once again, thank you so much.
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3 years ago, ChronoPotency
New update not cool being HP bar and TIME bar
Please add in settings the option to remove these new stat lines being the green Hit Points line bar and blue TIME line bar. I love Chrono Trigger and i did not update my iPad so bars are not there but my iPhone has these new not cool lines that make the battles not cool as the battles are cool with no Double Line Bars under Crono's feet lines for a child. So add an option to remove these lines in the settings above save game settings buttons options menu please to make game as it was like before last update.
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5 years ago, GroovyTacoEater
Classic RPG adventure
If you’re looking for a fun, classic RPG and adventure game with a good storyline and fun characters, this game is it! The game is quick and easy to learn and even beat. The real challenge comes in solving puzzles and putting together missing pieces of information. The story is beautifully simple yet fun. The characters are, for the most part, well developed. I could argue that some characters join the party too quickly for having as much resolve to the party and its objective as they do, but they’re nonetheless fun to play and lovable.
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4 years ago, tpark117
Good, but could be more inline with the Steam version
The Steam release of Chrono Trigger was identical to this version of the game upon its release. The Steam version has since been given several updates to improve the UI, controller support, graphics, and additional options. I’d love to see these fixes come to the iOS version to make the game feel much better with a controller and look better on an iPad or Apple TV. Also, I can't lead the cat at the fair, making a whole plot point later in the game unchangeable.
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6 years ago, Hjay821
New Game Plus still broken?!?
Glad to see that there's a new update after all this time! With that said, there still seems to be a major glitch when starting a new game plus file. Basically, all of your tech abilities should carry over when you start a new file for new game plus. However, the glitch basically limits you to each character's first real elemental magic attack (Chrono - Lightning 1, Frog - Water 1, Lucca - Fire 1, Marle - Ice 1). Is anyone else still experiencing this issue? It's annoying that we put so much time and effort into beating the game only to lose half of our tech abilities!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Misdoscentabos
I’m a little bit shocked that you can’t watch the cut scenes anytime you want. Also the endings should be saved and be able to watch anytime you want. It’s 2019 and I remember playing this when I got it in 1995 and the game for that time. Would’ve been five stars but this is 2019 so I would expect certain things to be better especially the ability to be able to watch the cut scenes once I have achieve them anytime I want like in other games. Or the endings to be saved so I would be able to watch them anytime I want as well especially because there’s 13 endings...
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4 years ago, BakaSan4477
Great classic game
I just purchased this game and it runs fine! Have had no problems except in the beginning getting used to the controls and switching targets. Other than that I’ve had no issues. I’m glad the cut scenes are in this version as well because I’ve never seen them. Overall great game and great for the mobile . I was skeptical because of some of the negative reviews but I’ll say I disagree with them because I’ve had no problems with it. Great job!
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5 years ago, boybingus
Fav of all time
I played this game as a kid on the original SNES and loved it. Hands down an awesome transfer onto mobile and worth every penny. What I always loved about CHRONO Trigger is the fact it’s not a super complicated RPG, great for beginners and advanced alike. But the best part is that it has such an incredible story and uniqueness to it that has made an impact on me since I was a child. One of the best games of all time as far as I’m concerned. If you’re even considering this game, don’t consider, just buy it. It’s worth it!
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4 years ago, Iheart this app
Awesome Game!
What a great job on the remake and having so many characters gives great replay for end game. Please developers add an option to adjust music / sound volume and:or the ability to turn off the in game music. There’s no way to turn off the audio for example playing podcasts while playing you hear the podcast and the game sounds. Can you please add this to your backlog for feature requests? Thanks a million!!
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4 years ago, JesseT
Two massive problems make this game really frustrating
1. No way to turn off the in game sound or music, which means you can’t listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while playing. Insanely stupid 2. The in-combat targeting is trash. You can tap directly on the center of an enemy and the game will, instead of targeting it, randomly attack something else. Given that most boss fights require precision targeting, this makes lots of fights incredibly difficult and frustrating for no reason at all. Garbage controls should not be what makes a boss hard
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2 years ago, bloop500
Nostalgic but needs upgrades to movement and sound
Really love the quality of this port, well done. Movement needs improvement - for example in Proto Dome level when chasing the rat, cursor isn’t reactive enough for movement. When standing on the save points, can’t really click on them and have to click a bunch of times around the save points to activate the save menu. There needs to be a way to turn off sound in game.
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5 years ago, Rell Duce
Honest review
So I bought this game about a year ago, before the upgrade and it was pretty annoying with how the control mechanics were. But after the upgrade it's playable and I'm able to enjoy it like when I played it on super nintendo. I deleted it off my phone several times hoping it would get better and never did until this last big update. So if you wondering whether to get it, get it.
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6 years ago, Spectre010
Graphics look better/ Still not updated for iPhone X
The graphics look better and I applaud you for spending the time to do that; however, I was hoping that there would be iPhone X support with the new update. I realize when I was playing on my iPhone 7 several years ago that the picture didn’t fill the full screen and had a modified interface to deal with that, but it’s only taking up a small portion of the iPhone X, making me not even want to play. Please update this somehow. Thank you for the continued support!
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5 years ago, Morgrove
Love It
I first played this game on the SNES and later the DS, and I also played this when they first ported it to iOS. I didn’t play it much when it was first ported, but after trying again with the updated version I’m loving my first time playing this classic in years. It’s also really good with saves, accidentally exited the app with a bunch of progress unsaved, and when I hit resume I was practically right back where i was. Awesome app.
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6 years ago, Hello Geno!
Fantastic new version, Squenix!
Absolutely love all the changes made alongside the PC release. The entirety of my iphone 8 plus screen is used up, graphics are a lot more crisp, and the battle UI is fantastic to use and look at. Also, moving Crono around feels a lot better now, don’t know if that was updated or if its just me, but it’s a lot easier to navigate environments. Good job square!!! Can you provide the same update treatment to FF1 and FF2?
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2 years ago, SilverCrescent
Touchscreen adaptation is terrible
You can’t precision touch consistently on a phone that’s just a fact, and when you’re trying to tap on enemies it’s really easy to not actually tap them and target whatever the defaults on, which can royally mess up your fight. This is a traditional JRPG, and precision matters a ton, since one accidental target often just throws your whole carefully planned fight straight into the garbage can. Just get a Super Nintendo emulator and play the original on an actual game pad, waaaaay less frustrating.
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1 year ago, Brandon Flesher
Pull The Trigger and Buy
If you love RPG’s and have never played this SNES Square-soft classic do yourself a favor and pull the trigger and buy it. It doesn’t even have to be this App Store. This story takes you threw time and will be an adventure that you will never forget. Forget about the graphics and delve into the story and have fun grinding levels. There is a new game + mode which is well worth it.
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2 years ago, GibbyGalleran
Pretty good
As far as I can tell this is a pretty good port of CHRONO Trigger. I’ve clocked in 12 hours so far and it’s never had any glitches or crashes and I play on the IPhone X. I had some trouble with a mini game at Leanne Square where you toss the rocks at the creatures to push them back but other than that it’s been alright. It was just slow response time to my button pressing.
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4 years ago, 627Andrew
Still Timeless
In 1995, I repeatedly called my local game store where I had pre-ordered Chrono Trigger on SNES. When my copy finally arrived, my love of this time-jumping adventure was immediate from the moment that the box was in my hands. I’m no longer 15 years old, but when I play Chrono Trigger on my iPad or iPhone, it takes me back in time to a place where I had so many fond memories of the story and characters in this wonderful classic.
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2 years ago, CobeyK
My favorite JRPG of all time
I played this on iPad a few months back and can’t stop thinking about it. Everything I play is in comparison to Chrono Trigger now. I even caught myself the other day while I was out hiking thinking it would be nice to bury some wood in the past and then come back to my time and have petrified wood. What has this game done to me. A must play. Seriously.
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6 years ago, Gandalfxviv2
Missing techs
The update notes for the most recent version says it fixed the missing tech bug but it didn't. The bug is when you do a new game+ and talk to spekkio for the first time, to "learn magic", it makes you forget all techs you knew that you wouldn't know T this point on a regular new game. The patch notes say that if you use a save file from before the techs were lost then you won't lose them. However, when I loaded the save file I had right before talking to spekkio and then talked to him, I lost all my techs. Please fix this bug for real. It's the only reason I don't play the iOS version. The SNES version is better.
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6 years ago, SeANMcBAY
One of the best RPGs of all time but this version has some issues..
This new update is definitely an improvement but it’s not perfect. The font is pretty bad and generic. There also is a filter that doesn’t look that great and causes some timing issues. Give us the option to play with no filters! I still think the DS version is the best one but this is decent after this new update.
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6 years ago, Jun-e-Jun
This update makes it so much better!
Now with FULL screen on my 6s plus it is enjoyable! And with cloud save there's nothing more to wish for. Thank you for reviving the ios port!! Update: It would be nice if the selection during battle is saved such as AUTO and left-right side menu location. The AUTO is turned on and the battle UI stays on the right for all monster encounters!
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