Chumba Lite – Casino games

2.9 (220)
131 MB
Age rating
Current version
Virtual Gaming Worlds
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chumba Lite – Casino games

2.91 out of 5
220 Ratings
1 month ago, LazySloth69
I wish there was more way to earn sweepstakes
I know Chumba is legit despite what other reviews may say about it. But my problem is my letters never cashed in for anything yet, but my mom’s did. We made sure to mail ours out the same days too. I don’t really know what I did wrong. But I wished there was another way to make free sweepstakes instead of the $1 a day. Imagine if they did those 10 minute surveys and paid $.20 for doing them. Although that’s not a lot I’d gladly do that to earn some free coins!
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1 year ago, ms_button
Not true hellbyesuck something
Me and my daughter and half my friends and daughter have been playing for more than 4months and have won plenty game to beware of is LuckyLand slots I won money because I used Facebook to sign up they won’t pay out because my Facebook name is different from my drivers license and my bank statement that’s what you call bull I’ve won $1650 with Chumba and got my money with no problem the only reason I signed up with LuckyLand was because it said that they were affiliated with vgw as Chumba Casino I’ve been waiting for a month to get paid from LuckyLand slots for over a month first it was 75$ then I won twice more now it’s 225$ that LuckyLand slots won’t pay so your wrong about Chumba Casino it’s like walking in a casino and it wasn’t your turn CHUMBA CASINO keep up the good work and good bye LUCKYLAND SLOTS Sign Marion Annette Autman
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5 months ago, ramey ram
Honest review!!!! This is hands-down, the best social casino out there. They have all the great games never had a problem with the app pretty quick lot of fun I won over 600 bucks without even putting a dime in. I ended up 220 of it and cashed out the rest, you just need to follow directions on how to cash out and it should be no problem I don’t know why people on here are having a hard time cashing out money, but honestly never had any problem it says it would take about 10 days it only took two days the only thing is you have to wait 23 days to verify your identity which you should do before you try to cash out as your plane you should verify your identity and then it takes another 23 days to verify your bank and cash out definitely a good app I highly highly recommend
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2 months ago, Sexypiggy12
Don’t get this app, just use the browser
I like the online version of Chumba a lot, it’s one of my fav gambling sites but this app is nothing compared to their online version. It’s glitchy and awfully put together. It wouldn’t even let me log into the account I’ve been using with them for over a year. It’s also ridiculous that I would have to wait another month to get verified when I already have been verified. This app isn’t worth it in the slightest just look up Chumba on google and that’s much much much better. Honestly run this app into the ground, maybe they will realize they just need to actually make the two similar instead of trying to cash grab. Do better Chumba, smh.
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9 months ago, cash fenezy
Honestly review
Over a period of time I have been playing this game and it has been some ups and downs but on today I received an email that made my day. It is completely up to you how much you play when you playing this game. I have a written some pretty bad reviews when I was upset and lost a lot of money but it was completely up to me to make that decision . Overall, I enjoyed this game and yes I will continue to play responsibly thanks, Chumba
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3 months ago, DannelleBoyd
Great app for real money wins!
I previously wrote a couple of bad reviews for this app but that was when they were taking forever to approve the verification process and then they rejected my application and then it wouldn’t list my bank, which I thought was weird since my bank showed for purchasing. You only have to verify once. I’ve cashed out $600+ on this app in the last 6mos. I highly recommend this app!
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9 months ago, Life time weather man
Scam and frauds don’t waste ur time
This and their affiliated website is a glorified scam. You would have a better return lighting your money on fire in your yard. The win percentages are so low that if your only goal is to watch your money and free coins, dwindle into a pop-up asking you to spend more money then this is your deal , it’s a complete joke. Wish I had the time of my life back that I’ve spent on this ! I promise do yourself a favor and pass up on this , because after they bait and hook you with a few wins as a new customer, there is nothing left but a wasting your time , those who play firekirin also couldn’t throw ur money away any faster
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This ONLINE CASINO HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER SEEN; THEY DO NOT APPRECIATE OR REWARD THEIR CUSTOMERS, and if there’s ever an issue they are quick to tell you it’s your fault and offer 0 compensation!!!! Also be careful for the new butterfly game when i switched to real money, I didn’t realize when i switched over instead of it going to the default minimum bet like all of the other games, IT was set on $125 and took it all in one spin. Its TRICKERY! They could easily review my history and see i have never beat $125 a spin but they would rather lose me as a customer than compensate me a dime. I’ve spent much more than that but now will never give them another cent or my time!
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Never hit with Real Money
The coins are all fun and games but as soon as you switch to the real money play you’ll NEVER and I mean NEVER hit anything worth spending your money, if you’re lucky you might get the same amount back that you just used to spin the machine in the first place. Besides that you’re blatantly just giving your money to the creators of this game with no return so I’m happily deleting.
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3 months ago, Nana JIL
I’ve been playing Chumba for a long time. I saw a couple of complaints about customer support. I just want to say that I love the customer support for Chumba, they have always been very helpful, they always answered me and kept helping me until the problem got resolved. In my opinion. Customer support is what makes Chumba so successful. Love chumba. Love customer support
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1 year ago, 077devin7
Don’t put money in expecting to get money out
I have played this casino app for a while and it’s a smooth running app with great features. However I have deposited money more than once and there is no issue. When I try and withdraw then it’s a issue and I’m still waiting for my bank to be verified going on a month but 0 days to verify when I deposit. Seems set up to take but never give so be careful if you expect a return on your deposit. Play the free play and hope for best is my advice. Good luck
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12 months ago, MelissJanel
Love Chumba!
I love playing on Chumba! I don’t play on any other online casino 🎰 I win often! I bet low so my winning aren’t extreme, but they happen often! Redeem winnings for cash into your bank account (after reviewed for your protection) or gift cards. Unfortunately redeemed winnings aren’t instant, but I always receive deposits much sooner than promised.
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1 year ago, ChumbaVictim
Ms button is fake
I won 478 dollars. Never in my life won anything I get the voucher and everything and it’s been saying verifying my bank account for 10 days. I got my whole work playing and my family. At least 30 plus people then this happens right before my kids birthday. This is wrong and low down my family was depending on you guys keeping your word. Update!!!They just wiped my account. They just Want bank info
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11 months ago, jkjjjfd
Seems to take forever to verify your bank. They have no problem taking money out but I tried to cash out two weeks ago and it’s STILL saying it’s waiting on verification. Fix this and I’ll change my rating
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2 months ago, zekemonotize
The game starts off great and this is the second review I’ve written for some reason it’s not staying on there you keep getting deleted or taken, and I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m bout to call Apple. This is man and closely monitored manipulated alpharhythm i’m on top of that. I was supposed to get a reward for just download map that didn’t happen, but I hope this one right here comes out missing because if this review doesn’t show on Apple. I’m calling Apple.
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11 months ago, Phizzle good
Don’t fall this app or their website. I downloaded this and play on their website after a famous slot YouTuber name Brian Christopher on real winnings (this guy is a scam too).They are a real scam and will take all your money. They don’t cash out like they’ve promised. I won some real money and it won’t verify your bank account to cash out. Stay away from this company and their sc play. I have lost a bunch. Just want to give you guys a warning. Don’t fall for thier trap.
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3 weeks ago, f$&k yea
I’ve had this app for over 3 years and I’ve won more than I lost it’s the closest thing to the real casino from your phone but I can say it takes money to make money
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5 months ago, Chatablabla
Absolutely a scam
I have been playing this game for 3 weeks now and I have spent some coin doing so! This platform is a scam and has little to no payout whatsoever when you hit a bonus! I have hit many bonuses in casino’s in about the time spent equally to this garbage and have hit Mini’s minor and major jackpots. You people are scum and I have to see you people in court and be forced to payback to the people that you have ripped off!
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3 months ago, Sarah Broaden
Redemption Issues
I’ve played this game a lot, but what I’ve discovered is there’s never a problem with taking the money out of a customer account but whenever your customers win there’s always a issues customer service support never responds whenever you redeem.. this is unsatisfactory!! I will advise people not to use your money to play cause if you win it’s hard getting someone to respond..
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1 year ago, Ajdadulla
Pays good if you stick to it
I like playing Chumba because I can play casino slots from the comfort of my own home, in my bed, bathroom . Haha. The gold coins are good way to practice and get to know the slots. I recommend for serious gamblers.
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4 months ago, Dotson S
This is pretty bad! You rarely get a bonus and they just take your money over and over. It’s kinda hard to win so after investing a good amount of cash and losing every time I just had to delete the app. It’s more fun to go to the actual casino at least your odds are better, even if it’s by 1% 😂 But if you play with just the gc coins and not your actual money you actually win all the time lol
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3 months ago, Ajames@20
Its legit
I was super skeptical about it at first ive honestly spent a good chunk of change on this game and the other day i redeemed my first hundred into my bank and it took four days!!! Amazing def a cool and fun way to make money but if your greedy like i can be this isnt the game for you.
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3 months ago, tuttie-87
Don’t waste your money!!!!!
I spent over 300 and didn’t win anything or get a bonus I tried different games never again I was playing for a dollar and two dollars and that Ate up my money so fast I should of jus bought a lottery ticket and got a fair chance this website is a gimme people don’t win jackpot they try to get every penny out of you so please people be careful
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5 months ago, LbCollins98
Redeeming winnings
I had the run around to redeem my winnings. They took two days of asking for the same documents I sent. The continued to say my banking information wasn’t correct. Asking for a copy of all of my banking statement. The copy of the first page game them all the information that they requested. I deleted my account and will NOT fall victim to them any longer.
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10 months ago, TattooedCherry13
Uneasy feeling about this
I have sent over my proof of who I am numerous times as they have asked. They refuse to unlock my account and refuse to respond to my customer service tickets. This is after I won some money. They refuse to give me my money back and the money I rightfully won. So now I have to figure out how to protect my identity because they have copies of my ID and address. Don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, rjg1630
Chumba doesn’t care
I’ve written several reviews the last few weeks and I’ve seen the fake reviews on here. Bottom line is the developers of this game don’t care about you or your opinion. Find a different game/casino to play and put this one in the trash. I just lost 2 million during a bonus round and I won’t even waste my time contacting support. There is none.
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1 month ago, GottaWinOneTime
Loaded over $200 and did not hit a single dime. Also, the game starts to glitch and kick you out when it looks like you are about to win something. This is terrible for the app in the browser. I don’t care if you heard about someone winning it’s one out of 300,000 do not waste your time and money with this app. I have a detailed video that will be dropping soon.
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4 months ago, Tigthjn
I was told about this game by a friend & heard that you could play for real money so I decided to give it a try. Signed up, added my card so I can add funds. Everything was going fine I even hit a jackpot but about 30 minutes in, I was glitched out and my account was deactivated. No response from customer support. Money spent down the drain. Wouldn’t recommend
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4 months ago, Nickb1989!
Never got to even use!
The customer service deactivated account with no reason given. Created account before could even play they deactivated and have made me jump through hoops to get reactivated. Customer support is next to none. Short reply’s and do not actually fix the problem. Not worth the time. Do not download.
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7 months ago, This App🤢
They will take your money and let you hit big but when you go to redeem they won’t verify your bank account. I know others that have their bank account verify and can redeem but they never hit anything so they will take and take and take your money but won’t give it back
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6 months ago, tophdugg
🤘🏻Rock On!🤘🏻
Chumba is the rockstar of online gaming and casinos.🤩 I had no issues, verifying, depositing, withdrawing my winnings or customer service. Everything was top-notch. Keep it up Chomba!👍🏼
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2 weeks ago, Trenala
Love it
Love this game I’ve won over $300 so far and haven’t had to pay a dime to do so. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, KyDebora
Chumba pays
Chumba will pay out. I've won over $500 and only put about $40 into the game.
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1 year ago, hnsnbabyblues
In the beginning I LOVED CHUMBA! I won a lot! But I’m the past 2 months seems the game is only taking my money and giving NOTHING BACK! If I do win it’s only what I put in! This game gets you hooked and takes your money! I have spent more than I will admit to now just paying the creater! I am deleting and putting my money in a game that pays out! 🤬🤬
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1 year ago, Antoinette Kay
Love this slots game!!!
My friend has hit for thousands so I’m unsure what the other rating I seen is referring to🤔 He may just not be hitting🤷🏽‍♀️
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2 weeks ago, 00bettyb
App not worth it
I love chumba it’s hands down my favorite site to play on but only the website this app isn’t half as fun as online plus you can actually log in on website unlike the app go play chumba online don’t let the app fool you into thinking chumba isn’t fun.
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2 months ago, Ok then sir
It’s not worth ya money you will lose more than you make I’ve played it for 6 months now put in 500+ never won over 100$ only good thing about this app is when it’s time to pay you’ll get paid the next day but not worth it
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3 months ago, Jazz Thompson
Horrible ads horrible game
The app doesn’t work and keeps closing when I open it. Crashes a lot. I hear the ads for this app on my podcasts and find them to be so annoying that I would never use the app. Terrible. Stay away.
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1 month ago, DT28160
I won over $400 and they kept rejecting my personal information when I tried to redeem my money! They are really good at accepting your money for sales but when it comes down to submitting your info to get paid out, they repeatedly reject it. Very SHADY APP! Do not waste your time!!!
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2 months ago, quejerica1235745
I paid $10 for $30 sc coins to win real money with and they gave jt to me then snatched it right back off. I emailed them and say I played 3-4 different games and played it all back when I didn’t play anything. They are liars and will scam you. Do not give these people your money!!!!!!
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11 months ago, ifnsksthus
I would give zero stars if I could they will not get one more dollar from me they ripped me off for 60. Clearly you can see the reels change when you stop them to make sure you lose im very disappointed I really believed they were legit
Show more
8 months ago, Bribribri8392
Still holding on a verification
I actually enjoy this game It allows you to deposit money to play for real cash and actually will allow you to win A+ HOWEVER Now is the time to try to cash out some winnings and it has taken them over a week to verify with no avail Quick to take money from you however at a snail pace to pay out your winnings I’m hoping this gets resurrected soon I will definitely post again if anything changes
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1 year ago, shjjjjjjjjjjhhhjjjjj
How long does it take usually to get your funds?
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2 months ago, crashlamp
Do not use this app.
Do not use this app. I decided to give it a try and played the free version for 10min then decided to deposit some real money. After the deposit was deducted from my bank account the deactivated my account. Crooks. Is a nice word.
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4 months ago, Chumba Failure
Very bad loading problems etc
I have this app on a brand new less than 6 months old Apple IPad with 1TB storage and also on a 6 month old Samsung Galaxy Tab with 1 TB storage and the app never loads properly on either one
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5 months ago, fortner1
I paid for the $10 promo for being new on Chumba Received my gold coins as well as 30 sweep coins right after making my payment, my account was blocked
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3 months ago, Honesty*100
Game is horrible. You put more in then you get out. They take your access to certain games. They only allow certain people to recieve money gifts.
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6 months ago, Cheena0678
Waste of time and money!!!
You never win anything of significance. They take forever to verify banking information so if you did win you couldn’t cash out anyway! Don’t do it!!
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1 year ago, Yea…. NO
No good
I’ve played this game for about a week now and spent a lot of my money on it and haven’t hit one single thing on any slots or table games, better luck at a gas station machine playing poker
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3 weeks ago, App Addic
Better chances at a real casino
It’ll let you win at r the first time using it… after that, you’re just donating. Not even a glimpse of hope.
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