Church Center App

3.8 (801)
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Ministry Centered Technologies
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Church Center App

3.83 out of 5
801 Ratings
2 years ago, Remod30
Directory could be more efficient
Although I absolutely love the way this app allows church organization and notifications for events the directory is not as efficient as it could be. 1. The word ‘Household’ after every family name is so much noise and when swiping through the list tends to make one think they are always in the ‘H’s’ of last names. 2. The brain doesn’t process two columns of alphabetical data as fast as one column. 3. Non-family names put the first name at the beginning while the family names put the last name at the beginning. Again, harder for the brain to process as swiping quickly to find someone. 4. Putting smaller images to allow about eight names per screen swipe in one column would help find people faster. 5. Load 100 or more people/families at a time rather the just the current few. This would allow getting to people faster who are down the list alphabetically without multiple swipe/pause/load/swipe again actions. IMHO changing the directory portion to these fixes or at least providing the option in settings would solidify this as a very efficient app.
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2 years ago, Stockhound
Hard to use if 2 or more churches
I have friends and relationships at two churches that I regularly attend. When you go to your profile it usually won’t show you my organizations in the app 1sr time. You have to kind of go in and out for it to finally decide to present both organizations at which point you can select the one that you didn’t login with to go over to it and re-log into that one. For the web version dates do not show up for your messages, only the original date and time, so if you use a thread to message new information you’re not sure when it was sent, fortunately the app version does not have this issue.
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3 years ago, fgfyhcsthjnyrwefghhfsdc
Nice but needs improment
I use this app to set up recurring donations to my church. Updating credit card information is awkward. To update the expiration date and cvv you need to delete the entire card and re-enter everything all over. But worse than that, when you delete the card, it also deletes some, but not all, of your donation schedule information and furthermore does not tell you about the partial donation schedule deletion, preventing the donations from restarting. After a few weeks of wondering why no donations and a donation failure email, I had to relogin and figure out what went wrong. Two suggestions would be a way to update just credit card expiration data and cvv. Also provide, after a credit card change, a pop-up telling you the donation schedule information has been partially deleted and also needs to be re-entered.
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9 months ago, RevMark76
Log out Very Hard to find + No Help section
This app IS very useful for churches big or small. However, I have two BIG gripes about the Church Center App that bring frustration into my life on more than one occasion. #1) There is only ONE place in the iPhone version of ChurchCenter to log out. But it is not easily found unless you are privy to the "secret "location, or as I did, click through literally every option under every menu, every arrow, etc. hoping to locate it. Many other iPhone apps these days have a "logout" button that is easily found. Please understand. It is critically important that the Church Center App make this easier to access since users may use the app to give (via bank account or credit card) to their church. For this reason, I will not use the Church Center App to give. #2) Just as frustrating is the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY NO help section provided within the app! Zero! Nada! Zip! Furthermore, the website accessible via PC similarly has no entry when searching for "log out". I would be glad to change my review to 5 stars if these two problems were adequately addressed. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Luaprecklaw
Need Tech Support Help
I love this app! However I just discovered that it is not possible to edit my monthly automatic giving. I can’t delete it either. I’m sure this is a glitch! I have 3 different apple devices. Same problem on all 3 devices. Maybe it is only on my account because it is a serious unacceptable glitch! I’m sure you would have tons of complaints if this was happening to all your users. I need a method of contacting tech support. If you reply to this post I will find it and contact your tech support. I’m giving you 5 stars for a great app and believing that you will respond quickly to this complaint!
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3 years ago, LaRora
Multiple categories in one giving check??
I like this app. It allows us to have phone numbers and pics next to members when you need to call them or don’t remember their name. I’m also glad I can pay here. I would ask the developer to update the giving section. I give to multiple categories every month (tithe, missions, mortgage capital, etc). As it now I have to send three separate giving and each one costs 25 cents.
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10 months ago, L@kelover
Good for churches, but…
Great for churches. I volunteered at a mega church who used church center and I totally understand how great it is for behind the action. We were able to schedule volunteers and room functions very easily. I have moved and am now trying to find a church and primarily a women’s Bible study. When browsing church websites who use church app, you must sign into THAT church to see any details such as what they will be studying, days, and times. It’s unbelievably annoying as someone new to the area. Again, loved church app when I used it as a member. But as a new person, I really wish church websites would give small group details on their websites instead of linking to the app.
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5 years ago, srlandreneau
Please make it easy to change churches
I love to watch and check up on churches I have attended in the past. On that note I would love to give money to those churches through the app. But since I have to Log Out and then search for the church and have another text or email confirmation and set up my bank information again.... then I can give and then repeat the process for another church. Please make this more convenient by having the option to switch churches while still Logged In and having your profile keep your saved Bank information. Other than that it’s great because the app have a great history of tithes or giving.
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5 years ago, chrisborah
Love PCO! [edited]
***EDIT: you can disable Events by disabling the Registrations app in the Accounts panel**** If one of the 3 or 4 buttons of your app says “Events” and it says you have “No Events”, that looks really bad. It’s literally the reason we’re not using the app. Maybe if it said, “there are no events to register for, see individual groups for upcoming events” OR if the link was “Register”/“Registrations” OR you can optionally disable the button on the app. Right now, one of the main links in the app effectively says “your church has no life.”
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5 years ago, jgoldrule
Can’t donate with app *edited
I’ve deleted and re downloaded the app a few times but to no avail. I can enter my credit card, select the fund to give towards, opt to cover or not cover the fees, but when I click on next nothing happens. Donating to my church is the only reason I use the app so if it doesn’t work it sort of defeats the purpose for me. *The developer responded and has resolved the issue I am having. If you have Safari restricted you will not be able to donate with the app.
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2 years ago, FrizzleMonster
Good App, would like a calendar link up
I am so grateful for this app! It brings community allows me to get connected to my church, which i love! I would really really like if this app had some way to connect to my google or iCal calendars so all the events I have RSVPd for for into my calendar. Its a first world problem, I know, but it would lessen my chances of missing meetings or events because I forgot to put transfer them over to my Calendar.
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2 months ago, Piratemommy
Won’t Open
Initially the app was great but lately it won’t open 1/4 to 1/3 of the time. It never fails that its when I really need it. I always make sure I have latest update, I’m connected, I close and reopen, etc. It’s also a bit clunky in the attendance section. I shouldn’t have to constantly click an extra step when I click that I am at the 8:15 service. That should automatically mean worship. I shouldn’t have an extra step where I have to click worship too so that it will register my attendance. Same with class.
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3 years ago, Brennan McC
Developer suggestions
The UI is pretty clean and the UX is pretty good, but there’s a critical flaw in my opinion. The bottom navigation is nice, but I’d move the 5th option for “more” to a top menu bar. Like a top right settings or ellipses icon, or broaden the account section when you click your profile and put the “more” there In replacement, I’d replace it with either the groups or messaging feature… ideally I’d find a way to have both in the same place. The groups/messaging feature seem like the weakest part of this app- which is a bummer because it’s directly how small groups and people can communicate to each other. Right now you have to click more, then groups, then your group, then a message, then you can see messages. That’s 5 levels deep. Ideally it should be 2-3. That would make the navigation so much better!
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4 years ago, Look for another app...
Trouble upon trouble with this app!
I have had issues with this church center for months, the church’s associate pastor has been on with tech support on my behalf but can’t get it fixed. It started with trying to link my checking account, they deposited two small amounts I checked the deposit amounts told them the amounts they deposited and they said no that’s not correct. It’s literally the amounts they placed in my account but they say it’s not so it costs more to give by debit card. Now I can’t give by debit they continue to flag my account and will not allow me to give to my church at all. So I would truly discourage anyone from using this app for their congregation.
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3 months ago, fireandsalt
Excellent App but needs one improvement
This is an excellent app but it needs one important improvement. When people have the accessibility feature for large print turned on, the app menu and text is cut off and not visible in some cases. As a feature request can Home >>> Tasks from the web version be shown on the Church Center App too?
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3 years ago, highflyer67
Needs help
This app is ok but half the time it doesn’t open. Very frustrating when I’m trying to access key information and I see the eternal circling around but never landing! I usually can’t access it in the afternoon, have to wait until later in evening. In talking with others, they have same issue. I’m wondering if it is a volume issue. Too many people trying to access it at same time. I almost rated it 2 for this reason but decided to be generous.
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4 months ago, Gurlqb
Great way to connect, but too many notifications
This app is great and a great way for our church to communicate. I wish there was a way to turn off notifications to replies for every thread, and only get notifications when a new thread is open to have the ability to turn notifications on and off for certain threads would be great and save my phone battery insanity as well.
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4 weeks ago, AvoidTheDrama
Sermons needs serious work
This app is really good in most areas. Except for the sermons section. If I have to pause the sermon more than twice it glitches and will not restart. Then when I reboot the app it has lost my place in the video. We definitely have plenty of ability to save someone’s place in a video, why can’t this app do that too?
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9 months ago, CorsicanWolf
Cannot add payment method
Every time I try to add my card info, it appears to be successful (the "set up" button turns green), but then a popup appears saying "Oops! There was an error adding the payment method to your account. Please check the payment details and try again." I have done this no less than ten times over the past week, with the same result every time. I refuse to provide my banking info, so I will only ever be using a card. If this feature isn't usable, I wish they'd remove it as a payment option. Incredibly inconvenient.
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2 years ago, Tt8888
Need help!
So this app was working, and I have a recurring donation set, but after updating I was logged out and couldn’t log back in. I was able to make a “new” account using the exact same phone number and email, but there’s no giving history and the app won’t email me no matter what. I can’t find ANY contact info for this company so that I can get back to my old account or update giving or see a history of giving or anything. I tried to reconnect my bank and it said see email for instructions but there’s no email whatsoever.
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4 months ago, 4Tommy2
Give portion change a curveball
I generally like this app but a recent change to the “give” part throws a real curveball which could cost churches significant money. The latest change defaults to Apple Pay and the charges are significantly higher than the ACH option. If people aren’t watching and don’t select “cover the processing fee,” it could hurt churches. It was not good customer service to make this change without any notice to the churches.
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2 years ago, J.N.McK
Needs to be more convenient
I love the app and being able to connect with my church and things that are going on. HOWEVER, I strongly dislike not being able to see info for the three churches that I - and my family - am a part of. I miss so many events and studies because I don’t get notifications for “this” church if I am logged in under “that” church. It really needs to be more user friendly in being able to access multiple churches under one login name.
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5 years ago, maelk4
Works great, needs improved admin rights
Love the app, we have created groups for all our small groups and is very helpful in organizing events. The only way I’ve found to give group leaders privileges to add and edit members is to give all group leaders admin rights which allows them to see all groups. It would be a better design if individual groups only have access to edit their groups.
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5 months ago, Oocowgoesmoo
Good but can use some UX improvements!
I’m a group leader on the app and with the latest update (1/6/24) I can’t see which individuals have RSVP’d to my events! This is very frustrating because I can’t plan properly for my event. Would also be nice to be able to add/edit locations in the app and also be able to change group picture in the app without having to login to the site.
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2 years ago, D Brian T
Need stand alone app for groups
This app is the only way to access Groups other than on the website. However as a leader I can only message the group here, I can’t send a group email. That can only be done on the website. I can let people into my group but the managing of the group is less than friendly. It’s easier to just login online. Maybe create a standalone app for Groups the same as you have for People and Services?
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4 years ago, Epsilon324581
Developers Who Listen are Gold
It’s so awesome to be a new user looking through reviews from a year or so ago and see all the requests for features that exist now. Some of them are even key reasons our church is going to start using Planning Center/Church Center. Wonderful stuff! Going to submit some of our own and keep our fingers crossed.
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3 years ago, mustangjake04
Push Notifications
So far we’ve have been using the app for about one month now and we really like it. Our main suggestion is with an update with a push notifications option for the admin that could be utilized if needed to inform people of new changes to things going on with our church within the app.
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6 years ago, danda_man
A step in the right direction!
This is the one piece PCO was missing: an interface that connects individuals with their home church. Users can edit their profile, giving info, and register for event all in one place. The giving function almost makes text to give obsolete. Of course, there is a lot to develop. This would be a great place to integrate a form of church communication as well. How about integrating some notifications? Some more things to consider: -Ways to contact the leadership -A place to upload featured resources -support for multiple campuses under one account -Groups integration -maybe check in integration
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3 years ago, MMSwtx
Problems every day
I like being able to connect with my church through this app. However, almost every day Church Center won’t load. I have to restart my phone to open the app and get to notifications. Restart only helps for a few hours before the problem happens again—forcing yet another restart to access the app.
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3 years ago, Little cloud 00
Strange problem to Install in iPad
At first I could not help my friend to install it as I could not go forward after finding the church. After all the struggles, we found the solution. We have to turn the iPad into vertical orientation in order to see the “choose this church” button. How could we notice that when we had a keyboard attached with the iPad?!
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1 year ago, Donnie Herman
Great app, needs to flow better
Love the app. Can be a little flaky but nothing serious. For example, when adding a new church there is no way to back out and cancel it. You have to force quit to get back home. I’m thankful this app exists however. A good resource for any church. The directory is the most important part.
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5 years ago, Judtananimefan
Great! But it could be better!
In the future, I want to get into software and user experience design, it’s what I love doing and I have a natural talent for it. Just within 2 minutes of downloading and using the app, I can already see so many ways the app can he improved, and ideas for features to be added. I’d love to help contribute to designing the app’s UI!
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10 months ago, alison0226
Good but a few simple changes could make it great.
One of the biggest challenges is navigating notifications. If you provide a search bar at the top it be wonderful. It’s a challenge to scroll through many posts to find the one about a topic I need so I end up not searching and then not being up to date on info.
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3 years ago, em3499
Can’t Have Multiple Churches
Love this app, so convenient. But there’s no way to change your church after you’ve added your church home. Also no way to add multiple churches. Now I can’t see events from other churches. Is there a way to do this?
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4 months ago, Palli
Additional features
As a church we want a place to designate if users are Church members and if they are for us to know when their next membership checkin / renewal is due and also see when they became members. Also, we would like to designate certain church center users with Elder access. This allows those users who are Elders at our church the ability to do members checkins with an easy to fill out form that is only visible and seen to Elders. Then there would be an elder dashboard that shows active members, lapsed checkins, next or upcoming checkins, results of previous checkins. Thanks!
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1 year ago, MRSSPOCK
Does not work
Won't open after new update. Also, please fix the group member list so they can be sorted by last name. We also should be able to see more names at a time and it takes so long to load more names. Search should have auto fill. And search is not smart enough to search for variations in a name.
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2 years ago, Flyntt
It always crashes and closes
It worked for a while but after an ‘update’ it continually crashes and closes when I try to open it. I have an 8+ phone but that shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve removed it and tried to reload but it does the same thing over and over. Can’t use it at all.
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3 years ago, Peeny_1029
Since my last phone update I’m not able to see my profile. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app. But I’m still having the same issue. Any tips on how I can fix this?
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4 years ago, Nick Gribbon
This app is really awesome, and the many uses are fantastic; however, for the past couple of months, it will not let me donate or tithe. I have it up to date, but it still doesn’t help. I wanted to let someone know if the issue. Otherwise it is fantastic!
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5 years ago, D (provin myself)
Great! Will services be apart of this?
I love this! And it’s free? Crazy! The one thing I wish it had was services. Maybe a way to see when you’re scheduled for that month and to be able to accept and decline requests. Basically everything the services app can do but all under one app. That ever happening?
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9 months ago, moniash
New update needs work
The newest version made the Home Screen less user friendly. The bottom buttons where you could use to navigate are now gone. It already was hard to navigate and has rendered using the app instead of desktop version useless.
Show more
3 years ago, Wanting a refund!
This app has a lot of potential, but presently is a bit buggy. The interface itself is not the most user-friendly. Hopes are high that this one receives a lot of attention soon. Opening messages within groups causes the app to crash, whereas in a browser it functions as expected.
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1 year ago, AugustinCharles
I Cannot Receive any notifications
I literally scoured through my phone and the app to make sure something was the problem but no, it’s the app And a friend of mine confirmed it
Show more
4 years ago, card 27
So far loving the app and ability for church’s to easily create their “own” app so that even small church’s can have up to date and easily accessible calendars, groups, and tithing. Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is it would be great if leaders had a way to take attendance through the app.
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2 months ago, EllaStoner
Almost perfect
Great over all but when having to update event dates or info we have to cancel the whole event which is still seen in the notifications and create a whole separate event. Other then that, that’s all I’ve noticed that needs improvements.
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3 years ago, redwing518
Easy way to give
I have struggled for years on tithing, I don’t have checks, I can’t remember to stop at the atm, when I do have cash it’s normally not the correct amount. I love that it keeps track and I can pay my tithe as soon as I get my paycheck.
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5 years ago, busyscott
Groups needs interaction
This looks promising, but really needs group communication. Each group should function like a slack channel. Something the group can communicate on, upload attachments, share links...etc. and push notifications. Will drive adoption of this app and will be a hugely helpful tool in growing our groups with real relationships. Thank you PCO team!
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3 years ago, KLace32
When it works, it’s decent…but not working
App simply isn’t working. I got a new phone and when I tried to sign into the Church Center app, it says “undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘f.attribs’) after going through the verification process. Have deleted and re-installed 4 times with the same result. Good app when it works.
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2 years ago, Jennaaaa m
won’t let me log in
The app says i’m under 13, when i am not. They say their “records” show i’m under 13 but i’ve never even had an account for them to have “records” on. Slightly uncomfortable and also very confused. I can’t fix this issue through email because it doesn’t send a correction email, i’m trying to use this app to get church updates and it’s been a huge let down.
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10 months ago, choirheart
Making My Church Experience Better
I’m new to a church that finally feels like home. They use this app. It is accessible for a blind person like me, and helps me keep up with what’s going on. I love this app.
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