Chuzzle 2

4.7 (10.6K)
69.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chuzzle 2

4.66 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
5 months ago, rpotter1000
My wife and I were avid Chuzzle players on desktop for years until it stopped working on our newer computers. We had a little hole in our hearts until I found this in the App Store. At first we were a little disappointed that the gameplay wasn’t the same as the desktop version, but now that we’re used to it and figured out how all the different mini-games work, we actually prefer this to the desktop version. It’s really fun to have the variety of goals and tasks while still maintaining the same fundamental style of Chuzzle popping. The graphics, the cute, subtle humor, and the perfect sound effects make this whole game a joy to play. It has a likable personality unlike any puzzle game I’ve ever played. My impression is that it’s never fully caught on like other puzzle game apps. It’s a shame if it’s not really popular (though maybe it is more than I realize). The developers deserve a big hit with this.
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3 years ago, Flamethrower the Dragon
Great game BUT...
I love this game spend alot of time playing it but have no more puzzles to get pieces for which makes it harder to earn coins unle ss u want to spend hours watching ads. Also don’t know what im missing out on if there is some kind of secret but I bought a berry bush and it says fast blooming yet i never have anything on it. How do I get bushes to bloom?? I even put them in front of the windows thinking that would help. Nothing😢 Please help me with this and please add more puzzles. I personally don’t like chuzzles snap. You need a Chuzzle3 where you can even bring your existing Chuzzles and rooms with you. That would be WONDERFUL! Would be great if you could even voice communicate with them and have options that will give you coins like pet this chuzzle and stuff like that.
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3 years ago, heatherld321
Good, but so buggy
This game initially brought me back to my childhood. It was a great way for me to relax on breaks, and I played so much that I sometimes even dreamed of Chuzzles. However, after getting to level 18 or so, the game completely bugged out for me. The daily dos went away, some of the challenges went back to very easy instead of how they should be at later levels, and far earlier on (level 10, maybe) the sound bugged and stopped giving me the classic Chuzzle popping sounds we know and love, even after closing the app and rebooting. I uninstalled the game to see if these issues resolved. While it seems they did, this also erased all data (expected), and reverted my game back to the unpurchased, full of ads version (not expected, and frankly unethical). While I have put tons of time into this game and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, these issues have caused me to permanently uninstall the game. So, great game for casual, once in a while playing, but if you really get into it like I did the bugs can be a huge turnoff.
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3 years ago, Brebrebunny1975
Pretty solid game, but sometimes stressful
I am like 70% done with the 2nd world or whatever you call it, and I gotta say, the duel levels are pretty fun. The biggest issue is THE STUPID TIMED LOCK LEVELS. They are almost always stressful because you can’t waste any time or else game over. Anyways, that’s about it for my review on this game. Might add more to this if I run into new concepts or stuff. Edit 1: I am now almost done with world 3, and apparently the worlds are called levels, which was strange to me. But anyways, the raptures one were pretty interesting, but also annoying. It’s just complete luck based because you have to hope that the right amount of the chosen chuzzle spawn. Anyways that’s it for this edit. Edit 2: So I did the daily do today, and I ran into a mystery chuzzle. I have only one question about the mystery chuzzle: Why? Just why do these mystery chuzzle exist? All they do is waste your time and annoy you. Anyways, that’s it for the 2nd edit.
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3 years ago, terrimj
So glad this is back!!
I had the first version of Chuzzle on my old iPhones and loved it and am SO glad it's back! I love the addition of extra Chuzzles to get and rooms and toys and all that, I love taking care of my Chuzzles. 😆 Having said that, I hope there are plans to add more puzzles/Chuzzles and more things you can do with them, like petting them or cuddling them. I would also love to be able to see my Chuzzles actually hop onto a poof or into a pod or hidey box instead of just seeing them once they're in there. I love watching them climb up the slide and wish there were more to watch like that. And thank you for giving Stinky a friend. I felt bad for always having to put him in jail when other Chuzzles were shoving him first!
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4 years ago, Rebekie11
Never Spent a Dime
I LOVE THIS GAME!! There are so many things to do, goals to obtain, variations to discover, and the best thing is that you can accomplish everything without spending real money!!! I really don’t know of any other game of such high quality, that can keep your attention without getting frustrated because the devs are money-grubbing fiends who are more interested in you spending money than enjoying what they’ve created! I’ve finished every puzzle, collected all chuzzles, created a fun and creative chuzzarium, have at least one of everything in the “fun stuff” and been able to do much much more without shelling out money I do not have. I have much love and respect for what the devs created and am grateful I stumbled on it so long ago! Thank you!
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4 years ago, catmomsheri
Used to Be Better
I am addicted to this game! However, lately it has been freezing up quite a bit, mostly when playing. Stinky Chuzzle game. I have to close the game & open back up, then start the Stinky game all over again. Hoping the developer has a fix for this. It’s annoying. Updating my recent review: just finished a “Golden” game and as the completion graphics began the game froze up again! Don’t know if that one will count or if I’ll have to complete that one all over again! Wow! This really bites! More bugs! On Level 4 & playing Break all licks: After my first move, I get No More Moves! Tried again, made a different move, & got No More Moves again!!! This is ridiculous! Especially since it’s only Level 4 !! So I think the game does this to MAKE YOU use up all your power-ups! Wow. Really? Lame! And by the way, can you please change out that annoying ad with the girl in bed making the obnoxious mouth movements, then hanging out a car window, then slo-mo walking down the street!?! I see this ad almost every time I click something in Chuzzle, & I am sick to death of seeing this chick, whoever she is! Please! Give me a different ad! Anything!!
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3 years ago, Jenos33
Favorite Game on App Store: Chuzzle 2
This game is a home run. I’ve always loved Chuzzle, and this expands on Chuzzle in countless fun ways. I bought the ad free version immediately and would encourage everyone to do the same and spread the word to family and friends. At long last Chuzzle has a sequel, and it is delightful! Maybe I haven’t progressed far enough yet but it would be so fun to set one’s own challenges (similar to the Daily Do’s) and challenge oneself and friends. Any sort of quick score-chasing arcade modes would be highly requested! Also I wouldn’t mind an option to speed up the animations and gameplay. I loaded up the original iPhone Chuzzle and it is slick and FAST. It would be cool to choose animation/gameplay speed in options. Final daydream thought: Of course the dream game would be Puzzle Quest meets Chuzzle. A Chuzzle Hero going on an adventure with skills and XP and weapons. Imagine leveling up your Chuzzle Hero and skills as you dive deep into an arcade machine on a grand adventure. That would be the greatest game of all time if Raptisoft could team up with a bigger team to make it possible. “Chuzzle Quest: Challenge of the Fuzz Lords.”
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3 weeks ago, TheBarbaraBrady
Love it! But recently it’s become frustrating and boring because…
I really enjoy Chuzzle2, to the point that I completed every puzzle. I discovered that the only way to get fresh puzzles was to purchase puzzles in the puzzle shop, which removed them from the game. So I started purchasing puzzles for the Chuzzarium in order to get new puzzles in the game. But I’ve gotten really bored with Chuzzle, because when you redo an old puzzle, you don’t get any of the prizes from that puzzle. Today, I checked the App Store to see if the game is even still supported, and any updates were planned. The latest update says that the only way to get new monthly puzzles is when you have completed all of the non-holiday puzzles. Now I wish I could get all of my completed non-holiday puzzles back into the game so that I could start getting new puzzles. Anyway, to do that? Or do I have to redo every single one, which will extend my boredom considerably. The puzzles, and the easter eggs in the puzzles, are one of the things that make the game the most fun. I wish the game had clearer instructions instead of having to rely on message boards for details about how things work.
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4 years ago, RealityOrDream
Love it
I love this game and purchased to get rid of ads. I don’t have any problems running the game. My only problem is whenever there is a month long holiday special, my Chuzzles don’t give me presents and I have almost all of the chuzzles in my chuzzariam. I usually get presents multiple times a day but during events they are pretty much nonexistent. I’m sure this is a ploy to get you to buy coins to purchase special event items for your chuzzariam but this hinders my gameplay because I don’t get the bonus items needed for the higher level play and have to wait longer to play. It would also be nice if you could add purchasing of bonus items. I would rather pay for that than coins.
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5 years ago, OnePixelWrong
Amazing Sequel but..
Everything about this game is great. New content, new Chuzzles, puzzles, coins and much more. However I have two main problems with the game. 1) The Chuzzles really dont resemble the originals as much and the MOUTHS are just gross in my opinion. 2) THE ADS ARE RIDICULOUS! After Level 1, you get an ad every Chuzzle you tap on. Its not a huge issue because you can skip them after five seconds but it gets annoying to try and grind and your flow is broken by an ad. The price to remove ads is also absurd. $5.99 plus tax (where applicable) is just too much. It would make sense if I got like coins or a few puzzle pieces but just to remove ads is absolutely dumb. Again love the game, respect the sequel finally being made and I really cant wait until its on PC. Much love
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5 years ago, OAF TAM
I first played this game long ago & was to glad to see its return. I find this version more challenging, w/ multiple levels and continuely harder obstacles - Wow, what Fun!! What I dislike, of course, are the ads between levels. Although I realize they are necessary,and it doesn’t stop me from playing the game, I DO wish they would air more of variety of ads - many of which I view, because they are interesting..but boy, I get tired and a bit aggravated when I must delete the same ad a dozen times in a row, during one game! Change it up a bit, Guys - would make the experience (even WITH ads) much more enjoyable! Thanks for bringing back a GREAT game for us “oldsters”.....
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4 years ago, LIDebbie
I have loved this game for years. This new version includes the last one and has so much more ! But aside from being fun this game has WITHOUT QUESTION the best tech support and customer service of any company EVER !! My iPhone update collided with the chuzzle update and my game was completely frozen. Those guys worked tirelessly for three days to get it fixed with me. I honestly can’t thank them enough because I had lost everything. The app itself is fantastic. It can be relaxing or fast paced. It is adorable and fun. And on top of that you get super (and fast) help if you need it ! Thank you so much !!!!!
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2 years ago, Ladyv333
Original was better
I have been a fan of Chuzzle for about 15 years or so and this version isn’t the best one. The original was better. This version doesn’t have the same great features that the game once had. Before, you could shake your phone and the chuzzle would get dizzy. Another thing, you could poke a chuzzle and it would laugh or get angry. Another note the chuzzle seems low quality and not as high def as before. This app seems “copied and pasted” from the original. And there’s way to many ads. I was comfortable with pay for the game than having it for free and paying to remove the ad. This cheapens the game and seems as common as all the others. Like candy crush This version was a downgrade for me
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4 years ago, peaacchh
Great game, just a frustrating amount of ads
Loved the game since I was young, and I was immediately excited to play again once I seen it in the App Store. Even after I bought it I think it’s a great game to pass time, but ads have kind of gotten in the way of a lot of what makes Chuzzle enjoyable. An ad happens after every click, which normally I don’t mind, but they seem to be a lot of interaction ads and make it slightly annoying to click out of. I still have the game and I think it’s fun to play, but the ads kind of make it a last resort. I know they’re essential to pay for the creators, and I respect it, I just wish they were every other section rather than every one.
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1 year ago, GothicAquaKittyAnimeFan
I really did want to like it
I had the original Chuzzle game on my computer and was one of the best games ever. Could play for hours! The app is fun but they have ads, which is understandable and common for an app for an iPhone, but all the ads seem to freeze the game afterwards and you either have to soft reset the app or wait a few minutes for it to unfreeze to learn the ads glitched up the sound and there is no sound nor music (which is a huge part of the Chuzzle game for me) Edit: the area where you have the Chuzzle characters as pets is very glitchy. I’m in the room with the food and somehow my tapping touches another room, making my Chuzzle angry since it was sleeping and the glitch woke it up Do. Better.
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4 years ago, Sweet N' Bitter
Bugs N’ Suggestions
Dearest game devs, thank you so much for making a sequel to a game from my childhood I nearly forgot about! There are quite a few graphical glitches and minor bugs in the game as well. Primarily with the Piano. Sometimes your Chuzzle disappears for a second when playing it. I also just have a few suggestions: - Make Trophies give you 5-10 coins perhaps. - Make Daily Do’s that have Stinky Chuzzle have a way to get rid of them, just like in the actual stinky levels (matching a surrounding Chuzzle 3 times, but change it to be 4 surrounding Chuzzles for difficulty, or drop more Stinky Bois onto the screen at once so the game won’t go on forever). - Add ways to regain Chuzzles that were consumed by Stinky in the Chuzzletarium. - Allow for more coins to be earned from Classic Chuzzle mode. - Add some animations for tapping Prismatic Chuzzles, Masked Chuzzles, and Stinky Chuzzles in the game modes (I always thought all the little animations for tapping on the Chuzzles a bunch of times in-game were really cute!) That’s all for now! Thank you ever so graciously for bringing back my childhood!
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5 years ago, X9Y24Z
Great Game needing Minor Improvements
This is a good game that’s enjoyable to just pick up and play a few levels. The game seems to be a little buggy though, but it could be intentional. When playing the later levels that instruct the player to make all the background tiles gold with a lock bar, combo chuzzles add to the lock bar even if you had no intention of clearing that row. I just think it’s a tad unfair that you get punished for something that could be entirely out of your control. This happens for pretty much all the stages, and in a lot of the later ones a high combo is almost always a death sentence. Aside from that one issue, the game is fun. Simple puzzle action with a cute coat of paint.
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2 years ago, mickicat
Fun but…..
Hardly ever have any new puzzles (thank you for the recent holidays ones but see next)) I have finished all the puzzles and have all the Chuzzles. Besides the ridiculous amount of LONG ads, I like many below opened one day in December and lost everything except the actual Chuzzles! I had all the levels of the house including the basement where I had many items stored including puzzle prizes (especially the holiday decorations) They are all gone and I’ve had to start getting floor levels, food, activities etc again. Obviously the holiday stuff is gone forever (going to miss my bats) Please update and fix this app, I love playing it. Also I agree it crashes constantly.
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5 years ago, MishB85
Love this game still!!!
I used to play the computer Chuzzle and was addicted so imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw it in the App Store. My favorite part is winning puzzle pieces and baby Chuzzles to take care of. Sadly, I’ve already put all the puzzles together and won all the Chuzzles, I have also bought almost everything in the store. Please please please add more things to the store like maybe different colored chairs like the poofs, more hidey tubes and plants, maybe some art or more knock knacks. And last but not least, PLEASE add more puzzles.... lots more..... I love them and I want more little fluff ball Chuzzles to care for.
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5 years ago, Breanna Kay
Fun game!
I used to play the original game on my laptop way back in 2001, happy to find this app. The chuzzarium is fun, I almost like it better than the game itself, lol. Question, though. Is there a way to store items/wallpaper that we have bought? I don’t want to just sell everything to redecorate for Christmas, and I don’t want to sell all the Christmas stuff afterwards. And I’d like to swap out for the Christmas wallpaper without then having to rebuy all my old wallpaper again in two weeks... some type of storage closet would be awesome!!!
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5 years ago, JayCe2
Fun until locked out
I like most of the game & Chuzzles but have problems too. But why should one Chuzzle be named Stinky and be irredeemable? It’d be more fun if he had a few good spots and others could either get along with him, each in its own way, or ostracize him. Caging is an awful thing to do. Let him be a Chuzzle who LEARNS. Game gets worst rating however because suddenly it will not open to itself, only to something with dragons which I do not want. I want to continue playing the game, feeding the Chuzzles and separating them when necessary. Instead I am locked out for no reason that I can see.
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3 years ago, Violetlover2
iph low memory caused Loss of all items i bought
Been playing many yrs on this iph X, my memory got below 1GB & day b4 all my purchased room decore was still there, next day i open app to Refill food & i see all my chuzzles stacked up in middle of screen prompting me to "place" them, one after the next...(dozens of chuzzles)!!!!, all my items doors, furniture, wallpaper & food bowl gone!!! EVERYTHING GONE..!! I tried the "Restore Purchases" button in settings 3 days in row... NOTHING Came Back!!! DEVELOPER Plz plz Reply... Help!!!
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4 years ago, Floobus Johnson
Cute but Irritating!!
My kid starting playing as I watched. Cute characters fun sounds bright colors. First few levels were great then the timed levels and competitive levels came in. This was Kid” levels? Wonder what regular is. No I don’t wonder. Don’t care. My household likes Take Your Time puzzles. No fun. Got my kid in an uproar. Too bad. Gone forever. Oh BTW why not give new users a rest from ALL THOSE ADS so one can find out exactly what the game is all about without being BOMBARDED every few seconds with all that &&@#%^*? More ad time than game time. I usually buy No Ad Option but only if I like the game and am going to play it. If you bother me too much I LEAVE. I’m sure I speak for many.
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4 years ago, SavageLadee
I love this game, one of only 3 games I play since I’m a senior citizen. I’ve played Chuzzle years ago, and then started playing Chuzzle2 when it was released. It’s relaxing and enjoyable to me. But IT’S TIME TO UPDATE this game. Your purchase items are made for 1st and 2nd graders. You can’t buy locks, hearts, or super chuzzles, the REAL items you need to compete against yourself. AND I finally got to and loss in round 4 and received NO gifts in in the Chuzzlerium. Not all gamers like racing cars, shooting up people, or creating others worlds to live in, some of us like strategic,mind-bending games like Chuzzle2. I guess it’s time to look for a new game to challenge me. Please update or I’m gone.
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5 years ago, Skatergirl1623
I love this game so much
Takes me back when my mom first introduced me to it on PC I was so happy to see that My IOS supported Chuzzles granted it wasn’t the original but you finish one of the puzzles you get a mode unlocked an it’s the original mode of it! I would love to see more puzzles added to the game I hope the developers see this an add some more I really enjoy this game an I loved finding the puzzles and collecting chuzzels! I play this a lot an my WWE super card game but I’m starting to play this more than my super card game! 🙂
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2 years ago, Cuffer1986
Modern revival of a classic game ☺️
I remember playing this game on the computer back on the 90’s and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So when I found they had an app version of the game, I was ecstatic. And they made it so much better by taking the classic game and adding modern tweaks to it: like after you complete so many levels you earn a puzzle piece and once you’ve completed so many puzzles you are gifted your own pet chuzzles to take care of. I really love this game!
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2 years ago, albablalab
Fun but buggy!
It was all I expected it to be, and just as I remembered! HOWEVER— after an ad plays, the entire screen will turn yellow and not go back to the game. I have to close it completely and then re-open. Also, after this happens, the music will either play while my ringer’s on silent or be completely off when the ringer’s off & the volume at max. These things are really the only thing keeping me from buying the ad-free version, since it’s not guaranteed the bugs will go away.
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4 years ago, Eden~Black
Zen mode?
I just download this last night after my husband point out how much I miss Chuzzle. Every now and then I will see if it is back. It was my favorite and help me relax. I was so excited and to find this game. Played for an hour without stopping. Lol My only beef with it. I did purchase the no ads. I usually do because stuff like that annoys and as long as it’s not arm/leg prices, I’m in. Back to beefing. No zen mode. I like the race as much as the next person. If I only have a couple minutes to kill, I prefer zen so I’m calm. That really bother me it’s not there. I love it otherwise.
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3 years ago, ElizaJ32
Love this game!!
I played Chuzzle as a child on my family's home computer for hours at a time. When i found out that Chuzzle2 was out on the app store, i was super excited!!! Fun, challenging levels to explore. Love everything! Sometimes the sound cuts out randomly, and even sometimes when i close the app, the sound keeps playing through the speakers on my phone which is probably just a bug. Other than that, i love it!
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4 years ago, parallel_reality
I almost never play games but stumbled upon Chuzzle on my computer years ago and loved these cuties! I only played a couple of times but the game was memorable enough for me to look for it many years later on my phone. Nothing came up, but I looked again years later and here I am! This is a fun, challenging, and ultra cute game! The chuzzarium is awesome! I would love to see a storage closet for Christmas decor. To people complaining about ads, it costs less than a sandwich or a drink and lasts much longer!
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5 years ago, Myxxit
Loved Chuzzle 2 until
This game was so addicting! This plays just like the classic match-3 Chuzzle game with a twist. There are different game modes, levels and the ability to collect your own Chuzzle pets! Thank you for Kittyball, he keeps all the other Chuzzles happy and the merry go round is brilliant! Update: Nothing to work toward now, no purpose to the game without new puzzles to complete I loved this game until I finished every puzzle and found out that there are no more. Now there’s no reason to play.
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4 years ago, MagicShiba5
Good game but some minor annoyances. Also please put it on PC.
The game is good. I love the extra things like the pet Chuzzles and the puzzles. There are some minor problems though. Matching the Chuzzles isn’t as smooth as in the original, it pauses a bit before matching. And it makes the gameplay feel a little worse. Also, please put the game on Steam. A lot of people (and me) hate playing on mobile, so i hope you put it on Steam for a few dollars sometime in the future. I would definitely play it a lot more if it was on PC. Anyways, pretty good game.
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4 years ago, WRS15743
Excellent game
I actually had never heard about this until I stumbled upon it. It’s very well done. I immediately paid to remove ads and support the developer. I like that the app size is small, and it uses hardly any battery. It’s visually cool, and the UI is intuitive and smooth. I also appreciate the developer’s privacy policy, they don’t collect info. And I appreciate that there aren’t a bunch of crazy IAPs. I applaud developers like this. Thank you for a great game and for monetizing fairly.
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2 years ago, AshleyxBarnett
I enjoy this game as much as my kid but
Both my daughter and I enjoy this game so much. For me it brings back memories; for her, they’re cute and make funny noises. One issue that seems to be consistent with the both of us is if either of us tries to do the “Daily Do”, if we’re doing really well the game crashes which in turn resets the daily do. It’s been happening for a little while now, and there’s nothing that I see that causes it. If this could be looked into, I’d love to give 5 stars.
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5 years ago, ScarletBunny
I’ve played Chuzzle deluxe on the computer when I was younger and loved it. I first started this and for the first level it was awesome but as I got further locks started showing up more and more to where they’re in almost every level. I enjoy the challenge but on my terms. I like the choice of whether or not I play levels with locks on or not. Locks take away the relaxing part of the game. Other than that I would have gladly given five stars.
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4 years ago, pammie poodle
I really enjoy playing this game and taking care of all the Chuzzles, but I would like the bring to your attention that there is a really bad glitch in the game. Each time I go to click on a present and I go to claim the gift, it completely kicks me out of the game and resets it. The food would be full or I would have just filled the bowls up, but would be empty when I go back in right after it kicks me out. Thank you for understanding.
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1 year ago, ismilez
OMG!! Best game ever!!!!
I've been a Chuzzle fan since v1 and was SOO happy (& a little worried) when Chuzzle 2 came out. Well, they made it better and keep making it better!!! I just got a THANK YOU LETTER from Bubble Gum!!! Whaaat?!? This made my day. 🥰 (&, I was having a REALLY tough day) Developers, here's MY thank you letter! I love this game so much! The chuzzles are adorbs, the games are perfect, the Chuzzarium is awesome, the puzzles were my fave, but now... LETTERS?!?!? 👏🏻🙏🏻🌟💖 Keep up the good, ah, GREAT!! work!!! 💓💓💓
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3 years ago, SBurnett131
Perfect Nostalgia
I played the original Chuzzle on PC way back when and I was so excited to play again. The game is developed well I just wish it was built to fit phones with Face ID. It’s easy to lose track of time while playing and I can’t see the time within the app because it’s on a black background. I’m hoping the developers resolve that soon. And an iPad version would be great too!
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2 years ago, LiliFedUpMoon
Ads and crashing
There are so many ads in this game it’s frustrating, but the game itself is so addicting I can mostly tolerate it. A new problem over the last couple of days though is my app is crashing shortly after an ad plays through about every third chuzzle game or so. I have to restart everything to get it back up. Please fix
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4 years ago, LindaWho
No help or support that I can find
This new Chuzzle is no where near as relaxing as the Chuzzle from years back. Very little instructions. Everything is timed which stresses me out. There are things to help win a part of a level but how to get them to work? No instructions on how to activate them. Can’t figure it out. Disappointed. I decided I would choose the kid version since after a few days there is no options for not being under time restraints. But I don’t see the the kid choice anymore.
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3 years ago, maddkatz
Chuzzle2 deluxe
It’s a good game, but I’m really kind of ticked off, about how it wants to lock up sometimes. I paid for it with no ads, but yet the game will freeze for 30 seconds or more. Are y’all that money grubbing, that I get penalized for not watching ads, that the game freezes up? It’s especially annoying when it’s a timed challenge. Fix it soon please, or y’all get a one star rating.
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4 years ago, Stevietig
Great tech support
I’ve been playing Chuzzle2 for several months with no issues. It’s such a fun game! I was devastated yesterday when I found that ALL of my puzzles and the goodies associated with them in the Chuzzarium store had disappeared after updating my phone to iOS 14.0.1. I contacted the Raptisoft tech support and within a few hours I had a reply and here I am, just one day after the loss with everything restored!! Thank you Kevin!!
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5 years ago, Funtime Foxy 131
Notes From a Fan
Honestly, I thought you guys were dead, it's great to see you back in action again! I will happily purchase the ad-free version when I go out to get my next iTunes gift card. It's an amazing port and sequel to the original. I would absolutely LOVE to see an iOS port of Hamsterball, or even a sequel! That was my favorite game growing up and still is to this day, Would happily pay up to 15 dollars for a port of Hamsterball on mobile!
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4 years ago, Krytonone
Love it but...
I love the original more but this is a good game. The Chuzzles aren't quite as cute as the originals and I could do without the mouth and some of the attitude. The locks get a bit crazy at times but it keeps it challenging. The ads are ridiculous. Come on like you need to slap an ad up almost every time you change screens. That's a bit much. It really interrupts the flow of the game. $5.99 to get rid of the ads is asking a lot. I do like the additional features and the pet house is amusing.
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4 years ago, Sinclair21595
The Sequel is a huge success!
I’ve always loved playing Chuzzle on the computer when I was a kid and playing Chuzzle 2 brings back a lot of memories. Every single game tests my mind more than the last. I also love the Chuzzarium where I can care for all my fuzzy Chuzzle friends! If you’re ever looking for a game to help pass the time, this is it! Here’s a list preview of all the challenges: Red - Bottle Up (aka Classic Chuzzle)!❤️ Orange - Speed Chuzzle 🧡 Yellow - Sun Chuzzle 💛 Green - Chuzzle Mindbender 💚 Light Blue - Chuzzles in Chains 💙🤍 Dark Blue - Chuzzle in 10 💙 Purple - Chuzzle Blitz 💜 White - Chuzzle Rapture 🤍 Rainbow - Prismatic Chuzzle ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Big Rainbow - Chuzzle Mama ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Red Bubbles - Chuzzle Surprise ❤️💚 Red, Orange & Yellow - Chuzzle Duel ❤️🧡💛 Helmeted Chuzzle - Stunt Chuzzle ❤️🤍💙 Black Chuzzle w/❔- Mystery Chuzzle 🖤 Black & White Chuzzle - Stinky’s Challenge 🖤🤍
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1 year ago, Puzzler8182
Glitches are frustrating
I have to reload the game several times just to try to play because the glitches when loading things is almost constant. Anytime you click and an ad plays or is supposed to play you have to reload. Click to see your chuzzlarium freeze gotta reload click to refill food glitch gotta reload. By the time you get a level to load you have had to restart the app several times
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5 years ago, Akslw
Freezes Up
I played the original but Chuzzle2 seems to lock up on me after every few ads requiring me to close it out and restart the game. It has even froze my phone and had to do a HARD REBOOT!! Did this TWICE in a row! This game is fun but after you get all the puzzles done and have all the chuzzles it’s boring. Maybe there should be more than 1 “level” to this game. More puzzles, more chuzzles, larger area for them to move around? If my only complaint was that it gets boring after you finish the game I’d give it 4 stars. But since it constantly freezes it gets 2 stars, at most!
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5 years ago, Crochet Junkie
5 stars..... BUT.....
This is hoping for an improvement! I LOVED the original Chuzzle and I LOVE this version too. Great job! And thanks for bringing it back!!! The improvement- Stinky is well, stinky. That is one Chuzzle who is always in a bad mood!!! Could you make it so we could confine him to a room complete with food instead of the jail cell. It would help a lot if the jail cell could be one of the rooms when you purchase it. Thanks!!
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5 years ago, MLH VA
A suggestion...
Love the game. Particularly the Chuzzarium. Highly addictive. I log in every day just to feed those little guys and see what they are up to. One related suggestion for the developers. Please add the ability to lock the furniture in place so you can scroll through and see what they are up to without having to disrupt their play time. Nothing worse than interrupting a fierce game of Chuzz Ball!
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