CIBC US Mobile Banking

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99.4 MB
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Current version
CIBC Bank USA Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CIBC US Mobile Banking

2 out of 5
12 Ratings
8 months ago, bpryan99
Great bank, bad app
As others have stated, the app is horribly outdated and lacking basic features. To give one example of many, you cannot initiate a transfer to an external account through the app, you must sign in through a web browser. Its also very buggy — I tried to transfer funds between my two CIBC accounts in the app, but it complained that I could not transfer funds between accounts that did not have a previously established transfer relationship. I logged in on my phone’s web browser though and had absolutely no issues completing the transfer. I really like the bank and services, but the app experience should be incredibly embarrassing for CIBC.
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5 months ago, hjishdhuhdbdb
Very buggy
I’ve had many issues throughout the years with this app - mostly logging in. Worst problem is calling CIBC support for this app. u get a non tech person that can’t help. I’ve had to move on from this bank due to this buggy app
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9 years ago, PaulJr86
Doesn't work/always crashes
Half the time I use the app it crashes. The other half, it doesn't respond when I open it. Needs some fixes/updates badly.
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5 months ago, kcarmod
This app feels like a 3rd party app. It’s outdated & feels so limited. The interface / UI could improve upon greatly, it struggles to connect to apps like Acorns / Zelle , personally in my own experience at least. Overall, it makes me feel like I’m at an amature banking organization.
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2 years ago, bookie SGI
Could use updating
Doesn’t show current interest rate…could be more user friendly like other online banks
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6 years ago, Rina Lee
Needs more features...
There’s no way for me to see my routing/account number, there’s no way for me to transfer funds from an outside account, etc. This app is only good for looking at your savings account.. coming from the Bank of America app, the features here underwhelm me greatly. There’s zero point in this app as I need to do everything through the website anyway. Also, Face ID does work which is one of the pros of this app, however when you enable it initially it seems as if it’s not available (since it’s listed as Touch ID and specifies fingerprints). I was surprised when Face ID got activated. So I’m glad it works but you need to make it clear on the app that it’s Touch AND Face ID.
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3 years ago, First Responder 911
This app is the worst!!!
I have had this app forever? Almost every time I go to use it, I have to call customer service. They have the app, but in order to use it you have to access through google or what ever search engine to access and make changes. Now I’ve been trying to pay a person for 4 days now off and on. No luck, tired of spending my time on the phone with customer service. When with any other Bank app takes seconds. Definitely would not recommend this bank if you prefer to use bank apps. DEFINITELY Would Not Recommend.
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11 years ago, astageearlier
It's so nice to have a native app instead of having to log onto the website. Especially since there wasn't a mobile version of the site. The scan to deposit worked fine, but I have no idea how long it's supposed to take. But it is very convenient. I wish we could sort through and tag charges into various categories though. That's the only feature I see lacking right now.
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7 years ago, RT159753
Update is much better, Incl. TouchID
Glad they've added TouchID to this June 2017 version! Review from a year ago: Simple and easy to use given there isn't a lot of features, which is the area of improvement. Check deposit works good for me. Would like to see touch-ID included in next update like other banking apps have.
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10 years ago, LS1083
Check Deposit!
So grateful to have the check deposit function on here! Great addition. Something that would make it even better would be to see the amount the account had at a certain time. Perhaps when you clicked on a certain transaction. Overall, great to have a mobile app for banking!
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8 years ago, HoudinisAngel97
One of the better banking apps
Easy to follow. Very few, if any, crashes in the time I've used it (over a year). Mobile deposit is one of the easier ones among three other banking apps I've used.
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11 years ago, Tanicich
There are basically no features that you couldn't already perform on the website. The one I was excited to see was check deposit through picture but when I tried to take the picture the app would crash every single time. This app is poorly designed and full of bugs which makes it pretty much useless.
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3 years ago, shammyroo
I hate giving bad reviews, but this app is so frustrating. It’s so dated and useless that it causes more problems than it’s worth. The functionality of simply updating your account settings is impossible. I envy those who bank with institutions who have cohesive and useful technology to assist with managing their wealth.
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4 years ago, Ellie 368457
What did you do?? Ugh.
Everything is black and white now, where did the color numbers go? You’ve made the numbers on the account page so small I can’t even read them. The account numbers are large now. It was better before! Please fix. Also, a running balance would be helpful.
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4 years ago, 1234_ugh_every_nickbame_taken
Frustrating is an understatement
Wish this APP was always updated in REAL time. My items sit in Pending Status for days or don’t even show up at all. Its been two days since an item was considered paid on another parties website and nothing is presented as pending or cleared on the APP. I wish it was more user friendly.
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11 years ago, ELK XC60
Love it. I can scan and deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills and see if I have any money left over. One happy customer. E. K.
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3 years ago, SoxFan82
Still really bad
I’ve had this bank and app for a couple years now but if I had known how bad this app would be, I probably wouldn’t have done it. It still has bare bones functionality, and now it doesn’t even have a way to reset your password. Seriously?
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5 years ago, Pradz873
Terrible. Needs more functionality
One of the worst banking apps of all the banking apps I have ever used. All it’s good for is to see how much you have in the account. Need to use desktop or online account through web browser for functionality.
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4 years ago, MRKP89
Below average compared to peers
I came from Discover Bank and wow this app is a blast from the past. DB app was sleek and I could make external transfer from it. This one is only good for checking balance and making CIBC transfers. The APY is nice but I’m ripe to switch the moment another bank gives similar rate but better app.
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3 years ago, Grandpa Bern
How about making it fit on a IPAD device.
Terrible app to use from a IPAD device. Only displays in a portrait style. Need to provide a landscape view. Get into the real world team. I think the Canadian version does this but not the US version.
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4 years ago, TheOtherJimmy
Unable to perform even basic tasks
Unquestionably the worst banking app I’ve ever used. *Extremely* basic functions that it doesn’t allow: Account number viewing Routing number viewing Transferring to/from other banks Literally anything other than looking at the dollar amount in your account I’ve never had an app make me leave a company, I’m too easy-going for that. However, I’ll be changing banks the second I reach the end of the promotional period.
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6 years ago, Isaac-Heather
It’s ok.
It allows you to see your account balance but you can’t do anything on it. Not the best mobile app.
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4 years ago, JeremyJohn
CIBC IT Division does whatever it wants.....
Ok This bank is great! I love the brach, and the people that work there. So answer this...... When the IT dept changes the app without warning, and the app no longer works. Why do I have to delete the app? Download the app App doesn’t work Branch can’t help because it’s online Customer Service can get me back online Day 4 still no access You need an IT dept that notifies customers of changes that are pending! A classic case of Arse doesn’t know what it’s elbow is doing!
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4 years ago, RedBS
What is this junk?
Horrible app! I expect more from CIBC. TD Bank entered the US market and their CA & US apps are great and similar. This should be the case here as well. The Canadian version of this app is phenomenal - but this US version is an afterthought. Makes me thing their services will be too.
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3 years ago, 1234142
Literally can’t do anything useful in this app besides checking balance. It’s not bad, just literally completely useless
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4 years ago, Imp58
Just stopped working
It has been a horrible experience for over a month now. Please fix your app as it won’t even load now.
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4 years ago, Klak15
Time to upgrade this app. Unreliable to log in. Busy, not available, more excuses and aggravating. You are a large bank so please invest in your app technology. Your customer deserve that!
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4 years ago, Boris112
Update support for 5G
I have iPhone 12 on T-Mobile 5g. When I’m on 5g I can’t login. I get errror 0014. Moment I switch to WiFi app works with no issue. I tried deleting and reinstalling. Please provide support.
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7 years ago, CHFFCH
App is decent. Still no Touch ID
Why has Touch ID support not been added yet?
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5 years ago, ugh_frustrated
Very very archaic, no future dating transfers, very rudimentary Let’s me open an Agility account online but then won’t allow me to transfer between accounts—checking to Agility
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10 years ago, AKY48224
Banking Made Easy!
Love this app! Remote deposit is so easy.
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5 years ago, Cozmo8600
Pretty useless
Can’t use the app for anything except view your balance. Can’t E-Deposit cheque’s, and at the moment the app won’t even open!
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5 years ago, Nhan bach
Hella glitches
Unable to make a deposit. Unable to make a transfer. Error: No eligible account was found...
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9 years ago, Jenaaral
Doesn't work
This app won't let you enter your password half the time. It used to work great I don't know what happened.
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6 years ago, Timescaper1
Can’t even load front page
Front page doesn’t load for iPhone 6S
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5 years ago, Hoodwinkers
All this app does is allow you to see your balance. What a waste is space.
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5 years ago, Sportzfan23
Can only be used to check your balance.
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6 years ago, Freakwentflier
Most annoying banking app ever
Touch ID does not work (does not even come up at sign on even though it’s switched on). Every single sign on goes through the two-step verification by text message when it should only happen on initial sign on using the app (very annoying). On iPhone, if you tap the text message notification, and this “switch” apps to read the text code, when you switch back to CIBC, the entry screen disappears and goes back to the sign on screen (this becomes an endless loop of sign ons and texts - ridiculously frustrating). The workaround is to “pull-down” the text message notification to read it and then close it—this way the CIBC app never gets switched and then you can enter the code and get in. The problem seems to be that you ALWAYS have to go through this every single time (I’ve done it 15 times now and no change) and even though I’ve activated Touch ID in settings (and it still shows active), the Touch ID prompt never comes up—just the username and password with text code entry described above. Come on can’t get your banking app to work properly but you want me to trust you with my $$$?
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2 years ago, northsho50
Awful and outdated
CIBC really need to step their game up in the US.
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3 years ago, serthomasj
Update broke sign in!!
I’ve had this app forever, it’s really super basic but that’s all I need so what ever. The only problems I ever had is forgetting my password and getting locked out. nNw I recently update the app (something that I never do) and now it doesn’t accept my sign in, which was never a problem before. I’ve gotten locked out of my account several times this week. I know my username and password fields are being entered correctly. This is a total drag, I opened up a chase account because of this. I might close my account with CIBC now. Bummer.
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5 years ago, bentl1cr
Needs a lot of work
Chiefly, fixing the ability to use Touch ID to access the account. It’s frustrating to need to enter a code sent to me via text message every time I log in. Also needs general common banking features added. Overall the app is currently quite clunky.
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