CinfedCU Mobile Banking

4.8 (4.5K)
81.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cinfed Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for CinfedCU Mobile Banking

4.84 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Mom3ABC
Easy to use
I love that it has the Touch ID feature as we all have so many passwords to remember. Mobile deposit and bill pay access is an added bonus to have right at your fingerprints. (No pun intended.) Can easily see 30 days worth of history and transfer between my various accounts instantaneous. Just like all things there are some things that could change that would improve this app but it has come a long way and am sure Cinfed will continue to add additional features and conveniences to the app.
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3 years ago, ThatGuysRight
I love Cinfed!
I don’t think I have ever left a review before, but I just love this little credit union. The older version of the app worked fine and did the job, but this latest version is more straightforward which I appreciate. I am someone that really (and I mean REALLY) hates having to have apps to do every little thing, all the ads that come with them, and then endless notifications. The Cinfed app lets me do what I need in regards to my banking easy and simply, and leaves me alone otherwise! A+
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2 years ago, 66Child7$
I’m constantly bumped out and have to go to office to be reset it’s extremely frustrating and inconvenient to a essential worker that has being very positive and quick to refer to my family and friends I mean 5or6 times this has happened and you can’t get your own info over the phone I really regret this choice many times
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3 years ago, Blondhee
Available balance
I no longer have balance and available balance. Now it’s just available balance (includes pending). I liked it better when the available balance did not include pending checks issued by the credit union.
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5 years ago, dundunn21
Credit card statements
They need to add credit card statements in the app because I can’t can’t see none of my transaction in the app I only get to see when the balance goes up but I can never see what transaction came off the card can you all fix that please I even went to the website on my phone an I still couldn’t see nothing but other then that I have no problem.
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3 years ago, Sagittarius23
Great New Update
I’m finally able to look at my credit card balance, also convert over to paperless statements for my credit card, look at my FICO score as well... and the biggest one of all I’m finally able to do external transfer from this account versus the other way around All in all still a great app with those for great needed features
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6 years ago, AStyles1
Finger ID
This is app was working wonderfully. It’s not as pretty and colorful and fancy as others r asking apps I’ve seen, but it gets the job done. I was very happy once they added the Finger ID option. I love that. I can literally login in 5 secs with that. About two months ago, it stopped working. I hit enable every time I log in for Touch ID, but it just resets itself. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again, and it does the same thing. Please update! I want Touch ID back.
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2 years ago, Navigatingel72
Makes my life easier
This app makes my life easier when I’m busy on the run. I’m very active and always short on time. Just hate when they prompt for a password when I’ve been using my thumb print only thing I don’t like !
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3 years ago, Aburger114
Love the new app!
The new app has way more features and has an updated look all around. The navigation makes it super easy to find things. I especially love the lock/unlock feature and the budgeting/saving tools. Well done, Cinfed!
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5 years ago, LeairaPrice20
Absolutely awesome i have easy access to my funds and if you are needing transfer funds you can transfer through here and it’s done immediately and the Touch ID also makes things a lot more easier I highly recommend this app 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, Laurenmcarney
Absolutely terrible app
They put no effort into making this app. There are no options to do or see ANYTHING besides make a transfer between accounts. You can't even see past transfers made. I only use Cinfed for my car loan and it gives you no information about the payment due, so you better just know in your head how much to pay and when because it shows nothing about it. It probably ranks as the top worst banking app I've ever used, because it literally does nothing. Such a pointless app.
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6 years ago, Hoeseokjin
Credit Options Needed
It’s kind of annoying that you can’t check credit card balances or make credit card payments using the app considering you can’t do it on mobile because of the pop up required to access credit card information either. It’s extremely inconvenient to have to call in or access your account on a desktop to make payments or check balances.
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7 years ago, TeenaKy 118
Should of left well enough alone!
I have AT&T and using iPhone 7plus and this app since the update will not stay on my phone... I dislike the fact you have to pull the menu down to sign out... this app is a total waste of time and inconvenience
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3 years ago, 5AR4H
Banking at my fingertips
I love the new app! Having access to all my online banking features at once is awesome! The best part being able to view my balances at a glance without actually logging in!
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5 years ago, Emaaleeeee
Mobile App
This is a very convenient app! It has Face ID, which is great!! How many passwords can one person remember? Even better it allows you to customize your homepage and go directly where you want it to go when you first log in.
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2 years ago, tmminer
The Best
The best mobile banking app ever. I have excess to all my accounts, internal and external. I can take care of all my banking needs including check cashing from my phone. No need to stand in anymore lines.
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6 years ago, Kinsella_Finn
Good, but could be better.
The app is good for the basics, checking balance, transferring between accounts, and check deposits. One can’t view your credit card information or other accounts. Only 30 days of history and since the last update the Touch ID will not save. It took Cinfed awhile to even have this option and now it’s not working its kind of annoying.
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3 years ago, Emerald57
New App
Absolutely love the new app! So easy to use and now I can do so much more. I can add other institutions to the app for transferring. I really like the snap shot and mobile deposit is much faster now!
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3 years ago, Cinfed Member
Linking Accounts feature
The linking accounts feature is very convenient. It has helped me keep all of my accounts top of mind and allowed me to better manage my finances overall.
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3 months ago, Best app for money management
This app is wonderful. I can always see exactly what is going in and out of my account. Easy to transfer funds or make a payment
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3 years ago, Vampira138
Need to be able to transfer funds to other Cinfed accounts, both my son and I have a Cinfed account, I wanted to transfer money to him, but was unable to
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6 years ago, I-Rizzle
The app was working well until this week. The app stopped working all together and wouldn’t allow me to login at all yesterday and the Touch ID hasn’t worked all week either. When you login and enable Touch ID on login it immediately turns off. When you attempt to enable Touch ID in preferences, the second you touch any other part of the app Touch ID is turned off. Biggest fail ever to develop and app that doesn’t work. 👎🏼👎🏼
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5 years ago, KatyUC
Easy and convenient
The Cinfed Mobile App is easy to use and I can even use my face to login! It is a convenient way to pay bills and transfer funds between my accounts.
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4 years ago, Herby519
Missing accounts
I have been a member for over 50 years. My three new accounts do not show up under my Accounts. I have to pretend I’m going to transfer money between my accounts in order to see all of my account balances. Now it says that this app will not be available after June 30. I should load new app. I go to Apps and this is the only there. I can’t talk to anyone. I have left call backs. I give up.
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5 years ago, JK101_up
Clean and convenient
Easy to navigate, efficient. Allows you to manage your account without having to jump through a lot of extra hoops.
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8 months ago, hopesly
I love the Cinfed App and the people at the Florence location are outstanding and caring for each Customer that walk through their door… Thank you for hiring such valuable employees.
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2 years ago, P. Table
I’ve been with this company for over 30 years. I love the way they have grown over time and the personal interactions. Kudos!
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1 year ago, Mama Wag’s
Brandi Miller
I Must say how much I appreciate Brandi’s patience, helpfulness, professionalism and all round pleasant attitude in helping us with our banking issues. She is a delight and should be recognized for her good customer service. Karen Wagner
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3 years ago, withlisps
Useful, intuitive and it looks cute too
Touch ID login works great. Convenient financial information and tools. Thank you for the colorful improvements!
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5 years ago, Elizabeth - loyal member
Great App.
This app does a great job providing quick access to my checking account. Love the remote deposit and the Face ID both save time and keeps my account info secure.
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4 years ago, MommaLT
New updates
The current updates or update is horrible. The 3 dots to go to transfer deposit etc are so small I open the account several time before I can get to what I need to do. It’s very frustrating. Also my credit card account is gone to be able to transfer money to.
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1 year ago, Sarge 63Z
I moved from Northern Kentucky to Texas. CINFED is so easy to work with, professional and all the staff I’ve dealt with have been so good. Been in Texas for 4 years and no plans to change from CINFED to anyone else.
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2 years ago, Springhill Village
I think it’s horrible to be charged a fee for not using a debit card in a specific amount of time.
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2 months ago, mickki10
User friendly
I love using the mobile app because it is so easy for me to use and I like it
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2 years ago, The deal place
Wonderful people wonderful experience
CinfedCU has been an excellent example of the kind of financial assistance that the people of our community seeks
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2 years ago, Soul4real10
Incredible Journey
It’s a “honour” to have consistent great service for all my banking needs!! Thank you for user friendly on-line banking app🥰🥰.
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5 years ago, Kmart0705
Easy to use!!
I love the fingerprint option!! Works like a charm every time and the screens are easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, AkN6
Great App
I am able to do everything I need to on the App! Easy to transfer and pay my bills!!
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9 months ago, Jayrow4
Unable to deposit
It’s weird that I can only deposit mobile to checking acct and not savings.
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2 years ago, Tjw818
Slick App
compared to large banks this app blows me away! It seems like new features are always being added. LOVE IT!
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6 years ago, Rcooper1025
Touch isn’t working
I have enabled the touch 6 times, and every time I have to login it asks me to enable and give my password 🤬
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3 years ago, Kim Cheryl
Best Thing Ever
I love being able to have access to my account 24/7
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6 years ago, Kyle Chaney
Easy to use
Really easy to use, the fingerprint feature makes logging in easy.
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1 year ago, EOJ FROM COC
Very easy to use and easy to understand how to process your data. Great job developing this app!!!
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3 years ago, samckinney
Mobile banking
Love this app. This version is much easier then to use...
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2 years ago, Alphega4
Loving the App
The app makes it so easy for me to keep track of the money I’m saving and the money I’m spending.
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2 months ago, krox226
Cinfed ap
Everything I need in one spot !Very user friendly
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3 years ago, Mad Mac
Wish I could give it zero stars
Why in the world would you release an application that wasn’t complete? Bill-pay is a major component of ANY banking app and it doesn’t work. You can apologize all you want but to release an unfinished version does nobody an good. Maybe next time you’ll QA it before release
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5 years ago, LogansMom
Easy to use
Great, easy access with Face ID to check balances and transfer funds.
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7 years ago, Rakuenomega
No Credit Card Section?
I can’t access the credit card section on mobile due to the fact it needs to pop up in a new window and their mobile app offers no credit card option either?
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