4.6 (10.6K)
102.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Simple Machine, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Circadia

4.56 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
11 years ago, L8R4U
This game is so addictive!!! It's a brain buster too. You start with a colored sphere/circle and when you tap it, it releases a ring/band that expands in equal directions. It sounds stupid but it gets better. The objective is to get the bands of the colored spheres to intersect simultaneously over the white dot. Again stupid right? But some of the bands go at a lower speed while other go faster so you have to time it just right and as you go higher in each level the white dot starts to move so you have to time it just right. It's a puzzle and it seems so simple but it's not - the challenge of figuring out the right combination and working out the timing is what makes this a fun game and passing each level becomes addictive because you want to see what the next curve ball will be. Totally worth it and some fun sound effects too! Enjoy :-)!
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11 years ago, Techno_Soldier
Relaxing, yet Intense. Your Brain will thank you!
I'm critical of all apps/games though this is a Beautifully well done Masterpiece! Download it, you will not put it down. Use Headphones for a brilliant environmental takeover and NEW SOUNDS. New In-App purchase options available so you can unlock all levels and not get stuck on one which frustrates you to the point of wanting to hurl your i-device and yourself out of the nearest window. What's this clever infinity mode? Find out! Endless possibilities. How can one game be so silky relaxing AND pulse-driven intense? Minimalism at its most skeletal perfection! •I don't write Reviews but this is an exception to the rule. Amazing Developer, Cute, Humble, took time & love from Fans to improve an already 5 star game. Thank You so much 👏 Cyber Hug to you! ~From Texas with Love!
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11 years ago, DocCrypton
Feast for the Senses
All movement on your screen is smooth and satisfying. Relaxing. Sounds are like the soothing single notes of a xylophone. When you achieve the goal of each level, the two notes combine realistically to create a pleasant combined tone. Same concept with the colors you see. Each circle is a rich shade of all the familiar colors of the rainbow. When each level is complete, the colors combine realistically, as if mixed on a palette. However, when your target starts moving, you cease to be indulged. Then you have to actually WORK for your goal! Every level is worth the effort. Enjoy!
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11 years ago, LouDeeZee
My BP definately goes down while playing
You know those things we come across in life that make us ask ourselves, "why didn't I think of that"? I could be the one raking in the millions off a Pet Rock, the Chia Pet, the Clapper, Marilyn Manson. Well this exercise in Zen masquerading as a "game" had me pondering the possibilities yet again. All while evoking very warm emotions that will soothe, calm, and relax the Little Buddha that is in us all. The real magic however, is that unlike the chakra choking, mandala wielding Yogi's plying their trade on Barnes & Noble bookshelves across America, this little gem isn't getting shelved anytime soon.
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10 years ago, thatryenguy
Fantastically addictive!
It's all about timing. As you play you'll start to associate certain colors with certain speeds. Then when you think "ok, I got this down now", yeah, you don't. Highly addicting and really fun. Who'd have thought something so simplistic could so good? There is no timer, no points, just simply "can you time your moves and progress to the next stage?", and it gets harder and harder and you think to yourself "ok, one more time". **Would really like to see iCloud sync so I can continue playing where I left off on another device.
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11 years ago, Crooks2002
Minimalistic addictiveness
A gift from an ex sometimes is never a good gift at all- but he passed along this Starbucks app of the week card along to me and now considering getting back together with him. (Just kidding- its best we just stay friends). This game puts me in a state of both total relaxation and utter (at times) frustration. Just as I think I won't get past a stage- I do and back to zen. Info encourage you to spend the dollar or however much they charge if you're a game that you can pick up and go and put back down at a moments notice.
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11 years ago, Bojondo
Hypnotic and Challenging
This game is beautiful, mesmerizing, and difficult. As the player, you must tap a small colored circle that will send out a widening ring of the same color. When the ring hits a smaller white circle, the level ends. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, as you progress, multiple circles of varying colors begin showing up and the white circle begins moving, presenting increasingly difficult challenges, but the result is always rewarding. If I was asked by someone if this game deserved a positive recommendation, I would certainly comply.
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11 years ago, TallHikerGal
Couldn't sleep tonight
Got this as a pick of the week. Haven't heard anyone talking about it. Thought I'd play while drinking nighttime challenging and relaxing at the same time. Beautiful colors except I don't like the red and green dots in May. Picky I know. I love the simplicity of the instructions also. Effortlessly leads you right into the game. Got up to level 30 the first time playing it. Don't know how many levels or if it scores for how many tries or how much time but don't care just like it. Must sleep now.
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11 years ago, Absolutely dumb!
Makes you think
I'm not the type of person to play video games, nonetheless any app games. However I am loving this! It's not planting a garden for virtually no f%*#^^ng makes you think and concentrate about how you are going to get the prices to meet at the right time. While it is indeed pointless, aren't all apps? (Yes, even Facebook is pointless) however, this is where we are at...and I for one am glad there is a game that isn't stupid and also is neurologically helping me.
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11 years ago, UUGamer
Quite a unique game. Timing is crucial but requires combining information about both speeds and positions. Actually, I'm not so much using that information as letting the experience of the game teach me almost subconsciously how to do it, feel like I need to let it soak in and become automatic rather than trying to reason it out. In any case, the light, sound, and black background make for a rather mesmerizing experience. Wouldn't mind having a reference window which laid out the relative speeds of the different colors, as I find myself forgetting which is faster/slower.
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10 years ago, Not in a blue moon
Not easy, but not stressful
A real brain puzzler that is a true challenge. But done in such a way that there is far less frustration as you work through the levels. No annoying background music, no lives to run out of, no points to earn, and the only person you compete against is you. One of my favorite insomnia games. Helps to calm my brain down and lets me think about just one thing. Which often helps me to sleep.
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11 years ago, Daddio
Very elegant
Extremely simple in concept and challenging in execution. Very relaxing and stimulating at the same time. You have two colored dots that when tapped emanate a ring that grows and grows. The object is to get the rings from the two dots to touch a white "target" dot at the same time. Sounds pretty simple, but the colored dots release the ring at different rates, and then as the levels become harder, the white target begins to move, etc. I have a feeling that I may tire of it pretty soon, but for a few minutes to kill, it is a nice distraction.
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10 years ago, Podkaynelives
Elegantly simple design, challenging play
This game was recommended to me because I play Eufloria. This game is also elegantly simple in its design, and gives me a very 'zen', relaxing feeling playing it. I also feel challenged by the gameplay. Spatial awareness is not my strong suit so I enjoy getting the chance to strengthen it. The chimes are very pleasing. It is definitely a challenge for each level, and there is a nice sense of achievement when I find the solution and solve the problem.
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11 years ago, Buckey420
Pretty good
I went on a app shopping spree the other night. I bought a few games out of the top 300 or so. I do not remember how much this one was but I paid $4.99 for a couple and I have been most pleased with this one so far. It is not the best game I have ever played on the App Store but it has kept me entertained for a little while. I do not leave many reviews but I felt my opinion should be voiced on this one. It is a simple game to figure out. The soundtrack could be better but maybe the developer will work on that.
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11 years ago, BookOfEli90
Inquisitive Challenge
This is a great time killer that not only stimulates the brain but your wild instinctive side as well! Quite addicting and quite fun, this puzzle/game is one of the best on the market to date, don't just take my word for it look at the hundreds of other great reviews or better yet, try it out for yourself, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed! Good luck and great fun ahead if you haven't played this game, it's okay, you'll know when to strike!!
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10 years ago, Rosa Or Jorge
It hook you up!
The fact that the white dot move also make this puzzle game quite exciting. Timing is everything in this game. So your brain have to time several variables to catch the white dot at the precise moment. Some time you just to smash the iPhone to the wall, so be aware of that and buy a nice cover. The levels get frustrating but they are not impossible. Give it a try! You won't regret.
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5 years ago, Idontwant12345678
1st time player, not yet impressed
First, I like to pay for a game if it’s not too expensive, and I can try it first. $2.99 is fine. I will not play a game with ads. Next, don’t mind learning a game the hard way, e.g., no hints. Here, you get five free tries, then the game is locked. The goal of this game is to get the emanating lines of the circles to hit the dot at the same time. NOT just to get the dot within the circles. My never-will-be-heard suggestion is to have a tutorial that includes more than one circle, or give enough free tries so a person can, um, play it once?
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10 years ago, Pylon53
Nice game - Next Step Suggestion
I enjoy this game. I like the minimalist look, the interplay of color with sound and also the challenge. Unfortunately, the game lacks functionality that I expect in games that progress through levels. Virtually all games that operate like this allow the player to leave the game and return later to the same point in the game. My suggestion for a future upgrade is too add this functionality. Then it will be a 5-star game in my opinion.
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11 years ago, Shaddakim
Calm yet challenging
This game is challenging without being aggravating. Learning to play is quick and easy, the part that is challenging is learning a sense of timing to achieve each level's goal. Once the target starts moving, the game picks up multiple paths to achieving each level. At the same time, the game is calming and soothing to play. The linking of colors and tones is very well done and adds to the almost instinctive play style.
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11 years ago, Denny1600
Relaxing, bit requires some concentration
This is a pretty game with pretty simple effects, I think. It,s very easy to play, but not so easy that you get bored. There is a challenge, but not so hard that you get frustrated. You can play this game before bed and still fall asleep. The slow moving circles are relaxing, but to get the timing just right requires attention and a bit of "zen." I really like it.
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11 years ago, SimplyGina
Challenging? Yes. Relaxing? It depends...
This game requires concentration. Sure one could mindlessly tap away and hope to get lucky. However, that latter approach would, more likely than not, lead to frustration because one is unable to advance to the next puzzle/level. The stark colors and tones can be soothing. But if one has been attempting to solve a particular puzzle for quite some time, then those colors and tones become irritating reminders that you are stuck. 😝
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11 years ago, clfep
Addictive, fun, and challenging
This is one of the most unique games I have ever played on any system. It takes skill, patience, and a keen sense for timing in order to get the dots' sound waves to hit the white dot at precisely the same time. I'm very impressed by the polished finish of the game. No matter what level, it was never too easy. I will very much be looking forward to more apps from this dev in the future.
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11 years ago, Jonathan Oyama
Peaceful challenges with circles
Circadia is a simple puzzler about sensations. The object is simple--make two colored ripples hit a white dot at the same time. However, it is also about meditation. The entire display is empty except for the dots and the ripples. When someone pushes each dot, a soft bell sound resonates through the speakers. It is a peaceful game meant for people to experience every sensation. Highly recommended.
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11 years ago, Cabages
Innovative and brilliant
This is put mildly. Such a simple combinations of wave patterns and synchronicity. The game while appearing less than annoying flying birds that kill pigs, black and colored rings that must interlope right at the same time and same spot. This is definitely one of the most original puzzle games ever created; quite genius actually. The app is an auto 5 stars, the game should be nominated for awards.
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11 years ago, aschablo
Challenging yet *Relaxing*
What amazes me most about this game is how NOT stressful it is. I have a super Type A personality and I don't like not winning. I agree with others--the game is hypnotic and it doesn't stress me out when I can't get it right. Sometimes I felt disappointed by winning to quickly! The simplicity of the movements and colors and the soothing tones make this a really relaxing but fun and challenging game.
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11 years ago, Ihopkins
Waking parts of my brain...
I wouldn't be surprised if I was told down the line sometime that playing this game regularly helps us perform our jobs better, or helps our kids do better in their math classes or something. I feel many areas of my brain lighting up as I play, I swear I do. And so simple too. As well as soothing. Best played w deep grooving house music going on by the way. :)
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11 years ago, starryfeet
Fascinating concept
Initially, I was perplexed, as this game intrigues you into learning it, rather than providing much instruction. It didn't take long to catch on, and soon I was quite taken by the brilliant simplicity of the idea, yet still quietly challenged by the unique concept. I love that it IS quiet, colorful without being garish, and something I can find peaceful and challenging at once.
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11 years ago, Ulises Dector
hey there Circadia
Honestly when it comes to puzzle games I'm very picky. Unscramble the word, spot the difference, guess the song, remember the order of something, all those are so boring and repetitive. Circadia is entertaining and offers a good challenge. I usually hate getting asked to review something or to rate an app but this one deserve it, Circadia is an amazing app, I highly recommend it to someone with likes a good puzzle game.
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11 years ago, Allster84
Intriguing and fun
This is an interesting game, very simple yet keeps me entertained and is challenging. There are two colored circles and a white circle. You tap the colored ones and a ripple effect starts. The goal is to make the two ripples touch the white ball at the same time. The challenge is the colors have different speeds the ripple travels at so you have to get the timing right. Fun sound effects and nice color contrasting are a plus too
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11 years ago, pojones
Simple and relaxing
When you need a break from running games, time limits, and combat modes, this is a well thought out puzzle game that lets you solve each level at your own pace. I usually turn the sound off to all my games, but this is a game meant to be heard. I only give it 4 because it's not as addictive as others I have. But still a worthwhile game to download.
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11 years ago, Datsun310
Unique puzzle solving game
This is a very different "solving" type of game. You'll need timing and rhythm to help move you to the next levels. Fun and just the right amount of addicting (not too too hard to leave if you really need to, but will make you want to go on to each new level if your time allows.
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11 years ago, Megpinni
Hand, eye and ear coordination required!
I'm far from an expert at this app, but I do find it stimulating to the mind. I don't think it's as soothing as others find it, but that's probably because I think I'm not doing it correctly. But I do think it's helping me to become a bit more coordinated. My three-year-old son likes it, too.
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11 years ago, david_elsewhere
Good news: Addictive. Bad news: Addictive.
Easy to learn, but still a challenge. I found myself paying attention to the rhythms created when I tapped the two dots, and noticed some rhythms won more consistently than others. This is an easy game to forget about all time and daily obligations with, hence the title of this review. Good game!
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11 years ago, Aquamarine367
Challenging and Fun
I love this game! It's a complete challenge and it gets tougher as you continue through the game. It challenges your brain to try different ways to solve the puzzle. You won't want to quit trying to solve each one, even if it takes you 10 times before you get it right!
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11 years ago, Nautica250
Very unique and intriguing game!
This game shows some great intellect! It's a great puzzler , if not the best puzzler I have played on iOS. You will get frustrated in some if the later levels, but it makes it that much more rewarding when you finally hear that sweet harmonious tone when the circles intersect with the white dot. Buy it, you won't regret it!!
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11 years ago, RikRock
My kind of game.
Very hypnotic and fun. I love the auditory aspect as well as the basic puzzle game play. The only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that so far it isn't that difficult. I hope there are updates to increase the amount of puzzles/ scenarios. A great addition would be multiple notes and if the sound(chord) made was determined by the accuracy of the overlapping wave/notes.
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11 years ago, Baddawg41
Not what I was expecting...
One of the few good puzzle rhythm games. It's calming and relaxing. It gets difficult enough that I just only get a few levels done in a sitting. After reading your new update info I decided to redownload because it was and will continue to be one of my all time favorite games....
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11 years ago, MWSloan
Mind blowing Holistic Gaming!
After playing with this game for awhile, I found that if you don't think about it so hard your timing starts to come to you almost without thinking. Play it intuitively and it'll come first one tone then the other then, just watch the path of the intersections of the wave fronts and it's like throwing something at a target, whether it is moving or not. I enjoyed it!
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11 years ago, Eregelma
Interesting concept
When one considers the enormous number of calculations one needs to do to compute the convergence of two expanding circles, each moving at a different rate, in an effort to coincide with a moving dot, the task is just amazing. That a six year old child (my granddaughter) can successfully do those mental gyrations just blows my mind. Thanx for a fun game.
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11 years ago, Elvenshae
Meditative Fun
Circadia is a massively chill, light-puzzle experience where your goal is to properly time bell-like chimes. There are no game-over or do-over screens, just a continuous progression through the levels - just keep trying until you get it right. Must he played with the sound enabled for the full experience.
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10 years ago, Lajdheb
A nice idea wasted
It's an old yet entertaining game mechanic... Or at least I thought it started out as one. At first it leads you to believe that it's a game of keeping rhythm and matching the right ones together, kind of an easy but satisfying time waster for those experienced in music. I would have been fine with this. However, as soon as you finish the first chapter it starts moving around the target dot, throwing out that concept and just making it a "time it by luck" game (how unforgiving it is makes that worse too). How disappointing.
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11 years ago, Joerawr
Takes me away.
Sometimes I just go by feel. Sometimes I get very technical with the timing and have to conjure much patience. There's a "good things will come to those who wait" kinda zen thing going on. It's addicting, yet just a couple well played rounds are enough to satisfy that mental break you needed.
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11 years ago, Nightstyles
Good game but needs a tweak.
I find this game addicting, but as a low-vision player, it would be nice to have the color intensity match the tone, so low tones are darker colored and higher tones are lighter colored. Maybe that. Is more for deaf players, but it would be a little consistency. It seems like you tried to do that in the game but having it more visible would help for times someone wants to play silent mode.
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11 years ago, KitKatLover3000
I'm a circadian
My dad and I are truly circadians. We love the game, and we hope a sequel or something like it will come out to keep us entertained. We enjoy the challenges, and like to compete on which one is the better player. I know hat once more people hear about this game it will surely be a one hit wonder.
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11 years ago, Joe Mama Sucker
My new best friend!
This game is totally different than most games; the concept is unique, and I can appreciate the complexities that have gone into the development. This review comes from a plumber who does not normally play any games, but I have tried a few. I AM a real person, and I approved this message. Fantastic!
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11 years ago, DelBeesu
relaxing and stimulating!
This is one of the best games I've downloaded so far. It takes some actual thought for each level, and if you're a music nerd, it's also fun to guess the intervals of the notes as you play. I also love the simplicity of it. Just get it already!
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11 years ago, Simplemom 2012
Hard to put down
It starts off seemingly simple and gets increasingly more difficult as you succeed. The kids love it and it makes them think. We played for an hour after downloading. Can't wait to see what other challenges come up. Great fog the brain.
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11 years ago, Howard Surkin
Fun game
The first couple levels are relatively easy. Can be frustrating at times, but it is challenging. Very addictive and makes time go by if u are bored. It would be nice if u are timed, that way you can beat your own score. Score should be based on how quickly you can accomplish the feat. Lower time better score, otherwise the game becomes redundant.
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11 years ago, Spags80
Wicked neat
Very cool it's like playing a physic game for ur mind if u were crazy ya know so try it worth trying for sure not sure where they can go with it from this point though ..... There is only so many of those. Puzzles u can do u know so we see what happens try it in bout in out inboutttttttrtu I'm outttty latest layers laters rock roll
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11 years ago, Vighper
The game does a good job of making you relax and plan the movements. Because one moves faster than the other, you have to time it so that means you will wait for. Second or two to make sure they touch at the same time. Overall, very relaxing game.
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