CIT Bank

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CIT Group Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CIT Bank

4.61 out of 5
12.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Crunch#
Appreciate CIT Bank
Thanks for your excellent interest rates and easy to use online platform. After researching online banks I decided on CIT and haven’t seen it necessary to look elsewhere since. The mobile app is so easy to use for deposits and transfers and account details are simple to access online. I appreciate that transfers to my other bank account are usually deposited and available in 1-2 days. We are all trying to maximize the interest we get on our deposits and I hope CIT continues as one of top banks so I don’t have to move money elsewhere.
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7 months ago, ThomInSoCal
Better, but still missing something
Opened my CIT account last year, along with three other online banking high-yield savings accounts, to compare and ultimately decide which account would be the one account to rule them all. Based on both website and mobile app features, CIT was the worst. Least useful info and features. But, it beat the others in speed of transfers and interest rates, so it won despite these drawbacks. So, when CIT said it was upgrading its online presence, I was thrilled. And to be sure, this update brings much more functionality. Still, I can’t help but notice that every other site I used had information about accrued interest month-to-date, which seems like a pretty easy bit of data to calculate and display. This new CIT update STILL doesn’t have this basic account info. Hence, 1 star deduction. Get on this, CIT.
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4 months ago, Can someone help this app
App problems
Today I logged into my account and tried to schedule a transfer into my savings account but the app kept glitching and wouldn’t pull up my external account. I logged off and noticed that it said my last log in was in November, which isn’t correct. Anyway, I kept trying to schedule a transfer after I logged back in but it still would not allow me to select my external account nor would it pull up my CIT savings account. This app has issues and is not always user friendly. This isn’t a good feeling when it is your money. The savings program is great but now I’m skeptical that something can happen to my account with these glitches. Not to mention that it takes at least week to show that money has been transferred to the account.
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5 months ago, Keebasabe
Change the color scheme!
I just opened a savings account at CIT for the high interest yield and attempted to populate it from funds from another account. The CIT app kept throwing errors but I finally got the external account linked and made the transfer. I kept checking for days and the CIT app said my balance was zero. So I finally logged into the bank through a browser window and found that I accidentally made two withdrawals from the external account. I don’t have the funds to cover two withdrawals from the other account. I called CIT and the support person directed me to the proper link to show the unavailable balance on the app. It’s a tiny line of text, green on green in the app, so I can barely see it. This is very poor design. At least change the color scheme so users can see the link they need to view recent transactions.
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6 months ago, Needed fixed
Satisfied but unsure about security
I've heard about CIT Bank from many financial advisors and influencers discussing their savings program, especially their Platinum Savings. I was surprised by what I received back. However, regarding security, I was hoping they had two-step authentication, which they do, but it usually happens if the login information is incorrect. I was hoping it would apply even if the login were correct, like what most banks do. Furthermore, when having an account, I would receive text notifications that my account has been locked due to many attempts. This freaked me out because it showed someone was trying to get into my account. I like CIT Bank and its programs, although I hope they will improve their security and everyone else.
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3 months ago, Honey7797
Love My Account. Hate the new app.
I’ve been banking with CIT for a few years. Love the account. Bank and customer support are great. However, the recent changes to the app are horrendous. I never had issues before. Now it glitches constantly. Takes FOREVER to load anything. And I have to constantly back out and reload just to see my transactions because it always glitches out and says I have no recent transactions. Most of the time when I try to transfer I can’t because it won’t show me the accounts and say there are no accounts. I wish they would go back to the old app. Never had issues like this. If it continues, I’ll most likely switch over to my older Online banking. Too much of a hassle. For a bank that is completely ONLINE banking, their online banking shouldn’t be so awful.
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11 months ago, Tascosa1
I recently opened an online account with Cit Bank and setup a transfer from an external bank account. I was told I’d be notified when your micro deposits were made and I could then verify my external account. I was , however, never notified that the deposits had been made so I checked my account and found that they had indeed been made. I called your help number to find out if my transfer would be processed now but the person I spoke with was very difficult to understand. I was finally able to get the message that in one to four days the transfer would take place. I’m just a bit concerned that things didn’t go as smoothly with Cit Bank as they have with other online banks. I sincerely hope that things improve! Thanks
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1 year ago, FR13DP13CKL3
Uneven UI, uneven customer service
There are multiple UI glitches with this app, and while the customer service is always helpful and pleasant, what I’m told will happen doesn’t. Bank seems disorganized, and the tech needs work. One ACH I put in on mobile showed up twice on website (glad I checked before it went through). Pending transfers don’t show up under pending transactions, and can’t see pending transfers on app. Multiple sections of app require separate login/transfer out to web. When setting up account was told connection to original bank was severed due to one week of no transfer (was waiting on app to process), then deposit went through anyway. Connecting to external accounts can be difficult via ACH, even using approved methods (can’t connect to some well-known brokers). Great interest rate, but experience with app and support has been unsettling.
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4 years ago, canar-bk
Unbelievably bad
Don’t be complacent by your 4 and 5 star reviews. They’re almost all driven by your account rates and NOT your digital experience. This is the first bank I’ve had to email multiple times to ask HOW to perform simple tasks. I have at least 7 financial apps that I use very frequently and hands down this is the worst. I’ve never had to email any other bank to ask how to do things! This app should be beta at best. It can’t be what you really expect your mass to use. Face ID never works. Finding pending transactions is like going on an expedition (I still don’t know if it’s avail via the app but it’s a hunt on the desktop). Account details is another treasure hunt. Now the issues with Mint connectivity. And on and on. Seriously. This is so very easy to fix. Everyone else does it ....better. Unless you don’t have the expertise? And that’s a scary thought for a bank holding my money.
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6 years ago, Dan-12345
Complete Disappointment
The app is pretty much useless. The only thing you can do is check your balance. You can’t transfer your money to another back. Come on guys, this is an online bank. We have to be able to do simple tasks like this. All my local banks that are not solely online blow you out of the water with their online banking. On the app you can’t find your full account number, routing number or interest rate. Everything must be done from desktop and that version isn’t great. I gave it a try because of the interest rate but will probably pull my money back out now. Which, by the way, takes over 7 business days to clear so you can even take your money back out. When I spoke with customer service they said there are currently no plans to improve anything. Sad Also great that they have never responded to a single one of these endless complaints......
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3 weeks ago, hagz
Good HYSA rate but app can use upgrades
One of the better HYSA Rates by a subsidiary of First Citizens Bank that is FDIC Insired, but app is very basic. Be nice to see the earned daily interest which seems to be a simple upgrade compared to having to wait for a monthly statement. It is those little things that keep customers excited seeing thier money make money. Transfers are fairly simple but took over a week for my transfers to get out into the account to start gaining interest. Signing up was fairly simple about 10-15 min process if you have all information ready. Still undecided if I will keep my money here or continue to look for a better option that has these mentioned fixes incorporated in the app already.
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4 years ago, Yourappislame
Deposit Limbo
Overall this app is decent. It consistently works, it’s easy to navigate, it’s easy to deposit and transfer funds. My biggest complaint is that it takes far too long for a deposit to hit your account and start accruing interest. We live in a world where we can electronically transfer money across the planet and have it in minutes but this bank holds it in limbo for at least 5 business days. I can’t think of one rational reason why, it feels like they are just doing it to keep from paying interest as long as possible. The interest rate is decent but high interest savings accounts are only worth while and benefit investors when their money is actually deposited.
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7 months ago, nmj1979
Good, couple minor things just lack polish
The app works fine and that’s the main thing, it’s just that the app’s icon has a logo that’s stretched tall and the splash screen when the app is loading has a logo that’s stretched wide. Usually companies are strict about their logo usage and branding. I know it’s a nitpick, and I’m only pointing this out because I have to look at these things every time I use the app. Personally, I think the icon would look better with just the CIT logo (no ‘Bank’) but that’s not up to me. At any rate, I’ll update my review if/when the stretched logos are corrected. Great app, otherwise. Thanks!
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2 months ago, Pallidon
Rating fraud/broken app
I’ve had this app on my phone for the past year or so, and it hasn’t worked properly for most of that time. When I try to sign in, either it kicks me back out saying it failed or when using 2-factor authentication it lists a few phone numbers that I don’t recognize. Both of these issues are inconsistent and I can’t tie them to any one specific way of logging in. Recently I reviewed the app 1-star saying this, however it looks like my review was removed by someone else at CIT. Looking at all the recent reviews, they’re all bad enough that the “4.6 star” review is probably incorrect or unwarranted considering how many people are having problems. CIT would rather hide bad reviews than fix their app, so don’t use it.
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6 months ago, eurocar_lover
not sure right now
sfter trying again and again and again and after updating my os, ive been able to just login with my updated password, log out snd back in without needing to change my password and was able to both, add the chrome url to my home page and did add the url to my keychsin to login using keychain for app login - BUT IT WORKS!!! Very thankful it FINALLY works from both website and app! Thank you!!
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1 year ago, 😡😡😡😄😄
Bad app
I opened a savings connect because online it says apy is over 4%, hoping that’s true but have to wait tile the end of the month. I started an online application and transferred $100, but then the page froze and it wouldn’t recognize my sign in when I left and went back so I had to do it all over again. But then I noticed i had two $100 transactions taken from my other bank so it still recorded the first one. When I sign in to the app it has both there in separate savings connect accounts, so whatever. Main issue was that it too at least a week for the money to show up and that doesn’t seem normal for online banking. A couple business days max is usually anxiety inducing enough.
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5 years ago, SherSiu
Improvement needed
It doesn’t provide your account information at ease like other banks. You’d have to dig in through the documents to find your account number. My major disappointment is that I cannot add multiple accounts to transfer funds into this bank through the app. It is so inconvenient not be able to easily switch your funding alternatives. Also, a bit confusing to read the available balance vs. the account activity. It doesn’t add the last transfer posted on the account for some reason until it’s throughly processed (7-10 business days)... which has caused an overdraft into my funding accounts because it’s easy to forget these transactions. IT DEFINITELY NEEDS MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS. PLEASE CIT BANK, WE BEG YOU FOR AN EASIER APP. On the other hand, love the benefits.
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9 months ago, Stu A will
I just need to add that the app has a recent transactions link, but it only gives you the option of paying bills and something else that you’re probably not gonna use the app for anyway. I really just want to see my deposits and withdrawals and this shows neither, and I just made a withdrawal that I want to cancel, but there is no option on here to do it, and no one is available by phone, so if you’re not gonna have anyone available by phone, most of the time, you need to have a better app that allows for all transactions, and all possible cancellations of the transactions within a due amount of time.
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10 months ago, cgwisc2
Logging in is very difficult
The login is very fussy on this app, maybe works about 30% of the time, and the other times it gets stuck in a loop where it tries to verify and then forgets what it is doing. The app also has extremely limited options when compared to the online site. I almost always revert to the website if I want to see any details about my accounts. Finally, every time I make a deposit. The account value goes up, but the available balance does not increase until I call someone and ask why those funds have not yet been made available. Every time they tel me they were blocked and then are immediately able to unblock them.
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4 years ago, Wilmer175
Backwards for an Online Bank
I just opened my MMA and went to confirm my transfer was pending via the app and nothing! Nothing is showing. The help on the app says it can take 2-3 days for the transaction to appear. Wait! What? There are a couple of ideas you should be familiar with as an online bank: memo post and pending transaction. This isn’t difficult. Mark the transaction as pending and remove the doubt and anxiety of whether or not you even know there is a transaction out there. I won’t be moving my other accounts if it means I lose site of my money for 2-3 days. This is a big loser for you. It stops the progression of business cold and right off the bat you’ve got 2 strikes on you: strike 1: 2-3 days is a crawl in a time of check21 and electronic transfers strike 2: complete view blackout until the hard post created customer anxiety Who is running your banking ops over there? Daddy Warbuck? I guess you like being a short-term pause in banking relationships.
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6 months ago, Danalogy
Need Basic Info
The app is like a caveman version of a banking app. It works, like a club. The worst part is the lack of information. When you make a transfer from your outside bank account, it does not show up in the app for days. In fact, you would not even know that you had made a transfer unless you kept track of it outside of the app. This can lead to errors by making additional transfers that you did not intend. This is very very basic information that needs to be included when you look at your account.
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7 months ago, TheArtist2016
Easily the worst banking app I’ve used.
I’m really not sure what the point of this app is, as it really provides only the bare minimum of accessibility to, and control of, your account(s). The absolute worst thing? (And this is bizarre!) You can only see the deposits to your account you’ve made through the app. Since opening my account, I’ve made multiple deposits through the web portal, and I can see them all there. But, they don’t show up at all in the app. That is completely unacceptable, and mostly renders the app useless. I hope there are additional features being added that we’re not privy to, or I’m just going to remove the app from my phone.
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8 months ago, shantoast
Terrible UI/UX
Even worse when you think about the fact that this is an app for an online only bank. The user interface and user experience of your app should be more than top notch considering all of your customer transactions must take place online. I can’t transfer money between accounts, I can’t set up direct deposits, I can’t see my account or routing number. My pending transfers don’t even show up under pending transactions, which is very disconcerting when they are thousands of dollars. Your interest rate is phenomenal, which is what drew me in, but your app is making me very seriously consider moving my money elsewhere and closing out my account.
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6 months ago, lillaaaaahhhhh
App is completely useless
I was attracted to the interest rate which is actually only marginally higher than my Capital One account and have been banking with CIT for almost a year. I have had to change my password literally every single time I logged in. The mobile app is so comically dysfunctional it's amazing they have any customers left. That doesn't give me any faith that my money is secure and of today 12/10 nothing has changed despite promised "improvements." I just transferred all my savings back to Capital One and since of course you can't close your account on your own I wrote a message and hope I remember to call them tomorrow to confirm. TL;DR don't do it
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1 year ago, bennett8
Fast and accurate
Immediate access to account. Interest is there first day of month. Easy transfer of funds to and from accounts. Time saving and accurate accounting are most important to me. Calling customer service no waiting, friendly knowledgeable people who help you with your needs. Never go back to brick and mortar banks. If interest rates start falling, I can switch funds online to a CD. Great rates, great company.
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4 months ago, Ol’ Redd
I don’t know if it’s glitchy because of an iOS update or not, but it is exceedingly difficult to transfer money on the app right now. Please update! It takes about a minute or so for accounts to show up and then another for MFA info to populate. But, if you’re like me and too old/lazy to go look for your password so you can use their website, just know it will EVENTUALLY work, if you’re patient. But it is a significant inconvenience to keep my phone from falling asleep during the process lol. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.
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5 years ago, Limited Briggs
Poor accessibility
After working for awhile, it suddenly stopped recognizing my fingerprint. Then it wouldn’t accept my password which I typed in very slowly to make sure it was correct. After trying both methods twice, I was locked out. While the CS Rep was helpful getting the account unlocked,I again tried each method once with the same result. The CS Rep told me that “sometimes the app required that the beginning letter in the user name and password must be uppercase.” That’s not how I set it up and even if I had, why did it work before but not now? I have two other banking apps on my phone and have never had this happen with either.
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9 months ago, efbs
Great Bank to bank with
I have only been with CIT bank since rates rose. I did my first transfer out of Cit to my external bank a large transfer and surprisingly it was in less than 24 hours . Most other banks tie your money up for 5 days . I had to write I this review to let others know this bank is awesome
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7 months ago, DCAguy83
Can’t manage CDs at maturity through app
You can set up CDs through the app but managing one at maturity requires using secure messaging and making sure your message is in the exact right phrasing. If you don’t state the full name of your external bank, for example, even if it’s the linked bank you used to set up your CD in the first place, they’ll make you try again. Didn’t use your middle initial? Again, try again. It seems like a run around to run down the clock or run down your morale until the CD automatically renews. Very shady. In general the app is cumbersome and a far cry from other online banks’ apps. Would avoid like the plague.
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6 months ago, kcxdync
EXTRA long transfer holds!!! Beware!
I opened an account based off of high interest returns. That part is great, but consumer beware. They have a five “Full” business day hold on your money, on any transfers into the bank. This means they don’t start counting until the day after your transfer, and don’t end until the day after the 5th full day. I needed some cash a few days after my transfer only to find out about the much longer than industry standard hold times. It was also over a holiday weekend. In the end I had to wait 10 days before I could access my money. This is unacceptable!!!
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2 years ago, Awesome Walgreens app
Needs Update
This app needs ATTENTION. It continues to require manual password entry even if you select Face ID. Then if you forget your password it’s Game Over; the account recovery option is garbage. I’ve requested one-time Passcode email several times and it never comes. I’ve been trying to access my account for 2 days unsuccessfully over weekend there are no representatives and it’s now a Federal Holiday so wait time just keeps ticking. Seriously considering leaving this bank due to a lack of access and functionality via app and website.
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4 months ago, Darbs5
Basic app
This app has all the basic features any mobile Apple have so it doesn’t have anything special. But it is quite linear so it is very simple but I do have issues with it being buggy, not always loading documents, and a lot of the times it will say that I have notifications of things I’ve already viewed. then there’s also when I go to check my account details it’s usually a blank white screen. So overall it’s ok.
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9 months ago, must I again
App has many glitches
The bank is nice. The app has many problems. I like to use FACEID for security reasons. The app constantly wants me to sign in and today stated that I am not approved for FACEID I’ve had several glitches occur, even after I switched phones. Like being unable to sign in for two days to complete the transfers I wanted to complete. Their app team needs to up their game. This is my second bank app. My primary banking app is leagues smoother than this. I am considering switching because of this app not the bank itself.
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3 years ago, NOxiousTDI
Face ID doesn’t work
It comes up with the Face ID pop up and then gives me the green check but doesn’t log me in - I have to enter my password every time. Also sometimes when I’m entering my password and I have something in my clipboard from my Mac, a pop up appears at the top of the screen saying that I can paste from my Mac every time I enter a new character in my password (every character, meaning it looks like it’s glitching at the top of my screen).
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6 years ago, The Great DB
Improved, but Still Needs Work
This version of the app displays balances nicely, but is lacking the main features I need. 1. There is no way to set up an external transfer within the app. 2. Since I have to go to the full website to set up an external transfer, the link to the full website should include an auto logon feature. 3. Once I get logged on to the website (from the link within the app), the website is not mobile friendly, making it difficult to use. CIT, you sure do make it hard for me to give you more money.
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2 months ago, TeeView2
Works Great! iPhone 14 Update
This is an updated review. For whatever reason, the first two times I downloaded the app, it didn’t work at all. The login screen didn’t even display properly. After receiving an email from the developer, the app now works. I didn’t speak with anyone, and I have no clue as to what was done after my initial one-star review. All I know is that it now works. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Melrose Guy
A bit bumpy
Opening a new account the program kept asking fir my phone number that was recorded in my account info (entered it about 12 different times). Locked me out even though password was correctly entered. Call to help line went to voicemail just as my wait tune was up and due to no action on my part. Had to call all over again. Representative was very helpful in getting it set up and mobile app to finally work (it didn’t recognize me due to the foregoing), though.
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4 months ago, Ryan S H
May leave CIT due to bad app
This app needs to be fixed ASAP or I will strongly consider closing my account with CIT. The app sometimes does not show all linked accounts, including the CIT account itself, when trying to initiate transfer. Also, the notifications are horrible…I just got notifications from over 5 days ago about a “login attempt” and a transfer being initiated. I scrambled thinking my account had been hacked before I relieved they were delayed notifications. Completely unacceptable. Bonus downside of CIT…transfer speeds are insanely slow.
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1 month ago, Djehdixiwhshxis
It’s improved a lot
Credit where credit is due. My last review complained about the outdated UI, lack of features but most of all the slowness. Recent updates have vastly improved performance. UI has also improved and I’m optimistic it will continue to improve. Overall functionally still lags behind other banks, but it’s clear CiT is dedicated to improving their app.
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5 months ago, max egami
Update broke the app. No way to access your funds.
I can no longer sign in. App was of limited value before the update, with just basic functionality, but at least it functioned. Now, despite numerous attempts to log in, CIT Bank is “Unable to process your request- please try again later.” So, here we have an online bank in which there’s no way to access your money online. You can try to call, but good luck, your average wait time is not average, unless the industry standard is somewhere between 20-60 minutes on hold.
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4 months ago, Matt218218
It was good but getting worse
I had no issues with the app when I initially got it, but the last couple months have had a lot of issues. The buttons don’t populate with accounts when trying to deposit checks or transfer money between accounts. There are pages along the way in those workflows that also don’t have any text load on buttons. Seems like bad coding which makes me feel a little unsafe using the app for my banking.
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2 years ago, Quid
Kind of a rubbish looking app. It usually works, however about once a year something happens where it can’t login and locks me out of my account and per their support I have to delete the app from my phone and re-download it to fix it. There are many better banks out there with superior apps, and since the interest rates have come way down on their high yield savings, it’s almost not worth the hassle anymore.
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6 months ago, b-normal
Who designed this app???
This app was recently redesigned, but it is still awful. It is confusing and and the FAQ, even for the particular function, don’t answer the basic questions. I attempted to transfer funds and it said I don’t have an account, even though I am looking at my account! The only thing going for this bank is the high interest rate. However, I can get that at other banks with well designed, functional apps. I am pulling my funds and closing the account.
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4 months ago, BrutonGaster37
App is buggy!
There’s some bug with the app (I’m on iPhone)… I am trying to move money on the Transfers page and when I click the From Account and To Account boxes, my accounts aren’t displaying/loading. I literally can’t move any money at all because the accounts I have on file aren’t displaying in either section so there’s no account to click. Help!! Your app is so disappointing
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2 years ago, fryday5150
Unable to log in
Started receiving the following error in June: “We are currently unable to process your request.” Called customer service and was advised to delete the app and reinstall. Still got the same error, so was advised to reset password. Was able to log in, then a few days later, the same error. Reset password and it was working for 2 weeks, and then the same error again. Not going to keep resetting password as a temp fix. CIT Bank has over $100 billion in assets and can’t get the app right. Please fix it!
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2 years ago, C0FFEEcop
I’m not sure if there is a worse bank for customer service out there. I’m not being dramatic either. The app doesn’t work and doesn’t reflect what’s done on their website. The wait times exceed an hour, when they answer, they never know how to help and place you on hold again for an hour. Cashing checks, transferring money or wire transfers are never easy and have ridiculous hoops to jump through including wait times. Closing my account today, do yourself a favor and choose a different option.
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12 months ago, GW332
Make sure to read the fine print.
The app is fine. I’ve had my savings account with them for a while and decided to open a checking as well. Come payday I deposit my check on the 14th and as I sit there wondering where my money is they tell me they will not release my paycheck funds until the 26th. 12 day hold?! They told me to expect this every time I deposit a check, which just does not work for a regular working class person like myself.
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6 years ago, former CIT atty
Frustrated with this site.
This is at least the third time I have had difficulty setting up a transfer from another bank. The app works fine to see the account and to deposit checks but transfers must be set up from a desktop. However, it won’t let me in to set up the transfer. The site never recognizes my desktop and the phone numbers it indicates for security are not mine. I ended up writing 5 $10,000 checks and depositing them instead of setting up a transfer. CIT this is like when you had to file for Chapter 11. Please get your act together.
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6 years ago, Toine123456
Broken for 2 Straight Days!!
“Will respond in 2 business days” was CIT’s response. TWO BUSINESS DAYS?? Very poor customer support. Also, they don’t allow you to transfer money externally, say your checkings account with a different bank, on the app. Can only be done on the website. Besides looking up my statement, that’s pretty much the most important feature needed on a banking app. Ever wonder why VENMO is doing so well? Easy access to transfer and speed. Please enter the modern digital age CIT. Great interest rates, bad customer service and functionality. P.S. They also make you enter your first/last name, identify if you’re a customer, your email twice and a phone number just to put a help ticket in about their app being broken? People don’t have time to fill out YOUR forms because YOUR app is broken. Would rethink the fields you make people require, perhaps you’ll get notified faster
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1 year ago, Fashionista-wannabe
CIT is not doing so great for me
I used to love CIT but, recently, I have had some security issues that took a long time to resolve and the representatives’ responses were less than stellar. You’d think a bank would take security concerns raised by he customer with a little more enthusiasm but it doesn’t seem like it. I am feeling over this bank and is planning to close out my accounts soon. It’s not worth the the trouble to keep a bank that seems to be lacking in services when they don’t even have a physical bank in my state.
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