Citadel Mobile Banking

4.6 (6.8K)
24.3 MB
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Current version
Citadel Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citadel Mobile Banking

4.63 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
4 years ago, does'nt take much for me
Great service
This app is excellent. I’m able to take care of all my account needs using the app. I like the chat feature. I get a quick response and excellent attention to any concern I may have. I have taken advantage of the Card Control feature which sends an alert every time there is any activity on my credit cards. My only suggestion would be to add the option to “see password “ on the sign in page. I see other banks have this feature. It saves time and allows for accurate entry of password. As it is now, if I am not super careful and miss key the password, alerts are sent and it’s too much. Simply adding that feature would help. Otherwise, great service.
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7 months ago, autumnforever
Use it daily - really convenient, minus for losing some of the old functionality
Use it daily - but the old app consolidated more info on one screen so was easier to navigate. Using Pay Bills offered setting up all payments on one screen, and always seeing a TOTAL of pending payments on one screen. Now - no Pending Payments total is shown and setting up payments requires accessing more screens. Same as most new apps, they add new functionality or features, but lose the benefit of the old that were beneficial. I know this factually as I work in software development…I’m sure a user group would have pointed out the above in the requirement gathering phase or during acceptance testing. BRING back the old PAY BILLS option of setting up payments on one page and being able to view ALL PENDING payment totals on one page. Hope this makes sense, hope others have stated same, and hope you add this feature back to the app.
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3 years ago, Где программы?
Mobile deposit needs improvements
I am new to Citadel. I made Mobil deposit first time today. Well, after I deposited, I got confirmation email including message “ Citadel Mobil deposit “ must be noted next to signature. I came back as I just signed check without noted “ Citadel Mobil deposit “. There was no option edit image or delete transaction. I tried to mobile deposit again with note “ Citadel Mobil deposit “ without success. I waisted my time!!!! How about add reminder about “ Citadel Mobil deposit “ before finalizing transaction ? Now credit union will cancel my Mobil transaction and I would need to do it again and it will take additional days. I recently changed financial institution and moved to Citadel. The previous bank had this “ Mobil deposit “ reminder before transaction is finalized. You Mobil application does not have it. You have to learn how to build successful Mobil application. I am sure I will find something else , just started my business with Citadel. Alla Zilberman
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3 years ago, skulivan
Keeps getting better!
This app has been getting better and better as tome goes on. There are more features and enhancements that have come about in a most opportune time when in-person visits can be hazardous to your health. With this app, you can do more and more (almost like dealing with a teller) and if you have questions or concerns, just send a message within the app, easy-peasy! Someone always gets back to you usually within 24 hrs! And that’s great. Now we (they, Citadel) must work on weekend contact (phone a real person) options for emergencies, like adding a card to Apple Pay and getting the card authorized. Not a real severe problem but waiting for Monday to roll around is frustrating. All in all, I wish other banks/financial institutions adopted this way of doing business.
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1 year ago, She in Spanish
New update (edited)
They’ve recently updated the app to include credit/debit card controls in the main banking app. While I love this, the move has turned off all of my personalized push notifications and is not letting me turn them back on. When I try to turn on my regular card control push notifications, it tells me, word for word, I need to “download the app” in order to get them. Doesn’t specify what app, but it is telling me this in the app that I am already using. Really confused. Chat support is no help EDIT: 5/28 Developer responded. Again they were no help. Yes I did delete the old card control app, and also tried redownloading and deleting multiple times but it doesn’t make a difference. That’s the only other app I’ve ever used so I have no idea where to go from here. Notifications still do not work
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6 years ago, Atlantic Mail/File Clerk
Long Time Citadel Member.... Excellent
I worked at AEFCU, before it changed to Citadel (20+ Years ago). I’ve gone through every step of their online banking and then later on mobile. I’ve never had any major issues that weren’t resolved shortly later with updates. Since the start of their mobile apps: regular bug/issue updates and many updates to improve the user experience. As a family, we bank with another C.U., but I’ve held on to my Citadel Accts, for my private accts. I only rate apps that are extremely impressive. That being said, this is either my 1st or 2nd review that I went any further than rating the ***** stars. If your on the fence, give this one a try.
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5 years ago, Dougspath
Awesome Staff
Been with Citadel since moving here in January of 1999. The staff were always helpful and caring. Had a few glitches that happened when my account was hacked not only did they report it to the FBI the replaced the missing money along with the service charges I received when my account became overdrawn. But they help track down the individuals responsible for it. Another time a needed a quick loan to purchase a vehicle. I had the money in my hand in half an hour. Great people, cashiers/tellers are always friendly so are the service representatives. A big thank you from the Spath family.
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6 years ago, JiggyJaded
Hate it
This app is awful to be honest. And maybe its not the app so much as Citadel's system in general. You cant make payments by credit/debit card through the app, like almost any other app. Money has to be transferred from your bank account, to a Citadel account, which you'll then use to pay off your other Citadel account... Just a pointless way for Citadel to tie up your money. Furthermore, when I finally was able to make my payment by credit card, my account number came up invalid. I eventually figured out the issue, through Google searches, but beforehand I called Citadel customer service to fix the issue and the representative was extremely unhelpful and couldn't verify my account number with me, despite all of the information I was able to give her because apparently without your account number first, no further information can be accessed. Yeah, Citadel's kinda trash.
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7 years ago, team fakebuzz
Depositing Checks
I am a new member of the citadel bank. I joined October 2017 and am still enrolled. The first 39 days after I opened my account, Citadel held 3 of my checks. I sat down with an employee at my nearest branch when I opened it and I was never informed about the firdt 30 days that checks will be on hold for 10 days. After my first check was on hold, I called and was told the check would be released after 10 business days. 3 weeks have gone by and I received the check on the 3rd week, more than 10 business days. Now that checks are going directly to my account, I can quickly transfer money from my checking to my savings within seconds. I can manage my account all from one app on my smartphone!
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6 years ago, Romeyp
Slow when Face ID
I have been a member of Citadel FCU for almost 20 years. I have absolutely no problems with thier services what so ever. This application on the other hand is annoying. I have a XS Max and use the Face ID with most of my financial services. I literally have no issues with the other apps. This one will acknowledge Face ID, but then take a very long time to load my accounts or it goes to the loading screen and never loads my accounts. This is very annoying. There have been times when I close it and then open it two or times before it finally loads my account. Citadel please fix this and bring it up to the standard your institution has established through out your other services.
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6 years ago, GshdhxhxhxhhzhxhzhShdj
Great app!!
I really like this new app, I’ve never run into any problems with it. It’s convenient, I can check it whenever, and all the new stuff you just added is great. I love Citadel, I can get ahold of someone at almost any time, and your phone representatives are so nice and sweet, I’ve Never run across one who is mean or disrespectful. I wish you guys had more ATM’s! That’s the only thing that I don’t don’t have enough ATM’s and when I need money I always have to get charged for getting it. But other than that, you guys are great and the new app is great! Keep up the good work, and get more ATM’s!😄😄
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2 years ago, Down with pop ups
Fails to load more often than expected
Every so often when I try to get on the app it fails to load and all it gives me is the time circle going around and around for the whole day sometimes. This has happened too many times. It is practically impossible to get around it. I have rebooted my phone, shut down the app, and in cases deleted it and reinstalled to no avail. If you want me to use the app you need to make it more dependable.
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3 years ago, Bam012345
No longer willing to help customers when they make mistakes
Unfortunately I am compelled to write this after being lied to and pushed around by customer support after they made multiple mistakes on my account but refuse to actually help me. They would rather spend hours going back and forth via messaging in their app instead of apologizing and refunding me my money they wrongfully removed from my account. Then, they sent a refund but it’s for the incorrect amount and they only put it back towards my loan instead of back on my debit account where they took the funds from! Until recently they were an amazing company to deal with but as soon as this loan is paid off I will never recommend them to anyone ever again!
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4 years ago, Stephanie Bishop
Navigating takes some getting used to, but available info is great
The options I have in this app are great- there are so many. I can apply for a card, review my acct details, make payments, transfer funds- even to outside accts, and see a bunch of other stuff I forget at this moment. I log in to make a payment, but finding the page to do that isn’t straight forward, I have to find it every month. But support is always available, so my forgetfulness is frustrating for only a second.
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1 year ago, bvn913
Great app! Great bank!
After doing business with another bank for many years and constantly arguing over miscellaneous fees, I switched to Citadell several years ago & couldn’t be happier. Love the hours, no fees, the professionalism of bank staff, and most of all the user-friendly app. I deposit checks in my pajamas, check balances any time of the day, view my statement at will... love everything about it. Keep up the great job! BTW, I’m now 70 years old. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Happy w Living Social
New logo
I have been a customer of Citadel for a number of years. I have been using bill pay to pay most of my bills. I do not believe it is user-friendly and you must go through so many functions to actually get to the billpayer screen. When you said your program had been revamped and updated I was really looking forward to a more user-friendly billpayer system. All I see is a new logo. You’ve put in a lot of time and money but I do not see where you have improved it for your customers. Because I have a direct deposit I will probably stay with the system because it’s so difficult to change, that does not mean I’m happy with it. Judy McVitty
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2 years ago, Robin Banx
What Happened?
I typically use the app for all my online banking activity, logging in multiple times a week for balance checks, transfers, etc. prior to this new version I’d go months without the need to access from my laptop. Super convenient & issue-free. Not anymore! The landing page is blank upon log-in 85% of the time. Sometimes after about 25sec my details will show; most times not. Sometimes the account summary shows, but the screen goes blank upon tapping function keys: account details, transfer, etc. No issues with computer browser log in, but I miss the convenience of the quick & reliable app.
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3 years ago, !!12AB
Good app to have installed
I like the app. It has all the functions I need for a mobile environment. It installed easily and with few questions. And when I had a question, I was able to call and get an answer to my question. The only item I would suggest improving is the photo-deposit feature. If the lighting isn’t quite right, you get a cryptic message. If the background isn’t enough of a contrast you get a cryptic message(the same one!). And if the hand written endorsement on the back isn’t to the app’s liking....yes....same cryptic message.
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2 years ago, Redzey
Citadel is a wonderful bank
We connected with Citadel when we purchased my husbands pickup…. They chose us- we didn’t search them out- they have been so easy to work with and the fact that we have a local branch within 10 minutes of our home solidify’s our relationship. We moved our checking and savings to them and are currently looking to finance our home with them! The staff in Oxford, PA is accommodating and eager to help!
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5 years ago, Chuminky
Very Convenient - Bill Pay Could Use Improvement
I’ve been using this app for years and generally I’m very happy with it. I find it well organized and easy to use. The only issues I have are with the Bill Pay section. They show you three dots next to a payee, suggesting a pull down menu, but when you select the dots there are no choices. Canceling or revising a payment is cumbersome, so adding that choice to the pull down menu would be an improvement.
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5 years ago, Cadec9751
Great app
You can see all your accounts. See all the activity, transfer money from one account to another. It’s fantastic. The only thing I would add is a freeze your account option like Discover has. If you misplace your debit card but don’t think it’s stolen it would be nice to freeze your accounts while you’re looking for it, without canceling the card. But still I love the app and highly recommend it to everyone who banks at Citadel.
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5 years ago, security expert 2
The features change without rhyme or reason. Often they change them to contradict with current features. Example, I’ve been using fingerprint access for months. Then on day I start getting pop ups on login if I want to start using fingerprint access. Regardless of what option I choose, I’m denied access to my account. Then I step through fairly weak security steps to get back to where I was months ago. Next day, I’m hit with the same gibberish. Frustration. Add in the it’s a fairly feature weak application to begin with, that’s why I give it 2 stars. Not one star because they haven’t exposed my personal information...yet.
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1 year ago, Banking 102
One of the better banking app
I have used a myriad of different apps for bank and this one performs better than most. It can easily put all my citadel accounts, including loans, in one easy dashboard allowing easy movement of money between accounts. I can easily deposit checks and finding account details are simple. With the app, I haven’t been to a physical bank branch in months.
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1 year ago, cedson25
Bill Payer no longer pays electronically
After the recent update, the Bill Payer cannot pay all bills electronically. It now mails(!) a physical check to a handful of payees, which takes 7 to 10 days longer. It’s unlikely that all these payees simultaneously made changes to their payment methods at the same time this Citadel app was updated. Some part of the backend changes related to this update broke the electronic payments. It makes me concerned about the safety and reliability of the Bill Payer if something as basic as this no longer works. The old Bill Payer was cumbersome, but at least I could trust it to pay all my bills on time electronically.
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5 years ago, DJ7music
Ok but basic
This app needs updates to navigation. Going back to accounts shouldn’t take you to the top of the page. If you are 1/2 way down the page and you click into an account, when you navigate back to see all accounts you should pick up right where you left off 1/2 way down the page. Simple tweaks like this would make it a much better app. You should also be able to permanently turn off the tips at the top of the page. After years of use, I don’t need to know how to move accounts around.
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4 years ago, Siouxzie82710
Easy to use & not many glitches!
I enjoy using this app & find it pretty easy to work with. I hardly ever encounter any problems or "bugs" with it either. I can't say I've used a lot of the functions available on the app, so my review is based on mainly using the app to check my account balance & activity, but I've also used the mobile deposit feature quite a few times & I would recommend it.
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1 year ago, shannaw
Love this app except…
I love everything about this app and do all my banking with it. The one thing I do not like is that the mobile bill payer section seems to have no rhyme or reason to the order companies are listed. Fortunately I have found how to bypass the mobile one to go to the full site that appears the same as what I would see on my home computer. They should have them appear in alphabetical order on the mobile site.
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6 years ago, lauriedoran
App rating
I find the app is very sensitive to touch screen and will change the account order with minimal touch. This makes it a little confusing. I have also had occasion where the available balance was not update in real time and I had to wait to transfer money even though the check was shown to be deposited. Overall, it is a quick way to do banking.
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5 years ago, Momma Bear 💙
Loyal Customer
I’ve been with CITADEL for a long time. I definitely enjoy having access to my accounts at my fingertips at any given moment. Being able to transfer $$$ between accounts without having to step into the bank or waiting in lines. Occasionally when I have had to go into any given branch the service is accurate and professional. Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, HPHBPReview
Love citadel
Citadel is my favorite bank, and the app is great considering it’s a small, local bank. I can deposit checks, transfer funds, etc. It always works well for what I need, and I’ve never had an issue with it. I would always recommend citadel over any other bank! Edit: the new personal finance management tools are an awesome added bonus. It makes spending tracking SO much easier and automated.
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2 years ago, Wlhughes
Banking App that does everything.
Great app for managing your accounts and, everything works flawlessly. The remote deposit is easy, intuitive and quick. Transfers work without a hitch, and the facial ID for logging on is state-of-the-art and a welcome convenience. I manage multiple accounts including a POA account for my mom and this makes the job a pleasure. Use with confidence.
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5 years ago, Hortonization
Best Banking App I’ve found!
So I’ve been a citadel user my entire life which is 19 years. Never have had a single problem, and the app is amazing! You can transfer funds from account to account super easily, it’s safe and secure, you can submit a check through the app, you can check every single change made to your account and more! Not sponsored, highly suggest!
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3 years ago, Alteleid
App doesn’t work anymore
Edit: Years later & I still can’t log in to the app. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling. I tried getting help & got no response. The app used to be ok. The only problem I had before was that I couldn’t deposit checks through the app. It kept giving an error message when I submitted it. Now I can’t even get into the app. I enter my password and the pinwheel just spins until I eventually give up. So I have to use the website & that also is not working. I can get into my account, but every time I try to transfer money, I get another error.
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1 year ago, recovering sociopath
Massive Bill Payer inconvenience
Our credit union has a New Digital Experience! Among other exciting features, they disenrolled me from all my ebills. To re-enroll, I need my account numbers and passwords from the paper bills I stopped years ago. Because I had e-billing. 🤦🏻‍♀️ If you’re going to boast about your seamless transition you might want to make sure people aren’t disenrolled— without any kind of notice— from the bill pay setup they’ve used for years. This is a MASSIVE inconvenience and completely inconsistent with the wonderful customer service I’ve experienced from Citadel in the past.
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1 year ago, (SBC)
This new update is AWFUL.
I truly hate it. There are so many extra steps to take now when using the bill payer. You can no longer click “pending” to see which bills have been scheduled. You have to click extra times now to just schedule a payment and for some reason, the ACH is no longer available for some of my billers as it was previously? So now it’s 7-10 business days for a bill to get paid as opposed to 2-3? Online bill payer is supposed to be easier and faster. This is neither. I am seriously considering switching banks.
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2 years ago, billyboy contracting.
Billyboy contracting
I asked citadel for years for citadel to take My business account since I’ve been with citadel it’s been nothing but a blessing. Everything about my account has been easy here I came from BOA. What a difference. Being able to have my account at my fingertips ne’er tips has made my life easier to handle my accounts.
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3 years ago, Trinity316
Best app
I enjoy the convenience of the app when it comes to accessing my accounts. Sometimes (rarely) you have to contact the office…THIS IA THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. If the branch is busy or if you all the customer service number, the calls are re-routed to a call bank which is horrible! I expected more from the Citadel but expectations do lead to disappointment.
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10 months ago, ms Bowers
One focus me ❤️
Very reliable Credit union I will sound like a broken record I have been with Citadel almost from the time they started this institution has secured my mind every day and every night whatever the issue is it’s not long before you fix it so I thank you for being my institution Citadel
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2 years ago, Beth569
Incorrect amount
I have called multiple times to get the amount fixed on mine app. The app is showing that I owe more for my loan payments for my car. I call and wonderful folks answer the phone and actually get the SafecoInsurance person on the same line and we verify that I have insurance. Apparently it doesn’t stick. And I get charged for extra monies on my payment to cover insurance that Citadel thinks I do not have. It is not appreciated
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6 years ago, jamesis39
Good banking
I really love my bank, but my account not problem with them is after banking with them for almost 6 years, I was declined for a debt consolidation loan because they only looked at a TransUnion report which doesn’t give them the full view and knowledge of my credit report. Instead they gave me a hard inquiry and a lame false excuse. I really needed my banks help. But again, I appreciate them and will continue banking with Citadel!!!
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3 years ago, F82maverick
Mobile Desert & Gratitude
While I understand full well that nothing in life is perfect, it’s how we respond to challenges that define us, and tell others what we are made of. There is much to be thankful for in this world, and I am grateful to have the “problem” of wanting to deposit pay a check. And, the ability to do it from this amazing device. When the place you choose to bank leaves you high and dry, completely unable to make a mobile deposit it can be more than a little frustrating, especially when you time is already spread thin. The remarkable lack of speed with which the mobile development team has not resolved this is incredible. It’s been six weeks and counting. That says a lot - either that the mobile team has an incredibly difficult challenge, or that you have the wrong people on the team.
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1 year ago, John A S.
New online account
The new set up seems very clumsy and not easy to use. In the old program it was very easy to carry out external bank transfers - not so with the new setup. I haven’t found a way to do what was so straightforward with the old system nor found a Citadel employee who knows how to do it. Also, the display of checking account info. is larger and clumsier. It bunches entries under a single date line which slides out of sight if there are more than a few entries for a given date. It doesn’t match the compact display of the earlier system nor display the two dates appropriate for each transaction. I get the impression that the new system was not designed for the benefit of ordinary customers but put together for the satisfaction and ego of the designer in mind. The change brings to mind the old saying - if it aint broke don’t fix it.
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4 years ago, OriginalChefboyoboy
finally getting it right
app offers good flexibility and has consistent interface with web browser version. use it almost everyday. had more ease of use in the past. have to click thru too much stuff to get to the stuff i need. should offer some user customization to add and assign buttons to things *I* commonly use. transferring funds section takes up too much screen space - can’t see funds available because of all acct info
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1 year ago, Maxx2112$
As if a full service person…
This app is almost as good as an actual person with all its unprecedented control features to your various accts. Very happy I attempted today with what I normally would have bank rep handle. “Bravo-Zulu” to the creator team making it possible!! I’m gonna give an extra star for this….!
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2 years ago, The Pinkwon
Great Service - And 2nd Chance
The customer service has always been great, and they were the only bank that would give me a line of credit, as I was trying to rebuild my credit. I wish there were more branches because they would get all my business.
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6 years ago, angieWC
Love Citadel, & the App but . . .
i love citadel and the app is great but one small thing that i find “less than great” is having to scroll down the menu to select “Log Out”. i have some accounts in another bank and their app has “Log Out” as the first option up top. it’s hands down one of the things you end up doing most — and it’s a small thing but it’s incredibly more convenient to have it up top!
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5 years ago, Captkave
Many options for your banking!
Im very pleased with all those banking functions that this app allows. E-Pay, transfers between my accounts, getting in touch with the Customer Service... all this has worked just perfectly fine within the app. Am also pleased with the design and the easy to navigate menu.
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2 years ago, hairy dasher
Bestest bank ever
I’ve been banking with Citadel for over 20 years. I have tried other banks, but i always come back for their convenient and easy apps as well as their live customer service. I always highly recommend this bank to any of my friends.
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3 years ago, lizapage
Disappointed AGAIN
I keep trying to like doing business with Citadel, once again yesterday- disappointed. July 15 I bought a new to me car. At dealer I said I’d like to use Citadel for my loan. Got loan. All good. Went to branch today, saw they were advertising $250 if you got a car loan from citadel. So I said- when did this promotion start? I just got a loan. Was told… you don’t qualify- loan needed to be originated in the branch. Kinda annoys me I chose Citadel at dealer. Going to try and transfer my loan to Members 1st!
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1 year ago, jobos with indeed.
Citadel serves
The citadel banking app has helped me with my accounts and keeping track of them. It saves time and resolves accessing balances, transactions and as necessary the agents are available to answer questions. It is turning out to be a favorite app I use to manage my finances. Thank you, Citadel for helping with such an important aspect of financial management. I recommend it.
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