Citi Mobile®

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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Citi Mobile®

4.88 out of 5
3.9M Ratings
5 years ago, Mpope198
DO NOT get this! DO NOT!!!
We have two accounts and have been with CITI for over 12 years. Every month, we go online and pay both accounts through our separate payment account. Then tried to use this app. Could not link, so we called technical support. Finally got one account activated before leaving on trip. The following day, before departure, we tried to pay both accounts. By setting up the mobile app, both accounts became unlinked, as well as the payment information. After well over an hour online with a rep that could only read from a script (she did not listen to our problem), she said that the account was pending and to try back in 24-48 hrs and enter in the information again. How is that pending as we are redoing the process? So we leave and the day after we get home, we go through the process again. After even more hours on the phone with tech support, then customer service (I was steamed), only to be switched back the tech support (who tried to help but was unsuccessful), we were told that a ticket would be written and we could expect an email to resolve the issue. Every time we were talking with tech support, they could only walk us through the same steps. As a work around, we have had to establish two separate accounts AND now have them sending us two separate paper statements so that they could get paid. Waiting to see the email to see if this is resolved, otherwise, we are canceling our accounts.
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4 years ago, tokkilane
Fixed Now
They fixed it, updating to five stars. --- I've used this app for years and it's done me well but I got a new phone (iPhone SE) a couple weeks and the app is a pain now to use to the point of being totally useless. It no longer offers me the option for a Thumbprint sign in. And if I try to sign in manually via my saved password I get stuck in a loop because it won't fill in both the password and user login. At this point in order to access my account I've just memorized my complicated password. I input both that and my user manually (in the correct order or each time you fill in one the other will get deleted). I've tried restarting and making sure my app is up to date. I've compared the app on my new and old phone and on my old phone there is definitely the Thumbprint option both on the sign in page and under options in the security section. The app on my new phone doesn't show these options. And please, don't even think about using the stupid quick view or snap shot or whatever it's called, it will create even more trouble for you when you try to sign in. I'll update my review when the issue is fixed. When the app was working before it was my favorite cc app.
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5 years ago, WestCaliRose
Almost there
I love the app and how simple it is to navigate the features, including the free updates on your credit score. You can also live chat with someone during regular working hours, it’s great! My only reason for giving it a 4 out of 5 would be customer service and miscommunication. I had a fraud alert early August. They notified me quickly to go over the charges and so forth. They closed my account immediately and communicated that a replacement would be on its way. Not stating as to when it would arrive, but soon. It’s already been more than two weeks and this shopaholic is experiencing credit withdrawals. I am very much accustomed to a certain company that will fed ex your replacement within two days! I called and asked about the shipment , one month USPS. I’m over here like.... “You guys obviously don’t want me to spend?” What’s a girl gotta do to get this envelope?! Losing my patience and most definitely contemplating a switch. This con so far is outweighing the pros. On another note, they need to reconsider the quality of their Costco Citi Visa. The sides fringe after use. It looks like they plastered a sticker on their that might easily peel off.
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4 years ago, Hya57
Won’t let me deposit!
I’ve loved this app for years, but lately the mobile deposit feature is super glitchy. 9 out of 10 times I get a message that the amount I’m entering is not what is written on the check. Uh, yeah it is. Then after trying multiple times it tells me I can keep trying, go to a Citi Branch or ATM (no I can’t because there are barely any branches and I don’t live near them) or I can mail in my deposit. Are you serious? Mail it? Through the post office? That would take days! I need my money available now. What a terrible suggestion. Normally if I just wait it out and try again later in the day it will let me deposit it. Super annoying, but doable. However today after trying at different times of the day it still is not letting me. I tried chatting with Amie through the app. She also suggested mailing it. No no no. Tell your people to stop saying that. That’s why we have apps and we shop online. Then she said to try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Didn’t work. The app is glitchy!!!! Please fix it!!! I don’t want the hassle of switching banks, but if I can’t deposit my checks without major inconvenience I’m going to have to go local. I have loved this app but it’s not working!!! Have you noticed that even though you have a 4.9 average review, the majority of the recent reviews are super low. Please figure out how to not make the updates mega stinky!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Amberseren
On the sideline waiting to pounce
Been a customer of citiibank for years .100% on time payments. Never had any complaints. I bought a new car last week and even though I alteady had approval from my credit union, I let the begging finance dept run my credit in search of a lower rate. In his defense, he did get me a half point less with a different bank, and I already had a good rate. BUT, I had no idea those lender hits to my credit were going to cost me over $10,000 in available credit from Citibank. As if the lender hits to my credit werent enough, I guess citibank was feeling left out and wanted to take a few shots as well. Just days after buying my car, Citibank reduced my card limits to the balance owed maxing out my citibank cards and taking away over $10,000 of available credit. Nothing says I appreciate your money, loyalty, and business like a good smack down. Customer Service was no help. The guy I spoke to had never bought a car so he had no idea what I was talking about. In short, I got punished for buying a car. Im in my late 40’s , make good money, and I work hard to support my desires. This new experience with Citibank has been quite the eye opener. Thankfully my life and financial stability has nothing to do with Citibank, but be advised, if you take some hits buying a car, Citibank will stop by to join in. Cant keep me down. Better luck next time Citibank! :)
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2 years ago, fukkinkiisascam
Waste of time and funds
Hands down the worst experience known to mankind, the fact that a live representative is a robot who constantly repeats nonsense is a big sign that this bank does not respect its customers. Why does your online banking system always seems to have technical issues when trying to open a new account or trying to expand your funds. There is never a technical issue when you are charging for the maintenance fee which is a total fraud, there is no maintenance at all happening with any of the account, ask for the contracts which inform you of the service they provide, now ask the employees what the maintenance fee is for and the whole story of how they are scamming customers comes out. They have charged you for a service done by robots but portray their service to be dealt by actual human beings. Also keep in mind if you disagree with the arrangement of your service even though you found violations in the customer agreement your account will be closed down, when you ask them to erase all personal information from the service they will deny you that. Personal information and data is being sold without your acknowledgment, even if you do know about this data sale they will deny it and not allow you to lead them erase all of your personal information from their system. Stop scamming people Citi bank
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2 years ago, hgr480
Horrible system
I've run into issue after issue with this bank. I use other banks and Citi's system is horrible. It's worse than a credit union but yet they charge you. They cannot verify you if you don't have the physical debit card on you which is the easiest thing to have stolen or lost. There are infinite other ways to identify someone and someone having my physical card is one of the worst ways to verify that it is in fact me. Also I was sent checks when I opened my account and they have all been getting rejected because I had to "call to activate that feature" which was not mentioned anywhere! At least when I get a new credit card or states on it "you need to activate this card" so I'm not stupid enough to use it before activating it. So why would they not mention that with my checks? Or why send me a checkbook if they aren't approved for my checking account?? Yes maybe I could learn every aspect of their system but I have a life to live and if isn't my job to learn their stupid process. I don't want to bank with someone that expects me to make their policies the center of my life and study. I want to not think about it so that I can focus on my life. All the newer banks make it simple and easy. I will rejoice when citi fails because they should disappear so the better banks with better policies and procedures can fully thrive.
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4 years ago, joel.angel
The best Finance app!!
I normally don’t do reviews but I HAD to do some for the Citi Bank mobile app. I previously had a checking with Citi Bank but closed the account a year back. More recently I opened a credit card with them and it’s not allowed me to see the FULL potential of the mobile app. I love it!! The app is super simple and intuitive, it has many features that my other banks offers but then also offers some powerful tools, such as being able to filter my transactions down to the T, and even search transactions by name (which you would think is a given form a banking app but my other accounts with another bank don’t even have this simple tool!) The app also takes payments to another level by adding a visual aspect. Once I enter the amount I’d like to pay, it shows me on a graph what percentage my payment will cut out from my total balance. The app ALSO breaks down my spending by month into another graph, showing me what categories I’ve spent the most or least on (such as 40% on food, 30% on merchandise, etc.) Overall, I can’t say enough good about this app! Keep it up Citi.
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5 years ago, Scatlin
Let me login!!!
It seems like every other time I try to login I get the red bar at top saying they are having technical issues. I can’t even get the snapshot you are supposed to get without logging in. This happens ALL the time. The times I don’t get the red bar it says my account is locked because of password problems. This is before I even try to login. So I go through the process of “unlocking” it by putting my whole card number in, putting the last for of my SS, only to use the exact same password. Then I find out even though it says it is locked, if you just wait a little bit (sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 24 hours) you can put your password in again without having to “unlock” it. It seems as though they don’t want you to be able to login very often. They are probably hoping you forget and then get charged the interest because I always pay it off the second there is a charge on there. There should be a way to pay off the balance every time there is one. I’m not talking about autopay once a month, I want as soon as a charge shows up, the next business days it is paid off. This way i don’t have to do a large lump sum at the end of each month. At minimum I want to be able to login when I want to, not when they want me to. If this card wasn’t attached to Costco I would have canceled it awhile ago.
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5 years ago, crhlbftk/*#'
No longer supported for IPad
This was the first time I used this app to pay bills. So I paid some bills and the next day went online to check if they were paid. I discovered that the money was still in the checking account and the bills were not paid. After looking into it by using my computer now I found that the app was trying to pay my bills from a checking account I keep as a back up with very little money in it and of course not enough to pay the bills I wanted to pay. I then found out that my app did not ask me which account I want the money to come from so it chose the wrong one. I finally called customer service. I was asked device I was using and when I told them an iPad I was informed that they are no longer supporting the iPad on the app only the iphone 🤔. I asked why because an iPad is larger and easier for older people to see but they really didn’t know why. I was told that if I wanted to use the iPad I would have to use the full version on the iPad not the app. That is why I wasn’t given an option where to take the money from. You would think that Citibank would send a notice out or post it on their website that they no longer support iPads. They sure do bombard you with advertisements to increase you credit line, cash advances, applying for another credit card but not this. They are the worst.
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3 years ago, Babboozled
My app just quit working one day
I have used the app for many years on my iPhone SE with no problems, then one day every time I tried signing on I received an error that Citi Bank was having technical issues and try back later. This went on for four days! I called Citi and was on hold for 50 minutes, finally they answered and said they inadvertently deleted some files in multiple accounts, not just mine, and this caused the issue. Instead of saying my sign on and password are incorrect when I tried logging on because of the deleted files, they elected to say that they had technical issues which in my mind means files are ok just computer hardware issues . After over two hours of working on this issue and re-entering all my info, I noticed that my thumb print capability was gone. I had to sign on with the password, not only that, Citi insisted on calling with the password, text was not an option. What a pain, really! Finally, the next day, I decided to delete the app and reinstall. Guess what, I got my thumb print capability back for sign on. Talking about a waste of time. I don’t have any of these issues with three other major banks which I use. Disappointed!
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2 years ago, Dancin Rancher
Customer service
I don’t have to contact customer support too often (have been a customer for years), but when I did always had fast, courteous service by someone who can understand me and I can understand them. Called today and the automated system couldn’t locate my account using my phone number or account number by touch or voice. Called through use of this app. I was then put on hold saying I would get a representative. No hold music, etc just occasionally saying reps were busy, please hold. After 10 plus minutes a representative came on. From India. Nothing against India or the people, but hard to communicate for both of us. I asked where the call center was located, to be sure, in India. Have had some glitches logging on to this app today also. I am hoping that Citibank is just having problems with their system and has not gone to using a call center located in India. It is too difficult to communicate and especially with my financial information it makes me uncomfortable.
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2 years ago, orami69
You’re gonna regret it.
I have 10+ cards, every one of them is better than my citi card. I cringe when I need any assistance from them. I’ve had my citi card for 6+ years, only once recently have I ever had a positive experience seeking help from a representative. However I’m not sure about the outcome of the assistance. I needed to shut off recurring payments, but it looks as if my account has been closed as well. This is probably the best outcome. I should be upset, but citi shows zero courtesy, makes every task impossible and offers absolutely no incentive to continue with the toxic relationship. When they send the new card I won’t be activating it. During the 6yrs I’ve had this card, I’ve received 4 spontaneous credit increases from other cards. Out of curiosity I requested one from citi and was actually denied. 😂 my credit score is 740 and I have a higher limit with every other card I have, I don’t need an increase. But it says a lot about citi in general. They requested I take a brief survey and the one time I did and took the time to tell them how I felt after typing it all out I hit submit only to be told survey time length has expired. 😳Seriously, choose any other card, it’s bound to be better than citi. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Or you’re gonna regret it. I do. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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8 months ago, slime15335685324678087543323
Very shady business practices
They issue you a card with a decent limit and are all fun until promotional rates and signup bonuses are done then they jack with your credit by lowering your limit when you make payments to reflect as being maxed constantly. I over $1200 to keep my usage below 40% (it spiked one month due to using it to pay a contractor for fixing a plumbing leak) only to find that the day after my payment cleared the dropped my available credit to match my remaining balance…. Note that I was no where near my max before I made that payment. You may ask how that is bad, well cc usage is a huge factor in you credit score and when you go from 35% usage to 60% usage due to shady crap like this, it snow balls i to your insurance rates going up and your credit score dropping like a rock. Just stay away from Coti Bank, this is a company trying to keep people in a recurring circle. Also of note, I dont cary balances on my cards very long and if I do I keep the total amount below 30% of my limit. If needed I can clear them as needed and this is one account I will clear and close right away and never do business woth again. There are better options out there and shady practices like this should be avoided at all costs!!
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3 years ago, quicksilveeer
This app is trash
What’s the purpose of having an app themat doesn’t work? I have been trying for days to make a payment to my account. My payment is due on the 22 and if this doesn’t get fixed im have to call in which i dont want to do. I like doing everything digitally, and this is causing me an inconvenience because that means i have to call in and wait on the phone to get assistance over the phone. Why? Because the app doesn’t work at all i try clicking on the option to make a payment and it doesn’t do anything. Also any other option is available it looks like all the options are greyed out and it does not respond to any of my commands worst experience I’ve had with a mobil banking. I own other credit cards with other banks and there apps work just fine. This one i find to be complete trash. There was a recent update to the app and it continues to be absolute thrash it still doesn’t allow me to process payments. When will you fix this. This a total inconvenience.
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3 years ago, BreakfastBurrito7
How can they be so good and supportive and how inflexible and unhelpful at the same time?!
I’m a huge fan of CITI for the last few year and highly spoke of their service between my friends and family. As one time I was in Ireland and needed assistance with insurance with specific letters requested by the rental, Citi stepped up and helped me in minutes over international calling. I was genuinely impressed. 2 years fast forward, I wanted to get my rewards after 1 year of wait period. They suggested I should call closer to my rewards statement date and they can hep me with it. Today I called to do so as I got closer to the date and turns out, they don’t do that. Regardless of the situation I’m in(had to move out of the country because of COVID) and they aren’t willing to give me my own rewards money as a statement credit. I’m not even asking for a deposit to my account or anything like how AMEX does the way you want it. They said they might do it maybe in Nov/Dec of the year. That’s about 20 months in total to get your own money. How are they so rigid to get the customers own money. Maybe I’m overreacting but I’m genuinely disappointed in how inflexible they are with their terms in these unfortunate situations.
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4 years ago, fuzzyhairedchick14
Let me log in!!!
I’ve used Citibank for over 5 years, and have always loved the app until I got a new iPhone SE. First I was locked out of my account, and the thumbprint was disabled. So, like others who left reviews, I have tried to reset my password to unlock the account. I went through the process of resetting a new password, and think it will work now right? Nope. I tried to manually log in with the password that I reset, and there’s still an error message coming down in red saying there’s something wrong. I have been trying to reach support by phone or online for nearly a month, and have gotten nowhere. The call in lines are always full, and the automated system doesn’t include this issue. The only way I can check my balance and make payments is over the phone with the automated service. Thank God I can pay over the phone, otherwise I’d suffer from late payments and interest fees. This is unacceptable for a financial institution!!
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3 years ago, Luna231
Open and closed a checking account within an hour. Reps can not comprehend clear English, which doesn’t surprise me as I had to request multiple transfers due to most reps where international and where not fluent in English, causing way more issues than it should have been. If a customer is choosing English as their preferred(as an example) then they expect a rep that understands fluent English and not have to expect to be ask the same question or to confirm the same thing over and over because they do not understand what is being said when the call is crystal clear. (which in general I don’t care what language you speak but should be fluid in whatever language you are providing service in). Can not even get a direct deposit slip to print out for employer for payroll. Have to wait days just to get a direct deposit slip with bank information on it to turn in, which is dumb being that any bank I have opened services with provided it immediately for print out. I’ll stick with Wells Fargo. I have never open and closed an account that fast in my life. Then have to wait almost two weeks to get my deposit back by check when you had no issue pulling it from my card immediately
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5 years ago, SupremeChosenOne
Wow well done. Worst banking app period
After setting up my Home Depot consumer credit card online I downloaded the app figured it would be better then the terrible website. Man I was wrong. The website is so bad you have to tap on any field when entering information twice to get it to register so buggy supprised I didn’t see a vw logo somewhere. But the app holy cow what a pile. After making the account tried logging into the app and nope. Says something like my password is wrong... not a chance. I work at Apple my entire job is resetting passwords and helping people remember their passwords from years ago trust me I didn’t forget what I made up two minutes prior. It is also saved in the keychain just in case but your terrible app says the information provided is wrong. Have someone at you company actually use your app and try to login with iCloud Keychain and ask your self why it kicks them out of the login page back to the main menu. Deleted app after 10 minutes of trouble shooting. I will use the buggy website with its terrible interface at least it works... kinda. Can not wait to pay off my card so I can cancel it and never use your bank again not sure where all your money is going it sure isn’t to making a decent customer experience.
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7 years ago, Kuron Kuhr
A Most Useful App!
This is the most useful app out there for Citi cardholders. Thanks to the Citi app, we discovered that, while on a cruise, the cruise line was charging some unknown person for our onboard purchases (their mistake). The cruise line does an authorization for every onboard purchase made and none were showing up on our account on the Citi app. A trip to Guest Services got us all fixed up. This would have been a big nightmare for us and the other mysterious cardholder if it hadn't been nipped in the bud. The Citi app has been very handy for us in many other ways too. When we make a purchase in a foreign currency, the purchase shows up instantly as an authorization in USD so we can see the exchange rate on the purchase. Then there are the obvious benefits of seeing unauthorized charges before they hit your account, how much is left on your credit line and checking statement, making payments, etc., etc..
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3 years ago, dotslashGatsby
This app needs to be rebuilt
This app has the most confusing layout and unintuitive user experience. I feel like this was built by 20 managers and 20 different silod engineering teams. The error messages are vague, the app always feels like it’s 1 step from falling apart, and god forbid you try to figure out how to do a simple action like setting up reoccurring transfers. It took me forever to set up reoccurring transfers and then I kept getting emails at odd times (no where close to my transfer date) about a transfer pending. Of course this money could cause my account to over draft if it’s not near payday so this is alarming. Good luck trying to figure out what’s going on because this menu is buried deep within 20 submenus that aren’t intuitive. I had to perform a brute force search just to find it. Even then when you get to the page it’s extremely unintuitive to cancel or modify reoccurring transfers. This app was built as if someone took a user experience course and decided to do the complete opposite of what they learned. If I could get the same APR somewhere else I would drop this app/account within a heartbeat
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1 year ago, Sherlock~M
Never had problems with Costco Amex and Visa card before until Citi took over
Have two large transactions $8230 plus and another $5145 plus that I disputed and and was reversed at some point. I was given a new card I never ordered and I told them to cancel the card but Citi still created the credit card which I never received in the mail! I dealt with Citi so many times with different people from Fraud Dept to Customer Service. Different people said different things and at some point it was declared that I don’t have any more debts since the transactions were disputed and fraudulent. After a few weeks Citi changed their decision and charging me $13,000 plus for two purchases I never incurred! I am about to get a lawyer or talk to someone who can fix this ridiculous charges. I have been a customer of Costco for more than 20 years and never had issues with Costco card until Citi Bank came along - fully online only - no real bank to go to and discussed the issues - everyone is online and it is hard to trace who you talked to. Very disappointed and upset about this. I pray to God, someone in their right sense will correct this .
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2 years ago, GregLease
Suddenly Face Recognition Problem on iPad Pro 11
I have used the Citi Mobile app with no problem on both my iPhone and iPad Pro for years with no problems. Suddenly, the Face Recognition has stopped working. I was able to get the iPhone working on Face Recognition again by logging-in with password and re-activating the Face Recognition in the app. Unfortunately, doing the same on the iPad Pro, although I re-activated the Face Recognition in my profile and thought it would then work, does not after logging out and attempting to use Face Recognition to log back in. After using the password to log in, the app shows that Face Recognition is not activated. I’ve activated now 4 times, and each time it looks like it is active until I log out. The sign-in screen has the Face Recognition icon, but when I attempt to log in it says that it’s having “technical difficulties” and to try later. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I do almost all my banking on my iPad Pro. I’ve only had this problem with CITI. Not with Chase, Bank of America, AMEX, BECU, Scotiabank or any other of my bank apps. It’s puzzling to me that the fix was easy on iPhone, but not on the iPad. I have the most recent app update and iPad OS.
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11 months ago, Mantech92
Worst bank ever!!!!!!
First off I have been with Citi bank over 5 years or more never really trouble until now I can’t even use my debt card on cash app and I was like wait a minute so I can use my own debt card to transfer funds to someone else on cash app then I found out that if you want to use your debit card for cash app they decline it first and then you have to call them and let them know seriously???? So I need permission to use my own money??? Then I changed my phone number then they send a one time passcode to your old phone number and then you realize you have to change it then you can’t not even on the mobile app or website or even on phone they will give you the run around so you are telling me that if I change my phone number I have to go to a Citi bank location to actually do it what if I couldn’t walk? What if I couldn’t drive and what if the nearest location wasn’t even in my city or state how would Citi bank handle this then I’m sorry but I’m changing banks because I honestly believe that a bank associate should be able to change a phone within mins and no one should have to go through this!
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1 year ago, dchi_squill
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CITIBANK. I recently switched over my checking and savings accounts to Citibank and a couple weeks after, I initiated a wire transfer to my brokerage account. A few hours later I logged into my account and my balances/accounts were no longer visible in the app. I immediately called up to customer service who then transferred me to the fraud department. I was told my account was locked and placed into a closure status. The reason? I sent money to an account that was not in my name. They deemed this fraudulent and I have been given no option to explain myself or situation. I have spent hours on end speaking with customer service and they all tell me the same thing - I will receive a detailed letter in 60 calendar days as to why my account is being terminated, and I will receive my money after. They have been rude to me, hung up on me, and no one seems to care that what is being done to me. They refuse to provide me my account statements and tell me I must wait two months. Please do not do business with this bank, they will hold your money and there is nothing you are able to do about it.
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2 years ago, mallarue27
I’m shocked
This has to be the worst experience that I’ve ever experienced with a bank. Seriously. I’ve been with BOA for years and thought I’d switch it up to see what other banks offer, but after this I think I’ll stay where I’m at. From the consistent technical issues with the app to the incompetent customer service. I can’t deal with this. I set up direct deposit to have my direct deposit set up from my job and for some reason the account or routing number wasn’t recognized and caused me to have a paper check sent to me, which I had to wait on. I called to see what went wrong, and got different answers each time. There has been multiple technical issues since I’ve opened an account, and I call multiple times just to see if everyone is on the same page, and I get different answers each time. They really need to hire a proficient IT team because whoever is running this operation is totally off. I’ll stay with BOA where I know customer service is superior, and they rarely ever have technical issues for the years I’ve been dealing with them.
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5 years ago, CitiBank is awful
Average App, terrible service
I have been trying to close out my account now for 6 weeks, have been told by 2 different associates that it has been closed, yet it still has not, I still receive emails as well as updates on my account that has been “closed completely” and it’s become such a burden and time waster for me to have to deal with all this. I STILL (over 6 weeks later) have to deal with trying to get this account closed after being told multiple times it was done. Moral of the story: if you ever need to close out your account/relationship with Citi, it’s likely going to result in a long, pointless, stressful, and confusing process that results in you being told you have done everything on your end and the account will be closed... but then weeks later you still have an account with them, you’re still receiving emails with all your account info, and nothing has actually been done. For something that should be a quick and easy task/process, this is extremely frustrating that it has been this time consuming and difficult to simply close an account. Truly unbelievable for a Bank of this size in my opinion
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6 years ago, Jvnice
Great app
The app has improved, but also with so many changes it has become more complicated to use. People want to use familiarity, every time they update the app, you have to learn how to do things differently every single time. For example, when you would transfer funds from one account to the other, before you used to select where you are taking the funds from and where they are going to, now when you go to the transfer section, it doesn’t tell you where from or where to, the moment you pick an account, that is automatically y where it is going to transfer to, and what’s worst it is the second line in the transfer information screen, before the first account you chose was where the money was coming from, and it was the first line, now it’s the second and it it the destination, when you try to correct it, you have to exit the entire section, and choose where your transferring to instead of just choosing another account.
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1 year ago, Brovis
Beware…payment glitch = double payment!
Before today, I really liked this app. But it failed open on me pretty badly tonight while I was making a credit card payment from a linked Citibank savings account. When I attempted to submit the payment, I received an error message saying that the payment could not be processed. On second attempt, the payment went through. All good, right? WRONG! Upon inspection, it turns out the first ‘error’ attempt DID actually go through, so I actually ended up making 2 identical payments within seconds of each other. No problem - just call Citibank and get them to cancel one of the payments, right? WRONG AGAIN! Because I used a linked Citibank savings account, the payment was apparently instantaneous, and because Citi credit cards and Citi savings accounts are apparently on ‘different systems’, there isn’t a way to refund the payment without sending a paper check or refunding to another, different account (3-5 business days…). Unbelievable, this kind of glitch could really screw somebody over and cause an overdraft if there weren’t adequate funds in the account.
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5 years ago, Jmack71
App has become unusable
I am not sure what happened but after upgrading to an XS Max, I have had no end of problems. Facial recognition stopped working after the last update, and now, the app will stop allowing me to sign in every week or so. I can go to the computer and sign in. When I do that, I get a message that Citibank has determined that there was a suspicious sign-in attempt (me- trying to sign in on my iPhone app)- forcing me to change my password. Once I do that, the app works for a week and then the cycle of inability to sign in, going to computer and having to change my password starts all over. Worse was when the app lost $500 that I was transferring between accounts. Money came out of my checking account instantly but did not get credited to charge account. Took many phone calls (checking account staff can’t see charge account and vice versa- and they cannot talk to each other). Took over a month to get my money back. As a result, I will only transfer money between accounts at the bank. The irony is that every time I do that, Citibank sends me an email telling me I should make the transaction through the app.
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4 years ago, Josiah Lakoduk
Not very intuitive
The interface isn’t very intuitive and the user optimization is disappointing. I use keybind shortcuts for my email addresses, and when I used it to create my account Citi’s system added the keybind “em1” to the front my my email. It didn’t let me use the password I wanted, instead forced me to add these superfluous special characters (I get why one might *think* that improves security, but in actuality it’s just a hassle and makes passwords harder to remember. Length is what’s important not being forced to use a capital, number, and special character). After registering my new card on mobile, I wanted to log in online (via computer not mobile) because I couldn’t find the features I wanted on the mobile app but it told me that my login credentials were only for mobile, and that I am forced to open a checking account to use the computer features. I tried to create a checking account, which isn’t what I want, and it’s not even letting me do that now. Not sure if I’m just a one-off unlucky customer or what, but this isn’t exactly a smooth experience as of now.
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5 years ago, Upset customer 85
Worst bank app ever seriously
I contacted city bank to ask them why online services and the app have been down for a week they literally told me they can’t do anything about it right now and they don’t know when it will work again. Then they told me to call them whenever I need something from them, like it’s the 1960’s. Seriously? Worst bank app ever. They should be ashamed. Update: here I am months later having the same issues. Not only is the app down and not working but their website is down as well meaning that this major bank currently offers no digital access to your account and you ya e to call in or go to a branch to get anything done. Wow they are truly setting a new low for banking services. I wish I could rate this app lower than one star because they don’t even deserve that. Update: another week later and I’m still unable to login to both the app and online. I called customer service which is in the Philippines and they gave me nothing but excuses for why none of their online services work. Terrible customer service and even worse app. They expect you to call them for everything like it’s the 1960s!
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4 years ago, deatrak
Does not show that you have set up a payment.
So about 2 months ago, two payments came out of my checking account. I had gone into the app to see if I had actually set up a payment and it said no payments in process and no where could I find if I set up payment that I thought I had. So I went ahead and set up payment again. Hence 2 payments came out of my checking, luckily I had the funds. When I called they were able to send me a check for the funds which took 10 business days to get. Anyhow , yesterday I set up payment and no where in the app system does it say I have a payment set up. Please fix this CITI, I think you can do better. I should not have to wait until the day funds are to come out to find out if I have indeed set up payment or not. Your competitors have this in place so it can be done.
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7 years ago, Pay to play??
Problems with posting - app is great
The app functions perfect i truly have no issues with only problem is the first page that you pull up with your available balance(s).. It will show 0.00 when it is actually in the negative.. Not letting you deposit in time to avoid overdraft fees.. The same goes with making payments.. If i make a paymwnt today.. I want to see it hit my account and i want that money to go out today.. Too often do i check my balance see its good and a day later i log in and i got hit with overdraft when i saw a positive balance less than 24 hours ago.. Or a payment that i place today does not go out or post until 3 business days later.. But like i said those are banking issues not app issues.. Although it could show balance an then true balance underneath if it is in the negative on the first screen )quick menu)
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4 years ago, sandimascharvel
Always down/bad overseas reps
It seems like every day I get “Oops at technical issue occurred” or “Oops, looks like something didn’t go as planned” on the app and website. Then customer service won’t take calls and they send you to the app and website which are always down and hang up on you. This would be a nicer app if the statement search worked right. Enter a search for a charge and it says “no results” when there are. Thus, you have to download the PDF to our computer and do a PDF search. I’ve submitted this before but it remains and issue. Also, there are too many communication problems with their overseas call centers. I asked the representative a simple question twice and twice got an answer that had nothing to do with my question. That was 10 minutes wasted. Another overseas representative gave me wrong account information that could have caused me many problems. If you get someone that doesn’t sound like they’re within the US, ask for a US representative and you will get transferred. I know this doesn’t have to do with the app itself but it sure affects the level of service provided.
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6 years ago, Rose89049
Unable to Stop Savings Goal Transfers
Over the summer I set up savings goal transfer weekly to automatically move money from my checking account to my savings account, I was able to change the payment amount and frequency with ease. The past few weeks I have been searching for the option on the Citi Mobile App to stop these Savings Goal Transfers BUT the accessibility and edit/cancel options have been taken away since the summer. The app presented the message which told me to go to the Citi online banking via the website to edit/cancel this transfer. On the Citibank website it tells me that since I set up the transfers on the Citi mobile app I can only make changes to my transfers there. What kind of programming is this?? Both of these platforms are sending me to the other place and I STILL don’t have control over my finances. Poor programming results in me spending an hour on the phone with customer service when I could’ve easily changed the transfers myself if I had the ability through the Citi online banking platforms. PLEASE FIX THIS!!
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7 months ago, Hrudy
I was standing in line at Costco and we wanted to cash in a reward. We were told to use the Citi Mobile app. When I logged on the system told me to “change my password” and therein lies my story.. Like many people, I use a password manager app. Therefore I was able to enter my old password. The trouble was in entering a new password. I had my Password manager app generate a new password of meaningless letters numbers and symbols. However, the Citi app apparently won’t let one paste a password. Why forcing me to hand enter a password is “more secure” is beyond me. All this while trying to get my reward coupon at the cash register. I then just paid and sat down and tryed to get the app working again. Finally I successfully entered a “secure” password. Later when I logged in , I enabled Face ID, which prompted another series of questions challenges etc. If I knew I had to use the app prior it would have been easier to set up this stuff at home. But my crystal ball was cloudy that day and I could not predict the furture. Thanks CitiBank for making my day a little crummier.
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4 years ago, NinaNinja55
What is wrong with this company????
I am trying my HARDEST to make my second payment through this app and NOTHING I do works. Now I’m locked out of the account because they claim the information does not match! I called the Citibank customer service number and the lady could NOT seem to understand the fact that I wanted to pay well above my minimum payment. She kept trying to make my April AND May payment!!! I could not help but think that this COMPANY doesn’t care about their customers as they refuse to allow you to speak to a real person without tirelessly insisting through an automated idiot. Then, I FINALLY get to talk to a human and the HUMAN can’t understand that I HAD NO INTENTION of paying anything towards MAY?? This card is zero percent interest for 18 months. I get it. You want us to pay the minimum for the rest of our lives but I JUST WANTED ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT and now that FOOL posted it as a split payment for April AND MAY!!!! I need this fixed for the love of ICE CREAM! I need to seeeeee my account and handle this as I am now realizing that the app and the people tasked with handling my personal information are completely unqualified to do so!
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2 years ago, amandeition
Omg worst app ux ever for account / card setup
Omg. I am beyond frustrated. Got a new Citi card and tried to download their app to register my card and hopefully make payments in the future but what a fail. The UX on this app is, not exaggerating, the worst of any app I’ve ever used. I first tried on my phone but every single page, the questions they ask you require keyboard typing and then the keyboard covers the submit or next button. If I swipe up to see the submit button, I can’t click it because I’m swiping, and then if I let go, submit disappears behind the keyboard again. No way to minimize the keyboard that I can find. Only option I CAN click is CANCEL on the top right. Why couldn’t they put NEXT / SUBMIT on the top right? So I thought, maybe my iPhone is too small and it’ll work on my iPad. Nope, even worse there. Was unable to complete the steps to set up my card and it won’t let me do anything but exit since I can’t answer the setup questions. Guess I’ll only be paying this one on the computer until they fix this crappy app so it works with iPhones and iPads.
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5 months ago, JTiberius123
This app, and company are horrible. Monitor your statements for discrepancies
I don’t know who they’re paying to give them 5 stars, but this app is horrible Im getting charged late fees, when they’re being deducted from my bank account the day before they are due, which means I’m also paying interest. Their “promotional balance,” was a scam, too, and I was charged fees, when there were supposed to be none. I’ve had a Costco credit card since Amex, and regret they switched to these clowns. It’s been getting progressively worse, and their customer service is on par with Comcast. I am canceling the credit card. Citibank is awful. You’ll see for yourself I pay my statement balance every month. I’ve had to look at my statements b/c the app is glitching what I owe. I have to check my statement, not what the app says, because it is not accurate. They make money with the inaccuracy. It’s been happening for the last 3 months. When you call their reps are *awful.* I would rather call comcast. Beware No app has this high a rating…they’re padding their reviews. Do not trust this bank.
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2 years ago, KptWst
Citibank has zero control over Zelle transactions.
As of late Zelle transactions are getting stuck in “processing” for weeks at a time. This isn’t the alarming issue. The real issue is that Citibank has ZERO ability to troubleshoot the transaction. They can’t cancel the transaction, they can’t process the transaction either. I don’t believe they can even see the transaction on their end. I called customer service and their resolution was to open a case with an investigation team that’s going to take up to 10 business days to occur. Here’s the kicker - the investigation will only occur if the Zelle transaction is still “processing” because if the transaction occurs before the investigation starts they’ll consider the matter closed. So now I’ll have to transfer money to my recipient a 2nd time with Venmo knowing that the Zelle transaction will inevitably go through before an investigation occurs and will have to ask my recipient to send the money back. The fact that Citibank has zero control to troubleshoot problems with a 3rd party feature they’ve provided in the app is a huge red flag.
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6 years ago, RENAISIA
Citibank Mobile
This is a very good app and I really appreciate the Costco Citibank card being so easy to work with. You can make a payment and have the card available to use immediately, something I really like about my American Express cards and I’m glad to see that Citibank has this feature, too. The app is also quite intuitive and easy to navigate. The thing I don’t like about it is that it’s already been about three or four times that something happens on the server end that bops your application out and will not respond to trying to log in. The good old fashioned way of logging in via your browser also does not work. A few times I’ve wanted to use my card by making a payment to accommodate a large charge but I’ve had to use other cards because I could not find out how much I had available at that moment. Thanks.
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4 years ago, TheForestOfHandsAndTeeth
Good until you have to replace your card
I loved everything about this app until it started acting up a few weeks ago. I couldn’t login and I kept getting an error message every time I tried. It turns out that, when you have to get your lost or stolen card replaced, the app doesn’t delete your old card info and that eventually corrupts your account indefinitely. You have to delete the app, create a completely new login (because the old login is now corrupt), and re-register your new card. After speaking to a representative, I found out you have to do this EVERY TIME you have to have your card replaced. Super annoying and inconvenient. Especially since my new card arrived MONTHS ago and it only now started acting up? I didn’t receive any type of information that something like this could happen. The associate I spoke with over the phone to try and clear this up was also quite rude. Aside from that, the app is fine, but CapitalOne is definitely better all around.
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2 months ago, WallsBarca
Worst service and shady tactics for payments
I work in the payments industry and have for over 14 years. I went with their Costco product as the rewards seemed great and we do a ton of road travel for kids sports. After 3 months we ran into one of the most reckless experiences. I’ve paid balances in full 2 months prior, but again we travel a lot and so we hit close to the limit. Knowing we had a trip to Canada planned, I made a large payment from our new savings accounts. The limit immediately showed available and then upon checking later showed not available. Well, had we known that we would’ve just used cash for the trip. Customer support is useless and has zero tools to help. Apparently my money will be available 5/18. Wish they would pay me interest for locking up funds, but we all know how they works. They use Plaid who does verified ACH. This lock up is just Citi doing it and completely reckless. stay far away. Go with other reward cards. Chase has far better customer support and you will not face this with their Plaid integration
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4 years ago, Movie Fan 916
New to Citi Card Mobile App
I like using the Citi Card Mobile App, it’s a good app for Credit Card Bill Pay. The Citi Card its helpful I can make a purchase on electronics then I can pay for my credit card quick on the Citi Card mobile app. I always on the go go so when I need something cool like some clothes and electronics I get my stuff with one swipe of my Citi Card. Thanks for my credit card Citi Bank I can now make purchases with my new Citi Bank Credit Card. I really really needed the credit card for purchases for my purse life. And I like using the Citi Mobile App on my iPad and iPhone to check on my Credit Balances. I like the colors on the App those are cool and are a little vibrant and the app it has graphics too. The App is Easy to Use and I like reading the print on the app the print on the app display uses large print. Thank you, have a great day! C. Wilson, Vallejo, CA
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12 months ago, #1 MUSIC
Flawed App Experience
This app is so frustrating to use and literally makes me want to cancel this credit card. In general the app is very buggy and the UI is chaotic. Several times when logging into the app, an error message appears saying connection issues or a redundant pop up message that won’t go away. There is no clear hierarchy in the app. Useless information about getting loans, getting checking accounts, or even adding an authorized user is set against a bright white background with account information displayed at the size but against a darker background. Account information should literally be 2/3 of the screen but it’s 50/50 with a secondary nav bar splitting the information. There is even a top nav bar with the same information displayed below. When looking at account information it’s also too easy to accidentally swipe over to information about getting a new credit card. What the heck Citi? Account information is treated secondary. If you want to look at a beautiful and well designed app, look at Amex.
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5 years ago, nogil2019
My account
I love Citi bank. It’s my no 1 Bank. I love their mobile app because funds are available immediately. Don’t know if I’m grandfathered in or not. I have been with Citibank over 50 years. They often say 29 or 30 years but that’s because of name changes. I started I think as Washington Federal Savings and Loan. And there were other name changes which lead to being finally named CITIBANK. I brag about CITIBANK all the time. And I love Checking Plus. I usually use it as an emergency fund. It beats being overdrawn in another account and having to pay a $29 or $35 fee. The most I will pay is 25 cents or less, give or take, depending on how fast I can repay. A few days ago I received a form for auto draft from my checking account to pay if I have to use Checking Plus. I will put that in the mail today. But, when are you going to put a branch in Atlanta 🤓. But thank You CITIBANK.
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6 years ago, KeithAppProgrammer
Great App; a few IT ideas.
See ITI continues to make their application more and more user-friendly. This shows the sign that the chief information officer is well aware of the position the user takes when using the APP. There are a few places where the app could be improved; that’s usually the case with any computer program. It’s possible that may be more rewards should be more available to users such that the users are not misled into thinking that they can use their rewards when they can’t! I would like to think that I’ve earned more than what’s being reflected in the app. Perhaps, see ITI bank should consider awarding more rewards for the length of time people have been clients of Citi or for different reasons and possibly make it easier to add more payment options; however, it’s an extraordinarily good application!
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1 year ago, JWU504
Worst Bank Ever-No stars deserves
Only rated one star because it was literally the only option. I don’t understand how a large financial institution has such a crappy web security system. I run into the same MFA error every few log ins, unless I keep changing my browser. Like come on, your company makes enough money to hire competent IT guys and programmers/developers—stop being so cheap. This useless app won’t even let me log on and it seems like their online services just keeps having log in errors. Nobody has time to keep calling in about these issues and to keep bouncing back from department to department because even the people who work there are puzzled. Lastly, it’s ridiculous how you need a debit card or atm card to locate your account, without other backup authentication options. Like come on, if the account was closed months ago or if your card was stolen—how do you even have those numbers when you can’t log on?!?! Please do not add your credit card fo your online banking—it will become a nightmare. Trust me stay away!!
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5 years ago, Charlie_0328
Well designed app, if you want a company to spam you constantly.
Typically, when you download a banking app, you enter information to help you with data recovery or account access, to help them confirm that you are you. Unfortunately, this app takes it too far. They gather this information, like your phone number, and pass it on to their call center minions to call you... several times a day. I thought adding in my number would be good... they could call me to alert me of potential fraud. Yay, great! Well, not really. Fraud alert! Citi is using your numbers to spam call you. Literally have had 13 calls, since Sunday (today is Thursday 08:00). I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. Then, they hang up when I answer, or when I ask them to remove me from their list. I even went into my app and deleted any optional information. They don't even have any opt-out options, or a place to mark that you don't want to be contacted & that the number is only to contact you in case there is a potentially fraudulent charges. So if you given them any info, just know they're using it.
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