Citi Private Bank In View

2.1 (96)
279.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citi Private Bank In View

2.08 out of 5
96 Ratings
7 months ago, Trent Masterson
Absolute garbage
A pathetic & buggy app which frequently crashes, embeds web pages within the app that often don’t load, and is so much worse than other consumer banking apps it makes me question why even have a private banking account with citi
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11 months ago, Balux76
Improved a lot
Nice to see App login performance improved. No crashes seen. New features introduced in app made me to use this app holistic instead login to online portal.
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4 months ago, Dr. Pupenshaur
Recent improvements
The performance has improved drastically and recent updates to financials sections are a welcome change.
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1 year ago, fed fed$
App stability and performance improved
Performance improved
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1 year ago, citifixtjisapp
Crashes on login every time
The app crashes on login every time. I am not able to get into my account for more than 2 seconds before it crashes. This app needs to be fixed asap.
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1 year ago, JW POV
This App has become very buggy.
The app shuts down every time you try to open it to review your accounts. Please have your user experience and development team fix ASAP. Right now it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
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1 year ago, 34dc56gh
Worst app ever
The login rarely works. I am able to see the account for less than a half a second before it closes down on its own. This happens to me almost every time I try to use it. Worthless
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1 year ago, bk06709753738
Crashes constantly
App crashes constantly. Can’t login without the app immediately crashing. Huge disappointment. I don’t think Citi actually cares about it’s private bank customers.
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1 year ago, Pat the IPad Gamer
App is completely unusable. Crashes immediately upon opening. Have deleted and reinstalled. I can’t check my balance or transfer money. Useless.
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1 year ago, JF Checks
App crashes on opening
App crashes after login credentials have been accepted. Using an iphone. Tried deleting app and reinstalling—same issue. Needs to be debugged and updated. (posted 7.7.22)
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10 months ago, A120
Buggy, crash-y, useless app
This app needs to be reworked from ground up. Tried it on multiple devices and it crashes instantly every time. Complete garbage
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3 years ago, JRTB XZZ
Shows no improvement over the years
Still buggy and crashing
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1 year ago, Thortum
Not happy…crashes and not sure if the session is still open and worried about my data, privacy and assets…
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3 weeks ago, matt12321312312
Time to join modern era
Come on Citi, you can do better than this. Even the regular retail bank is miles ahead. Time to catch up. Look at Schwab for inspiration. Thanks.
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1 year ago, NLajoie
App Refuses to stay open
The app refuses to stay open. I have removed and downloaded it several times without success.
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1 year ago, Minimom215
App keeps crashing
Useless, crashes immediately after login.
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1 year ago, dasfarkt
Keeps crashing
The app won’t stay open and I can’t check any balance. Don’t bother downloading
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2 years ago, Rsh-rsh
Cannot login … always crashes
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6 months ago, rumsfelfRules
The worst.
"Needs work" would be an improvement
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1 year ago, JD914413212202301
Crashes at Login / PIN Screen
Cannot advance beyond login / PIN screen with this update.
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2 years ago, Majidkaq
Terrible app. Always crashing and can’t make any transfers or transactions!!
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5 years ago, Chris711SF
Every time I click to register as a first time user, it crashes.
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5 years ago, Harlieman
Worse banking App
Lots of bugs. Crashes all the time.
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1 year ago, dizt2
Doesn’t work
This app is the worst. It doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Carlota Safety
Buggy and slow
Should use a digital token, it’s 2017
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1 year ago, Nyrab
crashes over and over
app keeps crashing please update this!
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2 years ago, Critic4444
Very very slow
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12 years ago, Jwhays
Not online banking
This program is only for people with private banking accounts. It does not work with Citi credit cards or other services. This should be more clear in the description.
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12 years ago, p-kun
Private Bank Mobile
Simple and easy to use. A beautiful reading app that works offline as well. It's nice not having these pieces delivered hard copy anymore, and this has video. Will look forward to updates and multiple languages in the future.
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7 years ago, CitiUser45
Great Upgrade
This thing has improved 10 times over in the last release!
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12 years ago, vicrivs
Love it
Very user friendly, content is organized perfectly and very informative.
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13 years ago, zuzasimone
innovative display for multi-task viewing. fresh and clean layout. will use often.
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13 years ago, oaraba
Great Product
Very nice app with great video. Looking forward to future updates.
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9 years ago, gargary1226
Needs work
Very buggy. The app hung several times. I got detailed information for the wrong account when selecting from the master account list...the data was from an account I had previously looked at.
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11 years ago, ollieco
latest version does not work
Latest version forces screen into portrait position BUT keyboard is forced into landscape position, covering the cells where one should enter login credentials. it is now impossible to log in and use the app!
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13 years ago, Sandra2020
Very Informative
Superb App for reading thought pieces by Citi Private Bank.
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7 years ago, Pad-reds
Great banking app
It is Cool - easy to use and all in one place! And I can login with touch is!!
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12 years ago, Eva Wang
Does not work
Had high hopes for this app but when I tried to log on, the app shut down. This happened two times. Please fix and would be happy to re-rate
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6 years ago, nyc83
SO SLOW. This app looks like it was written in 1995. I will probably switch to a different bank, to be honest, just to get away from this app
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12 years ago, AdmDonovan
Tech support
I called the support number that came up when my password didnt work. They told me this app doesnt exist...
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8 years ago, Lucky86
Terrible. Does not work
Not able to see any details on my accounts.
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7 years ago, citibnk
Doesn't let you sign in. Once user name and password entered, nothing happens and circle spins and spins and then app crashes.
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6 years ago, Mattmnyc
Not letting me login
This app won't let me login even when I enter correct login information.
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11 years ago, Scotty221
Does not support transactional service accounts...
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1 year ago, tct999
Horrible performance
App keeps shutting down. Will just flash and will. It even open. Not that it’s all that useful when it is open. It is missing many features of the app. You would think a private banking app would offer more features not less.
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9 years ago, Gloria Hilarion
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13 years ago, rweisbein
Much better than the printed versions....having less mail is a good thing, and this app takes care of that, and gives me the video in the deal.
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13 years ago, Marshamoo86
Great on the go!
Really nicely presented and extremely useful information, look forward to reading new publications.
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