Citibanamex Móvil

4.7 (30.3K)
238.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Banco Nacional de Mexico
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citibanamex Móvil

4.67 out of 5
30.3K Ratings
2 years ago, redt77
Review of application
The application makes banking easier than your website. As I am not fluent in Spanish.
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5 years ago, utrph77004
App works fine; English support dropped in last update
You can view everything in English on the website, and you used to be able to do the same with the app. However, with the latest update, it has reverted to Spanish, and there’s no option to switch it back to English. Otherwise the app functions appropriately except forcing it to activate via TouchID or FaceID, which I think is odd. (You must tap an icon on the screen before it activates either.)
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2 years ago, The1JesusLoves
Considering the size of this bank, the app is a piece of work..
We are not talking about a mom and pop institution but a sizable bank yet It has very limited options and very limited things you can do. I find it many times useless. Unfortunately we even get use to mediocrity
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6 years ago, Gerardo Dorado Smith
Hard to understand
No info where to watch a tutorial and learn how to use it an make the best out of it. Pretty disappointed
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5 years ago, jmloboc
Generally speaking, it is a good app
Most of the time it works good. The only problem I have found is unlocking the password using the NetKey, it never worked and I had to go to a branch. The only problem with that is I do not live in México.
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5 months ago, denissesaav1.23
For people outside Mexico, look for another bank not this one! You can barely use the app because it will block every movement you want to make by NetKey which is annoying by itself, but wasn’t until you go to the bank to get it fixed 😅 no one will help you! This app and bank are a joke!
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6 years ago, RosellaG
Dont update!
They disabled touch and faceID and somehow it wont remember my user so i have to be pulling up my credit card all the time! Please go back to how it was 😢
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9 months ago, gospodbog73
Just garbage
One of the worst banking apps I’ve seen so far in my entire life. Screwed up on all layers, even the very basics. You wouldn’t even be able to see your transaction history properly because it jumps to some random date while you’re scrolling. Don’t even expect anything more advanced.
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6 years ago, Jayster69
App not opening
I just bough my new iPhone XS with iOS 12 and downloaded this app and when I try to open it, it try’s to open for a second or two and then the app closes. The app will not open and now I can’t access my account info on my new iPhone! Please update this app to fix this issue. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue on iOS 12? Thanks
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6 years ago, Uich
Does the job, finally.
Easy to use and nice looking app. Now need to incorporate more features do that we say goodbye to web!
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2 years ago, CDFBI
Enjoy the App
I just became a new member of Citibanamex and I really enjoy the wrap. It is very user friendly and easy to login.
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2 months ago, victmo
Bloated with ads
I just want to access my bank info but every time I log in I have to dismiss several ads/promotion pop ups. It’s annoying.
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5 years ago, fgkhsnapdb
Very efficient app
It makes you access your banks on the go.
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1 year ago, Naxo prax
Face recognition does not work it is bad
Face recognition doesn’t work no way to use you app only for information BBVA is much better
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6 years ago, Izquierdobarri
No iOS 12 support
The app keeps crashing when opened in iOS 12. Because of the electronic token being in the app, making a transaction is impossible, even through the web page. It’s amazing they haven’t thought of this issue when incorporating the token in the app.
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1 year ago, roposo
One of the worst Bank Apps I have ever used
Bottom line: Constantly OUT of Service. * Can’t even access my balance 90% of the time! Very very very bad systems = Terrible Customer Service No wonder it is for sale!
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5 years ago, yourpoppa
User friendly, intuitive!
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1 year ago, David Gibellini
Web site not available
More often than not the web site is not working.
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2 years ago, Brandon Beauty
New services in USA as citiBanamex
Please open Citibanamex in Los Angeles California since there are so many Mexicans people living in USA and Mexico too.
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1 year ago, RowanVG
Compatibility issues
7 months and the bank still hasn’t rolled out a versión compatible with [my] iPhone 14 Pro Max. It always asks me to register as if it were the first time I use it. It’s a real hassle when I want to use it.
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6 years ago, Edgar Ramirez
The app crashes on new iPhone X S Max
Please fix it. I can’t use it. UPDATE: thanks for addressing the crash.
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4 months ago, Reita
Can’t login
Application is 100% rubbish. It’s been multiple versions since I have been able to login. I have to login through web since the app is basically useless on mobile
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4 years ago, Frida Enamorada
I have IOS 13.3.1 and the app is not working !!!
I already updated everything, downloaded again, went to the bank to ask and still crashing this app, it haven’t worked for months and it’s super inconvenient! Please help!
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6 years ago, Joe-from-NY
Good enough!
Real time notifications on email have to set them up separately!
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2 years ago, kikidemexico
The worst banking app
Citibanamex app does not have an English version. So good luck to you if you are beginning to learn Spanish. But even so, the app’s design is terrible and the service at the bank offices is abysmal. Save yourself headaches and bank elsewhere
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2 years ago, Rubicon
Excellent application and very secure. Highly impressed!
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6 years ago, marioreynae01
Not working in iPhone XS Max iOS 12
App crashes immediately and it does not open. Please fix it.
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3 years ago, Natimel salon
Citibanamex in USA Branches
Excellent website but you need to reopen Banamex banks branches in California. USA. Like in the past please
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7 months ago, rnlkhell
Thank you for your service 🫶🇲🇽 Gracias…
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5 years ago, Juan P Guardado
Simple and clear
Quick and very easy to use 🙂
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2 years ago, rojas526
Works 4/10 times . The website is worst ! We just have to get use to it, for now , to be able to make the simple transactions .
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6 years ago, RealGl0
Can’t use it
Haven’t been able to open once. Keeps crashing. Y’all need to fix these major problems as soon as possible it’s ridiculous and embarrassing
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2 years ago, fgvm65
Days and days saying that there is a connection problem with server Lack of a chat solution Phone is painful I am so dissatisfied with this bank
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6 years ago, Hector Dzib
Great App but allow copy & paste
Please allow copy & paste it’s essential in mobile
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7 months ago, Brenda Castro B
Wonderful to have options at your fingers. Great
Tener a tu disponibilidad opciones es excelente servicio
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5 years ago, Jaihu1977
Good app.
Excellent app for all my transactions I need it.
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2 years ago, noeqplease
They broke the link to my cellphone with this new version.
Now I cannot access my bank account. All because they updated the app and it broke the link of the cellphone to my account. The only “fix” is to re register the phone IN PERSON at a bank branch. My nearest branch is 3 hours away. This is the second time this has happened.
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4 years ago, tanmopa75
Not everything works
Face identification does not work all the time nor the notifications
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1 year ago, ritawero
not working in IOs 16.4.1
when i try to reset my password it says my phone number does not match, but it does match
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6 years ago, Mrc?
Good app - it is sad that is designed for telephone
Tried to use it with iPad- and is kind of distorted- big. Not that good but works fine
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5 years ago, landpre
Very friendly...!!
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6 years ago, armanglz
Great app!
Super easy to puse, just please update it for iPhone Max 🙏🏼
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6 years ago, Blue-panda--
Won’t even open!
Just installed it in my iPhone XS Max and it crashes immediately! It’s embarrasing that we keep having these problems! It’s 2018 people! Fix it asap!
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3 years ago, cmglez
Crash app Failing for 2+ weeks / falla crash
App crashes and there’s no support or information. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, eva anguiano
This app does not give the option to read in English. The app does not have more options it is not to user friendly. It’s okay.
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6 years ago, pepe2123
App crashes with iOS 12
I have the new iPhone Xs Max with iOS 12 and the app is crashing when opening. Not able to see the login page, please fix ASAP.
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8 months ago, Elizabeth C.C.
Terrible app
Netkey doesn’t work all the time, can’t scan QR codes, and sometimes the app it’s not available! 😡
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6 years ago, Angelreagan
Not working on iOS 12
Please fix it!!
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2 years ago, Pastafarious
Not working
More than 3 days now and I’m not even able to login. I’m changing banks this week!
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5 months ago, HeDaAL
Not friendly
Very cumbersome, unstable , I am looking for first opportunity to close the account
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