4.8 (2.6K)
266.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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4.75 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Roadiek2
Great watch!!!
I’ve had a fit bit, 2 actually, constantly went crazy, lost connection or would not turn on. I like watches, always have, I own several Citizens watches, awesome watches, these are my favorite watches to wear anywhere. Durable and accurate, I get so many compliments on my Citizens watches because of their appearance, so when I saw that there was a smart watch available that looked like a watch, not like someone strapped a small tablet to their arm, I had to add it to my collection. This watch is awesome, it looks great, it’s easy to use and set up. The app is great, just as easy to use as the watch. I could not be happier.
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1 year ago, El jeffty
The citizen hybrid smart watch is a good addition to your watch collection
What I liked about the citizen hybrid smartwatch is the stylish and sturdy design and it’s very accurate and comfortable on your wrist and the battery life is excellent it’s a good value for your money and it makes a great gift and it’s a good addition to your smartwatch collection
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1 year ago, Patrick D Baker
Not what I was looking for
The watch is nice & stylish but with that being said, the functionality could use a lot of work. The app needs to be open to use the watch which is unfortunate. Once it’s paired it should coexist with the watch & not have to be opened every time you want to use the watch features. Notifications don’t show up on the watch either. The instructions are difficult to use & understand. If you want higher reviews then you should produce a better app with more user friendly options & a more functional app to watch setting instead of a nonfunctional app that’s more suited for a $20 pseudo smartwatch that could be purchased from an overseas discount website. I would expect more from Citizen.
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3 months ago, Buggs86
Not bad. But not amazing
This is a cool simple user friendly app. Has basic features for the watch. And is really easy to use. The main thing I don't like is it seems I have to have the watch open all the time. To keep the watch connected. Because the watch is constantly being disconnected when I have my phone in my back left pocket and the watch on my right wrist.
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9 months ago, Boulder guy
Function but confusing
The app works well enough to customize and interact with my watch data. Health data colors are not easy to understand. No instructions included and not a very intuitive design. But once figured out most functions work well. Some functions seem to just spin. Instructions are available from Citizen upon request.
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9 months ago, Joey deeee
Like but not love
This watch and app combo has me liking it but not loving it so far. The watch is great once you get used to not having a touchscreen. For me it’s the best of both worlds that’s why I bought it. As for the app it seems pretty basic but does everything it needs to I guess. But for the you Q app it doesn’t show my workouts when I log them with the watch and citizen app do I have to enter them manually?
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2 years ago, Tim at Sea
Off-line issue
App gets data from watch when offline but cannot update watch without internet. Better than Fitbit that fails at both. I often travel off the grid. This needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, dieburnbot
Removed Options
This new update visually looks great and makes the Hybrid Watch a lot easier to use. However it’s now impossible to remove the icon on the bottom of the face that shows your watch isn’t connected to your phone. I use this watch without being connected to my Phone all the time and that notification icon irritates me so much. The old version had an option to remove the icon. Please add it back. I hope I’m just missing something in the options.
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6 months ago, ?dude?
Could be much better
Come on citizen use your imagination there’s many watch faces you can add and the customization has a lot of room for growth add some of your trade mark designs a square date window hour and minute markers your divers come on other than that the heart rate monitor if pretty on the sleep tracking I use get it together better faces and customization
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1 year ago, Cdaug63
Easy to read and accurate
App works well with watch, didn’t think I would use all the features, but I do monitor them all to help with overall health check
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1 year ago, jjefink
Touchscreen and hybrid best smartwatches
I love both my touchscreen and hybrid citizen smartwatches. Best looking watches and all the features and functionality I want. Synch well with iPhone. App is easy to use and all the stats I need. Really enjoy my smartwatches from Citizen.
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7 months ago, Sam2x4
Simple sophistication
It so easy to navigate. It tracks my workouts. I have a stopwatch controls my music on my phone. I just got yesterday and it truly the best watch I own. The best part it’s a stylish analog watch.
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7 months ago, Le Gatoss
Work out set up
I chose start a work out, the last two days, and for some reason, the work out got cut/shortened yesterday, and today, even though began the reverse counting, it did not record any time. Timer showed 0 minutes, even though I walked for about 42 minutes.
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1 year ago, leo17212
Must light up in the dark so you can see and read notifications, increase the font size
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1 year ago, Steven Untiet
Works good
App functions pretty well. Does all I would like it to do with the exception of working with other apps. It does not communicate directly to most apps. Has to go through I health. But it still gets the job done
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3 years ago, Billy7tg
App + Phone works great on airplane mode
Went on a 4 day hike, app and phone worked great in airplane mode tracking sleep and steps. Just had to re-sync when I got home.
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1 year ago, Innerscope
Try making all the watch faces more flexible. A lot of the faces are rigid and I’m unable to customize them with the present features. My guess is your app team is lazy or saving cost. Your competition is doing a better job regarding customization.
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3 months ago, B H Bushcraft
New user
I’m a new to the Citizen CZ hybrid smartwatch But not to the quality of the Citizen Brand As a Citizen Watch owner for over 3 decades and counting, and personally owning 10 Citizen watch’s and counting I found the CZ watch, as well as the app easy to navigate and use and the CZ watch is stylish as well as functional It’s a great watch that wouldn’t have a problem with recommended to anyone looking for a new watch
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1 year ago, rolexw
Great smart watch
It is a easy to use and great tool to help keep a person in shape and see their heart rate and steps
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5 months ago, sark8080
Crashes, buggy, does not connect to watch
Glitchy app with limited features. Disconnects from the watch often. Does not work well on Apple and also cannot text back from the watch. Not sure if the Citizen connected watch and app are yet any near the competition.
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1 year ago, Ant198581
Almost perfect.
I would give it 5 stars if I didn’t have to keep opening the app to keep the weather displayed on the watch face.
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2 months ago, Siputin2021
Love it
So far don’t have any problems
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11 months ago, BonesBass1
First impressions
The app is a little clunky. The weather won’t update unless you have the app open on your phone.
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1 year ago, Chi4julia
Thank you for update
Please continue! Kaizen.
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1 year ago, Jonesy1104
Nice app
It could be better, but it works. I would suggest a watch face with a seconds display though, I’d really like to have the seconds displayed
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2 years ago, 1w3456789jfje
Needs more features
Having more granular access to the data collected would be nice
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1 year ago, 16373721
Can’t even connect to google, no dark mode, power score won’t show up on the watch. The app is less than basic especially for the price of the watch.
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2 years ago, lecd66
Citizen smart watch
Steps don’t load automatically and miles are not shown
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1 year ago, Champois123
It’s beautiful wish I could do more by sending a message without handling the phone
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5 months ago, Mikey6173
Love it
Best watch I have ever owned and I have many!!!
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5 months ago, Shanelien
Doesn’t sync with iPhone
Love the watch, but the app is hot garbage. Won’t sync with my phone. So the calendar and weather features are useless. Also can’t log health data. Citizen should be embarrassed.
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1 year ago, docharris9
Sports Watch
Could be better by having blood pressure reading.
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1 year ago, Place4Buckeyes
Great App
I like the App and it ease of use in concert eithe watch.
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1 year ago, Enrique Rodz
Amazingly user friendly app & watch!
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1 year ago, Love this watch
Great job
Great features
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2 years ago, Payton341960
Doesn’t work with iOS 16.1
I got a new iPhone 14 Pro and now my watch doesn’t sync properly. Very upset and disappointed. Is the Citizen Connected app going to update? I’m really unhappy.
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1 year ago, starboy_805
Great app
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2 years ago, putu wijaya
Why Citizen connected app is not working???
The app is not working, till now my watch still cant use
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1 year ago, tigre peludo
Calidad del reloj
Excelente calidad y profesionalidad
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2 years ago, willbyoung
Great smartwatch if you don’t count steps
After using an Apple Watch and two Garmin smartwatches over the years I decided that being in my 70’s I really didn’t want the mass amount of data they produced. And, I was missing the look of a classic watch. The Citizen hybrid Cz offered exactly what I wanted: classic Citizen style with key smartwatch metrics. I track steps, calories burned, distance, workouts and sleep. I also love that two week battery life. Now to the Citizen Connected app: something is not right. I have been using it for almost two months have been struggling with is the accuracy of its step counter. Early on it seemed that I was walking farther but those steps were not reflected in the totals. Today I performed a test (to support this review). I used my Citizen hybrid, my old Garmin Venu and my iPhone's accelerometer and came up with the following: Steps recorded - iPhone: 12,709, Garmin: 13,319, Citizen: 8,576. This means that I have to take over 30% more steps to meet my goal in Citizen Connect. Another issue is that I want to track distance. On the Garmin my steps equated to 6.6 miles (2016 steps per mile which is low), on the iPhone it equated to 6.1 miles (2083 steps per mile which is just about right) and the Citizen only 3.2 miles (a whopping 2680 steps per mile). Without doing the math it seems to me that I am not getting credit all of my steps or my stride is not correct. I checked the settings in the Citizen Connected app and my height and weight info is that same as what I have in Garmin Connect. Something is not right, I am now using my iPhone to count my steps and may go back to my old Venu.
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3 years ago, Damen1279
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1 year ago, OhLngJohnson
Simple yet elegant.
This app is very user friendly. Super easy to get on and change my watch face whenever I please.all the help tips cover whatever issues you might face, and I haven’t had any just found the tips messing around on the app. Yes it does ask for personal data to help track your calories burned, but if you don’t like sharing personal data then a smartwatch is not for you.
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6 months ago, drow114
Still learning about the fitness tracking
The app is very user friendly and it’s easy to set goals and alerts. However, I’m still adjusting to the difference in the fitness tracking compared to apple. I used to shoot for burning 500-750 calories more than I ate in a day, but with this tracker I am still figuring out what I need to set for calories burned
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1 year ago, Brand new cz hybrid owner
Network error
Bought a brand new gen 2 smartwatch and can’t even use it since the watch will not connect properly and keeps referencing Network Error (400301).
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1 year ago, NPC238
December 2022 update simply a mess
CZ screen hangs. Doesn’t go further. CZ hybrid watch disconnected itself. Doesn’t re-connect as app update caused app to freeze on open. Gone from wonderful to unusable in 24 hours. A complete mess - is anyone at Citizen listening? The app has now disappeared from the Android playstore. Truly hopeless, the sort of fiasco you expect from a start-up in it’s first days. Fix this fast or lose clients fast.
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