Citizens Bank Mobile Banking

4.7 (536.8K)
245.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Citizens Bank, N.A.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citizens Bank Mobile Banking

4.7 out of 5
536.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Mr. Moose-ninja
Bring Back the Old App
Aesthetically I find this ad to be very nice. What makes me crazy is the two layer authentication. I have that on my credit card which is fine because I might access it twice a month. However, I access my Citizens accounts three or four times a day. The two level authentication is way over the top. The widget that was on the old app is now gone. I used to find that to be very helpful. There were many times that I would make a charge on my debit card and it won’t show up for three or four days. That makes balancing my account so much more difficult. If you call customer service I have the phone errata hold for an incredibly long period of time. Why don’t they just hire Sabor people and give better customer service. When you do get through call about I generally always get support with a very thick accent. They were offense to them, they racks it is their accent, but if you can’t understand it what good is it. I’ve had to ask to be
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11 months ago, Veyliant
The actual bank is great, the app is HORRIBLE
Would like to preface this with the fact I’ve never had a negative experience with Citizens Bank employees. Every time I’ve had to speak with a representative over the phone or go in person to one of the branches, they’ve been incredibly helpful and wonderful. But god, the app for this bank is just so horrible. I can’t even think of a worse app I have on my phone but I can’t really get rid of it since it’s integral to my bank account’s functions. 90% of the time I can’t log in, and it attempts and fails so many times that it ends up locking my account and I have to go through a verification process on my PC, just to do something as simple as check my balance. On the few times I need to actually do something, it’s so miserable I have just primarily started using a different bank since their apps work better. Trying to move money between accounts causes the app to refresh and log me out, which then reverts back to my first issue. Zelle just simply doesn’t work, and having to pay my rent via Zelle is an hour long process because the app won’t accept my request to pay the amount, then refreshes, logs me out and sometimes forces me to do the verification process on my PC, which isn’t always accessible. Please just fix the app, I don’t understand why this sort of thing is so complicated for this company. I have zero issues with the Venmo, PayPal, CashApp or Bank of America app.
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3 years ago, aytheredenorah
Bank is Terrible, App is Equally Bad
These 5-star reviews are beyond fake. This app is just as terrible as this bank. Like clockwork, the app is down every single day at 12am EST. I learned this through experience and repetition, not via transparency of Citizens Bank. The app is not at all intuitive. Every time I open the app, it takes me to the “You are now logged out!” screen (Even if the app was closed - it doesn’t allow me to log in unless I re-close out of the app and re-open. A lot of these bugs have existed for a long time now. App features are limited. You can do mobile check deposits, bank transfers, and get a very rough idea of your recent transactions. The post-dates of transactions change daily & my guess this is a way of Citizens Bank screwing you over. You are also not able to see credit transactions immediately, as you are able to with other banks. I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for over 10 years. Their systems have been hacked numerous times and they are not at all transparent with their customers about these data leaks so just be careful. Citizens Bank is a shady bank and the Citizens Bank app is one of the worst banking apps on the market. It’s 2021 - with all the outrageous fees and shady dealings Citizens Bank is guilty of, you’d think they could bother to invest in a quality app for their customers. Unfortunately this app is terrible but I’m learning to expect that from Citizens Bank.
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4 years ago, JCollins121
Basic banking. Not reliable or versatile.
I have had this app for several years now and have never been very impressed with it. The accounts views show transactions and date information. The mobile deposit for checks works just fine. There have been several occasions where the app will have random “unknown errors” that causes it not to let you log in to the account. This can be very frustrating when you need to check balances or transactions in a time sensitive manner. I do not like that the Citizens Bank credit card is not integrated better to the account and app. The only thing you can do with it on the app is view transactions, but you cannot easily make and schedule payments using the app. I have found that only the primary cardholder can have the transactions show, but a second cardholder cannot see transactions through their account, even if they are the second name on the account. I have used several other apps through banks that have their cards very well integrated and streamlined for simple payment and tracking. I have not had any issues utilizing the Zelle feature for family and friends, so that is also a good feature. For such a large banking chain, they need to devote more time to their software development and modernization, but this app does alright for it’s basic functionality.
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5 years ago, mynickname66
I have had an account with Citizens since they bought out US trust. That’s a very long time. I have never liked the app. Although I haven’t had the overdraft problems that many people are mentioning in their reviews I find Citizins to be the only bank that doesn’t allow you to make credit card payments or even see your credit card statement on the app. In order for me to make my credit card payment every month I have to open the app tell it to login to the credit card which takes me to the website where I’ve got to log into my checking again then log in to my credit card. Very inconvenient. When I asked them about it and explained the convenience of other banks like Bank of America and Chase… They tell me that the credit card and the bank are two different entities and therefore cannot be on the same app. But if you gonna put your banks name on a credit card… Either let the app access it or develop a new app just for the credit card. I actually have no idea why I still have a Citizens Bank account. I guess it’s just nostalgia since it was the first account I ever had. If you already have a Citizens Bank account and I would recommend getting the app. If you don’t already have a Citizens Bank account I would recommend looking at other banks.
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5 years ago, IndyTed
I can not believe how bad
I have been dealing with this bank for my uncle. I have never hit so many road blocks in my life. And the Fees!!!! Are they crazy? I go to a different bank where it is all reasonable and the fees make sense. To pay bills you have to go to a page on a computer and set up the payees then go back to the app to pay them. Why have an app? My local bank does everything so fast right through the app. The people at the bank do not even get it. They are the only reason this is even getting one star. They are very nice and try to be helpful but what can they do with something that does not work? They were told, and so was I through the messages system, that once you set up one account on the home page of the bank ( of which they never send a link). Plus once you log off the account the message disappears! No one looking at it could find it. This app is so bad I had other people look at it to see if it was just me or what. If you think you need this bank for travel you do not. I just tell my local bank (through the app) where I am going (if it is flying distance) and there is no problem. This bank and their app has been so slow and their system so messed up you can not even tell if you have bounced a payment or not. Then the fees really add up. I did not know these kind of fees were legal.
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10 months ago, SmC1220
I wouldn’t know!!!
I wouldn’t know how the app is because I haven’t been able to log onto it since I’ve been a customer over 2 months ago!! Ive called customer service, they spent an hour on the phone with me and STILL can not get me logged in!! It just says user name and password don’t match!!! Even when THEY GAVE ME THE UN AND PASSWORD!! this is unacceptable at this point, and now I’ve had NOTHING but problems with my debit card. It gets flagged for fraud every other day, and when I call to get it straightened out with the fraud department, they can’t do anything because my phone number isn’t recognized!!! So they tell me I have to go see my local branch and that’s all they can do!! Twice in the same weekend this just happened, and it’s funny cause my number was recognized the first FIVE TIMES this happened to me!! So now I had to order another debit card already and have to wait a week to get it, and was told I probably shouldn’t use my card on those online platforms anymore or it will keep getting flagged!!! Excuse me?? I can’t use my money how I want? So now I have to pick and choose where I can use it to suit YOUR needs?? Nope, this will probably be the last couple weeks I’m a customer at this bank, and it’s only been about 2 months…..unacceptable
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3 years ago, DiscouragedVeteran
No Longer Reliable
I have been banking here for over 10 years. Up until about a year ago the app was the most dependable and up-to-the-minute app for knowing in real time what was going on with my accounts. I felt like we had a very clear and comprehensive way to communicate. That is no longer the case and I have on numerous occasions had to negotiate the terms of overdraft fees for transactions that don’t post to the app. One helpful rep scolded me for not using a check register. This isn’t 1974 people. There is no excuse for a mobile app from my bank not to be able to populate transactions in a timely manner. I’m talking delays with 2-3 day gaps. Where everything looks fine for those 2-3 days then suddenly a transaction dated for 3 days prior is suddenly on the app and you got a $37 fee. Citizens, you really need to do better. There are other banking apps that provide a 24 hour notification if something overdrafts and a timer counts down that grace period allowing the customer to address and fix it. I get your check register argument. But with so many digital transactions that manage the average household…it doesn’t always shake out just right. I just don’t see how blaming your customers trusting your app is good for business.
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3 years ago, Fees! 🙄
Their app is an absolutely nightMare and will be changing banks as soon as I get the opportunity. It’s so delayed and slow, crashes on me all the time. And then the transactions I charge don’t come out until a few days later, they don’t even show up or decrease my available balance for days. And then slam me with a crap ton of unnecessary fees, then you get told that you’re only authorized to waive two fees in the lifetime of banking with them. How is citizens customer service I might add? Sub-par and could get a better response from a husky. I literally have paid more fees to them then any bank Combined because of their 1930’s app, and their excuse of using a registrar. It is 2021 people don’t sit down anymore go through a registrar, and to test their theory I went through and used it for this week. They still had an app that messed up and over drafted me. If you are like any normal American struggling from paycheck to paycheck, single mom that has to pay for everything, or a broke college student. Do not go to this bank if you don’t want to pay your grocery money, light bill, WiFi bill to them in banking fees because of their horrible all and lack there of customer service. I wish I could give them worse than a 1 star review, they don’t even deserve that.
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3 years ago, Kena2mi
Limited use for credit card
I have just a Citizens Bank credit card, that I accepted because of the cash back features, but my checking is with another bank. I’m shocked to discover that the app does not allow me to pay my credit card with an outside bank. Instead, I have to go through the desktop Citizens Bank website where I had to create a whole new account, to be able to pay my bill. So all the app is useful for is monitoring purchases. I have several other cards that all allow me to add an external bank and pay through the app, and it’s so much easier and faster. Please add this functionality. Edit: so now I go to the main website Credit Card login page to try to pay my bill, select the account and payment amount, and get the message “we are sorry, we cannot process your request at this time” and it tells me to call for assistance. I’m in the middle of the Mediterranean, it would cost me $8 a minute to call. Luckily I will have time to get my payment in after I get home, but your substandard technology hardly makes me want to switch banks.
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3 years ago, mdmosher34
Decent Aesthetic, God Awful Operation
It’s honestly impressive that after a complete app overhaul that they talked about for what seemed like at least a year managed to make the app experience objectively worse in several ways. 1. With Face-ID enabled, the login screen gives an endless loading screen before even giving me the opportunity to put in my password as an alternative half the time. When Face-ID does work, it often cycles through the loading screen several times before actually taking me to my account. 2. The EXTREMELY useful Citizens Bank widget on iOS is now gone, which was forgivable for the first couple weeks after iOS 14 came out but now, several months later, it still hasn’t returned after multiple updates. 3. For a newly refreshed app design, the Zelle feature is unacceptably cumbersome to the point that I stopped using it despite needing to pay fees on the alternative app Google Pay. 4. The only reason I’m giving the app a 2 rather than a 1 star review is that they finally updated the completely outdated aesthetic of the old app, but it’s hardly worth anything if the app doesn’t work properly more than half the time. Would go back to the old app in a heartbeat.
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4 years ago, Blake018
App needs Revamp
The app has some great features but I would like to see some changes. One is to the Widget. I wish they could update it to be more aesthetically pleasing and not the plain white background. Maybe doing a style similar to the Apple Screen Time Widget with notification icons on the side to show any problems like an overdraft for example. I don’t know if the Apple Watch app is similar but I would suggest the same layout. Another would be the app layout itself. Instead of the menu drop-down, I would like to see a bottom menu with Accounts, Transfers, Pay Bills, Zelle, and Mobile deposit with their own buttons and the rest be incorporated into a settings/features button to clean it up. Last but not least, please add a dark mode. I know white and green are your theme colors but I think the app would look sick with green buttons/icons against a black background. Also, it’d be easier on the eyes. Thank you!
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1 year ago, SicNo1se
Crashes and bugs non stop
In the beginning, this app was great. It functioned as it was supposed to. Opened and closed whenever you wanted. The finger print feature is great when it works. You get in and manage your account super quick. It is efficient and effective. It has saved me time and helped me manage my funds over the years. Now the app never works. I can’t count how many times I go in to log in my bank through the app, use the fingerprint feature, and all the sudden there’s technical issues. I can’t get in. I wait 15mins, 30mins, an hour… sometimes I get in again.. it’s very ridiculous. I then have to go on my computer to do transactions.. and sometimes the website doesn’t work! This is insane how much this bank has degraded over time. I grew up with this bank and had an account with my mother since I was a child.. now I’m strongly considering getting out. I cannot stand this incompetence. I read a recent SEC article about them focusing on ESG garbage. They are having a giant shareholder meeting on ESG junk. I’ve had it man. Fix your bank! Make sure things work! Nones cares about your ESG Mellon/citizens… we want to access our accounts and manage our funds appropriately!!
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4 years ago, BDsloan
2 stars only because it works *sometimes*
As of recent I’m thoroughly convinced the app doesn’t work between the hours of 11pm and 6am east coast. Most of the time you aren’t even able to get into the app, it will just give you an error message. But if you do manage to log in during this time, good luck making ANY transfers that will go through before 6am. On a more general note, the app constantly goes down for maintenance without warning. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the app ACTUALLY IMPROVED AFTER MAINTENANCE. Thankfully because of my age I haven’t had to use the app to pay any bills of my own (just transfers to my parents for insurances) but I can’t wait for that day after seeing all of these “great” reviews. Do yourself a favor, take your money and go open an account with Wells Fargo. For the short time I banked with them they did EVERYTHING right (looking back I don’t know why I switched). The Wells Fargo app is amazing from what I can remember and the Wells Fargo customer service was the best I have ever encountered. I could get into the Citizens Bank customer service system but that is a WHOLE different story and this is just a review for the app. TL;DR - app is crap, just take your money and run
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3 years ago, dagrjg
Keeps getting worse!!
It was once set up so that eBills could be sent to Citizens Bank and you were able to pay them without an issue. Then they had an update, and if the ebill was a credit card, it would always default to the minimum payment, no matter what amount you entered for payment. There were options like “balance”, “other”, “minimum” but no matter what you chose it would always default to the minimum payment, even after entering an amount of “other”! Imagine how quickly your credit cards can compound interest when you are making minimum payments. I emailed at least a dozen times and heard nothing. Now, fast forward to the new and improved Mobile App. They fixed the issue by eliminating eBills from showing up in the App all together! Brilliant! If you can’t fix it, just get rid of it and tell everyone that it is improved! Best part, nobody was notified! Just sit back and don’t pay your bills because Citizens opted to not tell you that you have ebills due. Now I have more money in the bank! If you are interested in watching your credit score get tanked then stick with Citizens, otherwise do what I am doing and move your money to a different bank.
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4 years ago, p4455henry
Online App/Mobile
It’s been over two weeks now and I am not able to login to the app. The message I get is that it is not available. I can understand updates but this is way to long. So much for convenience. I’ve had mortgages home equity lines of credit all of which have been paid in full and never missing 1 single payment and they would never waive any fees if my account became over drawn which on a few occasions has. Citizens is wrong in this regard in the amount it charges it’s customers fb or this. They have been proven to be wrong as they had to pay back customers. Also, My husband applied for a new mortgage to buy me out of my home and he was denied Citizens says he wasn’t going to live here. Figure that out. My husband !!! We went elsewhere and got a great VA mortgage. I’ve tried to set up a new app having issues again. May be time to move on.
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2 months ago, sofinemickey
App is clunky, needs lots of work
The app is the slowest for logging in and even for switching between functions. Lag is super annoying. The touch response is super sluggish and doesn’t move through any processes or actions without hang ups or simple failure to respond. A one minute task takes 10 minutes every time. Also, the app perpetually asks if I want to use facial recognition. This is the same app that cannot reliably recognize an actual check for mobile deposit nor can it seem to recognize the numbers I am filling in on any screen. So it’s a “no” for me. I select the option “don’t ask me again” about facial recognition, but the app still asks. This poor performance by the app signals that Citizens Bank doesn’t care at all about individual customers. The closure of our local branches also signals that Citizens Bank doesn’t care about their human individual customers. I would switch banks but have multiple loans and accounts through them, having been an account holder for 15 years. Two starts given because I do not want to disrespect the tellers whom I see each week.
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1 year ago, Gymnast25678
App has got to be as bad as the bank itself
I’ve had it with both the bank and the app. First of all, it is 2023. the app is UGLY. I seriously feel like i’m using an original microsoft computer everytime I open the app, that is if the app even works. Because more than half the time the app is experiencing an “error”, and I can’t even access my account. Transactions take days to load. I’ve literally had to start tracking all of my spending in my head. Defeats the purpose. Even when the app does open, 9 times out of 10 it crashes. I’ve had this app for years. I’ve had many phones. It always crashes. They made a huge deal about their “app update” and in my opinion it looks nearly the same, and more importantly, basic things to fix (such as crashing) have not been dealt with. I’ve had more problems than I can count with this bank, rude and judgmental workers, nothing can ever be solved going to a bank in person. Ever. Zelle hasn’t worked in the app for a year for me, they don’t even know how to fix it in person or over the phone. The bank alone is more than enough of a reason to leave, but the app is god awful.
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3 years ago, Mrs Dynamint
Whoever updated this app should be fired
I see this app has recently been updated. Prior to the update transfers between accounts that I OWN were immediate. I just made a transfer today and I was told they were “working “ on it and the money will be available in 2 days. Is a turtle completing the transaction? Additionally, I have a business account which has a unique ID. Prior to the update I could use Face ID for the main account and manually log in for the other account. NOW if I log in for the secondary account it will erase Face ID for the primary account. What’s next? I will have to use Zelle to pay myself?? I see many other terrible reviews on this site but apparently the bank doesn’t care and doesn’t respond. I have been banking here for FORTY years since before it was even Citizens Bank. Citizens if you out there listening, fix this or you’ll lose my ( and many others) business for good.
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6 months ago, ScallywagKirby
They must have bought 4.7 rating because there is no way
More than half the time I use the Mobil app, it’s not working. So I call and enter my numbers. “We seem to be having difficulties” mean there is actually no way to check my account until they get it running again. Idk how in this many years as a bank you can have a functioning app or phone service. I’ve had this bank for more than 10 years and I’m just so embarrassed to use these guys at all. I use to keep this bank just because I didn’t want to go through hassle of switching to my other bank but man good riddance. Absolutely awful service all 10+ years. Shameful example of a business and I genuinely hope it fails someday so it can’t treat people like this anymore. I wish I had enough influence to shut this dumpster fire down for good but a 1 star is all I can do for now. Please save yourself the frustration and confusion on how they’re still in business and just use a different bank. ANY OTHER BANK actually. Giving a toddler your life savings would be less inconvenient and stressful… citizens bank is truly a joke.
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1 year ago, floenurt
My check doesn’t clear on the same day every month
I switched to Citizens 2 years ago, because people at work had Citizens, and their checks always cleared early. Then Citizens started a program, where you get paid two days faster. If that was the case I would get paid on Wednesday, but I don’t. Sometimes it’s there Thursday night, sometimes Friday morning, sometimes nothing until Monday. It’s hard when you live check to check. Also, my former bank didn’t charge me foreign ATM FEES. If I don’t use a Citizens ATM I pay the terminal fee, ($2.50-$6.00 depending where you are) and then Citizens slaps another $3.00 on top of that. It’s either a 10, or 25 minute drive to go to their ATM. I was gonna go to them for a VA HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN, but I think I’m probably gonna close my account altogether, and go to Chime or something.
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2 years ago, shaless22
Where do I begin
The citizen app is so annoying for me. It never signs off so when you go to use it again you have a plethora of login fails before it actually is in mode to sign on. It’s absolutely frustrating. I do not like that you are tracking m money and you word it in a way that makes it look like only you are looking out for my better interest. If that’s the case would you still charge me a overdraft fee? You sure would!!!!!! So even knowing I made a mathematical mistake you would add additional charges and expense to make it even worse. So do I believe your service is for my benefit? Nope I do not. I have no other input as I do not use the bank and avoid if possible by using mobile deposit and transfers. (I suppose that’s a service, but you use my money and charge me to use my money so these services are well paid for using/my (having)money In Your bank) I only have to hold my money In The bank and benefit from no other service .
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11 months ago, Shakaa21
The app is terrible
Only reason 2 stars is because customer service is friendly. I can’t tell you good or bad or iffy or whatever, BECAUSE it won’t log me in. “Your account is inaccessible try later.” I can log in on my desktop just fine. Customer service says “that problem is very common” well… if they know all about the problem… why won’t they fix it!? My desktop is not mobile, if I’m out, how do I do anything I need to do? The mobile browser doesn't work either. Slight edit: When I can log in to see my accounts shortly after it logs out and then it goes haywire telling me it securely logged me out over and over. I am forced to close the app, reopen the app and hope it lets me log in again. Never seen any bank account have such issues with online banking. Within the first week of opening an account with Citizens I have spent more time on the phone with a bank than I EVER have with any other bank I’ve had. Think about that, within 7 days I’ve had nothing but trouble.
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8 months ago, spacetek7
mostly good banking app
I am a new customer to Citizens so this review is based on only using the app for a few days. There is a lot to like about the app. It looks nice and easy to use. But a few problems right off the bat. I’ve had a few instances of not being able to login — it just says account is inaccessible at this time and try again later. Also it doesn’t seem to automatically login with Face ID most of the time — I have to push the Face ID button. if I force close the app it works next time, but if the app had previously been open it shows the face ID unlock animation but just stays on the login screen. For whatever reason push notifications are “coming soon” which is extremely disappointing. Also they do not have home screen widgets like many banking apps do. My old bank has one that shows my current available balance.
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2 years ago, Ms Chris103
Love the App..
I love this app many times you try to get on to different apps when you’re using them they always fail you this one has not failed me and I also figured out when there’s a problem getting on you download the app again because it’s really your security that they care about so everything is at your fingertips you’re able to get your account information send girls pay bills they send checks by way of your account for free it’s just a nice a very nice app is compatible to other people at other banks with Zell it’s beautiful.I also appreciate That you’re able to retrieve your statements you can do it by the year by the month by the day and it’s constantly being updated so what you see is what you see they notify you based on your alerts just a nice app. Amen
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7 months ago, Papelito0304
The transactions posting are very confusing.
I know it takes 3 to seven business days for transactions to post or clear up, but I don’t understand why in some cases it shows like the bank takes the founds twice. A simple example to understand better my personal situation, if I have 20 and buy something where a merchant charge my account as credit and not debit, for the amount of 5, my account would reflect 15 as a new balance and those 5 shows on hold until the transaction is posted. Later on I make another purchase as debit and that one posts instantly, so now my new balance would be 10, that is all understandable until next day when I take a look to my account, then I see the transaction of 5 that was in hold is now posted and my new balance is 5, when it should be still 10. I been banking with Citizens for almost 15 years and I hate to change bank if I have to, but it’s certainly annoying how they manage transactions some times.
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3 years ago, adreisus
i would have expected this app to be a lot better
i’ve used this app for years. from time to time there will be a slight UI change, but they don’t fix the bugs and glitches at all. for example, if i am logged into the app and i close out of it, for security purposes, after about 15 minutes it logs me out. no problem, but every time i go to log back in, it just says “see you later!” and refuses to let me log back in. i have to close out of the app completely and reboot it. too many steps just to check my balance. speaking of which, it seems like this app is closed for maintenance more times than not. at this point every time i go to log in, i just expect it’s servers to be down. not even just the app either- a lot of times the site itself will be down, but the app is down way more often. at least with other (smaller) banking apps, it’ll actually stay somewhat consistent compared to this giant banking corporation. make a more reliable app already!
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2 years ago, cspos823
I like citizens bank because they do there best to help people out. They finally added Direct Deposit 2 days earlier for there customers which is a Huge help to help prevent over draft fees. I think they shouldn’t charge overdraft fee to there seniors 70 and over customers. We do overdraft because we don’t have a weekly paycheck and many times we need money for emergencies that come our way no fault of our own. Like we need medicine that’s not covered by our insurance or someone passes on and we need to send flowers out of respect for that family’s loss. So I would like to see NO OVERDRAFT FEES FOR Seniors 70 and over who have account with them. Thank you for what you do for your customers NOW please help out your senior customer s at stop OVERDRAFT FEES FOR US. Thank you Carl Sposato.
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3 months ago, Markus Aurelius Bicuspidus
Good app, one significant flaw
Overall, this is a good app. Staightforward, easy to use. Flaw - the mobile deposit function can rarely recognize the back side of a check. Sometimes it takes quite a while to recognize the front side also. The quality of the mobile deposit function, in that regard, has actually declined over the years. The frequency of the problem went from ‘occasionally’ a few years ago to ‘virtually every time I use it’ now. I have an iPhone 13 Pro, which produces the best photos of any phone I’ve ever used. In the past when using this function, background surface could influence the results, but not anymore. I have tried multiple background surfaces and colors, including a black table, and all yield the same problems. Varying the lighting conditions doesn’t change the result either.
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2 years ago, Elizabeth431
Wish I had gone with another bank
In general Citizens online banking is horrible. The app, online both awful. EVERY time I want to login I have to reset my password because it will lock me out or tell me my user name isn’t found. I write everything down carefully each time so I know it’s not me it’s the bank. Second now that they are “merging” everything so you can see your bank accounts and your mortgage in one place I have lost complete access to view my mortgage it’s just not there. For someone like me who is in a construction loan where the interest I owe changes monthly this is a huge problem, how should I know what to pay? Statements are mailed after the payment due date so that doesn’t help. This app would be stellar if it was still 1999 but doesn’t even do the basics of what is required for business today. Steer clear of this app and bank unless you can dedicate hours to figuring out what is going on in your accounts and enjoy making long phone calls to customer service phone trees.
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2 years ago, NaNa197250
This app is trash just like the bank. Of course they just recently merged with HSBC bank, which I had my bank account. I only got information from Citizen about the merger but nothing else. Never received a ATM card or anything regarding my Savings acct. I admit I only had some change in my account with HSBC but it remained open, but as soon as it with Citizen now they closed it, saying it was a Domant account. I was able to log in using the app but as soon as I called about not receiving my ATM card I find out the account is closed. My bank statement which I just got the day I called don’t even reflect a closed account. I called to find out about the ATM card and how to fund the account because I don’t have another acct to transfer the money. Anyways, that’s how I learned I’m no longer a customer. Thanks Citizen and I’m glad I’m not, probably would be unhappy with your service since you have customer service agents who can’t speak English well. I give the app 1 star and the bank get 0 stars from me.
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2 years ago, playandreview
Any chance they get to get me in the negative seems like Nothing gets processed on the correct dates but as soon as there isn’t enough money in my account everything gets processed now -$105 was just neg 32 Friday and Thursday I had a positive balance in my account everything gets processed now -$105 was just neg 32 Friday and Thursday I had a positive balance Any chance they get to get me in the negative seems like Nothing gets processed on the correct dates but as soon as there isn’t enough money in my account everything gets processed now -$105 was just neg 32 Friday and Thursday I had a positive balance to work with me . I’ve never had a bank take off overdraft fees before . Or even transactions that went through that shouldn’t have they returned my money with no issues . Always a pleasure . Put it this way I hate talking on the phone with any businesses or companies but when it comes to Cotizens bank I don’t even sweat it I know they got my back
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3 years ago, binary 001100101
Stop taking away manual capture!
I use this app exclusively to deposit checks remotely. The previous version was finally working and now with the last update it’s gone back to forcing rotation mode and removed the initial option of just taking a picture of the check! You have to fiddle with the distance and frame over and over, wait for it to accept where you’re holding the camera, then the app screws up the picture and only THEN does it offer you the option to manually take a picture. At that point it’s usually forced you into portrait mode which is both awkward and doesn’t allow you a full size review of the image before submitting. In addition the new “simplified” menu system takes much longer to do anything - even as simple and check previous deposits of get a summary of the accounts. Please go back to having manual capture be an option upfront when using check deposit and create a basic menu that works and LEAVE it ALONE!
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4 years ago, Satisfied citizen
Problems, problems
For starters the app seems to have trouble starting more than half the times I try to access my accounts. The formatting does not fit the screen of my iPhone X. Significant issue: bill payment will be set to the next business day AFTER payment is due, if payment due date is on a non-business day. For example, if a payment due date falls on a Sunday per the biller, the Citizens app will default to setting the following Monday for payment. This leads to late payments, fees, charges, etc., with billers. Not good. To work around this you have to manually track due dates and manually adjust payment dates. Further, for credit card bills that have the option of making a minimum payment or paying off the statement balance, the app will only provide data for the minimum payment. You need to go to the biller to get the statement amount and enter it manually in the app (being careful to note that the due date does not fall on a non-business day, as noted above).
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1 month ago, wrewwtt
Mobile deposit does not even recognize it’s own Citizens Bank Official checks!
I am often stuck driving to the bank to deposit checks because mobile deposit has an issue. Today I get the error message « We had trouble matching the amount entered with the amount on the check. » And the check is a Bank check from their own bank and the app cannot read it? Seriously? I tried about 15 times and same message. At the bank branch the staff is great, but trying to speak to a person when you call online banking « contact us » phone number is horrible. It is forever phone prompts getting you nowhere like they do everything so you do not speak to a person. I even tried the « stolen card option » thinking I would get through faster and guess what it asks you to get to speak to someone? « please enter your card or account number ». Well dumb computer programmer who designed this, if i lost my card, how do you expect me to know the number to enter?
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11 months ago, VirtuallyinVain
Just like always
After transitioning to a new app, I was excited to hopefully have a smoother experience. I was unfortunately disappointed. Like before the app hardly ever allows me to log in, much like the website, and frequently tries to tell me that my account just doesn’t exist. I’ve tried resetting the information online, but their website constantly gives me the same issues, or is nonfunctional itself. I’ve never had such a negative experience with an app or company until this point. I am usually only able to use the app once a month which is conveniently around when I have to make my payment, and then it goes back to being a nonfunctional Home Screen decoration. I am so frustrated with this company and by the fact that the website and app are constantly down. I’m not sure what they have to do at this point to improve, but maybe start by just having an actual, functioning site where I can view my information on an as needed basis.
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3 years ago, anthony_19001400
Don’t use Citizens
I suggest you change banks asap. The customer service and people that work in these locations are pretty nice from my experience. However the bank itself is just crazy. Usually mobile deposits take 24 hours depending on the time you actually do it, but for some reason no matter the time I do, the check takes over 4 days to actually hit your account. This has left me pretty beat for a lot of things at times. Like going without gas lol. Their store hours don’t line up too well with my work schedule or i would go in person but it’s really rough getting there. With every other bank, it will go in instantly. Another issue with the app is how your statements are shown. Purchases and deposits will stay up on hold for weeks at a time, your current balance seems to stay accurate for the most part but it does sometimes fluctuate through the day. Save yourself the headache of so many more issues and move onto a new bank
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10 months ago, RuPaul666
Lacking basic security/privacy functions
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It typically functions well. However, it has always had two basic security/privacy flaws which really bother me. First: whenever I open the app, it will fully display whatever page I had open last, no matter how long ago my last login was. Usually this is the home page which displays all my accounts and balances. It will show this page for a second or two before redirecting to the login page. Second: when I pull up from the bottom of my screen, such as when switching between apps, the Citizens app will continue to display all my account information. In comparison, my other financial apps all automatically blank out the screen, keeping my information hidden. These seem like very basic privacy functions that I would really appreciate to have implemented in a future update.
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1 year ago, Millz116clique
Bad customer service and unreliable app
I can’t wait to leave Citizens Bank. I’ve tried giving them the benefit of the doubt multiple times and it seems each time gets worse and worse. The first time I tried to request a card because mine had physically broken, they sent it to the incorrect address. I updated this address for years ago. When it was time to get my new card, they sent it to the wrong address because they never officially updated my mailing address. They said they updated my physical address, but not my mailing address. Combining that with a legitimate 50% success rate on whether or not, I can see my balance even, the app is passable, but not great. It seems like every time I’ve tried to get help whether it was in branch, through the app, online, or even calling them, I get told everything’s fine but it’s obvious that something is wrong. I’m searching for a new bank and I will uninstall this app whenever I find a new bank.
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1 year ago, AGLbadger
Seems to consistently have issues.
This app consistently runs into technical problems, which makes it difficult to transfer money between accounts when it’s necessary. This has caused issues with recurring payments and such which is obviously a concern. Due to the rise in malware and hacking I do not leave much money in my checking as a safety net incase anything happens. This is a good practice, though since this app is not reliable, I have been in awkward positions when the app refuses to respond in a timely manner when I have to access my other accounts. If this app was more reliable, I’d recommend it, but I’ve run into problems too many times. I would like to add that it “conveniently” runs into problems during business hours on business days, therefore it’s not a matter of the bank offices being closed. Please fix this, as it would seem by other reviewers this has been going on for years.
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3 years ago, Cristy1988167848267884
Great Updates
I have never had an issue with the app and I have been using it for 3 years now. It has always served its purpose but other than that there was nothing special about it. But with the new updates, the app is much better. First it has the running balance after every transaction which is great. I can also temp my card if I lose it straight from the app. Before when I used to pay my citizens bank credit card it wouldn’t tell me the due date or have different options for the payment. But now it shows the due date and if give me the statement balance, current balance and minimum due. Also making a payment to other institutions is super easy as well. I love the app!
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2 years ago, Spiritualtheory
Good banking experience; App is a dumpster fire
I enjoy my experience with Citizens Bank in every way except the app. When I first joined, the app was useful, mostly error free, allowed widgets, logged in reliably. Then an overhaul happened a few years ago. Since then the experience has only gotten worse. Widget gone. Takes multiple attempts to log into my account - sometimes can’t log in at all. Most recently won’t allow me to log in unless I completely close the app then open it fresh. Right before writing this review, took 7 attempts to log in, then kicked me out, and another 3 attempts to log in. Each of those either come across as a successful login that immediately logs me out, or an error or cannot login to my account at this time. Long story short - used to be a good and useful app though a bit basic. Overhaul happened. Now it is painful to use to the point I have considered switching banks even as much as I enjoy working with the bank itself.
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2 years ago, Bradgofjfh
Took away the only good feature
Never written a review on the app store in my life. This app is unbelievably bad for an established bank so it deserves it. I have had the app for 5 years and have suffered through constant needless updates. It was a pretty good app until the new version at the beginning of 2020. The only good thing about this app was the widget you could put on your home screen and they removed it with no reason and have updated the app to include more useless tabs instead of bringing it back. Out of the 10 banking and financial apps I have this is at the absolute bottom not even near the same rank. I have been switching over direct deposits slowly and monthly payments so that I can just switch to a better bank. I wouldn’t mind the widget not being there as much if logging in wasn’t a pain 75% of the time and if it messes up to many times it will lock your account. Nothing about this app is reliable and it does not seem to get better
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5 years ago, killah_whale
This is what banking in the 1930s is like
I just got an auto loan through citizens. I had an insane amount of trouble setting up my account, and come to realize if you want to do a one time payment you can’t even set it up through the app. You have to go to some weird portal on their site and use the first four 0s of your account even though they all start with 6 and then enter in your social for a one time payment. Absolutely terrible. You can’t make payments through the app or see the balance and have all of your information in one place. Disgusting business. I’m already looking to refinance this loan, even if a bank came back to me and said they had a higher rate I would take it over this terrible company. They were rude on the phone and it was my first experience dealing with them. Stay far away from this place. UPDATE: I refinanced my loan. Citizens, if you’re listening, which you’re obviously not, you just lost a customer before they even made their first payment! And I got a lower rate. PEACE!!!
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6 months ago, llmm51
Few enhancements could make it better
It is functional and let’s you have the work done. But there are two things which could make it more convenient: 1. It is not easy to distinguish between two different accounts for the same payee. For example water and property taxes bills you are paying to your town. In the list of payees they will both show as “Town of…” and you need to click on “Info” in order to see nickname to make sure your payment is going to the right place. Displaying payee name AND nickname in the list of payees could solve this. 2. For credit cards that enrolled in eBills the amount shown is “Minimum payment due”. I believe “Statement balance” should be shown as well without additional click on “Info”. Otherwise a user who wants to pay the balance could mistakenly pay minimum payment due amount and incur interest.
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3 years ago, MMMarROCKS
Very Basic Functionality
It’s embarrassing that this app is so subpar. There are community banks and local restaurants with better options… It’s been almost a year since the Face ID login has worked. Every time I login, I am reminded I can sign in with Face ID, and every time, I get my hopes up that they’ve figured it out. Every time, I go to Settings to turn on Face ID, and every time, I receive a message stating, “We are unable to register Biometrics at this time.” My Face ID works for all other apps, and for all the standard iOS functions. Looking for a nearby ATM or branch? You’d think there’d be a quick tab for that on the app, but think again. After navigating to Locations on the hamburger menu, you’re first given the options to connect with an advisor or connect with a banker. If I had to guess, 99% of the people clicking on Locations are looking for a nearby ATM or branch. How about defaulting to asking if the app can use your location and then pulling up a map? Lastly, there’s a $3 fee to transfer money to external accounts from the app (not sure if it’s also charged when initiating transfers from the browser), so I end up transferring money from other bank apps that don’t assess a fee. Two stars because I can mobile deposit a check and see my balance, which are the absolute, basement, bare minimum for a banking app nowadays.
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1 year ago, Guest User 54
Nothing but problems lately!
What in heaven’s name is going on with this app????? Have had more problems in the past two weeks than in many years. Tried to log in around 10 days ago, everything’s fine. Tried again 2 days later and get a message, your user ID and / or password do not match our records, eventually locked out of my account. Called and spoke with Claudia who informed me I was the 4th person she had dealt with having the same issue. Said the bank app was having some technical problems. She helped me fix it last week, now it’s telling me the exact same thing. Can’t get into my account! Gives me the exact same message! This is getting ridiculous! Can’t access my account or pay my bills! When are you going to fix this? This should be your #1 priority, especially for loyal customers who have been with this bank for over 20 years! Getting pretty disgusted, disappointed and frustrated with Citizens.
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1 year ago, Ellboogie
It’s Not The Bank of Larry Fish
Though there is a gaggle to be desired, Citizens by default is still a winner by dint of doing slightly more than their competitors. They still have racial and gender bias along with other behavior but for the most part, their mobile banking app will eliminate the need to be accosted in a branch. The Zelle should be updated to allow VOIP numbers. Just like the bank needs their protection methods, the consumers should have theirs and for me, it’s using VOIP numbers for those occurrences when banks and other merchants are hacked. Having a VOIP number protects me from those predators that would do me harm. Citizens won’t allow VOIP numbers. Beyond that, the products are descent. Don’t expect to earn any noteworthy money with their products. Simply use their product to assist you in your daily transactions which is where they shine best.
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4 months ago, TonyH2026
App Stays Crashing…..
I’ve been a customer of citizens for 6 years now and let me tell you the fact that they can’t operate a banking mobile app is concerning. When logging into the app you immediately get a notification saying that the app is down, or sometimes never at all. Not notifying your customers that the app will be down before hand is beyond unprofessional last min. When you put your money in a bank you expect to have peace of mind that your moneys safe and that I’ll be there when you need it, citizens provides neither of that for you. Waking up and finding out the your bank is “temporarily unavailable” when you have bills and things to do with your money is VERY INCONVENIENT. You would think that this bank would have a better systems set into place. But a you get is a “sorry” from them and that’s it, this issue needs to be resolved or I’m feeling that it might be my time to spilt ways with the bank
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3 years ago, $10 taken from me
Very disappointed
I have not had any good experience with their charges. Recently I requested a statement for the month of March. They agreed to mail me one and never told me that they were charging me $10 for my request, when in the first place they never mailed me the original monthly statement, which they charge me $2/month. I also made a loan with them and when I went in person the bank customer service gave me a much lower rate. However, when I started gettmy ststemoto pay my first bill, they were charging me a higher fee, and interest rate right away. So, this loan was to be 0% for a year, but I was paying it right away. So, I put some money together and paid it off in 5 months. I requested to refinance a rental property and they gave me the highest interest rate! So I opened another bank account with a credit union where I do more banking. I only keep the minimum amounting my accounts with them. Very disappointed with their fees!
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