City National Bank App

3.1 (199)
105.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
City National Bank
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for City National Bank App

3.12 out of 5
199 Ratings
4 years ago, 1NOTBLONDE
CNB Mobile banking
This last update is a DISASTER! It's been a week since attempting to re-install the new updated App with NO success OR response from CNB Tech Support! Repeated calls lead to "Very sorry, we are working on it". I'm about to travel due to family emer & have NO mobile access!
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4 years ago, 2007anon
Mobile check deposit State of California error
The mobile check deposit feature doesn’t believe the front of checks from the State of California are checks for some reason. Seems like a glitch. Don’t have an issue with other checks or even the back of the state checks. = One star off The app says check help in setting for more information. All the setting in help had about check deposits was a description of how the app was supposed to work. Call the helpline they have on the app and was told there was nothing they could do about it. = second star off Having to goto a cnb atm to deposit it should be the third star off but since this is only glitching on these state issued checks I guess I will let it slide.
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4 years ago, Val Po2020
Ten start worthy
This is the best banking application ever. The most recent update has made it even easier and more seamless. I have two other apps from banks that don’t even come close to the efficiency, utility and simplicity of doing business. I can do almost anything on this app that I could do at the branch other than withdraw cash. I use this app for three main purposes: depositing checks (which clear very quickly), paying bills, and transferring from one account to another. I have never run into a bug or a glitch. It’s really unusual for any app but it’s especially important to be able to always access your bank. I wish I could give it more than five stars!
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3 years ago, Guhoyasfs96
The “Improved” App is worse!
The previous version of this worked well. I had no issue with it. Then they updated it around June/July 2020 and even the most basic functions stopped working. Some of my accounts are missing from view. And I can’t even transfer funds between my accounts. I have tried to get the bank to fix this problem ever since with no success despite being a client of the bank for over 30 years. It’s really poor service. They claim it has something to do with authorisations but I am the sole owner of the accounts and I can do these transfers and see all accounts through the online portal. So it’s not consistent at all.
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7 months ago, Buckwheaten
Locked out of my account
For reasons outside of my ability to understand I’ve just spent an hour on the phone finding out why I cannot get into my online account. The best they can do is have a personal banker call me on Monday. They’ve changed my password or help me change my password three times. I have three emails claiming that my password has been changed however, it doesn’t work, they’ve sent me my user ID to make sure I’m using the right one and I am, but that doesn’t work either. So I’m stuck over the weekend unable to pay my bills or send money via Zelle or Venmo.
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4 years ago, No So Cal
I resent this
There’s no overlap between the usable period for the previous app and this steaming pile of manure. I had to do the update at the bank’s demand rather when convenient for me. Isn’t convenience what this is all about? All I wanted to do was deposit a check rather than spend 20 min screwing with it. The autofocus function for check images is impatient, needs to be a way to disable it since it’s picky. None of the controls for any function are intuitive. The piece de la resistance? There’s no way to exit the app other than shutting off your iPad! Brilliant!
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1 year ago, serpale
Pretty terrible app, somewhat on par with CNBs online appearance. Don’t get me wrong I like CNB but their tech is super convoluted and outdated. The homescreen of the app won’t load. If you reload it crashes and displays sourcecode. Even with a blank homescreen I managed to go to deposit. All the naming conventions are weird. Eg- Why do they call it „transmit“ instead of „deposit“? Lastly - why are there so many apps on the AppStore that claim to be CNB? I onl trusted this app after I went to their website and downloaded it through the app link from there.
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4 months ago, broadcastertoo
I haven’t been able to access this app in more than 3 months. And the times that I could access it and was able to try to do things it was impossible and it took me over an hour to try to deposit two checks that never happened. I ended up going to the branch. “Royal” Back of Canada, it’s time to blow up the whole online and mobile app systems and hire a competent development company which actually develops software, and rewrite everything and start with brand new platforms. Not a competitive bank whatsoever. The only thing you have going for you is that people don’t jump on changing banks. It takes them a while. So I’m stuck with you until I can convince the account holders to switch banks. CNB died the day RBC bought them.
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2 years ago, Valerie B 🏌🏻‍♀️
Nothing. Works.
Updating this review because I just figured out the Zelle feature doesn’t work either. The only reason I got this app was so I could deposit checks. The mobile deposit doesn’t work and now I need to drive 30 minutes to an ATM every time I get a check from a client. Also, the Zelle feature doesn’t work. Not sure what I’m supposed to do with this mobile banking app in which I can neither send nor receive money. Completely useless.
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4 years ago, nwestermeyer
Such an Improvement!!
The previous mobile app was awful, but I love the updates to this latest version! Better money transfer ability, account accessibility, etc. My hat is off to the team that made this happen. Thank you!
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9 months ago, JewReview
Slow, unresponsive and non-stop errors
This is the worst app I’ve ever used. It’s slow, unresponsive and I consistently get errors attempting the most basic functionality. Not exaggerating, almost every time I log-in to approve a payment, the app either stalls out or the approval shows an error. I usually have to try three our four times (sometimes waiting hours between attempts) before it works. Why do I bank here again?
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11 months ago, Hulky McHulkster
Accounts periodically disappear
I spend more time calling customer service for help with this app than I do actually managing my account. My checking account disappears periodically, and I can’t keep track of my balance. I went paperless, so without electronic access to my accounts, I’m helpless. And multiple customer service reps tell me the issue is fixed but it never is. I’m at my wits end and plan to switch banks because this is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, MSO9922
The last straw
The latest update to this app probably ends my 18 year relationship with CNB. I rely on the mobile app daily. This update makes mobile banking inaccessible. How could the management of the bank allow this to happen? For god’s sake, if you have to look like you’ve reinvented the wheel on your own, white label an app that actually works. Almost every other bank has one that works, you know? Someone - many ones - should lose their job as a result of this.
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2 years ago, NYCNYCNYCNYC
This is not an “app” it’s a very poorly designed portal to their website. Why bother? It either loads blank pages or freezes or spits you back out into another login page to the website you’d get by just using the Safari browser. Completely useless. It’s almost 2023 and not having a native iOS app is truly unacceptable at this point. (And we are business suite customers so we expect much better)
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4 years ago, Astrobratt
Modern and intuitive
This new update to CNB‘s mobile banking application was seamless to install and the new features are addressing all my mobile banking needs an easy and well thought out manner. My congratulations to the team for pulling off a great execution on this one.
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1 year ago, Sussiemaj
I got this for my client just to make deposits. It crashes about 10 times before you can eventually submit! That means you have to keep repeating the same steps over and over. It’s a complete waste of time and I cannot believe that this app has not been fixed. Very, very frustrating! I’m also with BOFA and it takes about 10 seconds to make a deposit and it has never crashed on me.
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11 months ago, Mr Teddc
I’ve been a long term client of CNB. Their mobile/ digital banking is horrible. You can’t copy and paste passwords. The website looks and feels like it was created in 2000. CNB has good customer service but terrible mobile or digital solutions and interface. E.G. I can’t even use the app because it does not allow me to copy and paste my password. We are encouraged to use a great password yet I can’t use the app with the password. Terrible.
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3 months ago, Spenser61
Gets worse and worse
I have 4 Apple devices and over the last 2 weeks each one has had issues that are too do with The app. I call tech support and waited over 30 mins and gave up. If HSBC can have a system that works with Apple and safari why can’t city National. I have called the over 5 times in 2 weeks and still not working properly.
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3 years ago, Mighty Milk Dud
Mobile check deposit issues
Every fifth check or so it does not recognize as a check. They’re nearly all from the same company printed with a standard identical signature on the front, endorsed on the back by me with the same stamp every time. I can come back the next day and it usually still won’t take it so I have to find a drive through to take it to. The previous app was much better!
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4 years ago, NVFlyGirl
Worthless update
No real direct way to log out, haven’t been able to use Zelle for two weeks despite the many calls to help resolve the issue. I have money pending I can’t accept. I’ve tried deleting the app and reloading daily, still no resolution. I use this for work! It’s been two weeks already! FIGURE IT OUT! 😡
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4 years ago, Hannah Jeffrey
Big improvement!
Slick, modern user interface. Easy to use tools. Intuitive navigation. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for app features and functionality.
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2 years ago, sharim arabahan
Miles behind the market
Idiotic app. Took 2 days to set up Zelle due to random general error message that went away. But the worst part is the way the available balance and pending deductions are surfaced. Can you not just clarify that if i have 100$ and 80$ is pending, my available balance is 20$ so i can plan accordingly???
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1 year ago, Mc Studio
This App is like a High School software project that received a ‘C’. Hardly works half the time. Freezes. “Page not available, try again later”. Shows just a white page only. Very amateurish for such a large bank. Finally deleted and log on via website (which is still a joke).
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2 years ago, anonymous 2356789
Worst banking app I’ve used
My accounts only load about 1 out of every 10 times I get on the app. Most of the time I log in it shows as having 0 accounts. We use CNB for real estate business banking and have 50+ accounts that need to be monitored daily. Not being able to access the accounts a majority of the time is frustrating.
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A bank caught in 1980’s tech and systems
CNB’s commerical banking online and tech has been partially working or down constantly for the last few months. Error messages, a complete inability to access business banking online, failure to get after hours tech support. This bank needs help. Trying the app but it doesn’t support commerical very much.
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4 years ago, CalACK
Can someone help with check deposits? Every time I go to select which account to deposit the checks into my screen turns blank.
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7 months ago, Markus (A)
Login issues with insufficient information
Last couple of days I cannot login getting a message instead: ‘Please try again. Sorry give it another try. If this continues to happen, go to help under settings to request assistance’ There I neither a button for help or settings.
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7 months ago, mangeranno
A no worries deal
A truly professional organization, Great staff , as a 30 year customer, I have had no issues with CNB, Very happy indeed.
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4 years ago, Frogger123431
New app finally!
Needs improvements but this is solid start. Been waiting for this for years.
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1 year ago, Bee-Ten
CNB can’t do technology well.
CNB can’t do technology well. Been a customer for years. This app is bad and their website is worse. Do you love seeing “Loading User Interface”? It is a sign. Do you like seeing instructions that tell you how to perform tasks that can’t actually be done? Great. This app is for you.
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4 years ago, Matt$reviews
Looks great!
Everything looks great! Please add copy/paste functionality to login screen (a lot of people use password managers like 1Password etc) Thanks!
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2 years ago, cnbhelper
After the most recent update on June 7, 2022, the app hangs in a loading screen and does NOT finish loading, making the app completely useless. Cant even see my balance. Please fix this asap!
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1 year ago, NMetts
Won’t load home page
Keep logging in and the home page won’t load. Deleted app and reinstalled. Same problem. Feel like this has been a continued issue the last two months. Have to keep my laptop with me now at all times to approve vendor wires.
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4 years ago, Jkc1000431
App design
Is impeccable. Some less frequently options that I was exploring are not working but usability and navigation is greatly simplified.
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9 months ago, KimB12582
Worst App ever made
If I could have given zero stars I would have! Constant problems! Hey CNB, how 'bout you pull this garbage from the App Store. It did this a year ago, and now it's back! Having to verify my device EVERY TIME I SIGN IN IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Going to close my accounts and go with a bank that has a working app. So ridiculous... I'm done!
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3 years ago, Mel D$
Easily Move Money
Love access to Zelle and ease of mobile bill pay
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4 years ago, JD 2007
Mr jd
Many good features. Easy to use. I’m not a complicated app user so all the features I’m looking for are there.
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2 years ago, TechnoSavey
Who is really working
This application is the worse I have ever used!! Now the CIO who took over for the last CIO is now fired. The previous CIO new what he was doing. Than you moved him out and now he is fired under numerous regulatory issues. This place has gone down hill since it was sold. TERRIBLE!!!
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4 years ago, Groucho835
Another weak update with too much effort to log in
Thanks for the effort. The interface is nice, but why do I need to click on two screens to activate Face ID to log-in? Most other finance apps activate Face ID right when you open the app. Please make that an option. Thanks.
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1 year ago, mariuwe
It doesn’t work right
It’s a glitch or something with this app. No where are you able to contact for assistance. If you travel and the app doesn’t work, then what?
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4 years ago, music+
Deposit function is terrible
I have been a customer for 30 years. The deposit process in the new app is terrible. Keeps saying can’t read the image. Beyond frustrating. Go back to the old deposit photo system. Worked every time
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12 months ago, M_user_review
No Face ID?
The app is so glitchy. Often have to refresh pages to get information to load. Also there is no option to allow Face ID log in.
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2 years ago, ntetest
Love this app
Love the my spending section
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1 year ago, SSE@Plan
Doesn’t open after last update
Keeps saying go to settings. Latest update ask to wants all user data accessible. After saying no, the app doesn’t open
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4 years ago, Lorrzabell
No update is terrible!
Although this new update looks good, it never seems to be working. Every time I log in there seems to be so issue & the app is down. Absolutely horrible!
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4 years ago, ssiege10
No option to deposit checks. Have called CNB support multiple times
I’ve been trying to deposit some checks for months now. Nothing comes up on the app besides “Zelle”. I’ve called CNB support multiple times.
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2 weeks ago, Hmumps
Constantly crashing making business banking near impossible. Just scanned about 6 checks for deposit only for it not to transmit. Huge waste of my time. I dread doing any banking
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10 months ago, EleEight
The worst banking software
There are constant glitches, absolutely temperamental Whoever wrote this software needs to go back to school If asked to set new password the site crashes Goes to open the new app which sets you right back where you started Absolutely fed up and will dump this bank Been dealing with this for two months and even had tech support who have no clue It’s a joke !!!!! - Dr Neal
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4 years ago, Fabs93
Love the new App
Much better UI and simple to use.
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3 years ago, Mr.always right
Password reset never works.
Incredibly annoying.
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