City National Bank of Florida

4.9 (2.4K)
136.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
City National Bank of Florida
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for City National Bank of Florida

4.87 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Ptm904
Thank you for the service you have in place for your customers
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4 years ago, Al Ag
Remote Check Deposit
RDC is very convenient and easy to use. I wish the were a little more flexible on the amount you can deposit so I don’t have to run to the bank or wait. But overall, the service is good and the people at the branches very kind.
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5 years ago, stirrup 1974
Review specifics for checks and deposits
The app would be much more useful if I could view the images of checks and deposits like I can with Bank of America.
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4 years ago, HealthyAPPetite
Great app for a great bank
Fast, accurate, and lots of good features.
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3 years ago, Tookmok
Weak App
Something is always broken on this app. Zelle is down 25% of the time. After you take picture of deposit it asks you to look at picture 3 times. When I call they tell me to try tomorrow.
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3 years ago, JustBrewit00
Friday Tradition
Every Friday both the mobile app and website are always down. Most deals involving withdrawals and transfers that would normally take place are on hold because of this recurring issue. Perhaps attempting to update any system upgrades overnight would be better.
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5 years ago, musikwiz
App and online banking
It is not compatible with many of the finance management tools out there such as Quicken. This app/online banking is definitely inferior to some of the bigger banks like Bank of America or TD bank.
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5 years ago, Irish 19125
Great support
I am technically challenged, but CNB offers great support. I’ve got a handle on depositing checks and may attempt bill payer next. The app is easy to use and provides all the info I need.
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5 years ago, Gould Vision
Mobile deposit is terrible
Your mobile deposit is soo bad. It only accepts the check like 20% of the time. Other bank site are so much better. I’ve tried to tell the bank but nobody cares.
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2 years ago, hg 011
Humberto González, a very happy customer
Like always, completely satisfied with CNB
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2 years ago, Jose Manuel Perez Rebellon
Amazing app
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3 years ago, GEG13
Face recognition doesn’t work anymore
Face récognitions doesn’t work and I can’t see the message I’m writing.
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12 years ago, nrmacinfla
The Way It Should Be
Simply wonderful. It's the app you need and expect without bugs or problems. A photo-deposit feature would be a nice addition for a future upgrade. Very intuitive, easy to use, quick and problem-free. I've been a City National customer for many years and this app is consistent with the quality I've come to expect from them.
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9 years ago, Edumgr
It has the basics down well
The app works well to check balances, transaction history, locate ATMs and transfer money to different accounts (and doesn't crash). I would like to see additional features such as bank deposit (I lose checks because it takes me so long to get to a branch) to make the app a 5 star.
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12 years ago, AKINGOF305
CNB FL Awesome App
City National Bank of Fl has been my bank of choice since I was a young boy. My mom open my first saving account i have been treated a valued customer. The Mobile Application for Iphone and Ipad is very well design and useful. I love to see the check deposit feature FirstData provided which should be coming soon. i cant wait for the feature. CNB customer since 1996.
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12 years ago, Happy CNB Client
Awesome app
I am a client of CNB and a big bank. The CNB app is just as good as the big bank app I use. In some ways it's better. It's simple and easy to use. Just got CNB's iPad app and it's better than the big bank app I use. Considering the great personal service I get at CNB the bank is a clear winner that also offers me all the 'stuff' my big bank does.
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10 years ago, LAYVEE
Functional, but lacking features.
The app is functional and easy to use, however, it lacks basic features like mobile check deposit. Also, I have several accounts and it does not allow me to see the account names (only #'s). Since I do not have my account numbers memorized, this gets very confusing for me. I really want to give this app a five star, but without these features I believe it only deserves 3.
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11 years ago, surgemorales
Good App CNB but missing check deposit by phone
The App for CNB Bank is easy and convenient but its missing a very important part being able to deposit a check by taking picture (mobile check deposit). Overall great you can also pay bills.
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12 years ago, supercubanazo
I'm pleasantly surprised with this App. Everything works as it supposed to. This is definitely a huge improvement over the web version released earlier. Futures upgrades could include the ability to create Payees. Good work!!
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9 years ago, ChrisHBrandon
Functional but Lacking
This app is very good for checking your balances and paying bills. It is way behind most of the apps for other banks which have much more functionality. This app cannot be used to deposit checks or set up new online payments. The web site works very well on an iPad and using this app is optional.
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8 years ago, Drbuckey
My Bank App
This is a really nice app. Let's you see all your account information. Easy to navigate. See your account history, transfer funds and make deposits of checks.
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8 years ago, Grimrap
Excellent App
CNB mobile app is always reliable and easy to use. They are always updating with new features to make my banking experience easy and convenient.
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13 years ago, Traveling Techie
Great App
This is a fantastic app. I'm so happy I moved my accounts from Wells Fargo. When CNB says that they are big enough to give their customers what they want but small enough to do it they way they want it they really mean it! Bravo, CNB!!!
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8 years ago, rem miami
Easy and clean.
Easy app to use very clear and intuitive, a clean a simple look to the app has added a lot of visual comfort as well. Big fan of the Touch ID login.
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12 years ago, GSIV
Fine Banking App
I love it. Straightforward,simple, and quick. Would love a camera/deposit feature. CNB has consistently given great service too.
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8 years ago, Ranjan Duara
CNB Florida Website/App for mobile phone
Excellent app/website. Simplifies online banking considerably. It is ver fast and allows a lot of otherwise complex operations to be completed expeditiously!*****
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13 years ago, J_Hope_
Great to finally have an app for CNB!
Functionality worked perfectly! App is vibrant, user friendly, and extremely convenient.
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12 years ago, Nancyesq
Much improved!
This app is great. Before, it would not rotate. It is much more convenient to use. The new layout is very easy to use.
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13 years ago, JLJ2323
CNB is the best bank that I have ever done business with!! They really know what how to treat customers. I have been waiting for this app and I am super excited to have it now.
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12 years ago, Benigno Mendez
Easy to navigate
Found that the City National Bank of Florida was easy to navigate and gave me the options I need to do my banking with ease.
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9 years ago, firstcritic
CNB banking ap
For not being a tech savvy consumer just made my first check deposit and was surprised at how functionally easy it was.
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13 years ago, ChiliB
Very convenient
So glad CNB has an app. Makes account management even easier! Love this bank!
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12 years ago, KitchenSalesGuru
Best Banking App!
Having used several banking apps, this is the best! Easy, quick and even fun to use, Grat Job! Love this Bank!
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13 years ago, Florida customer
Great app!
I love this bank for the awesome face-to-face service. Now, I can bank from home. Best of both worlds! Love it!
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11 years ago, FL Fisherman
User friendly
Very user friendly app.
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11 years ago, TDR17
Great App
Very easy to check balances, see withdrawals, and transfer money. Thanks City National
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11 years ago, RRGomez
Just what I needed!
Easy to use and most importantly safe.
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11 years ago, Julian916384952
5 stars
Works great no problems
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12 years ago, Moemoe33
crash, cannot connect internet
after the upgrade, app is not working and cannot connect internet either on wifi or 4G. will be solid app if CNB can add check deposit through this app like the other banks.
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9 years ago, Miamidebi
Great app
Works perfectly
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12 years ago, Beanie boo 337
Amazing app
You must get this app
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9 years ago, wanton gaze
Signs of Promise
I had opened an account with this bank (despite the fact that I have accounts with larger Banks around town) because I knew a VP there who persuaded me. I have received exceptional service from her since joining. But a key factor that has kept me here was the advent of this app. Since there are not many branch locations convenient to me, it is essential that this app functions well for me. My main usage is to take advantage of mobile deposits from my rental properties. So when this function became available, I was ecstatic. But there needs to be some fixes. Since my checks come in at the same time every month, this process has become a bit tedious and clunky. The maximum deposit allowance allows for one deposit at a time. This is time consuming but I can live with it since I can deposit from anywhere at anytime. Having said that, there needs to be an immediate confirmation in the app that shows my deposit (besides an email confirmation). It seems to take about one business day for this to show up. Next, I tried to make another deposit Monday afternoon after having made a deposit Friday morning to no success. I guess I have to wait until Friday's check has fully cleared. Finally, a big annoyance is the push notifications. I get updates of my balance days after I have made my transactions. The updates are also out of sequence and don't reflect real time activity. My Banker promoted by this bank saying that it caters to small local business, which is apparent at the branch and face to face. But please work on your mobile banking to compete with the mainstream banks as I would like to support more localized businesses that offer more personalized service to to people like me.
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11 years ago, 2000men
Great app
Simply Works Right
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12 years ago, Cchs92
Best banking app I've used
Great app!!!
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12 years ago, mail mess
Great App
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10 years ago, Cbarrett1
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3 years ago, SamuelFRobinson
Works great
i easier. Should have pattern code access. Should also customer service chat
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11 years ago, Michelle8600
Excellent app.
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