Citywide Banks

2.6 (26)
28.5 MB
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Current version
Heartland Financial USA, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Citywide Banks

2.58 out of 5
26 Ratings
1 month ago, vasily.r
Gets job done annoyingly
One of the most basic bank apps I’ve ever used, and still manages to be pretty annoying. “Remember password” doesn’t do anything. My password manager can’t look up my password automatically because this app hasn’t properly set up their app input fields for that. Huge banners all the time everywhere. App is down for maintenance every week it seems like? Could be worse.
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2 years ago, Bailaket
Doesn’t recognize checks
Because of the business I run I deposit at least one check per day. About 10% of the time it recognizes my checks. Most every time i have used this app i have had to log out completely, log out, delete the app, etc. in hopes that it will work. I deposit checks in my personal account at another bank regularly and I never have this issue so it tells me that it’s the app. I contacted their support line and there was nothing they can do. It’s such a frustration and a waste of time to have to have to run checks to the bank when the app supposedly has the capability. Please fix this, this makes for a lousy user experience.
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4 years ago, dbm80401
Banners on every page, really?
The app is functional and does what I need but every single page has a banner with info like the customer service phone number or something else the developer thought would be helpful but in reality is just plain annoying. These banners can be closed but they reappear then next time you’re on the same page. A better option is designing the app with an interface that’s intuitive enough to remove the training wheels. At a minimum provide an option to permanently suppress the messages.
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4 years ago, Devo2000
Great app
Look citywide is a relatively small Colorado bank so I don’t expect it to have some ultra robust app. The app literally does everything I need it to and more. I really like the pay a person feature and use it at least once a week. Great job with the app and I’m so happy to support a local Colorado bank.
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5 years ago, Stevep1230
Arguably the most frustrating banking app I've ever used.
The Touch ID is a nice feature. That's about all I can say for this busted app. I've had to delete and re-download the app twice now because it just locks up and won't let me sign in after a week of having it on my phone. When it does actually let you through, the interface is slow and the menus are jumbled and bland. It's nice when it works, but honestly that's such a rarity.
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1 year ago, iwanttoloveitbutihateit
Outdated and limited
One of the worst banking apps I’ve used. The interface isn’t great, the app couldn’t get out of the map section after looking at the “branches near me option,” and you have to call customer service every time you need an account number (or memorize all of them, good luck). The mobile online website is just as bad. Banks like Chase have a much better app that citywide needs to take notes from.
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4 years ago, eldon211
By far the most inaccurate and unsafe app
This app is causing me to switch banks. I don’t trust it. Money will go in then disappear. They never show what you actually have. Because of this app I will no longer be a customer of this bank. They should have things together especially when their customers are trusting them. The app and the ATM balance inquiry are always different. This app makes you blind to where your money is.
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4 years ago, Nevershoutlola
Stopped working completely.
At first, the app worked okay but seemed a little laggy. But it worked fine for months. But the last week it hasn’t worked at all. I sign in, and I get the loading overtop the login and then after a couple minutes, it says timed out. Can’t deposit a check mobile and it’s just another problem I have with this bank
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6 years ago, Peter Sinclair II
Easy to use when on the go
I like having access to my bank on my phone. It's simple to use and very convenient. The people are great, too.
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3 years ago, CO User UX
Poor UX
I am web savvy and use WF, AMEX, Vanguard, USAA, and many other banking and investment apps. This is just so unfriendly. Functionality is not intuitive. Terminology is confusing, minimum data needed isn’t easily found. It is just too hard to use. It makes managing money a headache. Got a got rate but starting to regret it now that I have to deal with this app and bank. Really nice people for sure - poor technology.
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3 years ago, Metron Ariston (in Denver)
Crashes every time I try remote deposit.
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3 years ago, Sterling Toz
Great App
This app actually runs pretty smoothly and does its job. I am not expecting all sorts of fancy functions like a big bank.
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4 years ago, dawaywalkwood
Needs to be rebuilt
I have to close the app down and log in again each time I want to deposit a check. If I try to deposit a second check without logging out, it locks up my phone. I have an iPhone 6 Plus running ios 12.3.1. This has been going on for several months.
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6 years ago, 45CR
No good
Terrible. Fails to log in 75% of the time. Got very tired of closing all my other apps, restarting it, and restarting my phone just to make it work.
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7 years ago, Callaway3630
Works Great!
Easy to navigate, no problems so far.
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9 years ago, LhamCO
New online banking and mobile app
Great new system!
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