Civilization Revolution 2

4.2 (8.7K)
1041.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Civilization Revolution 2

4.24 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
7 years ago, MrNickknack77
Not as bad as most reviews, but...
I really enjoy Sid Meier's Civilization games, and I am a big fan. I did not find this game to be nearly as "buggy" or poorly made as I have read. However, it is also far from being perfect. The biggest issue I had was with the first game I started. I played it through almost to the end, but I learned the hard way the importance of saving the game. I left the game idle twice while preparing a meal and both times the iPad went blank and upon unlocking it again, the game had to reload completely but I was happy to see a "continue game" option. The first time I pushed "continue game" it worked fine. The second time failed 10 times before I gave up. I kept getting stuck forever on the loading screen. I was almost to the end of the game and it got me pretty discouraged. I miss options like "hold for one turn." I have to move the armies fully or push the "defend position" button. I constantly forget what I have on the board because I have to put so many armies in the defense mode. I also battle with lag and long loading times. It is still fun though. It does work, is playable, has most features of the other versions, and is fun. I am generous with my 4 star rating but if this gets updated again and fixed, it will be an easy 5 star.
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2 years ago, Windfaerie1029384756
First time playing Civ on my iPad, but long time lover of the game in general. Although not as intricate as PC series, it’s still a great shortened version that shouldn’t be dismissed. There are a few minor annoyances, and to be fair I may have just not discovered them yet. 1.) Can’t have units “wait a turn” which leads to fortifying with the possibility of a turn skip if it autos. 2.) The auto turns — I don’t mind this so much in the beginning, but as things are heating up it’s very easy to have several strategy maneuvers delayed. 3.) Can’t put cities into non-production mode and solely producing science/gold. This is very tedious towards the end stage where you don’t necessarily need to continue building, yet majority of the turn is spent bouncing from a plethora of cities just clicking something before doing the actual strategy for the round. Overall I love being able to play Civ on my iPad and just a short and sweet game that focuses on my favorite parts.
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8 months ago, JeskaWolf
Stripped down design and no tutorial. Lacking throughout
Bought this cause I played Civ 5-6 on my computer and even Civilization Revolution 1 on xbox 360. I remember Revolution 1 being quite fun but returning to Civilization Revolution 2 on here and other platforms, I’ve come to realize just how dull and limiting it is. Firstly there are so much fewer choices compared to the other games in the series and it does not perform very well on my iPad. While offering many enjoyable goofiness and characters, the gameplay and strategic choices available to people are underwhelming and upon finishing a game I felt little to no satisfaction or enjoyment from having played for 3-4 hours. That an there was so little direction or tutorial for differences or how many systems worked, I was and still am very disappointed in this game. The lack of choice and strategic options really kill it for me. Maps are quite small too. The player and AI can have massive death stacks of units (multiple units on the same square, an issue/design choice originating from Civilization 4 in 2005) means that movement and military options and viability are grossly limited. I really did not enjoy the design choices, as I feel many people who enter or are familiar with the series will reciprocate, and I do not recommend to purchase or to play.
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9 years ago, Novak281
Needs Serious Update
This game is a spot on reference to the Xbox 360 version of CivRev including graphics, layout, and overall gameplay, yet with the 360 version you got to see just about every building in your cities including the wonders as well as watched your units change styles whenever they were upgraded to have a special ability. I think the makers could add to the graphics to let us see what buildings we have in the cities and also let us see the wonders that have been built. Also more scenarios would be greatly appreciated, and it Would be even better if the scenarios followed the outline for them that was written, like global warming, "water is rising and resources are becoming scarce" yet when I start the game it looks like any other randomly generated map on one huge continent with very little water separating the civs and plentiful resources. What's the point of a scenario if it doesn't follow the written scenario? And do barbs only attack the actual players civ? I have yet to see a barb attack a computer player and I have yet to see a computer player attack another computer player or even meet another comp player within the game, even in late eras, all of these are making me regret the $10 I spent on this game.
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5 years ago, Dram I Am
Best game on my phone right now.
I don't normally play mobile games, but recently my PS4 crapped out, so I've been playing games on my phone until I can buy a new console. I find that most mobile games are infested with microtransactions and paywalls, and just aren't very fun. This game is different. It's pretty much a port from the console version, so it plays just like it would on console. I have had very little issues; only a few instances of stutter or very light lag. I'm having a lot of fun playing the game, and I've already got a domination victory, playing as Elizabeth I. The game has very satisfying progression, and the research tree and unit/building selections are very robust for this being a simplified version of civilization. Btw, the only reason I play this instead of Civ 6, is because I currently have an iPhone 5s, and it won't update past iOS 10.5 or whatever, so I can't download the game. It would be really cool, if the devs are reading this, if they could somehow optimize Civ 6 for older versions of iOS. If so, I'd totally buy it, and I'm sure a lot of other people would, too.
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6 years ago, voltz dq
Not as Good as Civilization Revolution on Xbox
There are somethings that I liked having in CivRev 2. The new additions added onto game were worth adding into the sequel. I found it really cool to see new Great Leaders and the new Korean Civilization to play as or play against with the new units such like the Top-Tier Special Forces unit or the Drones unit. The Scenario Generator mode was a feature I wish was available on the Xbox but instead only had preset Scenarios that were interesting but not customizable so I am glad it was added onto here and was improved slightly compared to CivRev 1 on IOS. But I felt that deploying troops was clunky and it made it really punishing to have so many units in your arsenal, especially end game. Even worse added onto that was a lack of the “wait” feature on some units like the ICBM or Great People that keep asking over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, over, and over again where to be placed even though I intend to keep them there for later use. There is no longer the feature that allows you to sell your units so now not only do I have a huge number of units that is annoying to use but I can’t get rid of it unless I go to war, forcing me to play a certain way.
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8 years ago, William review
Last bug fix.. July 2015....Really?
I'm a huge fan of the civilization revolution games, but this version is pathetic. In a few days it is going to be an entire year since the last bug fix! Even longer since the last new content update, but the bugs are so bad no one cares about new content just fix the bugs!! For example no AI leaders will know anything about other leaders or interact with each other for the entire game!! Which throws out many strategies where you could put 2 civilizations against each other... And the special forces are completely useless, if you can research modern warfare you lose your ability to produce modern infantry (best defenders in the game (4 attack 8 defense)) inexchange for for special forces (which are complete assclowns costing 20 extra production and have 8 attack 4 defense). The tech modern warfare is a good way to lose a close game, but that's to say if you didn't get bored of all 4 AI's thinking your the only other leader in the game. There are many other bugs just read other people's reviews of this update since its been out for a year and only 1 out of many have given it 5 stars. I wouldn't recommend buying it until they put out a bug fix even then at 7$ it's still an abandoned game (was 15$ upon release which just goes to show its diminishing quality).
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2 years ago, Bess55
Great Adaptation
I’ve enjoyed the Civilization games on my PC from Civ 2 thru 5 and am amazed they were able to port it to mobile devices. This version has elements of Civ 2 and 3 mostly. It is a simplified and sped up version of the PC game. I think most of the simplification was probably necessary to get it to play on mobile without crashing devices, but I found it still plays surprisingly well. Eliminating workers actually enhances game play, I think. Not sure how confusing it would be for players not already familiar with the game concepts but I am enjoying it a lot. (In contrast, I deleted Civ 6 in a couple days.) They do provide a tutorial and, of course, the Civilopedia. The maps are fairly small with snaky land masses and islands. I wish they let us reduce the quantity of ai opponents so they could be farther apart and we don’t find them so quickly. I appreciate the custom game settings. Sometimes it’s nice to just play in “no war” mode. I can't tell you how much I enjoy being able to stack units again!
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7 years ago, Napoleon!
Great game, but as always, there's room for improvement.
I love the new country additions, especially Korea. However, the AI countries don't interact with each other even if they both have forces fighting on my territory or are direct neighbors. Also, the scenarios are a little below their full potential, and some, like the American Revolution, are too difficult for me to enjoy. Also, if you could choose a preset map in the custom scenario menu, and select the AI Civs that are playing with you, you could recreate the era of your choice. Also, I would like the turn limit per game removed. It's only annoying, because sometimes you're only a turn away from building the UN or World bank, or a turn away from reaching Alpha Centauri, and someone you could easily beat ends up winning due to POINTS- WHAT?! Lastly, more countries would be more than welcome. I would enjoy these four in general: Carthage and the Huns to conflict with Rome, the Incas to conflict with the Aztecs, and the Ottomans to match Germany. Sorry for the length of this review and sorry for any grammar errors, I use the German on my phone.
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8 years ago, Pickles1978
Disappointing but still fun
I was a big fan of the first version on my iPhone. This one is an improvement in some small ways, but it seems to take some major steps backwards. The controls are awkward and I end up sending troops to the wrong spots frequently. The graphics are nice but it feels like the world is smaller. I think the AI is a bit more difficult to beat than in the first version but it's so predictable that every game looks almost exactly like the last (constant wars against me but no else seems to get attacked, not even barbarians!). I still haven't managed to unlock any of the new leaders. I think that was a major reason I bought the new version and I shouldn't have bothered. The app is never updated so now I get a warning whenever I start it from my iPad Pro that says the app will slow down my iPad and that the developer needs to update it. Ultimately, it ticks me off that I paid so much money for a new version of a game I already had that is so much less fun to play. It's still a good game though and I still play so it gets three stars.
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7 years ago, LarryPeeps
Worth the Upgrade
I didn't upgrade from the earlier version of iPad Civ for a long time because reviews led me to believe it wasn't worth the cost. I agree that the upgrade isn't drastically different but it has enough cool bell and whistles to make it worthwhile. The new leaders are nice even if Kennedy seems brain damaged. There are new military units, wonders and technologies. The Deity level seems harder on this version. My biggest gripe is the lack of a wait function on the units which the earlier version had. For military units, this means you HAVE to fortify to remain in place which makes them inactive on the next turn. If you want to pocket a great person for later use, now you have to run them around in circles each turn. Bottom line, the game is nearly glitch free, has better graphics, and a number of new additions. It still doesn't have the full features of the PC version but I wish I'd upgraded to this version sooner. Definitely worth the money.
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6 years ago, Ecosta282
Civ Rev 2
I’ve been playing the original Civ Rev for ages now and when I saw that they had the second one on IOS I just had to get it. Over all the game play is solid. It’s exactly like the first game with just a ton of new additions. These additions like new world leaders and such give the game that replay value that you always want to have in a game. The one real problem that I’ve noticed so far is when you have a incredibly large amount of units on the map it creates a lot of lag and a significant drop in the frame rate, but not so much so that it makes the game unplayable. As for the price I do think it’s worth it, but the Civ Rev games have always been casual so it attracts that kinda of market, and if I didn’t already have an appreciation for the game I don’t think I would have paid $9.99 plus tax. All in all, the game is a solid 4.5/5 stars. And if you like Civilization games then you should definitely pick this one up.
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7 years ago, Fozzie Balboa
Developer had iOS 11 beta for the past year and still no update?!?
So iOS 11 has been available to developers for the past year and any company who gives a s@$t actually spent time to update their apps for iOS 11 and had them ready to go at the release date. Obviously this company preferred to take peoples money and not provide any support or update to an app that I’m sure took them time to develop. What a wasted investment on the companies behalf and what a waste of the revenue all the users have provided already. If I do the math correctly looking at even an average of just people who reviewed this, let’s say 4000 people then that’s $40,000 on just the reviewed app. Now let’s say maybe about 10% of people who buy apps review it, which would be generous since all the research points to 5% and under. $400,000 (which is definitely a low estimate for this popular game) is quite a haul for hem not to have an update ready and waiting when iOS 11 came out. Either the business people for this company hate money, or are just stupid. Hope another company buys the rights to Sid Meyers collections and makes twice as much.
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6 years ago, Charlieg35
Wish it was still worth the $$$
I had this game on my console way back when, and once it came out for IOS I immediately downloaded it for whatever the cost, as it is one of my absolute favorite games. This iteration was fine, the load glitches come and go and aren’t really that bothersome if you have a more advanced device. The reason why I have finally decided to give this game such a bad review is because they released a broken version of the game and never came back to fix it. Unless I am the only person to experience this, my issue is that the opponents in any given scenario seem to be incapable of communicating with each other. The concept of colluding with one country to eliminate another is one that drives the core function of this game. For it to not even be available is just a shame. While I am sure they have made more than their $$$’s worth and this review is in no means an attempt to stop anyone from purchasing the game. No this review is basically a desperate cry for the game to be fixed... Please, PLEASE fix this game, or at least release an IOS version of Civ Rev VI so I can play again!!
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7 years ago, RisingBlade
Fun game
It's been a long time since I've played Civilization. I've played similar games since then (Warcraft, Age of Empires, etc), so I wasn't too rusty. 😄 I did have to play at level 2 (Warlord) since I didn't know what I was doing. The tutorial was very basic, so I had to search the internet for more details. I did play to a world domination victory, but that's only because the computer players didn't really advance their technology. That's fine since I was still using legions in the 1900s! I'm sure the higher levels will stomp on me if I don't start to understand the technology tree better. So I would definitely recommend level 2 to get "just enough" challenge for your first game. There's a lot of details to the game which makes it fun for me. These games can take many hours, but since it's turn based it makes for a great mobile game though since you can just stop and start at anytime.
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2 years ago, AODTmike on Twitch
Leaderboards, Tournaments, Friends???
This game is great. I love the concept of Civilization and glad they brought it to IOS/mobile. But the only thing I find saddening and kind of disappointing is having a friends system but not being able to add /or play with a friend. My father and I bought this game for $4.99 wanting to play together / against each other but we have come to find out that you cannot do so. I know it’s been years so this review more than likely won’t get looked at. But it would be awesome if they added in a multiplayer system wether it was playing with AI’s and playing with a buddy over LAN. Thank you for the game 2K and I’m happy/impressed with what you did for us Civ mobile gamers. But not having a multiplayer option anywhere is kind of boring and disappointing. Would be a cool last little update :) fairly easy to do so aswell!
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6 years ago, Axisofinfinity
Great game terrible implementation
I never write reviews. This game can be very fun but after seeing my units get defeated while having a 2x advantage and hardly being able to win a fight with even 1 point less I’m sick of it. The combat is stupidly unbalance so right when you get a good army or fleet the enemy can crush it with a much weaker unit. The game also auto plays so your units automatically go to the next place you put during your last turn. Automatically, despite changes in the battlefield or move to of enemy troops you can’t stop the auto movements and it slides away to the next unit even if you try to work another area of the map. I love civilization games but this port has pushed me to my last nerve. The previously mobile version was a much better game and I played it back in 2011. It is possible to win games on the highest difficulty but the computer has such vastly better luck it is painfully tedious building up powerful units just to see them crushed by enemies literally half as strong. It would be 5 stars if this didn’t fundamentally break the game so ridiculously.
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9 years ago, ShoulderDevil65
Great handheld version of civ
1) Less complex than PC versions of Civ, but perfect for handheld device. 2) Allows for quicker (still multiple hours in most cases) games. This game is still far more complex and interesting than most handheld games 3) most complaints about bugs can be solved by learning the controls and the "flow" of each turn. The game presents you with things to do on each turn in a certain order; if you fight the game you will become frustrated, instead go with the natural flow of the game. Also learn all controls, touching or holding in the right place allows you to do the things you want or find the information you need. All the information and controls are there, you must learn how to play the game in order to fully utilize everything. 4) Wish there was Hot-Seat two player for trips and such on ipad
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3 years ago, kazizislam
Good but requires more updates
The game is amazing but still requires some updates. For example, there should be a button to “defend” for great people because it is very annoying when great peoples are located inside of cities but require a move every turn. By “defending” great peoples would remain muted until they are required by the player at which point the player can hold on the great peoples and activate them. The current situation is very annoying as it requires players to make a move for great peoples every turn even if the player is patiently waiting to use them at a later time in a given city. Small details like this can make or break an entire game session as it frustrates the player. I hope whoever reading this in 2k takes the time to investigate this and bring it to the attention of people who can fix it.
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9 years ago, Cazman07
Good game but still needs a serious update!!!!! Don't waste your money.
This is a good addition to the Civilization universe, but there are still problems with it. For one the AI is as dumb as a bag of hammers and that's insulting to the hammers. The AI hardly ever declares war on another AI civ and will go to war with you when you have tanks and aircraft and they are feebly attempting to invade you with legions. Also, and this is very annoying, you cannot capture enemy spies without declaring war on the civ it belongs to while they can capture yours with out going to war. Some wonders can be constructed completely out of era for example, and the AI does this a lot, the Eiffel Tower, Scotland Yard, and the SETI can be build very early on without regard to prerequisite technology. All of these problems diminish strategy and overall gameplay. If these problems were resolved it would bring the game up to the level that civ fans expect. So get on it!!!!!! It has been over a year without a significant update.
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6 years ago, No-Show Bob
Same game, ruined interface
The first version is the best game on iPad period. They never quite fixed the quirky bugs from then, and the latest 3D interface makes the game much less pleasant. It’s cool that they added some new leaders, and that you have to unlock some of them. Very difficult to select units. Cannot see what units are in a stack without waking up every single unit in the stack. And to add to the madness, the “next unit” selection is essentially random (it was never this broken in 2D) so it’s hard to manage many units, especially since some units cannot be told to fortify, sleep or wait, so you have to page through them every freaking turn. Late game is unplayable madness due to horrible unit selection. I can easily beat this with any character in hardest mode, but I have probably played 10k hours on Civ Rev. This is the worst one but I still play it.
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5 years ago, Wolfdidditz
An absolutely horrible game
I played several editions of Civilization on my computer over the years and enjoyed all of them. This version is just awful. The AI is the worst. I’ve finished all the leaders on the deity level utilizing the same strategy for every civilization. The lack of variation and same dumb AI made the game thoroughly un-enjoyable. For example the AI never attacks or gets attacked by barbarians, only attacks the player, gets veteran armies with generals without ever battling with them, gets a massive building bonus, etc. There’s a tab when you’re using the diplomacy to discuss other world leaders but when you tap it the only response they give is that they don’t know who they are. Even when there borders are next to each other and have troops traveling through them to attack me. It makes the game feel incomplete. I had better gameplay on the earlier computer editions from 20 years ago. There’s also a glitch that prevents me from finishing all the achievements. All in all this is a really crappy incomplete game and a waste of time and money.
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1 month ago, blue5474
Not bad for a sequel
For a smart phone sequel to a console exclusive it’s actually pretty fun well yes there was a lot of changes and a lot of immersive details being removed like villagers in your city but besides that the things that I like in this is that the games go on a lot more faster which I think removes a lot of the filler in the first revolution game and another thing is that this game is a lot more new comer friendly since it doesn’t just throw you into the deep end but wouldn’t say it’s the best civilization game no it’s good for new comers but not the best game overall I think the first revolution game had more better details though I’m still new to the games since I only started playing civilization revolution 1 so in my eyes I don’t know
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8 years ago, AusomeAustin
Bad AI, needs multiplayer.
The title says it all. No matter how good or how poor you're doing, every comp civ will wage war with you. Even if a much better target is within a much more reasonable distance, the comp will ignore it to attack you. If you pay off a comp to attack another comp (which is an option sometimes), nothing with happen. You'll pay gold for nothing. Despite this, the AI is terrible at expanding it's own civs, building 2 cities over the course of an entire game, and either funneling most of it's resources into it's armies (to attack you), or into cultural/scientific expansion (which you can't stop because you're too busy fighting everyone else). When I tried this app out, I got the distinct impression that the comps did not care who won, as long as I lost. These issues would easily be bypassed by a multiplayer function, replacing terribly coded comps with actual people. However, this is not a function, and as such, this throwaway app is not worth the $10 required to play.
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6 years ago, The Gov E37
I got ripped off
For the price of this game I thought I was going to have hours of fun strategically out witting the other players. I set up my custom scenario and the only way to win is to capture the capital of all the other players. After about an hour I’m setting up to get some of the items I wanted bombers/nukes Etc. (as a side note everyone’s at war with you! The other AI’s have no clue about each other nor do they care. So you’re fighting a 5 sided war. Just to put that into perspective the Germans lost WW2 because they were fighting a two sided war) so i’m about to start on the first opponent and it tells me in 5 turns the game is over! Wait I didn’t put that in my scenario! To bad game over and there’s no way to change that. Wow that’s $10 worth? What they have done is put a respected named game on a stripped down game to rip people off thinking they’re getting that game, you’re not! You’re getting WAY to easy or WAY to hard of a game. Save your money and get one of the others in this genre for free and just as good of gameplay.
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3 years ago, Selly3332
Awesome game, you get used to the bugs (lol)
Very nice game for mobile. It’s not better than the Xbox 360 version, however it is good. Few problems are: the ai civilizations don’t declare war on each other or don’t deal with each other - they don’t even know the other civilizations exist, even if they are right next to each other - this definitely is big bug needs to be fixed. Otherwise, it feels like it’s all civilizations vs you which is more fun, but it takes away life from the game. Also, the late game special forces are useless, the standard infantry are much better for defense. The aircraft carrier also is useless since it’s already near the end of the game to make an impact. Buff up the special forces and and fix the game ai - you are good to go!
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8 years ago, mrgregg
Abandoned Game with TONS of bugs
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME UNTIL THEY UPDATE IT! I was excited to play this game after putting so many hours into the first one. It is nearly IDENTICAL to the first version with the the same gameplay except broken. See the last updated date? It's showing you the game is abandoned by developers. They added new leaders, units, and tech which is superb. HOWEVER the game itself is hardy functional. Being the first to finish technology past the first few columns presents you with a screen like you would receive a bonus however nothing happens! The AIs are even more useless than the first game. They can only recognize the player meaning they never declare war on each other, and you can never pay them to attack enemies. They just defend useless plots of land in front of barbarians for thousands of years before declaring war on you. They can literally stand next to another civilization, but the moment you ask about that civilization they'll reply with "I've not heard of this civilization". Come on! I have no idea how much they paid for the "editors choice" seal but it's obvious the editors never played the game because it's more broken than the first somehow. This game could easily be 5/5 if they fixed bugs making it unplayable. Developers quit caring for this game a year ago, they're probably doing a couple tweaks and you can buy the slightly more fixed version rebranded "Civilization 3" for another sum of money.
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6 years ago, The Sovreign
It’s a Civ game on a phone
It’s a decent game not very good but it kills time when you’re away from home. This can’t be compared to other Civ games because it’s just doesn’t have the power to have that kind of depth. It is old school build a huge unit stack and unleash on the opposition. My issues is the game is thought to control and often frustrating. It. Seems kind of buggy as far as controls go. I often have to track down a unit in order to heal it because there is no skip action button you either have to make all the moves you can or defend. If your unit is defending it just gets skipped so if you have any wounded unit you have to track them so you can heal them. If you don’t they just sit there and don’t heal. The positive is it’s a fast paced game which it should be for a phone game. And it has very powerful wonders in the end game. So it’s a fun way to kill a few hours.
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6 years ago, Dr. Fancypants, esq.
Doesn't add much to the original
If you played the original Civilization Revolution, there's not much new to see here. Ranged city attacks, a few new techs/units/wonders, and "improvements" to the graphics that make me miss the simplicity of the previous installment's more cartoonish style. There's simply not $15 of value here. The AI is also really odd. Computer players will never acknowledge having met each other, and never seem to go to war with each other. The computer players park units next to barbarian encampments, and never try to clear them. It’s a stretch to use the term “scenario” for the scenarios; there’s really nothing to them. And despite the fast pace of the game, the late game manages to be even more tedious than it is in the full-blown Civ games (in particular, the late-game run to wrap up a victory feels pretty much the same in every successful game). That said, it’s still fun to play—to a point—
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8 years ago, Jimmey the real one
100% Honest Review
The title says it all. As you can see in the screenshots of this game it appears that you can see the entire planet as a ball. This is a Lie, you cannot see the planet. In fact when you launch a nuclear bomb and it zooms out to follow the bomb you see the end of the earth as complete emptiness. People are saying this game is different from the first which I have playd extensively, and it is not. The only difference is the graphics. The AI is poor and the hardest setting is very beatable. They ask you for money for a truce so they will not attack you Even If Your AboutTo Destroy Their Last City. They take a long time to create new settlements and thusly lose mid game if you just spam settlers early on. All of the leaders have the exact same bonus as civ rev 1. In fact the pictures for every technology is exactly the same as civ rev 1. Now if your a fan of textures and your willing to drop an extra five bucks that is literally all you will be getting in civ rev 2. AI technology and leaders Are Exactly The Same.
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6 years ago, Wyliehart
Fun game
Good game! The graphics are amazing. But I think that the game would be better if it had a bigger expanse of cultures. Wish there were Native Americans. The game is amazing as it is. I wish that it auto saved though. Twice in my one save, I had accidentally pressed the wrong button and lost a bunch of progress because I forgot. Also, for some reason when I attempt to get out of the notifications about achieving a victory, it brings me to the home menu. Again with the not-being-able-to-save. Great expanse of female characters! However, I feel in the tidbit of description about water vehicles should have a bit more about whether or not it can go in deep water. The last thing I feel that could be added is a setting that only allows you to war with one NPC civilization at a time. It got a bit tedious in one of my games, where I was just starting out and had a very small amount of forces- think I had just unlocked knights. Anyway, I soon found the Germans, the Indian, and the Japanese. The Indian declared war on me. However, as previously stated, I had small forces, and could only fight one civilization, when all of a sudden the Japanese made me give up something or another for peace. Then the Germans did it! I had to give in to them, or I would’ve been crushed!
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6 years ago, Mr.serotonin Mann
Ehhh needs work before i feel they should charge for it
This game dosent feel complete. I love Civ games and I find the AI to be horrendous for a civ game:/ i can only play with 3 other civs and i have no option to choose which civs i play with. even the civs that i play with don’t give much diplomacy leeway. None of them ever meet so i can’t even use the option to make one AI fight another AI... why put something in a game if i can’t even use it????? it needs a “turn off fight animation” button, like i understand it took a lot of work to put the fight animations in the game but that being said the novelty of watching a firefight between 3 people wears off after about the 3rd take and sometimes i don’t have the time to watch those over and over again i just want to get through a game. and finally, the wait one turn button would be great. Overall however, this game has potential to be 5 stars but with some updates.
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1 year ago, Pixeltown
Huge Civ fan
Of the OG Sid Meier versions. Mostly 2 and 3. The latest version 6 is a bit sluggish for me and don’t love the extra complexity. This version is comparatively very basic but has enough of the civ DNA to keep me playing. It’s never been buggy for me, only crashed maybe 2 or 3 times in years of playing and the auto save only sets me back one or 2 moves. The game play, opponent behavior, is a little predictable after a while but that’s ok. The other variables like land and resources make it interesting regardless. My only minor gripes are the silly character animations and sounds they make. A bit cartoony and goofy but some may love that. Also wish there was an option to turn off battle animation or simplify.
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2 years ago, Ftgyefhkovdssh
Great game not much different then console civ rev
The console version was probably the most replayable game of all time. This version extended that to mobile devices. The only problem is once you figure out a few key techniques you’re owning on deity every game. There should be a harder difficulty imo. I also think they should make a rev 3 because a lot of people don’t want to sink a couple weeks into an overly complicated civ6 style game and with a few tasteful improvements, harder difficulty and removing things like air attack animations and adding back overrun it would be great. Nobody want to watch any of those attack animations and those could easily be speeded up at the very least.
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6 years ago, Homer Sativa
It can steal hours
I have to say I’m already a fan from Cids civilization games. This is a great game and this newest version fore the iPhone is just what I was looking for. You pay for the game once, you play, it’s has potential for days of different types of play time. You loose time as it pulls you in. As opposed to all those other games that you have to pay every time you want to keep the game going. Like Dominations, makes it just fun enough you pay .99 cents to get a bucket of crowns so you get the upgrade. $20 later and your still in the same situation. Need more crowns to get upgrades. This game is honest and lots of fun!!! With continuous play and unlimited scenarios, I hope this developer continues to release games like this.
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5 years ago, someguy16
Marvelous Game!!! Could use updates
This is probably the best civilization game I’ve ever played. I’m a huge civilization simulator person, and unlike the previous game like this I played, Rise of Kingdoms, this goes beyond my expectations. Awesome job! Also unlike RoK, there are certain game aspects that make each leader unique, but if one civilization has two, both leaders have at least one similarity. For example, both Catherine and Lenin of the Russians have the basic Horsemen unit replaced with Cossacks, but Cossacks produced with Lenin start as veterans. Awesome job on that as well! Now for some constructive criticism: Updates. Here are some interesting updates I would like to see. 1. Ability to see military relationship status, between other civilizations, which can mean war with other civilizations 2. If you and an ally do not like another civilization, you can band you forces together and fight them as allies 3. New civilizations: Italians, Israelis, Dutch, maybe Vikings? 4. New scenarios: WW1, WW2, what I’m trying to say is, real world or hyper realistic events. Please kindly listen to these update ideas, they could make this awesome game even more awesome.
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8 years ago, riketycricket
Amazing strategy game.
Ever get tired of playing really fun strategy games that just make you wait longer and longer to make your next move or build your next building and try to get you to buy "gold" with real money simply to not have to wait? Then this is the game for you. This is a strategy game where you can make advancements and moves without ever being asked to pay extra with real money to hurry things up. Yes, there are wait times, but they are aimed to make the player plan strategically each move and you will never have to wait an arbitrary amount of time..this game isn't a money squeezer it is an actual strategy game. It can be time consuming but in the best way.
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2 years ago, CarbonBasedHumanoid
Easily my favorite phone game
What could I have accomplished if I had never discovered Civilization Revolution? With the time I have spent playing it, I’m sure I could have become fluent in 3 or 4 languages. Or maybe I would have become a full stack developer, perhaps even designing and building games like this. No regrets, though, I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has given me a much-needed respite from a sometimes discouraging world. I love the variety of available civilizations, each with unique strengths. I love that there are other ways to win besides Domination (though I seem to default to that). If you prefer a more peaceful outcome, you can choose to win a Cultural, Technological, or Economic victory. I like the use of terrain for tactical advantage. I like the way units gain skills as they gain experience. I only wish there were an advantage to a combined arms attack featuring infantry, artillery, and mobile units in the same space. That is a pretty fundamental principle of military strategy. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable game. Thanks for the memories!
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9 years ago, Paul 464247
some suggested fixes
I used to love this game however some additions to this game have broken it since the last time I played it, please bring back the north and south poles removing them makes the whole seeable map playable but allows the AI to play the part of the map you can't see (right now I'm playing a map were the computer put a city of mine on the edge and I suspect there's a city on the lower edge of the continent that I cannot see or invade basically making the game unwinnable) please also get rid Of the 100% defense bonus in your own city it's nice if you're defending but it breaks the game because you cannot attack it just ends up being an hour long siege for every city you pretty much need artillery with a general and naval bombardment to even have a chance and even still it's a risk
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9 years ago, DeeBomn
Poor game controls
I find this game so frustrating in the game play and combat resolution 1. If you select a multiple turn move, you can't stop the unit and redirect. This is an issue if an enemy unit pops up into view after you give move,went commands. At least let me redirect between turns, but if you click on the unit to redirect, it moves along its preprogrammed path. 2. I was laying siege to the Chinese so had a battle ship off their capital city. They asked for peace which I gave and then found my battleship stuck, because under peace it can't pass through their waters, poor programming and travel rules 3 (this is a biggie) In Combat, some units are completely too powerful and others are not enough. For example, I researched advanced flight and brought bombers in (which are B17 graphics from US high altitude bombing in WWII) and they were shot down by archers!! Archers. Let's be clear Mr Meier, but when archers from the 1600s are shooting down bombers at 15,0000 feet altitude, you need to put down the crack pipe. I also had pikemen destroy my tanks and riflemen sink my battleship. Really? Stupid, stupid, stupid combat rules. 4. If you research the Manhattan project you get a nuclear missile. One and only one. It also doesn't work so well, leaving all sorts of enemy units alive. All said, this game is NOT worth $10. Let it be.
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7 years ago, Dr_Mike
Fun Game!
This iPad / iPhone version of Civilization 2 is true to the computer version of the game in most ways and, because of that, it is a fun game. One example Civ 2 fans from the computer version will notice that when you create a random world you always wind up with a Pangaea because the option of continents for your random world is not available. This means that naval warfare will always be a big part of any randomly generated game and huge land battles will not. I have noticed also that the online experience is lacking the app keeps telling me to connect to a network and refresh in order to connect to online content but, trust me, I'm definitely connected to my network but it still not working.
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8 years ago, ChrisVV
Fixes needed, but decent port of CivRev
Longtime player of CivRev on Xbox360, and graphically, this game is all there in single player- with about 80% fidelity to gameplay. Still needs two major fixes: 1) even on deity, AI id abyssmal. They can't even kill barbs... meaning they get trapped from expansion from the start. Don't even get me started on their "send a single unit to attack" when you're at war. Really, really far too easy. Shame, as this makes gameplay boring quite fast.. 2) You can't sell units for gold, so early on, you end up with lots of extra spies and in the modern eras, all barb huts give... Horses. That's really not too useful. All in all an ok diversion, and of course lacks the multiplayer mode that made the original truly great... but ok.
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6 years ago, cmac855
I’m a long-time Civ player, and while I can’t say I’ve ever been thrilled with the Revolution version of the game, the iOS version seems to be mostly debugged. I haven’t had any crashes, although it can be a little choppy. This game murders my 6s+ battery, but that’s to be expected. The controls are my chief complaint - I had to click a few extra times to get some units to select and move. I don’t think this minor inconvenience detracted from the games overall experience, so no starts off. Bottom line - while $10 is pricey, I could easily see myself investing a few hours into this over the year. Doing the math, it’s worth it.
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6 years ago, Dwest530
Good Game
The game is exactly what I hoped it be, an easy way to play Civilization on my phone. A few small things, I haven’t been able to get a technology win as every time I build the space station, it logs it as a domination win even if I haven’t taken over any capitals. Another, I wish you could upgrade the armed forces or sell them, but instead I end up with a bunch of pikemen sitting around when I’m using my tanks and stealth fighters to actually do the fighting later on in the game. With these items fixed I could easily give the game a 5 star review. Keep improving the glitches and small oversights on this mobile version and it’ll be a can’t miss game to have on any strategy-game-fan’s phone!
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8 years ago, M.J. Hemsath
Better Than Expected
When I first loaded this up, it seemed to be Civ Rev 1 with some improved graphics. Didn't play it much. Lately I've been playing it more and it appears there have been two major changes - more leaders and improved late game tech/wonders. Some of the late game buildings now actually have drawbacks which makes the game a little more balanced. Several issues still remain - the AI always declares war, you can't upgrade units expect for one wonder, the AI cheats obviously in the higher difficulties (e.g. units magically appear out of one tile in the middle of your territory), there's no way to divert production to gold or science, etc. if you played Civ Rev 1 this list will sound very familiar. Still, a little more solid than its predecessor and diverting for short games.
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7 years ago, Inquisitor35
Game is Trash
I enjoyed the first civilization revolution game a bit, and love the series as a whole. This game is reminiscent of civilization 3 and is a disgrace to the name. The lack of options to turn of auto functions makes the game unplayable to anyone who is a true civilization gamer and wants to actually have strategy. Most of the game information is hidden and the interface is extremely clunky. At least let me turn off these features if you are going to have them, I want to click end turn every time so I can micromanage my cities and units, don't auto set production in cities when the finish what I had assigned them. It disappoints me that the series could go back to such a horrible game after the civilization 3 showed that automation is not what is good for a strategy game. Disgrace to the strategy genre in general because you can't have true strategy due to game mechanics.
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8 years ago, Luck I
I don't work for 2k review
Let's just name the cons as this game is full of them The thing that upsets me the most is the AI treats you like you're the only one on the island and everyone is against you. Even if you're allied with someone it will only be for a short time before they start to threaten you and you can't threaten anyone if you ask a ally about world events they always say I don't know anyone why have that button if they always say got other enemies walking through there cities and they still don't know who they are. Cities don't show building Battles are lame had a pikeman kill my fighter jet also a archer killed my submarine... Can't stop movement actions so if you tell a unit to move far and a enemy unit is in the dark you're screwed. If you are defeated it doesn't say who won instead you get 4 different brackets divided by economic military ect and you have to just guess...had one game where I won in 3 of the four categories but still lost because time ran out Small button interface will frustrate you Games are short and you can't add time to the length... In sure I'm forgetting some other bs but this is already long enough. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, SwaggT
Don’t waste your money
They never update the game, so you will periodically have times where you won’t be able to play. Then when they do update it, they make it worse, slow, laggy, they took the nuke animation out, the audio is terrible now, nothing is ever updated for any changes, no new characters in 2 years no new achievements, no new scenarios, nothing it’s basically civilization revolution #1 with Winston Churchill, JFK, Lenin, and aircraft carriers. ITS crap! for $15 you’d think they could produce a better game than this. Star Wars is free and they update that game with new characters, missions, and content every month. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME YOU WILL REGRET IT, I CERTAINLY DO!!!
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6 years ago, NT MriGuy
Brings back great times
Loved playing this on PC, iPhone 8+ version is a lot of fun. Game runs very smooth and just had one glitch where my troop was invisible when I attacked a city, this caused the game to stop working because the enemy had nothing to shoot at. It happened 3 times, so I just make sure I save my progress often and if it happens I can try a different strategy, this is a good work around if it happens to you. Otherwise, it’s been a great mini version of the PC game. So many different ways to strategize and so many different ways to reach victory. The game will provide months, if not, years of enjoyment. Soldier on👨🏼‍✈️👨🏼‍✈️👨🏼‍✈️
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7 years ago, Togna bologna
Awesome game, needs a lot of work.
I've been playing on deity for a while and have never lost a game. Ever. At first I thought I was getting better but then I realized that this version was the problem. The ai does not seem to actively try to win. They seem to exist within their own cities in the game and nowhere else. Also, they never meet any of the other leaders, I've had two enemy cities bordering each other before and when I go to the diplomacy screen, they claim nothing but ignorance towards each other. The only thing I want is to be able to send Caesar to war with lady cleopatra but they just won't talk to each other. Also the ai will never attack barbarians, they just send a trooper to stand next to it for the entire game. Please try and update this and I will fully love you guys once again. But right now I feel taken advantage of and want my $$ back...
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