Clark County Credit Union

4.7 (2.3K)
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Clark County Credit Union
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6 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clark County Credit Union

4.73 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Pngnlady
Great app - user friendly
I love being able to check my account on the go. The run down shows all my current transactions and the current vs available balance. This means a transaction or two is still pending. I usually know which so I can subtract and know how much is available. It's easy to transfer funds from one account to another. When they are updating the website, the app won't open, but I just wait a little while and it's back up. This app has an easier log in process than my other banking apps.
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2 weeks ago, tigermike126
Great app
I believe Clark County Credit Union has done a great job designing this app. At a glance you can check everything quickly, and if you need more information it’s just about a one touch button away. Very easy to work with. Even living on the other side of the world in Thailand it’s easy to see my account balances, transfer money, check balances.
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1 year ago, Blnddlight
I do love this app
The only issue I have which I didn’t take stars off for because it the same online, it won’t always let me play down to 0 when I want to. So irritating! But besides that everything else is so easy and convenient!
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10 months ago, Vegas Co
Could be Better
I’ve had so many issues with your bank. The app you offer has too many technical problems. On numerous occasions, the app isn’t working due to the server being down. I’d log in through my desktop and still encounter the same issues. What makes it worst for me is that if I reach out for assistance via customer service, the issue becomes a more significant problem, given that customer service may not know or transfer me to another person who will not help.
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3 months ago, Reeza57
Instant check on account
I love the ease of checking my accounts making sure there isn’t any fraud taking place. I like being able to transfer money and also make deposits.
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4 months ago, Flynemsrn
Banking made easy
Living in a small rural town with no access to a traditional banking system in the past made deposits and bill paying a challenge. The cccu app is just like having a bank at you fingertips!!!
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9 months ago, greenbrooke
Accurate information at your fingertips!
App is perfect for all of my on-line banking needs. I really enjoy the ability to transfer money into other institutions. I also enjoy tracking pending transactions. Thanks!
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1 month ago, blkbyrd03
Great App
Overall a great app and easy to use. The ONLY issue, is needing a better way to track and receive rewards. Instead of logging into the mobile app, having it reroute you to a webpage and sign in again.
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2 weeks ago, durr89
CCCU review
I should have stayed with this credit union!! Always helpful and quick to resolve issues!! Staff are so courteous and helpful whether contact is made by phone or in person-highly recommend this banking institution!!
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8 months ago, bank22bank
Horrible - they took my money
I had money saved up and no one told me that they would charge me $$ if I didn’t had any transactions in my account - they have been charging me 5 dollars a month for the last 3 years and I never checked because it was my life long savings and I didn’t want to touch it - so instead of earning interest credit for having my money with them, they took away hundreds of dollars. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, mattsmee
Can’t login
Got a paper mail saying there is app/system upgrade and we all need to verify info by Feb 26th. This current app version has been a month old so do not expect this is the updated version. However I’m writing to complain about how this transition is not smooth for existing customers. I can always use the web but not having the app working is inconvenient.
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5 months ago, Soooners28
This has improved so much for the better since it’s inception. Better layout and more services available have much improved this app.
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9 months ago, Budha7
Mostly good
I think the app is great, love that Zelle has partnered with CCCU. Only thing I hate is the limited transfers allowed. I share an account with my Baby mama so we constantly sending money back and forth for our kids. So when that transfer limit hits, it just makes it harder.
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1 week ago, calibluesmom
Love this app.
I love to be able to check my accounts at a moments notice… If I’ve ever had any issues, I’ve had great customer service… I love Clark County Credit Union I’ve been with them over 30 years♥️
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5 days ago, Me a doglover
App is good but wish it was easier to read the messages and wish the purchases would pop up as a text message.
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1 year ago, c!#00
Quality of life
There is certain quality of life features that would be nice to see. For example a pie chart of money that has come in and money that has gone out ytd and secondly a tap to pay feature on our debit card
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5 months ago, VickiExpert
Excellent Banking
Everything I need, when I need it! The app works great and is user friendly which is so important for me… Thank you CCCU for providing excellent banking in person and online!
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5 months ago, janinlvnv
Love my bank
Easy to navigate and if you get stuck, can you just give them a call and they fix you right up?
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2 weeks ago, Srg1994
You guys are getting better and better, upgrading your ATMs, picture checking app needs work 9 days to get your cash same day if you go the bank should be the same, more locations.
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12 months ago, Trav702
Fabulous App! Great Service!
This app is just fabulous, it’s one of the most comprehensive banking apps I have thus far regarding ease of use and functionality. Thank you CCCU for always looking out for your members.
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5 months ago, Rnulph
Needs a bit more improvement
I enjoy this app, but the system kicks me out multiple times. It seems at least once a month I have to re enroll in the option for Face ID. Seems like a lot of work compared to other banking apps.
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3 days ago, Kla123654
You might as well be operating in a 1980’s application software thingy. The mobile deposit check feature NEVER works and this bank is so old school that my debit card still doesn’t have tap-to-pay. I stay banking with them because my husband likes them, but I have no idea why.
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1 week ago, Sumac17
Great Credit Union
I joined as a member in 1990. CCCU has assisted with all of my financial needs since then:refinanced mortgage, home loan, car loans, through retirement. I have been so impressed by their customer service.
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11 months ago, MKMII
Everything at your finger tips
The changes CCCU has made over the last two years has caught up and surpassed last get financial institution's
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5 months ago, Bluelv702
Nice app
Pretty good just wish it would stop saying “Click Here for Special Offers” when I don’t have any 😔. Basic look wish it was a lil better. Other than that everything works great!
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4 weeks ago, Basic Emt
Simple to use
After about a minute of going through all the menu options & preference's, you’ll find that it’s very straight forward and simple to use.
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2 weeks ago, Schnauzer Sue
Great service
Very easy to access all accounts on line. Staff very helpful. Wish there was still banking on Saturday but otherwise very satisfied!!!
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2 months ago, UShouldplaythis
Not good
This app will not updated your balance on the weekends so you dont know how much money you have left or what not next thing you know if you do not have enought balance in your account they will charge you insufficient fund of 28$ not giving you change to deposit before charging you .. so be aware this bank they take and charge you insufficient fund arm and leg ..
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3 days ago, Matt rk
Love to use it
Everything I want to do from account transfers to managing my debit card is in one place. It's easy to use too!
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2 weeks ago, Jay B 34
Not very useful.
Over all the best thing about the app is that you can look at your balance. Other than that the payments are delayed and post days later. I’m disputing a charge and sent a message two days ago, with still no reply. Makes me want to change banks.
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5 years ago, Bouv3
Reduced online access is an improvement?
Only allowing 6 mo review compared to at least 3 years is not an upgrade of online banking! Nickel & dimeing “interest” on Line if Credit Payoffs within hours of accessing LOC, being told “you MUST come into a Branch to payoff “ANY” loan balance (including LOC) is ridiculous! Improved online by IT Dept is a SERIOUS reduction in service and extremely cumbersome burden on members trying to review/complete annual financial records/taxes!
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1 year ago, NusingNinja
I absolutely love this mobile app. Everything is nicely designed and located. I have had no issues using this app. Thank you!
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2 weeks ago, Visual complications
Needs work for visually impaired
As a low vision imparaured member this app tends to be complicated to use as fonts are too small & colors cannot be changed. It w it woulb be nice to switch colors to night mode and increase the font sizes of now I have to screenshot everything to see it & then do what I need to to do or get help from someone who has normal vision to help complete my tasks on the app. o
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2 weeks ago, Jenks 23
Great gadget
This app provides me with all the information necessary to keep track of outgoing and incoming information regarding my account. I love it appreciate it’s usefulness.
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6 days ago, dugelah
Convenient and clear
Using the Cccu app is very convenient and the layout makes for effortless mobile banking.
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2 weeks ago, tleebdybldr
New app
Easy to access and read. Easy way to check balances, items cleared and pay bills. Very good
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12 months ago, Sparkarrester1
CCCU… Thank You
I have been a member of CCCU FOR OVER 35 years…. CCCU helped me buy homes, vehicles and many many projects. I moved out of state in my retirement years but I continue to stay with CCCU. It’s been a great experience!
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2 weeks ago, mikevegas97
Clark county credit union
The app is great. You can do anything you need done right from your smartphone. I highly recommend the Clark County Credit Union app.
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12 months ago, nicetrybee@tch
CCCU app is getting better!!
Love the improvements they’ve been making with the mobile banking app. It’s come a long way!!
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1 year ago, citybiskit
Best Credit Union!
I have been a CCCU member for nearly 25 years and have lived in 3 different cities across the U.S. The CCCU app has made banking so easy and has enabled me to remain a loyal customer.
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5 months ago, Gameover57
Keep it simple
It works beautifully it’s not broken so please don’t try and fix it. I love it just the way it is
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9 months ago, Donny Cash 702
I love the app!
Thanks to the app, I can check all of my synced bank accounts at one time. I can also send money, pay bills, and loan payments. 😊
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11 months ago, JRL1121
CCCU Mobile App
I never have to go into the CCCU building and love the ease of banking by computer. I’m home bound and this is ideal for me. I never have a problem with it. Thank you
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9 months ago, Nevadabelle702lv
Easy access
Site easy to navigate and I can get easy access to my all my banking needs. Love banking here!
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3 years ago, JVMV1
Sometimes Touch ID login hangs when logging in
It will hang at the loading screen when using Touch ID to login. Can’t find a reason why but force closing and reopening fixes the problem.
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6 days ago, Nonna Lefty
Clark County Credit Union
Easy to use app. Saves me time by being able to complete tasks on line.
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4 years ago, member since '99
Only works with IOS 11 or better! Older device users get screwed! Boo!
Your new app requires IOS 11 or later which leaves out a lot of users on older apple iPad and iPhone devices. These older devices CAN'T download or use IOS11! The nerds that didn't see this coming or didn't care, let a lot of us down. Boo! I've been a member over 21 years. Disappointed. Zero stars because it's unusable.
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12 months ago, Jaybizzle91
Love this banking app!
Easy to use and has great features! Try looking at the rewards page!
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4 weeks ago, Daglas707
Great App
This is a great app and easy to use. The features, performance, and reliability are much better than before.
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5 months ago, crzylol
So far so good except the little glitch that made you keep verifying yourself other than perfect!!!!
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