Clash of Clans

4.8 (2.5M)
297.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clash of Clans

4.76 out of 5
2.5M Ratings
1 week ago, The great reviewer13165365
Just wanted to say. . .
I love this game so much and I think the new updates are so cool but there is something I bin thinking about asking for you to add a new dark troop and hero because it's bin a while since we've seen a new home village hero so I was thinking about a new troop that goes with the new dark troop I was hoping you could add so I noticed that a lot of these things kinda remind me of lord of the rings so I was hoping you can add something related to the orcs maybe call them something like an org to avoid copyright I think and as for the hero I was thinking maybe it could be something related to the org idea I had maybe call it something like the alpha org and I actually thought of what level the Townhall you'd unlock these troops for instance the regular org could be unlocked at Townhall 14 and then the alpha org would be unlocked at Townhall 15 so could you maybe think about it it would mean a lot to me if you actually added it l'd probably actually shed tears of happiness I almost actually forgot to mention with the orcs hero ability to be it could be like a tornado ability that spawns orcs and my little brother actually was hoping there could be like a new siege machine that's like the polar dropper only instead of dropping boulders he drops logs you make us both happy to know if he's actually get into the game.
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2 years ago, Spancer j
Way too expensive and much too long upgrades.
Clash is a wonderful game but it is plagued with non game nuisance like upgrade timers and artificial length. The game could be about playing it but it becomes just about waiting for upgrades to finish 95% of the time. The solution clash of clans introduced from the beginning I believe is still just spend money to speed things up. If I wanted to catch up to another player that has been playing longer than me, I would need to spend hundreds of dollars maybe even thousands to speed up something that could be a click of a button. The game isn’t even about raiding to get enough gold or elixir, it’s about playing for a day in between a 3-7 day window while you wait for your town to build up instead of playing the game 3-7 days to earn enough resources to upgrade your buildings. The involvement with clan wars and I guess the rank system are the only thing you could consider to be daily playable progress and you are going to hit a level of base you can’t make progress on until your troops are high enough level eventually anyways. It’s just a shame that this could be a game I play instead of a game I look at. I shouldn’t be angry at a simply game but it’s hard not to when I look at it and can’t upgrade or progress for 5 days while my builders finish making my air defense do ~5-10% more damage maybe. The clan bases and daily incentives are cool but it doesn’t matter when you have full storage for a week and can’t do anything.
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3 years ago, landen carter
It’s good but a bad flaw
I love playing coc because it’s fun and addicting thus the rating but because it’s not a 4 star or 5star rating is because of supercell banning me for no reason so what happened was me and my dad started playing coc again and I got up to a town hall 5 and he was a town hall three and I didn’t know you could recover a lost account then my dad found out how to get his old account back he was a town hall 12 and so he just gave them what the town hall level was and the name of the base the clan his name and the tag and he got his account back so I wanted to get my old account back too and for two days supercell support asked for information such as what phone type the account was on and the name and clan etc me and my dad were in the same exact clan and after they ask one more time in the morning for some info they banned me due to an account phishing attempt supercell support had no reason to ban me and the only reason I can think of is because of the lack of information since it was a year or two ago and the fact that my town hall 5 had progress which is no where near enough evidence to ban me for 31 days and so if supercell support doesn’t help unban me then I will lose a lot of respect for the game and being worried if I will lose my account because I didn’t get a warning or was banned for 31 days will ruin this game for me that’s all I wanted to say and I hope supercell helps and I can change my review and fix this mess
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8 months ago, femiairboy94
Ten year review from a veteran player.
The developers would probably never read this, but for anyone else here goes. I started playing Clash of Clans for over 10 years ago. Without a doubt this was the best mobile game I played at the time, made new friends and had a blast. I formed over 3 clans that are still very strong till this day. However I left the game in 2019 (burnt out) came back in 2020, left again in 2021 when I was almost fully maxed. Now I was considering coming back until I saw how so many things have changed, the game is even more beautiful than I left it. However, I quickly realized why I left the game as soon as I got back. The upgrade times are absolutely ridiculous, 19 - 21 days for just one upgrade, and I have over 100 of them. Which means I could spend almost 2 years just trying to get maxed if I decide not to spend money. Not to mention the time to upgrade heroes and troops. I love this game a lot, anytime I want to return I immediately get demoralized and quickly reminded why I left in the first place. If more emphasis can be put on resource collection as opposed to upgrade time, this game will be so much improved and it will see many old players come back. The walls are another set of grind, but I don’t mind those because they upgrade instantly. If you’re thinking of playing this game, download it and have a blast, but be warned that after about 8 months the real grind will begin to set in.
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10 months ago, MewTwo924
Please add
I love this game so much and I think the new updates are so cool but there is something I bin thinking about asking for you to add a new dark troop and hero because it’s bin a while since we’ve seen a new home village hero so I was thinking about a new troop that goes with the new dark troop I was hoping you could add so I noticed that a lot of these things kinda remind me of lord of the rings so I was hoping you can add something related to the orcs maybe call them something like an org to avoid copyright I think and as for the hero I was thinking maybe it could be something related to the org idea I had maybe call it something like the alpha org and I actually thought of what level the Townhall you’d unlock these troops for instance the regular org could be unlocked at Townhall 14 and then the alpha org would be unlocked at Townhall 15 so could you maybe think about it it would mean a lot to me if you actually added it I’d probably actually shed tears of happiness I almost actually forgot to mention with the orcs hero ability to be it could be like a tornado ability that spawns orcs and my little brother actually was hoping there could be like a new siege machine that’s like the polar dropper only instead of dropping boulders he drops logs you make us both happy to know if he’s actually get into the game.
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4 years ago, Seedeez288
If you’re looking for a great game, you found it!
I would first like to say I have never left a review, or at least that I remember I never left one but this game is something else. I have nothing negative to say about this game. I downloaded this years ago, it was honestly one of the first apps I got. I’ve played it and I will be honest, I also have taken some breaks. To this day it continues to be my favorite game and my friends and I have invested a lot of time into clash of clans. The way you you can design your base and think strategically is absolutely perfect and Supercell continues to add great new features and balances to the game overall. I am always excited for another update and I’m proud that supercell keeps coming up with good ideas and that they listen to their community. Supercell does not push sales on you though when you do make a purchase it’s actually worth it unlike other games. It’s especially worth it for when you’re a daily player and you buy the season pass. If I had to make any change to the game at all I would have a feature to attack your own base so that way you can pin out some weak spots while designing a new base. Other than that the game is amazing and if you never played it before I totally recommend you give it a download. I just want to warn you, it’s quite addicting!
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1 year ago, Rey de las Arañas
Very Attractive Game
I enjoy this game for many of its functions. I enjoy the battling without all the gore, so it can be played with people who are conscious of these things. It has a ‘Join Clans’ and a ‘Add Friends’ function if you want to play with family members and friends, or make new ones. It has an original layout far different from most games, that is fun to play. The only things that are negative about this game is the wait time, how all the sceneries, magic items and perks have to be bought with real currency and not in game gems and the ‘Clan War’ function. If the wait time for everything was cut in half people would be able to play without one hour to three day waiting periods which would cause people to play for longer periods of time. If the sceneries, perks, magic items, e.t.c, were able to be bought with gems, players would have more freedom in purchase options. Lastly, if players could have infinite ‘Attack’ options people would be even more attracted to the game since they wouldn’t have to wait for the war to end. Other than those obstacles, this game has comical graphics, a little bit of strategy and fantasy creatures with both great styles and different attacks. Once the obstacles are fixed I believe that this game will receive a lot of better ratings from old-time players and new ones.
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6 years ago, GuilberTeixeira
Game is fun, but needs improvements
Hey guys, hopefully this review will make it to the supercell team. I have played this game for awhile and as a player I’ve noticed the dificulteis it is to climb to the top. To start with I want to talk about upgrading the walls. I’m at a point where my next walls upgrade will be 4mil per wall. This seems very unbalanced compared to what it costs to upgrade the buildings. I do want to say tho, thank you supercell team for coming out with the magic books!!! I just couldn’t bear the idea of waiting a month for a TH upgrade! Anyhow, the walls, way too expensive to upgrade, 4mil for a single piece of wall when a defense building costs only about twice as that, “maybe a way to add a less expensive way to upgrade the walls if you choose to let your builder work on it for awhile? Just an idea!” Many players have very rushed walls and it seems like a general issue. Another thing are the heroes, I mean, come on, 3 heroes, and my queen now costs 90k DE to upgrade. It would be fine if it was 1 heroes, now upgrading all 3, plus the lab troops with just a couple DE colector. By the way, thanks for adding the boost for 1 gem only for the collectors!! Overall I think the game is cool, but the people at the bottom are struggling to get to top, need to ease a little on the costs of these things. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Epic Sea Lion
Great game but a couple of suggestions
Overall this game is great and I love that you can’t max out instantly but the time it takes is insane. Around town hall 11, the price go up but more importantly, the time is insane where almost everything is at least 7 days. The worst part is that sometimes the upgrades don’t even seem worth it cause it adds like 5 damage and it adds a spike to the design. More than decreasing the prices, it would be better if upgrades took less time because honestly, how does an upgrade take longer than the actual building time. Regarding the clan capitol, the forge takes 3 days to make 1600 capital gold (I think). I just think it would be better if it didn’t need a builder or if it was way less time. Another suggestion involves troop training, as you know, there are barracks and dark barracks (same as brewers) and upgrading barracks, in no way involves dark troops, so what I was thinking is that maybe you could train barrack troops and dark barrack troops at the same time, so that it takes less time. It’s fine if it remains the same cause you can already use training spells, but if this feature was added, you could repurpose the training spell. Other than that, it’s a really good game and you will play for a LONG time.
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4 years ago, evsplosion321
This is about clan leagues
So i dont wanna give this 1 star just because im mad, because its a great game and even the leagues still work well. The problem is how there is not a very clear explanation of starting one. So im the leader of a clan, and i have a couple cos who were in the last league, and they saw you could change the members before a war at any time. Let me just say that starting league looks very similar to starting a normal war, so when one of my cos saw the menu of who to add to league, they thought it had to be either 15 or 30 depending on the league type they chose. Because normal wars you cant have any extras it has to be exact. It also tells you how many people youve selected at the bottom. So they selected a random 15 just to get league started thinking that they could just change it later. But now theyve started league with a random 15 players and we have no way of canceling or changing people out, even though preparation day for the first war barley started. Now 60% of my clan cant participate in league and we cant do anything about it. I would just like to see this changed in a future update. Like if you can change the members at anytime before a war, why would they make it so you are limited to those you selected before hand. It would make more sense just to let you change out the participants with anyone in the clan.
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5 years ago, lootluck
a Absolute Mobil Game Trend Setter
Clash of Clans is a game best played with friends. People will constantly say stuff like MicroTransactionMania but this just is not true. Yo can easily get gems in game, sure you might speed up the process with MicroTransactions but I never felt like they were a huge problem. The biggest problem this game has is what I call the silver crisis, this happens around silver league 3. At this period you hit a natural road block at which many people seem to quit. This road block being that once at silver 3 you will encounter lots of people with higher skill than you. This will lead to you attacking much higher bases than yourself and failing some people do this cycle of over confidence and failing will lead to some players to quit the game. There is also a issue with the walls being over priced playing some of the top single player missions and getting millions of gold will only allow you to upgrade a couple walls to level 12! And if your wondering at the time of needing to upgrade walls to level 12 you will have around 250+ walls! Another thing great about this game is the fact that it’s free game. It’s also been a around since 2012 and right now it’s November 2019 and there are still 100 million players that get on a day. This game is the best Mobil game in history.
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2 years ago, wowwwwwwweww
Getting bored
Ok so my cousin and me like to play Clash of Clans but we like competition so it was way more funner but one time went on we thought of quitting and it was pretty hard to get the right base as time goes on it seems like we’re doing the same thing over and over again which is kind of boring if you ask me so I deleted the game for about two years and one year and I re-download it was fun but it hadn’t change over the past two or one year in the updates are not really that big it mostly cost money to buy stuff and the only thing you could enjoy in this game is when you spend money which I think you shouldn’t do that show me my cousin quit it because it was too boring it had no updates and repeating over the same thing in the game because you upgrade your Townhall keep on upgrading it then afterwards it’s not very fun because you keep on doing itI wouldn’t do it if you would spend money but if you would spend money on this game this game would be fun for you also try find other people to play with because you got competition and stuff you always want competition with your family members but great game though also when you try make another account to play it again it’s fun but also it takes a lot of time also it’s pretty easy to like level up your base but great game though I like this game a lot but I’m gonna start to be boring.
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5 years ago, cllhcllh
I’ve been playing this game for years... and there is a lot that has changed.. I think the worst part that has changed is the global chat. That was prob the best part. You got to talk to all kinds of people. Talk about their clans and how things ran in them. But now you just have to guess and pick a clan. Don’t know if they speak your language or around your age. If they talk a certain way in their. Who knows?? You just pick one and go with it and keep jumping till you find something. Then the time wait on stuff is crazy. The best part is the new challenges you can do to earn rewards. Since everyone is most likely broke as mess since everything costs sooooo much. I’ve even spent like $5 on this game and that barely put a dent in what I needed to upgrade. It is a fun game to play and talk to people in but that part is cut out for some reason.. literally the best part. It made clan finding easy! Also I don’t really care for the other castle thing over the sea.. a lot of people don’t care for it since they are grinding their main base all the time. It was way better when it was simple. Just a base, clan, clan wars, clan chat, and global chat. But the loot after you get raided is nice! Really like that feature! The others people don’t really do except clan games. Great rewards in that! That’s it for right now I think. Well time to go hop in and out of clans all day to find a decent one I fit into and like 😒
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4 months ago, Arm chair gamer
Clash joined the pay to win trash, sadly
First thing you should know when reading reviews, any review prior to update 16 is not the game you would load and play today. Prior to update 16, this was a pay to advance game. In other words, no one could purchase anything that wasn’t available to earn by playing. Packs you bought only sped up your progress, and gave you no winning advantage because you are matched with people like you. The absolute beauty of Clash before this update, is that you could take a break and come back and nothing was lost. You start where you last were. With the advent of Hero gear in update 16, makes this a pay to win game, which is honestly just trash games that do not last. If you take a break you cannot come back with no loss, because gear that was offered while you were gone cannot be earned again. The legacy gear that has been around since the beginning is the lowest class of gear. The highest gear is only offered in limited time events, so if you miss it, you are behind. That gear is only upgraded with orbs, which can only be earned with daily star bonus or wars. Sounds good, except they offer packs where you can buy orbs with money which is 100% a pay to win feature. Additionally the matching feature of opponents does not factor in your gear versus their gear. So, if you don’t have the gear, you will not win. From five stars to two stars with update 16. Dying game I suspect.
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2 years ago, Gaylord78991
Great Game should play.
I’ve been playing clash of clans since 2014 or late 2013 don’t remember exactly, it’s a great game and is unique or was when a crap ton of rip offs were made of it’s fun attacking other people’s bases talking to people in your and having clan wars and clan games it does take a long time to upgrade stuff but I don’t mind it’s a pretty casual game that you can play 10 or so minutes of at a time there’s nothing wrong, for me that is with the game itself except dealing with people of higher town halls attacking my base cause there in the same league or 1 or 2 ahead but I don’t mind since gathering resources is rather easy. The only actual complaint that I have is not with the game but game support or whatever it’s called since I got banned for phishing even though the account was my mini, the first or second mini I made and just wanted access to it not actually play on it since I have another mini now it still pisses me off cause why would a townhall 11 risk getting there account banned for a townhall 7 like bruh even if it was fishy it had a name identical to mine except with 3.0 but whatever. The point is the game is great and you should play it and it’s fun but it doesn’t have so great player service so don’t be surprised if you get randomly banned for something dumb, but it’s a definite 5 star game just gave it a 3 star review cause of the service.
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3 years ago, stupidappsreviewr
Game Rocks
Always have been a big fan of this game. It’s simple, but there is so much to it. It’s truly been a part of my childhood, and I love it dearly. Honestly, it’s one of the few games I’ve ever actually had one, legitimately one problem with. And this problem is something I’d love to see changed, but even the problem is maybe small. I think it would be super cool if you could allocate multiple builders to one project to take down the time. I love the game, but once you get to a certain point, everything takes a day or more to upgrade. My only suggestion for a change would be allowing you to either get a boost (meaning a building boost, like if you add an extra builder, you get a 10% time boost, and a second, you get a 20, a third 25, and then a fourth you get 50, and then if you put all 5 builders on it you get a 75% builder boost. This just allows the player to decide how valuable time is in certain upgrades). The second being that when you put another builder on the project, you get speed boost just like the one you get from the “Builder Potion”. The more builders, either the faster they build, or the longer the normal speed boost last. This is just an idea, love the game. If this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t stop playing.
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7 years ago, Erin Rieck
Awesome game, one problem.
I love this game. It’s super fun and super addictive! I started playing it a couple months ago and I’d recommend it to anyone! Some things get pricey as you get to the higher levels and that slows progress but most games are like that. The only problem I have had with the game is Supercell’s customer service. They are absolutely terrible. I just had an incident where I upgraded to a new phone and had problems loading my village to my new phone. First of all, they won’t let you call them. It’s email only and they take days to respond. Secondly, they told me they found my village and that I would need to answer 10 questions in order to verify. I answered the questions and thought ‘great! I’ll have my village back in no time!’. Man was I wrong. They told me that my answers were precise enough and that they wouldn’t give me my village back. I went back and forth with them for days. With them continuously telling me that they can’t help me and that I couldn’t have my village back. I finally just created a new Apple ID in order to re-save my old village on my old device. It was all such a hassle and they didn’t end up helping me at all. 10/10 would recommend the game but know going into it that the customer service is completely terrible.
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4 years ago, CoryAceBear
Builder village
Clash of Clans is one of the greatest Mobile apps you can find with this type of gameplay yes, but the builder base clashing system is broken. The AI and the match-making system is absolute garbage. Playing as a builder hall 5 I am consistently up-tiered to builder hall 6 & 7 and it is completely unfair. When raiding a village at the normal village you can get maybe 1 or 2 stars against a higher town hall but when the amount of damage you do is a deciding factor if you win and the enemy has a stronger army and stronger base, then it’s mostly impossible. Sure, you get the inadequate player who is either rushed or just plain bad, but the advantage of having a higher base over your opponent is making it almost unplayable and the opposite of fun, frustrating. The AI is also complete garbage as most of the time you’re stuck wondering, “WHY ARE YOU GOING THAT WAY!!!!”. But both bases have that problem, but the wall breakers took a complete step backwards because they still target wall spikes. The AI also decides to run straight past other buildings to get to the building that was across the wall, which is stupid because none of them have enough health to run past three defenses. I’ve had cannons go past the town hall to attack buildings over a wall too. The AI is completely unprepared for handling walls and the match-making system is completely awful.
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3 months ago, Clashplayer67
A few suggestions but great game
This has to be one of my favorite mobile games of all time. I love the game early on because the upgrade times are short but as you go on and progress through the game it gets less fun because everything takes way too long. I’m a th12 and all of the major upgrades are more than 4 days. The prices also get ridiculous because you will have to save up or farm so much loot for one singular upgrade. My suggestion is that you start making the upgrade times less and maybe reduce each upgrade by like a day or so so you don’t have to just not play for the time of your upgrade. Another suggestion that I have is that you should be able to put your own troops into the clan castle because spending raid medals just to put some troops into your clan castle is dissapointing because you have the troops and you should be able to put them into your own siege machine. Another suggestion I have is to add more of a clan vibe to the builder base with like builder base wars. I think this because of the fact that there is nothing clan related in the builder base. I think if you make these changes the game will become better and so many ways. Thank you for reading my suggestions supercell
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6 years ago, Nateradz13
Walls aren’t overpriced
Hey guys. I’ve been playing this game non-stop for 2.5 years and I still love it just as much as the beginning. I have 3 accounts with the biggest being a maxed th9 about to be a th10. Clan games are interactive, wars are fun and genius and attacking is practical and requires strategy and tactic. The reason i think people think walls are overpriced is because people focus too much on progressing the base and getting bigger and less about the teamwork that makes clash stand out from other iOS games EVEN clash royale. Supercell did an INSANE job at matching up the amount of elixer needed AND gold needed to build and max ones base. If walls were any cheaper, Wed see massive stockpiles of gold on people bases when u try to attack a near-maxed TH. My th9s troops and walls are going to max AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. After about th8 it mostly becomes a focus on getting into a clan that suits you and trying to build a war streak with other buddies. It’s really the construction of a strong clan that makes the game fun. U can do that at most any level. Not good at wars? 1. Get better, 2. Clan games! Everyone can do those and they make the clan look good. If ur impatient, we’ll that’s why they made clash royale. If ur a strategy and businessman like me, this is the game for you. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, JustinTheClown
Clash Of Clans Review
Well I had downloaded the game because my friend had recommended it. I had often played it but didn’t enjoy it or understand it while I was a beginner. Eventually I had become more familiar with the game and started to enjoy it, and had played for hours every day. Then I had stopped playing as much and had deleted the game. I redownloaded it awhile after that; but yet again deleted it. Recently my friend asked if u still had it and I didn’t at that time. He had said I should download it and eventually I started to begin to deeply understand the game itself. He had got me into the a clan and it was amazing. The clan was friendly and almost all the time someone was online. Then I had my home village redone by my friend and then like 2 weeks ago I had it rebuilt by the clan leader. He was really friendly and had make me Co-Leader for trusting him. Now I play everyday for hours and cannot go a day without it. Although it seems as I’m saying it’s bad it’s not because I play everyday for maybe 2-2 1/2 hours combined each day and enjoy the game so much. My point is it’s overall a great game and very friendly, and I would recommend to anyone who needs and new game to play. I think the game was thought over well and have no concerns with anything.
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1 year ago, Kinkky sheep 22
Read this policy upgrading Time and deals
For one your policy on being banned and reporting is stupid I understand why your team took away global now I’ve had this name for years And got A 7 day ban now after my ban I’ve been attacked trophies trooped constantly good game when you first start off after that your waiting A week and it’s not fun I guess that’s how you Get people to buy stuff but it’s annoying on the time and how you pro long the game I get on Rarely it’s boring after a while because you have nothing to do and after you can’t upgrade and have to wait 9 days it’s not fun anymore you wasted your time on making a new builder bace honestly could have just stayed the same it’s alright you need to find a a way to take away that overly long upgrade time not only on buildings on hero’s as well 6 days and im only upgrading it too 52 we have 85 levels come on So aggravating back to the name problem when I got banned I expressed that I’ve had that name for years and apologized for it and said I would change it then you ban me and change it so what’s the reason for banning me for 7 days get out your feelings it’s a name and now you banned Me and the gems and deals you sound crazy as heck if you think im going to spend that for something so small it’s not a lot of money but for what im getunt I Must be a fool no more Good deals honestly I earn my money so you got to try better than that
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4 years ago, RandomGuy😂
Overall, this game is one if the best games I’ve ever played. I love the idea of attacking, upgrading, defending and the clan wars/games. And that you can have two bases in different places. It’s a really well designed game. But I have two ideas that I would like to see added to this game and that would make it even more fun. I find it very enjoyable to be able to start over whenever I want if I’m rushed or just needed a fresh start in other games. I think it would make a difference in how many players enjoy the game when they know if they make a mistake they can start over but still be in the clan they were in, and still have all of the friends they had before not having to wait for supercell to delete your account, like I did, for one month. The second idea I had was being able to donate recourses such as gems, gold, elixir and dark elixir. Now this would make it a lot easier for clan members/friends who are about to upgrade something really big, and then they get raided and need to save again. I think it would greatly impact the way people think of this game and how fun it is. I hope you will take these ideas into consideration. Thank you for taking your time to read my review.
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5 years ago, person032
Played since 2014. Great game but someMAJOR issues.
This is by far one of my all time favorite games. Mostly everything they have ever done to the game is well thought out. However there are issues.1. The walls are too expensive for what they do. Nowadays everyone uses balloons, electro dragons, baby dragons, and miners. Walls do nothing against these troops. NOTHING! So I just don’t understand why they cost so much. I understand that there is a 20% off builders that can be earned through the season pass but upgrading walls should be able to be accomplished without spending 5 dollars every month.2. There is basically nothing you can do against miners. The best weapon in my base is the giant bombs against them. They either need nerfed or there needs to be some sort of weapon against them. 3. There needs to be more builders. The new Otto thing that was added is cool but this can only be earned from doing outrageous amounts of work in a separate village. One that I have no interest in whatsoever. There should be the option to buy more than 5 builders in the home village that I would gladly buy with gems that I have earned through achievements and clearing obstacles. That is all. These issues are a simple fix and would make the community as a whole a lot happier thank you.
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4 months ago, XxZalasAxX
Notifications Matter
Addressing these concerns necessitates a comprehensive review of the gaming experience. Opting out of notifications for incremental improvements is seen as a way to extend uninterrupted playtime, acknowledging the player's preference for immersive sessions. However, there's a notable discrepancy in the item-to-gem exchange rates, creating a perception of inequity, where items are sold at 1,500 gems, yet trade at a mere 50 gems. This apparent disparity raises questions about the fairness of these transactions and the underlying value proposition for players. Furthermore, the call for creativity and innovation in content creation is underscored by the financial commitment players make for a premium experience. There's a plea for developers to listen intently to the community, emphasizing that players are not just consumers but integral contributors to the industry's sustenance. The subscription fees paid for new content should reflect a commitment to delivering not only quantity but quality, fostering a sense of investment and value for the player. Ultimately, the request is for a more transparent and responsive interaction between developers and the gaming community. Building trust through fair practices, equitable transactions, and a commitment to delivering novel, engaging content is pivotal for a flourishing and mutually beneficial relationship between developers and players.
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1 year ago, madnoofflinemodewah
Zero way to build an actual clan.
This game is such a clubby little scam.. you can’t search in depth beyond just “search for players who also like this tag we’ve created.” They don’t let you search for players in your region. They don’t let you do a broad search to filter results such as “level, in clan or not in a clan, last time online, etc.” you have to make individual clicks on every random profile they gave you based on nothing at all, they could be a way better player than you, and already in a clan, so you waste your time. I have USED their scammy suggestions, and after 100 invites, I received zero accepts to my clan, despite being higher level than many new players. This is done intentionally by design, and we need to find out why a kids “game” and not a micro-transaction “in app purchases” scheme formula, is operating with such impunity. The internet has tons of forums talking about exactly this problem. There’s no way to efficiently talk to people and get them into your clan. I don’t want to hear your excuses either about how it’s because they got rid of the chat. The game devs are intentionally trying to tie those together by not responding to comment, but chat or no chat, you should have an easy to use interface with an actual search box with filter options, that kids can use. This is not a “kids” game. This is another Tim Apple scam game with in app purchases meant to create addiction in kids and turn them all into gamblers.
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9 months ago, Aki wa
It is not the same game.
While it is still called Clash of Clans, it is not the same game that I grew up with. Everything from getting rid of global chat to not having elixir costs for troops anymore have cheapened the playing experience. However, while the developers have come up with new updates that keep the current playing population pacified, I, for one, am not content with just new aesthetics and mini games when there are serious issues that need to be addressed. No longer can you go onto the global chat to see who is recruiting into their clan to make it the best, rather, you now use esoteric and unimportant tags that hopefully show you active clans. No longer can you go into the global chat to expand your clan by talking to clashers, rather, you must now use a generated list of clashers that may or may not be active. No longer can you manage your economy efficiently when training an army, rather, you can just mindlessly spam one without a second thought. Most critics discuss shortening the upgrade times but I am in opposition to this. Those who seek to shorten the upgrade times are lazy and have no grasp of the competitive nature of timing your upgrades. Therefore, the developers must bring back the global chat, unit elixir costs in order to make the game align with its original purpose, to provide a place to get away from the world and to immerse yourself into a thriving community of competitive individuals. This game needs more human interaction!
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2 years ago, lorettagc
Best long term game
Best game ever I created my account a long time ago and it’s the only game I keep on my phone I love that you can now upgrade walls with both gold and elexir and I love that troop training is now free one thing I wish is that there was more you could do with dark elexir I always seem to have more than enough of it although that may not be true for people constantly upgrading my hero’s I find it hard to be able to attack well without my queen so I guess I wish it didn’t take sooo long to upgrade her especially since they can be upgraded so many times I would like that to be shorter or an option to sell dark elexir or upgrade walls using dark elexir. Also I find that the game is more addicting and causes me to be more active before town hall 11 about at this point everything starts to take a week or so to upgrade so when all builders are busy there isn’t much to do for bigger blocks of time I’m looking forward to getting to be able to use my 6th builder from the builder base so that will be nice, All in all great game I always look forward to updates I like the clan war leagues and clan games and the builder potion is my favorite I wish I could buy it with something other then gems!
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5 years ago, Kelvin4569
Great game, but fix the AI and the clan matchups
The game is great: fun, interactive, and more. But when I attack sometimes the Ai in the troops doesn’t make sense. It might just be part of the game, but the Ai should at least follow some common sense. For example, if there is a giant, and he is 5 tiles from an archer tower that is surrounded by walls, but 15 tiles away from another archer tower with no walls, the giant will go for the archer tower with no walls, regardless of wall level or archer tower level. If there is a closer object, those troops should target that object, such as in the giant example, where he should have targeted the archer tower with walls. Second of all, the clan matchups are not balanced. I am in a lvl 3 clan with decent players, but we only have around 5-7 players th 9 and above in wars. We get matched up with clans that are lvl 8-10, with almost all player having a th above 8. In the matchups, the war is already won, before anyone even battles. The wars usually end up either us demolishing the opposing team or vice versa. There was never in an inbetween where the players are tied in stars. My recommendation is to match up the clans based on a win-loss ratio. For example, a clan with 50% win rate might get paired up with a 45-55% win rate clan instead of a 30% or 85% win rate clan. Anyways, this is a great game, but some things can be really frustrating.
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4 years ago, TNTR33D(YouTube)
Really good game, some things need some work...
I love this game, I’m a town hall 11, and the normal base is super fun. With the diversity in ways you can attack, and the fact that a lot of this ways can work and no troop is absolutely useless is really nice, and I have little to no problems with the main base (except maybe it could take less time to upgrade things...) however, my problem lies with the builder base. The separate town hall on a different island has introduced several new defenses, and is mostly fun... mostly. The problem I have is how busted the crusher is. As a defense in the game, it’s cool, but the fact that it three shots troops that are supposed to be tanks is kinda busted. And it’s not the fact that they exist, because normally you could at least try to avoid them, but for some reason when you want a troop to break a wall, they travel all the way around the base to the one little opening that someone has both their crushers. It makes it hard to attack when you constantly get troops dragged to where the crushers are. And I know there is bombers and stuff, but they take up an entire army camp so I lose so much space for actual troops. I just dislike how the builder base attacking has a lot of changes needed in my opinion, but other than that it’s a great game...
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3 years ago, RugbyKing87
This game used to be good but you have taken advantage of players and forced it into a pay to win mechanic. With extremely long wait times and extremely high prices for upgrading anything… How is that ONE wall cost 2million to upgrade in a lvl 11th?? This number may be inaccurate but I believe there are 300 walls in a townhall 11 so multiply that by 2million it then jumps to 600 Million! just to max out the walls if you’re aiming for a complete base. I’m not kidding about how messed up this is… I can’t imagine how bad it increases when you lvl up. So you then have 3 options rush 1 the base because people can’t be bothered with that. 2 spent 600 million gold in just walls. Or 3 the preferred way by supercell to buy the pass that cuts off the price of everything. But doesn’t do much because you’re still having to wait crazy amounts of time. This applies to every aspect of the game by the way, not just walls. I know you guys are trying to make money but that’s ridiculous. This is not the way and you can do better. You’re forcing players hands by making things so freaking expensive and time consuming that they have to spend real money. PLEASE KNOW: this is a pay to win game and I’m sick of it.
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2 years ago, IAmTechnoblade
CoC requires other games on device to be fun
I wish there was a 4.5 star, ‘cause I truly think CoC is worthy of 4.5 , but there isn’t. Anyway, please enjoy my essay. Lol. There is a main reason this review did not rate CoC 5 stars. And that is because CoC takes up a lot of time. For instance, it took me at least 6 months to get everything maxed out in TH 8 (my other account). Even though it took me 6 months to ,max out TH8, my playtime over those six months felt like I was playing for near 24 hours. I honestly think CoC developers need to make something for players to stay online and playing. Also, imagine you were new to CoC. You just joined and you made it to TH4, eventually the upgrade times get up to hours upon hours of waiting. And if you don’t spend money for builder’s huts, the gameplay just gets completely boring. I hope developers of CoC could add something like an attack rush, where you can attack other player’s towns, whilst not damaging, nor gaining any nearly any valuables. I could see 10% of the damage that you took to the base’s you’d get, but it would be too grindy on attack rush. I’m sorry this is very long, I just talk a lot. lol. Anyway, if you could add something to keep me playing, it would be great. Thx if you respond and peace out :) Have a nice day!
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5 years ago, AsiianKidGaming
Fun game? Why not?
So yes, I’m a gamer and seeing this game just gets you hooked and people could go on and on about this game and how it can be improved and why they like it. But with all these updates, how can people just starting the game keep up with the updates that were there for years such as a TH1 trying to become a TH5 in a month or so without using gems and lots of time? So what I’m saying is, as you progress through the game, thinks should be cheaper and less time, Tesla’s in builder and home village should be reduced and same and everything should be equivalent to the other. And not just that, things like the decorations should also get things added weekly or monthly with new things and should be obtainable through many ways just like challenges. And as you guys continue the Season pass, the skins should be a little easier to get and if you do manage to obtain them, equipping the skin should also change the hero’s throne/building to match the skin. And lastly, their should also be a new thing called backgrounds where you can obtain them through the Season pass *along with the skins* and have them forever. It should be based on certain things. Thank you for listening and making it possible to have fun, Your COC gaming kid
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2 years ago, Combat and Units
Good game nice graphics and lots of content I do recommend playing.
I absolutely love the idea of starting as a low level Town of just a few rocks and some wooden shacks and upgrading everything and becoming one of the strongest on the leaderboard. At the moment J am the leader of My clan and I’ve prefers this game then all the other rip offs of this game this game alone has made a thousand dollar industry think of it Rise of kingdoms Dawn of Titians these games where all games that when inspired by this one not copy’s but inspirations. It’s a great feeling when You finally get the base design and You come up with it yourself and no one and can beat it and then some guy comes along and dose it the feeling of knowing that’s theirs always someway You can improve your bases is reassuring that you are nearly not close to the end it can take Months to wakes to finally get that Ajax level town hall it's a great experience. And how they keeping adding on to the game new updates and Units and new areas the Night base and Clan Islands are just more work to add on your pile. I do recommend playing this game and the other games published by this Company they make some of the best games on the platform in My opinion 10/10 chefs kiss beautiful game.
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7 years ago, GraysonWTK
Decent game, one glaring issue.
Clash of Clans is an alright game, with some fun, albeit unoriginal base building and attacking gameplay. It has a fun art style, and some nice animations. If you reach some of the higher leagues, sure, it becomes grind for 3 weeks or pay to win, it is still a nice competitive bracket. The main issue I have had with this game is the servers. Supercell has the insane amount of players playing this game on just a set of relatively cheap servers. Connection is honestly never stable, they do not allow client side modification, and the servers cannot properly handle the amount of players on at any one time. From personal experience, this device loses connection to the servers at least every 6.5 minutes the app is active. This is not ok. I do understand that setting up new servers is expensive, could shut the game down for a few days or weeks, and may have them lose some money they could've made during that time, but I believe it is the best option for the longevity of this game. They probably don't care, because no matter what people will keep paying them for gems or loot, but if they actually care about having an enjoyable game with minimal issues, I think something has to be done. Apologies for the rant. TLDR; Decent game with nice graphics,not quite original gameplay ideas (fun nonetheless), servers are not good enough for the amount of players.
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4 years ago, 92!:$: fjeneejks ebd
Nearly perfect
I have been an avid fan of this game since 2013 and although it’s one of favorite mobile games of all time it still can never truly be great. The game is completely pay to win and everyone knows it, I just got back into it recently though and started a new base. I’m only at TH8 and it’s already bad, leveling up hero’s is awful and not rewarding, it’s literally impossible to make it onto the leaderboards without spending absurd amounts of money, and the attacking system although fun at lower levels one your maxed its boring since there’s no more new troops or strategies to learn. Something I can praise the game for though is that when I initially played the game the only way to get resources was attacking, the campaign, wars, collectors, and your moms credit card. Now there’s tons of ways to get all resources, but the main reason why this game can never truly be great is because you can’t play it for long. Sure you can spam gems all day but unless your Jeff Bezos it’s impossible to keep up. The game is a giant money scheme with the front of being a fun casual mobile game, and even though it is fun at times, it isn’t fun when it takes 4 days to upgrade 1 singular mortar to do 80 more damage. I would rate this game 5 stars but I have to go get 28,000,000 gold to finish my walls (I’m not kidding).
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1 year ago, pro neev
Very great but a couple of things
Oh. Ma. Gawd. This game is great and amazing. It’s not too Grindy, but not too easy. I can’t praise supercell enough. I had an account and I had like, town hall level eight, but I accidentally deleted the game, and I instantly redownloaded, but my data got erased forever, which is mildly frustrating cause my sis and I had an ongoing bet of who could reach town hall 10 first. Also, in the early game, it’s sooooo hard to wait for gold and elixir mines to accumulate a decent amount. I’ve been addicted and now that I’m a beginner again, it’s really annoying to wait for gold and elixir to come through. Overall, this is great and the gold and elixir mines are a very minor problem. I love this game and if ur a kid trying to convince ur parent to get this game, lemme tell u parent. No ads. No explicit chat. Perfectly perfect. Studies show that clash of clans effect kid’s behavior, but in a good way, as in there are subtle psychological parts of the game that causes kids to more frequently pay attention in class and improve grades. This game is 100% secure and I can’t stress this enough, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SAFE! P.S this game also encourages kids to interact with more people in their age group. Plus, this game is fun for grown ups too!
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4 years ago, cheif kaylen
Great Game But.......
Yeah this is a great game in all, but there are a few problems. Number one. When your phone or iPad or whatever you’re playing Clash Of Clans on shuts off because you haven’t touched it in while, and you get back on.........and the game took away at least four-thousand of your Elixir or Gold. Then you can get frustrated. That’s only one problem. Number two. Yeah ok most people may not want to change their name in the game but some people do. So you should have a button to rewrite your name because you don’t like it. That is problem number two. Number three. The last problem. The clash of clans flag for your clan on the left side of the map for your base, and to upgrade to the next level for your clan. Yeah I know probably half of the people who play this game would know how to level up. However probably half of the people who play this game don’t know how to level up. So you should have kind of instructions on how to level up. That’s the last thing. Other than that the game is perfect there is no glitches and it doesn’t blur and the game crashes sometimes but not all the time there’s good graphics and details on the pictures of the game I play it every day and it gives me joy thank you for making this game it is perfect! That’s my review. Thank you for reading!
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2 years ago, RiddlingTooth60
Super good game
I’ve been playing this game for years but I never really got around to writing a review for it. Anyways this game is perfect for everyone. I remember the reason I got this game was because my brother was playing a different game made by the same people, it’s called Boom Beach, so I started to play that game but in my opinion it wasn’t the best game and maybe 6 months to a year of playing boom beach I decided to delete it and a couple months after that I was just looking on the App Store, as I do on a regular basis, and I spotted clash of clans. I didn’t really think of it very much, I just thought it was just some another game( at this point I didn’t know it was made by the same people), but I decided to download it cause it looked kinda fun. After it installed and I loaded it up I realized that it was made by the same people that made Boom Beach because the of the startup jingle and the SuperCell logo appearing. I thought it wasn’t going to be very good at all, but as I stated playing more and more and soon I was addicted, I even got my friend to download it! My fiends and I even started a clan that is still active today! But I just wanted to leave a review for a game that basically made my childhood. :)
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3 years ago, mini_simi
Pretty good
There are tons of good aspects about this game. From clans to multiple accounts there are plenty of ways to make the game fun. There are some well, better things they could do. To start, when I played a lot a while ago, there was a thing called global chat. This was one, if not the best thing of clash. Getting new members and having fun when you got bored was easily solved. The new way to recruit people isn’t great and doesn’t work half the time. You can’t even make a clan anymore without your friends’ support. The game would improve astonishingly if they added this back. The other bad thing about this game is the pay-to-win features. Now obviously this is good for the company and I do like it, I’ve spent a fair share of money on this game, but some people just buy there way to a th10 in a few days when you’ve been spending months upgrading to get there. Sometimes you just waist your money as a spender because you’re so incredibly rushed no one wants you in your alliance. I’d take anyone in as I started my own clan and we’re not growing to well. But in lower level leagues like gold and silver there are some maxed th12’s there when I’m thing to fight some th7 or 8. This is due to spending and there isn’t much to do about it besides complain. Thanks for reading this, bye.
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7 months ago, Gavin Runge
When I was 8 years old I watched my uncle play an interesting looking game while fishing for catfish on the Mississippi river. After I finished off my last bite of the twinkie that my mother forbid me to eat, but my uncle insisted I have, I washed it down with a nice gulp of mountain dew. "What game are you playing?" I asked my uncle, full of curiosity and junk food. "Well kid" he paused for a second probably pondering the decision of wether to upgrade his Town Hall or finish maxing out his towers. "This is Clash of Clans!" He exclaimed as he titled his shiny new iPhone 6s in my direction. The vivid colors on the screen captivated me, and the game's simplistic design stole my heart. In the following months, I diligently saved money to acquire a weathered iPhone 4, giving birth to my own Clash of Clans base. Since then every major event in my real life mirrored a triumph in Clash of Clans. I upgrading to Town Hall 10 the day I got my first girlfriend and on the somber journey home from my grandfather's funeral marked the ascent to Town Hall 11. Now, at 18 years of age with a Town Hall 12, six builders at my disposal, and a flourishing business of my own I have a clear vision for the future. Remarkably, I've never spent a penny on the game, yet owe Clash of Clans for shaping my life.
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2 years ago, Lilbrojk200
I have been playing this game for many years i have multiple accounts one of which a max th 13 i have always been excited to play clash ever since i first discovered it its very fun and unique and their isnt a single other mobile game out there that has as many good qualities as clash does. But supercell, you really messed up these last few updates. First, the clan capital update. Personally i found it cool but its very hard to improve when you are the only person in youre clan that is active daily. Second, was the minigame/pixel update. Totally unnecessary and if supercell put any amount of effort at all into the minigame the screen of the game should line up with the machine in-game. These last few updates have been very very disappointing from supercell and if they keep up this bad work more and more people are going to fall out of the game. Supercell i hope you read this and understand youre doing to much, clash was a beautiful, balanced, fun game before clan capital. So please either put more effort in or dont do any updates. I dont know about anyone else but i still have a lot of content and grinding to do and i really didnt need more content at the moment.
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3 years ago, jiiijkhgkh
Plz make this for town hall fifteen
My plan for town hall 15 is that the town hall has troops like a clan castle tho when you get to the range it spawns troops like a dragon night to protect it so it would attack the enemies and also in town hall fifteen plz add a inferno that heals within range instead of attacking and a giant potion that makes your troops giant for a bit and then a potion brew master and he throws potions randomly it’s like a wizard but it throws spells can you also add a new troop to builder base like builder hall 10 and the troop and it is like a meteor when you put it down and it’s meteor is splash damage and town hall has a new defense this one I think it’s to powerful a factory tho it spawns troops to fight the attackers and it continuously spawns more and more tho the attackers troops have to be within range for it to work and it won’t spawn troops if the attackers aren’t in range so yeah plz read this It’s a pleasure and I want to be a game developer when I’m older so plz this will help me if you add it which I highly doubt it will cause you guys don’t really care about what we want you got your own plans.:( :( I know everyone who reads this will think I am crazy they don’t even have time to read this:(
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3 years ago, Qiaoyanchen
Why I love this game
These days, most mobile games are crappy, use fake ads (and overloaded with ads) and made by money hungry devs who have no concern for their players problems. But THIS game, THIS, will forever go on with Angry Birds and PvZ as one of the best mobile games of all time in my opinion, and why? They have ads with REAL GAMEPLAY, GREAT sound effects and voice acting, CREATIVE making in the game, LOTS of fixing errors in this game, and so on. This game keeps on getting better with updates, and many Clans are friendly to me in my view. Btw, they have cheaper app purchases, too. But I have 2 problems in this game you need to fix, Supercell. 1. From the negative reviews I’ve seen, it seems like you have poor customer service. It seems like you ban players even though they are innocent and don’t retrieve lost accounts. I hope that you make your customer service a little more better in the future. (I’m not saying that this game is bad, you just need to fix some issues) 2. Yes, everybody knows this: BRING BACK GLOBAL CHAT SUPERCELL!!!!!!! JUST MAKE A BETTER CHAT MODERATOR AND BAN THE SCAMMERS AND BOTS!!!!!! PLEASE SUPERCELL, JUST DO IT!!!!! Long story short, beside the problems, I think this game is the best mobile game ever, in my opinion. :)
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1 year ago, Ilovetrenbaloneacetate
Best mobile game ever created.
I have been a fan of Clash of Clans for many years and it remains one of my all-time favorite mobile games. The gameplay is incredibly addicting and the strategic elements are well thought out and challenging. The graphics are top-notch and the character design is unique and visually appealing. I love the clan feature and the sense of community it fosters. It's always exciting to participate in clan wars and work together with my clanmates to come up with the best strategies. The developers are always releasing updates and new content, which keeps the game fresh and exciting. There are always new challenges to tackle and it never gets stale. The only downside is that it can be a bit of a grind at times, as you have to continuously upgrade your buildings and troops to stay competitive. However, this is to be expected in any strategy game and it's part of the fun. Overall, I highly recommend Clash of Clans to anyone who enjoys multiplayer games with a focus on building and strategizing. It has definitely earned its 5-star rating in my book. The combination of challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a sense of community make it a must-play for any mobile gaming enthusiast.
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6 years ago, Bophades N. Utz
It’s great until...
This game has been my go to mobile game for about 4 years now. I’ve played on and off in those years, and in that time I’ve gotten myself to level 102 and about halfway finished maxing my th9. This and Clash Royale are my all time favorite mobile games, and I have nothing but positive things to say until this. When you get into a high level clan, you will inevitably have some guy’s level 12 little brother in the clan with you, who will always wanna be giving you troops. It shouldn’t have to be said that when I request for balloons, I’m not asking for your little level 2s. But the kid won’t quit and no one will ever say anything cuz they don’t want to offend his level 135 brother, who happens to be co-leader. Supercell, I’m begging you. Put in request settings. When you go to request for troops, rather than typing up what you want in the box, I would like to see something where it just pulls up the little menu that has all the troops (sort of like when you are training troops) and you just tap the troop(s) you want, how many of each, and then maybe have a little slider bar with the minimum troop level that you will accept. This way people can’t troll you and give you stuff you don’t want.
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1 year ago, ogruben123
Feature recommendation (Favorite mobile game since 2014)
This is the best game I’ve ever played on my phone, I’ve had it for years and even when I take breaks on it I always come back because of how enjoyable it is to players all across the world , I would like to recommend a feature to the game though , I think it would be very beneficial to all players if there was a Gold and elexir trading feature where you could either trade gold for elexir with your clan teammates or if you could even request or donate gold elexir or dark elexir , of course their could be a certain limit or even a time limit on how often you can request but that would cool , and I see others also have talked about builder base taking to long on upgrades or even the value it takes to upgrade is very high , fixing this would make it more enjoyable, and as well as maybe not making the next town hall upgrades so long to upgrade , I know that waiting so long has thrown me off the game before just because waiting so long can make it hard to stay hooked on the game other than that I hope y’all really pay attention to our reviews because I never make reviews this is my first
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1 year ago, Fix builder side
Builder update
I just really want to know who’s idea it was to update and second builder base. Can we be honest here. I, and I’m pretty sure everyone else can agree that the second builder base did not need a whole new, complete redesign. I’ve had this game for years and it took me sooo long just to the 6th builder since I was on and off. I JUST GOT THE SIXTH BULDER LIKE 2 DAYS AGO and ofc after allllllll these years your telling me that not even the week after, like those next couple days of getting my 6th builder, they want to complete update and change and redesign the whole entire builder side. I find that supper frustrating and it’s not about the even the 6th builder. It’s the fact that now the whole builder side and a complete different game. Before, attacking on the builder side took not even a second to find someone. Now it takes minutes just to find 1 person to fight. Not to mention I never played nor liked clash Royal and I always stayed away from it, but why, just why do they NOW redesign the buildings and troops and now troop abilities and stuff like bro. I seriously can’t tell if this update is supposed to be a clash Royal remake or what but now to have the builder side in two different bases/sides and everything redesign I think was uncalled for. One update with 2 builder hall upgrades wouldve been perfect for the most part. The builder side was super straight forward now it’s a complete different just mess. Super dislike!
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5 years ago, AifoOsiqplwxoaa is me on PIL
Teaming with clans
I love this game! I have played it for about 5-6 years. I love it. I remember when th10 was impossible. Now I’m th10 and wonder what was the fuss about? I think there is a couple of fixes that would help. Here is one of them. I think there should be an update where your clan and 8 other clans similar to yours combine. You would still be leader of your own clan but all the non leaders vote for a leader out of all the 9 leaders to kind of run them all in a way. They can’t do anything major like kick someone out of another clan unless permission by the leader. Unless they break a rule. There should be another war where it is every other month, right after CWL. The ‘president of the clans’ can select 100 members from any clan to participate. Every year, they can vote on a new president. I know it sounds stupid but think how cool it would be to team up with other clans for wars. It could be called whatever supercell wants. But I’ve always wanted to combine with clans without leaving my clan and giving up leader. Also, you could donate and receive troops from the other clans, and could have a group chat with all 9 clans. This would make the game so much better and I think other people would say the same.
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5 years ago, TheIronHippo
Need Donation Receipts
So I’ve been playing Clash for a number of years now, almost since the beginning, and the game has come a long way. Love the community and the moderators/programmers. But if I could make one simple suggestion to improve the donations system it would be to add donation receipts. All too often players receive and or donate wrong troops and spells, and although this may not seem like a big issue it becomes increasingly important at higher levels and with more competitive players. It’s great to get a little pop-up notification letting you know who donated what, but it could be improved. By simply adding a donation list that states who donated what the last few times in the Clan Castle information page it would deter players who continuously choose to donate wrong troops/spells. Knowing there is a list recording donations, players could be better held accountable for their wrong donations. When taken into consideration that at higher levels/TH every single attack counts and even more so in wars, and that Clan Castle troops are part of attack strategies, you can then understand how wrong troops effectively sabotage these attack strategies. I hope to see some improvement of the donations system sometime soon.
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