Classic BrickBreaker

4.4 (2K)
12 MB
Age rating
Current version
Solomon Sapiro
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Classic BrickBreaker

4.44 out of 5
2K Ratings
5 years ago, Gxjdzgo hcud
Brick breaker ckassic
Update: I agree that the is VERY stingy with Extra lives. Could you make it more generous like the original game? Identical in all material ways to the original. I have been waiting and waiting to find this game on my iPhone! Thank you for producing it finally. However, my one criticism is the finger control is difficult to use and gets stuck. I thought this was merely an adjustment issue on my behalf but fear that it is is a glitch that may take away from its enjoyment and my ability to progress thru all the levels as I used to do. I used to be able to get Thru all 34 twice in one game. Time will tell but perhaps that should improved. Thanks again. UPDATE: continues to please and the sticking issue is mostly resolved. Thanks again !!
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4 years ago, 1 Queenpin
This game used to be so much fun and challenging was great because the player was given access to more lives. In the original Classic BrickBreaker. there was less FLIP and more LIFE. I left Fishdom when I saw that CB was now available, but I am thinking about going back to FD, more chances to beat levels. Bottom line - Stop being stingy with LIFE and generous with FLIP and people will feel that they can have a better chance of reaching levels thus enjoy the game more. I am a fan of BrickBreaker, however, this is my second rating of this game. No improvements have been implemented as far as recognizing that playing the game and earning more lives, and making it a possibility in reality that you can advance to higher levels. In the original game you worked hard and eventually you made it to level 34. Now, presently, this game has been modified for more failure. If you’re going to modify it, do it sensibly and make realistic changes such as less FLIPS and more LIFE(s). Until then I will be checking App Store and seeking out a good BrickBreaker game and sharing it with others who are interested.
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3 years ago, TBHunterLady
Who Needs a BlackBerry?
Relief and Joy at the same time were a few of the emotions I experienced when I discovered BrickBreaker in the iPhone App Store! I had continued to play on my old Blackberry but when it bit the dust off I went to eBay to find another one and when the new-old one arrived, I was back at it with a vengeance. In the new version of BrickBreaker, user friendliness and speed are both far improved but like others said, not enough “lives” are being dispersed! But despite that little glitch, this game is my go to one for when I’m waiting for anything whether it be in the dentist’s waiting room or when I’m just killing time but no matter what, I continue to be enamored with this game and to me, it’s exciting and very addictive (in a good way!).
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6 years ago, Woody Mac
Old BrickBreaker is New again!
One of the most addictive and time consuming games of all time is finally on the iPhone! I actually got pretty good on this game on my old Blackberry when I was recuperating from surgery. Since then my organization has moved on to iPhones and Samsung’s and I actually kept my old BB just to be able to play now and then. I tried some other BrickBreaker games but it just didn’t have that same feel or challenge and then the classic was available on my iPhone! Yes, the game was initially hard (like when I first played it on the Blackberry) but once you get used to it you can start piling up lives and points. I’m currently at 1.4 million points and 275 lives but it took a few days for me to get the hang of the game on a new platform.
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4 years ago, guydean
Best brick breaker, one of the best games
This is one of the best games on the marketplace. Anyone who plays games on their phone should download this upon getting a phone. The ad placement in this game totally had users in mind when it was developed. You are allowed to choose the amount of ads you see between high, medium, low, all the way to none for no price. The challenge provided progresses pretty well and eventually becomes a memory and precision game rather than simply reflex. This game has aged very well, I played it on my mother’s phone when I was younger and am able to enjoy playing it to this day. It would be nice to add the ability to choose the level after beating it but it adds to the thrill knowing you start from the start.
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4 years ago, Barry Stir 93
Using My Old Swear Words Again! 😀
Didn’t think I would ever see my old Blackberry obsession again! This plays virtually the same as the old original, and I’m right back to saying words I shouldn’t, when the ball gets trapped under a row of the metal bricks, or when the ball slides past the end of the paddle, when trying to hit an angle shot. But, like before, I can barely stop playing! Using the touchscreen does take some getting used to, and as others have said, there are a LOT of Flip pills compared to Life ones. Also the Slow pills are gone. But basically, the old Blackberry version is back! Wish list (other than more lives): maybe a practice mode where you could bring up a particular level?
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3 years ago, Barcafezin
I am addicted to the game. For the past few years BrickBreaker has been my therapy for getting through difficult times—waiting for news in medical offices, trying to keep my sanity on long flights, and trying to ease into a calming state just before attempting to grab at least seven hours of sleep. Not having access to BrickBreaker during the pandemic is too cruel to think about. ( I believe I’ve seen every bad movie out there). Frankly, I love the game! I do not quite understand why it drags me in—when I’m not really a gamer—but it does! Perhaps, it’s just that BrickBreaker allows you to entertain yourself without anyone else having to wade in.
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6 years ago, Zdawg125
Fix the sound/headphones issue
I love this game, but please fix the following issue, which I’m sure others have as well. When playing the game with headphones, un-checking the sound in order to turn sound off doesn’t work. So, I am forced to hear the incessant beeping and ricocheting of the game when playing the game with headphones. Unsurprisingly, this has caused me to stop playing while wearing headphones, which has made my morning subway commute significantly more boring. Please fix this sound issue. I just want the sound options in the app to work. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Cousin Ralph
Thrilled to Find It!
When I gave up my BlackBerry, whose keyboard I still much prefer to the iPhone which is far less accurate and more difficult to use without zillions of typos, I was truly saddened to lose BrickBreaker. But I was entirely thrilled to find it again for iPhone. Like others, I think that there are not enough extra lives, and there are too many flips. I have also gotten stuck once — but only once — in a do-loop where the ball simply wouldn’t break free and I had to cancel the entire game and start over. This is without doubt the best game out there! Thank you Solomon Sapiro!
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3 years ago, angelcd124
Like back in the iPod days
This is exactly what I was looking for in a game of brick. There are many other versions with special effects and simply searching brick in the AppStore shows the “extra” versions of them which I don’t like. This perfect for me in the sense that when I go offline, I have my iPhone 7, which I use as an iPod since I’ve never really needed the use of data, playing my ~15gb of local storage music in the background while enjoying a classic game of brick like with my iPod Mini. This game just brings back a nostalgic feel that some of us have experienced. Thank you developers of this game!!
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12 months ago, Original breaker fan
Good but not as good as original
Not enough lives too many flips. I used to be able to get past the U shaped level all the time but this one is set up for failure. It’s extremely hard to overcome once the bottom row is lowered and that happens quickly. Also the ball bounces in a much more erratic and faster way than original making it impossible to get ut out of the bottom. The gun is only given 1% of the time for the single bubble offered at this level which is the main way to pass this level. It’s not much fun if you can’t reach the higher levels with some frequency. Doesn’t make me want to continue to play this.
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5 years ago, philo4812
Great and addictive game but CAN’T TURN THE SOUND OFF.
Volume cannot be turned off except by silencing your phone. Please fix this! This game is fun. I remember previous versions being much more so. A big part of what made it fun was reaching the higher levels ( above 16-the most difficult in my opinion- the one with the U shape) AND ESPECIALLY BREAKING YOUR RECORD but now you find yourself playing over and over the first 20 levels or so because Solomon has become so STINGY albeit MISERLY with the Live capsules. Again breaking your record has become harder and harder and has taken a lot of the fun away. Also why if you obtain a power, let’s say laser, getting another one, let’s say bomb, takes it away.
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5 years ago, Scslckje
Love it but is oddly crashing
I really love this game and plat it often, but recently for some reason it has been crashing very often, sometimes associated with when ads pop up but not always. There are strange lags and general bugs, for instance when the bricks start decending, they would suddenly stop decending for a few more bounces before continuing. I don't know if this is related, but the current game has given me nearly 15+ life capsules when I'm only at level 13, which is unusual (has also crashed 4 times total from level 1).
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6 years ago, Nick the Brick(breaker)
Classic BrickBreaker
While I really enjoy this game, I find the apple App Store version much more difficult (in fact impossible) than the original blackberry version. I have been unable to complete all boards successfully twice. I pretty much could always complete the cycle twice on the blackberry version at any time. So either I have gotten really awful at playing or the designer has really ratcheted up the difficulty. It’s not as much fun if a competent player like myself can’t make any headway whatsoever. On my phone it seems that every 2nd or 3rd power up is the “flip” death sentence power up. Perhaps I should delete and reinstall...
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4 years ago, pturner428
Disappointed after two years
I love BrickBreaker and have played for about 20 years. I bought old blackberries just to be able to keep playing. They always lost the data after 3, 5 million points with my high, before a machine induced reboot, was 9.3 million. My estimate of the net aggregate was about 30 million points. Along comes Mr. Shapiro, wonderful. I have played for over two years and reached 14.3 million points when at level 27 the brick was hit and disappeared but the ball was still live. No way to get out, no way to advance. I deleted the app and am starting from zero. Disappointing to say the least. Beware the instability if you are counting on racking up points! Poor design?
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4 years ago, Ed Brickbreaker
Restore high score?
I absolutely love this game. I had a whopping high score of 21,683,180, and then my phone reset to factory settings and it’s back to zero again. I could cry. My 8 year old son also plays on my phone and contributed to those points and he was crushed as well. Any way that this can be fixed so that my present playing continues to build on that score? I really wanted to take out the guy with 42 million. By the way, I had over 3,500 lives left when my phone reset and the score went to zero :(. Love the game though!!!
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4 years ago, george floyd sr
Great game has bugs
The game is great but there are some bugs that get in the way sometimes: 1. The first one is a simple one. The sound fx button doesn’t work and when i want to turn off the sounds it doesn’t do anything, same with the vibration button. 2. The second one is when you get the long power up, and then get the flip power up. The game crashes often on my device that it not old or broken in any fashion. That’s all good game but please fix those bugs.
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1 year ago, atashikuko
Free, Fun, Frustration
It’s free and will let you turn off ads without paying - most generous! Enjoyable when playing but as others have pointed out the “Flip” power appears frequently and extra lives less so. I’d say it’s just me but the fact everything else is well done makes it the more frustrating to die so easily and often to what feels like balance issues.
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2 years ago, BamaRic
iPhone game issues
Virtually impossible to compete with an iPhone. I played on a blackberry years ago and you actually had a chance to complete the 32 games. On an iPhone, it’s impossible. Also, very few Life’s are given. Very frustrating game on a IPhone. Hopefully they figure out a way to make it more fair. To add, I just played a game where there were 11 flips and NO LIVES. If you want to keep people interested in a game that isn’t built for an iPhone, you might want to make it somewhat fair. Blackberry had IPhone beat 100 times over with this game.
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5 years ago, Voyager1977
Close, but not quite there yet
It is good to have this game back since leaving the BlackBerry world a decade or so ago. However, this version isn’t suited for the ipad as it works only in portrait mode and it crashes frequently for no apparent reason. And the button to expand the screen size is on the lower right not far from the paddle control making it easy to change the screen size with an unintentional knuckle swipe.
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4 years ago, RawCritic
Just like old times
Despite a few changes here and there (due to it being on a new platform now) - I love it! Brings back the good old days of playing it on my Dads blackberry when I was little He loves it too! And thank you for being so generous with the game being free and allowing us to disable ads. Most devs are not so generous - so I keep ads on! ❤️
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5 years ago, alex19972015
Love The game. Needs an update
I love this game used to always play on the blackberry.. when I first downloaded it it worked great but now it crashes after almost every level and then when I go back into it it crashes again and again. I don’t know what the issue is but it would be awesome if it would be fixed and it sounds like I’m not the only one with this problem
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2 years ago, Carolthen
Something changed!
I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now and just this week it’s changed to where if you pause and exit out the app or even go back to the main menu while still in app it starts the level you left on completely over. It used to not to do this and it’s very frustrating!! Is this a glitch/bug? Or did the developers change the build???
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5 years ago, Husband and father of 2
Exactly like the original
I played this on my Blackberry Pearl years ago. This game is exactly like that original game, level for level, power-up for power-up. Super fun to play. I would give it 5 stars but it keeps crashing. The levels save so I don’t loose my progress but still annoying to have to go back into the app and the game after every level.
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5 years ago, Laudat13
Not bad..needs update
For the most part the game is actually pretty kool. For some reason though, i cannot turn off the sounds. I went into options and unchecked both boxes, sound fx and vibrate, but sounds stays on. The other issue i had is that i was on a pretty good run with 8 lives left, but after i broke all the bricks the screen didn’t go to next level. I have screenshots of ball and paddle with no bricks. The rest of the game seems to work fine so far.
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9 months ago, Zenwise
Great Game - Can’t Toggle Sound On/Off
I play this a ton as of recent. But I cannot stand that I can’t turn off the sound effects. Kills me if I’d like to listen to a podcast or music while playing. Some levels are really difficult and flips seem too frequent, but that’s also just the game. All in all I love it
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3 years ago, victor.vince
Classic BrickBreaker
I enjoy playing the game, knowing I should not loose my high score like I used to on a Blackberry. Question: I have a very high score & wonder if there are limits to : The high score, the number of lives that can be accumulated or to the number of times through?
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6 years ago, YazJazz
Sound doesn’t turn off
Unchecking sound effects doesn’t eliminate the sound effects! Please correct this immediately! Otherwise, glad to have the original Blackberry game back. It’s a bit more difficult to to slide side to side though, since finger must be within the parenthesis.
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4 years ago, TDSBH
Paid but still seeing ads, can’t silence game.
I’m using the paid version, have set ads to None but still see banners. Also I’ve silenced sound effects but still hear them. I even tried silencing my phone. Aargh. Other than that, I love this game, but please fix bugs.
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7 years ago, Aeshanan
Love it!
I played this game on my Blackberry years ago and I missed it dearly when I switched to the iPhone. I was SO happy to find it in the App Store. It's a little tougher on a touch screen than it was with a tracker ball because my finger will slip out of place, but it doesn't happen very often.
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2 years ago, JohnRocks2002
Great game!
Love this game! I grew up playing this on my dad’s black berry. This game is a carbon copy as far as I can remember. Thanks for the game and the ability to turn off adds without paying. I will leave them on since I am grateful for this excellent app. 👍
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3 years ago, JanC0660
No Brickbats! - Great Game!
Always enjoyed having it on my BlackBerry, mighty pleased to see it on iOS. Sure, in comparison there are discrepancies in the “play”, but overall it’s a faithful reproduction. I fully expect that, over time, it will become the new reference.
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5 years ago, mickeymouseglove84
When I was like 9 my dad gave me his old black berry and the only thing that worked was the sims 3 and brick breaker and I had tons of fun on the thing. So now I play it while I listen to my podcasts because it’s a mindless game so I can multitask while also being constantly stimulated like the ADHD kid I am
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4 years ago, Baygoesmoo
Good game but some issues
I give this 4 stars because the game has been crashing lately since i got to level 10 then i reset the game and still crashes when i open it. I really like the game! Fix that and ill be happy since its the only game i play right now.
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5 years ago, uofmballer44
Beat, Gem, etc
This game was top shelf back in the day and to bring it back is work of art. Hope they remake backyard baseball as well. Only con is you can’t turn off the sound effects so sounds still go off while listening to music.
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4 months ago, qblpr9xv
Not close enough to be called Classic BrickBreaker
Although something like the original Blackberry version, there are too many differences for it to be called “Classic”. No “Wrap” capsule, which may not be bad, but the differences after the turn are too extreme and make for a different experience. A more appropriate name for this app would be “Flip”.
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4 years ago, booksarelife37
Stop with all the flips and give some actual lives
Title says it all. Flip is the most annoying thing. Maybe one or two life bubbles with come down. Definitely prefer the blackberry version. Yes, it’s just a game but if something’s annoying, it’s annoying. If I keep getting a bunch of flips instead of anything else, I’ll just eventually delete this game.
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4 years ago, r.nava
Im legit crying I remember back then when my mom had a blackberry phone i would play this non stop and since that year i could never find this game but today i finally have and im finally happy with finding such an old relic of my past
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4 years ago, JPBF1948
Fills a need during Pandemic2020
I kept my old Blackberry for years, just to be able to play BrickBreaker. During this time at home, I wondered if anyone had made an app for iOS...absolutely thrilled to find it. More fun than dusting the baseboards or cleaning out the closet!
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5 years ago, D C K
Nostalgic fun
This game is simple yet challenging and truly a welcome break from the complicated games out there. I’m not a gamer, but someone who likes to kill a little time when I need it. This one is perfect for it. Thank you for bringing back memories of having a BlackBerry back in the early 90s.
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5 years ago, tch5033
Very frustrating
I like this game have played for years. I recently loaded it on my iPhone. It was playing great for a while know it shuts down after every level I have to restart it every time. I about to delete it just because of this problem. Also at times it will shut down in the middle of a level.
Show more
3 years ago, sarag98
Thank you
I love seeing the reviews that talk about blackberries because The love I have for this game is because of my mom’s blackberry. Grew up on this and now I can down load it and play it on my phone, I’m so happy!!
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3 years ago, f49daze
Classic Brickbreaker Review
I’ve been playing this game (on & off) for around 17 years. It seems about a year ago (or so), after I had to reload it to a new phone, now I’m lucky if I can wrap it 4-5 times, whereas I was up around 1.6 million points before I had to reload it. I agree with many of the other reviews here, that it’s very difficult to gain any kind of a decent high score anymore. So, now, I get so frustrated that I’ll just delete the game, wait a while, then reload it to see if it’s been tweaked back to the original parameters. Please restore the original programming!
Show more
3 years ago, Booker Arnold
Brings back childhood memories
I used to play this on my dad’s blackberry as a child but this version is better! But I would like to see more levels, too
Show more
6 years ago, Gsga-51
Great game is failing
I love this game and have played it for years. But in the last several months the app deteriorates after several plays and the ball and paddle move erratically and can’t be played anymore. I have been deleting the app and reinstalling a new version and that has worked for a while. Now, however the erratic movement starts after only 5 or 6 levels. Guess I will have to find a new game.
Show more
4 years ago, Heba I
I had high hopes
I wish there were options to adjust the level of hardness for this and also choose different speeds for the ball bounce. Also the wall the screen is designed I think could have more space for the actual bricks/ bouncing ball. All the other stuff on the screen could be made smaller.
Show more
4 years ago, indygalgo
This game is great
Years ago, I played BrickBreaker on my Blackberry. The company I worked for replaced Blackberry’s with IPhones. I thought my days of BrickBreaker was over for good. I just discovered this app. It is even better than I remember. Thank you for bringing it back. It is awesome.
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6 years ago, nickrodii
This game is fun. It’s a classic game that is use to play when I was younger. But something that is different about all of the other brick breaker games, is the fact that YOU CAN TURN OFF ADS FOR FREE. It’s crazy! I’ve never seen an app do this! I’d like to thank the author for doing this.
Show more
4 years ago, cripvblood?
The ideal brick breaker. I saw in setting that you could set the ad frequency and i was star struck. who does that? anyways, they could make “flip” a different color and create a new variety of pill that does bad things to the paddle
Show more
5 years ago, Bobsushi
All good but has been freezing.
App has always worked well, other than the fact that even though you turn off Sound FX, the sound continues to play no matter what I do. It also has started to freeze and crash almost every time I try to open it. Please fix
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