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User Reviews for Classic Netspend

4.77 out of 5
76.1K Ratings
5 years ago, I need a nickname 123
Love it
I absolutely love Netspend, I work for the University of Arkansas and I started when I was 16, I used a pay card by them for a while, until it expired. They graciously sent me another official Netspend card once I turned 18. I activated it once my pay card expired and downloaded the app. The user interface is very mobile friendly and easy to use. I don’t use the mobile check load cause ya know, direct deposit is the way to go these days. But I’ve used everything else in the app. Payback rewards is a cool little way to save a little money, it’s easy to load and send money, easy to view transactions, and most of all, you can start a savings account! Which is something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I started getting paid. Also, customer service is very helpful and friendly. Netspend is a great Mastercard bank, and I’ll be continuing to use their card for a long time, the only thing I’d ask for is for prepaid cards to be accepted everywhere just like an average debit card from an bank such as Bank of America, or CHASE. I recommend this online bank for any young people just getting started.
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5 months ago, Angelia804
Need to do better
I’ve been with Netspend since 2007 and have pretty much been a satisfied customer. But the past year I’ve been very disappointed, to the point that I’m considering completely closing my checking and savings accounts. Here are the 2 main reasons: 1) the app is always lagging, seems to take forever to just login. Even with face recognition I still get the spinning circle showing it’s trying to load the page. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app many times and still have issues so it’s not my phone, its not my WiFi, it’s the app that’s the problem. 2) the app itself is boring and archaic. I have an account with Chime and their graphics are interactive, engaging, smart, and fun. Netspend get with the times. Your competitors are leaving you in the dust. Reason #1 is actually the primary reason I’m wanting to fully transition to the competition. When I need access to my account I need it right then. I shouldn’t have to close the app multiple times and try logging in again. Or have people waiting in line behind me because I can’t open the app. But I will say a positive for Netspend. As a prepaid card company they were kinda/sorta quick in updating their service for Apple Pay use. Another plus is getting text alerts for all transactions (something Chime doesn’t do). Hope the gurus at Netspend read this and make improvements soon.
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4 years ago, qubitzilla
Warning! Do NOT bank here!!!
Believe me, if I could give minus stars I absolutely would. I’ve been a customer for over 8yrs, and rather enjoyed having an account with them. But recently, I tried to dispute two transactions on my account that ended up being fraudulent and instead of helping me, they denied the disputes and permanently closed my account, with no notification. On top of all this, they permanently banned me from opening another account with them ever. When I attempted to get answers on two separate occasions, nobody could tell me why. I kept being told I would hear back within 24hrs from their fraud department. But never did. I did nothing suspicious. I did nothing fraudulent. I reached out to my bank for help, and they double victimized me. Why would I EVER want to open another account with a bank who treats their long term customers like this? Absolutely abhorrent behavior and customer service. I HIGHLY recommend NEVER trusting this bank with your money. **UPDATE after response from dev**: After over 4 attempts now taking hours out of my day to call, get put in hold multiple times and get answers with the promise of having a response with an answer within 24 hrs time but left with no response, you expect me to email YOU to solve this?? Is giving an honest review of your company what it takes to get a serious response from this bank? Boy, this really is 2020 huh..
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1 year ago, Lovegwen143
Vary poor service
I just got this card I try to setup up my card only to be sent to a representative the representative kept miss spelling everything I gave her all my information and then was told I need to answer some questions about where I live when being questioned about what street I was closest to i was give 4 options and none of them were by my address I questioned the representative on what address she put in she insisted it was the one I gave her and I spelt it out again for them to confirm then they said they only had 5 more minutes to help me so I I ask if I could just put in my own info so I know it’s all right and if I could do it over the phone they said yes so I when though automated system, and it started to ask me similar questions, and the girl just with four other St. names then the one she was listing and I couldn’t see what address was put in for my account nor can I change it, and eventually the automated to on me when I tried to call back and said th that the representative requested the representative never did request for any documents to be sent emails to my account I’m just very frustrated and I would like my money. Get to it. So anyone thinking that this is a good app to try or a good bank count to go through I highly suggest not even bothering. Just use cash app
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2 months ago, widlynn
Relaxing to realize
Where the rest of my money went and wander to where or to hold for piece of pieces of night of peace to living the real life of reality and risk of understanding without hold of unjustified understatement or understanding still to no attire of entitled more than money to find my phone saying $2.86 instead of millions because I remembered I cautiously woke and a rugglence to remind myself money comes to important to I justify the understatement of missing funds and surrendered money lost that needs to be grasped with all holdings expesially wen I only got the understanding of access and assets of assets to undermined nor gratuity where one representation must be given so I may would have liked to speak to some more in deft and destriority but the popular accunstultation and rujymity will adhearse and adhear the corespondents as told to folllw wen I call again and have the time cuz I too ynderstand not feeling good or pregnancies that may assest admirality of infuriated congratulations may need to work until once praise to halt the hearts of coerhesialist compartments of admentablr fury and rage of radges abd rashes of fank
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6 years ago, freckels70
Card lost and I got to wait ten business days
I’m so upset and annoying with Netspend I been with u guys since 2009 and have two direct deposit every week I lost my card and I ask for a new one to be expedited because I had no other way of taking money off and most of my money is tied into this bank well they told me I can’t get it expedited cause I don’t have that feature and I don’t understand when I was paying from my account the 25 to do it to say the least I was told there was nothing they could do and now I have to wait on what I work hard for mean while I also lost my citi bank card which doesn’t hold much but when I called for a replacement I got it next day no charge unreal I don’t suggest to anyone putting all ur eggs in this basket cause if u loose or damaged ur card u will be waiting 10 business day for a new one smdh I’m thinking about taking all my money out and just close my account when I do receive my cards smdh cause of this issue and I really did like u guys that’s why I stayed as long as I did but with this it’s a disappointment
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5 years ago, 2smalls0639
No Brainer!!
I absolutely LOVE Netspend!!! I’ve been with them for over 3 years, had my account upgraded & I have NEVER had ONE issue with them! I get paid 2 days earlier than everyone else. Their customer service is on point. They have awesome no overdraft... which sometimes I do & they will let it go through but it’s usually only like 10 bucks. There isn’t any over draft fees. They do charge a 5 dollar service fee every month but that’s no issue. If you can’t afford that then something is wrong with you. Lol. They do charge an ATM FEE WHICH I WISH THEY WOULDNT! That’s THE ONLY ISSUE I HAVE WITH THEM!! Stop the ATM FEES NETSPEND!!! Dontgo to Chime, it’s a scam. If you don’t want to deal with an actual bank, this is the one to have. I’ve had banks that lied to me & took my money orclosed my account for no reason & I got tired of it, so I went searching, found Netspend & im soooo glad I did. I refer all my friends to Netspend. I’m telling you, they’re the way to go. & they give you rewards every month. Love yoooou Netspend!!!
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3 years ago, netspendisaripoff
Don’t just don’t
My company partnered with netspend to sell the cards in our stores. And for doing so we received bonuses for every card sold. And employees didn’t have to pay a monthly fee. Well not only am I still getting charged $5 a month, all of a sudden I have no balance. When they took out $5 on June 16th that left me with $13 and some change. Now nothing. They also for some reason shut off my employees card for no reason. And when we called the number that corporate told us too. They couldn’t tell her why just that she is no longer allowed to have a netspend account. But this is also how we get paid our mileage when we have to help out at other stores. I have emailed support and I never get a reply. I have heard nothing good from customers that have previously had a card. They charge fees like crazy. And is a rip off. I no longer offer these cards unless I’m asked by customers about them. Word of advice netspend when you want people to sell your merchandise, don’t screw over the ones making you money. And work on better communication and customer service. Oh and 1 more thing . I can download the app but can never get in. Straight up crap.
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3 years ago, Lola@Shorty
Couldn’t scan check then couldn’t find a location open today!!!
I have tried to scan my check and it keeps taking me to a screen that says Ingo at the top and explains process, you can’t get out of that screen and I’ve called Ingo customer service and Netspend and they keep throwing me back to each other and it let me scan a check last month. It did this before snd then fixed itself and this has been weeks so now I’m going to have to leave work to cash check and deposit it on card. I’m gonna cancel this as soon as I get my Venmo card in mail. So I decided to give them one more chance so I looked online to see what time the closest location opened and it gave time and I drove there today and location is closed for good (which didn’t say online) so I look up another one so I drive there and no one was there to open, lights out and door locked, it gave hours on door and I showed up 3 hours after they were supposed to be open. I have decided not to do business with this company anymore it’s too much of a headache. I not only wasted gas in my car but i wasted my whole lunch break and didn’t eat. It’s a shame because I’ve been doing business with them for many years.
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7 years ago, Ncms85713
Great Service!!!
I’ve been with NetSpend since my son was 7. He’s now 22, and I still love the service. I use NS in addition to my banks. My only issues are: 1) PayPal doesn’t accept the bank to be linked to receive funds and withdraw them to the card, and 2) the FEDERAL regulations that only allow so many transfers between family members and the number of times I can remove from savings. But that’s Federal, not NS. My kids live in AZ while my husband and I are living in Ohio now. This is the most convenient way to send my kids money when they need it. AND ITS FREE TO TRANSFER!!! I see other reviews that aren’t so good. Not to discredit the problems they may have had, but overall, NS is a great company. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been here so long!!!
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1 year ago, Amullelaga
Closed Account
I had no previous issues in the past, unfortunately today I found out that my account was closed since 6/6/23 and I did not get a single notification, no e mail, no voice mail, nothing no text, I couldn’t log in to the app, when I called customer care I was informed that my account was closed since 6/6/23. I never made such a request or authorize this change, they said on the phone that they couldn’t re open my account, So I asked for a Supervisor or a manager, there was no clear explanation on why my account was closed however it was able to be reopened, if it was closed for a overdraft that should’ve been said and clarified, I had an emergency this week and I was left with no funds and no Pay check from employer direct deposit and now I have to wait till Tuesday so that payroll can write me a check, My whole week and weekend is now completely ruin without any funds no access no check no money, what a terrible horrible thing to do and then no explanation, this could’ve been avoided very easily, somebody should be responsible for this atrocity it’s really unbelievable
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3 years ago, nannaof10!!
Would minus stars if anything!!!!!
I was customer for over 5 yrs. They were ok to begin with but all of sudden in February of this year I got a text about a fraudulent online purchase. Well I hit the button to have my card canceled because anyone who knows me knows I don’t bye stuff online I really don’t know how I’m sure it would be easy but I don’t put my cards online to have them hacked. Well guess what it was anyway and it had to be on there end. While this is happening my husband passes away I go back to work after couple weeks then my whole check was gone had to fight to get my money back then in 2days more money. I have them go back to beginning of year and guess what I had almost $200 in charges over time so by April I have had it. Netspend could see my regular use every week and still let someone steal what money I worked hard for and didn’t reimburse me what was rightfully mine. Because like I said they looked all the way back and could see my regular use and did nothing. So please don’t use them unless you want this to happen to you. We work to hard to be stolen from.
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4 years ago, TheFortyFore
Sketchy broken company
A prepaid card is supposed to be exactly that and you’re supposed to be able to use it right off the bat but no when you get your card from Netspend, you cant even use it until you send your ssn and other forms of ID, you try to sign up and log in into the website and it doesn’t work, the app doesn’t work at all, they say call the number and it sends you back to the website with a link for your registration that doesn’t even work so it sends you back to the number!! If you choose to stay on the line for a real person, you’re waiting for a long time then you have to fork over all your information then you aren’t even done because you have to send them a copy of your ssn, birth certificate, and DL in an email to complete the verification process which takes days and that’s even if you get lucky enough to fully activate your card because most of the time you get dead ends with a burnt wallet and wasted money other than your time. It’s sketchy and they want all your info. You have a greater chance of getting your info stolen and wasting money on Netspend then getting what you actually payed for.
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2 years ago, everurias
Sorry for the complaint but give me a little bit of your time
So I needed a gift card for the something I wanted online and my sister went into Walmart getting the card I usually get but it wasn’t there so She decided to buy this one and put 180 dollars on it, again unaware that it said this is not a gift card so she bought it and She thought the person at the scanner scanned and activated it but like it said I had to activate it myself, i said to myself, “ok no big deal.” Was I wrong i had to do a activation myself for “revealing my identity” and having to put my socials again since I barely got the card and never trusted Netspend in the first place you might have been like why but it well my sister got it for me and I said a different card but she said it wasn’t there so she cluelessly bought this one but again this is totally my fault I do want a refund again cause im broke and need the money so please from the kindness of your heart refund it all this is all my fault it’s been stressing me out so much lately but completely understand if you denied my request.
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3 years ago, novazopp
Netspend is a Total Ripoff!!
If you don’t mind paying for EVERYTHING, definitely sign up with Netspend! They charge you $5 to make a deposit, $3.50 to make a withdrawal, $10. a month service fee, or $5. if you have direct deposit. They encourage you to use overdraft protection and then charge $10. for every single overdraft repeatedly, if you call them up and ask a question, you get charged! Look at your bill and you’ll be astonished at all the “little fees” that can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars!! It’s sickening! No other online bank has so many fees!! And Netspend is replaces money into your account that has been fraudulently removed/spent, at a glacial pace - where a any other bank, brick and mortar or online would replace your money by the next day! Unless you enjoy the worst customer service ever by people for whom English is their second language and are difficult to communicate with - Steer clear of Netspend! I’m switching to Chime! They have NO fees and get great reviews! Plus, I’m tired of paying huge fees for crappy customer service! I’ve had enough!!
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1 year ago, AZ nascar fan
Updated mobile check load doesn’t work
With the latest update they changed their mobile check loading/cashing and it is pure garbage. When you try to take a pic of the back side of the check it is stuck on portrait mode and will not change to landscape. And only one in five times did it rotate properly to get a pic of the front side of the check. It has an auto capture mode that displays a box to frame the check in and were to line up the check number and accounting information on bottom of check. Great ideas but the functionality is not there. If you are trying to get the pics of a check that is longer than a personal check, i.e. a US Treasury check or corporate refund check, then nothing will line up. If it wasn’t for this lack of functionality I’d give the app 3 1/2 stars. There are a few minor things that aren’t ideal on the app, but those aren’t bad enough, or good enough to comment on. But not having a functioning mobile check cashing system when everything else is usable is the breaking point.
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6 years ago, Pocket mom
Mobile Check Load Not An Available Feature
I saw the mobile check load button and icon appear and then disappear when I’d click on it when I had my temporary card. I figured when I got my permanent card it would be a feature available to me. No, it is not. I had issues logging in after I activated my permanent card, too. I requested my password be changed but received the emails days later and expired. I couldn’t login until I finally finally had time to call the phone number. I got email marketing campaigns in my inbox advertising the new mobile check load feature, saying to download the latest version of the app to access it. I have the latest version. No updates available. So when I finally got access to my online account, and still couldnt/can’t use mobile check load, I sent a secure message and was told that I don’t have the kind of card that has that feature and that it has nothing to do with personal finance history? What is going on? And my card stopped working at Starbucks (all Starbucks locations but works everywhere else) when I activated the 10% cash back reward for using the card there? I don’t get answers to my actual questions, just generic stuff from the faq that answers nothing. I really hope someone steps in and gives me a real answer. So far the folks helping are sending me templates and copy/pasted passages from the faq that aren’t relevant.
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7 years ago, GigiWoo23
This "bank" is a joke. If it's not one thing it's another the first direct deposit I received my account was locked even though I was putting the correct passcode! No where did it say how long my account would be locked for! I had to call THREE times and spoke to some guy at an outsourced call center who dgaf about customers lie to me and say oh I'll reset your password and it'll be fine. He neglected to tell me the time limit on using the password nor did the email state that I must use the password within 30 minutes. A week later I type in the password I changed it to and guess what IM LOCKED OUT. I tried to reset my password and it didnt work. I randomly try and login today from the app and thank God on heaven I was able to reset it to see MY OWN MONEY, but now I have ELEVEN dollars in transaction fees???? This is a BS operation! Run far far away. I would only suggest using them if you can't get a bank account anywhere else! I won't be continuing use and neither should you! I was sent this card randomly and thought I would give them a try. Never again.
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5 years ago, Melrox777
Don’t walk RUN!!!! this is a horrible card they are charging me twice after I have had to direct deposit’s first they had my temporary card that doesn’t have my name on it and they charge me a dollar for credit card two dollars for 10 and a five dollar fee for unlimited on my first cars then they said they would send me a new card with my name on it I got the new card activated it they never told me that I would then get another set of chargers for one dollar for credit card and two dollars for pin# another five dollars for unlimited after I had two deposits made for direct deposit on my account that has both the cards they will not refund it I’ve asked them many times I am telling you they have taken 30 or $40 out of my account for these kids charges they charge me double I do not recommend this card I am currently looking for another card the only reason I have this card is because my account got hacked and I was using this card temporarily and it’s costing me a FORTUNE!!!!
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5 years ago, Nanknob
Horrible customer service
Do for the app itself, it generally works with just a few problems. Such as when trying to load a check or send a message to customer service, it is very hard to get the keyboard to come up. Takes clicking in the area to put the info quite a few times. Now, as for their customer service......what a joke. They either have a computer bot answering your questions or their staff is only allowed to copy and paste generic answers which don’t always apply to your questions. Or they put it off on their partner who handles other areas, and give you a phone number to call that doesn’t allow you to speak to someone. When I got ahold of their customer service people, they kept assuring me that everything would work out fine, but couldn’t actually answer my questions and give me details. Said they could see the issue, but couldn’t give me dates of what they were seeing. But kept telling me to “be assured”. It’s a run around game that I didn’t ask to play.
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3 months ago, Rlclarkson
As I was getting help from a specialist team member at net spend who was finally understanding my short term memory issues and was helping me with fraud on my acct is right when the system logged me out and cut off my phone call with repress. Now leaving me to have to start all over again and try to remember . The rep that I was speaking to was very helpful and very understanding of my current homeless situation as well as people taking advantage of my disability then I was made to hang up with that rep and told to go online by myself to file these charges I did not make on my acct. now trying to start over with short term memory loss, that was wrong of Netspend to do. Very wrong. Their should be some kind of override button to reject the cyst Serv rep having to leave the current help situation for the customer. Now , me with memory loss , short term, memory loss, I’m left list again trying to recreate what I was getting help with
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3 years ago, BreezyBri51
App and website issues
**UPDATE** never got an email back to acknowledge my issue with the app, can’t even access using Safari. Guess it’s not Apple friendly, sure would’ve liked to know!** I’ve had Netspend awhile now, maybe like 4 years or so. Never had any issues. I recently downloaded the app on my iPhone, I logged in, saw what I needed to see and logged out. So last night, I wanted to check my balance. I logged in with my correct credentials, I get to see the randomized pop up ad that either gets dismissed or used and then I get a white blank screen. I proceeded to try logging in five more times, same result. I wrote an email and was told I would be responded in three business days. I even tried to access my account on Safari and it accepts my credentials and proceeds to load yet another white screen. My husband downloaded the app on his own iPhone and he is able to access the account. Anyone else have this issue??? If so, please respond with any troubleshooting methods!
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4 years ago, duhawiwsvdbdiddbe
My dad has spent $300 worth of money in prepaid cards. $100 each for the three of us siblings. Setting up an account was horrible and long and they asked for so much information like your social security. The website to even activate a card doesn’t work so you HAVE to call the costumer service and all they do is ask you for more information to activate one card which is all lies. It has been 4 months since my dad has bought these cards and have since locked all of out accounts because we haven’t spent money on the cards that we can’t even make a full account for. All we wanted for Christmas was clothes, but no cause you have company’s like this who don’t care about their customers and now we have just lost $300 dollars to this scam. Don’t even bother with Netspend, just get American Express Serve because I’ve had a 100% positive experience with American Express and you can spend money as SOON as you buy it without making an account.
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2 years ago, chuckylove3
These people are scammers
To start, I had a account with netspend to pay my online bills, I paid there 5.95 a month fee, and every time I used my card they would still take off extra money for usage, and recently, we got a prepaid card at the store and put $60 on it and these people at net spend are trying to tell me and my family that we never bought the card, we never put money on the card, then they had the nerve to say the card was in someone else’s name. Keep in mind we literally just bought it at the store. Then they wanted proof of purchase, proof of address, ID and social. I sent them all of that information and they still would not activate the card for we could use it. The manager at the store even called them and they wouldn’t believe him or activate it for him. They scammed us out of $60+ dollars. And anyone who truly believe netspend is the best option. Expect to loose some money.
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3 years ago, ceeceelea
Net spend
This is a complete sham!!! I have bought several cards from net spend. And each time my money kept disappearing off my card. So I call them to try and figure out what the problem is. SEVEN times these so called professional people hung up on me!!! They just hung up. The first few calls they said they were getting a supervisor, but when they put me on hold, the line disconnected. I’m a little bit on the slow side because I never in my wildest dreams thought a business would be so unprofessional, so at first I called back saying there must be a problem with my phone. After 5 times of them hanging up on me, I realized that they are doing this on purpose so they don’t have to talk to me. Well, needless to say, I now think they are stealing all that money that was disappearing from my account. Don’t trust or believe these people!! I lost a lot of money, and I’m seriously considering getting a lawyer. I wonder if a lawyer would be interested in such a case.
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6 years ago, 11 year devalued customer
I may be a loyal customer but but definitely not valued
Well I’m on a fixed income. Every dime is accounted for. So when I put a stop payment on my account I was told my money was safe. I was even given a cut off date for the stop payment. Well low and behold I get a text that I only have $31 I’m like holy smoke what happened I looked and saw that they let the transaction go through they broke their word. Not only that they found a loophole and tried to justify it but still admitted fault at the same time yet won’t give me my money for another ten business days don’t forget the holiday and weekend. They acted as if they didn’t care I finally spoke with a woman named Joy and she may have said the same thing as the others but she showed concern and she emailed me my dispute form and gave me hope that it may not take that long. Anyway I’ve been with this company 11 years we may be getting a divorce if they don’t show concern plus where’s corporate that was supposed to be contacting me
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2 years ago, help a girl
I’m still trying
I have called and talked to several customer service operators I have asked for supervisors to get on the phone no avail to they tell me that they’re not available or they’re gonna tell me the exact same thing that they’re telling me I have had some charges on my account that I did not make that they went head and paid I and the charges that I have made they feel like it is wrongly being charged and so they cancel my card don’t tell me about it until I try to use my card and it’s declined with money on the card plenty of money on the card and when I try to get them to fix it they can’t do anything about it because the card has already been canceled so normally I have toWait for them to send me out a card to have them charge my account for the card that I did not cancel or ask for and the money that I disputed Still does not get put back on my account.
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10 months ago, lokegirl48
I have used a Netspend card for at least 13 years, with little issues. The ONLY issue I had was I accidentally set up a large deposit to my card & could not get my money out without massive fees. I had to close the account then it took over a month and dozens of calls to finally get it sent to my bank. It was unacceptable and the poor guys on the phone couldn’t do anything to help, and there was no way to speak to anyone in the accounting department. I don’t recommend you use this for larger transactions but for basic bill pay & shopping it’s awesome. The thing I like most is I only put in the amounts I thought I’d use, so IF I got hacked it wasn’t my whole available balance. Perfect for online shopping!
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2 years ago, jesusalmazan
Useless card for nothing
For anybody to thinking about getting‘ that’s been think about it before you get it this car really don’t help you at all they’re only good to charge you but they can’t help you and canceling anything also the operators day call you on the phone so you could get some help really don’t even help you they got no good answers to give you and they really don’t know anything of what they talking about even if you try canceling something on yourself through the Internet or the mobile app it won’t work I don’t know what kind a system they got but it really don’t help at all just be careful getting this card think about it really good if you do use this card for anything make sure it’s a one time deal and make sure you only put the money you’re going to use at the same moment because if not they just gonna charge you for holding your money there to
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2 years ago, MattieDos
Online bank account. Nothing more, nothing less.
I have been using Netspend as my primary account for about 5 years now. Truly have never had any serious issues. My paycheck comes in 2 days early which is awesome. Having the all access opens up everything and makes it like any other bank account. Yeah getting ahold of someone can be a hassle but any issues I have had, have been taken care of no problem. This should not be your first choice. These types of cards/bank accounts are for people who’ve had financial troubles and are trying to get back on their feet. Would recommend to anyone within that demographic.
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5 years ago, Sithjug
Great prepaid company
I’ve been using Netspend as my bank for the last 2 years and haven’t had any issues at all with them. Only pay $5 a month to use it and there are never any overdraft fees which is a HUGE plus. I get my check deposited 2 days early too! I’ve had two instances of fraud since I’ve been using it. The first time, I had to call and report it. They refunded me and sent me a new card quick. The second time, their algorithms caught it before I was charged and it automatically locked my account. It only took 3 business days to receive my new card! Each time, the customer service was excellent to deal with! I’m extremely satisfied and I’d highly recommend this card!
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4 years ago, jazmine185
Mobile Check Deposit Not Working For Months.
Not even a small personal check will deposit. Checks I've previously received personally will not work either, even though it is within the guidelines, and it's been like this for months, since January/February if I had to give a timeframe. I'm not sure if this problem is just with my account. I'll stick to my personal savings bank for mobile check deposit until this fixes. However, I use this for direct deposit with my paycheck, and it's great having it deposited two days early. Overall, other than the mobile check deposit issue, I've had no problems with the app or services.
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6 years ago, Blakeinc.
Good But They Stopped Trying
Netspend has been my bank for payroll deposits for the past 4.5 years. I enjoyed getting paid 2 days early but to be honest that is the only perk of being with this bank. You have to pay a fee for every ATM withdrawal, you have to pay a monthly fee just for having an account or you have the option of paying a fee per transaction. Nowadays you can use Touch ID for finance apps but Netspend still makes you manually enter your password. Netspend also isn’t Apple Pay, Cash App or Venmo compatible, as the worlds gets more digital people need the ability to move money around easier. This bank has done right by me as far as disputes and fund accessibility but their cons outweigh their pros and I’ve switched to Chime today.
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7 years ago, Stop N Read
Never any issues
Not sure what all the fuss is about but I’ve had my card now over 2 years and has never had any issues. The only way you are charged any fees per transaction is if you have not selected a plan. If you read the card information prior to activating the card then you will know that. Also, the fact that someone has used this as a gift card also indicates no one took the time to read once again. So there is nothing wrong with this card. Getting paid 2 days in advance is always a great thing for me during any pay week. So those of you who has had any issues with NETSPEND prepaid card, only means YOU DID NOT TAKE THE TIME TO READ.
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5 years ago, moneygirl009
Never had a problem
I’ve had the Netspend card for a few years actually. Didn’t use it for about two years after it was sent to me. When I did see where it might would be an asset keeping me from having my Bank card online for auto debits /payments etc. I decided to give it a try. Can’t say enough positive about it. When I downloaded the app, I’ve had the same experience. Easy quick and quite useful. I split my direct deposit so that I can get paid some of my payroll two days ahead of my normal paY deposit day and I do -each and every single time. Kudos for an efficient product.
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2 years ago, Mikeswifey03
They don’t even deserve one star! My kids got cards as gifts, I wasted 2 hours of my time between activating them, getting sent to fraud to get the restrictions off the cards, transferred back and fourth 6 times, and getting disconnected twice on their end (3 times if you count the end of my horrible experience) Could hardly understand what they were saying. They like to talk over you and giggle at your frustration! When I was about finally done they sent me to an automated line to put a pin on a card, I was on a hold with music for 20 minutes until it hung up on me! Luckily as I was waiting so long on hold, again, I used the app so I didn’t have to deal with those idiots again. They also charge a few for everything!! If you’re thinking of using this joke of a company, do yourself a favor and DON’T!!
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2 years ago, larrydash
Not being able to reset password
I would also give a minus rate I have for almost a week and probably 50 and not exaggerating trying to get my password to work and on every call they tell me to do the same thing which never works. Also the person on the phone just talks over you when you’re trying to explain what the problem is and then they tell you to do the same thing which hasn’t worked for almost a week calling every day if not a couple times. They just don’t care and it’s so irritating trying to explain something with that person talking over you and never listening can’t listen if all you’re doing is talking. Well another attempt today with the same results. All I want is for my password to work. I also have been a client for quite some time
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3 years ago, 10$ModdedAccount
Sketchy Company
Wish I could give this sorry excuse of a company -5 stars every time i get a card from their company their is always an issue with their activation process i attempted to activate the card so I could pre order a game 5 hours before it came out and then they lock the card required me to call them legit wasted 2 hours trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it ended up having to wait December 2nd for a refund which their taking 5 dollars away from me just for wanting a refund the same issue happened bout 2-3 years ago and it just shows the company hasn’t improved since then if your trying to purchase an pre paid card for the love of gosh PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE any prepaid card related to this company in anyway as it would only waste both your time effort and money
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2 years ago, falconhero90
No complaints
I really don’t know what you guys are complaining about cause I had Netspend years ago from when they first started and I used my debit card when I was in highschool & never had any issues I loaded money on the card and went on my way & I see you guys are having issues with customer service maybe they need to be trained more and not being rude to customers but on the flip side do your research before saying bad about the company and don’t believe everything you see on the internet.
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2 years ago, 165243
Real review I’m 25 California
I had netspend for probably 5 years already and I always would add cash to it so I can shop online. It would be awesome if they made it to were it’s free to reload cash onto a card at like Walgreens or dollar general, instead of charging 3.95 each time. And maybe add more card designs for free. Within 30mins I always receive the money I add. One time I never got my item I purchased and I emailed Netspend that I was scammed ect and it took about a month or so but I eventually got all the money I spend on that item back. Which I was very happy about. Netspend has always been reliable and I do enjoy using it
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4 years ago, Caleb Streit
Worst Everything
I bought my card at Walmart, but I can’t use it because I am not 18 years old or older. Walmart still let me buy it though.... You have to give them your birthday and social security number, which is horrible. They aren’t a government agency. Anyways , after finding out I couldn’t activate it I contacted support by the “secure mail” multiple times and received the same response over and over again to call the phone number. When I did, no one answered. So I left the problem unresolved for a while. Now, I have lost another $5.95 because they wouldn’t fix my problem. I have now been locked out of MY account, and the support won’t just close MY account and give me MY money back. I would not recommend this to anyone. In fact, I think the whole thing is a scam to collect SSNs and steal people’s money.
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1 year ago, sadboi437
They have a lady that is asking for a lot of information which I have never had to deal with in the past with many other banks. It is so hard to even understand what they are saying. I asked to just be refunded the money put on the prepaid card and they refused to do so. I asked if it would be possible to transfer the money and they would also not do that either. They need so much information just to activate the card in the first place and it is all very sketchy. I recommend to never use this bank as they do not even help with your problems and barely listen to to you. I have been on call for a whole hour and thirty minutes and still have not even been helped in the slightest. I am constantly being put on hold.
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11 months ago, USCus
Inactive Fee
I don’t like the Netspend card. I received this as a gift card in April. I couldn’t use it as a gift card without setting up an acct. I have used the card twice since April. I had $11 left and they charged me a $5 inactive fee and it had only been 6 weeks since I last used it. When I went to use the card, I was unaware of the fee and didn’t realize I only had $6 left. I was not happy. And no, I didn’t not spend 2 days reading the fine print. This does NOT work as a gift card. I would not recommend this card unless the person you purchased it for is aware they have to set up and acct like a bank card and that fees are involved.
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6 years ago, cricket 706
Best prepaid card!
I have had my card for years. I have had no issues. I get paid two days earlier with direct deposit. Customer service has always been helpful to me. From what I have read in previous comments; most of the complaints should not have been complaints at all. People should read the literature that comes with it, and pay attention to what the terms, agreements, and fees say. All information is given to you at purchase of card or reviewed online. I researched before I purchased the card. Have had a few issues with the app, but outside of that neyspend is by far the best prepaid card I have dealt with!
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1 year ago, Jamie L. Good
Never using Netspend again
I got a Netspend card for my 18th birthday yesterday. I have called several times, went through the automated call system at least 10 times just to be told that they cannot verify me as the card holder and then transfer me back to the automated line, they would not give me a chance to talk at all and would not help me at all. We asked for an account manager and the lady on the phone said she would let us speak to a manager, we got left on hold for half an hour and we ended up giving up because we figured no one was going to answer the phone. Now I have $100 on a card that I got for my birthday I cannot use or access. I recommend never using Netspend, it is a literal scam and you will not get your money.
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6 months ago, Shoesfreak65
Security app
I am glad netspend company keep protect me from stranger tried to access because there has pin and personal question. it real help to prevent to anyone than tell house address because who lost drive license and bank card they would do easy because they are hearing I am Deaf it isn’t easy way to stop use my bank card I had to find a way to call my bank and answer my own pin and personal that’s why I have nothing to worry no body access that’s why I keep bank accounting and app too
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2 years ago, deadbundy
Avoid at all costs
If I could give no stars I would. Things went great until my account got hacked. My card was canceled and I had one overnighted to me, which was cancelled also. I called to speak to someone, and they gave me tracking number for another card that never arrived. It’s been a month and still haven’t been able to access my account and my funds. I’ve tried to explain what the issue is but all everyone does at the Netspend customer service does is tell me that they cannot find any information and they cannot help me. All I want to do is access my account and get my funds and their customer service cannot even understand what the issue is. I wouldn’t trust these guys to make me a sandwich much less manage money for me.
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3 years ago, Cosqui32
Why happened to Face ID?
I’ve been with Netspend for 18 yrs and over time I’ve seen Netspend evolve. Never had an issue, I have direct deposit for so many years they upgraded my account and cards last year to become an All-Access account, I get my check two days early, I use free atm’s so I don’t get charged any fees. I can use on Apple Pay, Zelle, and many other third party connections. I customized my card to a picture I like. It’s a simple bank to pay bills with. BUT recently the new update won’t let me login with Face ID. I have to keep entering my info manually even after I turned Face ID on. Other than that, never had an issue.
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1 year ago, ariyah114
Netspend is the worst app ever i don’t even right reviews but today i will be last year 2022 i received a card from them i activated it thought everything was going to be ok everytime i log in my account they ask security questions like they don’t kno who i am. One day u just got tired of constantly answering them back to back so i put wrong answers rushing thru it so they kicked me out my acct with my money in it this happened december i believe & i called the number that showed once i got kicked out for 1 the lady on the phone was rude & said “well we can just close the acct the” so she closed my act with my money on it then she then told me i was going to receive my check january never did it’s march now & still haven’t received it.
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2 years ago, briver victim
CRIMINAL COMPANY!!!!! Do not use them!!!!
I received a “REAL” debit card from this company. Contacting one of their numerous phone numbers that actually had a foreign speaking representative instead of a automated service, I confronted them about what they sent me. They refuse to talk to me unless I give them my address, date of birth and social security number. 16 hours later I received an email from them requesting I send them copies of my social security card, driver’s license and a utility bill. I responded requesting documentation from them. 22 hours after that they sent me an email requesting to download and sign into this app. This company is committing themselves to credit fraud and identity theft. If Apple is serious protecting their customers, they will remove this app from service!
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