Classic Slots™ - Casino Games

4.9 (328.2K)
372.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Slots Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Classic Slots™ - Casino Games

4.93 out of 5
328.2K Ratings
2 years ago, C.J.1969
This is so out of what I consider “fun”
Growing up in Vegas, casino games are like a dental appt.!!! I was playing a game and this game popped up as an ad… I thought ok… stuck home with Covid I’m looking for something to entertain myself!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR !!!!!! I’m having so much fun !! What is thi ??!! I’m loving the different slot machines, I can switch and the new one is just as entertaining as the last!! I’m amazed !!! I don’t write reviews… I don’t rate the games !!! Seems like it’s a way to get get more personal information out of you. So far I had a choice. What? A choice?? I can give my email IF I want extra coins… no strong arming!!! So far it’s great entertainment at no real world cost to play “free” !!! Uummm speechless and enjoying myself…. So thank you !!! Thank you to the people who are the creators I guess! I think you’re who made those choices!!! This game…… I would recommend !!! And probably will to my friends!! It’s fun, it’s holding my attention, saving me from thinking how sick I feel !! And making an awful COVID day a much better day for me…. Much appreciated !!!
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4 years ago, Aspingray
So torn
This game is hands down the best slots game when it comes to selection. But the coins you get is absolutely ridiculous. 600 coins and hour when the minimum spin is 100 is beyond ridiculous. You don’t get any coins for stamp spins I mean nothing. What is the point of playing a game where you cannot win anything. This game started off great and is still my favorite slot machine game to play. But something has got to be done about the coins. Even putting some ads in there in order to get coins higher would be better. Maybe the developers should actually read their reviews and this game would improve so much overall. It’s appears as if we’re all in the same boat.
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3 years ago, gracieapples
November 2020 Update A Total Fail.
Quick Review: If you’re looking for the kinds of old style 3 reel machines you could play at casinos pre-COVID-19, give Double Down Fort Knox a try - graphics are just as good and they pay-outs are much better. Longer Review: This is probably way too much emotion for a casino app, but man, did the developers screw it up with this latest update. They’ve taken away all opportunity to win any bonus points unless you spend money, and even if you do spend money you can’t win anything. Instead of winning $100,000 for spinning a certain number of times/minutes, you now win $300, which is equivalent to 3 spins at best. You’re pulling the machines that will actually accept $100 bets and replacing them with machines that require a $20,000 minimum bet. I understand that the ultimate goal of developing apps is to make money - and I’m more than happy to support that goal (and have, for years with this app) - but I don’t see any point in supporting something that has sucked every iota of fun out of its game, especially not when there are so many other choices out there. I hate to say it, but don’t waste your time or money with this one.
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1 month ago, 20932120123
So far the best-See update!
I have played a number of these slot games. So far this one is the best. It offers many types of machines and little side and bonus games. You don’t download games to just loose after a short introduction time. You play to have fun and win. So far this full fills that goal. The graphics are great, sound is on target and wins are great. Yes, you can loose your “fortunes” but if you play smart you can slowly build your pots up. Feels great when that happens. The only improvement I can make is to allow clean face photos on profiles and perhaps a “lounge” to go to to take a break from playing and interact with other players. It has to be controlled though as this is not a dating application. Overall, a great game at this point. Hope they don’t screw it up getting to greedy. Update: After 3 days both wife and I went straight broke, like the machines would not let you win. Wanted more money for tokens. Deleted application.
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4 years ago, matt Hart 64
Best games, lowest win amount
I like the machines and some nights it’s on some nights it’s off-just like Vegas. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this app...Bottom line you have to spend money to play it. The Free coins get you nowhere, Even the daily bonuses get you nowhere. On the bonus wheel I’ve never won more than 1,500 coins-its the same every time, which generally is only three spins.. Also, when your coins get low you might as well throw in the towel. I lit up all three aftershock balloons and in nine spins, I did not win a single coin..that being said, there are days where many of the machines, hit multiple times, you just have to play them all to find them, and It is a blast when that happens. Out of all the classic outside playing I like this one the best as far as machines go. When it comes to coins, compared to others, this app eats them up too fast which cuts into the fun greatly...
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2 years ago, aguva
Slots are great, but…
Yes, best slots out there. The BUT is what it costs to play. I’m actually embarrassed to say I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the past 3 years, won HUGE twice in all this time, but a HUGE win doesn’t last very long. Before you know it you’re out of coins again and you need more coins to finish the events which promise big payouts. I don’t know what’s happened to this game; it used to be fun, but lately all it does is eat up coins. You have to spin 40, 50, 60 times to hit the bonus, but wow! What a disappointment when you do hit it! The coins you buy are very expensive for very little, and the wheel, which a super stamp will give you, is almost a joke. You’re playing with $50, $100, $200 thousand coins a bet and the wheel gives you $1,500 or a bit more, though it indicates the possibility of landing on Major, Grand…which it has never done for me, and I’ve been playing for years. And the shards - you will run out of coins long before you ever receive the stamps that will give you the highest coins in the Album. In fairness, the special events are very generous, but unfortunately the big wins in these events require a high minimum bet, so you lose coins very quickly. I’m so very disappointed that I now have to delete this app and find my entertainment elsewhere.
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5 years ago, sportsmom#1
Impossible to win
Originally a 3 star but after reading the developers responses I changed to a 2 star. They obviously aren’t paying attention to their auto responses because on some 1 stars they are saying glad to hear you are enjoying our game. REALLY!!! I gave this game a 2 star because I love their games but hate everything else. The problem is this is the only game I have ever played that if you win any jackpot you will immediately lose it all. More than once I won 200k or more and played $200 or $500 a spin and never won a single hit again until all funds were depleted. It’s about impossible to hit anything in the first place but when you do that’s it, you won’t keep it. When I contacted customer service about it their response was “sorry, that’s gambling”. Well not my type of gambling. I’m not going to pay real money to try to win fake money. Sorry I’ll go to a real casino down the road for that.
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7 years ago, Voyageur du Monde
Beautiful play, poor payoff
I’ve tried quite a few slot games, but I must say that this app has one of the most seamless game playing experiences accompanied by beautiful graphics throughout. Not heavy in the ad department either, which may be the reason I ultimately do not recommend this app. It is VERY difficult to amass any amount of cash to be entertained for long, no matter how heavy or light a better you are. I’m always out of coins, and would buy some if I got a better deal, but they are way too expensive for what you get! That’s no fun, and being out of coins so often isn’t fun, so even though it’s nice to look at, I’d play other slot apps. Note to developers: I’ve paid a modest amount for coins in other apps, but we’re talking about virtual money and you’re charging an arm and a leg for it as if it were real. Throw some ads in there and bring down the price/give players more coins for their real cash!
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1 year ago, brie_dah
Thrill A Minute!
Unlike other slots, this app delivers prizes every third or fourth spin. The music and voice overs are annoying as heck but you can always turn off the sound, right? Sort of a Saturday morning cartoon show with no commercials-you’re going to end up drooling into your fruit loops after the 50th rendition of the BIG WIN song. There is a catch tho, every ten minutes a pop up multiplier comes on to beg $0.99 off you just so you can add some zeroes to your total score. Unless you’re a middle school dropout this hardly tempting beggar man surrounded by bells, whistles and candy colored gaming wheels, you won’t lose a dime. Not sure how this game makes any money. Fun yeah, but I’d rather play craps 🎲 🎲
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2 years ago, Lawdog0007
Never BUY Coins. The APP Fun will go away. It will trigger you to loose to buy more coins constantly
Been playing app for awhile and finally gave up and deleted. Regardless of wins it will always zero you out to have to buy constantly. Yea you can hit but it goes quicker than you earn. The free coins won't allow you access to any of the features to work on. I have played real money apps and can tell you this app isn't very much cheaper. Than the real deal. Games are some of my favorites and that's how you will see the app draws you in. Good luck but I have given it my last dollar!!
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6 years ago, Dqueen772
Fun and addictive
I enjoy this slot game better than any others... too many others are incredibly unrealistic odds where u win practically every time u spin. The graphics are great and they are constantly updating and adding new slot machines which makes it more interesting. It is somewhat more difficult than other slot games online, but truly I think that the challenge makes it more fun. If you have ever been to a real casino, you know that you can’t win every spin or every other one... it’s 10x more fun though to be able to play slots for hours and not be losing a lot of money. I mean I would never gamble $10,000 a spin in real life, but in a game it’s fun. The only thing I would suggest to the developers is to make the odds of winning a little bit better.
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6 months ago, Brrrrrp
Limitless Losing
This is an amazing app. I did not think it was humanly possible to lose as much and as often as I do playing the games on this app. Boy, was I wrong. This app gives me the opportunity for unlimited losing time and time again. It “teases” me with coming so close to really big winnings, but those winnings never happen. What does happen are winnings that are small in comparison. In fact, I need a microscope to see count the amount that I won. Good thing I am not so stupid to spend my own money playing on this app. Only an idiot would throw away their money playing these games. I have tried every possible strategy (betting high, betting low, switching games, staying with the same game). Nothing works, I just keep losing and losing. The developers say this app is a game of CHANCE, and they are correct; you don’t stand a CHANCE, playing this app.
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5 years ago, Me8791
Let me start off by telling you that I’m a 40 year old RN and this isn’t a teen review. I played this game because I thought it was a fun way to spend some free time even spending $100+ on coins seeing as how I live in Las Vegas and it was far cheaper then actual slot machines. I played for months and felt it was money well spent.... UNTIL I log on one day and see the approx 110 MILLIONS coins I had built up to were GONE as was my level of 106! I wrote to the company who repeatedly told me I had bet all my chips when I know for a FACT I had not! The wrote email after email telling me I was making ridiculous bets even stating they would send a bet log and NEVER HAVE! This company also scams by upping the initial bet the more money you have in coins. Long story short?... DO NOT GIVE THEM A PENNY! THEY ARE CON ARTISTS! I NEVER ASKED FOR A REFUND ONLY TO HAVE THE COINS I BUILT UP AND DID NOT BET RETURNED AND THEY DON’T EVEN ANSWER ME ANYMORE! SCAMMERS!
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3 years ago, Purple fan 65
Game is rigged
Multi option games in this app that can be fun and exciting but when you lose too much, they keep tempting you to buy coins (amounts depend on your level, example at low end $2.99 for greater than 1 million coin) and when I did I just kept losing. Even betting low amounts to make my fun last gets you in the end. There are bonuses and ongoing contest games to up your account but in the end you can just lose it all just to be tempted to buy more coin. The developer has really made the odds against you, can’t even win for a decent amount of time. Don’t bother.
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2 years ago, eDottie
Fun game but cannot play it
It started fun because the slots are good but you can’t play unless you pay. The free coin payout is so minimal that you don’t get enough to play and enjoy the game. You can spend time watching videos to try to earn little bits but even that doesn’t work very good. Majority of the time I’ve watched a video, I get kicked out of the app and do not get awarded any free coins. I reported it to the support team but they haven’t been able to help. This game had become more frustrating than fun. Unless you like paying money to play these games, this isn’t a good game to play. If you do decide to pay and play, read some of the other reviews about others paying but not getting their coins or also getting kicked out of the app. Sorry to have to leave what started out as a fun game but then went bad.
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5 years ago, Gatorgal1976
Great variety of games!
I love all the different games! However you can only collect $600 every hour which usually equals to one spin. It’s hard to play very long. Watching videos for free coins is okay but you only get a few hundred credits and limited times to get the free credits. When I first added this app the payouts were pretty steady but over time they became few and far between. I just wish I could play longer but I constantly run out of credits before I win anything. Because of it, I’m missing out right now on the bonus games associated with Halloween!
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1 year ago, Jeffhart17
Company is a scam
They control who wins and loses 1000% so don’t let them fool you. This is just a gambling app for no real money. They purposely take your coins to get you to pay for more. And when you do, they WILL take them all back! I promise you that. And when you call them out. They do not respond when you start to get on to them. They know what they are doing and laugh at you all the way to the bank. If you love it, play with free coins and avoid buying, cause you get NOTHING in return. You’ll see! See their boiler plate response below. How is this company allowed to operate here when they clearly scam people? How the App Store allows these criminals to operate is beyond me! When you are on to their scam and message them, they just delete every message and ignore you. Buyer beware of these crooks!
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1 year ago, AllforAmerica
Double billed
I have been playing slots on this site now for over 2 years. The slots for the casino, for the most part, are good and fun to play. The only problem I have with this site is they double bill you. I have been double billed twice in 2 years during my purchases. Once double billed for $.99 and double billed once for $9.99. I have taken up the issue with them but they refuse to refund. I will be wary of purchasing anything in the future. While I will continue to use their site, to their credit, they produce MANY new slots and personally, I find about 60% of their new slots, great. If you like "re-spin" games this is a place you can enjoy. That's the fairest evaluation I can put forth in rating this site. Disappointed they will not refund. Good Luck !!!
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1 year ago, Blazing an
Starts off fun, to rope you in
Game starts off fun, they rope you in , then you realize the odds of winning are waay to low for the game to be fun. It takes forever to hit a jackpot or bonus, and before you know it , you’ve eaten all your winnings up , this game is designed for you to loose and pay for more coins … a prime example is , one of the things you win most in the milestones is COUPONS!! Ha , clearly this game is rigged for you to loose. I’ve reached out to support about it and they said “ keep playing maybe Lady Luck will shine upon you” . The game looks good, and the slots respond to fast clicking , but starting off with 200 coins every day made me delete it . The most I’ve ever collected was 27million , and it was ate up within 5 minutes of me laying on a machine trying to continue to build.
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5 years ago, parisbelle99
I’ve played this game for a year or so. As long as you DO NOT buy coins, have fun. My bank declined a coin purchase I made, flagged as possible fraud. I called bank, said it was valid purchase, so they processed it. I’ve sent SIX emails to the developer with documentation from Apple on purchase history AND from my bank showing they received my money. THEY REFUSE TO CREDIT MY COINS, are keeping my money & the flippant responses from them are flabbergasting. Now I must contact my bank & file fraud...over a little game that’s supposed to be fun. Be VERY careful w/any purchase.
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3 years ago, xProform
Money hungry
This game is really fun when you have a balance but they don’t give you the fun of that endless you spend $ if you go broke on this game you might as well delete the app because they give you about 2k a day to build off of and it is not fun I’ll tell you the games are rigged to new players, I downloaded the game for my wife and she hit 2 jackpots instantly, while I haven’t hit one since I downloaded the app months ago, downloaded it for my brother in law he hit jackpots instantly, the other casino apps at least give you a balance to play with this one doesnt. And all the developers just say “it’s gambling” well some of us don’t wanna spend 3$ for 1 mil we’d like to earn it cause it’s fun that way
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4 years ago, TeeCelise
Don’t know how to play some bonus games.
So, I had $87,000,000 and passed a new level of Blackbeard’s Treasure. And it jumps from minimum $200k per spin to $500k per spin and suddenly I’m out of money. And I don’t know how to use the tickets to skip a level and I don’t know how many tickets I have so I bought some but can’t find them. Also, I’m playing Stamp Craze and it keeps opening on the postcards which I’m not ready to play yet. How do I go back to play the stars slot machine and to see how far the airplane has gone? Is there somewhere that you have all the details of the bonuses with the slots?
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2 years ago, LeMastertheMoment
Hot and Cold
Bet low, win all types and kinds of bonuses. Bet high, ALL OF IT STOPS. I’ve been playing for a while and there are days when you cannot lose and days like today when you literally spend millions and absolutely nothing hits-even when the first 2 reels constantly stop on bonuses, wilds, x100, etc. and the last reel slows over and over and NEVER HITS. Still there are days with decent bets where there are decent wins vs. losses. There are also decent daily and hourly free coins. Update: Just had a bonus on the new Easter Egg Cash game…that paid 0. -1 ⭐️. Seriously? You allow and program games that pay nothing on bonus rounds? 🤨
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7 years ago, 1988luvpink
Got screwed!
This game USED to be good. The maximum bet was 10 million for the longest time. They upped the max bet to 100 million, then cut the payouts drastically. Just one example: The Rainbow Jackpot Game used to always start out at $8+ billion. NOW the crooks start it at only $4+ billion, and you have to bet $100 million instead of what USED to be only $10 million. They’re screwing people big time. At one time I had over 500 billion coins. I’m now down to about 5 billion. Why? Because they’re ripping people off BIG TIME. Stay away from this con game! Crooks!
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11 months ago, cinnamac
No fun losing all the time
I’ve honestly won more frequently in Vegas. No matter how much you build up your bank, you’ll have days on end when spin after spin does nothing but allow you to break even at best. At first you’ll think the stamp collections will help, but it ultimately doesn’t. When you’re nearly bankrupt, you get impossible daily tasks. Constantly losing takes the fun out every aspect of the whole game. It ends up being nothing but a source of frustration. But…it is, after all, all about making you spend real money to buy more credits. I’m sticking with the slots apps that actually give you a fighting chance of building up your bank without spending real money.
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5 years ago, danafountain
Yes this is fun as long as it is working!
I love this game play more then once a day, however I started having trouble two weeks ago and the tech for this company is a joke. They respond with one million credits and no help what so ever, they don’t answer emails, they answer on the game app , but if the game keeps crashing you can’t get the message. And as far as the credits I spend that several times over ( paid) so as much as I appreciate it, it don’t help if you can’t play them.
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2 years ago, Greatjdmedm
Dont download it.
Like any other casino slot game out there. It stops paying u out after a while. Once u hit a certain level. Mines was after level 75 it stopped paying. I had like 16 million coins within an hour i was down to like 85 coins. And yet i was betting low. I dont like betting high cause i know for a fact is not gonna give me nothing. At this point im not downloading any casino app anymore. Their all fake advertisement. The creators of the apps should give people the chance to have a great time with the game and hit big once in a while. Its not like there losing any real money. Its just a game. And i love going to casinos in real life. Real casinos pay out here and there not like this wack casino apps. Smh.
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6 months ago, Nitrogirl707
Whatever you do - DO NOT spend a single dime on this SCAM!! This game is totally fixed and not random play like they say! I’ve been playing every day for 8 years and now have video PROOF the game is rigged! Don’t bother sending messages to Customer Support - they are the WORST! There will be an investigation into this company for all the FRAUD they have committed across the platform with MULTIPLE customers I have been in contact with. This game USED to be fun until they got super GREEDY and started making ridiculous changes or as they say “improvements”. Nothing about this game is getting better - it just gets WORSE and worse every day!! I can’t wait for this CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to take them down!
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5 years ago, FuuuuuuuunMan
Used to be my favorite
After playing this app for several years, it has become increasingly frustrating. I have been willing to spend on occasion my hard earned dollars as part of the “fee” for entertainment. The issue is that they have clearly become greedy to the point of not even allowing one a reasonable opportunity to play for any extended period of time. I am embarrassed to say that over the past couple years I have spent some $600 playing this game. It kind of sneaks up on you when it is $5 or $10 at a time. For that price I should have unlimited points with a lifetime membership. I emailed the company at one point....there response? “Better luck next time”
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3 years ago, Drrrrrrggghh
Win some but need to purchase in the store to keep the lucky streak
I have noticed that once you purchase something you start to win and win big but after a while the game stops with bonuses and line hits. It seems that if you keep putting your money into the game then you will get a good return and have fun but if not then eh your out of luck. I only gave the game a two because for a little bit it was fun but after a while it just becomes unbearable
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4 years ago, susie Q 1968
Did not receive the coins that I was charged for
I purchased four items from your store and was charged for five on June 25 I purchased two items from your store and was charged for five on June 26 and did not receive the four extra that you charge me for OK i’ve been using your service for a very long time and have been a loyal customer I hope you can resolve this for me
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2 years ago, Schmoove1
Fun to play…until the chips run out
Overall a well put together game. The graphics are top notch and there are amply games for every level and liking. Unfortunately, unlike most other casino games, when the chips are gone they are gone. Many of the other games give out free chips everyday or a chance to spin for free chips to keep people interested and playing. Not this one. Well, you can sit there and watch video after video for 150 free gold coins. More or less, It leaves you no choice but to buy more. Which is unfortunate because this game has alot to offer visually.
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2 years ago, teri$
Used to be fun
I’ve been playing this game for years on just the coins I’d win. At one time I would’ve given 5 stars now only 3 and even that’s being generous. I decided I’d buy some coins to support the game. BIG mistake!! The more you use your own hard earned money to buy chips the less you win, less bonuses you win and if you get a bonus spin you win nothing. Had bought 62 million coins for 100$ and only won 2 bonuses of minimal amount before it sucked all my coins up. I used to win more when I didn’t contribute. Sad!
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3 years ago, LoriHarmon
Pay to play
You need a bunch of money if you want to kick back and relax playing this game. You got a$20 laying around? It will last you about a half hour no kidding. And that’s with low betting . The level of frustration is unreal. No big wins that will keep you playing. Don’t waste your money hoping to win because you won’t. It’s really a shame they are fun games just super costly with frustration at not winning enough to keep you going for a while. Too bad I was willing to pay once in a while but they don’t pay ( and believe it or not I’m talking play coins) and the amount of money you would need to pay to keep playing is crazy.
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4 years ago, travelinginchaos
Don’t spend $$
I finally broke down and spent $$ and now all the chances to watch commercials to get free coins are gone. So what was fun for quite a while got ruined by a purchase of $2. Now in order to play I have to spend big money and it’s not worth it. Wish I never would have bought anything. It’s more of a punishment instead of a benefit with the game. For the daily tasks you only get half the coins since they take away the option of watching videos after each task. I keep going back in hoping it will revert and it doesn’t. So don’t buy anything! VIP levels just make it a purchase only game.
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11 months ago, Jill Strehl
Fabulous Casino games
I just absolutely love classic slots casino. It’s fine it occupies my time. All my mom is asleep and I’m unable to clean or make noise because she sleeps low sound light. I am her soul caregiver. The only complaint I have is when you guys do updates they don’t work the update they did today five hours ago. It’s not working thank you for all the fun and the coins and bonuses.
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6 years ago, Groundhog07
Used to be a fun app
Back in August 2016 before they got greedy this was a fun app. Then they changed the bet requirement for jackpots, decreased the jackpots, and eliminated all the fun ways to get credits. Don't even think about getting it if you have an I-pad. It crashes frequently and rips you off if you manage to hit anything over 30 times your bet. Plus you have to wade through 5 or 6 advertisements before you can play.
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6 years ago, Corky Q-Pine
Good App user friendly for us Old People
Game offer continues options to stay playing all the time and it explains your options in detail so us Ol School cats can spend more time playing instead of most of your time try to figure out what and how to continue playing your game with little to no time consuming searching for your entertainment. Others become more of a task to operate and causes more work than play. Lol
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6 years ago, Honest2U
Great game if you enjoy losing!
10/10 if you like losing all your chips in under 5 minutes of play! Come get your 1000 daily chips, then play the minimum at 100 chips and lose it all in 5 minutes WOOO!!! Better yet, come spend some REAL CASH and lose it all even faster with their EXCLUSIVE VIP slot room where you’ll be able to play not 5 but 1 WHOLE minute before you lose your entire stack again! It gets even better with their amazing holiday events where you need 10x more chips to even participate! Come get your credit cards ready to experience the greatness that is Classic Slots! This may be the best slot game in the history of slot games, maybe ever!
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3 years ago, Racizx6r
Bingo sub game
I think the side game as well as the daily tasks are not working right again. The second challenge goal is set so high that there is NO WAY that most could reach it. And then the Bingo sub game is set that players can’t play unless they bid a minimum of several million. MILLION? I tried very hard to get through the dailies but was bled dry within only a few rolls. Hardly fair.
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2 years ago, Sleepyhead72
IMy name is Heather and I’ve had this slot along time! It’s slots have fun bonuses and when their hot their hot! I have bought coins but very few because they hit frequently! I’ve downloaded a bunch-ton of slots and this is one of my top three! Only thing that aggregates me is that they don’t allow you to bet $50 anymore! Two thumbs up! Give it time-chance you’ll love it! Gold fish casino and GSN casino are more other two favorites! Thank you!
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1 year ago, Airball0283
Hardly winning, often broke
The game itself with the graphics, features, etc, is excellent. The only problem that angers me frequently is that I only get little coins for only a few spins a day. Like I can’t spend more time playing since I am losing more than winning to continue leveling up. Besides, with the little coins I am getting, I can’t participate in any events that I want to do because yet again, not alot of coins to play. I don’t want to be paying alot for something that I will be losing again within minutes.
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6 years ago, UncleEvan
Impossible to win now
Used to be you could restart and watch a few ads to get a good gambling base going, but not any longer. From a fresh start, it’s now five spins and you’re done ( unless you want to spend your real money for fake credits - which won’t last) Not worth it. If the game won’t at least tease you with a few wins to start, why spend real money to fake gamble for minutes at a time?
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5 years ago, wunreviewer
The purpose is to take your money, remember that when you lose and lose again...and you will. At every turn the game invites you to waste more money. I believe it is rigged to only allow you to win enough to keep you where you are before you lose it all. Sometimes the slots mysteriously freeze right when you are about to hit the jackpot. I believe the game also has an algorithm in place to keep you from ever winning. They make note of your betting and playing habits to ensure you never win enough. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother. It is a beautiful game in appearance and can be fun but getting taken advantage of gets mighty old.
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12 months ago, peedinkle
Recent purchase
Just made a lowly purchase costing me $2.99 and it restarts but where r my coins? I like the machines but because of ur b.s. with continuous posting purchase ads one after another till I can’t take anymore then I finally spend ur freebies till tonight. Tonight u stole my purchase from me. Am sure everyone knows where on ur site to purchase coins, so tiring it is.
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2 years ago, maladii
Won’t let go of audio control. Infuriating.
I like to play podcasts while I play video games, especially games like this that offer nothing but repetitive jangling. This game overrides my podcast apps, I can’t even open the control panel while I’m in the app and make it play anyway. The only way to get my podcasts to play is to use the controls on my headphones, and even then the stupid game takes over audio every time it generates a popup which is constantly. This is the only app I’ve ever used that does this and it drives me CRAZY. Your stupid jingles aren’t convincing me to spend money. Fix it.
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2 months ago, Coin Reward Come Back
More coin and stamp rewards
I really like all the slot selections you offer and many of your slots are fun . In the past it was more fun because you would earn more coins and stamps, now it is showing you clearly just want your audience to purchase everything . You have take. A lot of the fun away and left a bad taste in my mouth . It would be nice to find a way to give more stamps and coins without always having to purchase them. Greed is a bad quality .
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4 years ago, natpick1225
Don’t purchase the Diamond Pass
I made the mistake of paying $16 for a Diamond Pass to get all these rewards when completing tasks. However, the unscrupulous creators of this app then set my daily task goals so high I can’t complete any of them so I’ve gotten nothing for my $16. I swear you would think I’d learn not to trust the expletive runners of this app. They treat their daily players like dirt.
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6 years ago, Been their done that
The Bernster
It's a good game when you can play it. Here recently I can't play because it keeps crashing!! Is it possible for someone to fix this problem. On a scale of 1 - 10, I'll give it a 4. FIX IT!!! I realize you don’t win a lot but unlike DJ I don’t waste my money buying coin packages, I pay on what they give me and whatever I don’t win well so be it. Loosen it up folks if you want more people to play.
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6 years ago, Bookie johnson
My level hasn’t moved in 3 month I been stuck on 369 I have broke the bank over a million coins played them all within a hour didn’t win and level didn’t move every time I post on the feed back on the game they say they going to fix it and tell me to play more coins! They can see I got hammers cause they tell me to break the bank so I know they see my level hasn’t moved in months and I been playing to long so I know something wrong it don’t take that long to move! Can you fix this game please!!! I have emailed the address you gave in the developer response and I haven’t heard nothing back
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