Classic Solitaire - Card Games

4.7 (46.1K)
236.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aged Studio Limited
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Classic Solitaire - Card Games

4.71 out of 5
46.1K Ratings
9 months ago, CherylRoddy
Classic Solitaire
Classic Solitaire has 100% helped me play the game at least twice as fast as when I started. My brain has become brighter…. Thank you for creating it. I am 77 years old, and my brain is working so much faster than before. I am really enjoying Classic Solitaire. I do have speed and intelligent thoughts on how to play each move. I love Classic Solitaire. Thanks for this great Classic Solitaire game that you all have created, particularly for our older generation like me… I love to watch how faster I have gotten. I have also created new creativity all by myself.
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2 months ago, jb dean
Has improved now won’t launch!
Currently & after the most recent update, the game will not launch. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it after updating it and it still will not launch. I am on iPhone 12 max pro iOS 17.3.1. FIX THIS!! 🙏🏼 This game has improved better than any other game I’ve played! I’ve seen it go through a lot of changes, from ads that were annoying to much shorter termed ads that you can quit and not have to watch all the way through and they don’t come as frequently as they used to. Then you added the extra points which I think is cool even though I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use them but I like also the addition of the daily quest and the little tweaks that you’ve done to the overall look of the game. But that’s all well and done but it doesn’t do us any good if the game won’t launch.
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2 years ago, Aniko Connor
Report on game!!
A+, I love this game I use to play a lot of it growing up, but, since my car a ccident, 18 years ago already I lost the use of my left side so I’m just so happy I get to shuffle & play this wonderful card game!, Thanks, stay safe and love always-Aniko 💋🙏🏼!!Hello again!, Thanks 🙏 for asking for my opinion on this game!, cause I just absolutely love it 😍 I’m so impressed with the extra choices of changes too!, background and cards’ back’s!!, so nice Thanks 🙏!!
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5 months ago, Warrior woma
Fun game, but…
I love playing this game. I can kind of do it and think about what I need to think about while I’m doing it and it’s a fun game to play. The only problem is since I got an iPhone when you download it from the App Store for that, there are so many commercial interruptions before the game even starts. It’s ridiculous. I want to be able to go in and start playing my game. I have to sit through very long video as far as I’m concerned. Other than that I don’t have any issues. I do recommend it I just wanted to mention it.
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3 years ago, A.Wilson.674
Scoring is wonky/frustrating
In an effort to beat my own high score I’ve been paying attention to the way the game scores and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. It’s like the algorithm randomly chooses the score no matter if you beat the previous time & number of moves. Sometimes I get a higher score with more moves and time, other times I need fewer moves and less time to beat a previous score. What gives?? Thinking about just deleting the app and trying another that has better, more reliable programming. Also, the timer sometimes starts before I even tap on a card to make my first move…
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1 year ago, Mstrybklvr820
Favorite Solitare
I really appreciate not being bomb barded with endless ads. i’ve just started to delete all of the game that are seriously interrupting your game playing with a excessive number of ads. you win a stage or Don’t win a stage you have to endure a 45 second ad you play a game for 30 minutes and 10 minutes or more is ada. It’s become excessive and very annoying
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2 years ago, Antibacterial soap
Misleading Ads (birds???)
I downloaded this app after seeing an ad for it that has several bird backgrounds. Upon downloading and opening it, I see that there are only two bird backgrounds. I do not even believe that the birds in the available backgrounds were the same as the ones in the ad. As a bird lover, I was truly disappointed by this. The ad made it seem like this was a bird-themed solitaire. It was not. And for that I’m severely disappointed. The app was fine and functional, but I do not see the need to advertise the product in such a misleading way.
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10 months ago, nellllio
Best Solitaire App
Best solitaire app I’ve found so far and I’ve downloaded quite a few. Doesn’t give you the answer if you take too long (so annoying!!) and doesn’t finish the game for you once you get all the cards lined up (even more annoying, if that’s possible). I finally learned how to play solitaire with this version because of these reasons. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Beajoicej
Relaxing Hours
I am getting my skills back up to par by resting and relaxing and playing this game . Before I realize it I have relaxed for hours just relaxing and having a wonderfully stress free game. I am near to be 75 years young and just enjoy it so much . Thank you for a truly relaxing game . I am already being called the Senior Citizen Gambler kikiki I think it’s cute. The SCG kikiki
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1 year ago, Ole’ cowboy wisdoms
Solitaire evaluation
I enjoy this version of Solitaire, mainly because it is simple. No bells and whistles. I have tried to play other versions, but their adds are in your face, whirling slot machine images and multiple pop ups, etc. I live an intense and complicated life on an executive level. This version allows me to slow down, put my mind in lower gear, and pretend I’m setting at my little farm in bib overalls and an old tee-shirt, no shoes. And there you have it.
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2 years ago, rosavicious
Completely dishonest
Why does Apple continue to allow developers to blatantly lie about their apps and flood the reviews with completely and obviously bogus positive ratings. No ads? How about ads at the bottom of every hand's screen AND ads between each hand. At least be honest about it. And, who developed the shuffling algorithm? Just play a few hands and see for yourself...while true randomness is not possible, this app doesn't even give the appearance of remotely being close to junk app with shill reviews...don't believe the 4-5 star positive hype around this app...
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1 year ago, Magicman0293
Best Solitaire Game Out There!
You don’t have to worry about 10,000 ads one short one now and again … that’s it … I think you get one every other game but they’re seriously short and you can zip right through them and get on playing! This is my wind down time game … I find it very fun and relaxing but challenging too!
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2 years ago, lambo Bubu
Ok, I like the simple layout and the choices of card type and background. But really? I got this game like two days ago and won every game I played easily. I wondered if that was just cause it was new and easing me into it or whatever, but no it kept being impossibly easy. No one wants to play a game that’s impossible to lose, that’s so boring. And as far as I could tell there was no way to increase difficulty or anything. So yeah I deleted this app. Gonna go look for a game that’s actually real solitaire
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2 years ago, Joe at
Good Game
Solitaire is enjoyable when you’re able to play. I’ve just downloaded this game and am able to play game after game. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. Others give you an add after each game, and over time, the breaks get longer and longer. At that point, I delete it. I understand the need for ads to pay for the games. It’s their duration that frustrates me.
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4 years ago, Del611
I’ve had one deal where the Ace of clubs will not more from the stack. I had to replay the game. Also, the scoring is unreasonable. 103 moves in 2 minutes only got me a 747 points, where I’ve had 910 points for more time and moves. Other then that, the shuffle amount is considerably good but I’ve gone thru the limit 3 times now. They good for burying the last card under the second to last card. Around 30% win ratio.
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2 years ago, Murkjurkgame
Classic Solitaire-Card Games
Just learning, totally enjoy this particular version, as this game actually lets you have enough time, does not to jump in and show you next move you should make!! Trying to advance my skills, so totally appreciate this game & as time goes on you start to developing your own skills. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, NaeNea2021
Only one flaw
In no advertisement for this game they say it has no commercials but it does. I was in the head makes it seem like you’re playing cards with the pictures of birds. This is not so and they don’t tell you how are you make it she’s a beautiful background. Other than that the solitaire itself is great
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2 weeks ago, Emisweetheart
I love this version of Solitaire. I had accidentally deleted the app and am thrilled to have be able to once again be able to play it on a regular basis. The thing I like most is that I can move the cards I want when I want to. If I make a mistake I learn from it and hopefully don’t do it again.
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2 years ago, HappyGranny
I really enjoy playing the games. I probably play About 2 per day. Most are Thrillers. A few are not. I usually try to play one nonfiction. Not my favorite but I need to try more different games. I am a retired accountant (l still prepare Tax Returns) but I need time away from taxes and that is why I enjoy all of these games! Again thanks for the games. MAR Dues
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2 years ago, Rumpelstiltskin246813579
Less than 100 characters
Classic Solitaire - an excellent game to learn the basics of the game. Keep up the good work! I do not know why “Send” is not highlighted, since I am ready to do just that. Classic Solitaire - an excellent game to learn the basics of the game. Keep up the good work! I do not know why “Send” is not highlighted, since I am ready to do just that
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11 months ago, nnnnnnooooon
Classic Solitaire
This solitaire is crisp in the touch, which I like. The numbers on the cards are sharper, well, I like it really well! I’ve been to several sites, but so far I like this one better! After making all of the right moves, there isn’t any further assortments to this game. Then it will become boring.
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2 years ago, DrBarr
Thank you! We finally have a game where you have a substantial chance of winning. The cards are finally dealt in favor of the player. You don’t have to get frustrated over and over without being able to play. If you are any good at solitaire at all, you can win countless games.
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10 months ago, Piegeltje
finally I can play one game after another without
being forced to install a different game that I really dislike! and which makes me disconnect because I can’t get rid of it! I love this solitaire and can play it for hours. Thank you for making this possible!
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2 years ago, Gammatiny
Solitaire Card game
It’s the best card game in the ward this game is. I will always play this game. Do t really care for a few others that I have played. I like spiderSolitaire,I also like spades and rummy. And only a few othersAlso mah-jongg game I’m sorry I can’t spell that game but it’s fun and the game where you find hidden things. Love all of these.
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8 months ago, Five star rating very good
Your game is a very good game it’s very fun and when you’re bored you could play it and when you have to wait for a very long time you could played this game to help you pass time it’s really fun and I know I already said it’s very fun game, but I love it and you did a very good job on making this game
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10 months ago, Magic Mike H2021
We Challenge
I don’t agree with it being excellent but it is fun and does give a little challenge … !!! Excellent: my favorite game and always trying to completely build like for or as THE WINNER...!!! Me and the friends I play track for completions acknowledge the Winner of the day when there’s 3 or more of us playing ... !!👍Yep 👍
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10 months ago, miemieat
Hate iteruptions
I go to your game, play it maybe twice & it’s either an upgrade or get another game. You may not be old enough to remember When you could play solitaire for as long as you want. I love cutback then. I feel more frustrated with how games are being developed now. IT IS NO LONGER RELAXING!!
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2 years ago, acyanksfan
Great game. No annoying ads
It’s a great game. There are tiny ads at bottom of screen that you can click on or not. I clicked on one about a cancer center near me. I read the info and then clicked on back to solitaire game tab. Has auto win and can click to change a move.
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9 months ago, NCgirl21
Fast & Fun!
Compared to other free solitaire games, this one wins! It’s lightning fast, colorful and has just the right “flip” sound to the cards. I don’t usually like to let auto play finish my games, but this auto play is entertaining with a flair! I’ve gotten rid of all my other solitaire apps!
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2 years ago, DoodleBug 359
Great game!
I like this version of solitaire. The ads at the bottom don’t bother me; I have no problem with the developer making money, and they did put them in a place where the ads aren’t intrusive. I also don’t care about scoring. I just want to play the game.
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4 weeks ago, 392bj
Like the options
I found that changing small features like the card placement and locations of where you put your move makes the game more interesting and adds to a little more challenge.
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2 months ago, RLS MAGIC
This has been a very frustrating game as all of the solitary games are I try to play. I just want one I can use and go to without being interrupted every time I go through about two games want to upgrade to a new one. It used to be when I had a solitary game. I could play it over and over again and that’s all I wanna do. I don’t wanna be bothered and I have to make a decision whether I wanna upgrade again. I am very frustrated with these games, all the front all of them are terrible, I’m
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8 months ago, Tauamom
Solitaire: my personal pain killer
When I went to college, I took a class in psychology. I learned that your brain can only think of one thing at a time. Playing solitaire gives me little time to think of the pain that racks my body from head to toe!
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1 year ago, horndogger1
Great new edition of solitaire . I’ve won every game so far. Love the fact that you do not need to slide card to its new location. Double tap and it automatically goes to there. On the rare occasion that it may go to the wrong location, you can move manually.
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11 months ago, Sad Somi
Misleading ads
I haven’t played a solitaire game since they used to be on desktop computers, until I got an ad for this app that showed cute cards shaped as cats and all the cards were cat themed (queen of hearts is a cat dressed as a queen that cute stuff) and instantly downloaded expecting to see these cards. But they’re nonexistent-not even in the decks you pay for (would I have spent money on it-probably not) but I feel like I was mislead with that advertisement. Don’t appreciate the false advertising so I’m removing immediately.
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2 years ago, JudyBeechtree
Classic Solitaire
Excellent so far…have only played two games. I really like this one as when a King comes up, I can place it in a blank space where I want it. If the small ads at the bottom get annoying, I will see if I can pay for no ads.
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3 years ago, WayOutWes
Where are the birds?
I’ve been seeing ads for this game showing pretty bird background pictures, but they are nowhere to be found in the game. I have been playing this for over a month and have yet to see any bird background pics, bah humbug! The game itself is excellent, one of the best ones I’ve played, good on you for that.
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7 months ago, Bobby Childers
Good old days
This game reminds me of the hours flying across the nation and playing solitaire for hours back then you did not pay for anything. But it was the beginning. Gett you hooked then start charging. I have no idea how much I paid for FarmVille and had to cold turkey out of it. Whew!
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3 years ago, wwwinkie
Took me a minute
I had to get used to the cards’ movements. The other solitaire game I’ve been playing for a couple of years moves at a different pace. But, I really like the faster pace. It’s tough to make solitaire exciting but according to the timer I’m faster than I thought!
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8 months ago, PearlyMom!
Best Solitaire App
Finally a Solitaire app that just lets you play the game. No ads flashing above while your playing. No stars to gather or mazes to work before you can play another game, and the more you play the harder the challenge of the game. It’s exactly what I was wanting!
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2 years ago, Tapiocafab
Solitaire makes my Evening
Sitting around waiting is the perfect time to perfect my skills. I seem to have many doctors appointments and each one requires waiting. If I play the time goes quickly and my blood pressure is just right by the time they take it.
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1 year ago, Akwardio
Does exactly what you expect
Simple solitaire, no bugs, and no unnecessary add-ons like some other solitaire apps I have tried. exactly what you should expect from a solitaire app. Small ad at bottom of screen, however this ad hardly gets in the way (if at all).
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3 years ago, holyWTF
The best solitaire I found on the App Store
I downloaded over 23 solitaire apps and tried them out. I just couldn’t stand any of them then I downloaded this one. It is clearly the best solitaire app on the entire App Store. Don’t waste you time looking any further, this is the best.
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2 years ago, RB_Ipad
I was enjoying this a lot…
But now I can’t play while listening to music because of the game noises (not to be confused with the background bird noises or music, which I can mute,) which basically means I can’t play anymore. Why are these unable to be muted now? It’s a great, basic solitaire game, which is all it needs to be, but the game noises make me a bit crazy. Please let me turn them off.
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3 years ago, Hip167
Better than most
My grandchildren and myself have solitaire Comps! They are 6 and 7 they learned numbers by playing this with us. Lots of quality time. Don’t have to worry about the games that are violent ads getting in the way of us competing.
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11 months ago, xtcher
Relaxing game whenever you have a few minutes
I enjoy playing Solitaire while watching TV, especially during the repetitive ads. It helps to relax, especially during “down” times.
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1 year ago, jodihelene
Best Game! Has a lot of pleasurable and rewarding sounds and just brings out a good feeling regardless if you win or lose the game. The winning is the most rewarding part because of the celebration that is thrown for you. It’s a fun spirited game that makes you smile from beginning to end.
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1 year ago, Ku'ualoha
Been playing this app for years because although there IS ads, they weren’t as long and intrusive as other apps… Thats no longer the case! We have to watch ads before and after EVERY game & these ads are now long. If I’m going to be forced to watch a ton of long ads, I’ll play something else. Seriously, the lack of long intrusive ads WAS the best thing you had going for your app.
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8 months ago, 2020 Escape
So far #1 on my list
…because there aren’t ads flashing all over the top and bottom banners which is extremely hard on our eyes even when we don’t think we see them.
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3 years ago, margcook
I finally downloaded this solitaire game. Looked like it would be fun and challenging. I have only played 3 games but I do like it and maybe should have waited to rate it until I have played a few more games. I will rate again after I have played more games to see how challenging the games become. Margcook
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