Classic Solitaire Klondike

4.7 (848)
5.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nadzeya Roshchyna
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Classic Solitaire Klondike

4.65 out of 5
848 Ratings
4 months ago, callmrsmuise
Best solitaire app for non competitive solitaire enjoyers
I literally never leave reviews but here goes. This thing has no frills, no internet connection required, no fancy backgrounds (it has a nice classic aesthetic), no leaderboards. Most importantly, not a single ad!!! It’s perfect. You can shut off scorekeeping and filter out difficult decks if you’re like me and just need something to occupy your brain. I’m not competitive, I just like to play whenever I have a few minutes. I’ve gotten so much better at solitaire since I downloaded this app. I don’t usually keep mobile games on my phone, but as long as this one never has any ads, I’ll play forever.
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6 months ago, Reviewer1295
Wonderful app — just wish it had auto-drop
Firstly, I’d like to say this is the best solitaire app available on the App Store. It does the bare minimum and does it very well, with options to deal by 1 or 3 and a difficulty modifier. However, the best thing about this app by far is that there are NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! On the more popular solitaire apps this can be a MASSIVE headache. I love this app, I just wish it had an option to auto-drop similar to PySolFC or the more popular solitaire apps available on iOS. It is also mildly tedious that I need to do double the gestures to leave the app or view the notification pane or control center, I would much rather deal with accidentally leaving the app once in awhile if that’s what this was intended to prevent. Some customization for card faces, etc. would be nice as well.
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5 years ago, anon0913
App update addressed one problem, introduced a new one
My biggest complaint with the app has been how it gets super slow at times. That’s been resolved, it seems, so that’s great. A new issue is that I have been getting some of the same decks over and over. Just in the past two or three days, there have been a handful of decks that I have noticed coming up several times each. At least it’s easy enough to order up a new deck. It sometimes seems stuck in a bit of a loop though, where I get a new deck and it’s another recently played one. Oh, and an issue that has gotten worse is that the actual game component freezes when I am away from the game for a bit. Not necessarily away for a long while either. I can access the controls to start the deck over or get a new deck, etc., but I can’t do anything with the game in progress.
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3 years ago, Janzloves
Best Solitaire Game Ever!
I have tried nearly every Solitaire game app and ended up deleting them all because of the glut of ads or being forced to see other games by the app developers. Even the ad-free ones that I paid for weren’t fun to play and had irritating problems. This Solitaire game is wonderfully fun and fast ~ easily the best one I have come across! It’s amazing to find this free game to be free of ads, but it truly IS!! The added benefit is that the developer also doesn’t collect any data from its users ~ also hard to believe. What a treasure!! Thank you to the developer of this app ~ I love this game!
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5 years ago, EclecticOldWoman
Happy about this app
I had another Solitaire app on my phone but the ads went from annoying to obnoxious when the ad flashed while I was trying to play. I uninstalled it in disgust. I understand the need to sell other games but really. This is the first time I am rating an app. I want to let the developer/s know I appreciate this one. It has a simple interface, I quickly become use to the deck, and the developer seems responsive to users. Happy day. So... one wish would be for a hint button when I just get stuck and can’t see an obvious move. Other than that, I definitely recommend it if you are tired of Vegas type flashing screens and over-the- top in-your-face advertisements.
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9 months ago, ❤️RachyB❤️
Truly Ad-Free, Excellent Game Experience
I was looking for a simple solitaire app, and this one fits the bill! Ad-free, no load times, no purchases, just solitaire. I truly have no complaints. Why haven’t you downloaded this already? Go do it! My only wish is that it somehow had a hint button for when you get stuck, but other than that, it has excellent gameplay and a wide variety of cars shuffles. Not all of them are easy, not all are hard; it’s a good mix.
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3 years ago, Sweet-Lynn
Love this game. I’ve played Solitaire for the past 5 years. Traded up from my Mini last month and got a regular iPad. Sadly, the game I was playing was no longer available, so have tried almost every other Solitaire game and couldn’t put up with all the ads!!! Then I tried this one. It’s not the same as my other one and took a few days to get used to it, but now I just love it and best of all, there’s no ads!! If you want a no-nonsense Solitaire game, give this one a try. This game is absolutely ADDICTIVE!!!!!! Love it!!!
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1 week ago, BobDeBexar
Simple, no ad interruptions and free!
Great! I love the simplicity of Klondike solitaire. This app keeps it simple while still including some automation and nice animations. I also appreciate that there are no intrusive ads. I would understand and accept banner ads. But not the ads that make you watch a long video before you can continue. Also, I like that I can play offline and on multiple platforms. Hope the developers keep it up. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Blaine23
No Ads, Doesn’t Collect Data
Loving this app. Can I make some suggestions? Can you add the option for different backgrounds or card faces? One last thing, can we make the autocomplete a little faster? I love that you keep this free maybe do an in app purchase to “tip the developer” then people will pay you something if they want to. But again love that it’s no ads and you keep it free. Thanks again.
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1 year ago, charmhander
Decent solitaire app
So the good news is that this game doesn't track you, doesn't serve you ads, and doesn't cost anything. All around, it's a solid, pretty basic solitaire app. It's missing a few options, like changing backgrounds, card backs or card styles. The scoring system is kinda weird, but I'm not sure how solitaire is normally scored. There's no Vegas style so if that's your bag, sorry. If you select to play harder decks, get ready to play harder decks. You will lose a lot.
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4 years ago, Mfl03
Works Great! No Ads!!
Big, beautiful, easy to see. No distracting, flashing, blinking ads. This is the best online Solitaire I have ever seen. Works beautifully. I find it impossible to play others I have tried because of the incessant blinking and flashing ads. Very happy to have found this one. One problem I noticed - if I leave a game before finishing, the game is frozen and cannot be continued when I come back. Wish they could fix this.
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7 months ago, pushpaper617
Challenging play
Fun game. I like the options offered during play, i.e. being able to put a card back into play from the Ace pile. And being able to replay a deck. It doesn’t help U with hints (hints are annoying) and best of all…No Ads! Oh yeah, and being able to go back and change a previous play. That can sometimes be the difference between a win or loss.
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2 years ago, acyanksfan
Best solitaire game
No annoying ads including no ads for new games !!!!!!! Some other solitaire games don’t have product ads but after each game you get stuck watching ads for new games of no interest. I hate playing games like that especially since don’t get anything for watching. Some games reward you with extra moves etc for watching an ad.
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7 months ago, Verthanthi
Good looking and small file size!
Needed something to help ground me when I was feeling anxious, but a lot of apps take up so much space and drain the battery. This one is perfect. Doesn’t drain my battery, doesn’t hog space. Just does what it should and no crazy bells and whistles. (And I do love me some bells and whistles, just not on EVERYthing). This app is perfect.
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2 years ago, leftie.imw
What I Was Looking For
So I found out the hard way that you can’t offload apps not in the store anymore and lost my old and trusted Solitaire app. When I saw and tested newer Solitaire apps I was disheartened to find they all had ads. Thanks to Reddit I found this! It’s perfect: simple, love I can play in portrait mode, that I can set left-handed, and what’s more no ads! Thank you!
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10 months ago, goodriddince
Perfect and no annoying ads
I was looking for a stand alone game that wasn’t constantly bombarding you with ads for games your never going to be interested in or pay lures for upgrades. This game fits the bill with just Klondike and nothing else. No need for wifi so play away anywhere anytime!
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5 months ago, 00-33-44
Love this “ad-free” solitaire
My only request is that the reaction time be faster. Sometimes the card doesn’t move at all when you tap or drag and it could be faster, as well. While the graphics are cool at the end when you hit auto/seems like it takes at least five seconds on the clock for the cards to shift. Please make that go faster😁
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5 years ago, Sturmhahn
Like playing with a deck of cards
I get sick of forced ads on games. This game has no adds. Just straight forward Solitaire. Nothing fancy. No choice of dozens of card backs or table tops. Just plain solitaire. I’ve dumped the games that force you to view half minute long ads before each hand. Banner ads at the bottom, I don’t mind. This game has NO ads. It has become my go to.
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4 months ago, Almost Al
I don’t leave feedback but….
This is by far the best solitaire game I have found. It doesn’t follow you around, has no ads, and has a good win ratio while in “relax” mode. The only change I would wish for is to display the battery level so I don’t kill the phone while lost in playing the game!
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4 years ago, Russianphile
So far I have enjoyed this app. The “cards” are a good size and easy to see. I do wish the “shuffling” would be more effective- I seem to get a lot of the same suit and/or color, which makes it hard to make a play. I think it would be nice to have a “reshuffle” option during the game to refresh the cards. I have seen this on other solitaire apps. I also think the “undo” option should be free ;-).
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5 months ago, Buzzybear1
Wonderful Game
I never knew you could get a free solitaire game without ads. I’ve just started playing this game and it is absolutely wonderful. I hated the ads and I was sick of paying for apps. I’m not sure how they can do it without paying for ads, but THANK YOU for sharing this with us. It is greatly appreciated.
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1 year ago, Pathos54
Classic Klondike best iPad app
Finally I found a solitaire game for iPad that is free, fun to play and totally ADD FREE! A miracle! Thank you. To make it even better it would be nice to have more options in settings; like vary the speed of play and make it easier to move cards from the top back onto the playing field. But otherwise it is awesome.
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5 years ago, Hiker7r3p17xZebra
Smart game!!
It’s fun to play and has no annoying ads, or purchases. Deal of a lifetime in this day! Thanks After a while of playing it had some features that are much better than others. It organizes the aces, a good thing. And it deals games that are not winning games. Nice that it’s smart enough to do that. And a very intuitive user interface.
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5 years ago, eddieg66
No Ads, just play but limited games
Enjoyed finally finding a simple solitaire game with no ads popping up and not forcing an upgrade to avoid them. Adjusted my rating from 5 stars to 3. After playing the game enough, I realized there weren’t many permutations (number of unique games) as might be suggested by the game numbers represented on the menu. It’s boring to play the same game two or three times and then finally realize how shallow your decks are. Consider stepping that up.
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2 years ago, christy in locust
Klondike Solitaire
Love it! I used to play actual solitaire with real cards with my Mom. I’m older now (72) and slowed down but the adjustments and 1-card beginner & medium games are challenging enough to my brain to keep me sharp as I can be and the games challenging so I don’t get bored. I love the cards: faces, back designs and feels like a fun game each time! CCM
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12 months ago, Roger Robot
The BEST solitaire game available!
I’ve looked at many solitaire games, and this is the best. No ads, great options, nice graphics, great auto complete. One tiny improvement would be to show the current time in the upper left-hand corner. Other than that - it doesn’t get any better!
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9 months ago, Jen 9427
Love playing with NO ads!
I love playing this game with no ads. I also like the classic look, but you can improve the interface by allowing the player the option to change the background and offer different deck designs. Basically, include all the features of the apps that have the ads.
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2 years ago, bexcara
Just like the old days! (NO ADS!)
Downloaded some of the newer app versions and didn’t like any of them. I am so glad I found this one. Just straightforward and still as addictive as ever. Never glitches or has issues - simple and just how you remember it!
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4 months ago, Cf45678
Great classic solitaire
Love that this app is just solitaire, nothing else, with a few simple settings. No ads, no extra "gameification" (like getting points to unlock pictures, rankings...etc), just regular solitaire like what used to come on old computers, ipods, etc. App runs great as well.
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2 years ago, tom 666666
No commercials!
There are no annoying commercials or ads in this game I love the fact that there are no annoying commercials or ads in this game the game runs fine only thing I would like that is maybe some statistics
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4 years ago, glorioski
Love the simplicity. Can't change background tho. Game is closest to one I lost when I changed from iPhone 5S. Got old one on Apple Store, played it for 3 years & cant find it. I'll describe it. Left hand flip card button , landscp& portr, no ads, no sounds, Aces on top rt, all cards in straight row-not angled. Button on bottom to go to another page for stats & to reset games played. Can u help?
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5 years ago, Electech D
A challenge
I really like this game,mainly because it does not keep flashing adds in my face while I'm trying to play the game. At first I did not care for the fact there were no hints,but it has made me a better player because I have to figure out how to make the moves myself. Thank You.
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9 months ago, Tru North 1
Great game no ads
Well formatted and enjoyable. Calming distraction from life to ground out. Small glitch sometimes when cards are eliminated below but the automatic completion tab is delayed for several plays. Also raising the “2” to above can stick, so must be raised manually.
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3 weeks ago, ScotsoFartso
Always there
I never tire of passing a few minutes with solitaire and this app makes it easily accessible without ads and always available for when the mood hits!
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2 years ago, Toad_.
True to Name
I love this app. It’s add free and has different difficulty levels. Plus, I can have my music app running in the background while I play many rounds. It’s a win win. Also, a total time passer. Definitely recommend to download!
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3 years ago, rediculousnickname
Solid Klondike Game
Solid Klondike game that allows you to turn off touch-to-move, allowing a much more authentic playing experience. I would give it 5 stars if the programmer would make possible to also turn off the animation that plays at the end of every win.
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7 months ago, Now I can’t find one
Solitaire review
I enjoy the easy mode of this site as it relaxes me. Lately as I play more I’ve noticed that game repeats itself. It end in lockdown with a red eight and a red nine in the sixth and seventh column a few cards down. It repeats a lot. Now know how to win it but why have repeats?
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2 years ago, rosavicious
Finally!!! Fun and AD FREE!!!
No lie!!! It really is completely ad free!!! And, it's a pretty fun version of Solitaire that is great for wasting time...which is exactly what I like phone games to do. It's refreshing to finally find an ad free game that's not misleading. My hat's off to the developers!!! Thank you very much!!!
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7 months ago, allison+grandmother
For My Grandma
Hello, This is the best solitaire game I could find for my grandmother, however she likes to use her iPad upside down, and this app currently does not support that. It would be really nice to have the game rotate with the screen like other apps do, and a landscape mode would also be really great! Thank you!!
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5 months ago, Wood Walker 1
Best app
I have tried many solitaire games but this is the best, no porno just great stuff for the mind gymnastics. Did you change the timer after game is finisher it keeps running and the card withdraw seems slower
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2 years ago, vv1382 kakfoqleb
finally a straightforward, simple app
I don’t ever leave reviews, but I’ll write this one only because I really do use this app willingly every day. No ads or frills, just simple and functional solitaire for your daily needs
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1 week ago, libbyKG
Just solitaire game out there
This is by far the best solitaire game there is available. I’ve tried them all. This one is hands-down the best. Can’t wait till they have statistics up and running.
Show more
4 months ago, DebBasnett
Great game no ads
It’s solitaire with no ads- what more could you want except I wish I could see stats or give a hint. In no way a deal breaker. 5 stars unless they change something.
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1 year ago, Xx_Reviewer72962_XX
Don't Bother with Anything Else
This is perfect. Adless, free, small, what more can you ask for? This game takes up the storage space of about a single high resolution photo, why would you not get it?
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2 years ago, crestrail
Good game
So nice to play without the insulting ads for games I would never play—besides getting hit with even more game ads! I understand the developers want/need to make money but between every deal?
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1 year ago, Julitx715
Finally no ads
Just what I wanted. A simple relaxing game with NO ADS!! It isn't super fancy but it does what's needed. Even has an auto-win once you've overturned all the face down cards. Thank you for this game!
Show more
4 months ago, WS2SJ
Great! Ad Free
I love this version because it’s: 1. Free! 2. Ad Free! 3. There seems to be a mixture of game levels, while some are easy, there’s definitely some more challenging. 4. It keeps your score. I try to beat my best time and moves.
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1 year ago, Tirfi
Simple with no adds
Look.. you wanna play solitaire without adds… this is the game.. it doesn’t have a billion features but it also doesn’t have adds. I love it for what it is!
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7 months ago, AntMarMac
Great but either too too easy or 99% impossible
I like 3 card Klondike games and I love this because of “no ads”. It was way too easy however so I chose the “more difficult” category, but now wins are far too few and rare. So it’s simply not rewarding enough. CAN YOU MAKE IT DIFFICULT BUT AT LEAST POSSIBLE? If so I’d give it 5 stars.
Show more
1 year ago, RCDSRA
Great game
I especially enjoy NO ADS!! I would enjoy keep track…I.e., winning streaks, percentages… Thanks…I almost gave up on solitaire waiting for all the ads for other games…awful. Don’t go down that rabbit hole
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