Classic Words (solo word game)

4.8 (85.2K)
47.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lulo Apps
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Classic Words (solo word game)

4.77 out of 5
85.2K Ratings
2 years ago, My Two Cats
Fun and Free!
I enjoy Classic Words for many reasons, but mostly because the turns are NOT interrupted by ads. With other similar free word games, ads play after every few turns. With this app, unobtrusive ad banners appear near the top, and ads only play after each game ends. Another feature I like is the ability to highlight a word that been played and see the definition. I also like how the computer player does not make incredibly obscure words, at least not at the Normal level, and makes its words quickly, so you don’t get bored waiting for the computer’s turn. With other word games, the computer makes words most people have never heard of, or plays very slowly, which is no fun to play against. Another great feature is the ability to easily shuffle your tray of letters with the touch of one button, or you can rearrange the tiles manually. The app keeps track of a few statistics for you, such as win/loss and best word. Classic Words is challenging and fun to play, and as someone with a degree in English, I can recommended this app to anyone who likes playing word games.
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2 years ago, vnemecek
The real deal…almost
After the official Scrabble app was discontinued and replaced by a nightmarish ADHD playground, I had to settle for playing on a handful of Scrabble-like word game apps, each of which left a lot to be desired. Then my son found Classic Words, which is the closest thing yet to an authentic Scrabble experience. Clean interface, decent dictionaries (I’ll say more about that in a moment), quick AI response, and no game-pausing ads or silly “rewards.” Just good ol’ Scrabble. Almost. There are two main downsides to the app, though neither is bad enough to drive me away. First, as someone who would like to play in tournaments someday, I’d much prefer that they used the current, official tournament word list rather than dictionaries “inspired by” outdated official lists. Second, and much more noticeable, the drawing of tiles is anything but random. The app hands out 7-letter words like candy, and I’m almost never stuck with a truly bad rack. When tile selection is truly random, you’re going to end up with the occasional garbage hand like GKMTTUW or AIIIOOP. But with Classic Words, nearly every rack I draw has a favorable consonant-vowel ratio and gives me a decent play. I shouldn’t be scoring 500+ points this consistently…I’m not *that* good. Despite its shortcomings, Classic Words is the best app currently available for classic Scrabble enthusiasts.
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11 months ago, LovePyrs
One of my top three favorite games
This is easily my very favorite non-Apple Arcade game. First, zero in-app purchases. Second, yes it has ads but they are very unobtrusive. There is a small ad banner above the game board and a simple static ad page after playing the board or quitting the game that is fast and easy to close out of. I wish other games with ads would use this concept. Major kudos to the developers! On to the game play. Classic Words is a Scrabble type game with five different levels of difficulty that makes it enjoyable for every level of player. Unlike similar games I’ve played, I have yet to use a word that isn’t in the game’s dictionary. Getting definitions of words is very simple. This game has definitely refreshed and expanded my vocabulary. Another great thing about Classic Words is that if you have to leave mid-game it picks right back up where you left off. I highly recommend Classic Words to everyone!
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8 months ago, Au Lily
Has really honed skills...
I love to play Scrabble, Bananas and do crossword puzzles, too. However, I rarely have anyone to play Scrabble with. Playing this has taught me to be much more ruthless. I wasn't challenged much at all with first three levels pretty quick. I have been on "very hard" level and winning more than I lose for several months. There are quite a few short words with high scoring tiles the computer isn't aware of, to play, on high score tiles, that I play and score on. I've started to venture into the max level and find it quite challenging. I also like that definitions are available. Though there isn't any "challenging" an opponent's word and it allows you to try different spellings without penalty, these detractions from the original Scrabble make it a good skill builder for when you're playing the actual sit down, with friends, on board game night.
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4 years ago, 1KG1
2 Suggestions (please, please!)
These 2 suggestions derive from my previous praise for Classic Words as a tool to prepare for live, tournament- style Scrabble: while that is true, two features lacking in CW seriously diminish its resemblance to Scrabble and I would LOVE it if you added these features as OPTIONS. (1) NO SECOND CHANCES — the iPhone/iPad would recognize but not reveal to me any non-word I play and I would lose that turn. (2) TIMED PLAY — perhaps with selectable times (30 seconds to 5 minutes??) Having beaten CW’s Very Hard and Extremely Hard levels over 80% of the time, I came to see that most of those wins would likely not have occurred against a strong Scrabble opponent, since I would not have enjoyed unlimited time to experiment with possible words! Many CW users, of course, would have no interest in these features, but I suspect many would love the challenge. Please consider.
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5 months ago, feather1978
I’m a fan!!!
I play this game all the time. It is fun and challenging as you set your own level as go. Basically glitch and ad free. If I recall correctly my screen froze one time in four years of playing. I feel the computer plays fair. I don’t feel like it predetermines my next tiles or that the game gets tiles intentionally better at opportune times. Running your finger down a row of letters/word will give you a definition of the word played. There is no goofy sound effects, count downs, stupid comments like “well played” . The entry buttons are simple and aligned in a usable sequence . They are arranged effectively, leaving few human mistakes like accidentally playing or passing when you were just thinking and set your finger on the screen. It happens….. Ads are few and momentary . You control how long and how much attention you spend with the ad. If it interests you check it out if doesn’t close it. I find I spend more time checking out an ad that doesn’t bully me . Since I control my time with the ad I am far more interested . Pushy ads shut me down and I simply set my down and walk away or shut the entire page down and do something else. I don’t have to do that here . I am in control of my time with the ad. Big bonus!!! Yeah I’m a fan !
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2 years ago, (GoHalos)
Absolutely love
I have downloaded & quickly deleted SO many word games, because they were ruined by advertisements, and not challenging or rewarding. This one is my favorite! It’s interactive & different every time, it actually allows you to strengthen your word skills as much or little as you keeps track of your highest word scores and win percentage. ...but most of all, THEY DO ADS RIGHT! No obnoxious music and 30-second long ads after every round...a simple ad with a quickly appearing “x” to close, and you’re off to another round. Best I’ve found! Yes, some of the words in their dictionary are a bit questionable, but that means I can use them too, so it works for me. Also great is to swipe a word, and the definition comes up. I give it an A! A real keeper!
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6 months ago, 70caps
Not random draws
This is severely dumbed down Scrabble. In my first game, I had a hunch my draws weren’t random, so I tested it. In the hardest game mode, I played a game where I kept exchanging 3 consonants on my rack, leaving 4 vowels, and I kept redrawing 3 consonants every single time until the bag was almost empty. Try it and see. One of the most fascinating parts of Scrabble is balancing your rack and getting yourself out of difficult situations, hoping for a good draw and using probability to make calculated risks. This app takes the luck and much of the strategy factor away from you and always gives you a good combination of consonants and vowels. The only thing it can be used for is to practice finding bingos or just killing time. It WILL make you a worse Scrabble player if you use it to learn how to play. The decisions you make here that result in winning games will result in disappointment and frustration in real life. It’s like playing poker and getting a flush every time. Gets old real fast unless you have the intelligence of a 6 year old.
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2 months ago, pdxpaws
This one’s a keeper! - Not (Update)
I really love crosswords and scrabble. I’ve tried so many apps and deleted them quickly because of deceptive descriptions and privacy issues, increasingly invasive ads and other chaotic stressful distractions, and quite honestly, they’re not challenging. This is simple and smooth with enough challenge to be fun and relaxing. The only change I’d make is to add another level of difficulty. Thank you for delivering a great app! UPDATE: Things are different. Really disappointed. This WAS a great app. Ads are still small, but now interfere with game play. A casino as popped up full screen and now the app is completely frozen with no way to revive it. Guess it’s time to delete and find an alternative.
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3 years ago, ObieApp
Is this game rigged?
I love word games. Glad I found this one. I’ve noticed that the first 3 levels are easier to win because the game is set up to allow you to take advantage of the double and triple word scoring. I really felt like a champ. But found that I got bored with those easier levels. Decided I needed a challenge and went up to higher levels. I noticed that the higher levels are set up differently. The lower levels gives you chances to take advantage of the higher scoring. The higher levels give the computer the advantage of the higher scoring squares. I get more vowels and find word making less easy. (Obviously) I’m usually pretty good at these games but the conclusion I have made is that the game may be slightly rigged in favor of the computer. Maybe I’m not as good as I thought. I will keep working on this idea and keep playing.
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7 years ago, J Cox CT
Classic Words gets 5 stars from me!
I prefer solo games against the computer like Classic Words for expediency reasons, so this one has gone directly into the "favorite games" folder on my iPhone! The interface is easy to use and the processing is fast. There is no game clock or time limit, so I can take as long as I want to place my tiles. So far my only criticism is that there are no clear labeled "save" or "resume" buttons when you leave a game and want to come back to it. I thought my unfinished game was lost until I clicked "new game"; it took me right back to the one I had left the night before. Good function, but slight lack of clarity with instruction. Very enjoyable game for the casual solo player who doesn't want a "social" game. Two thumbs up!! 😉
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3 years ago, husky ownet
Almost real Scrabble
A good fast game with no ads. Includes a definition after each word is played which helps you learn. Limitations include no American dictionary so you get away with British, Scottish,proper nouns,slang etc that perhaps should not count; no ability to see when the computer has less than 7 letters left; the computer does not always do its best even when you choose the most difficult level; the computer does not play strategically so you get more access to the triple corners than normal. It would be nice to add a feature that shows what the best possible choice would have been with the letters both sides have at any time.
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2 years ago, wreckoff
Classic Words
The best scrabble on line, bar none. For many of the same reasons as in other reviews. But, primarily because there are very few ads. Like a banner on top and full page ad at the end and beginning of each game. I know everything can’t be perfect, but the little google banner ads weren’t there at first. Then they were. Still harmless. And then they started that frenetic flashing which is death for concentration. So I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before more ads begin creeping in. After giving up all scrabble games on line because of endless greed, I found this killer app and I love it. But. I’m still holding my breath. The freaking banner add is stuck on the flashing casino jackpot twirling flashing thingy. Truly annoying.
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6 years ago, traceylynn79
This was my favorite game on my Droid . When I switched to an iPhone, it was the first game I downloaded. I was disappointed in the lack of features. When playing a word on my Droid I was given the definition to both my word as well as the computers. Sometimes I would throw letters together and found out they worked. It was nice to see the definition and learn a new word. I could also swipe a word at anytime during the game and get the definition. My biggest frustration when I play this version is I no longer have the option to stop the screen from zooming in. With the Droid I took care of it in my settings. Since the iPhone version doesn’t have this option, in order to zoom out I have to constantly have to double tap the screen. Hopefully the iPhone’s version can catch up with the Droids.
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4 years ago, Michtrixie
Great Replacement for Original Scrabble
When the new developers completely messed up the original Scrabble and took away the version I had paid for, I needed to find a replacement. Classic Words fits the bill for me! It’s easy to play and I love that you know immediately that your word is an actual word. I would like to be able to see the letters that are left but that’s not a big deal. I like playing against the computer. It does have ads but they are not that intrusive and disappear quickly when you X out of them. I do wish they would make a paid version to get rid of the ads. Meanwhile, thanks Classic Words!
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2 months ago, caerbannog1974
GREAT alternative to official Scrabble app
This game is an awesome alternative to the official Scrabble app from Hasbro. The official app has way too many options for which you have to pay to get access, the prices are ridiculous and there are too many options within the game for when you just simply want to open the app and start playing a game. Classic Words has the same board layout and same game rules but NONE of the bad stuff I mentioned in the official app. The “My Stats” on the home screen for the app is nice. Is it possible the add Average Moves per Game or Average Total Score to the “My Stats” area? That’d make the game even better.
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11 months ago, Alanathina
Great game
I love this game and play it many times each day. I love that the ads do not interrupt the game. I have downloaded and deleted so many games because of the constant interruption from ads. This one allows me to see adds and get look at them if I want to, but they don’t interrupt the game. My only problem with this game is that some of the definitions are really questionable. It tries to make everything into a verb. I am not sure these are actual definitions, but I don’t look them up anymore because as long as it takes my word, I’m fine. Keep up the good work and please don’t mess it up with interrupted ads. Thank you.
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2 months ago, KayKayak
Free, Fun way to improve spelling
What I like best about the app is you’re not burdened by ads. There’s a simple bar at the top of the game that never interrupts your work. Second, it’s easy to hover over a word and get the definition. Third, stats are simple: no flashing emojis or gifs. Last, my spelling has greatly improved. I understand prefixes and endings to create longer words. I’ve gotten better at using ie, ai ou and so on. And, I can pronounce words better than before I used Classic Words. Now that I can sound out words better, I actually had 108 count word. For me, that’s an accomplishment I never dreamed I could achieve! Thank you.
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1 year ago, DSC19
Great for the brain!
I play Classic Words every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and at age 70, it’s a good way to keep my brain sharp. I play at the “extremely hard” level, and although I win over 90 percent of my games, it beats me just often enough to make me want to come back and play again. I wonder if the algorithm is programmed to do that: let you win most of the time, then beat you just enough to make you want to come back and get revenge. Whatever, it works. When it beat me two games in a row, I felt very frustrated, and came back to prove myself. But winning 91 percent of the games feels good.
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1 year ago, OHDANIGIRL1970
I appreciate an actual word game against a computer. Minus the coins, animations, and ridiculous caricatures (like MARZIPAN MOLLIE) you’ll find in other games to play against. I would like a more interactive dictionary maybe, but otherwise it’s heaven. If you cheat ,,, it’s against yourself. Lol it keeps you honest when it’s solely about the language and not about your social standings with Facebook friends. Merry Christmas! I’ll likely be upgrading this to full out access for the new year. Think I’ll start playing… in a new language to learn some new skills it’s a million times better than TikTok or Netflix. Thanks!!!
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9 months ago, Jahnnie Bee
A good friend at all times
This version has been my companion for several years, and even though there have been updates which improved her play, the bot has been conditioned to allow me to win, for example, she will leave open triple word boxes, and does not concentrate on thinking defensively. she also went several years, allowing QI on my play, but never employing it in her own. therefore, I have won many close games because there is a Q left on her tiles. This has been fixed, although why there were no ads introduced at that time is a marvel in which I am grateful.
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7 months ago, Tahoe Princess
Challenge yourselves
I have played every level and challenge myself by only using the tiles I received (no swapping). This has forced me to really think about the options I have to score points and I have beaten all levels without using swap! Yes I do lose as well but take the time to learn new words (viewing definitions). The only problem with this game is that there are valid words that are not viewed as scorable words and other words with incorrect definitions and spelling, but overall it’s a great game no intrusive ads popping up wasting time and interference with your brain, well run app as far as many glitches. I prefer solo games to learn at my own pace.
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2 years ago, elyrinea
Can’t rate this highly enough
Love the simplistic game board without all the flashy graphics, sounds, pop-ups etc and the ability to play alone, take my time, consider my choices. Some might argue they wish for no second chances, but I enjoy being able to play with the letters - I learn more words and it helps me to understand the scoring better, effectively teaching me to be a better player. I was so annoyed when changes were made to the classic WWF game with the child like board and graphics that I deleted the app years ago. Finding this app was such a delight!
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2 months ago, starvin marvin 1968
Classic word games
Love this game. Sometimes it has a quirk, but usually it's something I do that causes it. I play it every day. Thank you for having it available. Kathy D. Grover Beach, Ca. I have played it for years. My grandson loves it too . I play against the computer. I'm 86 years old but keeping my mind sharp by ing the game. It's really a 10 star game. I have been playing this game since before the COVID . I love the game I will be 90 years old in July. I will probably play the game until I die which should be about 8 years from now according to my family longevity . thank you for keeping it fun- 5+5 Stars.
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3 weeks ago, Heiki Jo
Absolutely Awesome !!
This Classic Words game is so much fun that I play it sporadically whenever possible: breaks at work, evenings, and sometimes all night on weekends. I grew up playing Scrabble, but for various reasons always had a problem competing against other humans that I do not experience with the computer. I love the levels of increasing difficulty because they are a great challenge and are helping me improve my vocabulary. I keep a notebook handy in which to write new words along with their definitions. I couldn’t be happier while interacting in a game than I am with this one…thanks a million!!
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2 years ago, Speed racer82
Love this but…
I used to play words with friends. I love you tell we can play with friends of ours over the Internet. I got sick of it though because there is too much gimmick involved with it instead of playing normal scrabble. I was so happy I found this game. it was exactly what I was looking for. however this is only for a solo game. would love it if a new version of this came out so we can play over the Internet with friends. I wouldn’t give me that five stars if it didn’t have that option. would you please consider adding this. I love how are you just play the game and don’t have any other gimmicks like the other games.
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2 years ago, WriteAwayDi
“Late nighter”
I am spending waaaayyyyy too much time on this game because it’s always been a favorite, and I like playing with an iPhone. Sometimes I start playing at midnight, and will play til 6:00 in the morning! But it’s all good…keeps my vocabulary skills current and actually INDUCES sleep by the time early morning hours come. I’m lucky that I can work from home, so time playing is a luxury I don’t take for granted. I’m trying to lower game time, wanting to think faster. I’ve only lost Scrabble three times in my life…I’m a teacher, but I’m not brilliant…skill just comes from practice. 🙂
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5 months ago, OneJediMaster
The computer on my iPad had of my iPad puts down the disgusting word urinate. This needs to stop!
I LOVE this game SO much, it’s entertaining and fun. I rate this game five stars. But, now the computer on my iPad of my iPad while playing in a brawl in the Classic Words game had to beat me again puts down a very disgusting word urinate describing the usage of the bathroom every time. Do something about this and this absolutely definitely, immediately needs to STOP NOW. I can’t stand this. So, it needs to stop putting down disgusting words. I hope that this understandable and fixable. Please fix this. Thx. Brian Bontrager
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2 years ago, Bobbi1454
Don’t Change a Thing!
I too am spending waaaay too much time playing this awesome scrabble game! Like other reviewers , I noticed the change in the double and triple point blocks as the level of difficulty increases. However, by persisting, I found that I was beating the computer by developing more defensive moves. When my skill level increases I feel that I am exercising my brain, so I will continue to indulge. Love that I can quit a game and go do chores and come back and finish, and my computer is there waiting for me when I return. Absolutely perfect and brilliant app!
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1 year ago, Sunnysuze
Fun with a UK twist
I play this game a lot, and I love it. It uses US spelling, but many of the words the computer plays are obviously “not from here.” I’m expanding my vocabulary, I guess. My favorite thing about this game is that there seem to be be more than one computer opponent. There’s one who plays constant seven letter words, leaving me in dust, one I’m about evenly matched with, and one I easily trounce. I never know which one is going to show up. I also like that this game uses the standard board and, except that I’m allowed to take back tiles before my final choice.
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3 years ago, An avid puzzle player
Needs sound or visual effects
Love the game. Would give it 5 stars except it needs sound or different color visual cues to make it easier to see the word played by the iPad/iPhone. Perhaps the tiles played by the computer could remain a totally a different color for at least a few seconds. This would be particularly helpful for spotting the word the computer has just played towards the end of the game when the board starts filling up with tiles. The computer plays so fast I sometimes have a difficult time spotting the word it has just played as the tiles fade too quickly into the board.
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1 week ago, Cleopatra1050
Love this game!
I came upon this game by accident as I was writing a bad review for another scrabble game that I was extremely frustrated with. That game had an ad after every move! As I was reading through other negative reviews on that game someone recommended this game. Best thing ever! I love this game and it has fast become one of my favorites. No ads interrupting the game!!! Woohoo!! So awesome and when it’s the iPhones turn it responds so fast that it keeps me on my toes! Love this game, highly recommend it to anyone who loves scrabble, a good challenge and no interrupting ads!!
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5 years ago, sacredsoul2012
Enjoyable game but could stand some improvements
I like this app because it has the same points layout as the original Scrabble game, unlike some of the other popular ones out there. I also like that it shows the points before you play the word. I just wish that I could play with a friend in the room, handing it back and forth. Also, some of the features, Like seeing what letters are left, do not work on my iPad. Overall, I enjoy playing this game a lot but it is better on my phone than on my iPad and it could stand some improvement.
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2 years ago, iluv2educ8
Like the challenge
I love word games, especially Scrabble. I don’t have to wait for another player on this app. I have this same app on my Kindle Fire, which I like a little better because it gives instant feedback on my play - did I play the best word or was there a better choice based on the board and my letters? I can’t find that option on my iPads. I enjoy this game with or without feedback. I usually play the Very Hard level, and I must be a better player than the computer as I win 95% of the time!
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11 months ago, Tina from S.D.
Classic Words
I like this game and playing against the computer. My comment is that the computer doesn’t utilize the best places to score. Therefore it’s a little bit easier to win the game. I noticed that as you increase the level of difficulty, of course, it gets harder, and the advantage turns to the computer. It doesn’t give me enough variety in the tiles. This, of course makes it more challenging and sometimes frustrating. Perhaps staggering the difficulty a little more even handed.
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3 years ago, Karen8732
Trouble spot
I would have given this game a 5 star rating, but recently I’ve encountered a problem toward the end of the game. What occurs is: I place the tiles to make a word and when I attempt to play the word I get an error message stating the word must be connected and in a line. The words are legal and correctly spelled as well as placed correctly. I don’t know what is causing this problem, nor how to fix it. I’ve been enjoying this game and have played it successfully, however I don’t enjoy having to quit at the end of a game because of a glitch. Can this be fixed?
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3 years ago, Rox in Denver
Dicey word use and clearly an NRA/2A groupie
I had grown suspicious about the dictionary loaded with the app, as I make a good living writing, and was continually looking up words I "created." Why does it include so many obscure, foreign words, like nicknames for items, the letters of alphabets *as words*, and odd abbreviations for short words? I have doubts about the inclusion or even the authenticity of some words. Nevertheless, I played, as it was...fine. I ultimately abandoned it though, as I saw a pattern of inserting anti-Biden ads in the cycle. They were always of the extremist and false variety, very much poking the uneducated with a stick to get people fired up. In checking the final one, it included false rants about "taking your guns" and led to a questionnaire from the NRA, with Wayne LaPierre on the page. 🤮🤮🤮 We are so done here.
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1 year ago, mdw554
Improved algorithms, true challenge
I have played this game for years. I had it set on the hardest level and had a lifetime win average of over 99%. A few months ago, an update changed all that. I am now in the low 90’s and dropping. I estimate that now I am winning 2 of 3 or more, but at least it is challenging. It appears that it is artificially restricted from playing handy high value words like qat, qi, xi, xu. If it did that, I might never win! Next, fix two minor shortcomings: On occasion, the machine will waste a blank tile, making a word that is one letter longer, but scores the same. It appears to act as though the blank will score the same as the tile it replaces, though it then scores the move correctly. Also, the machine appears not to play defense. It will cheerfully play a Z hanging out alone in the triple word rows, and free vowels next to triple letters. Still, five stars.
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2 years ago, MMPARK
Perfect game for me
I use the heck out of this app. I feel like I have really improved my game and widened my vocabulary. I find it a great way to relax when I have an excess of anxiety or stress and has become my “go to” for that. It’s a great distraction! I appreciate being able to play without any pressure of another player waiting on me as well as being able to put it down and pick it up at my leisure. Perfect way to kill time when necessary. The app has never been a problem for me. It is simple and works well.
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3 months ago, KarenMisek
Like playing a real opponent
I am no brainiac, so not all my words are worth gigantic points. I found it so much more fun that I could create points to outscore the computer. In many word games this is impossible I Unless oneself is a computer as well. Many will enjoy this games because it encourages the player to advance levels instead of giving up because there is no way to beat the fixed computer. The letters left unused by the computer at the end of a game are actually believable as a q, j, z.
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1 year ago, duncan punkin'
Enjoyable and challenging
I’ve been playing Classic Words for about 2 years now and I truly enjoy it. I like that there are no ads in between and that I play against my device, and not have to wait for another player to take their turn. I have to admit there are times when it feels the games are rigged in my favor, yet there are other times when it feels rigged to the computer’s favor. I guess it’s equal opportunity after all. Overall I’m very happy with this game.
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4 years ago, carrmm
Without Scrabble-classic words is the B-E-S-T!
I have been looking for some time to find a new word game similar to Scrabble. Scrabble is no longer available as of June 5th 2020! Very sad! This game is the closest and would recommend it to everyone! There are a few things that I don’t like about it but all the things I do like about it far exceed the rest. This game is simple (just the way I like it), fun, and easy to use. I do miss the “teacher” aspect of it. On the other hand it has definitions. Thank you Classic Words!
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4 years ago, Shih Tzu Mom
My favorite app on my iPad
I play every day. I would give this app 5 stars if it gave definitions for both players. I enjoy Classic Words. I play every day. I agree both iPad and player’s word should be defined. I do wonder why sometimes a word will show as accepted but on checking it is not an acceptable word. For anyone who is a wordsmith care needs to be taken to not enter an incorrect word. Anyone who is learning English or is a student using Classic Word to improve spelling and vocabulary will find that confusing.
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5 years ago, ~grpietro...
Tribute to this Scrabble app, with 2 suggestions for improvement.
This scrabble app has kept me sane through an amazingly dark and damaged moment of my life that included the death of a child.. Since that time, much of my life has been spent alone in a hotel room. I have had this app for a year and have played over 2000 games. My only suggestion for an improvement would be to at least allow the matching of any dictionary chosen to be used by both the player and the opponent. I feel an unfair advantage by being able use words like qi, or any of the other selection. The "opponent" seems to use the U.S./Thai dictionary for word choice, and I use the European dictionary. Also, I always play at the highest level My percentage of wins is < 91%. It would seem to me that the opponent at that level should average a score of at least 400 points. The average for the opponent seems to be closer to 300, to 350.
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2 years ago, 2grandma3
Word Game Lover
English is my second language and besides reading I enjoy playing word games. I had a lovely neighbor who at 90 was still a mean scrabble player and used to beat most of us whenever we had a match. She has passed away and I am getting closer to her age. Playing this word game not only teaches me new words that I have to Google, but passes long waiting periods in doctor offices or while traveling etc… My request would be to have a couple extra spaces to make longer words.
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4 years ago, SB&DB
I love scrabble
I am 70 now and have been playing scrabble since I was 25 years old. I have had relatives and friends playing with me on the board, then it went to plastic base, then hand held games.....I went for awhile and did not play....friends and relative were not around to play.....then I got an Apple I-pad and found I play the I-pad all the time....I play very hard and love it. Thank you for putting this out and I hope it will around....I know it helps my mind alert and working.
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4 months ago, realscrblr
New change killed it
This used to be a fairly good game. My main complaint was that the robot player was not very good, but the use of a British dictionary made the game more interesting for me in the US. As in all official scrabble games, any real word was allowed. However, recently the developers changed the game and stopped allowing words that some people might consider offensive. (Ironically, swear words are still allowed.) There is an endless and ever-expanding list of insulting words, and not being able to use the one that’s the best score you could make is ridiculous and infuriating. I downloaded this game because original scrabble was ruined by the people who bought out Hasbro. Time to look for a new app.
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5 years ago, tacos 18
Pretty good game
I love this game and it’s very stress relieving and very fun. The only problem I have with it is that I have to play with the iPhone all the time. I know that to do a multiplayer game you have to switch the phone back and forth but mine isn’t like that you can only play against the iPhone but not with other people. I don’t know if it’s because I have an iPhone but my mom also has this app and it works for her but she also have a galaxy s8 so maybe it’s just with the iPhone. But minus that problem I love this game.
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1 month ago, iMikMac
Was fun until…
The game was fun until I moved up to “VERY HARD’” to challenge myself. Soon I figured out that the “iPad” was making words based upon the knowledge of (1) it’s tiles, (2) my tiles and (3) the tiles left in the bag. It wouldn’t be difficult to conclude that is what’s happening because it’s just too convenient for “iPad” to make 6-7 letter words with many points as I struggle to make 4 letter words with not so many points. Occasionally I get something super but it’s becoming uncommon.
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5 months ago, Xian Malkuth
Request “Undo” for Accidental Play
I use the Recall button regularly when I have put some letters out to see what score a word might earn, the Play button is next to Recall and on more than one occasion I have accidentally hit Play when I didn’t mean to. Apart from that, this is my favorite game. I agree with all others who have said the minimal advertising is a plus. I also give thumbs up to the lack of unnecessary animations during play, I just drag a letter where I want it and I don’t need any additional graphics.
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