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User Reviews for Classical KUSC

4.88 out of 5
10.7K Ratings
2 years ago, The Creative Beast
LOVE the special classical music playlists!
I downloaded the KUSC app when they began to promote the Classical Holiday Music Playlist in 2019 and I just loved it! I enjoyed it again in 2020, I wish it was a perpetual playlist! The Classical California Movie Music Playlist they created this year for Oscar season has been equally as great, though I do wish they would include more actual movie music scores than soundtracks of classical music used for the movies. Current movie music composers such as Danny Elfman, Thomas, David and Randy Newman and Hans Zimmer have as much music to draw from as the well known and beloved John Williams, and newer composer Michael Giacchino has more movie music to utilize than just the score from ‘Up’ which has been in heavy rotation. And how about the great Max Steiner?! I’d love to see the movie music playlist expanded next year to share actual scored movie music than to hear the same classical music played in the regular rotation. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing Beethoven and Mozart but it’s time to include ORIGINAL movie scores as classical music. If KUSC can play Gershwin (which was a marriage of Jazz with a classical music orchestra) then including more music by ALL the movie music composers would be a great step in a great direction, especially when movie music might be the first entry to classical music for young folks. Let’s foster classical music in the young!
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5 months ago, kkincal
Background music for my life
I’ve been a loyal listener and supporter for decades, but you really stepped up during the pandemic. As an older person with some health issues, I took seriously all the advice about limiting in- person social contact, etc. Having beautiful music and my familiar hosts to keep me company was a godsend. It also helped to keep in perspective that much of this gorgeous music was written during times when epidemics were common and medical care was iffy, at best. The composers and musicians were able to transcend whatever miseries they had to deal with and created works of lasting inspiration. If they could survive and create, I could survive and appreciate and feel connect throughout your broadcast area and back through the centuries. Well done, you all!
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2 years ago, LA Clasdical
I like classical music, and KUSC is the only classical station in L. A. I have been listening to and supporting the station for over 40 years. Recent changes in the station have forced me to become critical for the first time: playing excerpts from symphonies and concertos instead of playing the entire piece. Ex: They play the second movement of The New World Symphony instead of all of The New World Symphony. Every 3-4 pieces of music are played without telling the audience the name of the piece, or the composer until it is over. They have “listener requests” in the morning, early and late afternoon- usually with a description of why the listener likes that music. I don’t want to hear what listener request or what they like about the music. I just want to turn on the radio and hear classical music - like I have for decades. They have added another feature - have the audience vote for their 250 favorite pieces of music. The station invites listeners to vote at least twice an hour all day long. After hearing the request to vote 9-10 times in a day it becomes very annoying - day after day! Just play classical music!
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1 year ago, Kidpete99
Long Live KUSC
I’ve been listening to KUSC for close to 40 years; it’s the best classical music station in the country. I love KUSC, and I want it to be around forever, which is why I am a monthly supporter and have been for many years. However, recent changes to programming have been a little disappointing: too much talking between pieces, too much promotion of their own content, too much ‘clipping’ bits from larger pieces and symphonies. This breaks up the music listening time with too much talking in between. I understand keeping up with the times, but what I loved about KUSC and classical music in general is that it stands out it’s own; there is no need for it to conform to what’s trendy in the outside radio world. People who love classical music love classical music, and typically don’t tune in for much else. That said, I love KUSC. Yes, I bristle at recent changes, but the station is a staple in my household, and I hope to support for many years to come. Long Live KUSC.
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3 years ago, Wyo2LA
Happy with newer music, in 2 senses
After 50 years of hearing mostly the standard Western canon and the standard practice, I am hearing some different classical composers (Boulogne, for example) and some more contemporary classical (Adams and Glass, for examples). I’ve liked all the presenters. Thanks to Alan for being pretty much the lone voice for contemporary all those years. I miss Dennis and his version of the Friday quiz. I heard Rich read the weather backwards, word by word, one morning. And hello to Bonnie, wherever she is. I’m still waiting for Jim to play some contemporary even if he doesn’t like much of it (how about one scene from Akhenaten?), but until then I’ll gladly keep listening to his intro music, his choices of Messiah, and his pronunciation of names and titles. Many thanks to all of you!
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5 months ago, Adnil N
Best classical options in LA!!
KUSC became my lifeline when I spent 30 days in the hospital and then a skilled nursing facility after knee surgery. Usually I’d listen on my computer while I work, but the hospital situation changed that temporarily. I listened through the app on my phone to live programming as well as the Great Escapes, At the Movies and Top 200 throughout the day while I read. At night, I used the soothing tunes of Great Escapes to get to sleep. The nurses loved it and would often stay in my room longer to hear the pieces that they recognized. My roommates were surprised that the streaming was available and I had many converts to the app on our phones. Thank you again for being there for me and my family!
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2 years ago, Djc4good
Great app, one annoying quirk
The KUSC app is simple and makes a great way to jump right into the music. It’s nice to have access to the special playlists as well. It has one odd quirk that occurs randomly: when starting it sometimes fails to connect; the spinning progress indicator spins for several seconds then stops, and the pause button returns to play. The problem is, then, it seems no other audio streaming app (for example TuneIn Radio app) can connect to any audio steam; that app will always report a network error. To recover from that I have to restart the iPhone. I know this is a random and quirky issue, which I hope the app team can look in to. But it doesn’t keep me from using the app, and I recommend it to any KUSC and classical music listener
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10 months ago, rwhite1936
Continues to Be My Favorite Classical Music Station
Since the 1950s as a teenager I listened to the lovable KFAC until sadly it was sold and it disappeared into just a happy memory. By then I had moved on to San Jose State College and I listened to the classical station owned by the Oakland Tribune - and I went into mourning when it was also sold. Thankfully the genre has been taken over by many local universities - and now I became a faithful listener to KUSC even though I now live in Colorado. Along with Colorado Public Radio, KUSC had a special spot on my iPad and iPhone. I especially love the special holiday Christmas music each year and I hope you will continue to keep this tradition alive. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Peeper Pelican
Long time listener
I’ve been a devoted listener and member for 38 years since moving to LA from NYC. I love the station but have to remove a star. From my perspective, the music selections have deteriorated, particularly in the morning. Jennifer Miller talks constantly in between selections. So much so that I feel like I’m listening to commercials. She interrupts my morning reading over breakfast and is very intrusive. I understand that you are trying to appeal to a wide range of listeners but there is so much mediocre movie music playing now that I turn off the station often. I have heard this criticism from other devoted listeners. We all have an investment in your wonderful station so I hope that you will take some of my thoughts to heart. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Hxnrybro
Wonderfully selected Classical Music everywhere
I have loved and listened to KUSC since I was a child and as an adult I have had the joy of learning just how good their selection truly is. KUSC is on the radio in Los Angeles but I think it’s one of the best classical stations anywhere. I spend a lot of time traveling and no matter where I am, this is what I listen to. Highly recommended to any lover of classical music or anyone who wants to learn more about classical music. It’s not just oldies too! At night they often play the works of contemporary composers and always are sure to give context for composers you may not know especially well.
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11 months ago, handyfran
My go to music station
I have all my radios including my car radio tune to KUSC. I have been enjoying the station for well over 10 years now. I am not a fan of opera or the very modern Orchestra arrangements. I do enjoy all the old traditional classical Music and I enjoy and very much appreciate all the information that is given about the peace that is being played. Your variety of programming themes also make listening that much more interesting and enjoyable. So … thank you and keep up the good work you are doing to bring this great music to our grateful ears!!
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1 year ago, Frustrated Drummer
The best thing to happen to this world
KUSC has become such an important part of my personal life that I have felt the need to institutionalize this radio station in my family life as well. I am a hard believer in the positive correlation between classical music intake and IQ levels. At first it was hard to get my 3 kids to listen to this station on their way to school, but now they are in love with ‘Mozart in the Mornings’ This station is an important cornerstone to Los Angeles, and an invigorating supporter of the arts. Thank you KUSC, may your station live as long as any great empire should!
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4 years ago, Lindainca
Love KUSC...but streaming is a problem!
My husband and I have been listening to KUSC for 30 years, and back in the day, I was a volunteer floor manager during the pledge drives. We love the music and the announcers. But the streaming seems faulty. I’ll turn it on in the morning, and usually within a few minutes the streaming breaks up. I restart it, and it breaks up again. So I often have to give up and use Pandora or some other streaming service. We have fiber optic cable, with 1 gig capacity, and our internet is high speed, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. KUSC is the only streaming server that we have this problem with. I do hope that can be improved because we love the station!
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7 months ago, CVX777
Perfect Whistling Practice
I am usually listening @ this time in the early A.M. I pleased to hear Brisa’s dulcet tones today, Sat. Introducing classic “grosso” swiftly moving, light orchestral tunes that I can whistle to and follow unexpectedly. I have an upcoming “whistling gig” for a script of a Reader’s Theater play I am writing and eventually performing in. The classic TV ‘Andy Griffith Show’ opens w/ “Old Fishing Hole” whose lyrics are never heard just the whistling tune. Check it out. It will intro my 2nd Scene from Kentucky, a childhood memory of fishing, catching crawdads w/ my dad and his dad. A treasured memory of mine. Thanks, Brisa.🎼✍️❤️🐸🐟 B# Bob Burgan, a sustaining member
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2 years ago, Jaguar187
5 star station / 4 star app
I found and fell in love with this station a few years ago. It’s wonderful , I could never get into the sync with my local classical station and KUSC helped my development of classical music appreciation. The app plays music well and I have little issue with that. The problem for me is it occasionally doesn’t update the composer or piece information on iPhone app, and frequently doesn’t on AppleTV app. It would also be nice if appleTV app let you change the stream to listen to their “California Ultimate Playlist” or their “Holiday music” channels like the iPhone app.
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5 years ago, kybozly
KUSC Anytime, Anywhere!
I’m thrilled to have KUSC now available in my pocket! I recently moved from LA to North Carolina and I told my husband that I wasn’t going to have my KUSC anymore! To which he replied, “Oh, there will be other classical radio stations out there.” And there is. And I gave it a chance. But it just isn’t the same!!! I found the app through the Classical KUSC website and I’m so grateful for it! Now I can take a part of my hometown with me and listen to the best classical station anywhere I go with my favorite, Alan Chapman hosting! Thank you KUSC and listeners to keep this station accessible and thriving!
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2 years ago, writtenfromtoilet
Let the dulcet tones of Rich Capparela wash over you in heavenly bliss as he plays his record collection for you. You sip hot chocolate in a cushy chair next to a fire, idly petting his sleeping dog, Rich asks if you'd like to hear an old tune. "Sure, I'd love to" you might say, as he stands with a wry smile and says "I know just the one". As the piano picks up you hear a loud sound, slowly you realize the chair is the seat of your 2010 Ford Focus, the dog is your steering wheel, and the warm fire is the red traffic light ahead of you. Welcome to the second hour of our classical road rage melody.
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3 years ago, LoydC91362
Best Classical Station
I listened to KUSC for 30 years, until left Southern California, which I will miss profoundly for the rest of my life. At least I don’t have to miss KUSC since I can listen to this app. They have wonderful selections and great presenters. I prefer their selections to my own playlists, because I get fresh selections and surprises, and I rarely hear anything I don’t like. I could also always count on KUSC to bring me great film music over the years, perhaps because they’re based in LA. So I love the dedicated movie music stream when I’m in that mood. Thanks so much. Love you guys.
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2 years ago, DI NFlorida
Best in the EAST!
We moved from Southern California to Northern Florida to help take care of my father-in-law- who is on his journey with dementia. Our area does not not have a classical music channel. I am so thankful that we found KUSC. When we fist moved here we would take KUSC with us in the car on our way to my farther-in-laws doctor’s appointments. We enjoy listening to the great music during our dinner hour. It creates a sense of relaxation during our meal. Thank you for offering such a great gift of music to the airwaves. - From N Florida
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2 years ago, Richard3point14
Not as good as years ago
I like KUSC. However, with online streaming I find myself “flipping channels” a lot, often tuning in to classical stations in NYC, Seattle, Chicago, DC, Boston, etc. Some of the things I don’t like in the recent incarnations of KUSC: too much “one movement” programming, too much movie music (I change stations immediately whenever I hear the march music from “Star Wars”), too much in-house advertising and fund-raising, silly “ultimate playlist” contests that waste valuable air time with their incessant pre- and post-vote promotion, some “light-weight” overly superficial announcers, and various kinds of “drift” from what I consider their core mission—to present great classical music.
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3 years ago, DavenHal
KUSC at the Movies
My son graduated from USC in 2010. So I’ve had a connection to the U for years. I’m in SAGE, an organization for retired professionals. We propose and teach classes to each other throughout the year. A few weeks ago we concluded our course on film composers. And then of course I spotted your always timely programming streaming Film Scores. I miss this year your March Madness, the perennial tribute to the man who continues to bestride the classical music world, 250 years after his birth. One year I manned the phones downtown. Thanks for being one of SoCal’s treasures. David McClave
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5 years ago, Lefauxpas
No News. And I Love It For That
I live near DC and WETA, but listen to KUSC on their app (iOS and Apple TV). One, their great selection of music. It’s not so top 40 classical like some stations. The other, no news. I get enough of that from other sources. It’s not what I want to hear on classical radio. Thank you for that! It’s awesome sitting here by the campfire while camping in Western Maryland, listening to KUSC. The app is great, looks attractive up on the TV, and gives the info about most of the selections. That helps me add tunes to my iTunes playlists when I hear one I like.
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2 years ago, bert@1001
Wonderful station
We have listened every day since picking from a number of classical stations listed by IHeart App. On our smart TV. Without commercials and a comprehensive play list that honors and plays the basics of a good and melody oriented list of favorites, it is all we could have hoped for. While it plays some contemporary music, mostly cinema screen songs and wonderfully orchestrated baroque masterpieces, it ignores the rather dissonant stuff that other pseudo intellectual stations feature.
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5 years ago, la.yessi.b
Relaxes and centers me
I cannot say how much I love listening to classical music at the end of the day! It’s the best to get into the car, listen to the silence and then turning on KUSC, loud! Everything disappears from the stress of the day, I’m soothed while driving and traffic does not affect me. My mind is clear and at ease thanks to KUSC. I feel in a complete different world!! Most of all, it helps all 3 of my kids fall asleep!! Toddler, Pre-teen and teen...They love it and are following in my steps... the world has enough chaos and KUSC is the saving balance I need! Thank you!
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2 years ago, rick watts (WeHo)
Holiday music
Several years ago, my father died shortly before Christmas; with the funeral several days before Christmas; but the burial scheduled for the day after Christmas—necessitating a long lonely stay in a hotel room 2,000 miles from home. Christmas Eve was made brighter thanks to being able to listen to carols via your web service. (I even put a couple strings of lights up, gave gifts to the hotel staff—and made a Christmas tree using a giftwrap tube, packing tape, and an armload of towels.
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10 months ago, Mary Therese, Tracey, French
Gracious Thanks!
I have listened to kusc for twenty years. I adore the programming! The holiday program brings such peace and joy to my Season. I have moved from Southern California to North Carolina, then South Carolina and finally Ameila Island, Florida, throughout my travels I have listened to kusc. I have fond memories of listening to your beautiful pieces late at night, always on Christmas Eve. What a joyous way to bring in the Holiday! Thank you! I also enjoy A Joyful Noise on Sunday mornings. I find the program to be a beautiful beginning to a peaceful day.
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6 years ago, Benw25
KUSC is the bomb dot com
Why wouldn't you want to listen to some bumpin' classical music? Timeless jams curated by the hosts who have surprisingly humorous jabs that elicit even more emotional pleasure on top of the relaxing, beautiful music you're already listening to from the best composers of all time. Sick of ads? Good, you won't have to worry about them here. Seriously, get this app and you'll never find a better station. I've lived in many places aside from LA and THIS, flippin' KUSC is what all stations should strive to be like. Thank you, KUSC.
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3 years ago, Natacha travels
LOVE the MUSIC!!! Not the app
LOVE THE MUSIC AND STAFF! I’ve learned so much while enjoying a great range of music both new to me and old loves. Have had to un-install and re-install this app at least 20 times in the last 6 months because it will at some point begin to turn the music off automatically when my phone sleeps. It could work for months and then... I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Apple support trying to resolve the issue. At the last they suggested the uninstall and reinstall- which is the only thing that works. And yes, My device is up to date and less than a year old.
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2 years ago, ediedc
Nothing east of the Rockies comes close
As an alum who enjoys classical music I moved from LA to the Boston area in 1984- way before streaming, the internet or email had been invented. I was doomed to find my way in what ever the local market offered. I missed what I easily enjoyed as an undergraduate on campus. I soon realized this Gem , that was only in Southern California, had. NOTHING TO COMPARE in the Boston Market. By 1986 I moved to the Washington DC area. The classical music offerings were VERY limited, mixed with NPR and, in time , the one classical station gave up its format. In 2020, my husband and I moved to the triangle area of North Carolina. Broadcast radio has one classical station, limited in programming in every sense. Thank goodness technology and the app provides a way for us to access KUSC in all its glory. Truly. Fight On ✌🏼😎🎺🎶
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5 years ago, JS Bryant
Love this wonderful station
This is where my channel is tuned; it brings such joy, peace and calm into my life. As I drive I listen to the magnificent selections and the notes rise on high as prayers offered to Our Lord. The commentary’s are so enlightening and educational; I marvel at the wonderful pronunciation used in names of every nationality. This marvelous station gets 5 out of 5 stars and then some. Thank you so much for this gift of music, it is as though I were at a concert each time the pieces are performed. Sincerely, Pagan Bryant
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3 years ago, Al from Cal
Program notes
As a long time listener, I have a request: When your DJs post announce their selection , it would be much appreciated if they announced in the following order: 1) Composer’s Name 2) Title of the work 3) Soloist(s) 4) Music Director 5) Performing ensemble I am often listening late at night with my radio turned down low, so I often miss the information completely. Programming: the playlist is very conservative. XM Radio is much more interesting and diverse. There’s been a lot of great music written in the 20th and 21st Centuries beyond Gershwin and Copland and Stravinsky. As for the Baroque, I’ve heard enough Telemann to tell you he was a hack - he was not without talent, but mostly he cranked out musical sausage. Rameau and D Scarlatti could write reams of music around Georg. And Haydn - as long as we’re at it - wrote little of interest until he left the employment of the Esterhazys. Happy New Year!
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4 years ago, Breemzly
A life long treasure.
I wish I had something nice to say about the start. My mother played clarinet. I found her old horn in the closet and later became Outstanding Musician of the year. But, the climb to the top was blood sucking hard with a lifeless climax. I played most of the winds and was featured in every band in my high school. The Lord is my greatest love. He taught me Faith. He gave me Beethoven, Bach, Debussy......KUSC, a life long non sequitur study and performance of Classical Music serendipitously transfigured in my heart of hearts through the deepest root I have.
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3 years ago, oc opera girl
A Lifeline
I feel lucky. I come to the world of classical music courtesy of my parents. At birth. My father was an opera singer so classical music was the first music I knew. My nighttime lullaby was the Meditation from Thais. He has passed away but I cannot hear the Meditation without thinking of him and thanking him. I listen to KUSC every single day. It not only brings back memories but creates new ones; teaching me something everyday. I could fill pages with this review but you’ve probably got the point: a lifeline.
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5 years ago, ExpMedia
Very Nice and Varied Selection
This is my local public radio classical music radio station. It is also the ONLY classical music station in the nation’s second-largest radio market. Fortunately, having this monopoly has not induced KUSC to slack off and it offers a nice and varied selection of great music hosted by knowledgeable and unobtrusive presenters. I listen at home using the app and a Bluetooth speaker. It is the first button on my car radio and, using my iPad , I take the station with me wherever I go.
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2 years ago, maryinsb
Thank you for giving us a source of wonderful music. A huge help in calming down in holiday traffic! I love having two tracks of different music to choose from, and now a third over the holidays. My one request is that the helpful titles on the right side of the screen keep pace with the music being played. They often fall behind by two three works. Thank you.
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4 months ago, CharlesofOjai
USC has star DJs.
I loved the past programming for years….back to late 1960s when it was great new folk-rock-trendy music! Got up early just to listen to the Saturday morning program as a teenager. Loved it again when classical and other genres were shared with knowledge and education with Bonnie Grice. The programming did get a bit rigid for quite a few years, but now: Now, there is a fabulous selection of music and programming and ideas with all the current DJs ! Again, it feels like you have expanded with sounds and music and current artists and composers of classical artists. There are so many wonderful new artists snd composers! Cheers! I love where USC, the programmers and the music is every part of the day when I get a chance to listen.
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3 years ago, annefj
My favorite radio station
The first time I heard KUSC was when it started broadcasting in the Palm Springs area in the 1980s and immediately got to hear classical music I’d never heard before that was so beautiful, I became a member and, with a couple of gaps, have been a member ever since. I am still hearing music I’d never heard before from composers I was totally unfamiliar with. Thank you to all the staff at the station who have enriched my life, and that of my late husband, for so many years.
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7 years ago, colbystrns
Great App from my Local Classical Station!
It's very sleek, easy to use, and nice to have whenever I'm not in my car and want to listen to some wonderful classical music! I like that it shows the track listing of the songs so that I can look back and see if I should buy the music. I also enjoy seeing the biographies of the composers and the sideshow of pictures from the Los Angeles area are a very nice touch! Highly recommended for classical music lovers!
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2 years ago, Adam from the Bronx
From a visit to Los Angeles
During 2017 my wife was looking for a ‘do-able’ trip from NYC during her recovery from a serious diagnosis . We chose Southern California rented the required car and tooled around seeking classical music as the backdrop. The plan was to go to the satellite radio included in the rental , as we expected little . Never happened. We never switched the dial away from KUSC as we just enjoyed the programming so so much . When home we then shortly later bought a new Sonos receiver and programmed KUSC and have been enjoying it ever since We then became members and wish that you keep this fabulous accessible yet often challenging programming . KUSC is the right balance in our lives Thank you for being there.
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3 years ago, M.Benyamin
Just the right amount of everything
This app has music in its completeness, like i think they will only play an excerpt of a certain musical piece, they play the full one. I like listening to lengthy compositions on radio and i don’t get bored no matter how long the composition. Great commentary from presenters too , just the right amount of everything in ratios, music, commentary and also different eras like baroque or classical era varities play on this app Loving it
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1 year ago, 3TXF
In love with this station ❤️
Classical KUSC is top-notch for its programming and professionalism in presenting classicsl music to the world. So proud it’s in my home state of California! And I listen to it night and day. The app is so elegant with its beautiful rotating photos of Los Angeles and its real-time playlist that lists the musical selection, composer, and artist performing the piece. And now there are 6 playlist streams to choose from. Please support KUSC and public radio if you love the classics !
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1 year ago, Ecodreamer001
The Best Radio Station Ever!
My mother, a professional violinist introduced me to this station more than 50 years ago. I listened to it off and on back then, but in recent years it has become my lifeblood. I particularly love the ability that this app gives me to switch from the main lineup of songs to movie soundtracks etc. Thank you, KUSC, for making my life more beautiful!
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3 years ago, shari the redhead
The best listening
I have been a fan of KUSC since first learning of it in my Pacific Symphony program notes. What a gang of talent you have on air! Programming is near perfect and like so much that there is an opportunity to learn more about composers and their “back stories “! You always have something to suit the time of day or night and I love the request features. Thanks for the years of entertainment! Sharon Pfister
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3 years ago, Jerry & Cathi Morris
California Dreamin’
Our daily routine includes sharing a pot of coffee as we prepare for each day. Jennifer, Alan, and KUSC are a part of that regimen. We love the stories, personality, and musical variety. While now living in Salem, Oregon, we both grew up in Southern California. The station’s history, and even the website pictures are a wonderful reminder of days, and a region, we loved. Our thanks to every supporter, and to all those invested in making KUSC such a gift to the musical world.
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11 months ago, Bean...jean
Everyone LOVES it!!
Whenever I have KUSC playing at home, friends and family always ask what station it is. KUSC has the best variety of music for everyday classical listeners. Great pieces on composers that educate but don’t take too much time away from music. This is also the LEAST buggy app I’ve ever had when it comes to classical music and NPR. My only regret is not writing this review sooner. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, rsohng
Been listening since I was in the womb 😭
Grew up with music (literally while I was still baking). My little brother and I would wake every morning to the sound of classical music from KUSC thanks to both of our parents’ love of music. I’m in my late 20’s now and will forever love this station. The app is a MUST. So I can carry KUSC around with me wherever I go. 🥺 Also, just saying, Rich Capparela - you basically raised me so you’re forever Uncle Rich. 💜
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6 years ago, duganjimmy
Give your brain a treat
This station is remarkable. Classical music is classical music, its not groundbreaking with it's music library. What makes it so great is the passion, the knowledge, and pleasant manner of the the unpretentious staff and on air personalities. I have learned more about music listening to this app than I have from all other music apps combined. Great to write to. Great to work to. Great for leaving on all day and zoning out. Drop in. Drop out. Learn. Love. Great app.
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6 years ago, ceocrocker
The Only Way to Survive LA Traffic!
Although raised in the San Gabriel Valley, I fled to the woods (first Big Bear City - then to Maine!) as an adult. My family, though, including my two children (both raised in Maine but having jobs in SoCal) require frequent visits. The hardest part of the trip is, of course, traffic. Since I have to spend hours on the road between Santa Monica, West Covina and La Jolla - having KUSC really helps unclench my teeth while inching my way from one loved one to another. Thanks KUSC!
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4 years ago, Dan Getz
Wonderful music at all times
This app makes it incredibly easy to identify what song is playing on 91.5. Instead of waiting until the end of a movement to hear the details and hoping to remember every single detail, I can simply open the app and favorite the song that is playing. It is a true gift for someone like me that is still discovering the wonderful world of classical music. Thank you KUSC.
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5 years ago, jean2018grateful
Grateful everyday start my day accompanied by the music of this station, at the tip of my finger. Difficult to choose among the different programs. The one that I think inspires the most is From the top in Sunday afternoons. I am in my seventies and to hear the music and stories of these young performers is really uplifting. I try to catch at least part of the program when coming home from a weekend activity. Love to have this app.
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