Classical Music Radio WQXR

4.2 (118)
63.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
New York Public Radio
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Classical Music Radio WQXR

4.24 out of 5
118 Ratings
6 years ago, Benny Badman
Decent app & station
This is one of the few exceptions to my general preferences for mp3 playlists over radio. The app is basic and mostly does what it’s intended to do. One bug I’ve noticed is that the currently-playing and recently-played tracks will stop updating after a while; restarting the app gets it working again, but it is an inconvenience. Landscape mode and on-screen volume control would be nice additions, as would a way to save a track’s info to a list so I can reference it later. And maybe a way to let a donation silence the constant nags to donate when it’s that season again. :P
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6 years ago, Dianeke24
Initial screen warning
If you install this app, every time you turn you iPhone on, half the screen will be filled with an announcement of what’s playing now in WQXR. Also, there’s a voice ad every time you open the app and want to access the station via Bluetooth. I’d be willing to shell a few bucks to avoid such nuisances. Improvement could include an option to view the day’s program without having to go to the daily email, which btw is great.
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6 years ago, Ghfgr14287
Please add support for iPad.
I could never deduct any stars from this classical music gem, but it would be most welcome to have a universal app that is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. Most iPad owners hold and view their devices in landscape mode, as do the folios and stands designed for the iPad when set on the coffee table, countertop or a nightstand. WQXR is a wonderful gift to its music loving audience, and has played an important part in the lives of its listeners for decades. Looking forward to many more.
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2 years ago, richgrzesiak
Needs high res audio!!!!
Love everything about this app and WQXR except for the low quality audio. I mean, really low quality sound! How much extra does it cost to distribute your signal in HD??? Please join the 21st century and start transmission using high fidelity sound!!!!
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2 years ago, Matt Freshness
Wonderful music
I love these music streams from WQXR. I know I can go to the New Sounds stream anytime I want to listen to something good, but don’t have a particular artist in mind. Feature suggestions: it would be nice to be able to see the track name, artist and composer from the Lock Screen. Also, it would be good to browse past episodes of New Sounds and shows from WQXR from the app.
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6 years ago, Busyexec1
Awesome App
This has been and continues to be an outstanding app. I love the ability to listen to classical and opera. Operavore is awesome. This app does not disappoint. One suggestion, be able to purchase the music you hear from iTunes would be great and/or to save what you are listening to in order to purchase later.
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5 years ago, arpickett
Oh, what joy!
I moved several months ago, and never quite figured out how to configure my new space to stream operavore easily. What made think to look for an app for my tablet, I couldn’t say, but I found it, downloaded it, and now my favorite music is back in my daily life!
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2 years ago, Alwaysbadnews13
Needs airplay/smart speaker compatibility
This app is great, it just needs to have smart speaker compatibility. Most people who listen to music via an app want to stream it somewhere louder, not just from our phones. Get on it please.
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7 years ago, Dogoftheopera
Great with one grouch
So Love this app! play all the time when I’m walking my dogs. Only thing is when I whip out my iPhone to see what’s playing and it just says Operavore. Will get five stars when it always shows you what’s playing.
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7 years ago, Stevenrhaz
A treasure to have for your NYC Commute
I love streaming when I’m at home or biking. But what makes this app invaluable is it’s ability to download classical music for your underground commute, where streaming is not available.
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4 years ago, DenroyLaw
No music is being played
The app ceased working. It shows that it’s playing and no music is heard. I am currently using the website to listen to the radio station. Please fix this dilemma. Sincerely, A concerned listener
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6 years ago, I am AmazingBass
Great. Alarm Clock
I’ve been listening to WQXR since it was AM Classical music. Glad you’re still around. Just discovered the alarm feature. Hope it works well.
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6 years ago, pr8zsw300
STILL missing important feature
Disappointing update. The "Previously Played" STILL doesn't update as you stream the station. And there is no way to see an up-to-date playlist within the app. Otherwise a good app.
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7 years ago, akbal
One feature missing
Please add Chromecast support
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2 years ago, flipflop9999
App is marginal in this day and age
Programming is fine. But I can’t believe that the app doesn’t support Airplay. So I can’t use it to stream music to my stereo, which is primarily how I listen. And there is no iPad version either.
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6 years ago, Skandal98
Recent update caused issues
Lifelong WQXR listener, and fan of the last version of the app. However, after a late 2017 update, I can no longer use (or even open) the app - maybe issue with older iPhones? Pretty bummed :(
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4 days ago, cameron743
Fantastic (Mr fox)
Enjoy this as you experience the things you find
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8 years ago, violonfello
Like so many martyrs
Great ideas, not-so-great execution. The "On Demand" section needs the most help: many playlists are in random order and are neither searchable nor sortable; playing audio can't be scrubbed; the "Previously played" list doesn't retain a history; some advertised tracks are absent (the piece I downloaded the app to listen to isn't there); where's Meet the Composer? Etc. There are plenty of good things happening here, especially being able to see lots of detail about what's playing in the stream. (For which Actaeon paid dearly; for us it's happily free.) But, like an Italian model with a broken nose, when your best feature is out of whack...that tends to get all the attention. Alas. I'm very grateful for the app, don't get me wrong—I'd just like to see it live up to its potential.
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7 years ago, stridera91
Love the on demand, previously played, and alarm clock.
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5 years ago, dwstrwa
app not working since iOS update (13.3)
I recently downloaded the new iOS on my iPad and iPhone and now the app does not play music. Please update the app as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, Njfprod
Wireless speakers?
Am I missing something? I can't find how you play to your wireless speaker.
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6 years ago, mrmistermr
Update your app for iPhone X
Update the app and your ratings will improve.
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3 years ago, BrooklynHasTrees
No airplay support
There’s no way to stream from the app to your homepod. This is a huge oversight in a music app.
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8 years ago, Opal Drake
Does what it needs to do.
And satisfies my insatiable thirst for opera (though the Operavore playlists could use a little variety at times--I can recognize the triumphal procession from Aida within a note or two, and the bloody Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin should never be played anywhere ever, and that includes at weddings and performances of Lohengrin). The only things to get it up to 5 stars would be chromecast support and the name of the current track on the lock screen rather than the general stream description.
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10 years ago, ocru
Excellent app!
I had to rave about this a app for a second- it functions so well and it is such a simple and easy interface. I had thought in my head - "Ah I wish I could fall asleep to this without it playing all night!" And HUZZAH! I can! They have a snooze button you can use that will shut off the music after a set time, minimum of 20 minutes, maximum of 3 hours. It's brilliant! All in this little app. All of the live stream stations are there, and they even show you the previously played, the time they were played, etc. Very well made and structured. Thank you WQXR! I've moved to PA from NY and I miss the stations in NY terribly. I don't feel too far from home with this. Great app.
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12 years ago, RobMaurizi
Very good, but a couple of issues
I've noticed at times, it's hard to get the stream to stay together, but it usually does pretty well. I love it in the car when I hear something but am not sure what it is... Fire up the app and see exactly what it is! One major feature missing: the player should make use of more of a native UI, including the airplay button. Without that UI, pushing the stream to AirPlay is such a pain in the neck. Fix that and you get 5 stars!
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9 years ago, amc000
Great music, plus Jonathan Schwartz
I was looking for a source of great classical music, streaming, for free. None of the major radio apps have this, not even in their “specialty” channels. This app has lot of different classical music streams, PLUS a bonus: it has 24/7 streams of past Jonathan Schwartz playlists. The Great American Songbook sung by wonderful artists. So when you’re in the mood for “modern” classical … great background music for dinner, parties, cooking, lolling on the porch … just wonderful.
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9 years ago, Dudeski-J
Elegance and Simplicity Rocks in Classical Music
I love these tapping and timer for my favorite NYC station - in my case Q2 music which features music of living composers - there is no station like it in the world. I can easily switch from Q2 to Operavore - but the new sounds of Q2 music are now with me everywhere I go.
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10 years ago, Mormont the Old Bear
I rarely write reviews, but this app deserves one. First of all, I really like how confortable the app makes you feel using it. On the second hand, the features are completely useful. Since a "download" option to an"alarm clock" option. I recommend this radio to everyone who enjoy listening good quality clasical music.
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8 years ago, Symphony geek
Finding this App has been wonderful!! I grew up listening to WQXR daily; there's no other station like it in the world. Seven years ago I moved 1300 miles away and have missed WQXR every single day. Now I've got it at my fingertips again. Bells and whistles - and the occasional glitch - mean nothing. What matters is the music and it's all here. Highly recommend!
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13 years ago, Neo2415
Great App!
At last, for fans of WQXR, an iPod/iPhone App. This App has it all: playlists, an alarm clock, program schedules, and the ability to listen to special programs you may have missed, etc. If you love WQXR--download this! You can also access Q2 and any "special" music streams currently being broadcast. This was worth the wait!
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7 years ago, Elixir357
Good Programming, Poor Audio
WQXR programming is very strong, with excellent hosts and commentary. Unfortunately, much of the audio is overdriven and distorted - an oversight in the stream's audio signal chain. This isn't something I've experienced with any other classical stream - or any app for that matter. It seems to be a problem unique to the WQXR app. I would love to use the app more. But sometimes, with loud, crunchy dynamics, I just have to switch to MPR or KUSC.
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9 years ago, yikes, how long???
WQXR rocks
Oh wait... WQXR is classical... a staple... and one of the great things about NYC, but definitely not rock... I left NYC over 2 decades ago, but will always be a New Yorker. And now I can listen to the old, familiar WQXR anytime, anywhere. It's just so much better than the local classical station. Thank you, internet gods and tech wizards...
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9 years ago, X89576
Very buggy
The streaming on this app generally works well, but there has been a bug for months and it is not possible to access the "Programs" section of the app--which is really just a link to the station's website. Programs is where you can access lots of live concert material on demand. The drop down menu on Programs no longer works.
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10 years ago, LinksAwesome
One of the best radio station apps
I feel that WQXR is by far one of the best classical music radio station apps out there. The music is always wonderful, as is the cast of speakers that host the many programs that WQXR has to offer. Thank you WQXR for making the most unbearable parts of my day just the opposite!
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12 years ago, jmdebany
Please fix the alarm clock
I should start by saying that this is my favorite app. I only wish that the alarm feature (where it wakes you up to the audio stream) would work when the phone is a sleep or the app is running in the background. I've seen alarm apps that can do this; I hope the developers can figure it out.
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10 years ago, Bx Sensei
New design, less crashing
So far the app doesn't randomly crash unlike previous versions, though I haven't used the sleep timer yet, which used to have many problems.
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13 years ago, Running Dogs
I applaud the development of this app, and look forward to its continued improvement. Love being able to access my favorite shows and DJs on demand, as well as the ability to tune in live to the Q2 stream. Especially love the playlist feature, which is pretty much real time. Yes! Looking for: 1. in app volume control 2. in app support for airplay/airport express [it works but you have to set it up externally] 3. Links to purchase/more info/reviews 4. opportunities to review/comment/interact in real time
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13 years ago, VincenzoC
This was very much so worth the wait! Awesome app with great functionally, and wonderfully designed. Had one idea this morning, if you can "star" or "favorite" a song so you could come back and look at it later. Again awesome app!
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11 years ago, Julababa
Great app for some great music
The app is a dream to use. Well designed and intuitive. It's also a handy thing to have for all the times when you're not near a radio. And the music is of course a always amazing.
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10 years ago, 7738493
Great app needs work
This is a great way to listen to wqxr anywhere. App is easy to navigate. There is a streaming problem,seems to not hold a connection for more than a few minutes. Please improve!
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9 years ago, Jetsfan1974nj
Simple, Efficient, and useful.
This app is great! It's not packed full of annoying adds like the other radio apps. It's Easy to use and It works great. Please don't "sell out" and change this platform. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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12 years ago, Iwikifan
Share feature seems not to work
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13 years ago, Qxr fan
Great app
So great that wqxr finally got an app. I can now take them with me everywhere I go. I especially like the playlist, and also all the new special shows that I can hear on demand. Great job wqxr!
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9 years ago, Headspace is awesome!
Love love love this app! Because I travel a lot and I'm out of the radio broadcasting signal range- this app is the perfect solution for me to listen to WQXR 24/7. The database of pieces by Bach on here is also very impressive and amazing. Forever a supporter of WQXR!
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13 years ago, Juliehop
The only sad part is when my subway goes underground and I lose reception. I love this station and am thrilled they are making it available to everyone!!
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9 years ago, GeoHops
It works
The WQXR app works without any problems. This is all I want. I listen online, and I don't want to have it give me trouble. It does not. What more can I say?
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8 years ago, lul19
Great station, does it's job, but not good enough for the times
It needs chromecast support. I would love to be able to walk back home from work and just cast to my speakers. Also: why does it disconnect after a call? Great station, decent app. App needs a little more work
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12 years ago, WQXR fan
Great until you use it
The app has great features and so many On Demand programs but it looses feed so easily. Whether I'm using 3G or wireless I cannot listen to music uninterrupted. I often give up after 15 minutes. Other classical radio stations apps have less features but I can listen to an entire symphony without re-buffering!
Show more
10 years ago, plkiuh
Has Potential
This is a great app when it works. Unfortunately, it's not very stable. The streaming opera channel hasn't worked for the last 24 hours. Just changed from a three to a one. It seems like they cannot keep,it working for more than a few hours at at a time. Very frustrating. Stops me from contributing.
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