Clean Email — Inbox Cleaner

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Clean Email, LLC
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3 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clean Email — Inbox Cleaner

4.42 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
4 years ago, ywindlass
Almost spectacular
I’ve been trying to organize my digital life for a few years now. This app seems trustworthy with the data they pull, and seems to have great performance. I do recommend this as this may be the best, but it does have a few areas for improvement. - The app sometimes crashes after queuing many deletes. - Once you go into a segment, you aren’t able to apply more filters. The crashes aren’t entirely a dealbreaker because this is better then the rest, especially in terms of privacy. I appreciate this company and hope the ux improves further! This has been a great tool.
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5 years ago, La Lauren
Lifesaver at managing emails
This app is fantastic and well worth the price of subscribing. Flexible and intuitive to manage your email as you need: auto archive, label, or trash, unsubscribe from mailing lists, etc. Applying multiple actions to an email also works flawlessly. You can feel safer putting your data in their hands compared to other free services where your data is what they’re really after. Had a great and quick response from customer service that shows they are receptive to user feature requests and actively working to make it better. Yes some large-batch functions may run slowly: if you need to do a lot of initial email cleanup and move thousands of emails at a time, that takes time to run. If you need to unsubscribe from a lot of mailing lists, that may also take time. That upfront effort will do a lot to make your life easier in the long run. And once the large-batch stuff is done, running actions on one or a small group of items for maintenance runs very quickly. If you decide to subscribe look for the link that says something like “view other plan options” because it defaults to the rate for up to five emails and is cheaper if you need to manage only one. The subscription price is very fair IMO for the powerful features and email serenity.
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8 months ago, jmash77
Got this app, was working perfectly, gave them permission to access my email account and now the app doesn’t get past the loading screen when you open it. I’ve redownloaded it, restarted my phone, reset it, redownloaded it again, all to no avail. App opens, displays the @ logo and never gets past that or shows any indication of doing so. Very weird that this happened as soon as I gave them my permission to access my email, app was working perfectly fine before, and now no matter what I can do I can’t get in, revoke permissions, or act on the permission I gave the app. At the minimum this is indicative of lazy, terrible app design and gaping technical issues, at the worst this is a insidious play to access people’s emails under false pretenses. Either way, I’d stay far far far away. Almost all the features they describe on the App Store listing are locked behind a paid subscription anyway, the minimal tools they give you for free are included natively in email clients like gmail (actually gmails search bar has far more utility then this entire app, if you aren’t aware of what you can do with it I’d look it up you can type something like: category:social , older_than:1y and it’ll filter the results for you). So unless you’d like to potentially compromise your email for literally zero upside, I’d take a pass on this.
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2 years ago, 01803
Love this app!
I had thousands of emails/junk emails collected over several years. Too many to remove manually. On occasion I would miss something legit because it was "lost" or missed between all my spam. Not any more. Not only was I able to delete all the junk, but I have been able to unsubscribe to hundreds of those that were constantly clogging my email. The app has a clean, easy, well designed interface, and worked exactly as advertised. It continues to work automatically, filtering out any new junk, but allows me to double check so I don't miss anything. I had a quick question about some features, and received a response later in the same day. I don't write many reviews at all, but this company and app earned my business, loyalty, and praise. It is the best money I have spent for an app,(over the yrs I have dropped a lot) that not only works like it said, but actually has made a difference with my email experience.
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8 months ago, steV3nom
Screener does not work - spam still makes it to my inbox
Overall I think Clean Email is an excellent app, however the primary functionality that I have it for is getting rid of spam emails so I don’t have to see them cluttering my inbox. I’m a paying subscriber, and I have Screener set up so that no addresses are allowed through, and I have “Screen” selected for “Messages from mailing lists,” “Messages sent automatically,” and “Messages from people,” yet I still get tons of spam email from new senders that have ridiculously long, random email addresses that have never emailed me before. The intended job of Screener is to intercept these messages from ever hitting my inbox, but I log into Yahoo in my browser, and they’re all sitting there in my inbox. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve reached out to support about this and they told me that Clean Email works directly with your email server and not my email app, but I get these emails regardless of how I access my email (Yahoo web client, Apple Mail, Edison Mail, etc.) If this gets fixed, I’d definitely say this app is 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Jake1107
Great concept... poorly executed!
This app fits a need I have almost exactly, BUT the app is unreliable at best. It does not support 2 step authentication if using iCloud and the app specific password that can be generated as a workaround has to be typed in every time you return to the app. Reached out to the developer regarding an issue I was having with the app specific password only working once or twice before seemingly expiring and their response was just to point the finger at Apple as the reason for the issue. Never mind that I have two other apps that have been using app specific passwords for soo long I forgot they existed until I had to delete the 6 I had created for this app and noticed them in the list. If looking for an app for a one time use to clean your email... maybe you could tolerate all the issues, but a non-starter if looking for an app for ongoing maintenance. Developers really need to put that subscription income back to work... FaceID or user friendly login, support for 2 step authentication, bug fixes (even with tooltips), etc. Would be a software I could see myself paying for if/when all these are resolved.
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5 years ago, janet7073
Great Customer Service, simple instructions
I downloaded the app last night, and had a couple of minor issues and deleted the app, and chose to opt out of the subscription. I received a request from asking for the reason. I received a reply almost immediately. I responded, and received another response! I was impressed! In these days of automation and nobody caring much about customer service, only the bottom dollar, Clean Email has gone above and beyond in my opinion. The issues I had did not even have to do with actual app performance. The customer service went from “GOOD” to “ASTRONOMICAL!!!”. I downloaded the app again. When an owner, employee, or company go to this extent, the product and service will also. I downloaded the app again, sooo easy to use, and going to save me hours! I highly recommend the app, the company, and kudos to Marius and Kyryl! Y’all are awesome! Janet
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2 years ago, nortorioususer
just get the app, don’t get anything else
this has been the best app to organize your email. I’ve had chuck, unroll me, edison mail but this is the only that i’ve found to be helpful. The issue i’ve found with the other apps is that, they never show the emails i actually want them to unsubscribe for me. that’s the main issues i have with other apps but nahhh, not with this app. it’s been the most helpful in my opinion. they should have a free trial but i bought the subscription because that’s how helpful it was. the main seller for me was the auto clean option so you can create a rule. they have an option to remove completely for future and existing emails which is SO helpful for spam emails. if you struggle with spam emails that other apps aren’t catching then, get this
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3 months ago, Pennsylvania Sticks
Makes managing long-standing email accounts manageable again
This app saves an incredible amount of time. The upgraded service is well worth the time savings for the price, IMHO. Some of my email accounts I’ve had since there was email. With that length of history, those addresses have been exposed in dozens (maybe hundreds) of data leaks, making spam grow out of control. A few hours getting things set up, and this app works amazingly. By screening all senders, it allows me to quickly get to what I need to see. For any marketing from companies I want to see advertising from, I can keep the newest and let the app delete the rest. It’s greatly reduced my mail cleanup time by treating the disease and not the symptoms of a full inbox. One feature I’d love to see added in the future is the ability to automatically block spam based on subject/body content. So often spammers just change emails and domains to get back in your inbox with the same trending market gimmicks that a person would 1. Never buy, 2. Are annoying, 3. Link to some fraudulent website aimed at ripping an individual off. Overall, fantastic product and don’t regret getting it for a second!
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6 years ago, 1funlady11
Try your email client app first
I had high hopes for this, but unfortunately I didn't keep it more than 10 mins b/c: 1. It ran slow on my iPad mini, and I had to close and reopen to refresh it. 2. The multi select feature I can get from using the mail client's app (yahoo, gmail, etc) and those apps are free. I guess if your mail client doesn't have a native app, then this could be for you, but I don't hav3 that issue as of now. 3. I don't want to pay $50 per year for this. That's almost half my annual anti virus license. Also, I'm wary of subscriptions through iTunes, based on past experiences. Last time I had an issue with the charge recurring 2 months past cancellation. Ultimately it got fixed by iTunes banning that payment method from my account. I don't have time or patience for that again, especially when I can get the multi delete feature for free through native mail apps. If they find a way to build an auto unsubscribe feature into this app, then I'd be willing to give it another try.
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2 years ago, Jeni Bradi
Best of Best
This is my first review ever. I love tools that are straightforward and get the job done. I'm the founder of a franchise company and recently sold. I needed to gather my data, all the files and assets created over two decades, including 42,000 of which 25-30% are incredibly important and like gold to me. I refer to them often, and in the old days had a beautiful file system set up for each, but that was when email was useful, thoughtfully written knowledge work. So I needed a way to harvest the those incredibly well written nuggets, organize my resources and trash the overwhelming junk that brands email disrespectful bombarded my inbox with. This app is the first that is through, thoughtful, and detailed. Well done! Jeni
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1 year ago, ChazToz
Unable to add a third account to my FIVE account subscription
My sign in email account is with Yahoo. This works well. I successfully added a Gmail account, that one works well. I have tried to add a second Yahoo email without success. I have tried multiple times over multiple days WITHOUT success. I have tried using the "Feedback" button WITHOUT success I have tried using the Contact Us button WITHOUT success. I am subscribed to the Five Account Yearly plan. If the developer can help, please reply and contact me. UPDATE: Developer reply is somewhat misleading. Contact with complete and correct instructions has been unsuccessful. I just submitted another 'Help Request' in their Support 'Help' window requesting direct contact using my registered account email. Hopefully their response will be successful.
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11 months ago, gjrogers4
Just what I was looking for
My work email address is only a couple years old, yet I’d already lost control of it with email subscriptions flooding in constantly. All the garbage was drowning out the important stuff and stressing me out. With this app, I think I deleted 2000+ emails and unsubscribed from 75+ senders witching the first hour of use. I’m just getting started with using other features like inbox sorting based on the sender and ranking them in several different ways, including by how many times they’ve emailed before, for example. Going beyond functionality and getting the job done, I feel like it has a really intuitive design, too 👍🏼
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5 months ago, meghanR90
From 149k emails to 17k in one day
I’ve had so many emails in my gmail I’ve had to actually pay for more space so I can get new emails. It annoys me, but I couldn’t figure out a way to go through and delete enough emails without deleting important emails as well. This app is incredible and well worth $10/mon to use as long as you want (and easy to cancel). You can set rules for emails that should be deleted not just currently but also in the future. They can also help unsubscribe you from most any email list and show you what’s taking up most of your space. I don’t have to pay gmail for extra space anymore!
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6 years ago, faelynne
Most Amazing Email Cleaner Ever
This is the most amazing email cleaner that I have ever run into. Every day I am inundated with 100s of emails. I had 1000s filed that were taking up space. This was so quick! I have been able to clear out so much space from my iCloud email account. This app has rules that can be set up to file emails by sender, to protect emails from being moved, to identify spam, to archive by date, to unsubscribe. I have tried all kinds of apps and services, including expensive ones. No other app in the entire app store has been able to do this for meI Try it out! I paid these guys for their service because it is outstanding.
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2 months ago, Emma_Vi
Wow - Effective & Good Privacy Policy
I’m honestly very impressed by this app. I’m concerned about this review coming off as fake b/c I’m actually so pleased. → It’s privacy policy and design is MILES better at respecting your privacy/data than every other popular app I’ve checked → It ACTUALLY effectively unsubscribes you (vs just blocking accounts so long as you pay a ludicrous sub fee) → And then goes beyond that by making it easy to delete/archive/clean up massive amounts of spam and other emails Like seriously. I’m already planning on helping my mom, family, and maybe even friends use it to manage their emails. Especially my mom lol. She has approx 20,000+ (or is it 200,000?) unread emails in her inbox and for all that I’m willing to do for her, I’ve never felt prepared to take that on until now I want to convince her to create a new email account truth be told, but her account is decades old and clearing out the junk will make finding/migrating the important stuff actually possible.
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1 year ago, DJCPAZ
I was looking for a program to help me clean my inbox after not doing anything with it in Apple Mail for over a decade. I had in excess of 300,000 emails and my mail program was getting slow. So I tried several products and found this one to be the easiest and most intuitive to use. Plus, when I had a few questions, the customer support through the app was excellent. Just give them some time (never longer than a day) to get back to you since they are a small group, but they always have given me excellent service.
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4 years ago, blu3dreammm
Be careful🙀
This is a really good thousands and thousands of emails that needed to be deleted. But let me tell you this if you have any important emails or files that you have created that you put certain emails in to make sure that before you start letting this app clean out your email that you go to the settings and exclude anything that you do not want delete it because this app worldwide be your email squeaky clean even your files that you have and folders so make sure that you goInto the app and go to settings and follow the proper steps if you want anything to be saved.
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2 years ago, Jimmyb1014
Thank you Clean Email
I was able to take back control of my inbox. I’ve been using this email address for over 20 years. Over 100k emails and through the app I also found out over 2k subscriptions. I wanted to clear it all out with the exception of a few things and it let me do just that. It’s very intuitive with the Smart Folder, the ability to create rules and getting rid of junk subscriptions with a click. I now have 20 emails in my inbox and some folders with the important stuff.
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3 years ago, Sun Viking
Such a Time Saver
I’ve been using this app for several months now. It has saved me over an hour a day in moving non-essential mail to a “Read Later” folder. I then set the app rules to delete unflagged mail in the “Read Later” folder after 30 days. These deleted messages stay in the trash folder for an additional 30 days before becoming permanently deleted. If I haven’t read an email in 60 days, it either unimportant or obsolete. Customer support was extremely quick in answering any questions.
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5 months ago, ancientdark
Performs exactly as advertised
My Gmail inbox became cluttered with spam and junk after my email address was exposed on the dark web. I almost decided to give up as my account was being slammed with hundreds of emails a day. Clean Email helped me to rescue the account. The unsubscribe feature alone helped me get my sanity back. I was able to clean 30,000+ emails in a very short period of time. I don't write reviews because most apps are luxuries. This is a practically useful app that allowed me to get back control of my inbox.
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4 days ago, Professor Cosmos Smedley
Why not block domains?!
I started getting a bunch of “you’ve won this” emails so I decided to try out this app. All it does is keep emails from downloading in my received box. I still have to go to the app to unsubscribe or block. I can do that without the app. The only benefit to the app is I don’t have to give out my email address to unsubscribe. I do not know if my address is included when I block or unsubscribe through the app. One thing I did notice. I was getting multiple offerings from the same domain. If this service offered the choice to block entire domains, it would be worthy of five stars.
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5 months ago, Too many emails 0516
Cleaned my inbox
My inbox was overrun with emails. 179,000 to be exact. I use aol and didn’t want to get a new email account. I know it’s old but I like it. AOL only lets you delete 100 emails at a time. I found this app and decided to pay for it $44 for a year. Now less than 24 hours later my inbox is almost empty. It takes a little while because aol still only allows so much deleting at a time. But it’s doing it for me and I will take control of my emails again. Money well spent.
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1 year ago, canmicaga
Worth every penny!
I have been increasingly plagued with spam email over the last few weeks and it was cluttering my inbox so badly. I was blocking senders and sending them to junk, but more would keep coming. I received almost 50 while I was in a 1 hour meeting. Within a few hours of purchasing Clean Mail, I was able to have peace of mind again. I started the free version, but then went ahead and paid for a subscription and I’m so glad I did. Highly recommended!!!
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2 years ago, N8 Jones
A smidge glitchy, but solid app for tackling email.
I’m a former Chuck/Mailstrom user and needed to make the switch because of their incompatibility with MS Exchange servers. So far, I’ve reduced my inbox from about 2500 to 9 emails in the past 3 days, so I’d say it works pretty well. I’m seeing it be a bit jumpy and unresponsive from time to time when I’m trying to do multiple things at once within the app, but generally, I like it and already find it worth the subscription. Now to tackle my other 7 email accounts…
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3 months ago, Sean19111911
Its like a Hazmat cleanup crew for your email. From 150k total emails to 30k meaningful emails
My mom had a very severe spam and newsletter related overflow to the point where she stopped opening her email because she was hopeless that she’ll ever be able to see a meaningful email among the junk. However these guys (i.e the developers) and their App cleaned a up beyond hope mailbox. I’m very happy with the results, the service and the privacy policy of this company, money well spent and they deserve every penny of that and more.
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2 years ago, yoga710
Love this
Just got this yesterday and started w 394,000 emails… yes that is correct. I’ve had this account for 17+ years for work. I’m already down to 171,000 with just a few quick clicks and some patience while the system worked through my history. Still working my way down but love the easy unsubscribe feature, the keep the newest for ones I want to see but don’t need all the old ones and the easy way to creat rules for others. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, driven
Good concept, subscription model
Love the concept. Love the categories that it sorts everything in to. I didn’t actually let it run however, so from this point on, I’ll just assume it worked as advertised. The showstopper for me was the subsection model. For anything for than a small number of emails in single account you need to upgrade to a subscription. If you have more than 1 email account (who doesn’t?) then your minimum cost is approx $120 a year if paid monthly or approx $60 a year paid annually. ( these may change at the publisher’s discretion ) In my opinion, that’s a lot of money to perform this task. Doing this manually might take me 2 hours or so per year if I keep on top of it ? Not a great value proposition for me. For you it may be worth it. Personally I’ve stayed away from nearly all subscription models, preferring to pay one time for my apps. It’s worked well for me. If you are ok with a subscription then this app looks very good and I can see it being a real timesaver.
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5 years ago, Ja world
Won’t delete emails
I paid for the subscription because I thought it would be worth saving me the time of going through my inbox. Unfortunately it won’t actually delete emails now that I paid. I either get an error message right away or it takes so long to process that it signs me out and then tells me that the emails couldn’t be deleted because I’m not signed in. I sign in again and the same thing happens. I’ve never written a review for an app before but for the price of this one I thought people should know that it doesn’t work. Maybe if you’re only trying to delete a a couple hundred emails you’ll be fine but if that’s all you need to delete then I don’t know why you’d pay for an app in the first place.
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6 years ago, MandiFaye
Poor app, even poorer support
When this app works, it’s great, but in the almost month I’ve had the paid subscription, I’ve spent most of my time trying to get it to work. No matter which of my devices I use, it is difficult and buggy from login on. Reading the faq, I thought I had to email them to unsubscribe, so I did, letting them know their app wasn’t working at all for me. I received a snarky reply from Marius that if the app “wasn’t working at all” (quoted) they would be out of business. As I told him in my reply, some services (once I was finally able to login) mysteriously started working after I emailed them, but of course I have now unsubscribed on principle. Spend more time improving your app and less writing rude replies to your customers.
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10 months ago, Cmerrick21
Most efficient email cleaning app ever
I had tried every “unsubscriber” app, and then I came across this one. I can go through 20k spam emails in 30 minutes as opposed to the 2 hours it took me before. The depth of the rules that you can create for different senders is amazing and the screener and unsubscribe features are fantastic. The most efficient feature is filtering by number of messages by sender, which is absolutely genius. I could not recommend this more.
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1 year ago, junior's 232
Work really good
At first I didn’t thought it was going to work that well but after I finish with school I was left with over 8,000 emails and other random subscriptions which blow my phone every day into I found out about this app I thought about do it myself but I didn’t see my self deleted 8k email. But this app Do it in just a few minutes. And the price it’s worth it I definitely. recommend if you’re in the same situation I was
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6 months ago, teardownthehouse
Simple, intuitive, efficient
This is a fantastic app. If you, like me, have neglected cleaning out your inbox of junk emails and ads for a decade, this is the app for you. I’ve been able to clear ~10 gigabytes of emails by casually using this app for a few minutes a day for a week. When you calculate the time it would take to do all that manually or with a lesser product that is free, this app more than pays for itself. To the creators- great job!
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5 years ago, Nessa1380
Got this and tried to clean up some older emails. The free version might be useful for a new account but not an existing fifteen year old email account. Tried to upgrade. In seconds they took my money but the app was still requesting I upgrade. Went through the whole process of reactivating - this took my back to the ‘buy subscription page’ but thankfully Apple didn’t double charge me. Restarted the app. Restarted the phone. Jumped through hoops like I was a dolphin in sea world in 1992. Finally, frustrated, I requested a refund. Was told to go jump through more hoops. Explained I already had and that at this point I want my money back because I was going to look elsewhere for a way to clean my inbox. Never got another response. Closing in on two days now. Unless you just got your email account or have always kept it pristine to begin with - don’t bother with this. I’m sure the product has its benefits but as soon as you run into a problem you get nothing more than a list of things to do that chances are you’ve already tried. It’s too bad really.
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3 years ago, Sybear
Holy Crap - taking back my life 2400 emails at a time
Wow! This changed my life. Use the website app… it took 15hours to load all my emails but once they were there i have been a cleaning machine, this gave me so much insite to my crazy email boxes, i used to create files to sort them now i can deal or delete easy. This hopefully will help me stop missing important customer emails that make me money vs bloated auto mails from people trying to take my money
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1 year ago, dylanr0818
Got my life back!!
Fantastic app! At first I thought it wasn’t syncing (like so many other mail apps don’t) so I decided to give clean mail a chance and sleep on it to see if it made a difference. Turns out I just needed to refresh my inbox 🤦‍♂️saw the number of emails decreasing and I don’t see any spam in my inbox anymore just subscriptions, yay! Now I gotta delete a lot of old email that was longer than 3 months.
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2 months ago, Siriusvibes
Excellent Inbox Management Tool
I just started using the app and it’s pretty impressive in how it filters through your inbox to organize your emails to help you discern what to delete and what to keep. I’m still figuring out what all the features are but it’s definitely worth the price of admission. Oh and it’s very reasonably priced compared to other services. The interface is also nicely laid out on mobile.
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2 years ago, LoganKM
A fine tooth comb on the bucket of a front end loader!
Started with 28k emails. Paid for pro; unsubscribed from 1100 email lists. I set commands to keep the most current email and delete the rest from the few vendors I do want emails from. Set it up so it stars and moves things such as payroll, orders/receipts, and shipping/tracking info to their own folders. At the end of the day - 22k emails permanently removed, 4,000 archived, and the rest ORGANIZED.
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4 years ago, techger
Downloaded the app and was not able to get it to work with office 365 as it got stock in authentication loop. The tried my own company mail server and kept getting a white screen with a 404 error after adding my server information. Plus there was no way to recover from it. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get back to where I was. The only one that worked was gmail and right from the beginning I was bombarded with upgrade banners before I can even get familiar with the app. Finally, in the age of data security and reporting requirements such as GDPR and CCPA requirements, they do not disclose how they protect customer data and wether they are compliant with those customer data protection requirements. Not for me.
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1 year ago, McKraeGame
If you’re behind on your email, this app is definitively one to get. I did the paid version and went through litteraly some 10,000 emails in hardly no time and unsubscribed from thousands of lists. Finally I have no numbers under my mail icons. Whew! I manually went through and deleted 10,000 last weekend, taking over a day. Don’t waste your time. And it helps keep it clean.
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9 months ago, Dee P67
I couldn’t understand how to do this , I want my money back after all it’s only 3 days and I bought the year subscription! 49$ for one email address went I could have the 29 for 1 email address. Can someone get back to me in my subscription please.i asked for my money back , but they tell me “ We see that your subscription was paid through the App Store and unfortunately we do not have the ability to cancel or refund any App Store purchases. Apple does not allow vendors to do that.” Really Apple Store you let this happen to your clients???? I need to think from now own if I want to do business with you guys
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4 years ago, Clip1331
Great app
I purchased a month of this app for $9.99. The app did not let me do anything past the free option even after paying for it. I contacted customer support and was advised to use the restore my purchase function. This worked and the app worked great! I was able to regain control of my email act. I went from over 90,000 emails down to 5. I would highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Erindee5575
Kept crashing, wouldn’t connect to mailbox for days
I used this app for a while, and while I never loved it, it did a sufficient job. The problem was it would periodically disconnect from my account and not work for days at a time, and it costs way too much to have that sort of glitch. Additionally, I could only use my laptop to reconnect to my account, so if I was out of town and only had my phone, I just had to deal with interrupted service (which was so common at this point I would’ve been shocked had the app worked). I have finally stopped the subscription and will try for a prorated refund.
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5 years ago, hamerlee
Nice App But Slow To Process Tasks
My email account has over 140k emails so I thought it was time to do something about it. The app starts by analyzing and organizing your emails. It takes roughly 1 sec to analyze 5 emails. Doing the math... that’s about 8 hours of analysis before it’s even ready to be used... ugh! Once it is finally up and running it still struggles to manage heavy tasks quickly. I’ll continue to use for its ability to sort and organize things in a way that makes cleaning them up easier, but it needs to handle heavy cleanup tasks quicker.
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1 year ago, GLRICE1
Takes way too many liberties!!!
And now important emails are gone and deleted! No place to see all your rules in one spot to quickly make changes so you panic when you realize that important emails are gone! Take the time and do it yourself. Does not actually unsubscribe for you, it just conveniently deletes as new ones come in. What’s the point, it doesn’t clean and help get your inbox organized really it just works on the back end and constantly moves things to trash. I got it because I wanted it to actually help unsubscribe the junk, not just delete it so I have to keep using this app forever!
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2 years ago, Firefighten13
Super fast
If your like me and let your inbox get crazy, this is your app. I was able to unsubscribe from 1000+ mailing list that I had no idea I was on. And the ones that still slip through you can set rules easily to trash them in the future. Groups like kind emails together to delete in big chunks. 15,000 emails cleaned up within an hour!
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6 years ago, Jaye209
So far so good
After years of neglecting my email, I would try to delete several a day, but could never keep up, soon it was over 45,000+ emails I lost hope, important emails mixed with junk. I decided to look for an app that cleaned emails. I found Clean Emails! Your first 1000 are free. They categorized the different emails and make it easy to choose which to delete 😁
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1 year ago, LionHeart^
Impossible to use
I bought it but it won’t do anything until I upgrade but I just did I paid for five accounts I tried to send a help request and it just said please wait and stay there forever I have no way to contact these people so I’m just going to cancel the charge on my credit card and try something else The software is impossible to navigate everything you do you seem to have to login again it’s like the really really ancient days when you were word processing and you had to close one program you were editing in an open another one to print from I’d like to take all five accounts and do the same thing for all of them unsubscribe from everything for all of them at once But like everything else on this software in order to do anything you have to read 1000 page manual before learning to do the most basic things
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4 months ago, Paladin Ace
This helped tremendously
As a “not so tech savvy “ man in his 60’s, I am now able to get ride of all the unnecessary emails I get and cleaned up my email storage. Most people I know just get a new email address. That’s not a good option when everyone has mine. This was easy and user friendly. Worth the fee to use it!
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4 months ago, sbx2
Works fine with gmail but not Apple Mail
Great app really streamlined, the value is self evident. However l, changes I make on the app only seem to work with outside mail apps and not the default one. It was fine while I was using Gmail as my go to, but once I decided to go back to Apple mail I had to Uninstall unfortunately. Its a bit disheartening considering I got the 1 year subscription. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future.
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