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Clean Email, LLC
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User Reviews for Clean Email — Inbox Cleanup

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3 years ago, shamashed
Does what it says.
The App works as it should. It is a bit slow on my M1 Macbook Pro. Not enough that it bothers me.
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2 years ago, Julo Satran
Not worth the money - and not worth 1 star!
I was looking for a "clean email" application maintained on Mac (after years using an application available now only on mobiles). The price was moderate and the reviews decent. The trial for 1000 mails was not good enough as I have many requested and unrequested subscriptions and wanted mostly to use it to "unroll" them. I paid the subscription and went on using it. To my surprise, after marking many e-mails for unsubscribe I was surprised not find an "apply" button at the end. I knew I am introuble - and my inbox was flooded with messages with "user does not exist on our listserver" (as the subscription was cancelled by the first unsubscbe). I have many years of working as a computing specialist and shouldn't have been surprised by an application of poor quality - but the praise in reviews was unqualified and I did not follow the negative reviews (the ones I looks first usually). The makers did also refuse to refund me (although refund requests made in less tha 14 days are legally mandatory in many countries). This application is not worth even the 1 star the Appstore mandates.
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5 years ago, __TAYTO__
Do Not Reccommed
The app does not work as advertised. Its is not user friendly - I am a compuational scientist, and do not believe this is user error. App does not effectively unsubscribe from email accounts. In fact, in subscribes you to multiple daily emails from clean mail. Customer service was as useless as the app. Could not resolve issues, or issue a refund. Customer service rep was condescending, and rude. Would not reccommend unless you have copious amounts of time to sort through emails, and toy around with a janky app. *Update in response to Kyryl*: The tact of your response is a good representation of the condescending and rude tone the customer service representative used. Thanks for making that clear to future purchasers. I was told "If you’re having issues with this app, please contact the app’s developer directly" by apple which is why I contacted clean email. That is actually taken from the same page you linked, Kyryl. I appologize for bothering you, Kyryl. Finally, I absolutely did not threaten anyone or anything. In fact, I said "I have not yet posted a review of the service, but will do so after working with customer service on this.", because as a high-volume online purchaser reviews are important to me, and customer service can be a redeeming factor. I may have given 2-3 stars for clean email, had I dealt with a great customer service representitive. Again, this was not a threat. My review stands.
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4 years ago, Webberto
More feedback than review
To the developers... this is a great looking email app. I really like the feel of it. My issue is that man, once it "analyzes" the emails and you click to continue on, that first screen is like overload with buttons. I get what you are trying to do, but maybe ease users into it by providng a "traditional" view so they can get used to ALL the tools that are immediately in your face. I'll admit, my first impression is I don't even want to bother with the learning curve I assume is on this. If there is no real learning curve, it FEELS like there will be, again, because of the crazy amount of buttons you are hit with and all the views. I'll probably circle back at some point, but decided not to give it a shot yet until I am ready to really sit down and click or read or stumble through everything. But again, I do really like the design.
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4 years ago, Cydnew
Good for a minute
I wanted to try this app out and see if I liked it, however when it says "free for 1000 emails," it literally only works until you delete 1000 emails. After that you can't even use it like a regular email app where you delete things individually. I considered trying one month to see if I liked it, but I feel that the montly price is steep compared to other similar apps, I feel that this app is visually overwhelming, and the real deal breaker is that NONE of the links from within my emails would open from this app, meaning that I would have to use a second email app for daily use. So while this may be useful for the initial cleaning of an email box, I can't recommend it for daily use and I have no desire to use two email apps on a regular basis.
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4 years ago, HelloDavidAre
After trying MANY, Clean Email is the BEST!
I never write reviews for Apps, but this email program absolutely compelled me to do so! Truly, I had downloaded at least 5 other programs that work on computer and mobile (FYI, I tried Spark, Newton, Edison, Canary) in an effort to seamlessly and efficiently keep up with my personal Gmail and my work Outlook accounts -- this is the only program that gave me what I was looking for. The program makes it so simple and intuitive to filter messages from senders that you don't need to see, whether they are new or old, and get effectively organized. Kudos to the developers, well done and THANK YOU!
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4 months ago, DoreenRoberts
FInally my inboxes are CLEAN!
I write very few reviews , but I was looking for a solution to sort through three very unwieldy inboxes that were out of control and I had such a great experience with the Clean Mail app that I made an exception. Spending an evening, I was able to unsubscribe to over 1200 mail lists, sort through tens of thousands of emails in bulk chunks separated by the app suggestions and create some rules to handle incoming mail daily to avoid the ever getting to the point I was before. I highly recommend!
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1 year ago, RevTimmeh
A plague on my email
If I could give a program negative stars, it would be this one. Customer support was non-existent- they sent advice that did not work, and did not follow up to see if they could help me solve the problem. I have had to check my email by going to my trash folder everyday, meaning I get to see all the trash emails I get for various things I didnt want to see. Because of their arrangement with Apple Store, they would not do what was necessary to get this cancelled (off my email) so I have had to live with it for a year. I only hope it will stop working April 15 when my subscription expires. I have never hated an app more.
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11 months ago, flappyybirrrd
I would give this app 1,000 stars if I could - I wish I had found it sooner!! I'm so much more productive at work now that I can screen out all the junk email and useless notifications I get. If your inbox is full of crap you don't need and you want an easy way to keep it focused on the messages you do need then get this app. It's got an intuitive, easy to use interface and it's very easy to create rules for messages you want to keep but don't need to see. Plus you can unsubscribe with one click if you get marketing stuff you never signed up for like I do. I can't say enough good things about Clean Email.
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5 years ago, Cam guy 15
Shouldn't be having these problems
I'll either raise or lower the rating based on assistance I'm given. Purchased this app on the app store. Should be easy? Not. Paid for app . Opened app and being asked to upgrade. Ok...After restoring purchase per instructions...hung up on validating purchase screen. Yes I paid for app, can't access. It's a Sunday, I get it. If up and running tomorrow I will update..If not I will gather refund and give my experience.
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2 years ago, mhan_solo3
Needs way to resize huge UI, no shortcuts
Left hand navigation bar icons are huge with no way to resize them or the text or any of the other buttons on the screen. The result is you also can't see many emilas in the vertical inbox list as a result. Also doesn't seem to have keyboard shortcuts for basic functions like delete, archive, reply, and arrow keys don't even move down through the email list.
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2 years ago, Momof8
I'll probably up this review, later but...
So, here is my problem. I've never used Clean eMail before. I'm desperately hoping that it works as advertised, because my email box is out of control - over 1 million emails! It is analyzing right now. It is actually analyzing more emails than I have - not sure how that happens. It says in the first window it has analyzed 1,208,775 emails of 1,016,505. What I can't figure out is how to get from that initial analyzing email window to where I can make decisions as to what to do with the emails Clean Email is sorting out for me. I'm on a Mac. I typically use Apple Mail. You're cleaning my iCloud account. But, where do I get to admire my work???
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2 weeks ago, Dob3rman
Tried many, this is the one.
I tried several services and apps to manage my email accounts. This is the easiest to use, most functionality, fairly priced app. Use the free trial. You wont be disappointed.
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2 years ago, Late2work72528293833663
Doesn't work
Clean Email is buggy, doesn't work with its desktop client. Really big issues like links from emails don't work. I "clean" my inbox but the number of unopened emails is the same. I emailed the customer service and their response was to just use the web version..That's not fixing the issue, and why even have a desktop app if its nonfunctional? I don't want a website, I was looking for a desktop product...
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1 year ago, magoos aunt
Very useful
A friend recommended and I'm so happy they did. My email was getting out of control and now this does 90% of the clean up for me.
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2 years ago, John Gessel
Don't buy. A huge headache.
Purchasing process is terrible. They don't remove the "UPGRADE" button or "FREE ACCOUNT WITH 1000 LIMIT" once you pay them. - Doesn't recognized all of the e-mails. - Takes over an hour to load your e-mails. - You will get spammed by 6-10 e-mails when you sign up (defeats the entire purpose of the literal app). - Not easy to sync your profiles between the web app and the desktop app. - The user interface is extremely confusing on the desktop app. There's no dashboard, or I have no clue on how to find it. Clicking on inbox doesn't work. How does this have good reviews? I feel scammed out of a $30/yr subscription.
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3 years ago, Yellowautobot
Wow so glad I found this
Oh my god made this so much easier to clean up my emails and just decide to del. Thank you so much for such a great app.
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4 years ago, Brandoman93
Paid for and Didn’t Recieve
I paid for the app because I thought what the hell, I’ll give 10 dollars to clean my 16k+ inbox and unsubscribe to keep it back down. It will not recongize my purchase and keeps asking me to upgrade and then saying I already have upgraded. I’m pretty sure they just stole all my private information on my emails and got paid by me to do it.
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12 months ago, jilliancw
Hides Emails before you Review
Don't like that if im looking for an email, and its not in my regular inbox, i have to open my computer and find it in the cleaner screener box, but does work well to go through emails by group
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2 years ago, hdbdbxbshs
It works
So far so good. Great interface and very easy to use!
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4 years ago, Runnugget
Support for Gmail Broken
While plenty of great ideas driving htis app, the executuion has been clunky. And now, it would seem that it cannot support Gmail as signing in requires Javascript, and the app doesn't support it.
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2 years ago, jhardy2423
A1 Software
This is one of the, if not the best email cleaning app I have ever used! It's a great software.
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2 years ago, Osprey-1
Tom S
I'm new to Clean Mail Its working great, I love it.
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2 years ago, maisondevolonte
I want to love this app so bad... but the buggy , glitchy, jumpy, inconsistent performance makes it nearly impossible to use and is sad because the designer did a fantastic job on the general idea and ui - unsure what the issue is, but sigh...
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4 years ago, Hberberet
Couldn't even get started
Despite about an hour doing research online, the app would not accept my passwords or my host names, even though I verified their accuracy. Disappointing becasue I was hopeful this app would solve my e-mail inbox overwhelm.
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4 months ago, Kehei54
once i started using this app, i started getting tons of SPAM. On this app you can block senders BUT they kept coming. After 2 months, I uninstalled it. NOT worth the $$$
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1 year ago, PizzaFreak45
The app specific passwords no longer work with this product. Upon renewal your inbox will get flooded with spam. If your a mac or iphone user, then stay away. Support is terrible!
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3 years ago, MattVCinci
SCAM! There is no mechanism to change your password
Without the ability to change password, the company can continue to charge your account even after you wish to terminate its usage. BUYER BEWARE!
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2 years ago, Michael 1004
update your mail
cleaned out over 70,000 extraneour emails
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7 months ago, Teknesia
Was convinced it was broken, turns out it was me :)
First - I'd say 4.5 stars, but as there's no way to give half-stars, a 4 felt a bit underwhelming. I thik a lot fo the 1-star ratings are from people who just don't have patience. Coming from, my expectations were set. Gmail account connected, and see all my emails, setup a bunch of message settings. First I needed to get my head out the very generic rules that used and think a little more globally how I really wanted to organize my emails and focus. Need to move additional folders? Done. Need to tackle each email sender from the same domain? Easy. Need to set a rule for all domain-level emails (DSW as an example)? Yup. Want to flag certain emails as starred? Simple. Want to get suggested changes to your existing emails to help organize? You got it. I was super impressed by the sheer amount of customizable ways to use this app. But then I hit a snag. My rules weren't triggering from the Read Later settings I entered! Wait, what? So I contacted support - and Marius replied - fast! It seems that the preferences toggle for "Auto Clean" is for more than just the Auto Clean rules - it turns off/on the Read Later or email-level settings as well. OK, so not very clear in the UI, and I definitely turned that off without thinking -- but points for getting that resolved quickly - again Marius @ support response was very fast within 24H. Fast-forward a few days - I have to say now that i have spent the better part of a week with it, and customizing the rules, and also knowing I have options I have not even touched yet - I'm so glad I paid a small fee to a company who is not using my email content or data (PII or otherwise) in the sale of thier overarching data business (Nielsen /, and I get more power over how the emails fall in my organizational structure. it feels, well, organized! Only asks: 1) would love to rename the Read Later" folder to "_Read Later" so it appears at the top of mail client's folder/Label lists - i.e. iOS Mail or Gmail (Mac OS MNail allows you to create favorites at least). 2) Make it more clear that "Auto Clean" toggle in preferences affects BOTH individual email settings and auto-clean rules. 3) Keep on being awesome. Thanks - truly :) One last related pick on I never noticed before that there is no "off switch" - your account is either active, inactive, or deleted. When aiming to trial Clean Email, the support team actually suggested that I change my Google password to break the link to my email account in order to turn it off temporarily, or delete my account. So I have to endure a ridiculous nuisance to change my Google password, triggering an incredible avalanche of re-authentication across all apps and sites using my Google login, versus building in a simple on/off toggle? Ridiculous in 2023. If any one thing solidified my request to ask Nielsen to delete my account and all data related to it, it was this one. I mean, come on, Nielsen - really? lol
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2 years ago, ButterflyyyBabyyy
such a bummer
you sign into all your email accounts... then it starts scanning.... then it stops and tells you: you got to pay to get anything cleaned....
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2 years ago, Jim_VA
SCAM - only works with upgrade
SCAM - beware. Say 1000 emails but it's a SCAM. App doesn't take action unless you UPGRADE. Prompts for your email setting, does some connection and reports "0 of 1102 emails analyzed" until yuo hit the upgrade button and sign up. Lousy scam app.
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5 years ago, not apparent
Not free
You can only use the app when you upgrade to purchase.
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9 months ago, naphat_1994
Ruin my mailbox ever!
hate it
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5 years ago, Mclean, VA
Awesome App
It does what it says. Simple and well worth the $29.00, a year. If you can afford Starbucks you can afford this.
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3 years ago, Kim Cush iPhone
BEWARE, this app is $50.00 worth of TRASH and customer service is a joke. NO REFUNDS, even on the SAME DAY you get the app.
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5 years ago, marcbrownpix
Beware. Tedious Experience. Terrible Support.
After quickly realizing that the useful tools we're behind a $29.99 annual pay wall, I reluctantly decided to give it a shot hoping to find something to replace UnRollMe which was free and required nothing beyond initial set-up. This software presents itself as elegant and option filled but it's incredibly tedious to actually use. It's frankly overwhelming and I don't have time to spend hours looking for a similar experience to a previous product that was free! I contacted customer care explaining my situation and heard back from a very uninterested and curt rep 24 hours later. I had to elaborate on what I thought was a clear message on what I was trying to accomplish and the rep replied (again 24 hours later...don't expect anything timely) with additoinal curt and belittling questions the rep literally never used my name in their greeting. I then asked to be switched to another rep or refund my know the drill...another curt response saying I didn't qualify for a refund. I then asked to be switched to another rep. No reply. I then attempted starting a new ticket asking for someone to assist that was not Mr. M. Waiting to hear back. Final thoughts...this may be as great as it claims, but I'm fairly saavy with software and I don't see myself taking advatage of it simply because of the learning curve. Beware.
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